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The Empower Network Scam


    Name: Empower Network Empower-Network-scam-logo
    Owners: David Wood – David Sharpe
    Price: $25-$140 a Month $5,000 dollars in upsells
    Overall Scam Rank: 16 out of 100
    Recommended Alternative program to try:


    The Empower Network Scam | The Over-hyped MLM That Wants You!

    Empower-Network-scam-huge-checksIs the Empower Network a scam? What is the empower network scam? hmm where do I start…Well it seems that David Wood and David Sharpe of the Empower Network are copying a technique right out of Bernie Madoff’s handbook. This is the company that is going to want you to go “ALL IN” spending thousands so that you will be in too deep and psychologically want to defend your purchase.

    To set any Empower Network fan member straight, the program is not necessarily a scam technically, when you look at it with the naked eye. However when you actually go beyond all the dreams, hype and smoke and mirrors, you see that this program is not very realistic to achieve consistent success in. You start to see why many that refer to it as the great “the empower network scam” and why the program makes you feel like a poor man living in Dubai.

    They claim to be affiliates when they are a MLM plain and simple. They will tell you stuff like “working a job is a pyramid, so whats wrong with in a pyramid?” The Empower Network has often tried to confuse others by creating the illusion that they are a legitimate affiliate marketing opportunity. The empower network is really an MLM Ponzi scheme at its finest. Also due to the no holds barred, anything goes type of relentless spam marketing used by empower network marketers, Facebook and a few other social networks have banned Empower Network links.

    Not To Mention You Really Have To Fake It Till You Make It With The Empower Network Scam.

    You may ask why would the owner of a business allow people to spam links everywhere, well it is because they are here for a good time, not a long time.  Now you may hear good things about this program but you need to still be warned that the only good things about this program is the momentum it has.

    Without people going crazy and spamming everywhere in hopes of high commissions, this program would just die off. The reason is there is really no product, only a course to teach you how to sell more courses to others, then they are to sell more courses on how to sell more courses to others. 

    With The Empower Network Scam You Feel Like A Gypsy Trying To Sell Fortune Telling Services, As It Doesn’t Work But You Have To MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE That It Does..


    Empower-Network-scam-gypsy_fortune_tellerYour online goal is to recruit cult like followers and believers, while you are following someone else, making you feel like a bigger sellout than “Justin Beibers – Beliebers.” So you need to be a great actor portraying a person who really “has it all” and wants others to join in this amazing life.

    Sound fun?

    Well imagine looking at yourself in the mirror after doing this for a couple of years and it doesn’t pan out because you were not the top guy or gal. Then when your done you have nothing to show for it but knowledge in building down-lines and recruiting people for more MLM type systems.

    Then even when you do actually promote to people and find a prospect or two, many of them will search and want to sign up with the bigger and more bad-ass Empower Network marketer. So essentially in the beginning your just making your sponsor and the people at the top richer. You will just be the advertiser for all of your Empower Network sponsors in the beginning and just fighting over tiny scraps.

    This is essentially what makes this program look like the hottest thing since sliced bread, all the people signing up and creating “the momentum.” This type of program always slowly dies out, fades away and disappears, once people start to figure it out.


    What Is The Empower Network Scam


    Empower-Network-scam-david_woodThe Empower Network scam is the type of program that will give you lots of info but it’s the same info that all the people that signed up before you are using. So you become essentially inundated with Empowers outdated, highly saturated content and techniques. When thinking to yourself why you failed, you will believe that you didn’t work hard enough.

    Now the techniques in the program at one point, where good little schemes. Now they are washed up, played out, rode hard and put away wet. You will have to add non stop new content to a blog promoting empower, babysit your down-line, make cold calls to prospects and sell a dream that is so fake it makes you feel as phony as a 3 dollar bill when you try to sell it to others.


    Empower Network is technically supposed to help enable members to earn money, because they supposedly provide the training and the technical help plus a blog. This program is targeted towards the beginners as they are unsuspecting victims that can easily get the wool pulled over their eyes.


