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What Is Bonvera A Scam Or Legitimate Company Really Able To Be The Next Amazon?

Is Bonvera a scam?  Are they really going to be the next Amazon like their reps where saying in the beginning?

Well I’m going to lay out some info in this Bonvera review and let you decide for yourself.

It’s a Bonvera Pyramid Scheme Party and Your Invited.

Well Bonvera made the silly claim that they were going to be the next Amazon. I can understand that you need to dream big but Amazon, who are they kidding.

They want to basically sell overstocked products saying that they’re amazing deals. This is a MLM shopping club that you don’t want to be a member of.


The reps and members will tell you otherwise but it’s true.

Legal disclaimer: Also let me say that this is not technically a scam, as these companies will try to take you to court just for saying your negative opinions, so I wont go off on a rant about MLM network marketing.

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This company is founded by Tim and Amy Marks and Mark Paul  from the Life Leadership from what I could find.


They really do not show exactly who the owner is or at least do not make it easy.  

All of these type of MLMs want to make you feel like you will be making lots of money promoting it. That is what these MLM companies want you to think but if you’re not at the top you’re working hard for very little. Just remember if you think just because people make money it’s not a scam, then I want to let you know something.  

Many pyramids and ponzis made money for many people as well, in some case a lot of money for a longer period than you may have thought. The Bonvera pyramid scheme is the same thing it just throws in a discount club website to make it legal.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it will make you money. 

What Is Bonvera Exactly

This company is similar to basically mashing up Amway, Quixstar and various MLM internet malls or shopping clubs.

The problem with these shopping clubs is not only do tey not have very good deals on the products, they’re selling their members and shoppers the overstocked products that typically no one wants anymore. 

When these undesirable items are sold at a discount, people who feel they’re getting a deal when really manufacturers want to unload that specific product for one reason or another.what_is_bonvera_a_scam_store_products

Also over time I have noticed that a lot of the products are those that use questionable ingredients.

Like for example Pedigree dog food. If you want to feed your dog the Mcdonalds of Dog Food, then feed them Pedigree.

If you see Bonvera sells a 17lb bag for $16.28

You can get a 30 lb bag Of Pedigree for $17.26 

I would not buy that food for my dogs. Because of people like me buying foods like Canidae and Blue Buffalo, there is a lot more Pedigree on the shelves.

Then manufacturers like pedigree, want to unload surplus of extra inventory and that is where companies like Bonvera come in. 

Many of the products they carry would most likely even be on sale if you bought them in the stores.

A lot of the products they sell are products you just don’t need, that typically look good and useful when you see them but later you, barely use or never use.

This is similar to the coupon books you can buy. It’s hard to utilize all the coupons and a lot of times they’re for food items and restaurants that you would normally not go to.

Then you have to force yourself to go to these places just to get a discount.

This is similar to Bonvera because they’re starting to get lots of items. The problem? They’re items are just not needed or are unhealthy or something that makes them undesirable to the general public. Places like Bonvera sells these products to their customers while saying they have their best interest in mind.

They also will add way higher shipping. So not only are you buying stuff that you don’t need at a slight discount but then buying way more than you need just to get a fair price on shipping. When manufacturers ship to stores they just ship big pallets instead of individual orders. 

When really they want to just sell unwanted or overstocked items to you.

If they really cared there would be nothing but whole foods and organic grain free dog foods and no as seen on TV crap. 

I guess if you like the stuff on Bonvera and you could really see yourself using them, then I’m wrong and in your case go for it.

This is for the people who are not hard-core MLM’ers and enjoy the company of their family and friends and like useful products.  For most including myself there is nothing on there of real value. The only thing they have going for them is they do offer these lower quality items at a lower prices at least.

What Is The Value Of Bonvera what_is_bonvera_a_scam_tim_marks_life_leadership

So what is the value of Bonvera? Well not much unless you consider having the “ex-life Leadership council member” Tim Marks a huge value.

Then before that he jumped ship with Monavie. This is a guy that moved from a few MLM companies saying each was the best ever.

This starts to dilute his credibility as he is really just jumping from one to the next trying to get a better position on the pyramid. 

If you would like to read a little more about his background Check this out here

They claim that Tim Marks left for moral reasons as he could not get his downline to make money. This makes him sound noble when really it’s nothing more than a politician telling you if you elect them they will lower taxes and then doesn’t.

He will do the same thing and sell the same type of overpriced under valued products that get people in a bad situation unless you’re like Tim and jump from one MLM scheme to another until you get in at the right time.

