The Wealthy Affiliate Review 

Ok, Don’t move, this is the real review of Wealthy Affiliate exposed… Want to make money online without a product?

If you’re ready for a real business online and ready for a serious change of pace…

Then you need to consider the possibility of affiliate marketing. 

 read this whole review and internalize it.

Okay realistically just skim it and try the free membership, fair enough?

You don’t really need to read this whole review, just read what you need to get the information to make your educated decision. 

What I’m about to tell you will change your online entrepreneurial life for the better.

You can start right now, building your solid foundation affiliate blogging.

All without the need for anything else unless you just want to enhance and scale your efforts.

This is a review on a place where you can go and create an account for free and get training and everything your need to start Affiliate blogging. 

NOTE: This is not some network marketing or MLM biz opportunity or outdated chain letter or black hat scheme that Google will ban later. This is the most legitimate way to realistically get your foundation and build your first successful online business.

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Still skeptical well then keep reading…

 You’re Holding Gold In Your Hands… For The Aspiring (Beginner To Intermediate) Online Entrepreneur  

Without being aware of it, right now you are holding gold in your hands…

There have been other times in your life

that you could have had a similar opportunity and passed it up. 

You held gold in your hands and possibly set it aside and procrastinated. 

Then you became mad, feeling that you should have followed your gut instinct

and not all the easy come easy go schemes.

All the “make money online scams” that were supposed to make you a million bucks in a month,

with only a couple of hours of work along with that super-duper marketing secret hack promised in the sales page.


I feel your pain as I have tried all those programs as well cause, I always thought that there was this tiny possibility of easy riches. 

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I Still Remember Everybody Looked At Me Like I Was 

Traveling With The Circus And Becoming A Carnie…

When I Said I Was Going To Make Money Online.

People will never believe you until you make it happen.

This typically occurs when everybody else is failing around you.

They think if they can’t do it, neither can you.

This kind of influence and pressure can cloud your judgement

to make you feel as if doing something that others don’t approve of is bad.

I understand as I was there also…

Things such as not being able to see the value in Wealthy Affiliate 6 years ago… 

I wanted an easier way and the easier way, but that always just swindled me out of my money.

These types of situations can also make people develop a fear of failure, as they don’t want to get burned again.

This is a bad thing because we only truly learn through our failures.

If you have been hoodwinked and bamboozled online it makes you feel every opportunity is just the same stuff that has scammed you before.

That is why I’m writing this review of wealthy affiliate as this program is very different.

It enables you to compete and become an affiliate marketer without any experience. 

You start thinking that most things are not even worth testing out anymore, to see if they work.

It can be a good thing to be cautious and not get in too deep.

The problem lies when you give up and stop trying and never taking any action.

I had seen the Wealthy Affiliate program years ago, just like you are seeing it right now.

I did not sign up, try it out or do anything with it… Why?

Because I procrastinated and got distracted by all the programs that would claim to make me 10k a month with just a push of a button.

Then I just set it aside to look into the next day later. Then procrastinated and set it aside for the next day.

Soon the next day, became next week, Next week became next month, next month became next year and by then forgotten and out of sight out of mind.

I thought I would never do it but I fell victim many times to chasing and searching for something newer, better and shinier.

Then I started thinking that it’s just another scam just like the others. So what happened I came back 6 years later. I wanted to put it aside until I was ready and I ended up looking at it 6 years later.

HOLY S#*!… I could have been making consistent money that whole time if I wasn’t trying to chase easy riches. Which by the way there is no easy riches and if someone is claiming that, they are lying.

OK, I Feel My Story Can Get A Little Long And A Little Boring… If You Want To Skip To The Part In The Article Where You Just Learn What The Wealthy Affiliate Program Is All About, Then Just Click HERE

You know why push button programs sell? They sell because Peoples judgement gets clouded if they think there is just a tiny possibility that they could basically “at a push of a button” become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Well I ended up chasing schemes that where newer, better and shinier for 6 years only to come back around to Wealthy Affiliate full circle.

