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Is Empowr A Scam? The Company That Will Make You Pay For Using Their Free Account!



 (Updated Jan 2018) 

The company Empowr is just another name for not so empowering.

This is not to be confused with the Empower Network which is an MLM network marketing business.

Empowr is more of a (PTC) or paid to click website for fabricated social proof. This is not necessarily a bad thing but the way they run this company is.

I’m sure if you have done any research on this scheme you most of the time ran into positive Empowr reviews.

You will find many people promoting this program as they want you to think that it’s legit and go through their link to sign up.

There is nothing wrong necessarily with suggesting a link as that is affiliate marketing but when you promote a scam that is where things start going wrong. 

Members of the Empowr community are rarely making money unless they’re friends with the owner or paid to promote it. 


 Is Empowr A Scam ?    

 This is made by the same person who made  Fanbox. The owner Michael Pousti and Brandie Williams have run scams for a while now. This program reminds me of Traffic Monsoon and Traffic Authority.

This site is made to look like yet again another startup when really it’s the same company that has scammed people under the radar for years.

This business started as
then changed to Fanbox
then changed to Project uplift
and now it’s called Empowr
Well, at least for now. Until something else goes wrong or they get too many pissed off customers and employees.

Empowr is just the newest name for the same old scam. 

You should really take a look at what ol Mr. Pousti has been up to. If you look into all of his companies and the complaints you start to realize that this is just nothing more than a clever and well crafted scam.

This scam just keeps changing its name when things get bad and keeps on a chugging along with the same trick.

What Is Empowr Exactly?

Well it’s supposed to be an environment where you can share other people’s posts, pictures and other social media signal tasks. 

You can supposedly earn points to get social shares from others. This is a neat idea BUT there is a HUGE problem…

They don’t intend to really get shares to your social profiles and they don’t intend to pay you.

They use the sneaky trick of the (IPL) or the “I’ll Pay later” function to get people to think they have earned a lot of money, that I will discuss more further down in this article.

Then when they use that money to promote and pay later they will have to pay money to get it out and is typically much more than the money you actually earn.

If you do happen to get a little chunk of money say $40 bucks, you can try to cash it out and they will first tell you to wait until it matures in 90 days.

Then they will just leave it pending in your account and not pay you. Then when you ask them why, they can give you a multitude of different excuses…

This is why they’re system is so confusing.

So Empowr is mainly just the same thing as Fanbox with a facelift and a coat of lipstick.

It just has a newer interface and name, some extra features like a guage that gets you excited to try to get it to go into the green and promote more.


So really empowr is up to the same ol tricks but wants you to focus on it’s neat appearance and forget about all that scamming they did before.

There is some confusing videos making it look effortless when really it’s built to be confusing and misleading.

  Empowr Review Just Another Name For The Same Scheme

The funny thing about this program is they make you feel that it’s connected to Facebook when really it is just a group of people on Empowr.

This means that everybody that sees and shares your posts are just Fanbox members and they’re rarely buyers or real people looking for your content.

This is to promote your link but many of the people are just promoting it inside of Empowr making Empowr bigger but doing nothing for your link.

This is a huge hamster wheel for marketers to get stuck in trying to get that money in their account, while also getting shares on their profiles.

Many think they are getting value when really it is all a clever trick to get the community to look active and make people build up their accounts.

When members of Empowr want to get paid they need to pay money, they will not tell you in the beginning.

They will make it seem small but when you figure out this program is doing nothing but shaving little bits of money from people little by little.

You realize that you have wasted months if not years getting scammed slowly.

Empowr The Owner To Make Millions While You Get Shafted

So like I have said earlier this company has done the same thing for years but just keeps switching their name to avoid people catching on to quickly.

This is why when you search around you will not see a lot of negative reviews about Empowr like you will with Fanbox, cause it was around for a while and Empowr was just recently set up.

Many people will not figure out this is a scam until they have invested loads of time. They will start to notice by then that they have made nothing and many will just either forget or move on without telling anybody.

The people who do talk bad about the program focus on out ranking you with fake positive reviews.

They’re consistently not paying people, even when you earn enough to get a payout.

Supposedly they will pay you out in 90 days after doing a bunch of tasks on social media.

What’s the catch?

Once that 90 days comes around they figure out a way to take that money or if you want it they charge you more than it’s worth.

They say you have money in your account for doing nothing, so you think it’s awesome but you have to cross the threshold first and then you have to pay to get your money out and it usually costs more than the money you will be getting paid.




When they tell you they will pay you, there is a big problem. They use something called IPL which is “I’ll PAY Later” which is a fake credit loan.

