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The Barefoot Writer Club – Don’t Take Your Shoes Off Just Yet.

Is The Barefoot Writer Club A Scam My Take On The Barefoot Writer 

Barefoot Writers Club…Sounds fun to write barefoot down by da beach, now doesn’t it?


I’m assuming that you may have stumbled upon one of the many positive Barefoot Writers Club reviews.

Possibly thought this looks like a good way to learn how to start writing.  Well I will be covering what The Barefoot Writers Club is all about and if it’s a scam or legitimate writing course.

I will also show you the top 4 copywriting masters that can teach you more than the Barefoot writer could ever dream.

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This is a company that’s ran by Paul Hollingshead, who is also the co-founder of American Writers & Artists Institute or AWAI.

AWAI does have it’s share of complaints but also glowing positive reviews. That is why many are thinking the only artist is Paul Hollingshead….


Who seems like he just might be an excellent artist, well… a scam artist… Kidding aside,  This is not the worst course ever but is not what you’re probably looking for. Many get enticed when they subscribe to the Barefoot Writers Magazine… Then they see advertisements about The Barefoot Writers Club.

There are easy money claims everywhere you look. They really work at selling the dream and don’t really seem like they’re selling a real product, that actually gets results. It mainly seems like they’re using their fancy tricks on you and not necessarily letting you in on the secret. 

What Is Value Of Being A Part Of The Barefoot Writer Club Membership


The_Barefoot_Writer_Club_Scam_video_six_figure_mindy_mchorse_2Teaching you how to be a copywriter and getting paid is the supposed value of being a part of the Barefoot Writers Club. Sounds easy right, well at least that’s what they are promising when you subscribe to The Barefoot Writers Magazine for $49 dollars.

The course goes on to say how you can effortlessly sit by the pool with bare-feet, writing for an hour and making a full-time income. 

The Barefoot Writer Club is essentially targeting aspiring writers or people who have talent but think they don’t.

Founders of the Barefoot Writers Magazine decided that they were going to make a product to help those people write. Then it goes on to sell you on the dream of using your $49 dollar training and going on to build a dream laptop life.  

They’re suggesting that they can help you work smarter and get paid quicker.

There is less about “how you’re going to do it” and more about “stories and living the dream and that is one of the big main problems with this course

So if you go to the Barefoot Writer website you can see the Barefoot Writers Club for yourself and see what I am talking about.

They get you interested with the headline:

“Discover 9 Ways You Can Make a VERY Good Living as a Writer!”

Then when you enter your email you will go to a video that is of a woman by the name of Mindy Mchorse.


Long story short she goes on talking about how she sits barefoot on the beach and effortlessly writes emails and makes bank.

They title the video with a headline that reads:

” how a New Mexico mom buried in bills paid off $100,000 in debt and started making six-figures a year – as a writer! “

Bold Barefoot Writer Claims

These are some bold claims to make with just a $49 course, so there has to be a lot of up-sells down the road.

The reason this is done is to get you to start dreaming. If you have just a tiny speck of belief you will keep watching.

Then if you have money and no one else is there to hold you back, you will likely buy it.

So they are making you feel like if you join the club you will magically gain all these benefits.

The Barefoot Writer’s Magazine.

You get offered several free special reports of a “$500 dollar email secret” and “how you can work 1 hour a week talking about what you love.” 

This is all great for a sales video, but how are they really going to back all this up?

Well that’s where the Barefoot Writer Club Turns into “the sell you more and more information club.”

I did scan over the material and the free guide and it’s just more and more sales about hopes and dreams. 

Barefoot Writers Club Copy Writing Course.

They also promote their more expensive workshops and other products.

They then will try to get you first to buy the $49 dollar course.  When that is not enough, they will sell you a higher priced program. 

In general this is basic marketing and is not necessarily a bad thing as there needs to be a lower priced product. 

Is The Barefoot Writers Club Course Worth The Money?

The problem lies with getting strung along and paying a hefty fee along the way for just average copy-writing theory and information.

The Barefoot Writer Club Has Left A Bad Taste In A Few Aspiring Writers Mouths

The problem that many people have is it really does not go into talking about how they will teach you or what they will teach you.

