Name: The Barefoot Writer Club  The_Barefoot_Writer_Club_Scam_logo
Price: $49 to $99.25+ 
Owners: Paul Hollinghead 
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100
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Is The Barefoot Writer Club A Scam My Take On The Barefoot Writer


The_Barefoot_Writer_Club_Scam_video_six_figure_mindy_mchorse_1Now I am assuming that you may have stumbled upon one of the many positive Barefoot Writers Club reviews about whether The Barefoot Writers Club is a scam or legitimate writing course.

This is a company that’s ran by Paul Hollingshead, who is also the co-founder of American Writers & Artists Institute or AWAI. AWAI does have a few complaints and that is why many are thinking the only artist is Paul Hollingshead, who seems like he just might be an excellent artist, well, scam artist that is.

Many get enticed when they subscribe to the Barefoot Writers Magazine and see advertisements about The Barefoot Writers Club. There are easy money claims everywhere you look. They really work at selling the dream and not selling a real product, that actually gets results.


What Is Value Of Being A Part Of The Barefoot Writer Club Membership


The_Barefoot_Writer_Club_Scam_video_six_figure_mindy_mchorse_2Teaching you how to be a copywriter and getting paid is the supposed value of being a part of the Barefoot Writers Club. Sounds easy right, well at least that’s what they are promising when you subscribe to The Barefoot Writers Magazine for $49 dollars.

The course goes on to say how you can effortlessly sit by the pool with bare-feet, writing for an hour and making a full-time income. 

 The Barefoot Writer Club is essentially targeting people who have talent but think they don’t. The founders of the Barefoot writers magazine decided that they were going to make a product to help those people write.

Then it goes on to sell you on the dream of using your $49 dollar training and going on to build a dream laptop life.  

They are suggesting that they can help you work smarter and get paid quicker.

There is less about “how you’re going to do it” and more about “stories and living the dream and that is one of the big main problems with this course.

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So if you go to the Barefoot Writer website you can see the Barefoot Writers Club for yourself and see what I am talking about.

They get you interested with the headline:

“Discover 9 Ways You Can Make a VERY Good Living as a Writer!”

Then when you enter your email you will go to a video that is of a woman by the name of Mindy Mchorse.

Long story short she goes on talking about how she sits barefoot on the beach and effortlessly writes emails and makes bank.

They title the video with a headline that reads:

” how a New Mexico mom buried in bills paid off $100,000 in debt and started making six-figures a year – as a writer! ”

These are some bold claims to make with just a $49 course, so there has to be a lot of up-sells down the road. The reason this is done is to get you to start dreaming. If you have just a tiny speck of belief you will keep watching.

Then if you have money and no one else is there to hold you back, you will likely buy it.

So they are making you feel like if you join the club you will magically gain all these benefits. Your payment then also gets you a subscription to The Barefoot Writer’s Magazine.

You get offered several free special reports of a “$500 dollar email secret” and “how you can work 1 hour a week talking about what you love.” 

This is all great for a sales video, but how are they really going to back all this up?

Well that’s where the Barefoot Writer Club Turns into “the sell you more and more information club.”

I did scan over the material and the free guide and it’s just more and more sales about hopes and dreams and mainly just adding shameless plugs about the Barefoot Writers Club copy writing course.

They also promote their more expensive workshops and other products. They then will try to get you first to buy the $49 dollar course and when that is not enough, they will sell you a higher priced program.

In general this is basic marketing and is not necessarily a bad thing as there needs to be a lower priced product.

The problem lies with getting strung along and paying a hefty fee along the way for just average copy-writing theory and information.

The Barefoot Writer Club Scam Has Left A Bad Taste In A Few Aspiring Writers Mouths

The problem that many people have is it really does not go into talking about how they will teach you or what they will teach you. They are more focused on selling that barefoot dream. The problem with selling a dream like that is when people really start trying to get into copy writing, they are going to be blown away at how much harder than the video claims

Here is a good example of the complaints that are out there.


