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What Is The Best Home Based Business To Start, Especially If You Feel You Have Tried It All And Nothing Worked.


What Is The Best Home Based Business To Start When You Have Already Tried Most And Failed.


What_Is_The_Best_Home_Based_Business_To_Start_affiliate_marketingSo you might be at home constantly trying to figure out what is the best home based business to start. Well that is a tough question to answer as everyone is different but I can tell you at least offer you some of the most relevant options that are out there and you can make a decision from there. 

I remember when I was first starting out, I would always be looking for something that I could do on the side. The problem was all the things that you can do on the side typically were just a scheme to take your money and leave you with pennies or worse nothing to show for it.

You have probably heard of or tried many things that felt like the where the best home based business to start at the time but after trying it for a while you found that it had way more caveats. Those videos or E-books that sold you on a quick instant success black hat type products that usually have more holes in the program than fishnet pantyhose.

There could also be times where a friend may have talked you into some popular network marketing business opportunities such as ( Avon, Herbalife, Amway, Javita Coffee, Organo Gold, Le vel Thrive, Usana, The Empower Network, DS Domination etc.) that really turned out to be more of you being a customer buying in products monthly and less of you actually selling and making money unless you start recruiting people to do the same.

Now all of the options I have given examples for above are not complete outright scams but they are right on the border. The best way to explain this is by letting you know that the reason MLM/network marketing companies force you to buy in certain amounts of products a month is because without that product they would just be a Ponzi Scheme. When they ask you to buy in products and sell them yourself every month that makes it supposedly a business.

The thing that everyone needs to remember just like with gambling, lottery and Ponzi schemes is someone will always win at some point and they will show them everywhere to make people believe it’s possible when really most likely you will just lose your money. Now I know if your one of those only positive thinkers who believes they can win the lottery or beat the house gambling or make money at the top of a Ponzi scheme then MLM could be for you. For the rest of us that want to think more logically, you may want to find something that has higher chances for success.

Many get tied up into these traps because they have not been through it before and usually after they quit will vow never to do it again. Many times people just do not realize that they could get into business for themselves online. Most people think that they will not have the ability to set everything up online and start their own business. Well I am here to say you can and I will show you later in this article.


The Best Home Based Business To Start | What Are Your Options

So there are many different paths you could take such as:What_Is_The_Best_Home_Based_Business_To_Start_freelance_writer

  • Doing Freelance work (i.e editing, writing, translating, social networking for other etc.)
  • Selling crafts on Etsy
  • Manufacturing your own product on Alibaba and selling on E bay
  • Buying on amazon and selling for higher on E-bay (retail arbitrage)
  • Selling services on freelancer websites and then outsourcing the work and keeping the profit (freelancer arbitrage)
  • Creating your own forum
  • Creating your own Membership site
  • Making your own product
  • Being an affiliate marketer

That is a basic general list of the types of things that you can do in every niche market or category.

So how do you figure out what you want to do and what niche you want to do it in. Well first you have to ask yourself what can you do. Then ask yourself what are you not willing to do or can’t do. Then go through the list above and figure out what your possibilities are.

So first you would ask yourself… can I write edit or translate or anything that people outsource?

No…. .Then move on

Yes… Then look into becoming a freelancer at sites like O desk, Guru and Sciptlance and set up a profile and start getting jobs.




Do you make crafts or jewelry and like and enjoy doing this?

No … Then move on

Yes… Then consider making a few trial jewelry pieces or special crafts and set up an Etsy store and give it a shot

Are you familiar with E-bay or feel you could create a product on Alibaba, then buy in bulk and sell on E-bay?

No…Then move on

Yes… Consider setting up something with Alibaba and get a hot selling item in bulk and resell them individually on E-bay

Are you on Amazon all the time and know how to find cheap deals?

No…Then move on

Yes…You could maybe think about buying products on Amazon and then drop shipping them to Ebay buyers and vice versa when you find a price difference that you could profit with.

