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Price:  $19.95 a year to just shop more to become a rep

What Is Bonvera A Scam Or Legit? – Are Bonvera Products And Their System Really Good Enough To Be The Next Amazon?

Is Bonvera a scam? Well I’m going to lay out some info and let you decide for yourself.what_is_bonvera_a_scam_tim_amy_marks

This is yet again another MLM trying to make some average products to make them legitimate and not a pyramid scheme. No matter how you slice it, they’re all just basically a Ponzi or pyramid scheme with a product thrown in. The reps and members will tell you otherwise but it’s true.

It seems like this company is founded by Tim and Amy Marks, Mark Paul and a few others from the Life Leadership MLM company from what I could find. They really do not show exactly who the owner is or at least do not make it easy to find.

Many will think that they’re not a scam just because of the product they add into the business model.

Many think that you can just sell it or buy it and there is no pressure to continue buying it.

That is what these MLM companies want you to think but if you’re not at the top you’re working hard for very little.

Just remember if you think just because people make money it’s not a scam, then I want to let you know something.  

Many pyramids and ponzis made money for many people as well, in some case a lot of money for a longer period than you may have thought. The Bonvera pyramid scheme is the same thing it just throws in products to make it legal. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it will make you money. 

So I wont go off on a rant about MLM network marketing anymore but if you would like to read more you can check out this article explaining what is network marketing  and why you most likely will want to get out when you can or never join in the first place.


What Is Bonvera Exactly

What is Bonvera

This company has been said to be similar to basically mashing up Amway, Quixstar and various MLM internet malls or shopping clubs.

The problem with these shopping clubs are not that they don’t have a good bargin on the products. The main problem is they’re selling their members and shoppers the overstocked products that typically no one wants anymore for one reason or another. 

When these undesirable items are sold at a discount, people who feel they’re getting a deal when really manufacturers want to unload that specific product for one reason or another.what_is_bonvera_a_scam_store_products

Also of time I have noticed that a lot of the products are those that use questionable ingredients.

Like for example Pedigree dog food. If you want to kill your dog early, then feed them Pedigree, as it is horrible dog food.

I would never buy that food for my dogs and because of people like me Buying foods like Canidae and Blue Buffalo, there is a lot more Pedigree on the shelves.

Then manufacturers like pedigree, want to unload surplus of extra inventory and that is where companies like Bonvera come in. 

many of the products they carry would most likely even be on sale if you bought them in the stores.

A lot of the products they sell are products you just don’t need, that typically look good and useful when you see them but later you, barely use or never use.

This is similar to the coupon books you can buy. It’s hard to utilize all the coupons and a lot of times they’re for food items and restaurants that you would normally not go to.

Then you have to force yourself to go to these places just to get a discount.

This is similar to Bonvera because they’re starting to get lots of items. The problem? They’re items are just not needed or are unhealthy or something that makes them undesirable to the general public. Places like Bonvera sells them to their customers while saying they have their best interest in mind.

They also will add way higher shipping. So not only are you buying stuff that you don’t need at a slight discount but then buying way more than you need just to get a fair price on shipping. When manufacturers ship to stores they just ship big pallets instead of individual orders. 

When really they want to just sell unwanted or overstocked items to you. If they really cared there would be nothing but whole foods and organic grain free dog foods and no as seen on TV crap. 

I guess if you like the stuff on Bonvera and you could really see yourself using them, then I’m wrong and in your case go for it.

This is for the people who are not hard-core MLM’ers and enjoy the company of their family and friends and like useful products.  For most including myself there is nothing on there of real value. The only thing they have going for them is they do offer these lower quality items at a lower prices at least.

What Is The Value Of Bonvera what_is_bonvera_a_scam_tim_marks_life_leadership

So what is the value of Bonvera? Well not much unless you consider having the “ex-life Leadership council member” Tim Marks a huge value.

Then before that he jumped ship with Monavie. This is a guy that moved from a few MLM companies saying each was the best ever.

This starts to dilute his credibility as he is really just jumping from one to the next trying to get a better position on the pyramid. 

If you would like to read a little more about his background Check this out here

They claim that Tim Marks left for moral reasons as he could not get his downline to make money. This makes him sound noble when really it’s nothing more than a politician telling you if you elect them they will lower taxes and then doesn’t.