They put this fake credit in your account and auto activate it without your knowledge.

There are then people who use these credits thinking that they earned them and are free.

These credits don’t even get the traffic you were promised and you first have to pay back your IPL account.

Nothing Like Paying To Get Free Money

They make it look like a higher amount like $50 dollars but then put you owe from using “I’ll pay you later” feature, $48 bucks. 

Most of the time people will not notice and they think that they’re paying a fee to get $50 dollars when really they pay a fee to get $2 dollars.

Then you also wont get the money most of the time if not 100% of the time. I’m assuming that they pay some or they would have everybody screaming scam instantly.

Since they make you wait so long and then mix in a bunch of payment stipulations, it’s hard for anybody to prove that they own them as they will just say that you did something wrong. 

They can and will get away with it so take extreme caution.

Lets say you boosted some stuff with your IPL fund where you can use your credit money to boost some things but then they charge you.

You then made $53.00 boosting but to get to that point you had to use $51.00 from IPL.

They will charge you $1 for activation which you don’t even want or authorize.

Then lets say you supposedly have around $2 bucks for cash out but remember you have to wait 90 days for that to mature.

After the 90 days most likely you wont get paid. If they do you typically have to pay more than you actually are earning, to get it out as the amounts are so small.

It will show you have big amounts like $2k-$5k+ in your account this is what hooks people when they watch affiliates promote this scam.

 You really don’t even have access to this money. It’s just there to get you excited and make you feel like it works.

When you request to “cash out,” you will not get it. It will just sit there, pending and there will be many excuses. They put it in the fine print of their terms of service.


Here is a video of someone showing how Empowr won’t pay up.

Remember they did this with Fanbox also here is another video of someone showing how Fanbox ripped them off as well. What makes the Empowr Scam any different, as they are the same owners.



This is the same owner Micheal Pousti and his company is not something you want to work with, as they’re not even willing to pay their employees.

They do the same thing with affiliates that promote it.

Below is a video of his former company Fanbox which is the same thing as Empowr, lying to their employees and not paying them fully.

Now after just seeing the three videos above do you still think it’s not a scam if so be my guest and try it out.

Please come back here if they scam you and let everybody know this is bogus. 

Unscrupulous marketers will try to get you to sign up for this to make money from referring people.

This is the only way to really make any money from this. This is the only reason you will see good things written about this rigged system.


The Revolving Doors Of The Empowr Scam

They want you to stay and work as long as you can and keep sharing and posting as that keeps the business going. They will keep making promises that they will not deliver on until finally you figure it out. 

When you do they’re recruiting 10 more people. They never really care until lots of people start figuring things out and they have to switch their name again.

They’re many people who promote this and say how they have a large balance or they try to show the balance they have on the top of the screen when really that balance means nothing.

Later all these people will figure out this is a scam but usually only after a good amount of time promoting it.

Then Empowr just gets new people everyday that take the spots of people who figure out it’s a scam.

All it does is pay for boosting your website and don’t even do that. So you’re really just paying for people to do social promotion work that you wont really even get real traffic or rankings boost from.  

You will have to pay fees back which typically equal you getting screwed and the owners being able to “nickel-and-dime” everyone to make money.

They will always say that your account or money hasn’t matured which is BS how long does it take for money that you supposedly earned to mature…What needs to mature for 90 days?

The minute that too many people start complaining and writing how it’s a scam, the owner will be already changing names and starting a new company with a different look and name.

 My Thoughts On Empowr   

Is Empowr A Scam?  In my opinion I believe so…  Some of the people at the top might actually be planted there.

There may be a few other friends of the owners at the top maybe are making some money but I doubt anybody that just signs up for this is really doing good with this program.

They give you that IPL money so that you will use it to boost posts and blogs. This will be used to make fake money that will just create an excuse for them to charge a fee to withdrawal earnings.

You will have to pay back the IPL fund that you never asked for in the first place and then they add a fee to get the money.

Once you pay to get the money the payment will be in pending and they will just not pay you.

Pretty tricky.

This allows the owner to get people to build a free community and shave money from everyone wanting to cash out their fake earnings.

People that promote this scam will tell you it works to get money from referring you but they know that it doesn’t work.

They’re just trying to make money from referring you.

