Name: AVA Anderson Non-Toxic What_Is_Ava_Anderson_Non_Toxic_A_Scam_logo
Owners: AVA Anderson
Price:  $99 Start Up Fee
Overall Rating: SCAM
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What Is Ava Anderson Non Toxic? |  An MLM That Is Trying To Hide Something Now Is Pure Haven Essentials?


So, Is Ava Anderson Non Toxic a scam or does this company and its green image have any value?

What_Is_Ava_Anderson_Non_Toxic_A_Scam_Ava_Anderson_old_site_shut_down_waste_of_timeWhat Is Ava Anderson Non Toxic?  Well it’s a company that started out supposedly with good intentions by a 14 yr old girl named Ava Anderson and her family. This company quickly turned from doing well and making money to being scrutinized for not getting organic certifications when they claim they’re Organic and NON Toxic. They were also supposedly unaware that they had synthetic toxic chemicals in their own products. 

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They have already switch companies and now they’re under the name Pure Haven Essentials basically trying to hide something as they were unwilling to answer questions from customers and decided to just shut down the company due to supposedly being told mean things. They most likely shut it down and changed the name because they don’t want people focused on what they put in or sneak in to the product.

If they call themselves Pure haven Essentials I think that they’re hoping that people wont investigate their products as much as when they were called Ava Anderson Non Toxic. By removing Ava’s face from this brand it will likely get many people to slow down calling B.S.

Now they’re probably not going to claim that everything is 100% free of chemicals & completely NON Toxic and Organic, as that is what got them in trouble in the first place.

The problem is they already lied and they would do it again if they have the chance. What is Pure Haven Essentials, Well It’s the same thing as AVA Anderson Non Toxic with same owners just different marketing team, is this a company you want to trust?What_Is_Ava_Anderson_Non_Toxic_A_Scam_Ava_andersons_mom_kim

They have also had some discrepancies about putting certain toxins in their products and not labeling them. Then they denied it and then admitted it and then changed the labeling. 

There was a few Ava Anderson Negative reviews going around and many have figured out the same thing that I have figured out every time I see any MLM products. I think for the basic ingredients used, combined with a high price, it’s never really a good idea to sell any products that are set up with the MLM structure. 

You can go out and get organic shampoo, deodorants and various other beauty products. This reminds me of Rodan and Fields and how they make their skin care product look revolutionary and really it’s the same ingredients as generic skin creams but triple the price and it just does not make sense to me how they get people.

What Is The True Difference?

There is nothing that makes this company different from other organic beauty product for a much less expensive the price. Most of the time I will get MLM’ers in a conversation and I ask what really makes the “PRODUCTS INGREDIENTS” better, not just good things about the product, they tend to change the subject and talk chipper about something else to change the subject.

Also Ava Anderson Non Toxic Is Set Up On An MLM/Network Marketing Type Business Structure

Now network marketing and MLM structures are not illegal and completely a scam but they are so hard to sell as they are always overpriced and you can always get the same quality or most times better product elsewhere for cheaper. This begs the question why are these good at all for the people wanting to sell this product.

I have not yet seen one MLM with a product that is much better or just even a little better than what you can find without signing up and having to buy a membership and pay ridiculously high prices for nothing.

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What Is The Ava Anderson Non Toxic Value? | Do Consumers Actually Buy These Products? 

It’s getting to the point that there are so many MLM’s making such a bad name for themselves that it will just get harder and harder to sell MLM network marketing products. Most of the people who get excited are not consumers but other serial MLM’ers that want to jump ship from their old MLM to a shiny new one.

So whats the problems with that you may ask?

Well the problem is there is no value in these companies, they just try to get as cheap of a product made as they can  and sell it for the highest price they can get away with and that is how an MLM is born. It literally is a Ponzi with a product. If you have an illegal Ponzi scheme and you incorporate a lack luster average plain jane product that has zero need in the market and sell it for double the price that the same product or better is going for. 

The product priced too high for anyone to realistically want to buy it. They’re nothing better than other certified Organic products for less. They also set up the whole business on a network marketing structure which is the worst way for a person who promotes the product to make money. It is however the best way for the owner and top people (Probably Ava Anderson Family members) to make money.

When a business is set up with an MLM structure they get thousands of basically sales men and women who are promoting their products to friends and family and then earn a cut from doing it. 

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The Game Of Selling More People, To Recruit People, With The Opportunity To Recruit More People.

It’s starting to become a game as real consumers are not buying these products and most are bought by the distributors.

People start their memberships and then realize the products are really hard to sell a lot of to make real money. So they sell to mostly others that are already involved in other MLMs wanting to switch to a new company before the one they’re in gets saturated and goes belly up.