Is Bonvera A Scam? – Why Selling A Bunch Of Average Products Is Nothing New

Bonvera is starting off mainly selling energy drink and energy bars. They’re slowly trying to expand to sell many other products. The products as of now are just average quality products with no real reason to start shopping there over Amazon. 

I Just Wanted To Remind Anyone Thinking Of Joining Bonvera:

#1 If you cannot make any money without buying the product first, you’re getting hustledbonvera_scam_complaints_comments-min

#2 When you sell something anywhere of value you never have to buy them first (except for optionally opting to buy a couple of item to understand the product)

#3 The minute it’s more profitable to recruit rather than sell the average run of the mill products, you’re getting into a pyramid/ponzi scheme.

The only real difference is there is a dummy product line to give the illusion of a real business. .

#4 if you have to sign up under someone else before you can make money it’s time to cut bait and walk away. 

I’m not the only one, check out some of these Bonvera Complaints I found And this company is just getting started.


Bonvera Will Be The Next Amazon And Walmart?

Bonvera is making crazy claims like they want to be selling everything that you want. Well that’s not a very easy task for a company that sells average stuff that seems like just overstocked unwanted items you can get at an outlet store.

Also they say things like they will be taking on Amazon and becoming bigger or as big. Well it’s nice to have big dreams but I’m willing to bet the farm that Bonvera will not succeed in the goal of being as big as Amazon.

Amazon is doing well because of the way they sell other products besides their own. And have made a massive platform for many to also sell like E-bay. Not to mention the products they have people actually want.

Ok well Bonvera is trying to convince you that it’s not the same old thing, so it’s probably going to be the same old thing just with a facelift.

These guys from bonvera said the same motivational things in Monavie and In Life Leadership what makes Bonvera any different really?

They keep making claims like “Bonvera is going to change the e-commerce World!”

When you hear they will be as big as Amazon and Walmart do you really believe them?

If you do, you need to really do some more in-depth research on what Amazon and Walmart offer.  Amazon and Walmart have more products bought in a hour by real customers than probably Bonvera has in year with distributors and supposed real customers.

Also they are just affiliated with other companies have you sell them and take a cut of your profits and charge more to make money on shipping as well. what_is_bonvera_a_scam_affiliations

It’s definitely laughable that anyone would think a MLM like Bonvera will become Amazon and Walmarts competition.

The main reason is with walmart and Amazon the profits do not go to a few people at the top like MLM’s, it will go to shareholders.

Bonvera just knows that saying this will sound good at sales presentations and anyone who believes it, already qualifies themselves as an easy sale.

This e-commerce domination idea has been done before and this is not a new thing.

The problem is the people that they get to sign up and believe all of this, after getting the hyped up rah-rah motivation speeches feel like they’re actually helping people selling their MLM products.

If you’re going to join an MLM just make sure to keep track of your true business expenses.

Many with MLM’s don’t do this and feel they’re making money when really they’re just breaking even at best. You will notice that most MLM’s training does not seem to cover profit and loss because you typically have more loss than real profit when you add it all up.

Do You Think That Bonvera Will Be Different?

Well if you’re considering joining this MLM chances are you have joined one before. If you haven’t consider yourself lucky.

If you think back to all the MLM motivational speeches

  1. How many of them got you to think you were going to make loads of money?
  2. Then think how that turned out.
  3. If you’re not one of the main top people or the owners, do you think that Bonvera will be any different from the other MLMs or do you just hope it will be?

If you just hope it will be better, chances are you’re in for another bumpy ride. 

What Is Bonvera A Scam Or Legitimate Amazon Competitor? | My Thoughts On Bonvera

So is Bonvera a scam? No. If you’re not looking to hustle your butt off promoting a bargain online shopping club, I would also say this is not a good idea.

It’s really up to you and your gut feeling. Selling things like Amway and Mary Kay… your gut should scream run the other way. 

What Other Options Do You Have?  

Well in my opinion you can stay away from all MLM network marketing all together and just start a blog. Now is a great time to start as blogging… blogs are getting   more and more popular. Why not find your special topic and sub-niche angle and start a blog bout it now.

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Learn how to earn your own money online being your own boss… not just technicall self employed working for a Network Marketing company like Bonvera.


