Name: Pure Haven Essentialswhat_is_pure_haven_essentials_logo
Owners: Kim Anderson, Ava Anderson (From the now Closed Down Company “Ava Anderson Non Toxic”)
Price:  $59 to start 
Overall Rating: SCAM
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What Is Pure Haven Essentials ? | Is This Just A Cover Up Company For Ava Anderson Non Toxic?

What Is Pure Haven Essentials?

Are They Just  A Cover Up For Ava Anderson Non Toxic Problems?

This Is Just A New Brand That Was Set Up For The Purpose Of Sweeping Old Mistakes Under The Rug.

what_is_pure_haven_essentials_Products_overpriced_all_togheterOk well it looks like momma bear Kim Anderson and her skills as a magician are really starting to pay off. I have a feeling that someone they know in the family is a lawyer telling them sneaky things to enable them to get away with lying to customers.

Then to still make a few million for bringing absolutely nothing new to the market. This reminds me of Rodan and Fields and how they don’t have any kind of special product but make it seem like the best. To find what are the best products easily, you can reference The GOOD Guide for the ratings on best safe shampoo, deodorants & Antiperspirants and many other brands and their products health rating here.

This type of product that Ava and mom Kim are Selling with Pure Haven Essentials is not in demand as you can find products that are just as good or better for much less. Also this company used to go by the name Ava Anderson Non toxic

After being publicly scrutinized for adding toxic ingredients they shut it down. Then they blamed it on their manufacturers but did not say who. Makes you wonder if they’re a company you really want to trust again.

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What Is Pure Haven Essentials Value  | Does This Company Really Make Anything New Or Different?


So What Is The Value Of Pure Haven Essentials?

Well to answer this quickly theres no real value. This product line while being better than the generic cheap cosmetic and health care products in stores, is not better than comparable organic products that are certified Organic. They not only sell products that are just average in comparison to most organic products but they also charge triple the amount that you would pay for them.

Not only do you have to pay way more but you also have to join a MLM just to sell them or get any sort of discount. This makes you think if they have these same Organic type products everywhere, Pure Haven Essentials are triple the price to buy, you have to join in the MLM for $59.00 at least to get access to them at a half way decent price .

This really is not a company you want to join or buy from. If you want to understand more about MLM Businesses check out this article here.


They have also already lied to distributors and just shut down there last business due to getting their feelings hurt. They were fine hurting the feelings of all the old Ava Anderson distributors just so they didn’t look bad. This really makes you think, “is there any real value in Pure Haven Essentials?”


What Is Pure Haven Essentials Exactly?


So What Is Pure Haven Essentials Exactly?

Well Pure Haven Essentials is basically a cover up company that was once Ava Anderson Non Toxic. This company makes an assortment of organic health products from skin care creams, body lotions, baby products, kids products, home products, sun screen, bug spray, shampoos and essential oils etc.


Now these products would seem neat if they were the first Organic products anybody has ever seen.

If they weren’t so expensive or something but these types of organic products are everywhere you look now, as well as online and for a much cheaper price. 

Ava Anderson Non Toxic or ( A.A.N.T) was the company name before Pure Haven Essentials. The owners just lied to their customers and then instead of admitting it they tried to then cover it up and now they’re at it again.

They’re trying to pass blame to others and always blaming their manufacturers. That may be true but to me that sounds like they should have done a lot more due diligence if they want to claim they’re so organic, non toxic and healthy.

They were sneaking in cheap ingredients to products to boost their bottom line thinking no one would figure it out as they did not even have these ingredients listed on the products in question.

Then they also did not even get an organic certification, stating the reason being that they just did not want to because it was too expensive, hard to get. 

They just wanted to focus on selling high-priced products to you without you asking any questions.

They would always just claim that they’re 100% organic. They claimed they did not want to get certification because they wanted to save the money to focus on making products.

This is a political cop-out and lie. These people have been shown to flip-flop on what they say. They also like to pass the blame on to others claiming no responsibility.

Thats like me saying I have the best bullet-proof vest ever and then sell them for a higher price and they’re actually not fully bulletproof and worse quality than other cheaper brands readily available. Then I also charge you a membership fee to enable you to buy one.

I can get away with it for a while until someone gets shot and dies and starts testing the vest.

Then Imagine after someone calls me out, I then come out and say “I’m sorry the manufacturer just snuck in fake bulletproof material….we forgot to test it….. we don’t want to state who did it….. we obviously just outsource them but you can trust us, as we make the best.

Most likely you would think that I do not pay attention to my own product.

You would assume I was too busy or neglegent in my testing. However I was busy spending the money and getting my ego stroked at conventions. Meanwhile I didn’t really understand what is going on in the business.

Then I cancel the brand because someone got killed and people were asking questions about my certification and bulletproof materials that I used.

Then I said I’m being bullied and I’m going to sever ties to the business and then set up another identical business and sell more bullet proof vests, are you going to trust me with your life?

Well if you said no then why should you trust Kim Anderson and Ava Anderson, as they’re crying poor me but laughing all the way to the bank. 