They’re more focused on selling that barefoot dream.

The problem with selling a dream like that is when people really start trying to get into copy writing they will get frustrated. 

They’re going to be blown away at how much harder it is than the video claims and most likely just blame themselves

Here is a good example of the complaints that are out there.


Now I don’t doubt the Barefoot Writers Club information is legitimate…

but it’s just not the information that they promise in the sales material.

The problem is the process will not take you to where they’re saying you will go… and as fast as they say.

If anybody puts a couple of years into it they could teach themselves to be a pretty good copywriter.

So if a course comes out and tells me to also put in years of hard work but shows me this easy riches video, I’m yelling scam in my head.

They’re just teaching you things that will just add to your “analysis paralysis” and you will never get going and take real action. The main goal is that you spent money.

Is Copy writing Really That Easy to Learn?

The_Barefoot_Writer_Club_Scam_video_accelerated_program_for_six_figuresCopy writing cannot just be picked up in a day or two especially if you have no background in sales, marketing, SEO, or psychology.

Just writing what you want with just people motivating you and loading on mountains of info will not work.

Good copy sells and people are willing to pay for that but poor or just mediocre copy is not going to get any results as it would be lacking the proper words and sales and buying psychology.

Write Like Your Having A Conversation

Just writing words is one thing…

Getting people to internalize what you’re saying and follow your call to action is an entirely different story.

The Promises Of Easy Six Figure Incomes.

The promises of easy six figure incomes is really what eventually leads to this program being viewed as a scam.

Also all the claims of living the easy life after basically starting the first course at $49 and then buying the up-sell course for $99.25.

So you’re out $148.25 without having any real skills to make real money with it. 

Now there is going to always be people making money doing this.

If you just need to see what you need to get started then maybe the $49 dollars would be an alright investment.

This is realistically only good If you already feel that you’re  a pretty good writer.

If Not the Barefoot Writer Then Who?

This program is not going to do much besides take you on a long expensive journey.

Then give you a case of “I need that up-sell to succeed” syndrome.

Top 4 Copywriting Sources That Can Give You All You Need To Know About Copywriting

If you’re looking for influence and help get started the $49 dollar club membership will not teach enough. You will most certainly need more.

If you want to learn how to write good copy, you should learn from copy-writing legends.

(Copy-writing Hack) Just focusing on the 4 people below will tell you more than you could ever want to know about real copy-writing.

If you just read one of each of those copywriters books and studied their info, it you would be 10x times better than paying for the Barefoot Writers Club.

If you’re one of those positive “everything can work, if you give it a chance type person,” then give this course a try. I don’t want to stop you.

DISCLAIMER: I want to be clear that this is not a scam. This is not the worst course in the world BUT the problem lies in all the easy money claims and push button success. 

All those money claims, always leads to easy money seekers, then falling short cause the work is way harder than the sales pitch leads on.

Then people who join will buy all the up-sells to make it easier and speed things up. 

Get slowly drained of their money and inundated with too much information.

Then annoy everyone with their grammar Nazi impressions.

Finally learning that it’s still very hard to do it, as they’re still missing pieces to the puzzle.

People say you were too lazy and didn’t work hard enough.

Realistically you probably have worked harder than you ever have.

The Barefoot Writer Club Conclusion


The Barefoot Writers Club will get you to come back for more selling of upgraded courses…

Which will just quickly inundate your mind with more information.

The more information someone gets the less action they tend to take and become frozen.

People do not need more information, they need things that produce results…

The Barefoot Writers Club just dishes up loads and loads of info.  

They’re always selling and never really revealing actual details about what you will be doing which is a red flag.

This course will give you what you think you want to hear… more than what you actually need to succeed.

If you can fill in the gaps yourself then this program would be a good fit.

If all you need is a basic general overview of copy writing theory but no specifics Barefoot writer is for you. 

  1. This courses main goal is to just get you hooked on the dream with the magazine.
  2. Then they start the sales and courses.
  3. If you’re not getting to where you need to be, you would be instructed to move up one course
  4. Then again to the next course and so on and so forth.  

