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What Is Transcribeme? Good Biz Opp Or Virtual Sweat Shop?

    Is Transcribeme A Scam? | Is This A Good Way To Make Some Extra Money?

    What Is Transcribeme?  


    Is this a business where you can actually make good money or another program that just rides you hard and puts you away wet?  

    Many are looking for ways to make extra money from home.

    Becoming an independent contractor that completes transcriptions seems like a neat idea.  

    All you need to do is convert audio files into text format… but the time it takes & the pay you make, is why this opportunity is not so great… for Pete’s sake.

    This opportunity seems like a neat idea until you see how much you get paid for doing it.

    I have had a reader comment about Transcribeme and if it’s a good idea to try to make extra money.  I can say this one is a little better money at least than Scribie.

    What Is Transcribeme?

    Transcribeme is a company located just outside San Francisco in Berkeley California.

    This programs claim to fame is they can convert any kind of audio with multi speaker content, in many different languages.

    The main languages this platform has the ability to transcribe are:

    • English
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese

    This service is popular because people do not need to have transcription experience.

    Is doing these transcriptions is really worth the time and effort… This is the tough question to answer.

    Transcribeme has a pool of over 25 thousand transcribers all around the world. They give the finished product in DOC, PDF, HTML, NVIVO and SRT formats.

    What about the Transcribeme Business opportunity?

    So this company is always looking for transcribers to convert audio to text. They also claim that you can move up into better career opportunities for higher paying jobs. Supposedly once you get more skilled with transcribing you can get promoted to Quality Assurance.

    Then if you do good with that you can move into lead QA. This is where you can then work your way up to possibly a manager, customer service or recruiter where you can get a salary.

    What Does A Transcriber Need To Do?

    You need to listen to the audio files given to you and type out the content in word or your text editor of choice.

    You may need to transcribe a single person talking or multiple people/group conference calls.

    You’re required to be detailed enough to also add in applause, laughing or tone of the conversation.

    Is Transcribeme  A legitimate Way To Make Money Or Is This Another Business Trying To Make A Buck Off The Backs Of Others

    The good thing is there is no fee to become a transcriber. All you need to do is fill out their online form with the basic details they ask for.

    There will be a test to rate your competency and need to have a minimum of high school diploma. 

    You need to be able to write with good grammar and punctuation. Refer back to all that amazing high school knowledge.:)

    They also have you do a test of transcribing sample audio content, if you don’t pass the first time you can try again after waiting 24 hours. Once you pass the basic tests you can start finding jobs.

    Basic Requirements:

    1. You need to have access to a stable computer and internet connectio
    2. You need to install google chrome, which most people already have

    So how much Does Transcribeme Pay?

    As a basic transcriber you get paid around 33 cents per minute of audio, not per minute of writing. It also will give you a bonus of $2 an hour if you basically transcribe what_is_transcribeme_a_scam_Small_bits_of_work_small_earningsperfectly. This is not very good as most transcriptions will not come anywhere near 3 hours.

    Getting a job like this is never going to happen unless you’re a very fast typer.  A perfect 3 hour transcription would probably take more than 8 hours or much, much longer.

    Also the worst part you wont get 3 hour jobs as they break them up into smaller jobs and distribute it to many outsourcers. 

    This can work up to $19 an hour. The problem is very rarely will you get a large audio file to transcribe.

    You typically get short pieces or snippets that are between 10 and 30 seconds. Then you can send it in to their editor and it will either accept of deny your work.

    Now What If Things Don’t Go As Planned?

    So there is a couple of complaints about Transcibeme that many independent transcribers will talk about.

    #1 The Support Is Not Good: 

    This is a pretty consistent complaint from many who use Transcribeme.  They feel when things get tough, Transcibeme doesn’t give good customer support at all.

    #2 The QA reviews are unfair:

    If someone choose to they can reject your work, even if its good. They have the option to copy it and reject it.

    If it gets rejected your out the time and the money your supposed to get paid.

    They also claim that transcribeme sides in the favor of the customer always which is a good thing but not if you’re a Transcribeme contractor.

    They have so many transcribers that it can be hard sometimes to find work as once a bunch of work opens up it is quickly snatched up by the many without any experience getting answers online to cheat on the exam.

    #3 The Low Pay,

    Yeah I know that $19 an hour seems like a lot of money but that is typically not what you would get paid unless you type like a court reporter on meth.

    There are people who type fast like 75 words per minute that still do not make good money.

    The average person can type between 37 and 40 words per minute. If you’re above average people have claimed they only made under $3 an hour.

    Transcribeme some audio…?

    It typically takes at least five minutes or longer to transcribe 1 minute of audio.

    That would net you $3.96 an hour if you’re a speedy typist and much less the slower you are.

    If you’re an average person with just average typing speed it would take at least 10 minutes to type 1 minute of audio.

    So in this case a person like me armed with just his high school typing class skills, would earn around $1.98 an hour.

    Don’t even think about relying on getting the perfect $2 an hour “perfect no errors bonus” supposedly unless you’re not human and never make any mistakes you don;t get this. This is apparently the carrot they dangle.

    If you’re looking for a Transcribeme test sample you can see what these people on Reddit say about it.

    There is also not really any Transcribeme exam answers online that I could find.

    So you probably have to just take the test without cheating… like you can with Odesk. 

    Once you get better at using Transcribeme you can possibly try applying for other transcription jobs like or you can simply take a course learning how to get paid much higher and make a living from it using courses like transcription anywhere.


    What Is Transcribeme, Is This A Scam Or Can Some Make A Good Part Time Living From It? | My Thoughts On Transcribeme 

    So is Transcibeme a scam? It’s not a scam… It just doesn’t pay very much and is not really worth the time your spend doing it.

    I can say that it’s not a good opportunity to make money with unless you love typing and type rally fast.

    If you’re just average at typing, this is not the job for you.

    After all the time you spent doing a few transcriptions for some 3rd world type wages, you will want to freak out.

    Well I hope this article could help a little in making your decision to work as a transcriptionist. 

    I always would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

    So If Transcribeme’s Business Model Is Not An Effective Way To Make Real Money Online What Other Options Do You Have? 

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