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What Is The Advocare Scam?


Name: what_is_the_advocare_scam_logo
Price:  Starts at $79 and goes up
Owners: Charles Ragus
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100
Verdict: Scam
Recommended Alternative program to try:

What Is The Advocare Scam | Is Advocare Really Such A Good Idea?

Is Advocare a scam?

I can already tell you now that, it’s a scam. 

What is the Advocare scam exactly? 

Well this is yet again another MLM that made an average product to make their pyramid scheme legal. I have heard a lot of people talking about Advocare MLM scam and are starting to realize that they want nothing to do with the Advocare Cult.  

typically with MLM programs like this, the worst part is the MLM structure itself as they only really work for the owner. The other problem is the average products that they throw in for triple the price and force members to buy in cases of products every month or they wont earn commissions when they sell.

Also one of the worst parts is the people who are distributors typically have no clue about real nutrition or even why these products are supposedly good, I know, they do not know what they are talking about, because the products are just average vitamins and no one that understands this would think that they are really doing much of anything special but for double or triple the price.

If you just decide you want to pay the first first $80 dollars to Advocare you can instantly become a distributor.  After you become an instant distributor you are now needing to be an instant nutrition supplement salesman.

This can be hard when trying to sell a product that you have not done much research about and then showing it to people and then they research it and figure out that what your selling is average garbage for triple the price. This is the same as many other MLM health companies very similar to USANA health SciencesJeunesse,  Lev-el Thrive, It Works or Juice Plus

Many new salesmen try to sell this average supplement for a higher price and there is no real value over the supplements that you can get in a store. All of the distributors all seem to think that their MLM’s that they signed up for is the best and the doctors and scientists that work on them.

Really this is just all hype and sales as none of them are the best as if they were they would be doing their own thing and not working with a MLM/network marketing business. 

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What Is The Advocare Scam | Why Would You Want To Use Advocare?

So What is Advocare?

Advocare is said to be sellers of  nutrition, weight-loss, energy and sports performance products.  These products are one of the main reasons that Advocare is a scam. Now this is not a scam as they just take your money and run, this is more as scam that fly under the radar.

This company has two big problems already 

#1 It’s A MLM and They are right on the border of illegal pyramids 

The network marketing part of this business alone is enough to not do it. Network Marketing or MLM’s are a bad business idea. They are all the same and they just add in some average product and mark them up at a high price and then force distributors to buy them in every month just to be able to earn commissions. 

No one in their right mind really buys them unless they are just doing it to be nice, as for an educated consumer to buy high-priced low-grade products just does not make sense. The only money made from working with Advocare when it really comes down to it, is in recruitment. Then you have to recruit others to do the same thing, knowing that it’s not a great product and trick other into doing the same to their family and friends. 

(You can read more about why MLM’s are not the best decision in this article  “What is the Network Marketing business exactly and why it’s a scam” HERE

#2 Their Products Are Not Only Average But A lot Of The Ingredients Are Below Average.

Well when you break down some of the ingredients in one of their top-selling product, Spark. You will notice that it adds more garbage and toxins to you body and not minerals and vitamins that you need. 

Advocare Spark:what_is_the_advocare_scam_spark_drink_mix

So first off they use “suc-ra-lose” in their spark drink. Sucralose is actually another hidden name for artificial sweeteners that are made when they add chlorine to “suc-rose”  and it creates a toxic chemical that your body has no idea what to do with.

I’m sure if you talk to a distributor they have some fancy, cute way of telling you that sucralose is not bad for you but it is.  When you take in artificial sweeteners they absorb into your body tissues and can cause future health problems.

The process of making sucralose is adding chlorine, yes the carcinogen we use in pools, chlorine holy S#*t… Why on earth would you use chlorine in anything that you eat is beyond me.

By ingesting this synthetic junk over time could quite possibly be another way to get you sick not help keep you healthy.

