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What Is Doterra Essential Oils Are They As Pure As They Claim?

    What is Doterra Essential oils? 

    Is there something that makes them better than regular essential oils?


    There has been a lot of speculation if Doterra oils scam people with adulterated smaller sized essential oils for triple the price.

    Is there really a special class off oils known as CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oil. I will cover the answer to this further down the article.

    What Is Doterra? Is It Really A Healing Miracle

    Well the debate is out whether essential oils work in the first place. Then there is the matter of the techniques you use to deliver the essential oils.

    Then if you want to use them internally or externally. Then you need to worry about purity and adulteration of the oils especially if you’re going to take them internally.

    Internal use is not recommended due to all the potential complications that doing it improperly can cause. Also if a oil is synthetic you will be doing more harm than good.  

    What Is Doterra Selling?

    Well mainly it sells essential oils. Then it also makes health shakes and vitamins and supplements with essential oils added in to them.  This looks to be almost an after thought to try to be different.

    They’re branching out and trying to expand their product line which seems like a good thing but really it just makes a bunch of average products, instead of one phenomenal product. 

    It’s very similar to a restaurant with too many different types of foods on the menu… they can’t possibly be making any of them very well.

    Do Consumers Actually Buy Doterra Products Or Is It Mainly The Distributors


    So this is where I typically would talk about the value of the product. The problem is there is not a huge value in these essential oils, as they’re the same as many other quality oils for a fraction of the cost and hassle of getting them through Doterra. Buying overpriced essential oils that are given a “certification by the company” that sells it, for triple the cost of other oils of the same quality seems like a bad opportunity. 


    The one good thing that I can see, is they only seem to charge $35 dollrs a year to get wholesale prices on the oils. Granted the yearly fee only gets you wholesale prices but those wholesale prices are more expensive than double the amount of normal essential oils of the same quality.  

    This essential oil is also therapeutic grade at a much cheaper price.

    The price on these products are actually one of the better MLM structures, as it does not seem that you’re forced to buy in products monthly on autoship. It looks like you just pay $35 a year and then you can buy in the essential oils. The main problem is the amount you get for the price is probably the worst deal on essential oils of that quality.

    Also if you could overlook the fact that they’re overpriced, average run of the mill products, you would still have to overcome the hurdle that the system is set up with an MLM structure. When you get looped into network marketing/MLM you get stuck, in this case selling expensive oils that are 1/2 as big as normal essential oils and the quality is worse and you have to pay $35 a year.

    Some MLM’s make you buy in products every month and the distributors are the main buyers. I may have to do an update on this but as far as I can see the $35 a year is all you seem to have to pay. If you happen to still want to sign up and pay more, just make sure they don’t force you to buy something, in order to be qualified to be paid for that specific item.

    After you start getting forced to buy in orders month after month, products start building up in the garage. When products start building up people either need to admit defeat and quit or defend their purchase and try to make money signing up others, to try to do the same thing. This keeps many saying good things about the MLM they’re signed up with. They need to recruit others or they will lose money every month.

    Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure And “Get High On MLM”  As It Can Ruin Your Life If You’re Not Careful.

    These oils have a claim that they’re CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils but there is no such grade given by anyone. Doterra trademarked CPTG and started using it. Doterra’s oils have actually been found to be adulterated or adding synthetic ingredients and some are made with synthetic additives like Young Living essential oils.

    Young Living was another MLM essential oil company started a few years before Doterra and members and top distributors from Young Living started Doterra. This quality and purity of the oil is actually a pretty big deal. You don’t want essential oils with synthetic compounds and impurities, especially when taking this internally as some Doterra reps sometimes tend to suggest.

    I have the feeling that essential oils can help as they smell good, can relax and de-stress a tad bit and seem like they could aid in helping with some detoxification regimens. 

    I don’t really feel they’re a good treatment for anything that a placebo effect could not take care of as well.

    What Is Doterra Exactly  | Why Are There So Many Doterra Complaints?

    What is Doterra and what do they sell?


    Essential oils are the main product but then they branch out into skin and hair care, lotions and soaps and weight loss and dietary supplements most with added essential oils.
    They don’t allow you to really see what they’re putting into these supplements. Putting too much oil on skin can irritate the skin and too much taken internally over time can damage the liver and even in worst case scenarios can cause NASH a non alcoholic form of liver disease like cirrhosis.

    I don’t have a problem with essential oils by themselves as they seem to have a purpose for some. The problem is paying way more for adulterated essential oils and then having to buy them in at triple the price and paying a yearly fee. 

    The argument is not about the products that MLM’s sell, which are typically just average, if not below average products. The main problem is buying them through a MLM and paying triple the price for less quality and then believing that this helps others. When really they could buy the same, if not better quality essential oils for way less.

    Then even if you’re the .001% that makes it, you will be conflicted with trying to recruit others to basically spend money they don’t have on products that there is no real market for and they don’t need. People may need essential oils but they don’t need one with added synthetic fillers for three times the price for only half the amount.

    Also just to get these essential oils that can be found elsewhere, you have to sign up with an MLM such as Doterra and buy minimum orders monthly just to receive commissions on the product sales or recruiting you do.