Do you understand outsourcing but don’t have any skills you could sell services at a high rate and then outsource them much cheaper and be the middle man and keep the difference.

No…Then move on

Yes…Then you could start a freelance arbitrage business and get people who want websites to logos and graphics done and you take the job and take care of any headaches and get it outsourced for cheaper and keep the profit.

Do you know how to build a forum or would you be able to moderate and talk about a specific subject all the time and moderate peoples comments?

No…Then move on

Yes… Then you could set up a forum, talking about anything that you feel your interested in and others are to and possibly if the market is being undeserved then a forum is worth it’s weight in gold and you can make lots of money advertising once it grows and commands a huge audience.

Do you feel you could create membership website with information that people would pay money for and that you could continually update with new info about a certain topic or niche?

No…Then move on

Yes… Then you could create a nice membership site and charge a monthly fee for things like pro bass fishing strategies, elite golfing techniques, sales and marketing methods etc.

Do you feel that you have enough info on some topic or task or hobby that you could write a full book or make a video product about?

No…Then move on

Yes…Then you could consider building your own E-book or CD-Rom or video course explaining something and sell the package on How To do something

Do you feel that you could just write about things that interest you and then give people a link to go to the product or service and you make commission? 

No…Then move on

Yes…Then all you need to do is set up a basic website, learn a little SEO and keep sharing helpful relevant content and then linking to a affiliate that you signed up with and make money this way (if you have not guessed this is the best way to make money when first starting out and is the way I currently make most of my money.)

I know this may seem like a lot of questions to ask yourself and you will still need to do a little more research in any of the markets your interested in. I just see so many blogs listing opportunities that really don’t take into consideration if you can or if it is reasonable. When you go through the questions above they will help your brain make the decision quickly based on what it already knows.

Many times people don’t consider what it takes and just get sold on how much profit can be made. If you focus on money you will get very little if any money in return. If you focus on something you at least kinda like and do a good job and serve others and over exceed expectations you will rise to the top of anything that you try.


Ok So I Know Your Probably Still Asking Yourself What Is The Best Home Based Business To Start?

If I was going to answer that in my opinion I would say affiliate marketing….Why?

Because it’s the only thing that you can really make good solid money from without having to create a product, have any extreme expert knowledge or buy in inventory. Affiliate programs are everywhere and companies use affiliates to spread the word. Not only are the top guys making money but the smaller guys have chances to still make money as well. MLM and network marketing unlike Affiliate marketing can’t make any real money until you recruit others to sell under you and you make a percentage off of their work. With affiliate marketing you make a sale you get the commission and does not matter if you signed up uncle Pete or not.

What_Is_The_Best_Home_Based_Business_To_Start_How_affiliate_marketing_worksWhat is Affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketing model is the best home based business to start and it has the lowest costs and has the biggest earning potential. Affiliate marketing is selling other peoples goods and services for a commission. The best way to start being an affiliate marketer is to know how to build a niche website/blog and start writing useful content with specific keywords that it..

Well if it is so easy why isn’t everybody doing it?

Well the tough part lies in the fact that everything that you start that is worth a damn always takes hard consistent work and many are not willing to do this over the long haul and give up. You have to know how to build a blog and write SEO content that captivates and that is original.

This article that your reading now has all my blood sweat and tears poured into it just so people can take it into consideration and hopefully come back. Now if you can get guidance to do all this and help with all the technical aspects of setting up a blog plus have a community of like minded people to talk to that share your same interest then this is not hard to do at all and just takes trusting a simple process.

What is nice about affiliate marketing:

  • People already may trust the brand your representing ( for example Amazon)
  • You find something your interested in and there is probably many affiliate programs for it
  • Very easy set up for beginners, well at least much easier than making your own product
  • You do not have to buy in inventory or worry about shipping costs or taxes or getting payment processors or even returns etc.
  • The higher the product cost the higher the commission and you did not have to do anything different but explain it.
  • It is somewhat inexpensive to start up an affiliate website or at least much cheaper than most of the options out here for home based business.