You will feel like it’s your fault, If you don’t succeed… after all the mountains of info and theory.

This then brings us back to why do they market it as “very little work” and needing “very little skills?”

This company is thriving because they’re hyping up a dream and hype sells.

People are born everyday that run into this message and think that they can make easy money.

If you’re looking for good copy writing advice for free,

check out the Gary Halbert letters and start there… just reading what he does. 

Easy Copywriting Hack Tip: Try watching what copywriters are actually doing and read their copy out loud. Really study patterns and writing and not having people tell you what they think works. Start Watching and reverse engineering what does work.

So If Barefoot Writers Club Is Something That You Feel Wont Work For You… What Other Options Do You Have? 

Looking to get away from just buying more programs like Barefoot Writers Club?

Find something that you can utilize what you already know NOW, to start making money online. 

Make sustainable residual commissions for years to come. Write for yourself in your own voice and build an audience. 

Consider building your own sub niche or review site with the proper guidance, training and resources all in one place.

Get the training to learn how to write and start a website/blog in any sub- niche or market angle you choose.

If you’re serious and looking to make full-time income this is something that will help you tremendously.  

Write For Yourself…

You can start it as a beginner and start writing for yourself and make money blogging.

Learn to write for yourself and earn money through affiliate marketing.

Learning how to write or how to do your own copywriting is hard work…

Learn to write by starting your own blog and recommending products at first. Learn to develop your own style and voice. 

You would be able to make a full-time income with that same effort.

But… You will see better results.

Also you can promote whatever you want

  • Affiliate products
  • Your own products
  • Advertising etc

This is your own business, not something that only allows you to be self-employed…

This platform/program allows you to do everything all in one place. It teaches you everything you need to get started promoting anything online…

Please let me know in the comments below how you feel about the Barefoot Writers Cub?

What was your opinion on the products? 


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Kai Raecke says November 11, 2017

Interesting article. I’ve been getting bombarded by AWAI email for months now, and the intro line will frequently say something like “last chance” or “final offer,” only to be followed up with the same offer or “opportunity” a couple of days or a week later. It’s kind of ridiculous. I haven’t bitten yet, and I doubt I ever will.
I’ve been in the writing and editing business for 30-plus years, so I have some experience.

Carol Johnson says October 30, 2017

I’m glad I researched this BEFORE I sent them money. After all, there is a saying that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

    Brandon says November 5, 2017

    That’s good to hear, I agree with you. I hope that you can look into the copywriters to help you out as they will lay a proper foundation for writing.

    Thanks for stopping by,

Pamela says June 21, 2017

This sounds like a review of college only, “So you’re out $148.25 without having any real skills to make real money with it.” is more like “So you’re out $48,000 without having any real skills to make real money with it.”

    Brandon says June 25, 2017

    Yeah both are not a good idea. Just to learn general theory to further cloud your mind with unspecific garbage.

Elmo says April 20, 2017

There are several ways you can learn copywriting without breaking the bank. First, you can easily find courses on eBay that someone bought and wants to get rid of.

I got Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing for a mere $25, and his copy writing course he charged $2000 to attendees and then sold the recordings for far less than that. That course I also got on eBay for $30. You can also find a mentor (best option) like I did and have them put you through the paces. (I got an excellent one free.)

But here’s the thing…

Even if you go through every book, course, and program and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars learning, you’re still only half way there.
You have to find your niche, romance your market and find prospects. Much easier said than done. If you want good paying clients, you’ll have to build a reputation that is stellar and makes them want more of what you have to offer. Once again, much easier said than done.

I see young people all the time shelling out huge bucks to buy a course on copywriting or business, when they could easily go on Amazon and get the same exact information. Do you really need to go to a Grant Cardone $15,000 Mastermind 10X – Whateveryawannacallit to learn how to make money???? Really?? Yeah, he really knows how to sell, and that’s exactly what he does: he sells you more and more….

And the same can be said for just about any of the Gurus out there. But just remember one thing: It doesn’t matter if you only paid ten cents or less for that eBook, you’re dealing with very sophisticated salesmen and women; there will always be an up-sell.