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Rox says April 10, 2017

Brandon you know this company and understand it where I was shocked. Its people like you Brandon that are smart enough to judge the fruit on the tree not the ignorance out of someones mouth. My experience has taught me a few things, One never trust MLM/network marketing.
Like attracts like Brandon, hopefully you can keep doing what your doing for the good people and be a positive force in the world . God knows we can use more of that…

Your A Blessing,

Jackie says March 11, 2017

I signed up with bonvera and you do not get BV points for buying stuff at the affiliate stores you only get your BV points if you buy from the bonvera sites. I believe the last time I looked I would have to spend almost $200.00 to get my BV points so I could make $3.00 back if I was lucky. They were always out of the stuff I wanted but they still would charge me and say it was on back order well after 3 months of being charged for product I never received I quit buying from them. Also they have a monthly fee you have to pay in order to even see your account to know if you made any money or not. Everyone I got to sign up and be a shopper were dissatisfied because the shipping was outrages and they never had the product they wanted but were charged for it. I really wanted to believe in this company but I have to now believe it is a scam. Also you don’t get money for everything you buy from the affiliate stores and for a matter of fact I don’t think I made a penny from anything my shoppers bought from like Walmart because it was on their list of non- qualifying products like ( pet food ). Sams Club you don’t make anything from the groceries so why bother. Very up setting.

    Brandon says March 15, 2017

    Hey Jackie,

    Very good points you made made here. I was suspecting that about the BV points and had huge debate with a Bonvera Die hard about those BV points as they tried to make me feel like you get those for buying anything.

    Then it looks like what there real angle is to get you to buy bonvera overstocked garbage or get your money stuck in bonvera limbo until your product is ordered or get you to believe that the stores they work with will give you points… when really they’re just Bonvera’s affiliates and they want to make affiliate money off of all their members. They just sign up for affiliate programs with walmart and others just like you or me can and have their members promote it and they earn the lions share of commissions.

    You would be much better off just creating your own site and slowly learning how to get the word out and get affiliates with Walmart and sams club etc and sell a certain niche angle of products that you specialize in or are interested in or buy alot etc.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

    Deborah K Nenninger says April 4, 2017

    Yes you do get Bv points from affiliated stores you just don’t get them till 120 days later because of going thru the system of the store’s website and then to Bonvera. If you would read on your website it also says you don’t get BV point from groceries . You are complaining about things that you just don’t know about of have not read . Everything you posted is not true. The shipping is set so you get your product within 2 days…so you are paying for 2 day shipping which I think is nice to get things that quick.. oh by the way if you would have stayed in you would be getting free shipping soon but for now you can use your BV points to pay for the shipping. As for being out of merchandise..that is what it is called… who doesn’t in this world run out of products some time… and as for not ever getting it …that is your fault for not calling the office and not telling them. It happened to me and I called got my merchandise right away with a apology.

      Brandon says April 6, 2017


      I’m not going to even try to talk to you anymore, had to erase your last comment. Don’t try to attack others. This is no longer Bonvera mind control…


Tilman says February 24, 2017

Wait, this Brandon guy is a troll – he did this for an online company in the uk. He gets paid to disrupt new businesses Lol.

    Brandon says February 26, 2017

    Please tell me how i’m a troll on my own blog? you have asked no questions and saying assuptions and your somehow not a troll?? talk about “the pot calling the kettle black.” Hey if Bonvera works for you stay with it, there are people that are in too deep like yourself and I understand, this is to help others not wanting to waste lots of time and money.

Leigh says February 12, 2017

I want to say personally that bonvera isn’t a MLM scam. Coming from someone who was about to lose everything, i was shown the plan for bonvera, and well because I had nothing else to lose I got in and almost a year later my life has been turned around and all I did was switching my buying from a brick and morter store to online and it saved me time and money. Today I am not high up in the ranks but I make enough money that it has helped me get my life back on track, Ive signed up at least 50-60 people under me and have got them all started on the xo training system as well, again from my experience this is not a scam or a pyramid. It really helps you, they add new items every week and yes some of thier products are more expensive because thats what they call thier house brand products. I now do 80% of my shopping online.

    Brandon says February 22, 2017

    Hey Leigh,

    With this I’m not sure how much you really make or what products your buying and how much cheaper. Like I say to everyone that likes MLM, if it works for you keep on doing it. This is for the others that didn’t get so lucky getting in early or are not into recruiting. I hope that it continues to work for you and please let us know some products that are much cheaper or if you make more money from recruiting than selling memberships cause then we can use them as examples. Other than that it’s really just opinions and this blog is just an opinion. If you feel it works I am not looking to stop you so keep on going and I hope that it keeps getting your life back on track and wish you success.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Joyce says January 20, 2017

Hello. I was with Bonvera for a while and was suckered into it by former Life members who couldn’t make it work at Life. So they jumped ship amd created fear into people, and went to Bonvera which is just anyway in a skirt. In fact a lot of the leaders in Bonvera were a part of QuickStart/anyway and then went to Life. But because life isn’t a “sign up game” (where you sign up and then recruit people & then those under you get you rich,) and because it’s solely based on your own leadership skills, and performance, and that you can pass people up and make more than your upline, that made these Bonvera “leaders” mad because they were getting passed up. So they quit and started another amway.