    But People Are Making Money From It Aren’t They?


    When you get in at the beginning you could obviously make a lot before everybody starts signing up, Like with any pyramid. The problem lies in the fact that all the advanced people and friends of the owner typically hop on the new MLM programs when it first launches.

    This then later on will leave nothing but a sea of green horns to sign up for the “sucker memberships” at the tail end of the programs momentum.

    So if you sign up later when the program is spiraling down, you better hope that you’re very well versed in sales and marketing. This is just so you will be able to strategically take dead wood and make cold calls and build up warm leads and then convert them into buyers.Empower-Network-scam-once-Upon_a_timeEmpower-Network-scam-happily-ever-after








    This is of course after thoroughly brainwashing them with the same BS story that sold you originally. You will be sick and tired of selling after a few months of telling people the same fairy tale,  knowing they most likely will fail.

    That is exactly why these programs are confusing, so that the buyer will feel like they didn’t understand and are missing something. This will usually end up in the person quitting the program, of course after they have been milked dry before they figure out how it really works. You will then have to repeat this fairy tale to every person that signs up under you, there goes your “Passive” Income and now becomes a just a new job.


    Is The Empower Network A Scam Or Not ??

    The Empower Network Pros


    PRO #1 Get your own blog
    PRO #2 You get a hard knock education in how a MLM pyramid really works

    The Empower Network  Cons


    CON #1 There is no free trial
    CON #2 Is a pyramid but some claim it is an affiliate program big difference
    CON #3 No clear cut path on what you can do step by step besides asking your sponsor that you signed up under
    CON #4 If you join you have to become a politician mixed with a used car salesman and promote this wolf in sheep’s clothing to others
    CON #5 So many up sells it will make your head spin and if you don’t buy those up sells you can’t make commission off of them
    CON #6 If you want makes it you need to invest close to $200 a month
    CON #7 You have to pay $20 a month just so you can get paid.
    CON #8 Many complaints of people investing thousands of dollars each with nothing to show for it.
    CON #9 No real access of contact with the owners


    Who is Empower Network For?


    Empower-Network-scam-compensation_planSo when you talk to anyone promoting Empower or there videos they make you feel that with just a dream and and positive attitude you can make money and live the good life if you just follow the system.

    Sounds easy enough right?

    Well even though anyone can join this course, it is only made for people that are MLM’ers that want to work on building a down line. Working on just selling and dream and explaining how they will be able to sell what your selling, to others. The compensation plan is confusing as well as you get the commission after every five people you recruit with the first few going to your sponsor not you.



    Empower Network Tools & Training


    They really do not have any free tools and training but these are technically the tools they offer.

    • A site you can blog on $25 dollars a month
    • A link and payment processor to promote Empower Network links $19.95
    • Inner Circle membership that is claimed to be needed in order to realistically succeed $100 A month


    ONE Time Fee Upsell Training From Empower Network

    Costa Rica Mastermind video ($500) – This program is supposed to focus on concepts to help you gain leads along with a few more strategies. There are people that are members that say this is not the best training but claim the 15k is a lot better. For $500 dollars you should get more then just some training on how to acquire leads.

    The 15k Formula ($995) – This program is targeted on telling you semi outdated schemes for targeting leads and growing a online business in the long term.

    Masters Retreat ($3,500) – This has 40 individual training’s that give you a workbook that claims to help members learn as they earn. This is when many in Empower have found out that its not going to work for them and its too late.

    So you have to keep in mind that not only do you need to pay monthly but in order to get commission from these products you need to purchase them first. So if you just pay for the $25 dollars a month and someone buys the Masters retreat through your link you don’t get the commissions until you pay $3,500.

    You need all this just to succeed and be all in…is the empower network a scam or not I would say scam. Here are some Empower Network scam complaints

    Empower Network Support


    Need help when your a beginner and want to ask some questions, well you wont get any answers with Empower Networks support or well at least not for under $100.  Even at $100 a month it is not current training rather a series of videos. You want to be careful with programs that do not offer some sort of support with access to the owners. You never have direct access to the owners. The owners are out being great marketers and hype men but never helping the struggling members succeed. If you can’t talk to the owners ever, imagine how hard it will be when you try to get a refund or have a problem.

