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What Is Young Living Essential Oils A Scam Dr. Young & The Restless?

    Is Young Living essential oils a scam? or the best oils for your buck?

    What really makes them different from quality essential oils for half the price…  I’m assuming you may have come across a few positive Young Living essential oils reviews and thought maybe this is a legit company. Well most of the time those are biased reviews from distributors.

    I understand promoting a product you believe in but when the product is an MLM no matter what the average product they throw in, the system is still setting you up for failure. Companies like Forever living 

    what_is_young_living_essential_oils_A_Scam_Gary_youngWell Young Living Was founded in 1993. A Little Background bio about owner Gary Young. A little more about this Supposed Doctor and When And How The Company Started.

    If you look…

    You can find out more info on Young Livings Oils and how they’re not only overpriced but they use synthetic fragrances HERE 

    • Gary Young’s and how he runs his company  HERE  
    • personal shady background HERE and HERE

    If you read or skimmed over any of the articles cited above you can see a little history about Gary Young and it’s not pretty. You start to notice that he may not be a person to listen to. 

    It does not seem like he has the best track record. He has been known by many different groups of people to have a nefarious background and said to be a little bit of a charlatan, huckster and con artist. The only people who do NOT know this are his loyal followers and distributors. 

    Also his PHD degree is not from a place that is even legitimate and is known as a diploma mill called Bernadean University. This has been referred to as a “mail order diploma mill” and you can basically get the degree you want for a price.

    It’s stated that they’re in California and California doesn’t recognize them as an establishment that has degree granting authority.


    Bernadean University then switched to Burney University then appears that it disappeared as far as I can see in 2005, well at least their website, they’re probably just doing it more underground. They offer a doctoral course in naturopathy not to be confused with Neuropathy for $25,000 as well as other certifications. 

    So with that being said I’m going to search out Bernadean University and in a couple of weeks you will see that I will be back but this time with a PHD from Burney University and then start putting Dr. in front of my name to hopefully add a little more credibility to my writing… just kidding. 

    All of this heat and controversy it is no wonder top people at Young Living split to create doTerra essential oils which I can say is a better opportunity if you were going to go with one or the other but really they’re both not worth the time and are not recommended…. but what do I know, I don’t have a PHD from the prestigious Burney university or anything like that… 🙂 

     Is The MLM System That Young Living Is Set Up On Just Gambling?


    Again I know that people will say but their sponsor friends made money with MLM’s and they got a car or they’re making money finally with it etc.

    To those people I say, I know a person that has won 100k with a scratch lottery ticket and another person that won 30k in a slot machine but that does not mean that it will work for me.

    Even if you try and work really hard luck wont always just happen. People are typically just dreaming with network marketing and are just waiting for their lucky break.

    The problem with MLM’s in general is it’s more luck and timing than skill and hard work. So since it’s all luck there will always be a few at the top lucky enough to get signed up early.

    Then they will tell you that it works and people who say it doesn’t, are said that they just couldn’t make it work. Well that is true to a certain extent, as the person could not make it work cause it’s a game of luck and positioning and not hard work and determination.

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    Imagine a banner for a opportunity that said… I Won The Lottery, So Can You…  Just Work Hard And Put As Much Money As You Can And You Will Win Trust Me!

    No one would get excited if I said that I won the lottery and now I can get you to win also…This may sound good but it’s just not logical right? Well the lottery shows the winner and announces it all the time because your mind sees everyday normal people winning and you think what if that could be me next time and buy a ticket.  The same is true with these Network Marketing companies such as Young Living.

    If I won the lotto and then had a system that I sold that showed you how to win, no matter what I put in my course, there will be some winners just because. I would be able to sell crap to people as some would win, some would be too scared or to busy to talk or complain about it,  and the ones that do speak up and say the truth, are going to get told they didn’t work hard enough. 

    Super Secret Technique To Winning The Lotto…


    Now if on the other hand, I spotlight the winners with testimonials and big checks at the conventions, it makes other people believe

    This is just like with gambling and how the machines that win at higher odds are rumored to be put by high traffic areas were lots of people can see.

    When someone sees a person hit the jackpot they believe that it could happen to them, then everybody subconsciously starts feeding the machines like crazy.