In Conclusion What Is The Best Home Based Business To Start With


Well unless you have other talents to make your own product or love writing novels or making video courses or translating or making crafts or have a ton of time on your hands to run a forum, the choice is usually pretty simple. It is much easier and more profitable at least in the beginning to just to set up a website and become an affiliate.

Start off with affiliate marketing for the sub niche of your choice and then slowly work your way into possibly doing other things like maybe writing a amazon kindle book or creating your own product that helps affiliate marketers once you learn affiliate marketing and try it for a while.

Once you get the ball rolling with affiliate marketing you can do anything but if you start something that doesn’t get the ball rolling you may never get any momentum and just give up. So when your looking for a program that teaches affiliate marketing the best thing to get is a mentor that has already done it. If you can’t find a mentor like 99% of us out there, your going to want to choose a solid course to teach you from A-Z, a foundation where you are not piecing together information here and there.

If you learn a process and follow guidance of others who have been there you will succeed 10x times quicker. Also if you don’t have to worry about the technical jargon and can just focus on your business you will be earning money 10x times as quick. So how do you get an affiliate website built with all the tools and hosting necessary to completely set it up, all in one place?

Well if you would like to get a real business up online that makes real money and build it 20x times faster, then you are going to want to check out my #1 Most Recommended product here. This program will take you by the hand guide you, make sure you get things done with task list and monitor and host your blog all in one. You can also try before you buy for as long as you wish. Just read my review here and go to the very bottom and click the link where it says bonuses and you will receive some free extras for signing up and taking action


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James says February 3, 2016

I agree with your “ponzi scheme” comments above – MLM does not do it for me either…

I hate having to pressure people into buying, clicking etc…It’s not a good way to keep friends or impress anyone…

Here comes the internet MLM guy, quick, get your coats we’re out of here before he starts trying to get us to buy something that is completely useless!

Wealthy Affiliate? Yes, you can get people to join up for that! That is something I would have NO PROBLEM with promoting because there is an extremely valuable “product” at the checkout!

Wealthy Affiliate Rocks, I am a member there, so you don’t need to convince me – I’m already in!

Thanks for a great read and I will be back another day to read your latest advice!


TrinaC46 says November 7, 2015

You are very helpful. I wish I had found this site while I was searching the web to figure out what to do online. I knew that I wanted to work from home. I was afraid of getting scammed, as I had before. I did a lot of research online, and finally found your article about Wealthy Affiliate.

I did my research on them and found all good reviews besides a few that did not make any rational sense. So as you may know I decided to give it a try. I love it.

Finding your site here has literally saved me a lot of time, as you explain everything in great detail which I like as some of this stuff can get very confusing and you have a way of clearing things up. I love your list of all of the choices. That is great!! I hope people searching for home based business find your site here.

How long have you been doing affiliate marketing?

    Brandon says November 8, 2015

    Hey Trina,

    Thanks for the kind words, I am so glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate early as it’s so helpful and begins the journey of building a business rather than getting scammed over and over.

    Oh also to answer your question, I have been just startight affiliate marketing for only about a year but before this I was selling my own products, I know I did it backwards as affiliate marketing is much easier and pays better than making my own products. Soon I will get back to making my own products again but affiliate marketing is just the best place to be for me.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Steve says September 3, 2015

For me, the best home based business would have to be affiliate marketing. It is the closest thing to what I would consider to be the perfect business. Your website works for you around the clock and you can earn money while you sleep from work you did months ago.

You don’t have to worry about shipping products, you don’t have to deal with buyers and you don’t have to be constantly looking for more writing gigs.

