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What Is The Hoth Link Building Service And When Should You Use It On Your Blog?

    Name: The Hoth (Hitem Over The Head)  What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_review_logo-min
    Owners:  Marc Hardgrove & David Martin
    Price: $60 all the way to $4,000  
    Overall Rating: Legit
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    What Is The Hoth? | Is This Link Building Service A Scam Or A Good Quality High Authority White Hat Link Builder?

    What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_The_hoth_team-minWhat is the Hoth? You may have seen The Hoth after hearing about it from someone recommending it or you were searching on how to boost traffic to your website through relevant backlinking.

    This service is for anyone that has a website and is wanting to get more targeted traffic or better rankings in the SERPS.

    The Hoth started with just a few people and has now grown to a 20+ employee business as they’re getting results.

    They have SEO experts and techs that have a ton of SEO experience and seem to understand the Google updates before the rest of the crowd.

    So The Hoth is Basically an SEO backlinking service that provides white hat SEO and started in 2010.

    This company is different from the others out there, as many are just causing you troubles if not done right or they were building sketchy PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) that got wiped out with a Google update or penalized overnight.

    There’s still other PBN builder services that work but they’re really expensive and are risky. If you have a big authority site, PBN’s are usually too much of a gamble for a lot of serious white hat bloggers.

    That is why The Hoth was created as they can do many different things depending on the situation you’re in. They can help rank a new site or add a better boost and ranking over time to more mature but stagnant websites that may have sort of plateaued.  

     The Hoth.Com Link Building Service Review 


    The has many different packages from boosting your site through press releases, guest posting, local business citation builders etc.

    What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_review_how_it_works-minHow Does The Hoth Work Exactly?

    The Hoth is a link building service focusing on building white hat links and web 2.0 property links that point back to your website or blog.

    They can build a set of links pointing back to your blog for any keyword you choose, the number depends on the package you get.

    They create tiered linking structures to give your site the boost you need.

    This is just the start of it and they offer many other services I cover below. 

    This type of linking has been going on organically for a while but takes a lot of time to build and many people who automated the process will outrank those who are sometimes doing it completely organic that even have better writing and started much later. 

    If your content is the best of the best you wont have to do this but there is only room for a few best of the best articles. Also if you do it all naturally you will spend years and years waiting for Google to finally find you. 

    If you want to get your content to rank soon and it’s just good or average, you may want to consider The Hoth.

    The Hoth team will build out many white hat links that are the ones working the best now.  Within and few weeks to a few month you will start to see a boost and these are not temporary like some SEO tricks. Then if you go with the wrong service you will get slapped by Google later. 

    They also make sure your site and links to it have good social proof and bookmark and send positive social signals that Google likes. This is artificial link building but done in a way that it’s very hard to tell they were not just build by you or someone you paid to outsource the task.

    There team is also very good at staying up on the Google algorithm changes and updates. They also send you a detailed report after completing the job. Then if you want you can add more to those 2.0 properties. Really this is just saving you the headache of spending weeks, months or years setting this up.

    They also properly layer and tier your links to look natural.  If you go in an add content it’s really no different from you just building them yourself. It’s like a company paying a carpenter to build a desk to help take care of and deal with business and not building it themselves, as you’re still doing the business but you just didn’t build the service desk you use to conduct business on.

    Their customers have seen good results in anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month. It really just depends on the niche and competition.

    Many have found that using sites like tumblr, weebly,, squidoo, hubpages and blogger can help a site rank with social proof. This is due to the trust those particular sites have with the search engines. A lot of these back links they use have a healthy Domain Authority.

    What Packages And Services Does The Hoth Offer? 

    The controversy about programs like this one in particular is many have started to claim that tiered link building is on its way out. The other school of thought is that The Hoth builds only relevant white hat links back to your site and tiers them so that they’re not going right back to money site.

    Relevance is huge with Google and the boosting power they put on the backlink. Just one relevant link will out do hundreds if not thousands of bogus links that are unrelated to your blog, in fact it would probably start lowering your rank. The Hoth is focused on relevant white hat links.

    The Hoth has a few packages with different backlinking angles to choose from

    The Hoth has a few different packages that can cater to  anyone looking for a different link building solution.

