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What Is Grandbux A Scam? The Company That Steals From The Loyal And Trusting Members

Name: Grandbux
Owners: Daddy Grandbux 
Website: what_is_grandbux_a_scam_logo
Price: How Much You Decide To Spend
The Sky’s The Limit  

Overall Rating: SCAM
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What Is Grandbux A Scam? | Is Grandbux Just A Big Clever Scam?


Ok well it looks like we got another tricky, sneaky Paid To Click site called Grandbux. This is just another version of other Paid to click scam sites such as Neobux, Nerdbux, Probux and PTC solution. This is also similar tricks that  Empowr, Fanbox, Traffic Monsoon and Traffic Authority are doing to their members.

These sites are very tricky and clever cause they work at first. Then when you make too much money and want to cash out it doesn’t work anymore. This company understands how to trick people and does it well. 

These sites are just getting people to sign up and then sending rented referrals using software bots, not real people. They then make you feel like it works in the beginning and answer your questions very quickly.

Then when you want to get paid all of a sudden your account is deleted and your banned even though your did not violate their Terms Of Service. Then if you try to contact them they will never reply.

What Is Grandbux A Scam? | Does Grandbux Really Have Any Value? 

There is no real value in this system other than quick, small, temporary gains. This program only pays out to some, mainly just in the beginning. This is to give the illusion that it does work. Then they pick a choose who they pay and do not pay so there is no real value in this.

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What Is Grandbux Exactly?  | If You Spend Good Money Your Rewarded by Being Banned


Typically they will start by not paying the people they owe larger amounts of money to, when they’re in need of money.

They do this in waves as they seem to hold off for a while and let some people make some money and go around saying that it works. Then once they have a good group of loyal members using their system and making larger amounts their accounts are banned all of a sudden.


What Is Grandbux A Scam ? | Ready To Give Your Money To A Rigged Environment And Roll The Dice?


When you’re a new member of Grandbux, they will make you feel like they are legitimate. If you’re an older member who has invested larger amounts of money you will get suspended. This is just the way the model works. 

The jobs that you pay for are done by other members just trying to make money and bots not real eyeballs. They will give you fake traffic by using software bots and is not real.

This is a scan that has gone on for a while. They might seem like they are paying but when they’re in debt they just go through and delete accounts of high earners.

So in the beginning they do pay a little as that is what keeps them from getting floods of negative reviews. Many of the people who lose money were also promoting it aggressively. When the business goes under they typically just cut their losses as they’re embarrassed to admit they were wrong and Schemes like Grandbux knows this.


There has been a few site before this probably with the same owner that ran the site for about a year or so to get people talking about it and get buzz going.

Then after they gained a good amount of people they just shut down and steal everybody’s money. The name of the game seems like when they get enough members they just shut down.

Main Reasons Grandbux may be close to pulling the rug out from under everyone:

#1 Grandbux has been in debt before – At the time they were in debt they got many complaints from members not being paid and getting accounts suspended for no reason. They just took the money from senior members and then they get themselves out of debt at your expense.

#2 They are giving high returns for people investing in referrals – Those that invest in rented referrals are getting high rate of return. They do this because you will talk good about the company if you earn a little money.

They know if you get paid at least once, you will typically continue to use them. These rented referrals are just software bots so they’re not paying anybody on the other end to create real referrals.

They keep stringing you along until you finally trust them enough to make that big investment. Once you make the biggest investment they will then at that time shut down your account.

They will then keep doing this until they can get as much as they can from all the members. Then when they’re at the highest they can get, they just shut down the whole program on everybody.

#3 They have asked for Photo IDs – This is not completely a sign of a scam but with a company like this that has been known for scamming people it is a cause for concern. They do not need to get your ID to withdraw money.

They’re requiring an ID to withdraw now, which makes you think that they may be getting close to completely shutting the system down. Getting a bunch of identities to steal in the process. They can then hire someone to try to hack into accounts and/or steal identities or just sell them off to the highest bidder.

#4 The erase all negative suspicious questions in their fake forum – They have a forum that they obviously moderate and sway in their favor. Worse than that they have been shown to just delete any and all comments in the question area. If anything they will just post fake comments from fake members in their forums saying common questions.