    Every time people see those winning lights and hear the winning bells, they feel like the next time could be them.what_is_young_living_essential_oils_A_Scam_A_tiny_chance

    There’s something Wrong With You Not The System… If You Can’t Get It To Work That’s Your Fault, Your Just Angry That Your Not Incredibly, Lucky??

    MLM’s are a game of luck and timing. I understand there are people making some money with it, but I’m talking about paying your bills, house, car payment and living and traveling expenses. Also i’m talking about saving extra money to invest and compound.

    Only the top few on the pyramid have that type of money rolling in and the rest work jobs or husband or wife works.

    That’s like me wining the lottery and then saying you’re not smart enough cause, I won, and it’s possible….So if you don’t make big money there’s something wrong with you.

    Why Are There So Many Young Living Essential Oils Complaints?

    What is Young Living Essential Oils? 

    Well young living essential oils are supposed to be oils that can heal many different types of ailments. The more people use them and the more awareness with essential oils.

    Young Living Complaints 

    The more people are aware of Young Living the more they’re finding out that they don’t really work as well as they say. 

    Essential oils in general have a pleasurable and placebo like effects but there has been no conclusions made that they can actually help any of the things that Young Living distributors tend to claim.

    Not only are some of these oils using unlisted, unlabeled synthetic fragrances and compounds but they’re twice the price and not better quality and are actually even worse quality, it seems like a “lose-lose” situation made to look like a “win-win.”

    Dr. Young & The Restless

    Dammit, I’m a MLM con man not a doctor….This guy Gary Young sounds more of a cult leader than a doctor. Young Living and Gary Young seem to have a Christian type vibe going, using religion to supposedly hook people who are desperately trying to seek out ways to heal themselves.

    The main problem is the way Young Living & their distributors go about selling these oils. Also the extreme high prices plus the synthetic fragrances added. Then you add in Gary Young’s very questionable background and also the accusations of stealing down lines and payments.

    Check Out This Hypothetical Scenario Real Quick

    If you can start a MLM and make your payment plan confusing enough you would have complete control over it. 

    If you wanted to you could steal a downline from a member that broke a rule or two or say that someone didn’t qualify for sales when they really did, what is stopping you really?

    Why Young Living Essential Oils Are Just Another Name For The Same Old Scheme

    Are Young Living’s oils superior to other quality oils at half the price on the market?  

    The oils are actually synthetic in a few accounts and they give you half the amount for twice the price and they also charge you membership and distributor fee. Some make you even autoship orders in every month or you can’t get commissions on what you do sell. The only thing that is special about these oils is the pretty packaging and that’s the truth.

    Hey I Thought These Were All Natural, Are They Using Synthetics?

    Well it has been claimed that Young Living as well as a competitor Do Terra are using synthetic oils. They’re also claiming that they have the purest oils but use synthetic compounds and fragrances to make some of their oils.

    When they claim they’re the best most pure oils out there, they’re just focusing on something that doesn’t matter, as purity is a different thing than quality.

    A company can add fillers and synthetic compounds to essential oil but then add only 5-15% of real essential oils and it can “still be labeled pure” as long as the percentage of essential oil put in is in a pure form.

    For Example: If Young Living had only 10% essential oil in their products and the rest was synthetic compounds, that company could still claim that it’s 100% pure as long as the essential oil that they put in is 100% pure.

    This then begs the question what is the quality of these essential oils, well they’re not better than others out there, that is for sure.  They cost almost double, and some almost triple the price and they have no true difference from many other essential oils. 

    What Is The Young Living Essential Oils U.S.P or Unique Selling Proposition.

    Ok I get it, you may think that I don’t know what I’m talking about and that MLM’s work. In that case I’m not going to try to convert you.  

    I do want to ask then what makes Young Living oils so much better?

    When you really answer that question in your head, you will realize that these oils are nothing more that regular oils just with the added magical illness fighting ingredient, called “HYPE.”

    Essential Oils Are Better Than Taking prescription Pills Aren’t They?

    Yes while some make the argument that essential oils are better than prescription drugs I can agree with that, but for Essential oils especially at this synthetic quality and at such a high price, why would you want these oils?