Real consumers rarely buy MLM products and it’s a known fact that the distributors of MLM’s are selling themselves. (to the one or two people who will say this is not true I’m sure that some can sell a few products to consumers but the build of the money is made from recruiting and they know it, I know it and now you know it)

The distributors for the MLM’s will then try selling their family and friends on recruiting under them in their downline. This is when things get ugly as you either know “good and well” that the products don’t sell and then you go and sell your friends and family on the opportunity.

The other option is you’re completely oblivious and really are not sure what you got into but still con your friends and family to do the same.

This becomes a game of who has the most friends and family that care about them, as people are only buying this out of pity or they’re uneducated about it. They most likely are confused or afraid that it will start a fight. 

This is what causes many to get into huge fights within families. Typically one person is a die-hard MLM rep trying to sell this at all costs and is willing to burn some bridges.

Then many of the people you try to sell will do some research after seeing the insanely overpriced products and figure out that it’s not for them.

Most people look at an encounter with a MLM sales rep as fun as getting kicked in the nose with a steel toed boot, covered in poop.

MLM’s Want You To Believe They Provide…

  • A good product
  • At a low price
  • Thats in demand or somehow a need for the products in the current market.

The Opposite Is Actually True About MLM Products, As…

  • They have a really average if not bad product
  • They sell for a high price
  • They’re not in need if not saturated in the market already.

These companies rely on crafty tricks and sales to lure people basically into a cult. Many will say these are not cults but legit businesses, well many in religious cults will have the same type of excuses. These are not businesses that you run on your own. You are an overworked employee if you get mixed up with any MLM.

Now just really look at this without all the hype and motivational speeches. Does this really seem like this product has good value or is a good opportunity? 


What Is Ava Anderson All About?


What Is Ava Anderson Exactly And What Makes This Product Better?

Well Ava Anderson sells basic health care products that claim to be completely organic and sells everything from skin care, baby products, mens care, pet care, auto & garden products to essential oils. Now that may seem really neat that they give a lot of product choices but that is something that is hard for huge corporations to execute, let alone this little MLM.

This is similar to a restaurant having everything you could think of and more on the Menu. When a small time place gets in over there head and gets greedy trying to sell everything to everyone they wind up making loads of average lack luster products and when they charge a high price I feel that is just unacceptable.  

So Is Ava Anderson Just Green-Washing You? 

So greenwashing is a term for companies that tell you they are green and healthy and non toxic but then sneak in  non healthy and toxic ingredients still. Sure they will add a few ingredients that make it look healthy and green but then they add extra ingredients they get by not labeling cause they hide them in other things.

For example a company can put in  hundreds of chemicals and then just put on the label “fragrance.” They can learn to hide unwanted things into other ingredients.

This is similar to companies putting in yeast extract into foods and really that is just a way to sneak in MSG as if they put 40% or less MSG in the yeast extract they do not have to label that it has MSG.

If Ava Anderson doesn’t want to go through the certification to get Organic stamp of approval chances are they’re hiding a lot of other chemicals inside other ingredients that they’re not labeling. This is similar to their baby lotion that they added zinc oxide into when they said that they did not and then when they were caught they just quickly changed the labels, I’m not sure if you can trust a company that does something like that. 

They also will add other stabilizers and things for processing that they pretend that they don’t or wouldn’t add as they are all natural. The word all natural is a scam in itself as they use all natural as a way to make people think that it’s healthy. 

Really Heroin can be considered all natural and pure. Sugar can be all natural as well, which yes is still better than anything artificial or synthetic but it can still be damaging but the advertising has made it look like it’s healthy to binge eat it all the time.  

Some examples would be things like some yogurt brands looking healthy when really they’re packed with sugar and artificial colors and flavoring, fruit juices that are like soda and have just as much garbage added or like healthy all natural TV microwave dinners, Vegan junk food snacks and meals. They all try to pull a fast one with the all natural.

Now with that being said Ava Anderson tried to market a no BS product that supposedly has no toxic ingredients whatsoever. The main problem with that is, hundreds of other companies that you can find easily online and in stores are already dong the same thing and did so before Ava Anderson.

If you want to learn a full rundown of Ava Anderson and some of the products in question that they are sneaking ingredients into you will want to check out this article HERE

Also You May Want To Read The Article That Basically Took This Smoke And Mirror Show Down Exposing Their Dish Soap.

So What USP or Unique Selling Proposition Does Ava Anderson Really Have?

So if other products in stores of the same quality are cheaper. Many of the products you find online and in stores organic health sections are just as good if not better quality. Also all the stores sell it to you for free without being a member. So I ask you what does Ava Anderson have that anybody does not already have. 

The Business Opportunity, How They Get You To Sign Up 

So at least this company makes it pretty simple to start, you are just required to buy a business starter kit for $99 bucks and then you’ll be able to start annoying everybody that you know and try to take advantage of the compensation plan.