#5 They Move your payout balance into the purchase balance –  They have had many people say that they asked about why they moved their payout balance (money owed to them) to purchase balance (money owed to Grandbux.) Then when they asked a question or complained anywhere they would just cancel your account along with taking your money and not contacting you.

They can just say one of the many reasons they have for not paying you.what_is_grandbux_a_scam_rules_to_not_pay

Why Are There Not More Negative Grandbux Reviews Everywhere?

If you’re having a hard time finding negative reviews, it’s because Granbux like many other high income scams will pay reputation management companies to posts loads of positive reviews.They also get people to backlink them to high PR sites and make fake social profiles etc.

They then are able to push down the real reviews that where negative and push up the artificial positive reviews to the top of the search engines.

This is mainly due to the fact that people complaining will not go through a lot of effort to rank a complaint. Grandbux is willing to pay as much as they have a budget for to bury negative complaints.

Usually it will take a real negative complaint a while to surface organically. If you complain on their forum best believe that you will be getting your account banned also.

When too many negative reviews surface they already have another site built with a different name acting legitimate to get new people. They just shut the old one down when it has the most customers investing money with them. Then they just do the same thing over and over.

If you don’t want to hear it just from me check out these people talking about Grandbux Here


What Is Grandbux A Scam? | My Thoughts On Grandbux  


Is Grandbux a scam, In my opinion YES, a big one. Many of the people it scams have no clue until it’s too late.

Once Granbux gets shut down the owners already have another identical site with a different name and look already build and started.

This is way too shady of a system to really put any serious money into it. If you’re wanting to try this at least do so with caution. Only invest what you’re fine with losing and realize that the money you might make will only be short-term and small amounts.

Typically you will reinvest the money you make and one of those times they will just take your money. You can probably guess it’s when they have the most money from you.


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Madison says December 19, 2017

Currently Grandbux stole 2000 dollars off me. refuses to refund me. I want to start a class action law suit. cause I am far from the only one!

Olivie says March 20, 2017

Brandon, there is a new site call timebucks. no matter how I upload my photo, it sayd NOT APPROVe.

video the same talk.

slideshow (20 one day) always said u read 10 pages money will count but everytime I watch 10 page, said “END OF SLIDESHOW” and NOT COUNT ANY CENT.

wish to know if it’s scam or not. its owner is anthony at timebucks

always said what you hand is not pass.

    Brandon says March 21, 2017

    Hey Olivie,

    I have heard of others having the same problem and when you do everything they ask and nothing happens and you get no response from Anthony then its most definitely a scam. You want to stay away from it for now as it’s still new, so they have things that people may have not seen before and tricks people as they think this is not the ordinary type scam. They will pull the wool over peoples eyes before they figure out whats goinng on as people like me haven’t had time to get word of this scam and expose it yet. I’m going to be looking into this company and putting a review out shortly but just from the first look and what I have already heard, I would stay away from them as at the best they will waste your time at the worst you will lose both lots of money and lots of time.

    Thanks For stopping by,

olivie says March 20, 2017

on this site, email can’t change
it’s already an obvious scam


RS says February 13, 2017

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2)Why PTC Site’s exchange only other PTC site’s add to click other than any reputed companies Add?
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6)Why PTC Sites Can’t Publish their Representatives Contact Person Reference?
above questions kept my eyes open when I took my own practical Innovation on more than 30 PTC Sites continuously one month. than I quit thank god

Chrissie Spurgeon says April 17, 2016

Hi Brandon
I have never come across Grandbux before, and from what you are saying I have been very lucky not to do so!
This type of scam really does sound horrific, and you are doing a great job spreading the message about them.
Everyone should visit your very informative site!
There are far, far too many scams out there leaching money from gullible people, and the more true information we can get out to them, the better.
Many thanks
Chrissie 🙂

RuthM says April 17, 2016

That is absolutely atrocious that something like this is able to exist. We need some internet police I swear for all of the online fraudsters out there!

It’s great that there is someone like you out there to people not fall into a trap like this.

Do you have personal experience of this massive scam!?

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