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betsy beckley says July 2, 2017

i joined when a friend sent me a link, i don’t do anything on there any more when i could’t cash out, i checked today for the first time in a year, of not doing anything i am over 1,800 and have 1,303.44 available for cash out, yea right! i contacted my “coach” and she said oh the reason you can’t cash out you don’t have any funds that are matured yet, i told her she better go back and read because after 90 days you can cash out they are matured and it has been a year and according to what i have $1,303.46 is available to me today! and that if i do not get it today i will be putting all the reviews on all the social media today! thank you for your good work, keep it up and i did copy and pasted all this to her that you were talkig about, only thing i wish i could have sent the videos! again thank you , hopefully i will find a real method out there to make money!

    Brandon says July 2, 2017

    Hey Betsy,

    i’m sorry to hear about this, this is sadly what typically happens in the beginning when trying to make money online. Just know that this is the point that your growing and learning. Now when you see something that is sounding like or similar to empowr you can steer clear. There is methods out there still and if you would like something that is all in one and you can grow a real online business… then I would suggest that you try out My top recommendation CLICKING HERE. This can and will allow you to get trained, research, build and market any online business and learn to make real full time money… You can also ask me for help after you get a free account (no credit card needed) signup… it has complete beginner free training to walk you through. This is one of the real programs out there that can help to teach you what you need to know.

    Thanks for stopping by,

Bob Poster says June 27, 2017

Hello All,

I am Bob Poster and have been at empowr for 4 years now. I have cash out month for long time now and I use my balance in the marketplace. At one point I was spending $3000 a month in the marketplace and not 1 dime of that came out of my pocket.
I can provide payment proofs if you was I was just paid $865 into my PayPal today. You can use the platform for free. I have someone do it and could have had a cash out but spent it in the marketplace. That was their choice though. They use their account like Facebook. They are one power user level away from becoming red star where they can pay 100% of the fees from their balance.
I prefer to cash out as well as use the marketplace but I am the highest power user level. You just need to learn the system.

Austin Grady says June 25, 2017

I’m only speaking for myself and my own experience. I came to empowr last August looking for a way to make some extra money. I watched all the videos and asked my Success Coach questions. I decided to go for it and followed the rules. There are these monthly fees that you need to pay if you want to advance quickly. I paid the fees every month and just followed the instructions my coach gave me. In December I got a cashout that was more than the total amount that I paid in fees from the time I started. After December I got cash every month. It’s not a scam but you did need to work it.

Promise Worgwu says April 10, 2017

How can I get my Paypal account out of the control the control of monthly deduction from Empowr? Can some body help me out? Empowr have been drawing money out of my account on monthly basis and all they claim I am getting is not been credited into my account. What is really happening? Is all these a big scam I have found myself into? Can somebody help me out?

    ellen says June 25, 2017

    Hello Promise,

    I had the same experience as you have. I was really upset about it even though it weren’t big amounts. I wrote to the empowr support and they told me to contact my success coach, which I did. He explained to me how to check my settings and how I could remove my PayPal. I now have my settings in such a way that my PayPal isn’t charged. I learned a lot from you coach and I am very happy now in empowr. It is fun and I have even been able to cash out and got all that I invested so far back.

Nino says March 21, 2017

I´ll tell my real story…I received an email from Empowr in which I was awarded a prize of 700,000 USD.
I was told that I had to pay the package shipping fees with the documents for the collection. Obviously, I have paid nothing and I have replied that they give me clear proof that these documents exist and are legal. I am waiting…

Dave says February 20, 2017

Scam all the way.I asked for a refund because I did not get the items purchased with my credit card and I could not get my real money back online. I contacted my credit card company who gave me their phone number. 1-877-978-1761. They are based in California so report them to the state authorities. Anyway, when they realized I would not try their fake solutions to get my money back online they relented and told me I could get a refund but they would close my account. (and steal the $1000+I had in my account. So much for democratic free speech.
They are thieves.

Adrian Edwards says February 19, 2017

Hi All,
I have an account with Empowr, how I got it I will never know because I never signed up for it. All I saw was an email one day saying I had $20 in my account I clicked the link and went to my page on Empowr. I cannot see how this website can be legit there has to be a catch, I’ve only been with them for a couple of months at most, and so I have been half heartedly playing along. They send three or four emails daily and bizarrely my account gets bigger by the day, I will sometimes click the link in the email and go to the website and just post any old rubbish, and like the odd person. Up to now today I have $660 approximately in my account, they ask me about once a week to secure my account by providing them with my Paypal account or Credit card, if they think I’m handing those over, as long as I have a hole in my a** they’ll never get it. I cannot see how this website can be legit because I’m not doing anything of any worth there, none of their members do. Who buys that junk in the marketplace I can’t see anyone in their right mind buying stuff there, the photos posted there are mostly stock photos apart from a few. And most of the people there seem weird to me, keep clear I say I’m wise enough not to get drawn in it’s just to good to be true period.
However, I have one small complaint/advice take it as you will there are thousands of websites exposing scams online which is a good thing, the binary options industry alone have thousands exposing scam softwares. They have an endless list of these scam softwares hundreds of them, yet they have one or two that are outstanding and they have links for them on their page. Now that’s bad, expose scams like on here you’re doing a great job but leave the link out, put that somewhere else or you’re giving Empowr and it’s users fuel to fire back like a couple have done above. Both here and are promoting the same product the wealthy affiliate this confuses people and just adds suspicion to probably an innocent act on your behalf, or you’re giving bait to be called scammers yourself. Otherwise great job keep it up.