I have a rather ironic story about how I got involved with this program. Now that I’m involved and full premium member, I feel I can share my experience.

Don’t Ignore Gold In Your Hands And Keep Chasing Shiny Objects!!!

I almost started this program years ago and I thought I was smart to try to do everything myself for free. Now I realize how dumb that was and how little the amount W.A. was asking for premium memberships in comparison to what you get.

When I think about how much money I spent on scams, MLM schemes and push button software in comparison to how much the WA membership costs it’s really a no brainer. Since I put this off I literally struggled for years with pure absolute stress and lack of money.

When creating an online business and looking for help, you can feel very alone.looking for help wealthy affiliate review

 You may feel that your constantly looking and searching for the answer to something, rather than actually working on your business. Working online without anyone to help you, can make it seem impossible. You waste so much time trying to connect the dots.

Believe me when I say it’s a simple process but there is a lot of dots to connect.  If you don’t know how to connect the dots and fill the gaps you will be taken so far off course that you will need a compass to get back. The compass for me was Wealthy Affiliate. 

You need people to get you on the right track when you have tunnel vision working on something by yourself.

You need the upper hand to give you the tactics and easy hacks that are working right now, not grey hat strategies that worked a few years ago but not anymore.

If you find that you’re searching and looking more than building and ranking, it may be time to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

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Learn More About Realistically Setting Up A Business Online


When I first found wealthy affiliate years ago, I saw that you had to pay full price just to join and take a look around.

I naively thought due to the flashy name that this program was just another course that would inundate you with outdated material.

I thought that this would then just give me only enough info, to be dangerous to myself online and lose money. 

Well Like My Wife Loves To Hear Me Say “I Was Wrong”

I was completely wrong about it in the beginning.

This is a next level, game changing type opportunity and I’m still shocked it does not cost more than it does.

Not only that you can try it for free set up 2 websites and stay a free member for as long as you want.

There really is not any program like this.

So have you tried a lot of programs, courses and coaching programs already and they did not work?

Well you’re probably wondering what makes what I’m about to say any different? 

I know that you have probably gone through a few things that took your money and left you with unusable information or left out pieces to the puzzle.

This is unlike any course or program that you have tried.

It’s like having a personal coaching program plus:

  • Step by step guide training
  • Community of people to help
  • Hosting
  • Website builder
  • Keyword tool

All in one plus the training on how to use it. 


Are you Frustrated with your financial situations and unhappy with the results you did get when you tried? 

Have you tried over and over just to figure out that making money online is harder than you thought? 

Have you just tried programs to finally make “EASY MONEY” 

but it’s such a little amount that it’s not even worth the amount of time and effort to finally get it.

Everybody around me would always just tell me to just get a regular job.

I felt like people would be saying that I was a loser that just sat at home and plays on the computer all day behind my back.

They could not see the process I was following

or the progress I was making.

People could only see that I was not a multimillionaire or some well-known Guru with an expensive looking website and consulting business.

The fact is that many go through this, no one is born successful, maybe rich but not successful. When you finally become successful then everybody changes their tune and wants to be your friend.

My major fear was that I would keep trying hard but keep getting scammed, until I had to go back with my tail between my legs and get a “real job.”

My hopes were that I could make it happen and provide for my family and do what I wanted.

It was so scary….When I tried recently, just getting this site up your on now, I thought possibly this is my last shot as I can not take the feeling of being a no money loser anymore working from just one income that my wife brought in.

I mean I made a little here and there but nothing that could really pay the bills. 

I thought well at least if I make terrible money at a job, people will always say “Oh you’re doing good”  just because your working a terrible job like them.

Do you wish you could find something that you really enjoyed?

I know how you may have a alright job and still feel just sick of the daily grind and want to actually put your time and energy into something that will benefit you and your future and not your bosses.