I can just imagine the dumbass that thought  “I just love mixing chlorine into my coffee to sweeten it up, so I guess it’s the obvious choice to make sweeteners with chlorine. This seems like the same lame brain thinking that invented horrible products such as GMO’s and artificial flavors and red 5 etc. This kind of stuff really fires me up as this is what is really killing people today and no one is really completely aware of it. This stuff is like smoking in the 60’s as some are starting to find it’s bad but the mainstream media and the health industry say go for it.

The guts healthy bacteria is very important to keep yourself healthy and be able to absorb minerals properly. When the gut is out of whack many, many things can start going wrong, and I mean a lot. There has been research that has found that sucralose kills these bacteria that keeps your gut in order.

This bacteria is a huge deal and is required for healthy immune system and required for living in general and the quality of life you lead. Sucralose was banned in the US until the FDA decided to approve it in 199, not sure why.

Many do not know the long-term health effects yet as it has not been on the market for a long time. Many people have found that with things that are deadly but that are slow to show signs are hard to pinpoint what is actually causing them. Many manufacturers know that it will take two to three decades of people having problems and then testing those people, before anyone will start pointing the finger.

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Reported side effects of sucralose have already been connected with seizures, dizziness, blurred vision, allergic reactions, weight gain and migraines. These are just the short-term side effects that they can prove. The scary thing is how they’re finding that sucralose is ruining your gut bacteria and then you could in counter much worse problems. When you lose your gut bacteria your have seriously weakened immune system and many problems can then happen.

This could cause you to die from illness like cancer or any other problem that you get while your gut is compromised. When your body and gut are compromised so many bad things can start happening and some researchers are just now starting to find this out. The medical industry really, is clueless.

Chemically Made Cyanocobalamin Synthetic Vitamin B-12 

So not only does spark have sucralose but also the vitamins that they do put in there, are a very cheap form that you can get anywhere. They do not even bother putting a real form of B-12 in their supplements as they put a form of synthetic B-12 called “Cyanocobalamin.” This is a cheap synthetic form of B-12 that’s bound to a cyanide molecule, the same cyanide that stops cells in your body from being able to use oxygen. Cells need oxygen or they die.

This is basically another artificial chemical additive that is touted to be a Vitamin when really it is synthetic toxins your body does not know what to do with and when you body does not know what to do with something it can mature into a disease, problem or disorder of some sort.

Do your reasearch on B-12 and the differences between synthetic Cyanocobalamin and natural methylcobalamin. If you want a real B-12 you want to get methylcobalamin B-12 and you can get the best absorption through special B-12 patches they have for sell online. These will cost less and be 100 times more effective and absorb much better and you do not have to join a cult and recruit just to afford them. Plus your body knows what to do with real B-12.  

Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C

So spark also decided to put another bad ingredient in there spark drink called ascorbic acid and is a synthetic form of Vitamin C. It’s very scary that basically all the Vitamin C supplements and vitamin enhanced foods and drinks are all using ascorbic acid. The main problem is many are marketing products with natural Vitamin C and using a synthetic form of Vitamin C.

The worst part is Ascorbic Acid is typically derived from Genetically Modified Corn

There have been studies that show how synthetic Vitamin C also cam contribute to the formation of genotoxins that can lead to cancer. Other studies have linked it to thickening of arteries and athletes that took around 1000mg a day reduced endurance and interfered with enzymes. Synthetic supplements such as Ascorbic acid is not helping you and are not good for you.

If you want to read more about how Ascorbic Acid is not Vitamin C CLICK HERE for a much more detailed explanation. Where they talk about how natural fruits and vegetables could heal scurvy but ascorbic acid alone could not. They explain how vitamins are living complexes which contribute to higher living complexes. Ascorbic acid is not a living complex but rather a copy of a part of a living complex and does not work anywhere near as good as natural forms of vitamin C. 

Natural vitamin C is amazing for you.

