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What Is Earn Every 30 Minutes A Scam Or Is This Revenue Share Program Different From The Rest?

    Name: Earn Every 30 Minuteswhat_is_earn_every_30_minutes_logo
    Owner: Connor Leman Investment Limited
    Price:   free-$199+ Depending also on how much you want to reinvest later
    Overall Rating: Borderline Scam
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    What Is Earn Every 30 Minutes A Scam Oe Legit Way To Earn? 

    So what is Earn Every 30 Minutes? Is this safe to try or will they steal your money? Is Earn Every 30 Minutes Just A Scam? I will be answering these questions below.
    So this is a revenue sharing site that you can earn money by doing some sort of task.

    The revenue sharing company will invite people to creat content for their site in exchange for a share of its ad revenue.

    This can give the content creators a chance at making money just from a single piece of content.

    This revenue sharing will involve you to mainly click on ads and recruit new people to the program.


    What Is The Value Of  Earn Every 30 Minutes?


    Who is it for:  This is supposed to be for people looking to make money online by participating in revenue sharing  from advertising.

    So they have things called ad packs which is advertising that you can buy to take part in this revenue sharing program. So they essentially are using advertising as their product. This program entices you with little work and the ability to make easy money so you will take the risk.

    There are two ways to earn.

    #1 Revenue Sharing
    #2 Recruiting

    Recruiting is the reason there is so many people always promoting them, not necessarily (Like Tony The Tiger Says) “because they’re great.”
    So for every person you bring in you can get 10% of their purchases which goes down 7 levels

    Tier 1: 4%
    Tier 2: 2%
    Tier 3: 1%
    Tier 4: 1%
    Tier 5: 1%
    Tier 6: 0.5%
    Tier 7: 0.5%

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    If you get no new members coming into the program your earning will start to slow down so you need to be constantly recruiting.

    They have a points system to get things like Iphones and trips but they’re extremely high and would take you forever to get some of them.
    The system is made specially to get rewards only if the Website grows and you complete daily tasks.


    So looking at these points just imagine how long it would take to get the Iphone or the Holiday Trip To Dubai So you have to get 20 thousand signups to get that trip or 4900 signups just to get an iphone that is alot of work and typically these programs donlt last a long time after a year, so who would realistically hit this? 

    On Registration – 12 points
    On New Referral -100 points
    For every dollar spent – 50 points
    Payment proof on our site – 10 points + $0.10
    Payment proof on other websites – 50 points + $0.20
    View more than 10 ads daily – 20 points
    Invitation referral & registration & activity – 100 points
    Promoting your referral link – 0.01 points / visitor


    What Is Earn Every 30 Minutes? | Why The Earn Every 30 Minutes System Is Just Another Name For The Same Old Rev Share Scheme

    So you can make money with the free membership but if you want to take it seriously you will have to upgrade.

    They have 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute earnings that allow you different privileges. So for example the 15 minute earner earns every 15 minutes and not every 60 minutes like the 60 minute earners. The 15 minute earners also earn 50% more than a 60 minute user. Also your earnings and daily max cap increase.

    The standard 60 min plan is free, While the top Business 15 minute plan is $199


    The Problem With Rev Share programs Like money every 30 minutes

    So the main problem that many people who join reve share programs face is whether they should reinvest or cash out and quit while your ahead. This is the slippery slope with rev share as if they have been around for a while they could be paying out good but they could also be close to shutting down.
    Then if you decide to repurchase the next question is how long should you repurchase. There really is not a logical answer as these programs are all hit and miss. Some disappear and some stay around for a while and for a while I’m only talking a year or so.

    If you join a relatively new Revshare program you could repurchase for a month or two consistently. If the age is over a year and paying at least 1% or more you want to try to get your first investment back as soon as possible.

    This is why revenue share is so difficult as your really gambling and your banking on something continuing to do well and it’s up to you and others to make sure it does well. Then when you get your cut it can be really small and you helped the owners make a bunch of money from everybody.

    Even Check Out The Terms That Basically State That They Can Screw You With No Consequneces.


    You can make money with these if you connect with someone who has knowledge of these types of programs but that can be hard to find and typically they will just help you enough to help themselves as they’re in a race to get as many people before something happens to it.


    What Is Earn Every 30 Minutes A Scam Or A Quality Program To Make Easy Money? | My Thoughts On Earn Every 30 Minutes 


    So Is Earn Every 30 Minutes A Scam?

    If you’re not ready to gamble your money away with small payouts if you do it correctly then I would recommend you stay away from these types of programs.

    There are many that will tell you that these work and don;t listen to anybody who tells you otherwise and those are typically people just trying to cloud your judgement.

    Also you need to be aware that when a program is paying out there will be many supporters who would say that the program will be here forever and it’s gaining more momentum when really that ould be right before they’re getting ready to shut down. This is similar to what Traffic Monsoon is doing.

    Whatever anyone says if you were going to do one of these which I wouldn’t recommend you should only invest what you can completely afford to lose and not bank on this as a real strategy to get you out of debt or something.

    Also another bad thing is if you want to start doing programs like this you need to invest in more than one to typically be safe. You don’t want to invest all your money into one program.

    Then you have another problem, as if you invest in three and only one makes money you typically just wasted a lot of time to break even and that is not even worst case scenario.

    The only way sometimes to find out if a program is good or not is try it out and find out which one actually looks like it could make realistic money or is just an easy push button money course. The easy push button money usually always leads to a lot of work and little to no money in return.

    So If The  Earn Every 30 Minutes Business Model For Making Money Doesn’t  Work  What Other Options Do You Have?


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