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What Is Centument A Scam Or Legit Binary Bot If There Is Such A Thing?


    Name: Centument
    What_Is_Centument_A_Scam_logoOwners: Gerald Reed (actor) real owner ? 
    Price: Free for software then $250 minimum deposit
    through unregulated fake broker
    Overall Rating: SCAM
    Recommended Alternative program to try:


    What Is Centument? | Is Centument A Scam?


    What_Is_Centument_A_Scam_front_landing_pageOk So Is Centument a scam? Well if you listen to Gerald Reed the supposed owner of the program it’s not a scam.

    So this is just another binary bot scam where the owner typically is a paid actor.

    These actors hired by the owner tells you everything you want to hear.

    This is all just to get you to take action.

    This suave Gerald dude starts off making sure you know he’s driving a Lamborghini.

    Then he has a camera follow him around his luxurious rented house and keeps moving around so your attention is focused on all the neat stuff he is doing.

    “Gerald Rico Suave” hopes your focus is watching his neat life in the background and not fully listening to the wild claims he is making.

    Newbies are especially prone to falling for this scam that don’t really understand that this software is just a “bogus software bot” that just looks like it does binary trading when really it’s all just a clever trick to get you to invest with their unregulated brokers.


    What Is Centument And Does It Really Have Any Value? 

    So Does The Centrument Software have Any Value?
    Well to answer quickly, no Centrument software has no value.

    Not only does it not have any value but they also lie to you about many things that are right in front of your face, just imagine the lies behind the scenes.


    What Is Centument Exactly?


    There is not much to say about this software.

    This is supposedly to make money with Binary Options but it’s really just a fake software bot that looks like it’s working. 

    Really people who use this software bot just lose money. 

    People lose money because to actually make this free software work you need to deposit a minimum of $250 dollars.

    Then this is when they hand you over to an unregulated broker such as Binary Book.

    They get you to invest the minimum or more and try to drain you dry any way they can for more money. 

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    What Is Centument Behind The Scenes? | Was Centument  Really Featured By Bloomberg, CNN and Money Magazine?


    They lie about being featured in Bloomberg, CNNMoney and Money magazine as they just put logos and names that people recognize on the site. 

    They then put fake positive feedback below the logos making people believe that they’re associated with them.

    The fake actor goes so far as to say in the video that he was featured in Bloomburg.


    He does this as he knows the people who know he wasn’t featured will not be his buyers anyway.

    He is looking for that person that has no clue if he was or wasn’t featured and who also doesn’t care as they’re the  novice amateur beginners he’s looking for.

    They also claim to be established in 2011 but actually set up the website just in 2016.

    Also when you read any of the testimonials they all are paid actors from Fiverr or other outsourcing places.

    Why Do You See Positive Centrument Reviews?

    So when you’re searching online you may have come across a Positive Centrument Review somewhere.

    You probably had a gut feeling it was a scam but then saw some glowing reviews. This is only due to the extremely high commissions that unregulated Brokers pay these promoters of this Binary Options Bot Scam. 

    Then if you see his You Tube Channel it does not even have a picture and it has some reviews of what most people actually think. 


    They then typically pay $250 dollars to owners of the sites like the Centrument scam to get a landing page to tell you everything you want to hear just to get you to part with $250 dollars or more. 

    There are lots of these sites that are similar such as:

    Then all these program above are typically all promoting unregulated scam brokers such as Binarybook or another one called Glenridge Financial.

    They actually use the same blonde lady stock photo they use for a fake picture for their testamonial in the Aussie Method above


    Here it is used by Centrument below:



     What Is Centument A Scam Or A Quality Software Bot That Makes Hundreds Of Dollars An hour? | My Thoughts On  The Centument Scam

    What Is Centrument A Scam Or Legit?

    Well The centrument software is  a scam 100 percent. This was never not a scam and will never be a real program.

    Don’t sign up for this scam as they will just take your money and not give it back, unless you do a charge back quick enough.

    Now What? What Now?

    Are looking just to set up a business online and are sick of the scams and the lies and don’t want to pay a hefty price? I would strongly recommend you take a look at MY #1 Recommendation. This opportunity will give you all the training, hosting, research tools and help necessary to start your own online business from home realistically.



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