     I could almost understand MLM’s being a good opportunity if they sold a phenomenal product that you could not get anywhere else but they don’t. MLM’s are basically a Ponzi Scheme, with the only difference being that they join selling average products for a really high price that just have a very pretty package. 

    Consumers can get superior products for less than getting anything from an MLM type establishment. They also would not have to join an MLM and pay a yearly fee just to buy them at a higher price than any other essential oils. If that last sentence does not make very much sense and you’re not familiar with MLM’s or network marketing businesses then you can check out this article HERE to learn what network marketing is and what it’s all about. 

    Why I Would Not Use Doterra Oils? 


    Why Doterra Is Not recommended

    The “Certified pure therapeutic grade” branding is just a hoax and is made up by Doterra. It’s like giving myself the award for the most handsome badass dude on the planet. That does not mean that it’s true. Apparently if you create a committee and pay for the award then it’s true, well at least according to Doterra.

    They claim that they’re pure due to the testing they do on their oils but many good oil manufacturers do this same thing. The gimmick is many don’t know this and if they add this slogan it makes people who buy other essential oils ask the question “Are only Doterra essential oils pure?” The answer is no…most all are of the same if not better quality essential oils than Doterra’s. They just add a fake certification and it makes it seem like it’s better than it really is. 

    Then all the oils out on the market could be pure and tested the same as Doterra’s oils but many would not have the time to research it and just take someones word.
    Now there is claims that taking essential oils all willy nilly can lead to poisoning yourself or others and some fatalities have occurred with self dosing essential oils.

    Now this is not what scares me the most, as they seem like concentrated herbs would be good but something about not getting them naturally in such high concentration spells danger.

    It’s putting people at risk for gradually increasing the toxicity in their body over time to potentially harmful amounts.

    You’re supposed to dilute essential oils and they’re many saying that you need to dilute it with water and due to the fact that water an oil they don’t mix. Concentrated oils can cause irritation to mucus membranes and over time will overwork your liver and kidneys.

    This is why you need to blend essential oils in something like coconut oil and rub on your body and not take internally full strength unless you know what you’re doing or are with an aromatherapy specialist.


    Are Doterra Oils Really The Most Pure?

    Doterra was formed by old distributors of Young Living essential oils. Young Living essential oils was known for adding synthetic compounds to their oils.  

    There has been claims that a doctor that was brought in to test the oils for these companies found that they were not pure as they claim and have been shown to be using synthetic oils.

    There has been research done by a man named Dr. Robert Pappas that showed Doterra oils have been adulterated.What_Is_Doterra_Essential_Oils_doterra_oils_scam_peppermint_oil

    Peppermint E.O. Was made with a synthetic compound ethylvanillin


    Lavender E.O. Was also made with synthetic linalyl Acetate.


    Wild Orange E.O. Found to contain synthetic 2-hexen-1-ol and synthetic linalool ( This is not disclosed on the label and certainly is not being told to the distributors trying to sell it.)


    Wintergreen E.O. Was completely bogus, they decided to make it with synthetic methyl salicylate, synthetic dimethyl 2-hydroxyterephthalate and not natural wintergreen…What??? Certified pure my butt.

    I think most people probably can see that I’m not just saying this because I didn’t make this company work or they screwed me over or I personally hate Doterra or something. I’m doing this as a warning as it begs the questions why do you “need or want” to go with Doterra or any MLM to get it. 

    Why not just buy it yourself for much cheaper for the same if not better quality and twice as much for 3 times less. 

    Dont believe me check out these other sources saying the same thing below.


    PURITY:Article about purity and myths of E.O’s

    SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES: Article about all the different synthetics added to E.O’s

    SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES:Utahstories about adulterated E.O’s

    TOXICITY OF ETHYL VANILLIN: Old finding years ago on the toxicity of ethyl vanillin synthetic

    Are Doterra Oils A Scam?


    What Is Doterra Essential Oils A Scam Or A Legitimate Top Of The Line Essential Oil?

    Does Doterra scam people? Well look at it this way, if you’re willing to sell essential oils with half the amount of oil as store-bought competitors for triple the price, that are also less potent and don’t mind paying the yearly fee, then I would say go for it.doterra_oils_scam_keanu_whoa

    If your still undecided or still consused wondering does Doterra oils scam it’s buyers, well I can say, if you do not like to over pay… in my opinion then yes it’s a scam. If you really think about it you can start to see how hard this could be to realistically make this type of business work.

    Also factor in how in most MLM’s the main customers are typically the distributors (sellers) …(Imagine Keaneu Reeves saying…Whoa!)

    I do believe that essential oils can have there place in some healing remedies but my question to you is, why pay triple the price and join a MLM and pay a yearly fee just to be able to get an essential oil that is no better if not worse than many essential oils out on the market? 

    In my opinion all these MLM’s are just cleverly designed borderline scams. I have not yet found one that is worth the work you go through.  

    To me it just doesn’t make sense to spend 3-5 times more for just half the amount of essential oils that you get with Doterra and not getting twice the amount of a quality essential oil with better potency for 3 times less.


    If you’re a distributor of Doterra or anyone who has tried Doterra please leave a comment about your experiences with either the essential oils and their effectiveness or Signing up and being a distributor for Doterra. I am open for discussion if you want to talk about MLM’s in genral, or specifically about Doterra please leave your comment below and help others.  


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