Name:  Damsel In Defenseis_damsel_in_defense_a_scam_logo
Price:  $149 to join business
Overall Rating: Borderline Scam 
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What Is Damsel In Defense A Scam? –  Are These Self Defense Products Better?


Ok, So what is Damsel In Defense A Scam? Well it seems harmless to most people when you hear the owners Mindy Lin And Bethany Hughes talk about how they’re here to equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves.

They go in to talking about how a violent crime happens every 26 seconds and 1 in 3 women will experience domestic violence, 1 in 5 women are survivors of sexual assault and a child is abducted every 40 seconds.

When you hear those statistics it makes everybody want to learn how to protect themselves or more importantly their families.

The owners claim they are wanting to change those statistics while also offering a way to make money.

Now this all sounds good but are these the products that you really want in a real attack situation lets find out.

What Is The Damsel In Defense Program All About

So Damsel In Defense sells A few different self-defense tools and kits. They’re not bad but not also not that good plus a little overpriced. Sure they offer self-defense products but so do many other places.

Also they seem to be preying on women scaring them into buying these more than providing training and real empowerment as just carrying a stun gun or pepper spray does not matter if not used correctly. Also if the pepper spray is not really that hot or the stun gun power is not what you think it is you could be in trouble. 

They seem to just mainly add in some pretty designs or girly colors to all the self-defense stuff already out there. Then they charged more for it. The self-defense tools are nothing out of the ordinary besides the fact that they are different looking and have pretty colors.


Not to mention this is a multi level marketing business and starting one is a slippery slope to begin with. If you would like to understand Network Marketing and MLM’s better you can read what is the network marketing business and is it a scam.

When looking into Damsel In Defense I noticed that you have many other options when choosing self-defense products. Also the target market is mainly WOMEN who might be interested in self-defense products or protection. This is also a factor because it limits your potential customer to a much smaller audience.

Is Damsel In Defense A Scam? – Why The Damsel In Defense Products May Just Be A Cute Name For Average Products


So, I’m going to cover a few of Damsel In Defenses products and show some alternatives to let you compare and see if this is right for you. 

Ok what products does Damsel In Defense have that you can find elsewhere for less money.

Lets Talk About Junk In The Truck:

This is the kit that Damsel In Defense sells for an emergency kit. This kit is $65 with shipping of probably $10 to $15 dollars

So they have the Junk In The trunk pack that is a kit that has:

  • pink and black jumper cables (250A amp rating)
  • 1 survival food bar
  • 2 emergency purified drinking water pouches
  • Daphne playing cards
  • 36-piece first aid kit
  • waterproof matches
  • battery-free light emitting diode (LED) flashlight
  • emergency blanket
  • 5-in-1 waterproof whistle (whistle, compass, storage, mirror, flint)

What Are The Alternatives To Getting The Junk In The Trunk Kit?

Well for $57.76 total with shipping included, you could build your own, more robust roadside kit. Also you can pick and choose and add more or less of whatever you want or find necessary. Remember this kit comes out with double or triple (in some instances) the amount of items for less money.

Ready America 70080 Emergency Kit, 1-Person 3-Day Bag $29.52 + free shipping

This Ready America bag contains:

  • 1 2,400-calorie food bar (5-year shelf life)
  • 6 Water pouches (5-year shelf life)
  • 1 Survival blanket
  • 1 Emergency poncho
  • 1 Pair of nitrile gloves
  • 1 First Aid Kit (33 piece)
  • 1 12-hour safety light stick
  • 1 Emergency whistle
  • 1 Pack of pocket tissues
  • 1 Dust mask
  • 1 Convenient carry case

This Emergency Kit that will sustain one person for three days

Then you can just pick and choose optional things to add in.

Option #1 – Jumper cables: 9.99 + 5.99 shipping

Option #2 – HDE No Battery Hand-Crank Travel Flashlight: 4.95 + 2.99 But you get 2 instead of just one like with damsel in Defense. 

Option #3 – 5- in 1 tool 8.97 + free

So if you got the survival pack with all three optional things you would pay $57.76 total with shipping and you would have more stuff for less money.

If you decided you didn’t want the jumper cables as many have them already you would only pay $41.78 for a better kit. Rather than $65 plus shipping for the Damsel in Defense Junk In The Trunk kit.

If shipping for the Junk In The Trunk kit was only $10 dollars that would be a savings of $33.22 to get a better emergency kit and not have to join or deal with all the network marketing mumbo jumbo.


Now you may have noticed I left out the waterproof matches And playing cards

Well the main reason is  you can use the 5-in one tool fire starter for that if you wanted.

If not you could add in some waterproof, windproof matches for around $2.76 with free shipping but with this one you get 4 Packs of 20 Matches Each In Waterproof Containers for a total of 80 Matches & Two Waterproof Holders. They don’t specify how many you get with Junk In the Trunk but im assuming it’s not 80 with two carry cases.

Then there are the playing cards and you can throw those in also but are very optional in a survival situation, as I don’t know about you but playing cards when I’m stranded is the last thing on my mind. But if you wanted them in your kit you could get some just about anywhere. 