So, no offense to these folks, I actually like the fact that they can go out and make money, and that we live in an economy strong enough that some of you can afford it.

However, there is an art to saving and using your money wisely.

I’ve heard some of them say, “Man, when I was young, I always worried about every penny, now I’ve learned that debt can make you rich…” (Calm down and think for a second…You’re dealing with highly seasoned, and in some cases, unscrupulous business people. They know what keeps you up at night and what your hot buttons are. My advice to you is whenever you feel emotional about buying something of this nature, calm down and sleep on it for a few days.

Don’t every buy anything on a time limit.


They are trying to get you to make a decision when you’re the most irrational.

Sleep on it for a few days and THEN make the decision.

God Bless!

David says November 27, 2016


I signed signed into Wealth Affiliate Review last week. I have been very busy trying to recover from falling for scams, which put what is discussed here to shame. I read about three quarts of this blog and decided that your point is made, but that if I focus on the pitch for BWC there is just enough there to justify the cost of the initial trail, for example $75/hr for research. I recall that you said, something to the effect that the point of your review is to awaken anyone interested in the counter argument the neuro-linguistic persuasion, NLP, of “Mindy McHorse.” This is the best and the worst of marketing and what is marketing? One well thought out definition is, ” An attempt met or create a perceived need.” However, the scam factor, of this info-video is very high as you argue, because they never really come to the point, which what do you need but when will you get it. This is the reason I refuse to watch crime and UFO documentaries. You may spent 45 minutes listening to repeated facts, which you could have heard in the first 5 minutes, only to be left none of the facts you wanted to hear. In the end, what really happened to get there? You did at least offer the free list and works of well known copyrights. There is just enough in the video to weakly defend a balanced presentation, but the weight of emotion pushes the listeners emotions. The same same source of my Marketing Definition suggests that it is possible nothing has ever been bought without emotion.

However, I am not the average person by virtue of experience. I don’t see that any one thing as the answer to my needs. I am here with an open mind. I believe this is your nitche? Everyone really wants to put in the minimum effort for the maximum return. Rather than be guilty of creating emotional frustration, I will get to the point and avoid the emotional state NLP is designed to create. We live in a wold increasingly designed to persuade and deceive, to shape our opinions. Personal economics and emotional stability are codependent. I am sure that someone out there has begun to write them into equations as dependent variables and has the population statistics to back it up.

What I see from you blog with far less than an expert opinion that we are all, more or less, in the same boat and to quote Ben Franklin, “We need to hang together or we will surely hang together.” To be clear this is the real world and not a high school cafeteria. I think a little courtesy is a good thing. I may not agree with everything I read here, but it is better to be challenged to think a little than to stumble blindly around in the dark. That said, Brandon, you have the right to defend your positions. I appreciate you efforts. I am not here to disagree. I did not make it to the end of the BWC video. It was obviously carefully crafted to generate sales with the uninitiated. That fact does not mean there is nothing to learned there and you never said there wasn’t. I appreciate what you have done by creating this blog. Thanks.

    Brandon says December 2, 2016

    Hey David,

    Thanks for the food for thought. I do believe differing opinions are good as well, especially in a world that seems to surpress free thinking more than we realize. If no one can critize nothing changes and everything stays the same and stagnate. So I agree with you as it’s better to be challenged than stumbling around by yourself. This is why this blog is to really just get the gears turning and then I always encourage people to look into for themselves and like you did you realized that maybe Barefoot writers club was not for you.

    Thanks for stopping by,

Anthony Tramantano says September 23, 2016

Many thanks for the unbiased review which is somewhat of a novelty in this hectic space. Having hung around from the horse and buggy days, the current scene is really
mind-boggling to someone who has suddenly retired from this hectic world and is still seeking rainbows thru unabashed reading on a continuous basis. The gang (some 13
assorted kids and offspring) think I’m off my rocker (chair), because I still exhibit a flair for mental gymnastics because age is equated with all the trappings of physical
shortcomings. I’m resisting mightily the throes of modern thinking. Mind you I’m not damming progress, believe me I still keep goals and still want to make good choices
in all the great things that life offers. I know that I have wandered but assure I appreciate your approach. I’ll save my my 45 pesos and buy up more books and plug onward.