    Essential oils are best used for making soap, bath balls, an aphrodisiac arousal, sink cleaner or air freshener, All medical uses at this time are strictly rumors and are really not the best use for essential oils at least at this time.

    Essential oils are not going to produce anything besides minor temporary enhancements. They would not come close to the benefits of detoxing type exercises outdoors and proper minerals, sleep and food intake.

    What About The Wild Claims Of Healing Cancer And Ebola?

    I think that distributors have stopped claiming this as much anymore but who knows what they say face to face in private. I still think some distributors use this as an Urban Legend to sell oils. They can just claim that the FDA doesn’t want you to know about it cause it just so amazing and heals like the hand of Jesus…. hallelujah!

    Sometimes oils probably can heal in certain instances and the FDA could have a conspiracy on cheap natural items with huge supplement manufacturer’s lobbying for rules that help them stay in dominance, (but now is not the time or place to get into that topic). 

    Cult like companies like this can also use that to their advantage. The distributors also throw out wild claims of healing Cancer and warding off Ebola but they were finally told to stop. I still wonder what will happen if someone continues to make those claims, a slap on the wrist or lawsuit? 

     Here is the letter from the FDA telling Young Living to stop the claims from the distributors

    Young Living looks almost more like a real cult… I’m assuming that I will get some angry cult members that will get mad when you try to present facts to them.

    They will get angry and then make very emotional responses, all you names but then don’t make any real points.

    I get attacked by distributors all the time but they always just say how much they think I’m an A-Hole and never try to have an educated debate. 

    To all the fanatical MLM or die distributors out there I wanted to make a disclaimer that this article and everything that I do on this blog is not for you. If people are getting screwed and liking it, I know you can’t rape the willing.

    It’s for the people who are stuck in MLM and afraid of losing a friend that you signed up under after quitting or being bullied and attacked if they leave.  

    I got this great excerpt from the daily beast on why these MLM’s seem to continue to thrive

    Now, in the greatest age of science ever, Americans are debating whether Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs. More destructively, those embracing the majority opinion (i.e., that essential oils don’t cure autism) are viewed as thugs and opportunists if not empty-headed lemmings afraid to examine their world.

    This inversion, where the little guys with the absurd ideas draw sympathy while the majority with real facts at hand become a schoolyard bully. This is a threat to the country’s health, education, and welfare. And that’s something for which even Young Living with its magic potions has no remedy.

    Source – Daily Beast Article 

    If You Try To Tell The Truth Online They Might Just Try To SLAPP You!

    To further back up this point many of the MLM’s gain so much money for the owners that they have deep pockets and can and have threatened  others trying to make them look bad. They use a SLAPP lawsuit to basically intimidate people to take down there reviews and stop shining a light in their dark areas of their business.

    What Is Young Living Essential Oils A Scam? | My Thoughts On The Young Living Essential Oils Scam


    What is Young Living Oils A Scam or amazing pure oils from a wholesome go fearing religious man, I would say yes, it’s a scam, you will not notice this at first but it’s a scam.

    This is yet again another company that decided to sell a product that was already done properly and was sold in abundance everywhere. Then started a network marketing company around it and badda bing badda boom Young Living was created.

    Every MLM has a basic product because they’re just throwing it in so they can basically start an illegal Ponzi scheme and get away with it.  

    When you start a network marketing company you can make a product and charge triple the price because uneducated people will get sold on it by their trusted friends. Also they will typically have to buy in a certain amount a month, so that they can receive commissions. 

    Not only are the Young Living oils adulterated and the prices sky-high but the owner has a very seedy, checkered, colorful past and when you mix that with an MLM/pyramid/Ponzi structure you would have to be drunk to sign up after reading this.

    I would almost say the people selling Young Living oils are really busy or really tired people, as with this company is a scam and the writing is on the wall and I have not seen more red flags waving around since the Olympic Games in Beijing China. 

    This is why people set up pyramids as typically they grow the company and get consumers at the same time, they hire employees that sell it. Every employee that sells it, is also buying it up every month and typically a large percentage of the sales made by the distributors in most MLM companies.

    Buying in products and basically hustling and giving them away, in hopes to get others signed up is typically why the majority of these essential oils get sold.

    Ok So What’s Better Than Selling Essential Oils WIth Network Marketing?? 

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