Lets Talk about Stun Guns is_damsel_in_defense_a_scam_stun_gun

What is the difference between a stun gun and a taser?

TASER description: 

Sounds like it would be the name for a stun gun and Vice versa but really a Taser is a weapon that fires barbs attached by wires to batteries. This shock will cause temporary paralysis and not a stun gun just causing pain from shock. The Taser will paralyze temporarily and the Stun Gun will just make attacker more mad. 

Stun Gun: Is just an electric shocker that just causes electro shock pain depending on the amps and does not cause temporary paralysis. This is more for a quick shock to buy you a second or two to get away.

What Makes A Stun Gun good?

Well you need to look at a few things for a Stun Gun to be good.

Volts Alot of People think the higher the better but realistically it all comes down to the amps. You could have 2 million volts without any amps, in the right situation and barely feel it. The Van Der Graaf electrostatic generator can have 2 million volts and only your hair will stand up without any pain. Amps is where the power and pain come from.

Higher voltage just allows you to pass through more layers of clothing initially to make contact quicker. The problem is many stun guns just scare attackers away from intimidation but if someone understands this or attacks anyway you could be in trouble.

Even if you get them with a stun gun it will only cause some pain from shock only as long as the stun gun is used on them. After that they can come back and chase you.

Design – Design is nice as you will have a hard time understanding if you’re going to want a small size that also doubles as a flash light but has less volts or if you need the highest volts and amperage.

Disable pin – Another neat feature is having a disable pin where if an attacker steals your Stun Gun it will immediately disable the Stun Gun and they can’t use it on you.

Extended Reach – It’s nice sometimes to have a stun gun with reach as an attacker will be very close with a stun gun. The problem is a long cattle prod like stun gun is not easy to fit inside your purse, so typically women will use the smaller ones that are not as strong.

Rechargeable battery – You want one with a good rechargeable battery that you can just plug-in for like 8 hours every 2 months or something like that so your stun gun is ready to go.

Alarms – Having an alarm on this stun gun is almost as important as the gun itself. Having a loud alarm that delivers an ear-piercing alarm will not only send off the attacker but can also warn others to come over and help or get help.

It’s not the voltage it’s the amperage that makes the Stun Gun more effective.  The main problem is Stun Guns really don’t work that good besides pissing off an attacker especially if it’s a low quality Stun Gun and you have a big guy attacking you with adrenaline or on drugs.

The only thing that really works is the loud crackling popping sound that the Stun Gun makes to hopefully scare and intimidate the “would be attacker” away.

The Confusion Between High Voltage And High Amperage – Also The Probelm With Having Too Much Amperage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most stun guns are between 3 – 4 Milliamps. Anything close to or over 5 milliamps will typically overload the circuitry inside the device and burn out the capacitor. Too many milliamps and it will burn out the unit. Many of Damsel In Defense Stun Guns have over 5 sometimes and that could burn out the unit making it useless when needed.

Many have claimed that their stun gun stopped working for no reason, this is why.  You will see below that many of  Damsel In Defenses stun guns go over 5 milliamps meaning that all of them unless used mainly on low battery will burn out quickly. This is probably to keep you comming back to buy more often than normal.


Ok so let’s do some comparing

The Damsel In Defense Stun Gun Has An Assortment Of Stun Guns

Call me crazy cell phone – $95 4.5 Million Volts 5-8 Milli-amps 6 Light LED Flashlight
Includes A Holster With Belt Clip has no safety diable pin.

Hot lips – $45 950 volts 3-5 milliamps Led Flashlight with safety disable pin.

Oh Your Knees – $40 3.5 Million Volts 4-8 Milli-amps Led Flashlight no safety disable pin.

Pack A Punch – $50 7.5 Million Volts 4-6 Milli-amps has LED flashlight with disable pin

Tiny Takedown – $40 1 Million Volts 3-6 Milli-amps Led Flashlight no safety disable pin.

These all have a lifetime warranty but I still can’t find what the life of a Stun Gun are.  It’s not for your lifetime but the Stun Guns Lifetime and that coud be 2-4 years is what I would think.

What Stun Gun Is Better For Less Money?

Ok, so there is the Runt Stun Gun which is: $11.85 + $4.98 shipping  This in my opinion is one of the best Stun Guns you can get for the price.

Below is the specs for the Runt Stun Gun:

  • 4.5 milliamps
  • 20 million volts
  • Rechargeable
  • Non-Slip Rubberized Coating
  • Built-in LED Flashlight
  • Wrist Strap with Disable Pin
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Belt Loop Holster Included.
  • lifetime warranty

The Wristle:

Then if you’re looking for a Wristle just get a parachord and whistle bracelet Here is two bracelets with compass and whistle. So you can get two parachord bracelets with whistle for less than one Wristle.

If you want something better that a whistle just get an alarm key chain like the Bear Gentleman.

Lets Talk About Pepper Sprays:

A Little Bit About Pepper Sprays:

If you want a pepper spray that packs a punch you need to look for ones that are hotter and that have a high MC Capsaicin percentage.

Many never add in the most important thing which is the MC percentage.

