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What is Vantel Pearls A Canned Oyster Scam Or Real Akoya Pearls?

What is Vantel Pearls a scam or real Akoya Japanese pearls??… Well technically this is not a scam but it’s also not really a good idea… Well not in my opinion and I will explain why.


So many questions left unanswered…

  1. What is the quality of these Pearls that Vantel sells?
  2. Are Vantel Peals fake?
  3. Is Vantel Pearls selling real saltwater Akoya pearls or cheap freshwater Chinese pearls.
  4. Are they being transparent with what they’re selling?
  5. Then how many other Vantel Pearl consultants are selling this as well?
  6. Is selling Vantel Pearls a good way to make money?  

Now I don’t argue that pearls in general are neat with the different colors. They’re also the only gem to be created by a living creature. I don’t doubt for the right people they can be fun to collect and make jewelry out of.

During a Vantel Pearls party, guests are invited to select an oyster to make them feel like choosing it from a jewelry store. This then contains a “pearl” this pearl can then be mounted into a piece of jewelry. Then this cheap Chinese knock off pearl is sold as jewelry with cute sounding names like:

  • Vantel pearls forever necklace
  • Vantel pearls feather in the wind necklace

 I mean you give money and you get a pearl, but what is the catch?
The problem is do you like to pay high prices for cheap pearls?

This is a jewelry based MLM with a focus on Pearls that anyone can start selling with purchase of any Vantel Pearls starter kit.

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Products like Vantel Pearls are just good enough to get a few sales but really not good enough to really make good money selling it. Well at least any time soon or telling the truth.

Vantel Pearls Fake?

Many see a Vantel Pearls compensation plan and think that selling these pearls seems possible and luctrative.  

There are some who start to find out that Vantel Pearls are cheaper freshwater pearls being passed off as Akoya pearls. Even then this does not stop them from throwing parties and selling direct to friends and family or anyone who will listen. It’s just the name of the game.

There’s just not enough things that are unique or special about this Vantel Pearls jewelry.

This product looks good enough to sell at first glance but in reality distributors will face a lot of competition and have a hard time actually making good money.  Get the real scoop of what others think of Vantel

Vantel Pearls Review Are They Worth It?

So the Value of this company is the pearls they sell. They focus on the pearl necklaces, bracelets, charms and earrings etc.

They have a good choice of products with some edgy uncommon pieces to just plain and simple. The problem is you will be limited to buyers that just like pearls. Cheap pearls at that. 

If they only like pearls chances are they’re pearl snobs, so these pearls better be good.

Then also I still feel that a lot of people out there enjoy the feeling of shopping and going out and making a thing of it. Rather than meeting someone somewhere or at their house to but the pearl of the month. 

Vantel Pearls Complaints 

Vantel Pearls Complaints

There have been many complaints against this company.


Complaints from pearl party attendees claiming that:

  1. The jewelry is wither not delivered or is taking several months to show up
  2. If it does arrive, the jewelry isn’t sterling silver like stated or the pearl they picked is not the one they mount.
  3. The Vantel pearl jewlery is breaking within a few weeks
  4. The actual pearl itself is breaking or falling off
  5. The jewelry is changing color
  6. The pearls are said to be saltwater Akoya pearls when really they are nothing more than freshwater fakes and placed into the oysters.

Vantel Pearls has been known to constantly pass the buck and blame their Pearl consultants for anything from missing orders to refunds and reimbursements. In some cases where the jewelry has not arrived they have gone as far as to say that they should call the local police as the consultant that sold it to them is stealing it and to report them.

Are Vantel Pearls Real 

Well they have stated that they’re Akoya pearls but then flip flop saying their freshwater pearls. They’re really just selling a cheap pearl from china and passing it off as Akoya. 

Even if not, they’re selling cheap pearls in a dead canned oyster shell.

They also show many at pearl parties getting black pearls which means they’re dyed this color. This also is an indicator that they’re definitely not Real Akoya Pearls from Japan.

Vantel Pearls Fake

Vantel Pearls are not real Akoya pearls. So if they say they are, then they’re fake. If Vantel Pearls is now telling the truth they are freshwater cheap Chinese pearls at best.

These are just not the pearls that many are looking for. Plus they typically need to use something toxic like formaldehyde to preserve the dead oyster to put the freshwater pearl inside of.

Where Do Vantel Pearls Come From

China… Well more specifically they come from freshwater oysters and are put in Akoyo Oyster shells.  Factories in China can open the akoya shells, insert cheap sometimes color dyed freshwater pearls into them. They can then drop them into a solution that causes the shells to constrict and die. This gives the illusion that they’re “harvesting” a pearl when really they aren’t.

Are Vantel Pearls safe?

Well not really, as they have been using Formaldehyde this is not safe and even if you wear gloves you will still inhale the gasses. Many are using around their children without gloves and opening multiple dead embalmed oysters.This does not seem like a good idea. See more complaints about Quality of Vantel and safety Here

Vantel Pearls Lawsuits?

Well it was supposed to happen but attorneys working the case decided to close the investigation. These attorneys believed that Vantel is financially unstable and would not be able to actually reimburse all the class action lawsuit participants.