The commissions are between 30% and 50% and the rates increase the deeper you get stuck into it. This business starter kit will do nothing for you besides get you more excited as that is all they need is your excitement and if that stays fueled people are willing to overlook many things.

They will tell you to do home parties and send flyers and go door to door but these methods are quickly fading and are not very effective ways to really get people unless you happen to be a natural salesman which most of the time you wont be.

Sales is not as easy as saying “I can sell ice to an Eskimo” you need to understand the buyer psychology and how to give a real solution to someones problem. With MLM’s people are using the scare tactics and making you believe something is worse than it really is, making their product look good by comparison. When really if you compare it with normal quality products they don’t even come close.

More Bonuses To Entice You To Recruit More And More

So like most MLM companies out there Ava Anderson No Toxic has a point system in place as well as bonuses to get members excited and eager to promote more. There is an option to earn a percentage of you down lines total sales, this really encourages people further to recruit as many people as they can and forget about selling these products. 

Is Ava Anderson Non Toxic A Scam?  


 Is This Really Organic Or Just Another Person Capitalizing On The Organic Craze?

Many of the Ava Anderson reviews out there claim that this product is amazing and the best Organic product in the world, but after seeing some of the many Ava Anderson negative reviews this company is starting to look like a company that is possibly Greenwashing their customers and charging a high price for it.

Whats the difference Between The Organic Labeling?

  • 100% Percent Organic – This means that they must show ingredient list and the name and address of the (importer, bottler, distributor, manufacturer, packer, processor) of the product and the name and seal of Organic ceritifier. These products should be free of chemicals, synthetic ingredients, additives, pesticides or Genetically modified frankenfood ingredients.
  • USDA Certified Organic – These products must contain at least 95% Organic ingredients. The other 5% can include non organic ingredients that contain additives and synthetics if they are on the approved list.
  • Made With Organic –  These products must contain at least 70% organic ingredients. The label needs to state the Organic and No Organic ingredients in the product and the name of the organic certifier. 
  • Certified Humane – This Is the best seal of approval and is the most consistent label to trust 


Ava Anderson No Toxic Has None Of These Certifications Told Everybody That They Were Better Than The Organic Labeled Products But Again Never Went And Got The Labeling To Prove Everybody Wrong, They Just Decided To Quit And Basically Screw Over All Of There Distributors. This is Just A Prime Example Of Why MLM’s Suck.

This Becomes A Joke To Many Companies As They Can Make Millions And If They Get Caught It’s Equal To A Slap On The Wrist. 

When companies violate the USDA Organic labeling rules they get penalized of up to 11,000 dollars, this is only up to, so it could be less. If you think about it that penalty sounds good for just a person paying a fine but a million dollar company getting this is just a small fee of doing business.

The low penalties and the rush of Organic products flooding the markets makes you wonder if the USDA is properly enforcing the labels and punishing violators as paying tiny fines to add in cheap chemicals and make a ton of money would just be like paying an advertiser 11k to get you millions it seems like it really would not be much of a deterrent at all. 

If you want to know the difference between the different organic labels check this article out from LIfe hacker


Is Ava Anderson Non Toxic Certified? How Can You Be Sure They Are Organic Or Are They Just Using The Honor System Wanting You To Take Their Word For It?

There has been so much talk about the products and the ingredients that Ava Anderson claims that she and the family are stepping down to have someone else run the company. This was after many claims about them not disclosing harmful ingredients and then saying that they are free of them. 

After she was under attack they immediately changed the labeling on the product in question and blamed it on the manufacturer. That may be true but that bring up a good point, why would you want to pay AVA Anderson’s high prices for an average product that does not even make this product but simply outsources it, how sure can they be that they are serving up certified organic ingredients when this has happened more than once. 

Here Are Some LinksTalking About

The MIS-labeling and Blaming Vendors 

The Faulty Labeling And Transition Of The Company


Ava Anderson Non Toxic Has Not Gotten Their USDA Organic Certification

Ava Anderson also has not and seems like they will never get an Organic certification and has claimed that they are 100% organic and want to save the money and make their products better. This is a huge line of B.S as the certification is only 10 thousand dollars and again that sounds like a lot if a single person had to pay that in a fine but for a company already making 5+ million a year it would probably be worth it, especially when many were asking them to get it and they still would not.

This instantly puts up a Red Flag that they’re sneaking more things into their products then they want you to know about. 


For A MLM Network Marketing Opportunity This Is Not The Worst You Could Do

The product line is definitely better than most MLM products that I have run into, they’re at least trying to make an alright product.

So whats the problem?

Well these products are just alright for a really high price and you have to join a MLM just to get them at a half way decent price. This shows that many are getting duped into selling this and then when they can’t sell them at the astronomically high prices they buy a distributor membership so they can get it supposedly at wholesale.