So if you want natural Vitamin C at half the cost consider eating raw fruits and vegetables like:

  • Berries
  • Green peppers
  • Watermelon
  • Grapefuit
  • Kiwi
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Leafy greens (kale, spinach,collard greens)
  • Turnup greens
  • Squash
  • Oranges
  • Mangos

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If you want to take a supplement Try Camu-Camu 

Camu Camu is the richest source of vitamin C on the planet.  The fruit has 500,000 ppm of natural vitamin C as compared to oranges that have only 4000 ppm. Then you can get this amazing form of vitamin C for the same price or cheaper than an inferior low quality from of vitamin C for a high price. Camu Camu also provides many other vitamins and minerals as well which aid in the absorption of vitamin C.

If you can just remember to stick with natural sources of  organic meats, eggs, nuts, vegetables and fruits plus natural probiotic and natural vitamin C in things like sauerkraut are much better than synthetic. Stay away from all artificial substance of any kind whenever possible. 

Advocare Omegaplex:what_is_the_advocare_scam_omegaplex

Ok, so the Advocare Omegaplex seems like a neat vitamin right, how could omega 3 be bad? Well this is a great example of a product that is focused on profits and not health. So there omega supplement uses a biosynthetic form of oil that is much cheaper to produce called ethyl ester fish oil.

Ethyl ester omega 3’s do not exist in any food source naturally. This oil has very little if any benefits and is a man-made artificial substance. This fish oil is the same quality as some of the cheapest fish oil you can get and even then they are probably better.

Not to mention these come at a high cost. If you were to actually take real Alaskan fish oil or eat salmon you would get EPA, DHA and DPA in tryglyceride form, which is the best for absorption. The Advocare Omegaplex only has EPA and DHA, not only is it not really effective but it could also be possibly causing harm in the long run. Anything artificial always seems to have consequences later down the road but we somehow still have it in products anyway. 

There is a bunch of other questionable ingredients but you get the point and if they are using a synthetic form of Vitamins that you may have been unaware of how bad are the chemicals and artificial ingredients that you are aware of. You can rest assured if it’s the lowest quality of vitamin or mineral or additive they will put it in so they can make more profit that is how MLM’s typically work.


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What Is The Advocare Scam | Why The Advocare MLM Scam Is Just Another Name For The Same Old Pyramid Scheme



Ok, So now that you know the Advocare products are just using average, if not harmful ingredients to save money. They also set up selling the products on a pyramid stucture which is just a recipe for disaster. This form of marketing and business just shows to be not effective time and time again.

You can read about how bad the statistics of Advocare are and how very few really make any real money in this article here

So To Recap Advocare Has A Few Things Going Against It.

  1. Low quality ingredients
  2. MLM pyramid business structure that sets you up for failure
  3. Lack of vitamin and supplement knowledge to be able to have proper nutrient synergy and cater to each  person Bioindividuality ( meaning some people may get too much of one vitamin and not get enough of another when clumped ina one size fits all combo)
  4. Toxic chemical sweeteners, sucralose
  5. Lots of unnecessary artificial flavorings
  6. Low grade vitamins at a high price

The only thing that helps Spark feel like it works is just adding in the 120mg of caffeine as that will make anyone feel like they have lots of energy but taking caffeine all the time is not good on your adrenal glands and other problems that are beyond the scope of this article but just research caffeine and adrenal glands and see if you think that paying extra for what a cup of coffee or a caffeine pill could do does not seem like a good idea to buy or to sell. 

Don’t Talk Too Negativly About MLM”s Or They Might SLAPP You With A Lawsuit

Even worse is lately there are stories of many blogs that were exposing the truth about the MLM’s being scams, and then those companies started threateing and intimidating some blog owners with SLAPP lawsuits for telling the truth basically. It’s really just a way to try to scare people to taking down the truth about their products.