Since Vantel Pearls customers suffered a variety of different problems it was difficult for attorneys to define a class and calculate damages.

So pretty much complaining about them on blogs and forums and avoiding them is about all you can do.

They do use real pearls where you will have to buy them in for more than just fun fake cheap costume jewelry. More expensive jewelry can be harder to sell when it’s more expensive especially to friends and family.

Then if not selling to friends and family you need to get out and basically compete with other jewelry stores.

Vantel Pearls Consultant

So if you’re wanting to get started with Vantel Pearls you would need to buy in their start-up kit that cost $99 dollars plus you need to also put a down payment of $100 dollars for your oyster deposit fee.

If you don’t already have people you sell jewelry to…


Have some good sales background in jewelry, preferably…

You will  not have an easy time trying to make good money with Vantel Pearls.

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I’m not saying you can’t read a motivational book and learn some sales and start selling… but it’s going to be rough.

Well doing things that are not easy are how you become successful, but it’s “rough.” instead of it just being “not easy.”

If it’s “rough” it will leave you beat down


If it’s not easy it is typically something worth doing, if you believe in it… as this will cause you to grow.

Pros of Vantel Pearls

  • Affordable start-up cost
  • They use and focus mainly on pearls and people get excited to see them open but interest will fade

Cons of Vantel Pearls

  • You need to be a face-to-face sales person
  • Products are not cheap
  • You can get the products for cheaper and same quality many other places.

If you are into the business of trying MLM’s and are into pearls why not sell pearls as an affiliate and carry no inventory and work online?

You can actually go on Amazon and buy a pearl kits that you harvest your own

Love Wish Pearl kit for around $14 dollars Or Another pearl kit for around 11 bucks

So if you went with these you could save $26-$29 dollars buying the same type if not better pearls. You can also buy it anytime without having to get a distributor friend to come over and get you to fill out paper work and other junk to get it.

Is Vantel Pearls A Scam? My Thoughts About Vantel Pearls

So many say these are not scams and say others are bad that bash them…

but also realize… That they do not buy them, or use it themselves typically, so remember that.

The reason Vantel Pearls is getting away with selling sub standard pearls in a dead canned oyster is simply cause people don’t care. It’s an experience that many are looking for with this.

Also many want a cheaper more affordable option. The problem is many are saying they are saltwater Akoyas and also charging a lot higher than they should for the cheap pearl that you’re getting.

Pretty words, fancy packaging and guerrilla marketing in the shape of a pyramid built around selling cheap Chinese pearls. In my opinion I would stay far away from these cheap sometimes toxic dead canned oyster pearls.

I’m just trying to give you something to consider as this is not a flat-out scam. I’m sure you can make some money. If you work hard you most definitely will make a couple of sales here and there.


You need to think, are you looking for full-time commission or just a little extra money. If you’re doing it just for a little extra money and you love hustling for it and love to sell… then this could be for you.

You just need to ask yourself…

  • Will you want to sell these pearls for a few years only to finally start making a profit?
  • Do tons of cold selling and face to face selling of strangers?
  • Sell a cheap pearl but having to pussyfoot around the topic of if they’re real or not constantly insinuating that they’re quality pearls 

Anyone that is telling you they’re good opportunities are just trying to be political or get you to join.

The problem comes if you were wanting to make real full-time or higher income from it. Not just extra money from hustling Vantel Pearls. These pearls are not only sold anywhere from Amazon to eBay and Etsy but also in jewelry stores local and national brands. So your competition is stiff. Some probably sell real Akoya pearls and are educating people about Canned oyster pearls. 

  1. Then you add in selling pearls at a in home party for a night, how many nights can you imagine doing this?
  2. Basically do you have friends and family that will buy pearls every month from you?
  3. Then if not, do you know how to round-up enough strangers to buy pearls from you every month?

The chances are you will get some sales in the beginning.


Continuing this business with real sales and full time income success will be an uphill battle.

It’s just not really recommended and using your time to start a blog would be much better use of your time then trying to make any real money with Vantel Pearls.

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Amanda says December 6, 2017

You say you can make good money and that you only get a few sales here and there. I have worked with this company for a year now and I have made about 60k this year….much more than i ever made with my 4 Year’s degree in criminal justice. I also a free trip to Mexico. There is step by step training, there is keyword search training, it is also very easy to get help, and lots of support and communication with the home office. I don’t think you know as much about this company as you claim.

    Brandon says December 8, 2017

    Hey Amamda,

    I see what you’re saying and I understand that these can make money. The difference between the work I have to put into this site and what you’re doing with Vantel Pearls is night and day. I actually have not given this blog as much time as I should and still it works without me having to physically sell them. If you’re making 60k and like selling I would say that’s awesome keep up the good work. But I know that I can get a much cheaper and same quality pearl and at least know that much. So if this works for you I would say good job and keep at it, I’m not bashing it just wouldn’t really recommend it. That’s just my two cents.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

DaLana says January 29, 2017

You Queen of pearls I believe is the name came on a party in was on and started trouble. So the pearl lady I was watching got on queen of pearls page and we heard it all she said bad words and the girl was only 19 ahead was talking to. Making up lies and all she recorded all of it. I don’t believe that is good business.

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