Name:  Social Cash RobotWhat_is_Social_cash_robot_a_scam_Small_logo
Price:  Free To Work And Recruit $49 a share, to just supposedly start earning
Overall Rating: Scam 
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What Is Social Cash Robot – Does This Really Earn Revenue Using Social Media?

What is Social Cash Robot?  Well it’s another revenue sharing program.what_is_social_cash_robot_a_scam_hyped_up_review

Just like these: 

  1. Make money every 30 minutes
  2. Traffic Authority
  3. Traffic Monsoon
  4. Fanbox
  5. Empowr
  6. Click Intensity

If you’re not familiar with revenue sharing programs in short, they’re scams. These programs can work but only for a short while. The problem with these types of revenue sharing programs is, they typically end up with the owner making all the money and everybody that invested loses out.

They only work long enough so that people can believe in them and they can grow. Once people have invested the highest amounts they cancel it. 

There is always a small problem with revenue sharing sites. If people stop joining and dumping in money, the sharing starts to end and everybody starts to lose money.

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Social Cash Robot Review – Is This Really Worth Your Time?

Social Cash Robot Review….  The only value they give with Social Cash Robot is the option to click on ads.  

You make next to nothing clicking ads so many turn to recruiting people to join Social Cash Robot. This main way that SCR says you can make money without spending money is through recruiting.

So Social Cash robot does not have any real product but uses advertisements as the product. This is what they tend to use as a product to make them seem legal, just like MLMs adding in products to make it so they’re not a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme.

They claim that this is Automatic income paid by social media. This is not really the case.

You’re not getting paid directly through social media when using Social Cash Robot. They want to make you feel like you will be somehow getting paid by Facebook or Google plus. This is just to associate their name with these big social networks. 

Also they’re really covering their butts on their terms here, basically saying if anything whatsoever happens they’re not liable and you are for investing and trusting them basically. what_is_social_cash_robot_a_scam_limitations_of_liability

Ok, Is Social Cash Robot A Scam Or Is This A Real Way To Earn Money By Investing In Shares And Recruiting?

Is Social Cash Robot A Scam? Well, this product does not really have any guidance which is typically of many of these rev share programs out there. They will have a FAQ to answer basic questions but you need to talk with experienced rev share users to really get in and realistically make money.

They have a Facebook fan page but it does not answer any questions but rather is just another place to add in screen shots and hype the course up.

So There Is A Few Different Ways To Join These Types of Programs

  1. #1 Buying and Investing In Shares

They typically will want to get members buying shares when they join and each share is costing around $49 dollars.

These revenue share programs are like the lottery. If you like the lottery then they could work for a little while if your lucky. If you enjoy gambling with your money and don’t mind losing most of the time, this will be a program for you.

Just don’t think that it will give you a guaranteed lifetime income like they hint at, when you buy shares. These types of programs are here today gone tomorrow type systems.

Typically you will earn money and share in the funds generated by Social Cash Robot. Funds are generated by a new member joining in.

#2 The Next Best Way Is Referring Others To Social Cash Robot.is_social_cash_robot_a_scam_Cash_clix

So this is easy enough you just share your referral link with everyone. When someone clicks on your link and joins the website, they will become your referral.

So you will not make much money like you may think for just referring them. You will only make money when your referrals buy in shares.

You only get about 10% commission, so when you refer a person who pays $49 dollars you will get a whopping $4.90 commision. Then you will receive a 5% commission for referrals of referrals.

Many think that spamming the links out will get referrals to flock to you. Well it’s not that easy. If you’re really wanting referrals you would need to buy traffic or create a blog about it.

#3 Cash Clix For Pennies

The third and probably worst way to make money from them is by using their CashClix program.

So you just click on someones advertisement and stop and stare at it for a few seconds and then you get credited with 1-5 cents.

The Social Cash Robot Scam… My Thoughts On Social Cash Robot

So when it’s all said and done, the main business for Social Cash Robot is through increasing Social Media Likes. The entire website revolves around getting referrals. So the ultimate aim is for people to get on here and buy more and more shares or recruit. Most of the time all they can do or afford is to recruit. If you do buy,  just remember there is no refunds.


So if I buy a share for $49 dollars the small amount of commissions will not be coming from people buying services but rather from people investing in this program. This will continue over and over again until it hits the point where something has to give. Less and less people seem to invest in these programs later on.

This is where the trickery comes in. Many will just lose all their money as the owners escape with whats left of it.

This is the name of the game with revenue share. The owners will wait until they see that lots of people have invested into this website. Then once they’re at their highest they will then shut the program down and the owners will laugh all the way to the bank.

The problem with these programs is you will not be able to make the money they claim unless you invest thousands per week. Unless you willing to gamble large amounts of money into these programs and bring in hundreds of fresh referrals, ready to buy shares each day you wont even make a $100 a day let alone $1000 like they claim.

So unless you want to give money to the owners of Social Cash Robot, I would stay far away from this and other revenue share programs just like it.

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I would love to hear your opinion. Let me know if you have tried  Social Cash Robot and what your experience was.