Going to work at the wrong places with the wrong people can turn you into a different person.

Jobs that you do not feel good at will rob you of your motivation and excitement for life.

The sooner you start and really give it a shot, the easier it is to start working for yourself online. If you follow and proven system and process you will succeed, all you need to do is be patient.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches is how to build real sustainable business online and not a bunch of here today gone tomorrow type schemes built on a house of cards.

It is also funny when a job fires you or lets you go for no reason, people will always say that you’ll find another job. When you fail online for the first few times, cause you were learning, the same people tell you, your crazy.

Then tell you how they really don’t think that will work and how you should just get another job until it works.

wealthy_affiliate_review_Lounging_aroundThe problem is that job steals your time. I understand working a job until you get an online business set up on the side.

The only problem is when you get back from working, depending on how stressful that job is you wont feel like working more.

This is when you have to really rely on self-discipline.

Now it is very possible to do this while working with the right guidance, just not alone.

Typically a person working will not always want to devote the time needed after working.

When you get off work your too tired and just want to get your mandatory stuff done around the house. You eat and relax then go to sleep and get ready for the next day at work.

Unless you have nothing to do and enjoy working also on your days off,  you will typically not want to work on your business on the weekends either.

That is why you must have a specific plan of attack and step by step guide to realistically make it work like Wealthy Affiliate provides. 

Until you become successful you need to get into a program that will teach you and guides you. You have to typically get a mentor to learn how to be successful and be taught by others who have “been there and done that.” A lot of times that means spending 10k on a back-end coaching course.

A lot of these back-end coaching courses will just teach you advanced techniques in one area to boost profitability of your business but that is only part of the battle. Once you learn that little trick or scheme most programs and courses will leave you to fend for yourself.

You want to find a place where you can get help, host your site without all the technical jargon and really just focus on getting good content your readers want to hear about.

wealthy_affiliate_review_Technical_difficultiesMaybe you fear the Technical aspects of setting up a website and managing hosting and moving domains? Plus knowing the right platform to pick?

This can be very easy in the beginning again with the right guidance but you can make a ton of mistakes doing it yourself and end up with a free website builder that wont grow with your business. 

Maybe your similar to me and feel that maybe your spouse will not approve of you doing yet another online business venture only to waste money and get back less than you invested?

I remember numerous times of me listening to a presentation, then getting exited thinking that I could do that, only to get in an argument with my spouse over wasting money on these stupid schemes.

Then just like the saying Ron Popiel used to say for his Rotisserie grill on those famous infomercials and I would “Set it and Forget it.” I would set it down and find new things to steal my attention and completely forget about it.

Do you want real help without someone just trying to sell you more things online, after you have already purchased the course?

I know where you’re at, when I first revisited this program I went through so many courses. Everything from adult webmaster schools to wealthy_affiliate_review_tricking_people_out_of_money“site build it” sites to MLM promotions and building thin content blogs on free website builders…

I was very, very, very skeptical as I thought literally all programs were just scams in one way or another that will just teach you just enough to get you interested but also to get yourself in hot water.

I just kept thinking that the only way to make money was to scam others or just copy how they were selling and not actually listen to what they were saying.

It’s funny how all the people who did not believe in me are now wanting to know how I did it wealthy_affiliate_review_Poor_to_rich

Now obviously money does not change everything but it make the bad times a lot more tolerable.

The other thing is not working for someone is very amazing and really can not be described in words, the only way is to do it for yourself.

Did you happen to go to college or university and feel that the info you learned is wasted?

Starting a business online with the right guidance will change all this.You can use what you learned in college or didn’t learn in college to help others just like you with similar interests.

Just by going to school you have learned lessons that many people would like to learn that could be delivered by an e-book, video or on articles of your blog.

Would you like to actually go on vacations and have fun or live a life full of budgets and spending limits?