The scary thing is they could  waste money on lawyers and can try to drag blog owners into a legal battles that ends up no where, just to get even and try to use the threat of annoying legal proceedings to hopefully scare the blog owner into taking it down.

The great thing is now many are waking up to this and there are so many negative reviews out there, that I think MLM’s don’t know who to sue first. They probably are not sure if it’s really worth it, as one goes down and another goes up in its place. 

So long story short, just the ingredients in Spark could cause many problems in the future if you keep taking it consistently and that is how they suggest taking it. So I would say if you want to get healthier and not get unhealthier, you probably do not want to take these supplements especially for a long period of time. 

Also the artifical ingredients or flavorings can be just about anything that is not considered natural flavoring. There is very little testing of the safety of artificial flavoring.  There can be hundrededs of artificial chemicals that are used to create artificial flavorings.

Many keep the formula a secret so no one really knows what they put in it, for all you know they could put in a little Methamphetamine to give the flavors a boost and keep you begging for more lol. 

All joking aside This is similar to how yeast extract is another hidden name for MSG as the FDA states that if there is 40% or less MSG in the ingredient you do not have to label it as MSG and manufacturers are sneaking it in with tricky names.

Advocare Seems To Think That Sponsors Make The Product Much More Effective?

Advocare has hired football player Drew Brees to be a spokesperson for Advocare. He claims that he does not get paid but it is shown that his foundation and wife benefit from this relationship some how. So when you look around you may find Drew Brees saying how great Advocare is and you may think man he is a good guy and I can believe him right?

What’s The Problem?

Well he was also endorsing a product called Power Balance Bracelets that were known to be a scam. The company themselves have admitted to being fake with no evidence of them working and had to pay people back that felt they were scammed. So Drew Brees may not be the first person to listen to with what he endorses.

So many of these MLM’s including Advocare all try to get some sort of spokesperson that is willing to completely sell out and promote the average vitamin supplements. 

This is similar to the Juice Plus scam having O.J Simpson being their spokesperson or Usana using Dr.Oz and Manny Pacquiao. 

There is also a former senator Scott Brown that claims that he is not a spokesperson and just takes Advocare because he loves it but forgets to mention that he is a distributor. This company seems to be getting little sneaky snakes in the grass to endorse their products. Here is an article about this senator saying he does not get paid but her is in fact a distributor and is selling Advocare. Well I guess he still remembers how to lie from all the years in politics.

The only thing that having an official spokesperson tells me is that the company has made a lot of money off of it’s members. Many of these people so not believe in the product but rather got sold on the idea of endorsing it for a hefty commission.  

Were The DSA, And We Are Here To Say, We Love Protecting Pyramids In A Major Way.

So on Advocares website they are proudly bragging about how they follow the DSA code of ethics. This sounds like they are cool and legit but it is not as great as it sounds. So basically this is a group of MLM companies that try to prevent MLM’s from being regulated. The DSA spreads myths and lobby’s for pyramids or MLM’s to not get regulated and  the FTC does not agree with it. 

Companies such as Avon and Tupperware have actually left the DSA so that tells you that something is wrong. 

It’s The Hard Knock (MLM) Life… For Us 

So they have this group of people to try to help hide the true nature of MLM’s which is to make the rich owner even richer. I know that almost 99% of people who sign up with MLM’s will fail or not make good money and that failure inevitable. 

What Is The Advocare Scam | My Thoughts On The Advocare


Final Thoughts About Advocare.

is Advocare A Scam, Yes in my opinion. If you take into consideration the fact that this is a MLM business structure and that many people fail with them, your best bet would be to avoid all MLM’s. Companies like Advocare have to add in a average low quality suplement line so that it’s not an illegal pyramid not cause they want to help people. 

These supplements Advocare sells not only don’t do anything but also can be potentially harmful down the road.

When you add in the fact that these average products costs much more than comparable vitamins or even better vitamins, then no one will really want to buy them. Then the only choice is to sign up to get 20% off and have cases shipped to your house monthly on auto ship.

