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Truth Or Hype Tv Scam All Hype No Truth


    Name: Truth or Hype T.V Truth_Or_Hype_Tv_Scam_Logo
    Owner: Jonathan Cronstedt,  Holly Morgan, A guy with a long beard Named Mars??
    Price:  $9 dollar trial $44.95
    Overall Ranking: 10 Out of 100
    Recommended Alternative program to try:


    Is Truth Or Hype T.V. A Scam? | Truth Or Hype T.V. All Hype No Truth

    Truth_Or_Hype_Tv_Scam__home_pageOK, so you may be wondering “what is Truth or Hype T.V” and “Is Truth Or Hype T.V. A Scam?”

    Is this actually a real opportunity that just happened to accidentally sound like a lame reality T.V show.

    Well in this article I will be discussing the Truth Or Hype Program and showing you how this program is really nothing more than a scheme to promote an old MLM program with the same internal workings but with a new coat of paint.  

    Truth Or Hype T.V Claims You To Could Earn $1,200 a day. 

    If you take them up on their offer and enter your email you will be greeted with an auto play video for Truth Or Hype T.V.Truth_Or_Hype_Tv_Scam_opt_in

    I had never heard of them before so I was sort of interested as they did an alright job at marketing it, but there was a little too much hype in the video for my blood.

    I immediate judged the look of the page and felt I knew pretty much what this course was all about… all hype and very little truth.


    So I just wanted to make sure that everybody reading this understands that I’m not a recruiter for Truth Or Hype T.V. Nor do I promote Empower Network. This is an unbiased review unlike many of the Empower Network affiliates that are putting out glowing reviews about it as if it’s the next big thing since electric cars.

    Well I have news for you it’s definitely not the next big thing and it’s actually just an attempt to keep Empower Network from crashing down to the ground like everybody has been anticipating for a while. 

    If you do just a normal search for Truth Or Hype T.V. You will find that 90% of the reviews are recruiters and promoters trying to get you to join.

    Normally if there is a good amount of people involved in something that it’s a healthy market.


    It’s the opposite when everybody’s involved in a MLM as you will be on the tail end of a sinking ship.

    This is all while the people at the top make just the last bits of money out of the bottom members, right before they jump ship and go to the next big MLM opportunity.



    Is Truth Or Hype T.V. Scam? | Is Truth Or Hype T.V.
    Just Another Branch Of Empower Network?

    So what on earth is the value of Truth Or Hype T.V.?

    Truth or Hype T.V. is just yet another way that the Empower Network has come up with to promote their sleazy pyramid scam and get leads to EN.

    Some other tricky ways were referral agent sites like Instant Payday Network or Automated Wealth Network.  

    Do to the fact that Empower Network has become so saturated they have to build more and more front end funnels to promote this dying program.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Empower Network Scam then you can read my full review on them here.


    Is Truth Or Hype T.V. A Scam? | Why Would You Want To Use Truth Or Hype T.V.?


    So what exactly do they offer with that Truth Or Hype T.V Product Line.

    The main and what seems like the only thing that they promote is

    • A product called Level Up Training Sequence.
      14 day trial costs $9
      If you do not cancel within the 14 days this automatically goes to $44.95.Truth_Or_Hype_Tv_Scam_Opt_in_box

    The only good thing  is at least they offer a money back guarantee as far as I know. It’s only a 14 day money back guarantee and If you get in to deep I hear it gets harder and harder to get refunds.Truth_Or_Hype_Tv_Scam_billing_after_optin

    What does this product claim to do?

    Well it’s a front end training and funnel system that is supposed to lead you to buy Empower Networks product line.

    They also provide you with a link to join the Empower Network as a special bonus but not a very good bonus.

    Then they will try to hook you with Kalatu blogging platform:

    • The first sale at $25 dollars a month (Rest assured that this does not have anything special)
    • Also sign you up for Affiliate program which is $19.95 a month

    This is only the beginning as this blog will do nothing for you. Then Empower will want to “go all in” and spend $4,000+ dollars for all the EN products. (If you are wanting to make commissions from them, you have to buy them.)

    So you will start off spending $44.95 a month just to get a normal blog with the same capabilities as the one that I suggest for free in my Free Blog Builder Article Here.

    Is Truth Or Hype T.V. A Scam? |  Is Truth Or Hype T.V. Is Just A New Name For The Empower Network?

    So this is another typical case of an MLM Gateway to slowly ease you into MLM. All sorts of funnels like this are created to get people to join Empower Network.

    They also have others such as Ipas 2 and Pizza boy millionaire, they are just like Instant Payday Network and Automated Wealth Network that I have mentioned above.

    All of these programs are just different types of campaigns in order to get people joining the Empower Network. 

    Just so I could see what Truth or Hype T.V. Scam was all about,

    I went through the sales material

    and then entered my email and watched the video. 

    They use Truth or Hype T.V as a front end funnel that you enter in your email address and opt in. 

    Then a video trying to try to sell you on taking action to go further into the Empower Network.

    The people in the video that pops up are nothing more than a actress by the pen name Holly Morgan and also The CMO of Empower Network, which is the guy with a beard that goes by the name Mars and also the CEO Jonathan Cronstedt comes in later.

    They are mainly showing these people now as David Sharpe dropped out of Empower Network and David Woods face is too recognizable at this point.  

    The whole video that they put on just wreaks of hyped up sales techniques and is only an entertaining video if you want a good laugh.

    If you on the fence wondering if you should try this opportunity, just ask yourself if you want to go all in spending thousands getting involved with Empower Network MLM as that is what you are doing if you get involved with the sneaky Truth Or Hype scheme.


    Is Truth Or Hype T.V. A Scam? | My Thoughts On Truth Or Hype T.V?


    In the beginning Truth Or Hype T.V. is not a complete scam but it’s nothing more than a gateway into Empower Network. They are really nothing more than a lead magnet page for the Empower Network. Even though this is not in itself a complete scam the program that they get you to graduate to is… so you would be wise to stay away from wasting your time with either of them. 


     When it comes down to it the Empower Network could work ok for you but in the ling run it’s nothing more than a slow way to make supposed fast, easy money. This program will make you think that anything is possible with their help but that is just going to waste your time drain your money dry and leave you with nothing more than a basic education about internet marketing and a lot of knowledge about nursing down lines. Then you have to then stick with it, move to another newer shiner MLM or Quit. Many find that they quit only after going all in and spending a few thousand for all the courses so that you could also earn commissions from them. Many just end up buying all the products only to then just quit only after they have spent all their money. 


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    Name: Truth or Hype T.V
    Owner: Jonathan Cronstedt,  Holly Morgan, A guy with a long beard Named Mars??
    Price:  $9 dollar trial $44.95
    Overall Ranking: 10 Out of 100
    Recommended Alternative program to try:


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