They just couldn’t lead people the right way and were still stuck on that product type biz, so they decide to start another amway. Where they could be the ones on top and make money off of people signing up under them. Then make those said people purchase products they wouldn’t normally purchase (even though they say you would
Normally purchase them) and then pay out the wazoo for shipping! E commerce isn’t new. This isn’t 1999. Lol! No one wants to hawk toothpaste and energy bars, and pay a ton for shipping. When they could just order it all from AmazonPrime and get free shipping and save more money.

I just can’t believe how since they can’t get any new people in Bonvera, they are trying to recruit all life members. Is sad and pathetic really. Most Life members who have gone to check it out,
and who also signed up in Bonvera, realized it didn’t make sense, and have already come back to Life. (Pun intended.) lol! Life Leadership is in the business of helping get people out of debt, not spend more (or they’d say “invest” more) into products they can get cheaper anywhere else. Sorry but I don’t need vouchers to get three sticks of deodorant. I can buy one as needed for cheaper anywhere else. Sure, I won’t “get paid” by the store but I’ll have more money in my bank account from the savings than I will in the Bonvera business. Total scam and Amazon already beat them to it. Sorry Bonvera but like I said , you are just amway/quickstar in a skirt. Don’t be fooled. And also, the only people that go to Bonvera from Life, are the ones who got suckered because they weren’t doing good in Life (which is their own fault) or because fear was instilled in them. I just hate that now Life Leadership, which is a company that does a lot of good in the world for
People, is now tied to this joke of a business because some “leaders” couldn’t make it work for themself there so he created just another product-hawking company to scam other suckers into unloading their dollars on their “dreams” but really it’s all about Tim marks dreams. He was going bankrupt because he wasn’t following simple finical principles. So he needed a sign up product type biz where he could be the man on top of the pyramid. (That’s public info too) I would suggest your company or the Life Leadership company before any other sign up ponzsi scheme.

JP says November 8, 2016

I actually bought in to this. There isn’t much information until you are a member. Total Scam!! You have to buy their products in order to get even close to the 100 BV. To say you can buy everything online through third party is not true. I was sold on the “do your grocery shopping online though Walmart and get paid for it”. That is FALSE. You get paid out what Walmart affiliate program offers….food/grocery is not included! Their marketing alone is a scam. Interestingly enough they were happy to give me my money back when I pointed out the flaws. Worst MLM Scheme yet!!! I did get a call from one of the higher ups who was kind enough to tell me what a good Christian man he was. Sad they are hiding behind God while scamming thousands.

    Brandon says November 11, 2016

    Thank you so much JP for adding your insight on Bonvera and It’s very good to hear somone telling the truth rather than a rep defend the product like a politician.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

chris says October 20, 2016

Bonvera is a compensated market place its 200$ to join for life. For the 200 they send you their products to try and they are pretty good. IF you want to become an affiliate your obligation is to earn 100BV points monthly. To earn these points all you have to do is shop. You don’t have to buy any Bonveras products, you can go to Walmart, Target, Gander Mountain, best buy. It’s all the same prices I can order auto parts from a major chain select in store pick up and I’m making money and earning points to my BV. How much do you spend at Walmart or other stores every month? How much are you getting paid to do it when you go to these stores. If you really want to make money you can recruit people to do the same thing SHOP it’s no different then buying a Sam’s club or Costco membership. BUT for each person I would recruit I get a percentage of what they spend every month. So how are they selling overstock and stuff nobody wants? unless you sign up you can’t even see all of the products. Why would these big name stores allow Bonvera a portal to their stores? Because they’re smart E-commerce and a compensated market place is the future. Lets see who makes more money Black Friday or Cyber Monday. One thing I do know is I will get a piece of the pie you wont. Maybe you should interview someone using this business. nobody’s getting ripped off you should re-evaluate.

Chris A

BTW what are you selling Brandon

    Brandon says October 21, 2016

    Hey Chris,

    I understand that your apart of bonvera and it’s going to be hard to hear anything other than a sales pitch back from you. I understand this is getting touted as going to revolutionize the way we do things but when have you not heard a MLM say this?

    Also If you don’t answer any questions and give more statements people can see what it’s like to talk with a Bonvera rep.

    This is for the benefit of readers and not cause I really wanted to rebuttal. Normally your comment would just go to spam as you did not comment about what’s in the article rather just giving your elevator pitch with a scarcity close.

    Also you mention this is a “compensated market place” which is just a trademarked buzz word that means nothing to nobody except all the people sold at Bonvera.