Now I don’t doubt the Barefoot Writers Club information is legitimate but it’s just not the information that they promise in the sales material. The problem is the process will not take you to where they are saying you will go and as fast as they say.

I mean if anybody puts a couple of years into it they could teach themselves to be a pretty good copywriter. So if a course comes out and tells me to also put in years of hard work but shows me this easy riches video, I’m yelling scam.

They are just teaching you things that will just add to your “analysis paralysis” and you will never get going and take real action. 

Is Copy writing Really That Easy to Learn?

The_Barefoot_Writer_Club_Scam_video_accelerated_program_for_six_figuresCopy writing cannot just be picked up in a day or two especially if you have no background in sales, marketing, SEO, or psychology.

Just writing what you want with just people motivating you and loading on mountains of info will not work.

Good copy sells and people are willing to pay for that but  poor or just mediocre copy is not going to get any results as it would be lacking the proper words and sales and buying psychology.

Just writing words is one thing but getting people to internalize what you’re saying and follow your call to action is an entirely different story.

What is really lacking and eventually leads to this program being viewed as a scam is the promises of easy six figure incomes.

Also all the claims of living the easy life after basically starting the first course at $49 and then buying the up-sell course for $99.25.

So you’re out $148.25 without having any real skills to make real money with it. 

Now there is going to always be people making money doing this so, if you feel that you are already a good writer and just need to see what you need to get started then maybe the $49 dollars would be an alright investment.

If Not the Barefoot Writer Then Who?

If you looking for influence and help starting from the bottom then this is not going to do much besides take you on a long expensive journey and give you a case of “I need that up-sell to succeed” syndrome.

People who have tried writing before know that it takes a lot of time and effort and that a $49 dollar club will not teach enough and you will most certainly need more. If you want to learn how to write good copy and are going to pay for it, you should learn from the greats” (Some are alive some dead)

  • Gary Halbert
  • John Carlton
  • David Ogilvy (dead but you can study old work)
  • Chris Haddad

If you just search those copywriters names and studied their free info, it you would be better than paying for the Barefoot Writers Club Scam.

If you’re one of those positive “everything can work, if you give it a chance type person,” then I suggest you give this course a try. It’s not the worst scam in the world and is borderline legit the problem lies in all the easy money claims and push button success.

All those money claims always lead to easy money seekers then falling short cause the work is way harder than the sales pitch leads on. Then people who join will buy all the up-sells to make it easier and speed things up and get slowly drained of their money and inundated with too much information.

Then only to realize that they are not able to do it, as they are still missing pieces to the puzzle. Then people say you were too lazy and didn’t work hard enough, talk about irony.

The Barefoot Writer Club Scam Conclusion


The Barefoot Writers Club will get you to come back for more selling of upgraded courses, which will just quickly inundate your mind with more information. The more information someone gets the less action they tend to take and become frozen.

People do not need more information, they need things that produce results and The Barefoot Writers Club Scam just dishes up loads and loads of info.  They are always selling and never really revealing actual details about what you will be doing which is a red flag.

This course will give you what you think you want to hear more than what you actually need to succeed.

If you want a basic general overview of copy writing theory but no specifics and can fill in the gaps yourself then this program would be a good fit. 

  1. This courses main goal is to just get you hooked on the dream with the magazine.
  2. Then they start the sales and boot-camp courses.
  3. If you are not getting to where you need to be, you would be instructed to move up one course
  4. Then again to the next course and so on and so forth.  

You will feel like it’s your fault, If you don’t succeed after all the mountains of info and theory.

This then brings us back to why then do they market it as “very little work” and needing “very little skills?”

This company is thriving because they are hyping up a dream and the reason, hype sells. People are born everyday that run into this message and think that they can make easy money.

If you’re looking for good copy writing advice for free, check out the Gary Halbert letters and start there just reading what he does. 

My final verdict is that this is a scam unless you’re just wanting info on copy-writing and not really wanting to any real money from it. 

Professional Tip:

Try watching what copywriters are actually doing and writing and not having people tell you what they think works.

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