    Brandon says February 22, 2017

    Hey Adrian,

    I see your point but what people don’t understand is telling someone something is a scam and then giving them no other options sometimes is worse… as people would ask all the time when I had no links, “what do I do now?”

    So I added this program in as it’s completly free to try and even use for life if you want to just use free membership options. This is a way to get back on track and build a foundation. I understand it can be confusing but if anyone tries it they will realize that it’s a much much much better option than Empowr.

    I appriciate your feedback though, and if I didn’t have any costs keeping this site up and it’s didn’t take hours and hours to warn people about this then possibly I would not monitize with a link but really this is how anyone stays in business. The thing that people need to do is not look at it as if there is a link it’s a scam, actually go through the link and see how scammy it really is. When you find that it’s helpful and you follow throuhg with it you will find that it can help and turn a negative experince with Empower into a positive learning experince.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Joyce Kay Espinosa says January 14, 2017

I stepped down from Coaching after what I saw happening to people over and over as well as to myself. I have sold over $31,000 in merchandise over the past 6 months. To date I have received a grand total of $56. May Ram, head of all the coaches, told me that I would/should receive in Jan, the closed and received sales from November totaling $7167. My cash out was $9, which I still haven’t received. As a coach, I saw many others in the same situation. Even other coaches! I never received any money as a coach, even though I was one for 6 weeks. On my team, all of us had only received one cash out or none. I never received Nov, Dec, or Jan cash outs. I put in for the Nov and Dec with my coach in mid Dec and still have received nothing. I also never received the 50% rebate on Ad Platform Fees for being a Platinum user. I heard from many more about how they were charged for things that they never bought and never got refunds for even though the disputes were handled properly. I am putting together a list of people who have lost money on Empowr. If you would like to participate, Please provide the following information:

Your Name
Your Address
total amount of Sales on Empowr (print out your total I’ve Sold pages)
Total cost of those goods sold
total cost of shipping
total fees paid
anything else you think is relevant

Empowr is a California Corporation, and I live in Sacramento, CA, home of the Attorney General of CA. I intend to file a complaint with them and include as many peoples experiences as I can collect. I first want to get as much money back as possible, second to shut them down permanently.

Here is how the scam works: People list items for sale and empowr keeps the money that buyer pay. They multiply the listings so that perhaps 2-6 people buy the same thing. They keep all the money. When people dispute the sales, they are refunded (?) back into their balance which they cannot cash out, even though they may have paid with PayPal or Credit card. So Empowr keeps the sellers money and the buyers who never get their products money. A total scam. One of my clients had her photo up showing that she received $524 in cash out. She never received anything! Some of those from Pakistan, for instance, who it says they received money in Cash out, did not because Pakistan does not have PayPal. Are you with me on this?

You can email me at

Anonymous says January 1, 2017


My name is jakes

I work for them fop quite sometime.

I Loved working with them and i worked very hard to post and close loops.
I though i will work for them for 90 days and see what will happen (are they going to pay me out or not? )
All the time they ask me for a card (WHICH MAKES MY MONEY SAFE ) .and i was wondering WHY? ….I WAS WONDERING

I did not stop there i was just going on posting and closing loops and the money they owe me become more and more .

All the time they were asking for a card AND I

IN this time they ask me to claim my money,(October,November and December.