    I’m sure it’s great right now for people like you to try to rake in recruits left and right while this is still new.

    This is what many seasoned MLM marketers do. They jump ship from one new MLM to the next and just recruit as fast as they can.

    So now this is your 2nd or 3rd MLM and you got in early, this might be a good deal for you, as once it dies down your off to the next new shiny MLM.

    You’re just promoting just like all the other MLM’s until you either figure out it will work for a little bit or just bail and get in early with another one.

    You jump around a lot and just say things are great without any explanation, very network marketer-ish of you.

    So you said and I Quote “To become an affiliate your obligation is to earn 100BV points monthly. To earn these points all you have to do is shop.

    Well first that forces people to want to buy and when they can’t buy enough of the garbage that they sell they will start trying to recruit. Then soon just like all other MLMs out there it’s just members mainly buying the product and when there is too many members it’s just members selling other members which doesn’t work. Also how much do you have to spend in order to get 100 BV points?? is it a dollar for one point or lower? I’ll bet your not so willing to answer all these questions.

    You also say You don’’t have to buy any Bonveras products, you can go to Walmart, Target, Gander Mountain, best buy.

    So right here what do you mean by that??

    You can get any product that you want from Walmart, Target, Gander Mountain, best buy


    Just certain items that just so happen to also be found at Walmart, Target, Gander Mountain, best buy also??

    You asked “How much are you getting paid to do it when you go to these stores”

    Well it depends, if I have a card at places such as Kroger stores I have got many cash bonuses for shopping and using that free prepaid kroger/fredmyer rewards card and when you make purchases you get credits towards shopping, what makes bonvera so revolutionary over just that?

    “It’s all the same prices I can order auto parts from a major chain select in store pick up and I’m making money and earning points to my BV.

    Also can you get auto parts you actually need, through bonveras auto chain partner??

    What type of auto parts can you order? From What Major chains?? I’m not talking about a windshield wiper blade for a ford Taurus or some gold curb finders and lience plate holders etc or anything lame like that.

    Can you buy auto parts for a 1989 Mercedes 260E such as console parts or maybe a water pumps or complete wiring harness or how about a RIGHT REAR SUSPENSION SPINDLE KNUCKLE with Bearing? Or what about even a window regulator for Mercedes? First does Bonvera have a partner where you can even get those?

    If you could just tell me what the window regulator would cost and how much of a savings or even how many Bonvera points can you earn? I’m assuming you can’t get it and even if you could, you would not get many points, Ill bet you get more points buying the crap they want to get rid of.

    you stated “it’s no different than buying a Sam’s club or Costco membership?”
    Are you sure about this, can you get everything that you can get at Costco through Bonvera??? When you shop at Costco do you get Bonvera credits or do you have to buy certain things, Be honest there Chris??

    Also I’m willing to bet you still shop at regular stores and Amazon why is that??? Oh yeah right Bonvera doesn’t have a lot of things that you really need just stuff that looks good when trying to sell other person on the opportunity.

    “So how are they selling overstock and stuff nobody wants? Unless you sign up you can’t even see all of the products.”

    How are they not?? You explained nothing without one example of why you think that they don’t just sell overstocked garbage? Like I asked above can they get Mercedes or even BMW parts like a water pump DISA valve etc. Or just sell things like Ford Windshield wipers?

    Let everybody know or give a taste of some of these amazing products that I couldn’t see and what they are and what brand??

    Answer these, Can you get everything you need at Bonvera or are you still shopping at Amazon And Walmart etc?

    So I understand that paying that fee seems reasonable for you to get a discount (probably cause your a member). I like costco somtimes for the specific things that I can get from there or the quality. Now you see I say quality, can you get Trident brand cod fillets at Bonvera??

    Can you get for example Canidae Dog Food, or even blue buffalo dog food at bonvera? ALSO WHAT IS THE SHIPPING?????

    If Not why would you go to Bonvera over Amazon or a pet store that actually carries it and gives you a buy 10 bags one free incentive?? If Amazon sucked I could see a reason to maybe go to Bonvera but I can’t in my wildest dreams understand why you think you’re getting a deal buying garbage overstocked items and products at a discount.

    Can you get any perishable items such as Organic Goat milk Kefir, can you get fresh organic produce?

    I’m assuming you will answer NO.. Then yet again i’m still going to have to go to the grocery store, Bonvera wont work for that so why would I buy some stuff at bonvera and then the rest at the grocery store? To get how many points and what kind of savings?

    I can almost guarantee you can find Purina or Pedigree dog food anywhere for cheap what makes their crap dog food they stock (that will kill your dog early by the way) any better cause you get Bonvera points??