Gary says September 15, 2016

Hi Brandon,

In my case the video only took about 90 seconds because I ffwd thru it. Pie in the sky stuff. I think you were fairly generous, but any would-be writers’ time is better spent on Amazon books IMHO.


Charles U. Hawksworth Jr. says September 6, 2016

I have been told, over the years, that I should write. Some people even said I was good at it. I do not know if I agree with them, but I like writing. I do not really give a damn about all the grammar, and spelling police out there. Like you, I am more interested in getting the message across. Doing it perfectly, all the time, is not possible. If I notice errors, I certainly would not bite someones head off for it. I have written a first draft of a true story, several various short stories and musings, and I even got a spec script read, by the staff, at the TV show “Frasier.” The response I got was one of the best I ever heard. Maybe it was BS, but I liked it. Currently, I am working on a detective story. My first attempt at fiction. I do not like fiction because it requires that you make sense. I am telling you this because I would like to get paid to write. Are there any places online where you can get paid to write about real life, personal experiences, and adventures, that most people would not believe. IE, Ihave hitchhiked across this country, at least 4 times.

    Brandon says September 6, 2016

    Hey Charles,

    Thats a tough question, but the only things I could think of would be to write a few series of kindle books on Amamzon or write for others on Odesk but not sure about writting about personal expiereinces. The only place thats good to write about personal expieriences is starting your own blog. If you were interested in starting your own blog set up a profile and free account here and you can start writing. I hope this helps.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Petey Pablo says August 26, 2016

so youre saying copywriters use EVIL MANIPULATION and PERSUASION TECHNIQUES *gasp* techniques when they sell copywriting courses???

thats unheard of

    admin says August 26, 2016

    Hey Petey Pablo,

    Not sure what your trying to say here? Where did I say evil manipulation? Who doesn’t use persuasion techniques…This course is not what it seems bottom line, does that clear things up? Not sure what your trying to ask petey pablo escobar. You may have been watching too much Narcos. Are you looking for the goodies?

Anonymous says July 5, 2016

Hey Brandon,
Thank you for your fair and generous review of the BFW. I’m so glad that you posted your remarks because you saved me from a lot of frustration that I do not need.
Go figure, one of the oldest tricks in the book. The old carrot on the end of the stick trick. The only question is how long will it take to realize that you’re being taken for a ride?
Also thanks a bunch for supplying better resources for breaking in and actually learning about the copywrite field. While I have your attention, what is the best way to generate copywrite assignments and build a clientele?

Sharon says March 5, 2016

Uhm, I live in New Mexico, and we don’t have beaches here? First clue that BWC is not legit. If something sounds too good to be true, then it is. Save your money folks.

Fiverr Bot says March 3, 2016

Hi, juzt wanted to say, I enjoyed this post. It was funny.

Keep on posting!

WriteOnShan says February 21, 2016

Thanks Brandon 🙂
By the way, I’ve been writing probably longer than you’ve been alive. Haha
I firmly back up what you’ve explained to the readers regarding copy writing and easy money. I have a degree in Professional Sales, and my niche is writing. I’m actually a copy writer; I also do copy editing, and ghost writing. It is NOT as easy as the BWC claim. That’s why after reading their ‘bait’, I immediately began searching for a website that dispels claims such as theirs.
There are MANY viable sources writers have at their fingertips that are helpful offering direction and suggestions. Your readers can also google the writer’s associations in their respective states. There are several, and if they want to slap some cash down, do it on a membership in a writer’s association where they can actually meet authors, go to meetings and workshops – most offer in person and online, and they’ll get far more practical help from peeps who are there to … oh I don’t know … HELP THEIR MEMBERS SUCCEED! It’s also a great way to be with like-minded people and it’s great for networking.
I hope this will support what you’ve already provided.
Lastly, make no mistake, I have not suggested to your readers NOT to join the BWC, in fact, if they’ve read this thread, and choose to, they’ll have the benefit of going into it with eyes wide open.
Keep up the good work!

