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What Is Blogpress? This Will Help You Set Up Your Blog But Will It Help You Actually Earn Money?

    Name: Blogpressblogpresslogo
    Price: $19 a month

    What Is Blogpress Summary:

    This course is overall good and is not a scam. With that said it also is mainly for beginners to help them get a blog set up and take care of technical problems. The main problem is once these beginners get their blogs up they typically struggle to make money and then to make good consistent money.

    With this course It has a short free trial for 14 days but you need to enter your credit card to try it out, then you have to cancel with a help ticket. If you’re wanting everything all in one place and the ability to get personal coaching/mentoring and access to others in the same stage of leaning as you, then
    #1 I would suggest this course HERE.  Also you can try it without your credit card and has everything all in one place.

    If you feel you’re more intermediate to advanced and would like to learn how to increase revenue and or ramp up an existing website
    #2 you may want to try this Top Recommended Program Here And Get 5 WEEK Trial For Free Through This Link HERE.


    What Is Blogpress – This Will Help Set Up Your Website But Will It Help You Actually Earn Money?

    So I have seen this blogging platform and training center called Blogpress for a while now. I thought I probably need to look into this program a bit and see what they offer. At first it seems very similar to My #1 Recommendation but cheaper so I thought this seems pretty good, I wonder what the catch is?

    Well It’s a solid program for what it does but will this lead to just setting up a blog or website that functions but doesn’t actually work to make money?

    In this review I will cover the differences that seem minor at first but could mean the difference of making money or making nothing later on.

    If you would like to skip to the bottom and read my final summary Just CLICK HERE.

    What Is Blogpress? Building A Blog Without The Technical Work

    So Blogpress is basically a platform that guides you on how to get a blog set up. They talk about setting it up around your passion or interests which is nothing new. The best thing about Blog press is really that the price is low. At $14.95 you get a website and step by step training and a support desk to ask questions.

    What they offer:

    • Step by step training
    • Support
    • Blog hosting
    • Themes
    • Blog set up service
    • Video tutorials
    • 14 day trial

    This course just does not really compare to my #1 recommendation even though it is very similar but I will discuss that a little later.

    although if you want something simple to show you the basics of just getting a website up and running then Blogpress could be an OK option.

    They have a get started with Blogpress area where they have categories like:

    • What To Expect in the course
    • Your Blogpress account
    • How to get help and support
    • When to change your blogs theme
    • Adding categories to your blog
    • Adding menus and navigation to your blog
    • Tips for writing your first post
    • Add images to your post

    Now if you’re looking at those categories above and are thinking those seem very basic, well that’s because they are. If you’re a beginner and really have never done anything online then this may help you understand how to set things up. If you’re a beginner but have tried a few things and practiced building a blog this will probably not be advanced enough.

    Their price is low monthly but you get what you pay for.

    They have a 14 day trial when I know of two courses off the top of my head that offer better courses and better trials. My #1 recommendation offers a free membership for as long as you wish with two free websites.

    Also another course the course I suggest more for intermediate marketers here has a 5 week trial if you go through this link. These two courses offer a lot more value and training and theory on how to grow and build your business and not just setting up and blog.

    With Blogpress you’re saving some money monthly but there is a reason, they don’t charge as much.


    • They don’t cost as much
    • They help you set up blog without all the technical trouble


    • They don’t offer training that is very in-depth and will mainly just enable you to get a blog up
    • Very basic overview on how to earn money
    • You don’t have access to personal coaching, mentoring or other research tools and resources to help you actually earn money with your blog
    • No special tools or resources to help your blog rank better and faster.
    • When you buy your own domain you will be charged extra for email accounts and privacy.
    • Their subdomains only have a 5gb limit.


    They have their 90 day blogging success plan that was good for beginners.

    They cover

    Blogpress overview:

    • How to change blog title, tagline, and header image
    • How to add categories to your blog
    • Setting up menus and navigation
    • Adding widgets to side bar


    • Tips for writing first blog post
    • Start blogging
    • Add images to your post


    • Seo and Internet marketing basics
    • In content SEO with Yoast plugin
    • Social Media 101
    • 5 Step social media plan
    • Email marketing why you must build your list now
    • Setting up email subscribe form
    • Making money
    • How to make money blogging
    • Affiliate marketing 101
    • Getting started with clickbank
    • Getting started with Google adsense
    • Where to place ads on your blog

    They have a very good inspiring video presentation that you should watch in the beginning that explains how we all are holding ourselves back. This is very helpful to internalize when just starting out blogging.

    They have a good course but it still needs a lot more to get you from knowing what you need to do and actually being able to do it. Rather than getting some tips you need action plans to actually start doing what you need to do, to actually earn consistent income online. 

    What Is Blogpress? Why This Hosting With Basic Training Cost More Than Shared Hosting But Less Than Other Programs Like It?

    They do not really have a free trial as you have to put in your credit card to get the 14 day trial and then you have to cancel or you will be billed. Unlike my #1 recommendation where you can get a lifetime free membership where you can get the first 10 lessons and 2 free subdomains sites for free.

    So this really gives you a quick overview and general way to earn money online. This is going to be better than just signing up with any host and starting out on your own.

    The only problem is the info is going to barely be enough to get you going and that’s it. You will build a basic blog and get a basic overview of how to earn money blogging. The course will not be able to serve as anything more than just a beginner overview blogging course.

    Do you want to learn more than just the basics of setting up a blog?  

    Would you like to find the juicy things that everyone setting up a blog needs to actually take action on to get customers and get sales?

    Then you will want to try something a little more focused like This training here.

    Blogpress is above a beyond a typical host as a host is just there to give hosting and that is why they’re typically so in-expensive. So they do out perform a regular shared hosting company by offering upgraded hosting, basic training and better tech support.