You can break free from all the stress of budgeting and not splurging and finally start building and living the life you always dream about. It is closer than you think. I remember back in my childhood I went on 3 trips total and that was it.

It was pretty boring and I thought life would always be like that and traveling was for the rich wealthy aristocratic families.

Well now we plan trips all the time and the only time we can’t go is due to family obligations or our dogs and not lack on money. This all changed as soon as I started following this process that I am sharing with you now.

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

When I explain Wealthy Affiliate to someone, I start by saying it’s technically unlike anything you have tried. The reason I sometimes refer to this opportunity as more than just a course but rather as a “university for affiliate marketing online.” Not only does it take you from A-Z and give you what you need to set everything up but it also gives you much, much more.

This is the place that you will finally get the complete essential information you really need to truly build a business online. This is also an all in one package where you build, manage and research your business without anymore up-sells.


Below are examples of just some of the courses and each course has 10 in-depth lessons with videos and screenshot 

Video examples in each information packed lesson.

These courses not only teach you, but guide you with check lists along the way.

These are all updated by Kyle and Carson.










To get results You “DON’T” have to be apart of a 10k dollar a month coaching program.

This is not a “money making PDF scheme,” where the idea has not already been played out by the creator and by the time they get it to market its old news. These types of schemes are not realistic and by the time you get involved your already behind.

There’s also no up sells for a “special missing piece of the puzzle” that you need to realistically succeed that will end up costing you anywhere from $299 – 30k+ for private coaching. Everything that you need along with current information and tactics is all in one membership.


Wealthy affiliate can be thought of as basically a university that trains you, provides you with tools and training to realistically get results, build your websites on, get hosted, get site ranked in compliance with google and get you actually making consistent money.

It can also be looked at, as a marketing training center and a business community. Wealthy Affiliate support

Think of this program as a business community to ask, share and make friends with many like-minded people.  This is also not a community like in a pyramid network marketing scheme or MLM type scam.

This is a program that will not “sell hype” and just by simply joining with a special hack will not make you millions of dollars. With that being said if you follow the training and can execute the tasks, it will easily be able to make a full-time living if not creating a small little empire.

Also when you leverage the W.A community, it is worth the membership by itself for networking with others for stronger commenting on your blog and feedback about your content, all from the W.A. community at your fingertips ready 24/7 with members all around the world.

If you are truly ready to leave the “shortcut to riches” programs and start and run a real business to take care of yourself and your family, then you are going to be interested in what I have to say.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy affiliate is for people of all levels of marketing. When you first start learning things from one person and different things from another, it can leave you with a lot of confusion and frustration. Trying to streamline everything together without help can take years. 

This is an all in one, fill in the gaps  type of university/program, that will keep you on task and help you cross your ” T ‘s” and dot your ” i’s.” 

If your brand new and want to start on the right foot this is for you. If you have tried a lot of things to only make little bits on money here and there this is what you’re looking for. The hard part is to convince yourself that this is the real deal, and get out of your own way.

If you would like to find out if this is the real deal, try it for free and get my personal help…then use my link here and I will personally help you right NOW

Are you confused when trying to battle the wild west called the internet alone?

d-teacher_wealthy_affiliate_reviewThis can make the smartest person feel dumb. The wealthy affiliate community is there to guide you with help from others who have been there.  Being completely brand new to online marketing and trying to start a business is almost impossible without the proper guidance.

You need help at one point or another from people who have “been there and done that.” When you get access to the members area you will notice how active the community is. You will find help and guidance everywhere. 

You then will be able to see the activity within this helpful community. This community will help you through confusing topics and situations. So to sum it up, this is an all in one package for anyone who wants to control their future and stop being a worker bee.

This is for the person who feel like they never have enough time and your efforts online are not yielding results!

You can think of this program as an online site building, researching, networking, training tool that you can take anywhere. You can work wherever you want to work from with a tablet, phone or laptop. Anywhere you have internet connection you can be steady building or learning strategies to create your online business.

