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What Is Lewis Howes School Of Greatness A Scam Or The Real Deal To Get On The Right Track?

    Ok so you may be wondering who is Lewis Howes?


    You may also be searching for what Lewis Howes is all about and is The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes a scam? 

    I will cover a little bit about this course and talk a bit about my opinion and what this course can do for you.

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    What Is Lewis Howes All About, Is This A Real Way To Learn How To Build A Online Business? 


    Ok So Lewis Howes is an ex-professional football player that could no longer follow his passion of playing due to a wrist injury. He then transitioned from being an injured football player to multi-millionaire business owner.

    So what lewis is trying to do with his podcast and his School Of Greatness is to teach others basically how to get that vision again. 

    Become successful even if “somebody moved your cheese.”


    Lewis is mainly trying to get people to internalize that If you put your mind and the right attitude towards a goals you can do anything.

    I know that this sounds like “airy fairy stuff” sometimes but this is really important to learn and learn well. Time and time again in your life things will not be the way you want.

    Then when life hands you lemons you can either let it eat you up or you can adapt and make lemon-aid. It truly is all in the way you look at things and how you respond.  Succeeding in business is much more mental than anything else.

     Why His Products Might Actually Help You Succeed Finding Your Dream Life!

    So is Lewis Howes A Scam? No… This is one of the good ones out there.

    I’m sure they’re will always be someone that disagrees with him but he is legit and can help many people “stuck in one of lifes many ruts.” For easy comparison he is like Tony Robbins but with a smaller tighter focus on a smaller group of people. Geared but not limited to building an online business.

    His website has many good free resources like his podcast. He shows that he has a real course that is free from fillers and fluff and gets to the point.

    Not only does he have his podcast but also has his You Tube channel that shows many inspirational videos to get you more focused and getting more into the mindset What_is_lewis_howes_about_school_of_greatness_closed_enrollmentthat you need to succeed in your business and in life in general.

    So I think all the free stuff is great so I tried to sign up for The School Of Greatness and see what it was all about… but it is closed now until the class that is now in session is over with, which is 8 weeks. 

    They Also have another course Profitable Online Courses that is closed at the time of reading this as well. He seems to really want to take care of his customers and focus on who he is helping now which is a really good sign of a solid program. 


    So Lewis is trying to keep a focused group of people and make them successful which is very commendable.

    I’m on the waiting list to see what he offer and see how much the school of greatness costs.

    I have heard that the Legacy course that he has is $2,000 dollars.

    Now this guys seems to really give great value for free.

    If he does a course for $2000 it will probably be jam-packed with information that can make you way more than the price of the course.

    The only problem I had with the whole thing is you can’t access very much or see whats inside.

    They do give you an email of what kinds of things that they cover.

    He mainly just does live events which can be pricey. It’s hard for most to have the time and money to do them. 

    Says that people are always emailing him asking for business and life advice. He talks about how he likes to do things differently and created an inner circle type community to really help boost thee people’s attitudes and life.

    So he gets these groups of like-minded entrepreneurs and facilitates them in collaborating with each other. This also allows you access to Lewis in group coaching calls.

    The School Of Greatness covers:

    The Foundation Of Greatness:

    This is the first week and is focused on changing your day-to-day life to increase positivity, awareness and productivity. This goes into “getting you started on the right foot.” This also goes into examining your daily habits and routines and trimming the fat.  Then getting rid of all the things that are not serving you.

    Clear Vision:

    He covers one of the hardest things to do which is sitting down and asking yourself what you really want to do or what things you’re wanting from your career, relationships and life.

    This part is said to force you to check these areas and create a clear vision for your life. This comes with focused exercises to help find clarity and figuring out what success really means to you.

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    Goal Setting & Strategy:

    Once you have your clear vision then it’s time to set the goal to actually achieve that vision.


    Now once you have your habits, vision and goals all set up its time to reconfigure the way you get work done. This will set you up to do work with optimal efficiency. This is to get the most out of every single day and work on time management.


    This covers how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. This helps you dig into all the relationships in your life and learn what is serving you and what is not. This teaches you to build relationships that help you manage your weaknesses.

    Health Optimization:

    Living a fulfilling life with a successful business is nothing if you don’t have your health. So this covers how to get yourself in a peak condition where it is easy to succeed and not being dragged down with health issues.

    Money Mindset Mastering:

    This part will cover getting finally in control of your finances. He is going to be walking you through steps to figuring where you’re at financially and what you NEED to make vs what you WANT to make.

    Income Boosting:

    He shows you that anyone with the right mindset can make money doing what they love. This part helps you identify and start acting on and profiting from your skills that you already have and like to do anyway.

    This is also nice as he goes into showing you how to profit by expanding your social media presence int he online world with social media and how to pitch yourself.

    This is just a glimpse of all the things that Lewis Howes teaches and is the real deal. I’m wanting to get into the school of greatness to give you an update of how this works and if you can get a free trial or if it’s just a one time price.

    Are Lewis Howes Courses A Scam? | My Thoughts On Lewis Howes.

     So when it comes down to it Lewis Howes is definitely not a scam but you must start thinking if you feel its worth the money. I feel it is but I’m still waiting for his School Of Greatness to open enrollment.

    If you wanted you can learn what Lewis Howes teaches on how to become the business man you need to be.  Then you can take everything to the next level and not fail like many do.

    So if you’re waiting to join Lewis Howes program you will probably really get a lot out of My Top Recommendation course as you can try it out for free and stay a free member as long as you like. The nice part is, you can still learn the basics and set up a website, complexity free.

    This course that I talk about with Lewis Howes School Of Greatness would get you so far ahead of the pack that you’ll need binoculars to see your competition.

    If you’re looking for a real chance really consider checking out all Lewis Howes Podcasts and Videos.
    Also Consider Checking Out My #1 Recommendation! Lewis Howes program can significantly add on to My #1 Recommendation can complement each other.
    Once you sign up for a free account I will get into contact with you and you can ask me any further questions.

    If you can even find two better courses that go hand in hand together like these please leave a comment below.

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