I have done MLM’s, I’ve sold stuff on ebay and tried many other things. Nothing comes close to affiliate marketing in my opinion/

    Brandon says September 10, 2015

    Hey Steve,

    Man I totally agree, before I really learned affiliate marketing I was trying to make my own product, buying in products to then sell but having to buy in inventory and being scammed by numerous programs that are just filler that you can’t really take action on. I have also sold on Ebay and have been suckered into a few MLM’s when I was a lot younger and the only one that has really still been working is affiliate marketing.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Chloe says September 1, 2015

This is a great resource- it’s nice to see that you’ve taken the time to consider many different viable options for people to choose from.
It’s especially difficult, I think, for newcomers to be able to spot which online opportunities are real and which are scams. In fact, I’m pretty sure that anyone that’s tried to make money online has come across a scam or two!
Thanks for the information on affiliate marketing, it sounds like it’s the best option for beginners 🙂

IanW says August 24, 2015

Hi Brandon,

An extremely well thought out post on this topic and a nicely presented website.

So much of it rings true especially your comments about MLM with the time and effort involved. And I did hate those ‘compulsory’ meetings where everyone was supposedly so positive and acting as if they where going to succeed, for sure. I am now convinced deep down there were a lot who weren’t.

The other thing I like is the way you have prefaced each option with a NO and a YES. Especially the No… then move on.

All too often we start something that looks promising, and it may be so for a while, but then the reality of the situation sets in and the promise fades. But we still struggle on with it rather than cut our losses and ‘move on.’

I think your No….then move on phrase is key to many things in life. It is especially true in this internet world where there is so much risk of being taken for a ride.

One just hopes that eventually for everyone concerned they move on to the best affiliate marketing system which I am going to check out.

Great Article

    Brandon says August 27, 2015

    Hey Ian,

    Thanks for commenting and adding to the conversation. Yeah MLM’s will get you with those all positive meetings where they make you feel crazy if you ask any other question other than positive questions about the company. If you are trapped in a MLM and want to get out and make real money you should definitely check out my review on my #1 Recommendation here.

    I hope to talk soon


Neil says August 16, 2015

I think I’ve actually lost count of times I’ve tried to start an online business and fell flat on my face due to dirty scams with false promises!

Hmmmm, one of the scams I invested in was Empower Network, and I warn everyone to stay away from EN unless they want their bank accounts sucked dry for nothing of value in return.

I eventually found a LEGIT way to make money through Affiliate Marketing, and it’s the best business model AND decision I ever made on the internet.

Thanks for a very insightful article here 🙂


    Brandon says August 20, 2015

    Hey Neil,

    Yeah I have lost count as well but at least those failures are slowly what got us to success. The only way to succeed fast is by choosing the right program that teaches you a foundation and everything from A-Z. The best program that I know of that does that is WA open education project and the best part is you can try before you buy.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Edy says July 28, 2015

Hi Brandon,

Affiliate Marketing is indeed to best way to start home based business. Since we don’t have to buy or keep the stocks, we just get our unique affiliate link and tie it into our websites. I personally was shock when I knew this. So, even a newbie can do it without headache. Your #1 recommendation is definitely the place to learn all of this matter!

    Brandon says July 28, 2015

    Hey Edy,

    it’s hard not to see the benefits of affiliate marketing once you get all the facts. Yeah I 100% agree with you the best part about affiliate marketing is not having to buy inventory and buy in anything monthly.

    Thanks for stopping by,


Dmitriy says July 16, 2015

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for this post!

I am thinking that becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member and really focusing on affiliate marketing is definitely the best home based business to start,I have been looking in to this for a while and I think I am going to give this a shot.. The cool thing is I also learned that my wife could sell on Etsy – believe it or not 🙂 I weirdly enough had not thought about that.

My wife actually makes pretty good crafts and we were once thinking of trying to sell them over the Internet, but all the obvious choices like eBay looked like they were so full of competition it wouldn’t be worth it. I don’t know how could I miss Etsy in our searches, but now I finally know what’s the best place to try and turn my wife’s hobby into a little profit 🙂

Again, thanks so much for sharing this, and all the best to you!