This program makes it even easier by offering weekly updated live video training to keep you ahead of the crowd. These are very in-depth, take and apply what you have learned after” type of video training. These are not your typically live video training that are really just a glorified sales presentation that’s all sizzle and no steak.

Below is an example of just a couple of the many live weekly updated video training’s and there is a new one every Friday. Wealthy Affiliate arrow Down



Some great examples on exactly the types of people who Wealthy Affiliate is for 


  • People who are sick and depressed with the job and lifestyle that they have
  • Anyone who is underemployed disabled, struggling to find legitimate work
  • Everyone who is retired or wants to supplement their income and live better during retirement
  • Anyone who is fed up working making others rich and just get them stressed in return
  • People who are interested in making passive income without having to physically be there meeting people
  • People that have just a high school diploma like me or dropouts or people with unused college degrees and lots of debt
  • People who want to start to truly and realistically make money online so basically this program is for everyone who is ready to learn and take action.

 Pros Vs Cons Of Wealthy Affiliate


  • Its FREE – First you can actually sign up completely free as long as you wish, it does not end you can be a member for life
  • Best Training – They have the best most applicable training out there especially for the price, plus they change and update this training regularly.
  • No Experience required – You don’t need any prior knowledge, although that can help speed up the process it’s not necessary.
  • Load of Extra Training – Lots of extra training’s and tips uploaded by the members of the community, As anyone can upload their own training and articles and when you’re a member you can use those to help you sell.
  • Diversity – There are people from all over the globe and all have different ways they paved their path and many are willing to answer and share with you things they have learned.
  • 24 hour support and community – When you have a problem or need a hosting question answered the team and members are there ready to set you in the right direction.
  • Live Interaction With The Owners – Kyle is regularly answering questions and giving one on one coaching and support
  • Included Hosting – Unlimited hosting for premium on your own domain and 2 websites on wealthy affiliates domain with free membership
  • Unlimited Keyword searches – You can use the wealthy affiliate keyword tool as much as you like and free members can still use it up to 30 times a month
  • No Crazy One Time Offers Or MLM Scheme of people Signing up Under You – This is not a product that teaches you how to sell the idea on how to sell MLM products.
  • No Scamish vibe – This site offer clear-cut training and everything you really need to set up an online business at the most affordable rate
  • Live video training on new techniques working right now- They have live video training every Friday and you can watch them in the video archive whenever you need to.
  • Everything you need to get set up and connect all the dots – This is serious training that’s easy to digest and practical and doable and it’s all in one this is the first and best of its kind as well as the most affordable for what is offered it is truly cutting edge with all the garbage out there floating around.
  • Cancel Anytime – This is a pay as you go try before you buy…. If you don’t like it, cancel it type program. This system will not keep asking you for money or make you buy a product just to sell them type thing.
  •  It will spoil you – You will look at all other programs much more judgmentally and possibly get angry & stressed at the money you have spent and time you have wasted in comparison. (this almost got put on the “CONS” list but it’s really more of a “PRO”)


  • Easy To Waste Time – You can end up asking questions or checking peoples profiles very similar to Facebook and waste a lot of time and get distracted
  • The Chat Function Could Be Better – Live chat is not as good of help as it could be as sometimes your questions get pushed to the bottom. More in-depth questions need to be asked in the interactive classrooms or Private messages.
  • It Can Be A Lot Of Training – It can feel overwhelming at first with the training and can get a little confusing, as they are realistically going to prepare you to actually succeed and not just sell an easy push button dream so there is a good amount of information to learn.

I had to really work to think of these “Cons” as the “Cons” for them are still better than many programs “Pros” 

A List Of What You Get With Wealthy Affiliate
Information You Get:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Training and Certification Courses
  • Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms
  • Live Friday Training Classes
  • Video Training and extra WA and member training
  • Tasks to check off to keep you on track
  • Not to mention there are over a THOUSAND training modules
  • Each Classroom reveals an “entire online business model” that Can be used to generate full-time income onlineBY THEMSELVES!!!