He will do the same thing and sell the same type of overpriced under valued products that get people in a bad situation unless you’re like Tim and jump from one MLM scheme to another until you get in at the right time.

Is Bonvera A Scam? – Why Selling A Bunch Of Average Products Is Nothing New

Bonvera is starting off mainly selling energy drink and energy bars. They’re slowly trying to expand to sell many other products. The products as of now are just average quality products with no real reason to start shopping there over Amazon. 

I Just Wanted To Remind Anyone Thinking Of Joining Bonvera:

#1 If you cannot make any money without buying the product first, you’re getting hustledbonvera_scam_complaints_comments-min

#2 When you sell something anywhere of value you never have to buy them first (except for optionally opting to buy a couple of item to understand the product)

#3 The minute it’s more profitable to recruit rather than sell the average run of the mill products, you’re getting into a pyramid/ponzi scheme.

The only real difference is there is a dummy product line to give the illusion of a real business. .

#4 if you have to sign up under someone else before you can make money it’s time to cut bait and walk away. 

I’m not the only one complaining just check out some of these comments I found And this company is just getting started.


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Bonvera Will Be The Next Amazon And Walmart?

Bonvera is making crazy claims like they want to be selling everything that you want. Well that’s not a very easy task for a company that sells average stuff that seems like just overstocked unwanted items you can get at an outlet store.

Also they say things like they will be taking on Amazon and becoming bigger or as big. Well it’s nice to have big dreams but I’m willing to bet the farm that Bonvera will not succeed in the goal of being as big as Amazon.

Amazon is doing well because of the way they sell other products besides their own. And have made a massive platform for many to also sell like E-bay. Not to mention the products they have people actually want.

Ok well Bonvera is trying to convince you that it’s not the same old thing, so it’s probably going to be the same old thing just with a facelift.

These guys from bonvera said the same motivational things in Monavie and In Life Leadership what makes Bonvera any different really?

They keep making claims like “Bonvera is going to change the e-commerce World!”

When you hear they will be as big as Amazon and Walmart do you really believe them?

If you do, you need to really do some more in-depth research on what Amazon and Walmart offer.  Amazon and Walmart have more products bought in a hour by real customers than probably Bonvera has in year with distributors and supposed real customers.

Also they are just affiliated with other companies have you sell them and take a cut of your profits and charge more to make money on shipping as well. what_is_bonvera_a_scam_affiliations

It’s definitely laughable that anyone would think a MLM like Bonvera will become Amazon and Walmarts competition.

The main reason is with walmart and Amazon the profits do not go to a few people at the top like MLM’s, it will go to shareholders.

Bonvera just knows that saying this will sound good at sales presentations and anyone who believes it, already qualifies themselves as an easy sale.

This e-commerce domination idea has been done before and this is not a new thing.

The problem is the people that they get to sign up and believe all of this, after getting the hyped up rah-rah motivation speeches feel like they’re actually helping people selling their MLM products.

If you’re going to join an MLM just make sure to keep track of your true business expenses.

Many with MLM’s don’t do this and feel they’re making money when really they’re just breaking even at best. You will notice that most MLM’s training does not seem to cover profit and loss because you typically have more loss than real profit when you add it all up.

Do You Think That Bonvera Will Be Different?

Well if you’re considering joining this MLM chances are you have joined one before. If you haven’t consider yourself lucky.

If you think back to all the MLM motivational speeches

  1. How many of them got you to think you were going to make loads of money?
  2. Then think how that turned out.
  3. If you’re not one of the main top people or the owners, do you think that Bonvera will be any different from the other MLMs or do you just hope it will be?

If you just hope it will be better, chances are you’re in for another bumpy ride. 

What Is Bonvera A Scam Or Legitimate Amazon Competitor? | My Thoughts On Bonvera

So is Bonvera a scam? Well if you’re not looking to hustle your butt off and lose friends and make very little money then I would have to say this is not a good idea. It’s really up to you and your gut feeling if you enjoy selling things like Amway and Mary Kay then go for it. I don’t know about you but my gut screams run the other way.

What Other Options Do You Have?  

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