Well if you thought A.A.N.T brought nothing new to the market, just wait until you see Pure Haven Essentials. From what it looks like to me they have just switched labels and cancelled a few things that made them look bad from A.A.N.T product line. I’ll bet the same stuff is going into Pure Haven As Ava Anderson Non Toxic.

Ava and KIM “Mommie Dearest” Anderson scrambled to set up a different company Pure Haven Essentials to force people to buy Ava Anderson products? Just under a different name and new label.

This would only screw over all the loyal distributors and force everybody from Ava Anderson Non Toxic to buy the starter kits for Pure Haven Essentials.

With this type of MLM network marketing company basically…

“The owner is the government”


“The distributors are the tax payers.”

This company seems completely fine with messing up and making it’s few customers and many distributors clean up the mess.

What Is Pure Haven Essentials? | Are They Trying To Make A Quick Buck Disguised As An Organic Company Trying To Capitalize On The Organic Trend


Is Pure Haven Essentials Going To Now Become Legit? 

Ok, so maybe Pure Haven Essentials will now focus harder on getting an Organic certification and letting their customers know about problems and not try to cover them up and never explain whats going on to their customers.

The problem? Well they still have the ability to do it again and the Kim Anderson the mom and the real owner seems like she’s got a few more tricks up her sleeve she wants to perform, so only time will tell.

There is only one good reason that they switched from Ava Anderson Non Toxic to Pure Haven Essentials. The main reason would be that they were wrong and if someone investigated they would be proven to be liars as they were trying to make more profits by sneaking in cheap ingredients while still trying to capitalize on the Organic craze.

The only thing that stopped them was people doing research and then brining it to their attention. This makes you question how much do they really know about Organic supplements when a customer has to test them and then inform Pure Haven Essentials.

These customers ended up finding out for themselves that there is synthetic ingredients that were added into the Ava Anderson product line.Then after they found out instead of explaining who the manufacturers where and why it happened and how they’re going to safeguard it from happening again, they just shut down the company. 

Then they made another one with the same exact type business and products with just a different name. This seems very shady and the reason for quitting was “being bullied” is even worse reason to quit.

Essential oils are a very unregulated industry

There was no one that was bullying Ava Anderson they just did not want to face the public and tell them they were lying and they knew the whole time but were hoping no one would do tests on them.

This reminds me of Young Living and Doterra essential oils MLM’s that claimed to be the most pure and the best and then when someone ran third part tests on them they were found to be using synthetic ingredients and fragrances and should not be going into the essential oils.

It seems that since the essential oils and beauty products are not highly regulated Kim Anderson and Pure haven Essentials thought they could do the same thing, the only problem, consumers are now getting a lot smarter. The company Ava Anderson Non Toxic was strategically shut down so that no one would DEMAND Ava Anderson name the names of the manufacturers they used for ALL of their products.

There are some that are calling this one of the bigger Greenwashing scams around.

Now before you believe their lies and feel sorry for this family making millions off of charging high prices for average products consider this:

Ava Anderson and her mom Kim Anderson put their name on these products but then claim that they had no idea that toxic ingredients where being sneaked into the products.

They allowed it to happen and Kim Anderson just covered it up did not explain why they did not get certified, or at least a believable explanation other than it was too expensive and hard. Then they close the whole business down cause their feeling were hurt but didn’t care too much about the feelings of their distributors.

Also another huge point is Kim Anderson stated that she knew where everything came from and how it was made and from what materials.

As she wrote this in an email


Then after writing something like this, she then is loyal to the manufacturer’s who screwed over their company? Does that make any sense?

This sounds like she knew about everything but just decided to hide it. She was sneaking in cheap ingredients and they were slipping by under everybody’s radar and she was able to cash in adding cheap fillers but then selling them at a ridiculously high price calling them Organic.

It looks like they’re using the common strategy of good cop, bad cop as Ava is the good cop and Mama Kim is the bad cop, making up stories that no one can really confirm or deny.

When someone sets up a business with the MLM structure they’re all about making money at all costs and in my opinion could care less if the products have sulfuric acid in them as long as it’s cheap and none of the people they sell to know about it.  They will then just put them in a fancy package with a fancy name and sell them at a premium price.

The Ava Anderson Non Toxic Business They Had Before And The Lies They Said Are Really Starting To Smell Fishy, Just To Recap:

  1. They stated that they’re non toxic company when they were called Ava Anderson Non Toxic but had toxic ingredients in a lot of their products but where not labeled.
  2. They never revealed the supposed manufacturers that messed up and added synthetic materials
  3. They never got Organic Certification and would tell people that they were working on it but never got it and now they’re saying the same thing, they’re working on it but it takes time, well shouldn’t they have done this a while ago?
  4. Kim Anderson stated to everybody that she knew where everything came from and how it was made and from what materials.
  5. Then instead of holding their ground and protecting their distributors that got them to the point their at they instead would rather make them selves look good even if it’s at the cost off all the Ava Anderson reps and distributors getting screwed.
  6. The reason for shutting down an entire company was because Ava Anderson was bullied and they never say by who or what they really said.


