Why Work At Home MLM Business Opportunities Are Not A Good Idea And May Be Time For A Change

Constantly Looking For New MLM Business Opportunities One Right After The Other?

work_at_home_mlm_business_opportunities_mlm_trap Are The Work At Home MLM Business Opportunities Not Working Out As Planned?

Whether you have joined a few MLM’s or are just considering it for the first time, you want to be careful if you’re thinking of signing up for Network Marketing.  So What is Network Marketing really?

Well in short if the business is set up with a Pyramid/MLM structure, you’re going to have a hard time making money unless you’re the owner or one of the top people in the beginning.

What about network marketing for a business idea

You also will want to understand that you’re being a commission only employee, when you start all these so-called new MLM business opportunities.

They’re rigged against you and only meant for the top people and owners to make money. If you’re not the owner or at the top your just a cog in the wheel.  The only way to get out is to change your mindset and start something that realistically works.

Work At Home MLM Business Opportunities Not Working? Get Out As Soon As Possible And Become An Online Entrepreneur!

If you’re not making very many sales with an MLM/network marketing scheme then it may be time to make the switchwork_at_home_mlm_business_opportunities_joining_pyramid_logic from MLM Employee to Online Business Entrepreneur.

This is why you should quit being a MLM marketer/representative and become an Entrepreneur.

Don’t be owned by the MLM/Network marketing companies and really become your own boss.

You need to make the switch from thinking you’re a Network Marketer to thinking Online Business Owner.

So you need to be focused on being an Online Entrepreneur, as that is the only real way to make money.

Many get tricked working for a MLM, thinking that they own their own business.

If you believe that MLM’s can work for you, then you should stick with it. You can get to the top and make money if you keep trying new MLM’s and wasting lots of time and money.

The problem is the majority loses out on money and only breaks even at best.

Have You Tried Multiple Work At Home MLM Business Opportunities With Not Much Profit But A Lot Of Payments?

When incentives in MLMs make selling the product not very lucrative and recruiting people is much more profitable, then it’s a pyramid.

Even though representatives/distributors will tell you otherwise they’re just pyramids or a Ponzi with a product.

Many MLM’ers will tell you a job is a pyramid. A job is not a pyramid, as a job will pay you. You don’t pay to be a part of that job. You also don’t recruit others for your job. They also typically have a service that they provide that makes the money, not recruiting. Don’t let anyone try to use that example to sell you on the idea.

Then some will say “but I own my MLM business, I don’t own my job”

Well you own a MLM business about as much as you own your job. With MLM businesses your just self-employed but managed by a company that realistically owns your business. You’re not actually a business owner.

If the MLM/network marketing company ever goes out of business so do you. They take your money but also they control you just like an employer. 

Just try not following a certain guideline in the MLM/network marketing business your now in and see if you get paid or not.

I understand there are some like Mary Kay and Amway that have been around for years due to the fact that they move to other countries that are not familiar with them. This makes them seem succesful but really they are just pulling the wool over everyone’s money hungry eyes. 

MLM Owners And Top People Are Very Good At Sales And Presentations And They Are Very Good At Saying The Wrong Thing The Right Way To Get You To Believe.

You Either Sell Products And Barely Break Even At Best Or Recruit Others And Make Much More.
When you see that it’s very hard to sell the average overpriced products then it’s a fight to see which MLM members are lucky enough to start recruiting others the fastest, to be on top just for a little bit. The other 98-99% make less than $1000 dollars a year.

It’s easier to recruit than sell these average overpriced products cause they would never sell on store shelves. So many are starting to understand how these programs work and just get signed up to all the new MLM’s before the crowd and start recruiting only.

They then try to recruit like crazy until enough people join and then the top people get out “while the gettin is good.”

Then just go to the next shiny new MLM Program that they can try to recruit others into.

This shows that if you really want to make money you need to recruit. You will not make much if you try to actually sell the products.

The Entrepreneurs understand that to make money in the network marketing business you can’t be a Network Marketer but rather you need to own a Network marketing company.

This is the only way you can really make money with this type of business model. Even then you run the risk of trying to start another one of the many MLM’s that just never takes off and eventually fails.

So What Is The Difference Between Network Marketing And A Pyramid Scheme?

work_at_home_mlm_business_opportunities_losing_everything_pyramid_logicThere is a very small difference between Network Marketing and a Pyramid scheme. The only difference is network marketing companies add in garbage products to give the appearance of a real company.

Many claim that just because you sell the product that it’s not a pyramid, as a pyramid you just put in money and hope others below you do the same and then just get pay outs.

The only thing that makes MLM’s slightly different is they’re selling a product. Typically this product is so overpriced and just average that it’s very hard to sell.

Which makes selling this product to more than just your friends and family almost impossible. Then you realize you already invested a lot of money and time to sell a product that is very hard to sell.

The only way to try to recoup your investment is to get others to join and start recruiting.

Typically most people who recruit know this but have no other choice but to lie to themselves and others.

I understand as I have been there and so have many others.

It’s not bad that you tried an MLM and failed but it can be bad if you never stop and continue to live the lie and believe that it’s working.

If you signed up late to these MLM’s there will already be too many people signing up others and recruiting.

Then once you talk to someone about it they have already heard it before.

Soon you will say and do anything to recruit people and you get very little for it until you build a pretty significant downline of people.

This will typically cause you to look for the next best MLM business.

The thing you need to start doing is stop looking for the next best MLM business as they’re all the same. 

So Am I Suggesting That You’re Never To Join An MLM And Only I Know The Way?

Well I’m not going to force you as it’s your decision what you want to do with your time and money. I’m just trying to lay out some information. If you make the decision to join an MLM I wont lose sleep at night over it. 

Your chances at doing well with MLM are about as good as your chances at doing well in Vegas gambling your paychecks  to pay bills. It’s possible and I’m sure some have done it before and made it work but it’s nothing more than a gamble, not a real business.

Are You Ready To Make The Switch
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