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What Is The Ibotta App And Does Ibotta Really Work


    What is the Ibotta App exactly?

    Does Ibotta really work or are people just promoting it because their getting paid?

    “We were so broke when we moved yet again, this app helped out for a little wiggle room.”

    You hear this all the time… This is part of the reason lots of people are using cash back apps such as the Ibotta app, with a smile.

    If You’re Curious (Or In A Hurry):

       Get The Ibotta App Now FREE and check current deals Plus New Features And Updates [HERE]

    You hear others claiming that you can make money buying groceries.

    Yeah right probably doesn’t work you think to yourself…

    Well normally you would be right but Ibotta is different and does really work.

    What Is The Ibotta App? Does Ibotta Really Work

    This is the main reason lots of people are using cash back apps such as the Ibotta app, with a smile.

    Then you read some of the Ibotta complaints about how they shut down accounts or didn’t pay out and think is Ibotta a scam?

    Well Ibotta is trying but is still is sort new and working out kinks but it works great once you get it going.  Also it’s free and you only use it on purchases you would have made anyway.  


    You may find some extreme coupon veteran ready to pop out of nowhere and say…they aint nothing compared to the real newspaper coupons. 

    Well it seems many of those couponers are starting to realize the power of using these cash back apps along with the potential of deal stacking.

    If cash back is something you like too…then ibotta is a for you.

    There is a few things that make this app still not as another up and coming popular app… Dosh. As Dosh will not make you scan receipts it’s automatically linked to your account and finds the deals automatically… pretty cool.

    Everything aside this is still a solid app to try and at least not leave any money on the table.

    You can get creative with Ibotta and earn with hotels to groceries to good ol’ Jo Ann and her fancy fabrics to get some serious crafting business handled.

    This handy app is much easier than cutting coupons and will allow you to expand your horizons and get introduced to brands that you may otherwise not have seen or heard about.

    At least you can now you can feel all fancy buy up those name brands…From briefs, bologna or biscuits. Cause what the hell you’re getting some rebates back dammit.

    See something that you normally don’t buy cause of the price?

    Before Ibotta:  You may have been settling for using that cheap 1ply toilet paper…  
    After Ibotta: Splurge like a sixteen year old school girl at the mall with daddy’s credit card and get Quilted 2 ply for dat ace…rolling in Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin’ four lanes. With the top down screamin out… money ain’t a thang.


    Maybe you’re not going that far… but at least you’re getting your name brand TP for around the same price or cheaper after rebates.

    If You’re Curious (Or In A Hurry):

       Get The Ibotta App Now FREE and check current deals Plus New Features And Updates [HERE]

    Little fun fact: The average user earns about $30/month
    Since the introduction of Ibotta they have at least continued to regularly make changes for the better… such as improving the time it takes to earn your rebates.

    They can automatically find the rebates you’ve unlocked and selected with your receipt.
    Instead of just featured stores like they had before, You can save your favorite stores and your recommendations are better suited to your shopping preferences. Then will arrange the most relevant rebates for you.

    You can also add store favorites so you don’t have to go looking for them.

    Check out some of the improvements on the Ibotta app functions 

    Does Ibotta Works On More Than Just Groceries For Grandma

    It’s easy to think of Ibotta almost as a grocery app because that is where it got it’s fame and fortune.
    This app is now adding more partners and is starting to include a lot of non-grocery options.  

    Here is just a few examples of some of the Ibotta retailers you may have not thought about.

    • Groupon 2-10% cash back with groupon with max out of $30 back on any one order. You can earn percetage off up to 50% off as well as earn 3% cash back on the total.
    • Hotels: You can earn things suchs as 3%-4% cash back depending on the hotel site used.
    • Sams club: Just sign up for one of these cards and get $10 bucks back
    • Get drunk with Ibotta: Get $5 back on a case of Bud or a couple bucks on a bottle of booze. Also food and drinks from various restaurants and bars.
    • Jo-Ann Fabric: Jo-Ann has random $1 back, but also offers like 10% cash back on any in-store purchase. So Jo-Ann aint playing around y’all.
    • Hallmark: Spend $10 at Hallmark, you’ll get a $5 rebate.

    If you’re interested check out the newer improved version of Ibotta, download it here for free.

    Claim your first rebate [HERE] and they will deposit $10 into your account.

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