MC: Major Capsaicinoids are the chemical components of peppers that make them hot. Measuring by MC is a laboratory conducted and very accurate test for gauging hotness.

OC: Oleoresin Capsicum is the oil extracted from the pepper that contains within it the Major Capsaciniods. This is not how to rate the hotness of a spray. A 10% OC can be much hotter than a 20% OC pepper spray.

SHU: Scoville Heat Units were invented in 1912 by a pharmacist named Wilbur Scoville. These units measure the amount of capsaicin (the chemical that provides the heat) in a pepper.

Measuring by SHUs (Scoville Heat Units) is a subjective taste test. Pepper spray companies always rate their spray this way.

The problem with SHU is they are measuring the SHU rating for the O.C. and not the contents of the can. This means companies use an O.C. rated at 5 million SHU and it sounds extremely hot, but then they don’t put much of it in the can of pepper spray so it really is misleading and ends up not very hot at all. Don’t be mislead by exaggerated claims.

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Damsel In Defense Pepper Sprays –is_damsel_in_defense_a_scam_stun_guns

It’s litterally impossible to find the prices of these MLM products as they want to sell you on it first before you see the price.

They claim that the Damsel in Defense pepper spray is 18% OC (oleoresin capsicum), are one of the hottest on the market!

But like said above the OC rathing is not an accurate gauge. So if you’re looking for potent pepper spray Damsel in Defense is not the one to go with. 

If anybody knows the prices please leave them in the comments below. All I know is that their pepper spray is not very good. 

Their pepper spray is just average but I know they have a 1/2 ounce one that is only $10 dollars I believe but the other 2 ounce ones I’m not sure about. 

Looking For A better Pepper Spray?

UDAP Pepper Power’s World’s Hottest Formula

Almost all other Pepper sprays MC (Major Capsaicinoids) rating fall between the ranges of only .18% to 1.34%. There is one for less money that has 3% Capsaicin. 

A Good high MC percentage spray can be found with the Clip-On Commander for $19.99 with 3%  Capsaicin. This pepper spray is much hotter than Damsel In Defense and will stop people in their tracks.

Ok so the Clip On Commander is stronger but does not have the UV dye.

The Damsel In Defense Pepper Spray has a Uv Dye that stains where it touches for up to 5-7 days. How much is one of comparable quality?

Well you can get a pepper spray that is very cheap with UV dye for $14.95 & free shipping

Then how about the Kubaton:

This is a neat tool and would be neat if they were the only people who sold this. They would also be a lot cooler if they sold them at a cheaper price than those of the same quality but realistically they are very inexpensive.

The hard part is learning to use them in real hand to hand combat correctly but that is not something that Damsel In Defense Teaches except for just the basics of holding it.

Also you can get a Kubaton for much cheaper elsewhere:

Here is an example of one made from aluminum with glass breaker and Pen. For $10.99

So Do You Want To Become A Rep For Damsel in Defense?

So it will cost you about $149 to become a representative.

They have a compensation plan that is a little confusing but basically if you’re not able to generate $150 in personal sales volume you will either need to buy more products yourself or get customers to buy them.

Otherwise you will be at risk of losing recruits that you generated and will be given to your up line and then once they’re given to your up line you would have to start over and build more people in downline.

This makes it so that you will have to get buyers or lose your hard-earned recruits and customers. These products are not getting bought monthly so once bought,  many will not have the need to buy more until a few years at least.

You will be needing to constantly get sales, new customers and recruits. When you can find these products anywhere online that are cheaper it makes it much more difficult to sell lots of new people on this idea.

The target market is mainly WOMEN who might be interested in self-defense products or protection. This is also a reason because it limits your potential customer.

What Makes The Damsel In Defense a better than other self-defense products already on the market? Nothing.

Want A Better Way To Realistically Make Consistent Money? 

If you invest in this it would be better to start your own business online. Even if you want to sell self-defense products you would have a better chance at success if you set up your own online business as an affiliate.

Then you would just refer people to other self-defense programs and not having to buy in and sell physical products.  Also you would really own your business and not have to report to a network marketing company that controls everything you do or you wont get paid. 

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Is Damsel In Defense A Scam? – My Thoughts On Damsel In Defense

So what is Damsel In Defense? Well it’s a self-defense products company mainly for women.

Is Damsel In Defense A Scam? I would not say it’s a complete scam where they take your money and run but when you consider how you need to get wrapped up in Network Marketing just to get these products, it’s just not worth it.

Then also add in how their products really are not that much better. Then add in how you can find just as good or better for the same or less money it seems to be that it’s just not that good of an idea.

If you live somewhere where people just don’t use the internet and  have no self-defense stores close to them you could probably make this work but for most this is just not good enough to continue selling and making much from it. It’s just not that beneficial to buy from Damsel In Defense.

Don’t think that when you buy from places like Damsel In Defense that your somehow cutting out the middle man and empowering women as for the most part your just empowering the women who started it and the top people who joined when it started.

So If The Damsel In Defense Business Model For Making Money Doesn’t  Work For You What Other Options Do You Have? 

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