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What Is Jordan Essentials Is Overpriced Dead Sea Spa Products Really In Demand?

    What Is Jordan Essentials? | Is Becoming A Jordie A Good Business Idea?



    What Is Jordan Essentials?

    Is Jordan Essentials A Scam Or are these products really worth double, almost triple the price of comparable products.


    Were you thinking of becoming a Jordie?

    Then you really will want to read this first.


    You know what I thought I would never say this about an MLM but if you were going to try one, this is one of the best ones to try.

    I will not put a seal of approval or recommend it or anything but this MLM at least has a pretty good product on their hands.

    The only problem is that it’s set up on the MLM business structure which will make the products cost way too much. Typically they will not be worth selling, as you can still get the same thing or better without having to compromise.

    What Is The Value Of Becoming A Jordan Essentials Bath A Body Consultant?


    What Is Jordan Essentials And What Is Their Real Value?

    This company was started by Nancy Bogart, a stay at home mom.

    Namcy decided to basically make a line of products just like the Dead Sea Spa people… You know the annoying beauty sales people…

    The ones that try to corner you when you pass their kiosk at the mall.

    Jordan is where the dead sea is.  Then essentials is the vitamins that you’re getting from them i’m assuming.

    This whole business was created in Nancy’s kitchen in 1999… where she made a lotion and lotion bars.  Sold them at conventions and trade shows and they became a success.what_is_Jordan_essentials_Nancy_bogart

    Jordan Essentials Started As Country Bunny Bath and Body. Then became Jordan Essentials Bath & Body.

    The value of this company is mainly on the owner as she has had a big role in making the products what they are today.

    You can commonly find the owner supposedly rolling up her sleeves and working hard in the lab herself developing the new formulas.

    This may sound really neat, the problem is she has not developed anything new.

    Yes the magnesium in the lotion is a great idea but nothing new and is way to expensive for what you get.

    You could get better potency and more of it if you just buy it yourself from health stores or online. 

    They make a claim that they’re affordable for every family, yet I notice just their deodorant is $12 dollars a stick.

    When you compare to Toms of Maine the ingredients are very similar based on propylene glycol.

    You can get the same quality of no aluminum deodorant for $5-6 bucks and regular aluminum deodorant for $1-3 dollars.

    They make a good solid product, I can’t really argue about that very much.  I can see they at least use magnesium chloride in their lotions and magnesium is better absorbed through the skin and if the skin is moisturized.

    This lotion supposedly helps not only stop the burn and tingle of the magnesium but also helps it absorb better.

    Well the solution is, you can just buy magnesium chloride topical spray and use coconut oil on your skin before you apply it.

    They also have lifeflo magnesium chloride lotion that is very reasonable and not hard to find. 

    This does the same thing and is way healthier for you. It also has zero additives and synthetic ingredients using just magnesium and coconut oil.

    So are you thinking about becoming a Jordan Essentials Consultant?

    If you’re considering selling this stuff at least see how many comparable products you can get for almost half the price or less much more conveniently. You will realize that this is probably not something that you will want to be pushing. 


     Are There Many Jordan Essentials Complaints Out There?


    The one thing about Jordan essentials that is better than I thought is their magnesium lotion as they at least use magnesium chloride. It’s good to combine magnesium chloride with moisturizer cause magnesium can cause an itchy burning sensation when you are really deficient.

    I have a better and cheaper way to do this

    If you just get topical transdermal magnesium chloride (found here ) that you spray on your skin. Then use coconut oil to moisturize before you spray, you wont get the burning that sometimes comes with magnesium. When you’re really depleted and need magnesium it can mildly burn and itch for a short bit after applying it.

    While I feel there is not value in MLM’s and paying money to buy in and sell grossly overpriced products that are no different from the ones that you can get at any health sections of stores. This MLM is at least one of the better ones out there.

    This one seems very similar to Pink Papaya, they’re not a good deal the prices are way too high and they’re nothing different from many comparable products that cost less with same quality. The only thing they have going for them is at least the product is not completely sub par but it’s still too expensive and you can get products that are identical and better for less money.

    if you’re in to MLM’s and network marketing I have found that trying to talk someone out of that is futile. S if you’re going to go for a network marketing opportunity I would say that Jordan Essentials is one of the best of the worst.

    This is probably one of the best MLM’s that I have seen around as they seem to not have pissed that many people off and they have a decent product. The problem is again they’re an MLM and for that reason alone they have to overpriced their products just to support the up-line in the pyramid.

    There have been some complaints from people like Eco Friendly Mama USA that talks about Greenwashing scams and how Jordan Essentials is one of them. They still add in a bit too many chemicals and toxins to be really considered so healthy and to be priced so expensive. 

    Then when you take all this into consideration you start to think what is the purpose of selling these products or even using them for that matter.

    Thinking of becoming a Jordie??

    Well they claim if you want income and need a girls night out you should sign up for Jordan Essentials and become a rep. The hard part is selling these products. If you give someone more than a day to do some research they will certainly not buy from you.

    If you sell people on the spot and they do research about it later they most likely will not buy again.

    They will not buy again unless of course you sign them up on the opportunity before they can come to their senses.

    Just imagine trying to sell overpriced low quality cheeseburgers, these are definitely not hard to find and if you’re selling a low quality high-priced Cheeseburgers you would be screwed.

    McDonald’s and other fast food places will steal your customers that want cheap low quality hamburgers for a cheap price and you will also lose out the high-end customers that want an expensive but high quality cheeseburger from a fancy restaurant .

    They will either get a cheap low quality cheeseburger for cheap or a high quality cheeseburger for higher price. The majority will not want to pay a high price for a low quality or average quality cheeseburger. 

    Now imagine I tell you to just recruit 40 people a month to sell cheeseburgers.

    Then say if you can get them to succeed, you wont have to.

    Would speak highly of these below average, high-priced cheeseburgers?

    Probably as no matter what you need to sell them.  People you recruited will do the same.

    Others see this and think maybe they’re missing out on something and want to try as well.

    This just keeps creating a cycle where people are willing to lie about their products.

    They say good things when really they start to figure out that they’re just average products for a high price. Unless they’re able to recruit not very many people if any will buy from them. 

    How Much Does This Cost Just to Join In?

    So to become a Jordan Essentials Consultant you will be required to buy a basic consultant starting kit at $25.

    This kit actually will end up costing you $296 dollars but they allow you to only pay $25 and then take out the rest from commissions that you get.

    It barely includes what you really need to succeed and just has a collection of different fragrances and spa party invites,samples,order forms and catalogs. If you make any sales your paid monthly.

    Is Jordan Essentials A Scam? | My Thoughts On  Jordan Essentials

    What is Jordan Essentials? Is It A Scam?

    Due to the fact that you have to sell products for a high price and there is no real USP or unique selling position,  this product becomes commoditized. Really just comes down to who can sell the products for cheaper and Jordan essentials is not the cheapest or really even that close to the cheapest nor is it the best.

    When I say cheapest I don’t mean quality either as I’m comparing these products with others in the health section of most grocery stores. Their deodorant is the same ingredients as brands like Jason and Toms of Maine and other natural health aluminum free deodorants.


    So If Jordan Essentials Products And Business Model Do Not Work To Make Money What Other Options Do You Have?

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