 Also Get The Tools & Services Within Wealthy Affiliate

Tools And Services:

  • Easy 3 click WordPress site builder
  • State of the art Cloud Hosting with 24/7 support and backup
  • Keyword and competition research tool
  • Low competition keywords searched out and giving to you in to start
  • Access to over 2,400 pre-approved template themes
  • Rapid Writer tool
  • This is the only all-inclusive online business platform of its kind out there

Wealthy Affiliate arrow Down


Below is an example of how fast you can set up a real website within the WA membership area that is on it’s own domain that is hassle free and looks amazing.

If you’re interested in making a your own free websites plus get lifetime starter membership just click the picture below.


 Also Get Different Types Of Support At Wealthy Affiliate

Types Of Support: 

  • Personal support from the owners with private 1 on 1 support
  • Live chat
  • Interactive conversations and discussions
  • Live Q & A Sessions
  • Private access to marketing experts
  • You will never be left hanging as you can always get help from someone

 It’s nice to know you can get help without searching google for some random tutorial, it’s so important to get help when you need it and in a timely manner.

 Owners Of Wealthy Affiliate Exposed

A little bit about the owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Many people are blown away by the fact that the

owners Kyle and Carson will regularly get on and answer questions. 

Kyle wealthy affiliate review

Kyle wealthy affiliate

Originally both Kyle and Carson started out with a formal background in computer science

carson wealthy affiliate review

Carson wealthy affiliate

these two met in college and started this site almost 11 years ago.

They have not only learned a lot before they started this open education project but also learned ton more from running the site for 10 years.

They are both constantly updating Wealthy Affiliate to keep their members informed and up to date with whats going on.

This allows their members to gain an almost unfair advantage, so they can stay leaders in their marketplace.

The two owners of wealthy affiliate are actually always helping and answering questions in the community.

They’re committed to help as many people as they can succeed with their online business. They only share the best techniques that are relevant and working now. They are in the trenches and active in their business.

They’re dedicated to help get you to the next level.

Very few owners of successful websites do this and usually allow their site to become outdated.

Most owners just get rich and start showing pictures of their Lamborghini’s and house they own.

Kyle and Carson are the real deal and are here to help you. Don’t pass this opportunity up without at least giving it a try.

What do you actually do when you join Wealthy Affiliate?

So basically there are endless amounts of markets that you can enter with a properly built sub-niche website.

These are sites that are properly positioned in the market, with also the right hungry audience.

As a member you get taught the exact insight and approach you need to succeed.

This info is constantly updated and customized to get you a real business, that makes real money online.

Having all this to choose from would make it hard right?

It is actually real simple to find what you should do…. Use the tips and tricks and the process of elimination they teach you. Hone in on what “you currently do” or are “somewhat interested in” or “willing to learn about.”  

You will eventually narrow down some type of interest. You can then use this “interest” as a niche & then use the wealthy affiliate training to “dig to find a sub-niche with buyers.” Then target the words they use in the customer buying cycle before purchase, then target those keywords .

This is a plus that they educate you like this…. because If Kyle and Carson tried selling a “Easy Push Button Success Scheme and/or product,” that one market or idea would be saturated by the time you got your hands on it.

That is why Kyle and Carson have focused less on making money and more about teaching current principles and strategies for the long run. This is the reason that The program has been able to stay open for 10 years and still is thriving. 


So What Kind Of Work Will You Be Doing If You Join Wealthy Affiliate? 

Well to sum everything up and get down to the nitty-gritty, the program works like this..

Wealthy_affiliate_review_baking When you join you will have 2 different options.