When you realize that everyone that signs up has to pay every month you start to realize someone is making some money and usually is not you.  Then once you autoship in products every month you will not be able to sell them at the redicoulous prices unless you live in a place with no internt for people to do thier research.

You typcially have to just give them away for samples to try to recruit others. If you realize that the MLM game is rigged and is only really there to make the owners rich then you will be much better off and be able to stay away from these MLM schemes.  

Well I do not have problem with people wanting to start a MLM business believe it or not but I am sick of people claiming that it works when really the majority make $30-$500 dollars profit in a year, I would say that it does not work.

People that sign up for MLM’s have good intentions and I do not think your evil as many MLM recruiters will come on here seem to think. I actually just want people to know about the things that MLM’s are doing and if your still fine with it, by all means go start an Netwrok Marketing company but if you ask me I would defintely not set one up if I was you.


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If you have had expieriences with Advocare please share your story, I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below. 

Name: Advocare what_is_the_advocare_scam_logo
Price:  Starts at $79 and goes up
Owners: Charles Ragus
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100
Verdict: Scam
Recommended Alternative program to try:


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Chris says October 16, 2016

When you say average product do you actually mean hopeless overpriced product – because that’s what most of these MLM’s aim at!
At the end of the day if the product sucks then there is only ever going to be one winner here – the company that takes the initial purchase fee from new members!

    Brandon says October 16, 2016

    Hey Chris

    Yes you’re correct they’re typically hopeless overpriced products, I have been calling then average just so the thousands of MLM reps don’t start leaving lots of comments telling me how amazing they are. I think they’re much worse but everybody has their own opinion so right now I just label them as sub standard below average cause the FDA and everyone buying this stuff will claim that it’s safe and fine.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


AMHBGH says April 16, 2016

Wow you obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. Take 2 seconds and do your homework. “Cases of products”. Laughable.

    Brandon says April 17, 2016

    Hey Whitley Zumba, or AMHBGH which is by the way such a realistic name.

    Since you just seem to know so much, and this is just so laughable… Please let everybody know then how do you get commissions?

    Are you saying you don’t have to buy in products to be eligible to get commissions on that specific product?

    Are you saying that you don’t have to pay anything…is that why this is just so laughable and “just so darn tootin” funny?

    Was Cases of products not specific enough??? Should I have said shipping pouches full of supplements? Are you claiming you or others just like you don’t buy in any products???? Even to give away or to stay qualified for certain commissions???? (oh yeah don’t want to answer that one truthfully do you!)

    Your apparently a distributor.
    Well in that case, do you care to inform everybody here about how you get commissions for recruiting?
    You know as well as I do that you’re not making money selling that garbage retail. I know that your going to say that you do, so in that case please tell everyone how much you make selling that stuff retail to others?

    Don’t lie and say how many people you recruited that buy it, I’m talking about actual people that buy from you that are strangers that just love the product. I’ll bet if you were honest you do not have many or any at all. Most of the people that buy are also a distributor?

    I’m assuming your going to do like most MLM distributors and talk crap and then not answer my questions cause you don’t have an answer… as you’re either lying to yourself or you’re lying to others to get them to join either one you’re not going to admit.

    I’m just curious why every MLM distributor makes no logical arguments? Are you going to tell me a line of BS that if you sell enough it’s free?? Do you really think that you’re selling a miracle in a bottle and you can’t find it for much, much less somewhere else?

    Just can’t wait for your answers but sadly I think you will do just like most MLM distributors and not respond.

Rawl says January 23, 2016

HI Brandon. I’ve been debating on what to say in response to your review of Advocare because I was a distributor at one time and I’ve got really close friends who still are and are doing quite well.

Advocare is a good product. I’ve used it and my children have used it.