    This program does not even come close to the features in my #1 recommendation, plus doesn’t even have the 1 on 1 support or access to the program owners. This program also costs much more and does not even teach you how to build a real online business instead of a Ponzi, MLM recruitment website.

    Empower Network Price


    The price of this system depends on the level of your cult like commitment. There is a lot of emphasis on upgrading once you get hooked in the system. This is when your sponsor will start hardballin you and claiming you need to put more skin in the game in order to make it. They make you feel like if you don’t buy all the products your not serious and likely wont succeed and make good money with that type of attitude.

    This is the end goal for Empower as they want you to not only be a good recruiting worker bee but also spend around $5000 dollars in total to buy all the courses to supposedly turn you in to a marketing grand master. Then if you don’t buy be prepared to lose the friendliness of your sponsor that will act very disappointed in you and focus on there paying team members. They have 167 BBB complaints and have lots of Empower Network rip off scam reviews of pissed off members. You have to wade through a lot of fake EN hype members reviews that will go and argue with people who leave real negative comments. Many EN members will argue to the extreme with you as they have already gone “all in” spending thousands and will have no choice but to defend their high priced purchase.

    My Final Opinion of Empower Network


    Empower-Network-scam-all-inSo is the empower network a scam, Well I would say YES… Not only are you selling a non existent product but your also buying it before you can sell it. So your looking at a “not easy” to afford price of $140 a month plus the extra $5000 to go all in.

    This is a far jump from the sale of the $25 dollar blog that everybody tempts you with. SO be warned that you can never judge a book by it’s cover. This program, even though it looks good on the outside can be overpriced, outdated and thousands of dollars if you want to “go all in.” After telling your family and going all in and having nothing to show for it, is enough for many to want to commit Hara-Kiri.

    This program has made some of its top members a lot of money, the thing is they got in right at the top and also are stuck recruiting and babysitting huge down lines just to have the whole network potentially disappear in a few years time. They are at risk of what the Japanese call Karoshi – death by overwork, and is a term that some accept and some are proud of. Just remember when you think “what can it hurt” tying out Empower Network just remember when you say, YES to one thing you have to usually say NO to another thing. When you go all in with a program like this, it means possibly saying NO to the legitimate program and YES to used car sales and the MLM hype life.

    There is NO product.  There surely are different things you can purchase within Empower after you set up your blog but is only to drive more upsells. You are constantly called a wussie or told to go “all in” if you are going to be serious about making money.

    This so called product is really just based on you promoting the EN system to recruit others, this is a pyramid no matter how you look at it. Everyone that makes a website rarely learns anything else besides spam like ways of promoting EN links.

    Empower-Network-scam-david-wood-david-sharpeThere is still speculation that they set up the business in Costa Rica because they are running a borderline Ponzi scheme. David Wood of the Empower Network and David Sharpe of the Empower Network are running nothing more than a really attractive Ponzi scheme online. They are the two that mastermined this MLM scheme. Now just like many programs like this one of the founders David Sharpe is leaving due to medical reasons supposedly hepatitis C…HMM there must be something to this, as one of the owners roger langille of DS Domination (another MLM scam) is also doing the same thing. My guess is one founder sinks with the ship while the other is busy making a shiny new scam to shock and awe everybody with. Then they just bankrupt the old and start over again with the new.

    If you don’t want to be bullied into paying thousands to go all in and also waste time struggling, selling and acting, I would suggest you stay as far as your can from the Empower Network scam and also the two dave’s. Unless you are fine with spending $5k upfront and $140 a month just to be able to start selling their products and be apart of a MLM ponzi scheme then this is probably not the course for you. So what starts off as a $25 dollar investment can quickly turn into a $5000 dollar scam real quick.

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