I gave my card to PayPal and i put a claim in for December.
October and November was pending,

NOW FOR THE SURPRISE…….. they want more than $75 . LUCKILY I HAD NO MONEY IN my PayPal account.

james says December 30, 2016

What do dey need my credit card and PayPal password for

    Brandon says December 31, 2016

    Hey James,

    I’m not sure why they would need any of this I can see credit card but paypal passowrd I would definitly not do that. This is just to scam you, beware… the only people that don’t get scammed a very, very lucky people. ALso if they take money from you without you wanting it do a charge back on them with your credit card company.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

BIG BROTHER says December 22, 2016

Who is write this sh*t?! I working in Empowr for a long time that to make sure that it’s working. It’s not a place. where you click in money button. There are very much conditions, and I didn’t seen any really reasonable bad view. It’s a place, where you working for a LONG TIME on your account, and after this, when you received a certain status you can cash out any profit. There will never be a project where you get the the money immediately, and for a simple job. During all the time that I was working, I did not put a single cent. but I got invaluable experience, as well as profit. Somebody whant to say, that empower is a scam? Kiss my a** 🙂 It’s a project that can give a problems and leison to many people. And here is the sharp povort. The world can not depend on oil. For alternative energy sources have been invented. But they are not used today. I personally know a man who has invented magnetic engine. Yes Yes. This engine, which needs only a small source of electrical energy. Sounds cool? Yes. As long as this does not create problems others. Just imagine how much loss would have lost a lot of companies, if it entered into the international market? You may not believe me, but I am at great risk to make this review public. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews about this system. And I see 2 event outcome of this project: 1 – it will die because of external pressure, or it will be a step forward for the whole world!! 2- it will cath a great piece of global internet. Long live, Empowr. And remember… BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!!!!

    Brandon says December 27, 2016

    Note: “I’m posting this comment with a reply just to let people see how Empowr reps try to sell people and how if they think it’s a scam everybody can kiss your ass. This is either a person who works and is friends with the owner or is extremly stuck in a delutional world.”

    Wow, Not much to say about this but that it makes zero sense to me or anyone reading it. It was like you’re trying to make yourself sound smart rather than try to convey a message where it makes sense. Focus on talking about Empowr and not about magnetic engines, I understand you’re trying to use some sort of parable to explain your story but you gave nothing for anyone to base their opinion on.
    You made no valid points about the validity of Empowr.
    Many people have lost money and have been scammed by Empowr what do you say to them??
    If you haven’t been scammed and make money and are not the owner or owners frineds or someone paid to troll, why do you care so much?

    If you’re supposedly making money and it works just so good then people will still signup… If anything it’s more controversial and more people will sign up if I’m not telling the truth. Your comment makes no sense and this whole big brother is watching crap, and hiding behind anonymous name, is this how you can make yourself feel tough or something?

C Angels says December 7, 2016

I definitely can say I feel that this is a very dishonest company. I cannot count the number of times that there are small withdrawals and refunds that were taken from my PayPal account. It is hard to tell what the actual amount taken or returned is there were so many! And then there would be a sudden withdrawal of $16. Then my credit card was hit several times. Only that was in amounts around $5 or $6, where it was not as noticeable until I had an impression I was being ripped off and looked closer. I immediately did what was necessary to protect my accounts, cancelled cards and all that fun stuff. On top of that, I sold product as well, and shipped it, but the money for those products were “pending”. Which made the shipping come out of my own pocket, and then the profit would not be available to me for over 90 days. That is not clear about auctions. It is for the ‘earnings’ but not auctions. No one can run a business from home when your profit is tied up and you can’t use it for 90 days.

When I left, my account balance was showing close to $1600 and I looked at what was actually going to be paid out verses the credits I was being charged, that I did not know was being charged against my balance. Even though it appeared I was earning $1600, I discovered (from a video I watched) that I should look at the earnings chart and hover over it with my mouse and I can see what the ‘maturing amount is’. And for all the $1600 I would have really only gotten $97, if they actually paid it to me. I was about to train as a Success Coach, which they get payouts sooner and can earn bonuses based on the success of their clients, but then I saw the video where many success coaches are not being paid either, or they are getting such small amounts of money for the work that they are doing. And I knew that I had been taken.

The sad thing is, I met a lot of really nice people. And they were all supportive of the fundraiser that we were doing, but I will never see the money that they sent through blog subscriptions or auctions, and I can’t raise money sending out products and not having access to the funds. Just crazy! I believe in praying for those who use you, so I am praying for them. I hope that they will do the right thing and be honest with those that they are ripping off.

Florence says October 24, 2016

What a lot of nonsense! You made this whole article just so that you can earn money from your affiliation and click through to the wealthy affiliate link at the bottom of your article. Shame on you! Empowr is a BRILLIANT company! and millions (they have over 50 million users) have made money and they even have had one millionaire since they sarted in 2013. From you video one can see that the person documenting has no idea what he is doing or how he is earning.

Empowr gives all of its members “citizens” $1000 up front to start your business – who else does that? They then charge you a tiny fee of 2.9% interest or what they call (ad platform fees) of which if you pay on time you only pay $1.45. Therefore if you use $100 in ad credits you actually pay $1.45 – that is nothing! People are on this platform to buy and sell from each other and hence you may cash-out after 90 days (maturity) there is no problem with this.