WriteOnShan says February 20, 2016

Hi Brandon,

First of all, I want to acknowledge you for your efforts. I’m grateful for people like you, who are doing something you’re passionate about. The fact that you’re willing to use your time, energy and experience for the purpose of HELPING others in their efforts to make informed choices is commendable. Kudos to you! There aren’t nearly enough givers. Thank you for being committed to such a worthy and necessary cause, despite those who are quick to criticize.
I’ve never left a comment before on any website – ever, until now.
In an effort to follow my gut after reading about the BWC, I googled scams which led me to your blog. After reading your remarks, I ended up doing another first; reading EVERY posted comment below your findings.
This leads me to my second thought. WHAT IS UP WITH Y’ALL? I feel like I’m watching a bunch of mean kids on the playground throwing marbles at the kid trying to show you ways to keep from losing the game! Yes, this is me stepping in to call a time-out for a second so you can remember what drew you to read Brandon’s post IN THE FIRST PLACE! My only question for the rest of y’all is this, do any of you do what Brandon does? My guess would be no, and if you do, I’d be shocked if you allow readers to comment. Or maybe bashing is the norm for you. If that be the case, it would suck to be you.
Brandon, the only (unsolicited)suggestion I have is this; given the nature of this particular blog which has to do with writing, perhaps you could slap a quick disclaimer at the beginning and say something like:
Before you begin reading my findings, keep in mind the information is about The Barefoot Writer Club, not my ability (or lack thereof)to write. I’m offering information about BWC, not a literary dissertation. Consider yourself informed, and I hope the content is helpful for you.
Keep up the good work Brandon. I think you’re awesome!

    Brandon says February 21, 2016

    Hello My New Favorite Reader:),

    Thanks for the amazing comment and suggestion, as that disclaimer would be great to put in front of many of the writing scams as well as funny. Boy I’ll tell you it’s like a breath of fresh air to have someone come in a understand what your trying to do. Well I appreciate the comment and I think you’re awesome as well.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Kelley says February 20, 2016

I watched the video for this club as a result of getting sent a link for writing prompts (no biggie, writing prompts are fun). I got an e-mail saying on Monday I’ll receive the writing prompts. I suspect that is already pretty daggone scammy. But of course after confirming my e-mail (and ironically spelling my own name wrong..or maybe they did in the e-mail? So much for waking up early being a good way to start the day, hahaha) I got the …FORTY EIGHT PLUS MINUTE SPIEL.. that started with “it only takes a couple minutes to tell you how I made all this money.” As you pointed out the most ridiculous part was how they kept making you “wait for it” but they never really defined EXACTLY what IT was. I got rope-a-doped into watching the whole thing because strangely Elaine from Seinfeld was kind of my role model as a kid. Not lifestyle-wise, but professionally. I wanted to have that job. So I was hooked in that sense. Then it went on and on about the letters and pretty much just gave me the impression it WAS junk mail. I feel like the hardest part to grasp even just from the 48 minute video was that her name Mindy McHorse sounds really close to Marty McFly and I was initially skeptical just because of a horrible word association. But I think that little flicker of critical thinking kept me from making the mistake of clicking that little orange button at minute 10 or 12 or during the benefits/swag spiel. I kept asking “but…?” Then when she said “only for the next 10 minutes” I cussed myself out for listening to a pitch that turned out to be an infomercial.

I agree the point you’re making is that if you already have the skills necessary to get by learning the quick facts it might be a good thing for you. I also agree it’s an overall scam. I think you make solid points and I don’t feel like you’re …shoe..-ing (I’m sorry, I hope that’s as funny as I thought it was) people away but your goal is to make sure people give it real thought as opposed to the way McHorse ends the video with the excessive guilt trip and vague promise of a refund, ONLY IF you try it for a whole year. How’s that for a rope-a-dope?

I can only thank my cousin who pointed me to this article, but thank you for sharing your opinion on the subject.