1st option is following a passion or interest

So lets say that you are more exited than most people about “baking” for example. Then you would use Wealthy Affiliate to teach, explain and guide you towards finding the hungry sub-niche market inside that broad interest like baking…such as “greek baking recipes”

You could then leverage wealthy affiliate to build, research and launch with a systematic approach to be able to compete and thrive in today’s confusing online frontier.

With Wealthy Affiliate it doesn’t really matter what your into. You can learn to make anything into a profitable business. Lets say you hate baking and love to get out and be more energetic and active such as a“Krav Maga” ( You could simply be an enthusiast, does not mean you have to be a professional necessarily, just someone who has interest or actively participates in it). martial arts wealthy affiliate review

You could then immerse yourself in some specific techniques that you could teach to some newbies on how to pick it up and get the hang of everything quicker, with your own course.

You could also learn a specific style or type of specific martial arts moves that could help a certain demographic like for example “krav maga for seniors.” Then you can choose that as a direction to go in.

Remember these are just quick examples.

With the right training you can make a living in any niche after you learn the customer buying cycle and dig down and target a under-served hungry audience.

You just need to know how to position yourself and get in and find a market which Wealthy Affiliate teaches. Then using the lessons and training that Wealthy Affiliate walks you step by step through, you can turn your idea into a full-time business.

This business is now something your interested in and you run the show and you can work as little or as much as you want. This in a nutshell is what you can learn and will happen with wealthy affiliate.

The harder you work the more you get paid.

I have seen and heard of many people who will start making money and then, they start traveling, buying cars, going out and then stop working on their sites.

The hard part is the beginning and it’s crucial with an all in one program like Wealthy Affiliate to stay focused. 

It will take you from point A to point B fast and some are not prepared and just start celebrating.

In the beginning you are there to keep it growing that is your main goal.

With that being said there are people going against this advice.

People still are able to live and travel and let their websites run on it’s own. They still make enough money for the lifestyle they want to have. So with a website it’s owned by you and completely up to you, how you want to run it.

The best thing you can do is not get too distracted. You don’t want to start doing too much, where you don’t even pay attention to your growing business even though it is making consistent money. This may sound crazy to you at first but trust me, often times when making consistent money, some will get too many irons in the fire. Many business do this where they grow too fast and quickly get in over their head.

If you start and finish the WA training and just minimally take part in discussions, plus you execute and take action implementing the material you learn, you will make money.

It’s like the inner circle marketing club that you always wanted to be a part of but didn’t know where to find it or could not afford it.

This is a group of real people with the same goals and dreams. Lots of them make full-time profit online or at least are starting to taste success and know what it feels like to be stuck and are willing to help.

What About If You Really Don’t Have A Real Passion Or Niche Or At Least One That Anyone Cares About?

2nd option is promoting a predefined topic in your own specific outlet..



WA_Affiliate-BootcampIf you don’t really have a passion, you can do the wealthy affiliate bootcamp. This makes it so you can start with a “predefined” Topic that you follow to build a business from.

This is a complete walk through and training course starting with nothing but a will to succeed and there is truly, no experience necessary.

Each course is full of 10 lessons with examples and videos that will push you to your goal with task lists.

Essentially, It will start with promotion of Wealthy Affiliate through your own unique group of buyers such as focusing on “make money from home,” “making money to supplement retirement” or “teaching people about the thousands of scams online” etc. 

It will end with you earning passive income from it in a variety of ways from that website.

This can be through strategically promoting affiliate offers the correct way” to really earn true full-time income.

If you would like to see a quick explanation about making money online, check out this fundamental video on Wealthy Affiliate about how making money online works.

The Cost $$

Wealthy Affiliate breaks down prices in two easy price points

The Starter Package:

#1 Starter Membership Free to join for life… comes with 7 days of premium level community access. (Join For Free Today, Test It Out)
Even with the free starter membership, you will still be allowed in to access the Wealthy Affiliates community.

This includes things like access to live chat, over 500 training modules that are business in themselves, 3 classroom training’s, networking opportunities,commenting, 2 free websites and access to keyword tool and so on.