    Brandon says October 25, 2016

    Or many people have lost money with Empowr and other businesses they have started like Fanbox. So just because you have made some money doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. Keep believing if you want, but don’t come on here sharing anecdotal advice about how great it is unless you can really show an example of why you feel it’s not a scam… Are you the millioniare that they created? are you employed with Empowr? Are you recruiting for Empowr?
    Also your not understanding that if you buy $100 dollars in ad credits for $1.45 your getting no buying views from other members trying to do the same thing as you. It’s a closed loop so there is no real customers only people like you viewing ads to get credits. So tell me do you really make good full time type income from Empowr?

    Why do you feel you can come here saying that it’s such a good deal for you personally not a sales pitch?

    Thanks For Stopping By,

    Gaby says December 6, 2016

    Empowr or Fanbox is the same site, will take money from your card or your PayPal account for some fee to use a credit that has no value on. You will not win anything, on the contrary you will lose money. If you sell products in market Marketplace, as I did, you will lose everything. Because you will not get the money for what you sell.
    I lost over $ 1000 in sales made and we have not received anything in 5 years time!
    Be careful!

    Jeffrey Storrs says December 22, 2016

    Ignorance is Bliss Florence! But not to be rude, honestly. YOU Do NOT KNOW JACK about empowr if you think

    for one minute no second that they EVER GAVE YOU $1000……… the Agreement all $ becomes or IS NOW Ad Credits!!

    You have never gotten paid from them have you? If so Prove it! When you Sell something ON THIS PLATFORM they steal the earnings or

    Ad Credits $$$$$ from the buyer and give them to the seller no MONEY and then the seller is supposed to PAY OUT of Pocket to Ship a

    Product that The Buyer paid for in imaginery MONEY now caqlled Ad Credits or $ Read the Agreement And there IS A Problem with this

    and that is WHO the hell wants to wait ninety days to get AD CREDITS NOT Money? when will you people get your heads on straight? I have

    been here fourteen years! READ ths article! AGAIN dammit Brandon is ON THE SPOT! Christ if you cannot figure this SCAM out then keep

    sending these two KNOWN SCAMMERS Your money!! Try Breathing Oxygen sometime also!

Victor says October 6, 2016

Thanks for the enlightenment. I was hoping to work hard to make early cashout. I`ll have to leave the account dormant till it’s 90 days and watch what happens. I really appreciate this

    Brandon says October 6, 2016

    Hey Victor,

    No problem, I’m glad it can possible save you from losing money and wastng time with this program.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Luis says September 10, 2016

Hi all apologize for my English, I write by a translator
I am one of the defrauded of Fambox and now EmPowr, after many years selling physical products that I bought and then sent to the different countries where I had been bought, I have found ruined and penniless or products in three long years I have not received absolutely nothing of my products sold, money was mine not EmPowr, an amount of $ 60,000 in total, as it was a very active seller, as there are many and we have tried to us an explanation without getting absolutely cambiao nothing. Callers SC give us long and long saying that the market will change, but not about the market change, if not we will pay thousands of $ to us due to a large group of vendors that we believed in this and we have been deceived and completely ruined. I have not found a toehold where I can claim my money, so I want to make my testimony, I have my sales catch many large amounts of money as the products sold were expensive. If anyone here gives me an idea of ​​where to claim I and many others like me would appreciate. a greeting

    Gaby says December 6, 2016

    Empowr or Fanbox is the same site, will take money from your card or your PayPal account for some fee to use a credit that has no value on. You will not win anything, on the contrary you will lose money. If you sell products in market Marketplace, as I did, you will lose everything. Because you will not get the money for what you sell.
    I lost over $ 1000 in sales made and we have not received anything in 5 years time!
    Be careful!

Sunny Lim says September 7, 2016

Hey Brandon, Thanks for your enlightening review I was appalled to read your comments but not surprised though I felt somewhat disappointed as I had joined it a couple of days ago. As always, I would do a due deligent search before joining or promoting a program for prudence sake to know it now rather than be sorry later. I see that you had an alternative proposal i.e.
Wealthy Affiliate and I would to ask for your honest opinion on how successful have you been financially with this affiliate program? Like all other programs or hypes out there, if not many, you need to first incur money before making any money verves so-called “Free” gimmick.