Then when you get them at wholesale they’re halfway affordable and all the distributors selling it become the consumer, they buy it in so they can give samples and then buy it in for them to use. When this type of business model comes out it basically just forces the recruiters to be the marketing people, the sales people, the owner and consumer for this company. They do all the work and the owner reaps all the profit.

Once you are selling this and you’re trying to recruit others to do the same chances are you’re not going to say bad things about it. This creates a network of people marketing the business and buying in products for themselves and for promotions and real consumers most of the time figure out that it is nothing more than overpriced stuff that they could already get at most grocery stores in the organic section, health store or online.

The only time you can sell someone on this opportunity is if they do no research. Then you start to feel bad as you went through the same thing getting sold on the product not being able to afford them, they buy a membership to get them at wholesale.

They still realize they are too expensive and then decide the only way to make money and get themselves out of a hole is to sell friends and family or anyone else on an opportunity.

Many know good a well the products are not worth the money but the way the system is set up it is not in your best interest to not let others know this once you’re in too deep. This is how MLM’s have flourished for years.

Just To Show A Couple Of Products To See What Is So Special About Them

  • Ava Anderson Deodorant Reviews

While there deodorant does seem to be good free of aluminum Parabens and propylene glycol (PEGs). This deodorant is good quality to be honest but there are many other companies that sell this type of deodorant.

The big difference comes down to the MLM structure and high price that comes with Ava Anderson and it’s not a high price because the quality is so amazing, it’s because it supports the MLM payment structure. 


They Charge $21.99 for a Stick Of Deodorant, This Is A Little Extreme As They’re Not Putting Gold And Lithium In It So Not Sure What Costs That Much?



  • Ava Anderson Shampoo Reviews

I’m not going to go too much in to detail about the shampoo but as you can see you can get Aubrey brand Shampoo for a fraction of the price and it’s free of SLS, parabens and all the other junk that Ava Anderson wants you to think her product is the only one.

I can tell you that her product is the only one to cost an arm and a leg to buy and has no real advantage over certified organic products out already in abundance without the need to sign up for a membership or pay outrageous prices.



Wow This is $26.95 A Bottle, And To Think I Got Alba Botanica Shampoo That Is Very Similar At A Discount Store And Pay About As Much As You Would For Shipping And Tax On This Shampoo, It Still Has Toxic Ingredients But So Does Ava Anderson And For Way More.




The best way is to find smaller companies that care about their products and don’t try to make a huge line of products but do one thing well and possibly even make it themselves as Ava Anderson is just a middleman and then blames manufacturers when they have found contaminants in her products. 


Ava Anderson Non Toxic Scam  | My Thoughts On Ava Anderson

What Is Ava Anderson Non Toxic A Scam, In my opinion YES this is a scam. This is legitimate in the eyes of the FTC but that does not make it better than regular organic products nor does it make it a good opportunity.

I believe that AVA Anderson is now probably singing the Animals song ” I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.” This was just a program whose intentions were good but it turned into growing too fast and the quality of the products mixed with the high price and the MLM structure makes this a below average product at best. 

If you’re willing to sell a below average product for above average prices when similar or better products are already everywhere then go for it, but don’t say you were not warned.

You can make some money with Ava Anderson but you wont make enough to make it worth it. 

This just shows that there are many other product besides the ones that I found quickly that do the same thing as Ava Anderson but for better quality and much cheaper. I don’t like the fact that they really act like the best in the business. Then on the other hand are unaware of their manufacturers adding ingredients and just pass the buck and blame others. Then when things get to tough the supposed owner (which I really think is her parents) decide to bail and have someone else clean up the mess, I know I don’t trust that, do you?

They are touted as super dedicated to the organic and no Toxic in cosmetics and health care products but then have products that are full of artificial and synthetic ingredients as other products that are a million times cheaper. Also they do not label them as if they were trying to sneak it by the whole time they just got caught.

This is the reason that they’re doing some sort of transition with the company. This company I believe is scared to face the public after basically lying to people for years and to protect their daughter AVA. The parents I believe are doing some trickery to shift the name make people forget about the Purity claims and get a new marketing team in their to clean up the mess.

Here Is An Example Of What The Site Looked Like Before


Here Is The Site Now, They Just Have A Letter Basically Saying That Because Their Feeling Got Hurt They’re Going To Screw Over Thousands Of Distributors.



They are now going to switch and cancel Ava Anderson NON Toxic and switch to Pure Haven Essentials.

Only time will tell if they change their ways and get out from an MLM structure and stay true to the supposed mission of helping others with quality organics and not just profiting insanely off of people paying ridiculous prices for average products. Well After looking at Pure Haven they decided to continue the MLM structure which means insanely high prices for basic products that you can get anywhere.

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