There is not a lot of paid products out there that can even compete with Wealthy Affiliates FREE starter membership, when sitting on the fence think about that before procrastinating about giving this a try for free.

The Premium Package:

This is the total package with all the bells and whistles, that feels like you now got the whole world in your hands.

The premium membership allows a complete amateur to succeed faster, than many that have tried to do it for years on their own.

This is the all-inclusive package that once you’re in, you don’t need nothing else. Even if you feel you want to leave there is no contract.

You can simply transfer your hosting and pay for it yourself later if Wealthy Affiliate is not a good fit for you. People that stay with Wealthy Affiliate do so because they want to, not because they have to.

Many start to slowly learn the value of Wealthy Affiliate.  Most that join have usually paid too much and have been scammed by other companies and systems before this. Then when they see W.A they can see theres a big difference.

The premium membership is to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. This package helps in removing all the worry of managing all the technical problems most webmasters get stuck on. Once you’re a premium member you’re all set up and ready to go.

W.A Takes Care Of Everything, That Means No More Hassling With…

  • Hosting fees
  • Keyword tool fees
  • High Priced Training courses and updates
  • Paying extra for high-priced coaching
  • Searching non stop for up to date answers
  • Confusing training that leaves out the vital parts to succeed.
  • Not getting questions answered when you’re confused
  • Worrying if the content your spending hours learning is teaching an ineffective outdated method 

#2 Premium Membership – $49 per month or $359 paid up front for a year.

This is hosted on very fast expensive hosting that would cost around $70 to 100+ a month just for comparable hosting by itself.

This program comes with amazing fast hosting that helps rank your blog, easy website sign up & setup using wordpress platform, training, keyword tool and live video training every Friday and access to WA community and owners.


Click Here To Set Up Free Lifetime Membership And Get 2 Free Sites See How It Works Here Learn More About Realistically Setting Up A Business Online

All those headaches are all things of the past once you pay and become a premium member. 

Once you get Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, you wont need to buy anymore internet marketing books, push button riches and MLM courses are over.

You will never have to buy another rich guru book, MLM scam, or expensive back-end coaching.

Everything you need is all-inclusive at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will never get scammed again. Have the piece of mind that you’re in good hands with the WA premium membership.

Below is a comparison chart on what you get with starter membership vs the premium membership.My Final Thoughts + A Bonus To Kick Start Your Online Business

So  as you can see, if you join the Free Starter Membership you get a lot for “FREE.” You can come back here and give me a piece of your mind and yell at me in the comment area, If there is anything that you don’t like about it, cause I would really be interested to actually hear what it was. 

I will personally make it a point to get in contact with you and help you through the process as a helping hand guiding you when you need anything! This is “NOT” a sponsor type thing where I am going to try to hard sell you over email or phone to milk more money out of you.

I want you to make yourself a promise, that if you do try it, just set up your account and really give it a shot and follow the free lessons. It is very easy and you will be walked through the whole process when you join this open education project FOR FREE.

How To Claim Your Bonus + Extra Help For A Head Start!

When you join with a FREE account with W.A. I want to let you know about a bonus.  When you create you account at Wealthy Affiliate here I will be personally contacting you on your profile as I will be notified and will say hello and give you a special traffic getting bonus guide plus information about W.A and how you can get help from me and claim your bonus. Also I can also help you with brainstorming ideas and give specialized answers and tips for everything along the way.

With the community at W.A. and the special training from myself and the owners of W.A, you can now really start filling the gaps and getting answers to the tough questions.

You seriously will never know what you have been missing once you start your FREE Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Again this is FREE to join but…. if you’re going to join, do yourself a favor, take action and really do it and set up your profile and take action. This will save years of struggling & stress

Join Wealthy Affiliate With This Special Bonus Link And Get My Help!!! It’s FREE to at least take it for a test drive and see what you think.

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