    Brandon says September 8, 2016

    Hey Sunny,

    If you’re interested in WA to see if it would be somthing for you I would encourage you to just get a free membership. This allows you to look through the course and build two free websites. I will also get in ontact with you and help you through. I make money and have been succesful with using this system and build this blog on their platform. This is not another program where you need to buy more upsells to make it work. You can make it work for free and make it work better for the premium membership and thats it. Check this article out and click on any of the links and I will get intouch with you after you sign up for the free membership with name and email…. I will be able to see you and will instantly message you. Then when you see that message just say you are Sunny from my comments on MMOSE blog and I will show you around and explain a little more. This can be done for free as well as premium the choice is yours after you sign up no forced continiuty or credit card. This program works great and has been working better than anything I have tried in the past and you can do it for free so you really have nothing to lose.

    I Hope This Helps

      Sunny Lim says September 8, 2016

      Hi Bradon,

      That sounds great if what you said are true. I will give it a try to see how it goes.
      Sunny Lim

      Gaby says December 6, 2016

      Empowr or Fanbox is the same site, will take money from your card or your PayPal account for some fee to use a credit that has no value on. You will not win anything, on the contrary you will lose money. If you sell products in market Marketplace, as I did, you will lose everything. Because you will not get the money for what you sell.
      I lost over $ 1000 in sales made and we have not received anything in 5 years time!
      Be careful!

      Anonymous says May 29, 2017

      please link me up on the one that is working

Someone who knows the truth says August 8, 2016

Hi Brandon

I have been a member on empowr for many! years and i have a lot of juicy information about them, even some stuff you do not know and might shock you

before i leave my incredible story about just how much of a scam, i mean, fanbo… i mean Empowr is i need to talk to you first before i submit my enlightening review about the crooks that run Empowr.

Mine says August 3, 2016

Well Done Brandon !!. When I get emails I always check the business out on google and do my research. I was invited to join by someone I have never heard off and it went to my work email. I am a woman of later years and I consider myself to be quite intelligent and know, like most people, that you don’t get anything for nothing and unfortunately these scammers and others alike play on the emotions and financial hardships of people.

Krispy says July 26, 2016

I’ve been browsing through all these reviews. I have to say that Brandon did his homework and all that he mentioned is nothing but the truth.
I just started my last 30 days today so I’ll just wait and see what actually goes down once my so called “90 days maturation” is completed. I’ll come back and state whether it’s a scam or not

Ronnie says July 22, 2016

I joined and will straight away delete my account. Its true this very company changed names only.
If one is keen, they will realize that certain links take you to FanBox.

Am off this scam.

Bob Poster says July 12, 2016

Wow let me guess bitcoin was a scam as well as Amazon and PayPal. I have been with empowr for over 3 years now. It was never called Project Uplift. For someone who says it is a scam aren’t you promoting your links. Isn’t that the sign of a scammer? Put down someone or something else to promote your links or sites.

    Brandon says July 13, 2016

    Bob Seriously, Your comparing Empowr to Bitcoin and Amazon? No Bitcoin and Amazon are not a scam never thought they were.

    If you don’t know it has been many names they’re not going to tell you that, they don’t want you to know.

    Just because I promote a better opportunity does not mean that Empowr is not a scam… You see I find a scam first and then once I see it’s a scam I offer a better opportunity. What I promote is complelty free to try and be a starter member and does not steal your money or time later. As you can see I’m not saying Bitcoin and Amazon suck just to say “try my links,” I’m saying it’s a scam because it’s a scam and then offering a better option.

    Also you don’t have to try it but the people who do are much happier so I have a clear concience doing it… I’m not sure everyone in Empowr can say the same thing.

John says July 7, 2016

You’re a complete fool to have anything to do with this total SCAM! I unsubscribed after catching on to their bullshit about cashing out $300 and some dollars. Oh, of course, they wanted my credit card or paypal account in so doing…WRONG ANSWER….ASSHOLES!

They keep sending me their bullshit e-mails violating the NO-CAN SPAM ACT…pieces of royal shit!!!

I did homework on the owner (a real piece of shit, thieving, con-artist from the get go) !

Their’s more lawsuits on his ass than Jimmy Carter has liver pills.

In closing, if you’re stupid enough to fall for this FUCKING SCAM then YOU deserve to lose your ass.

A nation of wolves soon begets a nation of sheep…ba ba ba!!!

