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What Is Timebucks A Scam Or Real Way To Earn Money Taking Selfies?

    What Is Timebucks: Is Timebucks A Scam?

    what_is_timebucks_a_scam_logoI have people asking about Timebucks and if it’s a scam or not…

    I have started to notice that this looks like another sneaky way to take people’s time and money.

    Timebucks claims you can make money taking selfies, watching videos or basically just enjoying life.

    This sounds fun right?

    Well if it worked that easy, in a perfect world… but it doesn’t cause this is the real world.

     What Is Timebucks And Why Would They Pay For Selfies?


    what_is_timebucks_a_scam_get_paid_for_selfiesOk, so Timebucks is a site that is supposed to pay you cash rewards for completing some simple tasks.

    Tasks Such As:

    • Reffering friends
    • doing simple searches
    • taking selfies
    • playing games surveys
    • polls
    • watching videos

    These are some of the various tasks that you can complete for rewards with Timbucks.

    Now I had never heard about this website until a reader asked about it.

    I realized this program has actually been out for a couple of years.

    It’s just finally starting to gain momentum.

    I have just been recently seeing this promoted in places like Facebook and YouTube when I searched for it.

    What Did I Find Going Inside Timebucks?


    Well, besides the nice looking interface the site is pretty basic in what it’s trying to do. This is just another way to get people to give their opinion on certain businesses. This is how they can get you to give your opinion. This is a cheaper form of advertising and market research.

    What will you get out of it?

    You will get pennies on the dollar.

    That’s if you actually get a slide show to watch or survey to take.

    Many have talked about the problem with not being approved for any survey until you complete it.

    Well this does not approve people after watching the slide show.

    They have a sneaky loophole that they use to claim photo failure. This happen with many of the tasks they claim you can complete. 

    This sounds like a place that will give you confusing customer service and make it seem like it’s user error.

    They have a weird way to accepting and qualifying and it really seem in favor of them not paying.

    They will often reject your photos without reason.

    Then slide shows that get watched pay no money…

    and then also make claims of videos that are uploaded are not you to avoid paying.

    They just have an all around unreasonable non approval process.

    This is a quote from a reader that caused me to create this article and look into this further:

    Brandon, there is a new site call Timebucks. no matter how I upload my photo, it says that it’s NOT APPROVED. The videos same thing.

    I uploaded 20 slide shows one day, always said that it reads 10 pages, money will count but every time I get to  page 10, it will say “END OF SLIDESHOW” and NOT COUNT ANY CENT.

    So here is a quick list of  problems:

    • No Surveys that you qualify for
    • Many Offers are NOT available to you
    • No Games No videos
    • Slide shows wont count after watched regularly

    Is Timebucks A Scam And Is It Really Worth Your Time?

    Well is Timebucks a scam, well not technically… Is it a good idea to earn good money while using time efficiently not even close. This will make you such little amounts of money that it would take you months to hopefully earn $20.

    While I can’t say this opportunity is a complete scam I can say that it’s definitely not worth your time and effort.

    Every “Get Paid To Click” site I have tried such as Slice The Pie or any others like that typically are just getting free opinions from you and giving peanuts in return.

    So while this site will claim that you can make real money for taking selfies the real money they’re talking about is $0.001 to $0.10 cents and its hard to take and get approved for enough selfies to make that even close to worth your while.

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