Yes it is an MLM but there is nothing illegal about it. It’s no more illegal than Amway or Prime America. No one makes you purchase product to have on your shelf at home. No one makes you do anything. You do what you want to do based on what you’re comfortable with and your ability to do it.

I can’t put a link in here but you can go to youtube and put in Jeff and Daphne Cook Advocare and watch the video they posted October 2015. It’s made in an area of Alabama I lived in so it’s not fake or phony. I know them personally and there is nothing crooked or scam about them. They know what’s in the products, they can tell you and show you how it can improve your health.

One last thing. I don’t sell the product because I don’t like MLM’s…but that’s personal choice. I don’t use the product because I’m a single mom on a tight budget…but working to change that.

    Brandon says January 23, 2016

    Hello Rawl,

    Do you realize you did not ask one question?? Well I have some questions for you and if you cannot answer them it basically is telling myself and other readers that you do not know what your talking about… Also you should never ever talk about it again as you are complelty misinformed and have no valid points to make besides call my diamond member friends.

    You just went in to saying how I’m basically wrong and you and your friends are basically right and just to ask them and I will be transformed. I’m curious if it’s so good why do you not sell it anymore?

    I understand you said the MLM thing is not for you but I am assuming you bought it lost money and did not make money but yet here you are defending Advocare, man the brainwshing they do must be very strong.

    The minute you started selling you should have started making some sales and money as it’s just so good. You should have at least made a little money and stuck with it what made you quit??

    Are you really buying the products from those distributors thinking that they are better than regular supplements please let us know what makes them better, if you can’t tell us what makes them better please do not ever go around promoting them as you personally know nothing about what your promoting.

    Also I’m well aware that the MLM’s are legal operations that does not mean they are not scams. Are you aware that they are basically the same as a pyramid or ponzi scheme the only thing that seperates them is that they incorporate an average plain jane product into the mix.

    I will be willing to bet you will not be able to answer any of these questions but they are for the future readers to see and not for your benifit as I can see your already too far gone.

    #1 Now that you wanted to preach intead of ask questions about this topic please tell me what makes advocare better than taking regular vitamins?

    Don’t say your sponsor can answer that as I want you to let me know what you think as to why they are so much better or are you just taking your friends word for it. Your the one claiming it’s not a scam so please let me know what it does that is so much better or what vitmins they put in that are better quality???

    #2 Do you understand that in order to be a distributor you have to buy in products?? I know you are not forced to buy products as a consumer from distributors at a insanly high price, most people understand that and just don’t want to. I am talking about having to buy in products if you want to be a distributor.

    #3 Do you know that “spark” really only has caffine that makes you feel good as the rest of the stuff put in is just cheap synthetic forms of the vitamins.

    Do you know the differnce between cytocobalamin and methlycobalamin one is a synthetic B-12 the other is the natural version guess what version advocare uses??? Also they just use ascorbic acid for vitamin c another synthetic vitamin. I am assuming you just did not read anything and just make a genral blanket comment like many MLM’ers

    The problem with what your doing is your telling me you do not do this cause of the MLM structure but it’s good and someone lese can tell me about it, man o man is this why you failed at being a MLM rep?

    I have never said people can’t get lucky and position themselves at the top of a pyramid and make money it’s just a terrible business and a gamble. Did you even read the review?????

    If you don’t sell it why are you wasting your time talking to me about it and trying to change my mind???

    I’m starting to think this is a gimmick to get people to look at some video and then your advocare affiliate link is on the video…is this true??? If your link is not on the video I’m sorry but you need to focus on things done that are more important than protecting the honor of your supposed diamond friends in the video.

rufat says January 23, 2016

As I can see from your review, Advocare is not a big deal at all. I personally hate most of the MLMs existing on the internet. I don’t think they all are scams, but most of them are a waste of time, I guess all of them as I still do not really know of one that I would join. When it comes to Advocare, I don’t really see any real opportunity to make money with this program. Considering that there are many other good programs, I think this one is definitely not worth the time and money.

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