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Touchstone Crystal Review

    Touchstone Crystal, Scam Or Best Swarovski For The Price?

    Ok, time to talk about Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Swarovski… Sounds Fancy! touchstone_crystal_jewelry_swarovski_new

    So does it live up to its name?

    Well this is a MLM/network marketing opportunity selling higher priced jewelry.

    Is Touchstone Jewelry A Scam? No

    Is it a product you will want to sell… Well, Keep reading.

    They basically offer a pretty good choice of fair quality jewelry.

    After that, it’s up to you
    and your charisma to sell the rest.

    If you see yourself being able to sell semi-unique crystal and sterling silver jewelry on a consistent basis, then this could be for you.

    If you think that it may be hard to find people consistently, you may want to listen a little more to your gut and less to the sales presentation. 

    Well the value with touchstone crystal is not bad as many women do like jewelry.

    The main question is…

    Is this really a hot in demand jewelry that people will want to buy?

    Many women want jewelry that is unique or new


    Does Touchstone jewelry make things that are really unique? 

    Is There A Real Need For Touchstone Crystal Swarovski?

    Well this company sells about 500 products.Touchstone_Crystal_necklaces

    They also change-up their products to accommodate different seasons.

    So with Touchstone jewelry you’re looking at a price range from $50-$150. 

    This all depends on what type of product you buy and how much
    resources it takes to make.

    They seem to use real Swarovski crystal and is a member of the Touchstone crystal Swarovski group.

    There seems to be good reviews from most of the members. Then when you add in a trusted name like Swarovski
    you will get less resistance trying to sell this to others.

    The only main thing you need to consider is…. can you sell crystal jewelry to strangers?

    Also can a necklace of the same value be found elsewhere for a lot less price and hassle.

    How Do You Get Touchstone Crystals Business Started?

    So you must first purchase a starter kit before you start selling the product and earning commission.

    They have two that you can purchase to get started.
    #1 The Basic Kit $139
    #2 The Enhanced kit $299

    The Enhanced kits includes all the things in the basic kit plus a few more products and selling materials.

    They also offer basic website for $9.95 a month. the website will not do much, unless you know how to properly market it.

    Also you will have to mainly make your money hosting parties which is a fun way to say “hard selling your friends and family” or “selling your ass off.”

    If you don’t regularly push these new lines of jewelry and get people to join these “parties,” your money will not even be close to the money made in the testimonial stories they sell to you in the beginning.

    Why Is It So Hard If Not A Scam?

    Well everybody doing it and selling the same things.

    It takes many recruits to earn decent money. Not only recruiting a lot but also making good sales themselves.

    You have to stay consistent with results in order to make decent money.

    If you want to stay active you need to average $300 a month.  Consistently hassling friends and strangers to buy more will grow very old over time. The quota gets more difficult to reach the bigger the company gets as more people are enrolled selling the same thing.

    Even though Touchstone Jewelry is pretty decent quality, there is no real need for jewelry of this kind.

    Unless you just think the designs of Touchstone Jewelry just blows your mind, you most likely wont be able to sell this as most others will think the same thing..

    It’s nice but not necessary

    When you add in the higher prices for a luxury item that is not needed, then chances are sales will be slim.

    Is Touchstone Jewelry A Scam?

    Well this is not a scam in the literal sense touchstone_crystal_jewelry_swarovski_braclets

    but unless you know what you’re getting into it might as well be.

    Many lose lots of money dreaming of making it big… only to invest in all the buy-ins and waste loads of time throwing parties with very few sales.

    The company backed by the Swarovski name is a plus but it’s definitely not the only place you can get real authentic Swarovski crystal.

    Also MLMs leaves a bad taste in many people’s mouth. Doing well depends on recruiting a lot of people you know to join your team or to buy your stuff.

    This does not mean that this company is a scam but their selling something that will not be very easy to sell.

    There is so many other place to get jewelry especially of this kind.

    Things like jewelry seem like a fun things to go out with some friends and buy.

    I’m not sure if there’s really ever a need for jewelry….So it needs to be well crafted and hard to find or cute, cheap and unique.

    Searching for it, seems to be half the fun.

    With this business, customers will rarely come to you as the uniqueness factor and USP (unique selling position) just are not there.

    So you will be chasing people to get them to buy a necklace.

    I would personally stay away from this unless you really know a unique angles or group of people who you could regularly sell this to.

    From what I can see this is a legit company


    Is it a valid opportunity to make good money?

    I would say no.

    I don’t mind working hard but prefer to have something that is good enough where you can also have some business come to you.

    Is There Any Alternative To Make Money Without Chasing People Down And Throwing Parties?

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