    Then Here is a big question…. How much is the shipping on a 30 pound bag of dog food that is shipped separate and not in a pallet??? Be honest?

    How much do you have to ship to get free shipping? Man I know you will never answer these questions, at least truthfully, cause you can’t.

    Can you get organic bath products that are free from many perfumes and toxic additives. If so tell me the brand and can you give me an ingredient list???

    Do you sell any other energy drinks besides Phyzix Energy like the ones people want such as red bull and monster energy drinks which are terrible but just curious if you provide a special discount for cases of Red bull?? As nobody cares about Phyzix Energy.

    What’s in Phyzix Energy drinks? Well I will let you know it’s crap and if your going to drink crap it might as well be good crap to get you amped like red bulls or rockstars.

    The Physic Energy ingredients: carbonated water, crystalline fructose, pomegranate juice concentrate, organic acai juice concentrate, malic acid, and natural flavors

    Ok lets break down what if anything makes Phyzicx drinks good…

    Carnbonated water – (who knows the source just basic fluorinated tap water no filtration or special spring or artesian well water used)

    crystalline fructose – (This is not some amazing sweetener like stevia or raw honey, grade B maple syrup or coconut sugar this is equally just as bad)

    Pomegranate juice concentrate, organic acai juice concentrate – (These are the only thing that are supposed to be good and they’re both just from concentrate which is not good for you)

    Malic acid – (Malic acid is commonly used in sour candies, including hard candies and is not good for enamel on teeth)

    Natural flavors – (This is hit and miss but is not needed unless hiding something like a bad taste from low quality non healthy juice concentrates)

    The reason the stuff that bonvera is able to give points of some sort on is due to this stuff being the cheap & toxic ingredient brands that people like me don’t want.

    There is a lot more people like me now that don’t want that garbage, so those products are for sale for cheap inside Bonvera after they just affiliate partner with them.

    Then they get people to pay yearly for a huge coupon/entertainment book forcing them to buy lots of stuff they don’t need and trying to figure out ways to use them.

    Can you get Anything besides Pedigree and Purina crap dog food that should be free at bonvera just for example purpose?

    Can you get anything besides garbage products for cheap was my problem. You just came on here and made a sale presentation and then said how your getting a piece of the pie and I wont, it sounds like you’re scared and hoping this MLM will be different.

    Go spread your cult scriptures elsewhere and when your a multi millionaire come back and tell me you told me so LOL… I know you would just come back and lie to me…. but you and I both know that it’s B.S the difference is, you know it but sell the idea to others… I know it but am actually warning people about it.

    I think you need to spread the Bonvera Message somewhere else, Perhaps to your friends and family as my blog and readers are not your friends and family.

    Oh and you asked

    “BTW what are you selling Brandon”

    Well it’s a alternative to set up a real business online rather than a MLM that keeps draining your money. Also I have done research on your product how about you? Just click the link and find out for yourself, there is no mystery or secret unlock code to find out, So please chris the passive aggressive attitude works with your MLM friends but not here.

    As Always thanks For Stopping By,
    Commando Brando

      Chris says October 21, 2016

      I can see you still haven’t done any research. All other reviews have NOTHING bad to say about Bonvera. You go on and on about buying obscure auto parts that nobody carries duh. If you want auto parts you can go to 2017 ford escape wipers are 13 to 22 dollars they have 3 brands. You want dog food go to order whatever food Petsmart has I can see a dozen or so brands and SHIPPING is FREE. I’m buying from Petsmart not Bonvera walmart, best buy, Target it’s their websites not Bonvera it’s not shipped by Bonvera it’s the actual retail store AND I GET PAID TO DO IT. I don’t have a problem with Amazon or any other store for that. What is Amazon Prime? Just another membership fee isn’t it but you have to pay it every year. They sell this by saying you get free shipping, it’s all kind of the same isn’t it…
      Go on Bonvera check out all the affiliate stores you buy what you need not like other MLMs push on you.
      Like I said before why do all these big name stores allow Bonvera to have a portal to THEIR websites?
      Can you imagine in a few years from now when they have so much internet traffic, other retailers will be begging to let them on their website. Bonvera launched in March new products are added everyday.

        Brandon says October 22, 2016

        ATTN Readers: This is another person High on MLM and this is for example purposes for you to learn from…. This person will beat around the bush and never answer my questions. I will put this disclaimer in first as I feel he will not answer these questions straight and just give me the run around. This is just to show you that these are the questions you ask to these network marketers trying to pressure you into this opportunity. All His Questions are in bold and I have laid out good questions people would want to know all with numbers on the side so it’s easy for a person who is not lying to answer back… Lets see how many he answers…I’m still not sure if this is chris mattis from Bonvera just trolling.