    The Hoth packages:

    The Hoth – price -$60-$475

    This is there package that many try in the beginning. If your just starting out this package may not get you the increase you hope for if you don’t already have good on page SEO and linking. They make your site look more authoritative and in the long run this will help a lot over time.

    They make your blog look more authoritative and popular by creating mini authority web properties and link them to your site or a site and then links to your money site. 

    They also have the Hoth Platinum package that is $250, that offers a really good deal. They build 48 in context links pointing back to Web 2.0 sites they build that then link to your money site. They also write 24 unique articles to distribute evenly among the sites.

    Remember with link building that being steady and consistent wins over being hot and heavy temporarily. So it would be better to get The Hoth Basic $60 dollar package and do that every month rather that get just one Hoth Platinum and never do it again.

    What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_review_The_hoth_press-minHoth press – price -$149

    In this package the Hoth with create a press release and distribute it to thousands of news outlets or journalists. This can cause your press release to appear in various high quality news sites and potentially get you a lot of high authority back links.



    Hoth Blitz – price -$250-$875

    This package gets high authority Domain links and points them back to your site. This is a good package to get a sub niche amazon site up and running without a lot of content and linking in the beginning.



    Hoth local – price -$149-$549What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_review_the_hoth_local-min

    This is for all the business that want a boost in local advertising. This focuses on increasing your visibility in local directories and they use a custom local citation builder to rank your site high for local keywords.



    Hoth GP (guest post) – price – $199-$399What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_review_The_hoth_gp-min

    This is the cleanest package if your worried at all about any chance of a Google penalty. They simple are going to guest post on your behalf and post to a high authority website.

    This is an amazing deal as it is not easy to get on a high authority blog as a guest writer and these are probably the highest quality links in Google’s eyes.

    This is the one that I really recommend and the one that I find so safe that I’m using it on this blog.


    Hoth Mega (small, mega, large) – price -$1000-$4000What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_review_Hoth_mega-min

    This bad boy package has a complete custom SEO strategy and couple it with their All In One premium packages. This Package does it all and if you have the money and want to get a site just going up and burning rocket fuel then the Hoth Mega is for you.

    This is basically combining all the packages in one plus a lot more and it gets you a discount from buying all them seperatly. When you get a package deal like the Hoth Mega you will be getting all there services plus extra articles and press releases and Guest posts for a lower discounted price, than if you just bought all of them separately. 



    Hoth Blogger – price -$70-$480What_Is_The_Hoth_Link_Building_review_The_hoth_blogger-min

    This is where you can have The Hoth flesh out your blog to get it started. Having a hard time coming up with content, then let the Hoth make some for you and then copy what they did for some other articles later that you write.

    They will write high quality blog posts for you and if you want to give them author/basic user rights on your blog then they can even post the article.

    This is a great package to start with to build the content and then use The Hoth Blitz and Hoth GP and Hoth press and your site will be boosted without much real work by you.



    Can The Hoth Take Me From Zero To Hero

    When it’s all said and done, The Hoth will not just do everything for you and your site will automatically go to page one but using it correctly and adding in some quality content and linking of your own, you will be able to leverage The Hoth to completely kick your competitors butt.

    If you want to go from nothing to marketplace expert in your niche you could do things like The Hoth Mega and have basically your own personal SEO team in a box working on your site. 

    I can confidently say The Hoth is a great idea for those looking to quickly boost rankings for a niche blog but maybe hold off on the blog that you have built for years that has a few hundred articles until you have tried it with a smaller niche site.

    I tried it with my other smaller niche sites to get them going and did The Hoth Blitz package and saw great results.

    Just remember to get some content on a site like around 1o-30 articles at least and then start building some 2.0 sites aggressively yourself and then after a few weeks of manually building web properties, have The Hoth come in and finish the job.

    If you don’t have any content it will look suspicious that your building that many links back to your site for no reason if you just use The Hoth in the beginning.

    Can they guarantee rankings?

    No they can’t guarantee ranking… A guarantee is hard to do with anything involving Google. As Google is constantly changing but due to The Hoths good word to mouth they have enough good reviews that keeps people coming back.

    They can’t guarantee that some of the techniques Google wont penalize later but it’s a much slimmer chance compared to the other guys out there. They’re building real natural white hat links in the eyes of Google..