    When you start comparing Blogpress to just normal basic hosts it’s an unfair comparison. Blogpress offer more than regular host but also cost more. What about when you compare them with other programs that are in the same type of class?

    When you compare Blogpress to My #1 Recommendation you will find that blog press is missing a few things.

    You can just about find the same information with the free training and free websites as you can with Blogpress $14.95 a month.


    My other Top recommendation for intermediate to advanced internet marketers.
    If you click-through this link here will get a full 5 week trial.

    This course will train you much more in-depth on how you need to go about building your business, choosing topic, defining your audience and actually making a real business. They really explain why many fail and how you can learn from their mistakes.

    So basically Blogpress is a solid service but it depends on what you’re wanting. If you’re just wanting a simple but good host and have blogpress deal with most of the technical stuff for you then it may be worth the $14.95 a month. This is also good for beginners just getting set up on a tight budget.

    I’m not very fond of the way they do free trial as they only give you 14 days as My #1 Recommendation lets you stay a free member for life and my other top recommendation allows you to get 5 WEEKS FOR FREE with A Credit Card, going through this link HERE…. You just need to cancel.

    With Blogpress you only get 14 days like I said above. You also have to actually get charged for it upfront and then you need to cancel.

    They state that it is not assumed so you need to open a support ticket to ask a refund.

    I would say that it’s a good start for some completely new to blogging but for others who understand hosting you could just use Linode or Digital Ocean like they use to host your blog. You could then choose not to get help from Blogpress and not get the basic training.

    Getting your own host in the beginning will save a little money up front. It may end up costing you more in the long run, spending loads of time trying to figure some basic things out.

    When you get all the technical stuff taken care of you wont have much control over technical stuff, and will sort of forget how to so it, so if this bothers you, you may not like Blogpress. This is typically just fine for most beginner blog owners. Even someone like me, likes the easy load websites, as it used to be a pain in the butt sometimes to load them on and set them up myself.

     What Is Blogpress A Scam Or Legit?

    Blogpress Is Not A Scam Just Not The Top Program In It’s Class – Final Summary

    Well I would say that if you’re just starting out, never have done anything technical with a blog and just are looking to learn a basic overview of how to set up a blog then Blogpress could be for you. They could also be for you if you have an existing bricks and mortar business and just want to learn how to build and site and host it. The problem comes from when you actually want to make money with things like blogging for profit with internet marketing and affiliate niche marketing. 

    If you’re a beginner and are looking for a place to give you a foundation in Affiliate Marketing and running a blog for profit, then I have the perfect program for you to try for FREE.  This program also has all the hosting, training and research tools all taken care of, in one place. This is also truly a free membership trial…. Check out my #1 Recommendation for yourself here.

    If you’re a beginner but you have been through a few courses and you felt that they where not giving you the real theory behind making a successful business then you will really like this top recommendation. 

    Make your business better and set it up to convert better than if you followed a basic one size fits all beginner course. This course takes you all the way from beginner to advanced marketer.

    So when it’s all said and done I would say that Blogpress is a good program to use for beginners.
    If you’re looking for a basic theory overview of how to earn money with your blog and some technical help setting it up then Blogpress might be good for you.

    I would say it’s safe to just give them a test and see if your still on the fence. Trying Blogpress out would not be a bad idea. Beware, that you need to add your credit card to start. You need to actually put in a help ticket to cancel or you will be charged after the 14 days. 

    This is a legit and solid program that is decent for the price but they’re a few things I think could be problems in the future. These problems seem small but could be the big difference between you just building a blog and you actually making money from your blog.

    The support team with Blogpress is there to answer technical blog questions as that is common but that is only for problems with WordPress. If you need personal coaching, private message mentoring from owners, tips or updated video trainings you will not get that with Blogpress.

    This is a lot bigger difference than it sounds as I was able to get websites up and hosted way before I could actually make money with them.


    Cause I was doing it my way, not the right way.

    Just a few adjustments changed my results from getting nothing to actually ranking for buyer words and making consistent money.

    Blogpress has been around for a while but they lack a community, so there is no way to network with other like-minded online entrepreneurs.

    You do have to build relationships to get good help with my Recommendation but you can find a TON of information just meeting new people and you helping them and them helping you (This Is Huge).

    As many have stated before, it’s crucial to have access to some sort of mentor or coaching where the person has been where you’re at. Then you can learn from their mistakes and do the things that they may have wished they did at first, to help dramatically speed up the process.

    Once you set up a blog, learning a basic theory overview will not get you to understand how to actually earn consistent money, (this is a huge reason many people don’t earn money).

    You need to have an up to date targeted plan and the research tools and the help from others to properly craft their blog and offers to actually get sales consistently. This is where mentoring or private forums with other like-minded people and continuing education and updates really come in handy.

    This is why I suggest My #1 Recommendation as it’s not only completely free to try (no credit card) but you can get everything you need all in one place.

    So if you’re just getting started and want to build a real business you own online, you will really want to try out my #1 Recommendation. You will have access to set up, host, research, build, and scale your business online, all in one place. If you would like to find a way that can teach and facilitate you, building a business all in one place, that you can try for free, then I urge you to read this Review HERE and try it for yourself.

    So if you want to just learn how to get a blog up and some theory, Blogpress will work for you.

    If you’re looking for a “super secure, dedicated blazing fast” cloud hosting, keyword research tools, peer-to-peer commenting platform (help with ranking), EZ-website builder, site health dashboard, private forum, access to the owners in private messages for personal coaching, all in one….? Then you may want to also get a free membership with my #1 Recommendation and no credit card is needed to try it at all and it’s free for life.

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