        ATTN: CHRIS the original commenter: I have numbered all the questions in hopes that you wont try to side step them like most Network marketers like to do.

        I can see you still haven’t done any research

        I can see you didn’t answer my questions? Answer the next questions as I have done or your next sales pitch response will go to spam. I have done research, don’t just start making things up.

        You go on and on about buying obscure auto parts that nobody carries duh

        On and On about auto parts no one carries, duh…?? Are you 13 yrs old? Those are two cars I needed parts for constantly, when I did how would Bonvera be useful??

        #1 so If you can’t get those parts through Bonvera at a dicount tell me how is that more convenient??

        Also why did you answer about the windshield wipers? I was saying that is all your beloved Bonvera probably carried, I was giving you a example as to say you can get Ford wiper blades anywhere.

        #2 Let me ask you if you, if you buy $100 at how many Bonvera points do you get???

        #3 Then how much of a discount do you get at with a bonvera membership?

        #5 As you say you need 100BV how much do you have to buy to get a BV Bonvera Point buying from other places besides Bonvera???

        #6 So you keep saying only pay once…So are you saying you don’t you have to keep a certain number of people recruited?

        #7 If so how many recruits do you need to keep and retain to get the 100 bv points a month???

        #8 So again if you buy from Petsmart what super deal or discount are you getting??

        #8 Same with walmart and Target what super deal do you get??? What type of discount or are you just getting Bonvera points

        #9 Is it only on certain things that Bonvera chooses in the store or is it a general blanket discount on all the items store wide???

        #10 So now that you get points built up, do those get used to stay qualified each month to be a distributor??

        #11 How many points do you use to get discount on bonvera website does 1 point equal $1 dollar??

        Also You’re a network marketer posing as an affiliate, You’re not an affiliate, just wanted you to know that and your just taking and trying to borrow affiliate marketing’s good name, why don’t you call yourself what you are a network marketer if your so proud of it wuit trying to call yourself an affiliate.

        Target it’s their websites not Bonvera it’s not shipped by Bonvera it’s the actual retail store AND I GET PAID TO DO IT. I don’t have a problem with Amazon or any other store for that. What is Amazon Prime? Just another membership fee isn’t it but you have to pay it every year. They sell this by saying you get free shipping, it’s all kind of the same isn’t it…

        #12 Boy o Boy if it’s all kind of the same, as your claim with bonvera vs Amazon then why would I go use Bonvera again???? Amazon is way better than Bonvera also but seriously why, so you can get discounts on garbage and get points to buy more garbage at bonvera with your points and be qualified to sign up others to sell memberships to buy more garbage overstock products??

        #13 Why do you want Bonvera points??? Is it to buy things at Petsmart and Target, Will they accept Bonvera points??

        #14 You see your just buying products from these stores and bonvera gets the affiliate commission and you get a small cut probably in the form of points. Then you can take those points and use them to either stay commission qualified when you sign others up to this Bonvera scam or they give you a discount on the stuff they carry on the Bonvera site, is this not correct?? If not please educate myself and all the people reading.

        Can you imagine in a few years from now when they have so much internet traffic, other retailers will be begging to let them on their website

        Yeah I could if Bonvera is smart enough to sign up for an affiliate program with Target and then basically herd a bunch of people like yourself into buying from these companies just so they can get worthless BV points then I would say yeah I could imagine.

        There is just not enough people that will think this is a good deal… Chris, have you ever thought that maybe You’re sitting on a land mine not a gold mine? Do you want to bet whos going to bigger in the future Bonvera or Amazon? Come back in a few years and let me know.

        Please answer each numbered questions thoroughly or it will show all the readers here that you and many others involved in this program are just looking to make a quick buck just like all the other MLM’s.

        #15 These should be easy to answer if this was such a good deal but I’m sure you wont answer them completely and give me some sort of political answer. I just put this article up and the first ones are always people high up on the pyramid as they’re trolling scam reviews way early, so I’m curious is this Chris Mattis? Or are you really chris Columbus?

        #16 Please let everyone know how early did you sign up for Bonvera Like the first week it started??

        Thanks For Stopping By,

    Deborah K Nenninger says April 4, 2017

    Amen to you Chris… I totally agree. The products are not second hand rejects.. My husband and I bought NEW golf cart tires for a old clunker we are over doing for the campground. He had bought 1 off of Ebay for $60 he thought that was cheap. This was before we signed up for Bonvera. Later he realized we need 2 more tires for the golf cart so we went to Bonvera to the affiliated stores and bought 2 tires for $36 each. Big savings and they were new tires. These affiliated stores are not going to sell you junk. That would ruin their reputation. Although we have to wait 120 days to receive our BV from the affiliated stores, it is well worth it. Most of the things I’m reading here as complaints are people that have not read or understood how it all works. Its is a shame that people have to ruin a good thing. It isn’t Amazon yet and it will take time…you can’t become a giant over night so You who want to complain you have no patience and have no faith. I may or may not get rich doing this.. doesn’t matter to me. I love the people and the business and the challenge.

