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What Is A Blog And How Does It Work

    What Is A Blog And How Does It Work: How To Get Started The Right Way!

    So what is a blog?

    Well the word blog, originally came from the slang for weblog. The weblog would be just like a community newsletter for the customers or traffic to the brand/ business website.

    What is a blog post?

    A blog post is typically going to be the main way of getting attention for your important pages of interest that you make on your website.

    A WordPress blog for example is prefered by Google. When a blog is regularly updated with fresh original content, it gets ranked fairly quickly. This is of course depending on the niche and keywords used.

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    What is the benefit of blogging?

    I will discuss more about this further down in this article.

    1. Some of the main benefits would be to:
    2. Create awareness for your brand.  
    3. Selling your own digital products.
    4. Create a following and Promote recommended affiliate products that help solve a specific problem in your chosen niche.
    5. Effectively promote your message much cheaper  compared to any other type of business.

    The downfall:

    1. The time that you need to spend to make blog posts
    2. The patience needed to make a blog successful.

    The good news is once you get a blog successful typically 12 months, it’s like a snowball that keeps getting bigger rolling down a mountain.

    Then this snowball starts to rapidly get bigger and bigger with not much more physical effort to do this.

    This creates an exponential growth.

    This then equals a lot of money down the road for just your two cents, basically.

    Why Blog?

    Well not only does it help getting exposure for your brand, ranking for industry terms related to your niche but also will give your brand a voice.

    When people resonate with the voice of the business, they trust your suggestions. If you suggest things that actually help them get to where they need to be, you start growing quick.  

    You can also target specific keywords and share your opinion on the topic. If it’s good you soon rise to authority.

    Even if it’s not the best… as long as people find value they will continue to visit your site.

    • Then you start getting loyal followers.
    • Then you start to build more trust and credibility.
    • This makes bounce rates lower and gets good word of mouth and lots of shares with social media which is essential. 

    Then by simply just giving info you already know or just learned and providing valuable content to your readers you will be following every rule that Google has.

    Yes there is more to SEO optimization but really just providing…

    • A solution
    • Help for a certain problem
    • Tips

    …you will be fine.

    Then when you want to, you can tweak things later on to help SEO.

    Remember SEO is just really a way to get Google to notice you but good content is the only way you will stay there.  

    The content really doesn’t have to be amazing, it just needs to give some value to the reader. 

    A consistent and up to date blog will help target and engage with your avatar or target audience. This will then encourage others to hear what you have to say.

    Then these readers will look into products and services that you recommend or offer yourself.

    This is also a way to create an interesting email series and get your readers to subscribe to your email list.

    The more you update and keep publishing fresh blog posts, the more Google will start to rank you.

    There’s more to Google rankings if you want to get technical…

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    With that said, if you write helpful posts and put a personal spin on info already out there you will be fine in general.

    Then you wont have to worry about bounce rates or people not sharing on social media, as people will naturally resonate and like, comment and share.

    Well there is some disadvantages to blogging.

    1. It can take some patience waiting a few months to get really ranked into the search engines.
    2. You have to understand how you’re going to serve a specific target audience and be consistent with your message
    3. You need to write a lot and can be time-consuming
    4. You need to typically enjoy it, as you wont be able to power through making content year after year about something you hate talking about or don’t at least enjoy a little.

    What Is the Best Way To Start A Blog?

    Well you can start a blog for free just about anywhere. If you’re starting one for your business you will want a platform like self hosted not free WordPress platform on a good host, not a just any “run of the mill” basic free website builder.

    As the free ones are not what they seem and are not good for business. 

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    In short you need to get:

    • Host
    • Platform (i.e WordPress, Movable type, Joomla, Drupal)


    What’s The Answer In The Beginning When Just Starting Out?

    How Can You Not Spend Tons Of Time Learning To Solve Technical Problems…

    While Fully Understanding What A Blog Is And How It Works At The Same Time?

    When looking to start a business you need a good easy way to start.

    There can be so many scams or programs that will lead you to dead ends or confuse you further.

    When you can find something that can take care of getting you started, it can be worth it’s weigh in gold. Especially in the beginning.

    You will never realize the time you will waste trying to find the right answer, until you waste a bunch of time doing it for yourself, to come up empty-handed and more confused.

    If you think it seems easy, it can be…

    If you get steered in the right direction.

    If you get steered in the wrong direction…

    You wont have time or tenacity to recover and can give up before you really start.

    Once you get steered in the wrong direction a few times and realize how much time it can waste, you will figure out that it’s worth it to get everything all in one place.

    This way you can put your heart and focus into your business and not dealing with technical difficulties. This by itself will give you a higher rate of success.

    Well imagine if you could just write a couple of articles a week and you could build up an asset that would pay you full-time income.

    I know at first it will be tough but remember…

    • It gets easy just like everything else
    • soon you will be living a different life… the one that many think is not attainable.

    Then you will see later on that so many people, get so much misinformation.

    They will get in their own ways when it comes time to try a program that actually works.

    If you’re looking to make money online and have never done so, the best way is to not waste time and understand how to build a foundation correctly.

    Then you can build upon this and make money with everything all in one place.

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