    Brandon says July 17, 2015

    Hey Dmitry,

    That is cool I hope that you check out WA and see the results it can bring for yourself. I am glad that this article could spark and idea for your wife. I hope it works out and you get a good return.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Mark says July 16, 2015

This is a really good post for someone that does not know much about making extra money, you have explained the various options well and made my decision as to which direction to go in a little clearer. As you say MLM can be very hard as I have found out myself and unless you can build a team you are not going to make much money if any at all. Thanks again.

    Brandon says July 16, 2015

    Hey Mark,

    You are right with MLMs unless you can build a team and a big one at that you will not make any money. With that being said I have heard of people that still built up a good team/down-line and they are barley making money or just breaking even as you need to get a lot of people. If you want a real program that will give you the opportunity to realistically make money then you might want to check this out.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


grant says July 16, 2015

I’ve been involved in a few MLM programs, all of which I’ve not stuck with and also spent a fair amount of money on their products. I’ve also been lured into ‘too good to be true’ programs and lost heaps of money, probable because I’m a little gullible thinking people have my best interest at heart. I’ve been wrong a few times.
What I’ve come to learn is that building a successful business takes time, education, willingness to learn, perseverance and solid support. NOT trusting that someone else will make a ton of money on my behalf. Unfortunately I’ve learnt this the painful and expensive way.
Thanks for your post.

    Brandon says July 16, 2015

    Hey Grant,

    I too have learned the painful hard way but sometimes I think we got better lessons that the people that just hear about it as until you do it you never know for sure, well I think that both of us know for sure now,lol. You are correct as making money online takes time and the right education and support and that is why i always recommend people try this.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Prince Smith says July 16, 2015

Hello, Brandon. It was a pleasure for me to visit your site today. You give good advice to the public about Wealthy Affiliate University.

The advice you give about getting started with an online business is valuable information for people interested in starting an online business.

This is a great site and I have bookmarked it for later references. Nice work, Brandon. Take care.

    Brandon says July 16, 2015

    Hey Prince,

    Yes WA university will change everything and it is always good to at least check it out if you haven’t and at least set up the free account and take it for a test drive. Thanks I hope to see you back soon,

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Fidel says July 16, 2015

just like everyone else and just like you said in your post r=earlier, i have often wondered and asked myself, what is the best online business venture I could try.

And so far just like you said, I think affiliate marketing is the easiest. Even though MLM is not a scam, it is a pyramid kind of scheme making it difficult to succeed if you are now joining from the base.

Thanks for sharing this info and i perfectly agree with you…affiliate marketing is the way to go

    Brandon says July 16, 2015

    Hey Fidel,

    I do notice a lot of people saying MLM is not a scam but what is it really? it is not a good business opportunity as I do not know anyone personally that has done well, the only people are random spokespeople, I have even seen people doing everything and going to all the meetings and have recruits that barely pass the $100 a month mark, plus they are paying to auto-ship orders to their house monthly so most of the time they are just breaking even and doing ton of work.

    I would almost rather take my chances with a ponzi scheme (tongue in cheek) as at least when you lose your money you didn’t work you tail off for free as well. Affiliate marketing is definitely the best way to go and the best way to learn it is with this course HERE

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Frank says July 16, 2015

that’s interesting about affiliate marketing. I have a blog and actually built my site with an affiliate marketing forum, just thinking that I would use their tips on how to maximize your site for SEO, but the more I learn, the more interesting it sounds. I think if you have background in a particular area first, then use that to your advantage and market with affiliates in that same or closely related industry.

    Brandon says July 16, 2015

    Hey Frank,

    If you use the tips and methods in this course HERE, then you would definitely be a head of the game and could get your blog to full time income status.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Anewcreature says July 16, 2015

You have a beautiful site and i took my time and survey and review it. It is professionally creative in respect to layout, images and content. you have a powerful online business and i personally wan to commend you in regards to your work. I know that it cost you commitment and time not to speak of patience. blessings!

    Brandon says July 16, 2015

    Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it.

    Thanks for stopping by,


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