      Brandon says April 6, 2017


      Keep doing Bonvera don’t ever quit. Please if your here just to promote more MLM profaganda go do it somewhere else.

      I’m sick of hearing people who are a part of this supposed huge movement, that are then so worried that one article will ruin it for everybody. If you’re making good money and like the product why are you here??

      Stop reading this and commenting and go sell more Bonvera to all the people who need it so badly.

      It just amazes me that you love the products and the buisiness so much but you’re not focused on making money but rather wasting time arguing with me, like Chris. I see you’re probably going to try to say you hve so much time on your hands from doing Bonvera that you can do this. Well I can agree that you have a lot of time on your hands…. but you don’t have alot of money, as anyone that is making money with this and doing good would not even give this article a quick glance let alone spend time commenting like you and apparently your friend Chris.

      You would not worry or obsess about this article unless you were worried about Bonvera not working. Your insecure about your offer working, so you take this frustration out on me when really I’m not the one, so you wasted more time.

      Well Deborah I hope you do Bonvera for the rest of your life, please never stop.

      I will be living my life whether you stay or leave Bonvera but try not to let my blog make you so scared and insecure, if Bonvera is good you will still be able to sell them without having to lurk on blogs so you can say Amen to others and not even make your own points of view.

      Well can’t wait for you to come back and show me bonvera is beating Amazon but until then you might want to hold off on all the Amens and hallelujahs.

      Thanks For Stopping By,

Clayton says October 11, 2016

Thanks for the informative and interesting Review!! There are just so many MLM schemes out there that mess people around. I am so happy that you have taken the time to help others make the right choice as to which programs to follow.

Thanks for the review, I will be sure to avoid it!!

There are so many really good affiliate programs out there that could benefit others so much more.

Chris says October 11, 2016

Well it sounds as if Tim and Amy Marks are the only ones that are ever going to get a villa in the Maldives from this offer – MLM is setup for the bottom feeders to fail and the top level to thrive (every time!)..
Great to see someone taking the bull by the horns and calling a scam like it is – good on you!

Evie says October 7, 2016

I had never heard about this company before so popped over to see their website as they are trying to be an Amazon killer. Well they seem to have very few products – clicking on household just gave one page and everything was mixed up together. Air fresheners mixed in with dog food. Seems to be an abundance of cleaning products – the ones you can usually get at the cheap dollar or pound stores as they are overstock. Here though they are selling them for way more than the dollar store does.

I have a great dislike of MLM – it promises too much and delivers nothing to those on the bottom rung. They keep thinking they have to put more and more into it as they are already so invested. So thanks for highlighting this one as another scam

    Brandon says October 7, 2016

    Hey Evie,

    Thats what I was thinking as they have just haphazardly put a bunch of cheap products in at random. I love that you pointed out the air freshners with dog food as you hit the nail on the head, there is no organization ot good value products. I’m sure a Bonvera rep will come on here and say otherwise.

    This is funny that they would even bring attention to themselves by saying they’re going to take on Amazon and Walmart.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Gary says October 6, 2016

Yikes! Bonvera! Another MLM. That’s the last thing we need. You nailed it when you wrote that MLM is basically a Ponzi scheme with products thrown in.

Why would anyone want to build a business that requires you to chase after your friends and family? With affiliate marketing, you can build a legitimate online business and let the people come to you. It’s so much easier and cheaper to do business that way.

Brandon, where’s a good place to learn affiliate marketing?

    Brandon says October 7, 2016

    Hey Gary,

    Yeah I agree with you, another MLM is the last thing anyone needs but it’s so funny how they pop up again and again with their David Koresh, Jim Jones or Ron Hubbard Type speaches. I wonder how long this will continue as it seems there are always scammers and then there are always lots of followers.

    Yes My #1 Reccommedation is definitely the best place that at leat i have ever come accross to learn how to actually earn money with affiliate marketing. It’s also one of the best for the reason that you can try it for free and even get 10 free lessons of the 1 part of one certification course. You can join for free, remain and free member as long as you like, along with the ability to build two free websites with them.

    If you or anyone else is interested just click the links above and sign up a free membership and I will get in to contact with you to once you are inside and show you around.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


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