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What Is The Earningstation A Scam Or Legit: Something Smells Phishy

    What is the Earningstation is this really a way to make money with surveys or give free info for fun? There was lots of recommendations about this company so I decided I needed to check this one out.

    I have found the top survey companies and complied a list of Highest Paid Surveys find the best places to take surveys to make money HERE

    but Earning Station I had not heard of before. Through my own research I never came across this one, just saw it repeatedly through hearing others talk about it. So I got interested to see if it really worked and this is what I found. What_is_the_earningstation_homepage_signup

    What Is The Earning Station?

    Well this was originally launched in 2011 by a guy named Matt Hynes.  It’s a market research company that offer a variety of ways to earn some extra cash one mainly being to take surveys for money online.

    Then it was acquired by another company critical mix and branded themselves under the name Massfinity.

    They have then evolved from a customer rewards program to a GPT (Get Paid To) site where you can earn gift cards, prizes and even cash into Paypal. 

    This doesn’t compare to the of offers you get from a quality place like Swagbucks. 

    So earning station at first blush seems great right?

    So Far So GOOD… Whats The Catch..?

    Well as far as I can see the catch is… you just wont qualify for the survey but they have you answer all the questions first.

    This was strange as I had seen some good reviews about this program but not sure why… as it does not seem to work for me at all.

    Is The Earning Station Legit..?

    Well, The more I work with these types of survey companies, the more I feel that only a very small percentage of them actually work well like a place such as Swagbucks. 

    Most of them you tryout just seem to get free labor out of you…

    Then you end up not qualifying for the survey at the end of it, after you fill it out.

    Well I had somewhat good expectations for this survey company, after seeing them on a list of survey companies that were good.

    Everything seemed to check out ok,

    It looked pretty legit,

    but then I actually tried it out and it was pretty disappointing.

    If you’re looking for answers to some of the most common questions below is the answer in a nutshell:

    • What is the Earningstation – Its a survey company that pays you in cash or gift cards for taking surveys and answering polls.
    • Is Earningstation legit – Well there are many that claim that it is legit, the problem when i try is they have me answer questions and then tell me that I don’t qualify.. this is not legit to me as this seems borderline scam when they do this.
    • Is Earningstation good – Well in my opinion no. I will edit this when opinion changes but first try at it was very frustrating. (If you try this please let me know if you were not accepted to take survey)
    • Is Earningstation a real site – Yes this is a real site, that claims to also pay real money but seems to have some of the ol tricks of scams survey sites where you “do not qualify for survey after you take them” type of shenanigans.
    •  Is Earningstation safe – Earning station can be tried out as it seems safe, they do send you to other third party websites so that creates a possible problem and would be hard to pinpoint which site is causing problems or sending spam messages to your inbox all of a sudden.
    • Is Earningstation legitimate- As far as I have heard it is, With my own testing however I do not feel it’s legit or if it’s legit it’s a huge waste of time.

    Is The Earning Station Just A Way To Phish For Info Without Pay?

    I would say this is not the survey company I would suggest to use to make money.

    That said I’m not sure if there systems thought I was answering too fast or something was wrong with the site at the time I took the surveys.

    I have had other survey companies pull this same stunt after you have already filled out a bunch of info.

    Weird how they can’t figure out if your qualified before hand.

    Seems kinds Fishy and also kinda Phishy.

    It seems like a lot of these are just using this to get free data and possibly even phish for more info about you.

    If you’re looking to waste time and give free info this would be great.

    If not, HERE is a list of the highest paid survey companies to take survey for money that actually work.

    So if you may want to find a little more info about Earningstation, as it could just be my luck and demographics they don’t want.

    Another thing is possibly how fast I answered them could be triggering it to think that I’m NOT being honest.

    So this is why I made this video showing how to set it up and you can just take more time when you fill it out and see.

    See if you can qualify.

    If they don’t qualify or do qualify you I would love to hear your experience in the COMMENTS BELOW…!

    Then we can together get to the bottom of this.

    How Do You Earn Money With Earning Station?


    So their money get issued to you in the form of what is known as station dollars. These station dollars can be exchanged for physical merchandise or gift cards or even money to Paypal.

    Seems like to get paid cash, you need to get an approval, so not sure if they make this hard to do as well.

    As I had a hard time just finding a survey to work for me.

    They do periodically offer featured surveys that make double what they normally pay.

    Again if you don’t get qualified for the survey and you have to take the survey first to find out, this to me is a waste of time.

    So you can earn $10 dollars for just signing up to 5 other market research websites where you supposedly an make some more money…

    But this seems like more of a way to entice you to go to places that Earningstation gets paid for, but you wont make much money from and most likely just get lots of sales messages.

    So if you think that this is worth $10 dollars then maybe but from what I got out of Earning station I did not want to gamble with their referrals.

    How Will You Get Paid With Earningstation?

    You will need to accumulate 1000 station dollars to request a payment of $10 dollars. This is the minimum payment threshold before you can request payment.

    You can redeem Station dollars if you can actually get qualified for a survey, in a few different ways.

    •  Gift Card – From places like Amazon, Applebees, Walmart etc.
    • Paypal cash – Get paid in Paypal

    Now you’re probably thinking well I’m pretty lucky…

    I could probably qualify for a few surveys and make $10 bucks and get some spam and get some side cash, no biggie.


    In order to qualify to receive cash payments by either Paypal or Visa even Amazon, you will need to meet their requirement and make it through their approval process…

    WHAT the F…. you just did the survey gave them data and your time and you still have to be approved?

    Then once approved it can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on the amount you’re trying to get.

    Is Earning Station Worth Your Time Or Waste Of Time That You Should Avoid?

    So I had good expectations when starting this out but then It just started to all go south the more I learned about this.

    Then more I see the difficulty to get approved for surveys, then getting paid and also the very low payout for surveys… I see this as a waste of your time.

    If you like to answer a bunch of screening questions and then answer a survey in full then only to get denied Earningstation could be for you.


    If your looking to actually make money on the side and not trade your time for very low payout for surveys I would stay away from Earningstation.

    I’m still not sure if this is a phishing scam or not, it may just be a bad survey site or I just didn’t qualify…

    So I will have to update to see if I get related spam messages or If I ever get accepted  but I will not be trying too hard as this is just a huge waste of time.

    I do know it didn’t work for me… they also send you to lots of different places to finish your survey. Typically going to that many places leads to magically getting spam messages.

    So to wrap up I would not recommend wasting your time on this survey site.

    Again My favorite places to take surveys for money are listed HERE if you want to try them. 

    So when you really think about it, it’s much smarter to focus your time learning a skill that will do more than just provide some pizza and beer money.

    This will never allow you to have a life of freedom and choice.

    For this reason I always suggest learning how to set up a blog and control your own online properties to earn you a significant income, especially compared to something like surveys.

    Check out this program where you can get started and learn for free and actually use it to set up 2 blogs completely free, see if this is for you.

    I Would Love To Hear Your 2 Cents…

    Please let me know your thoughts or any questions or personal experiences with the Earning Station in the comments.

    1. Do you have any experience using or getting qualified for Earningstation?
    2. Have you tried Earningstation and got repeatedly denied or didn’t qualify to even get paid?
    3. Have you actually been one of the few and the proud that got a few surveys to work but had a hard time getting paid?

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