Frank says June 22, 2016

It s fake. I did this empowr o more than 90 days. Can’t cash out. They drained my account. Sorry empowr is a scam..( drop the mic)

    Brandon says June 22, 2016

    Thanks for sharing how Empowr was a scam for you and how they still didn’t pay after 90 days. This helps validate that this is truly a rip off. This will really help others to stay away.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Joe says May 25, 2016

I have seen the empowr scam pop up so many times in my newsfeed and social media accounts that I almost decided to join it one day. Your post is exactly as it should be and it speaks the truth about their business and the way the practice. it seems like something that would be such a great idea but it’s not

    Brandon says May 25, 2016

    Hey Joe,

    I appreciate the positive feedback. Yeah I still wonder if the majority of people making money are using black and grey hat methods. It’s really suprising how many people will still join and not find out until they wasted time and money.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Terry says April 17, 2016

There seems to be alot of websites dealing with how to spot scams and starting online businesses. What ideas did you use to set yours apart? I would imagine you get alot of traffic because alot of people are researching starting businesses online to make extra income. Overall a good and informative website.

empowr PR says April 15, 2016

Dear Brandon,

Thank you for your assessment of empowr. We always appreciate any citizen feedback on our platform and your article was particularly thorough and well written.

It’s clear that you have made an effort to understand how empowr works, which is evident by your detailed description of empowr’s advertising platform that allows its citizens to begin earning right away, without paying for ads upfront like other social media platforms require.
To add, your understanding of the 90-day maturation process of earnings on empowr was particularly impressive and we commend you for doing this level of research.
With that in mind, please allow me to suggest a few points to make sure you and other empowr citizens are taking the most advantage of all the features that empowr offers:

1) You have full control over your Ad Credit utilization (again, which you referred to as IPL)
Depending on your needs and wishes, you can lower your Ad Credit utilization below 100% and even turn it off completely. This means that you are never consuming Ad Credits that you don’t see the value in consuming – you are in complete control.

2 You are not obligated to pay for anything out of pocket
By utilizing Ad Credits and Power User Subscriptions, you have the ability to accelerate the growth of your fan base, views and earnings without spending anything upfront. You can then choose to pay a small fee on a monthly basis for each service (which rewards you with a 50% rebate on the overall fee), or you can choose to not pay anything at all until you are ready to cash out.

If you do choose to pay for any services on empowr and are not satisfied with what you receive, empowr also offers an automated refund process at, or citizens can simply delete their account at any time and owe nothing to the platform. Once again – citizens of empowr are in complete control.

3) You can pay up to 100% of your Ad Platform fees with your empowr earnings
As you move up the Power Levels, not only do you earn more from your activities, but you also can spend a larger portion (up to 100%) of those earnings towards paying any Ad Platform fees you might owe.

While we can find no evidence that you have an active account on empowr; as evidenced from the volume of research that you conducted that, we are confident that you would have come across the platform page describing the many benefits of advancing through the Power Levels located here, where you no doubt discovered that, with judicious use of the platform, 100% of your Ad Platform Fees could be paid with your empowr earnings.

While we agree that there are components of the empowr platform that can be challenging to new citizens to understand quickly, we appreciate that you have taken the time to voice your experiences so far in this posting. It is exactly these sorts of reviews that guide us in improving our platform.

As you stated in your article, there are many reviews online from other citizens of the empowr platform who have successfully learned how to earn, profit and cash-out. We hope that by engaging in dialogue like this with citizens who may be more challenged by the platform’s functions, we can clarify some of the obstacles that keep some citizens from enjoying the empowr platform to its fullest.

To that effect, please know that if you ever need help with your account, you (and all empowr citizens) have a free personal Success Coach to answer your questions 24/7:
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have a constructive dialogue with you about how empowr works, and we wish you all the best.

    Brandon says April 17, 2016

    To Empowr, Who is writing this?? is this a web reputation management company or someone who actually works at Empowr? Please state your name and title at Empowr???

    What do you do at sorry Project uplift sorry I mean Fanboxno wait sorry I mean Empowr? Whoever I’m speaking to, are you aware of how many times this company has changed their name?

    Is this company still ran by Michael Pousti? Why did you guys change your name from Fanbox when they’re basically identical? You seem confused with me calling it IPL but if you worked at Empowr for very long you would know that this was what Fanbox did and now it’s referred to as Ad Credit utilization. Do you guys charge fees to pull your money out? How much?

    Thanks For Stopping By,

    P.S. ATTN: Readers

    I posted this comment from Empowrs Web Reputation management team so everybody can read this and reply to this, if they lose money in this program.

    If they don’t do what they say they will leave a reply to this comment. I will make sure there is not fake positive comments coming through from this web reputation management team. This is not something that will scam you right in the beginning they’re smart and apparently have a good web reputation management team also.

    Anonymous says July 8, 2016

    you take only fees and money and never send cash out !! you are a big crook

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