    If you’re really worried about it they have manual outreach type links such as guest posts that will never be penalized any time soon. It’s really up to you and talking to the team is a good idea before you sign up to find out what would work best for your specific needs.

    The Hoth GP or guest posts are the highest quality links in my opinion but you wont possibly notice it as fast as the Hoth Blitz package for instance. I have done the Hoth blitz with my smaller sites and am going to test out The Hoth GP with this site hopefully soon and make a case study.

    Negative Things That Some Have experienced.

    The negative points are some people experience minimal rank boost like two – three positions up and where hoping for a bigger boost. They where doing the cheapest package and they need to realize that moving you up and not adding better content is pretty hard. Just moving up two positions is not bad if you had zero linking done before.

    If these same people wanted better results they would need to do the Hoth Blitz with The Hoth Blogger and Hoth press.

    I’m Worried About Google Penalties What Are My Options?

    If you’re at all worried about Google penalties, the manual outreach such as the Hoth GP would be great for you to use instead. After using the right package at the right time, (Which  The Hoth team can help with) you will then start seeing a pretty good ranking increase.

    The other hard part is it really depends on what your niche is and how your internal and on page SEO is before you start.

    If your niche is internet marketing or making money online,  you will really not see much of a rank increase especially if the internal linking and SEO are not somewhat good already. The reason is, your fighting others with really good SEO strategies and targeted keywords as well. Then some could be paying The Hoth thousands to out rank as well. 


    If you do it on a small sub niche blog and you use things like the Hoth Blitz , Hoth Blogger, Hoth Press and The Hoth GP (guest post) You will really start to see a good increase.

    You don’t have to use all of them obviously but that’s what it would take to see almost push button results.  Really talking with the team at the Hoth to find the right service to try for your specific situation is crucial.

    Many times people just buy the basic package for a one time fee of $60.

    They really do not have a site that has any good on page SEO or other good relevant links and hope that the basic package will just propel them to the top.

    This is not how you want to use The Hoth.

    If you already have good on page SEO and a few good relevant authority links, you can run their basic services for $60-$200 dollars and will see a good increase in a span of a couple of months.

    Now with that being said I wont get into too many specifics, as this program has so many different paths you can take. There is always going to be a package that can help you but it always depends if you have the money to spend and if you’re in the position for it to help you.

    If you just set up a blog and barely have any content and then run a Hoth package, it will help but may not get you the positive results that you see other people talking about.

    There have been people using the higher packages that have barely put more than 4 or 5 new posts up on their blog and saw tremendous increases. I really think it comes down to how sharable your content is, how long it is and how good your internal on page SEO, and External SEO is before you start.

    If you have a good blog with good content and just want it overall to do better the Hoth will really over exceed your expectations. If you have a thin site and hard keywords to rank for the Hoth will not be the magic overnight ranking miracle you may have hoped, but neither will anything else out there.


    My Thoughts On The Hoth 


    So what is the Hoth? Well it’s basically a traffic generation tool through using different forms of quality relevant backlinking. It uses tiered link structures and even can build PBN’s if you want to roll the dice. They have very white hat strategies that you can choose from so if you’re worried you can just use the safe bets.

    Even the most risky package is still a pretty good gamble as Google penalized article directories so you never know what they will penalize later.  I have heard about PBN for years and heard Google will shut them down, then on the other hand see those same blogs ranking like crazy if done right. The Hoth knows how to do them right.

    If you build links like The Hoth does they will not be going anywhere any time soon. The reason is they mimic what Google wants you to build, they just do it quickly so you can spend time running your business not spending months building a social following and 2.0 sites.


    So If You Need A Blog That Will Work Really Well With The Hoth Services, What Options Do You Have?

    Well if you’re looking to start your own website that you control and that is build properly to work very well with services like the Hoth look no further. 

    You can now get all the training, tools and hosting necessary to be able to build a brand online realistically. Make sustainable residual commissions for years to come. Consider building your own sub niche or review site with the proper guidance, training and resources all in one place. The when your ready you can ramp things up using The Hoth services. 

    Get the training to learn how to start a website in any niche or market you choose.

    There is not only one product to fight over and promote anymore. If you’re serious and looking to make full-time income using this program along with The Hoth is something that will help you tremendously. 

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