This just shows that they’re hiding something and do not want to admit they were wrong, so what do they do…. blame everyone else. They make the distributors who stuck by them and supported them and built them to where they’re today pay the price.

Then just to add insult to injury they just set up another company with different labels with the same products but claim that they’re better.

I would say they have now tried to fool you twice and if that happens, shame on you. They may try harder this time but just like bailing out bankers or cheaters and giving them a second chance is just not a good idea or necessary.

They have already had one problem with the new company Pure Haven Essentials. They were sending out a shave cream in a starter kit that was contaminated with a bacteria. They did a recall of that particular product.

They made the mistake again but the customer or distributors had to wait weeks to get a replacement, not even a refund. They offered nothing like a free shave cream on them, nope just a replacement. This replacement will take several weeks to get and you have to personally fill out a form to get it, you can’t just call in.

They know by making it annoying and doing it this way many will not even fill out the form and they will not have to replace all of them.



This is now another example of Pure Haven Essentials trying to ship out products quickly to make money and not focusing on what their supposed mission was, making quality non Toxic Organic products. They seem to not be testing the products they send out as Kim seems to really live by the saying “it’s harder to ask for permission than forgiveness.”

If they want to be legit and charge the prices they do, they need to make sure they’re running stability testing of finished cosmetic products.

Want Some More Proof They’re Up To something Fishy

Pure Haven Essentials Complaints and How To Report A Website To The FDA

Pure Haven Essentials Ignoring FDA warning

Pure Haven Essential Oils using Synthetic Ingredients

Here they’re again dong the same thing as with Ava Anderson Non Toxic and received a FDA warning letter and continue to put the same junk into Pure Haven Essentials. Ava Anderson Non Toxic is the pig and Pure Haven essentials is the lipstick and you know what they say about putting lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

Pure Haven Essentials LLC lists Kim Anderson as manager the same woman who decided to close down Ava Anderson Non Toxic just to set up the exactly same company under her name after saying she claimed that she is walking away.

Kim Anderson already announced a few months ago that Ava Anderson Non Toxic was going to be closed down and her and Ava were severing ties to the business. So now even their exit seems like just another lie as they did not sever any ties, they just tried to pull yet another fast one on you.

They just did this to set up another company for legal reasons to cover their ass. This new company sells the same stuff and does the same thing do you really thing Ava was bullied or something that they may not be telling us. They switched to a different name to avoid all the questions that came with that business. 

What Is Pure Haven Essentials A Scam Or Just A Poor Misunderstood Company? Yet Again Just Another Name For The Same Old High Priced Pyramid Scheme?

  So What Is Pure Haven Essentials a scam? Well in my opinion I would say YES. This company has had it’s chance, they made their millions, then they lied to their customers and never gave any explanation, then just shut down the company because their feeling were hurt. Just imagine what they would do if they had a real problem in the future with pure haven essentials.

Even if they were transparent and told their customers the truth the fact that they’re still based on a MLM structure and the prices are sky high makes them a scam even without all the other things they did. 

I understand that these products may be neat and have some good ingredients in them but at their astronomically high prices who on earth wants to buy them? when you can get the same type of products with the same ingredients or better for much cheaper price as well as more convenient to get what is the Pure Haven Essentials Advantage?

Due to all the complexities of the situation many questions are still left unanswered. Add in the fact that Kim or Ava Anderson don’t seem to be willing to truthfully explain what happened and continue to stick by their story of basically saying “someone else did it.”


Sure these products are all right but with the behavior of the owners and the accidents they have already had are not excusable. They really take no fault for any of it, are you ready to trust this company again?

I definitely would not buy into this but if you feel you can sell overpriced products that are no better than the ones you can find in the organic section of many stores for much cheaper than go ahead and try it.

If you actually make money and not have this company tank for good stealing your hard work and downline then you will want to look for a better option, preferably one that is not an MLM.

So now according to Kim Anderson they were leaving the business basically because they couldn’t handle the truth, not due to bullying. I still have not seen one good example of how little miss millionaire at 16 was supposedly bullied.

Man, every time I write a review about these products I get called all sorts of names by the distributors. Many other reviewers including myself get cyber bullied all the time, does that mean we should all blame someone else, shut down our blogs.

Then have our mommies take over while we go have a good cry hugging our favorite stuffed animal… absolutely not. Believe me I get cyber bullied on a daily basis but it’s just so hard to take offense anymore. 


This company seems to want to get a Mulligan with their organic business but can you trust a leader that doesn’t explain what happened?

Can you trust someone who passes the buck and then when things get too tough they jump-ship? Can you trust someone who just switches names making it hard for the distributors & customers and easy for them to get off the hook. After they have done this before what is stopping them from doing it again.

I think their mission statement at Pure Haven Essential is definitely “fool me one shame on YOU, fool you twice shame on “YOU AGAIN.”

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