    Brandon says February 21, 2016

    Hey Kelley,

    Thanks you for sharing your opinion and it’s valued here. I love the whole “it only takes a couple of minutes video” Then takes 40 minutes and only tells you how she made money but never what exactly. I like the “rope a dope” saying, ahve not heard that before lol.

    Yeah, I would say “the Mindy Mchorse name” could have been a little more believable and realistic as your tight it is a lot like Marty Mcfly haha… Just think if her brothers name was Marty, “ol Marty McFarty Mchorse” lol, I like the comparision to Marty Mcfly by the way. There are not many more names that are funnier and more non realistic sounding names than Mindy Mchorse besides something like Macaulay Mcfly perhaps.

    Just wanted to tell you good job as this is not a easy scam to detect as it definitely fly’s under the radar, so Bravo for listening to your gut rather than hype.

    Well basically by you understanding how this scam works all the other scam you incounter in the future will get easier to detect. They will seem like they’re just waving red-flags in your face and will start to be able to notice when a real program is presented. I’m glad that this could help out a little. Here’s to you still being like Elaine (professionally not lifestyle of course) some day in the future lol.

    Also, if you can, tell your cousin thanks for pointing you to this article, They must have good taste:)

    Thanks For Stopping By,

      JM says December 30, 2016

      Brandon – If you do a simple search on Google or use Intelius and search her name, you will see she is a real person living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Making fun of her name implying that she is a fake person does not give you any credibility, especially when a simple search proves this wrong. Here is a document from the Albuquerque government website that shows info about Mindy and her husband Craig regarding a fence issue:

      No reason to think of attacking me that I am a supporter of her newsletter as I am not even a subscriber to it. I just hate it when people call things “scams” and tearing down something with false info.

      Can you get Copywriting info for free? Sure. Info on YouTube videos for free? I bet! FYI – if one searches the right places, they can find the Barefoot Writers Club info for free also. People purchase the stuff, download it, get a refund then submit it to the file sharing sites.

      Hey…can one learn how to be a blogger for free? Can one get a FREE blog like WordPress or another platform? YES. Can one search YouTube, etc and get thousands of pages of info for FREE on being a successful blogger? ABSOLUTELY.

      No reason whatsoever really to subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate when one can get the info for FREE right?? Does this mean that WA is a scam? Nope. It is a viable service with (I’m sure) great training and info on blogging. Calling is a “scam” would not be the right thing to do. Even though one could get blogging info, programs, reports etc for FREE out there.

      Your “unbiased” review is not unbiased. It is merely a way for you and other WA members to get traffic from people searching other programs and to come across your blog. A real, unbiased review would not try to direct someone to their affiliate offer to sign up with your service or business opportunity.

      The review you posted is not unbiased. Your review is more “spammy” than anything.

        Brandon says December 31, 2016

        Hey JM or Jenny,

        I feel like you must be either a very angry person that just lets everything get under their skin or a friend, relative or crazy super fan of Mindy Mchorse? Why are you so eagar to come to the defense of a program that I gurantee did not teach you to be an amazing copywriter for $49 dollars a year.

        What they do is give you just enough info to be a danger to yourself. You will not learn anything more until you start investing in all the other programs and workshops and seminars. This is typical of programs with more complex information such as Copywriting but Mindy Mchorse explains none of this in the BWC initial video.

        Also what does Mindy Mchorse really do besides say she is a highly paid copywriter?
        Does she write sales copy for Frank Kern Like John Carlton?
        or Been a master in direct sales like Gary halbert?
        or is she more like a college professor explaining theory rather than lesson comming from a real person actually doing it and making money from it?

        BWC appears to be a scam, because it failed to be transparent.

        Once you join each subsequent message becomes a sales pitch for much higer course.. This is really not the real probelem as marketers do this but they don’t hide the fact that their coaching is alot more but typically have a course that explains how to actually do it and then if you want personal coaching you can pay lots more. With Barefoot writers club they give you very little real info to make you a copywriter until you start chasing the carrot their dangling.

        Everybody will come up with the whole I bash one program so that I can promote another, but that is just BS sorry but it is. So when somthing doesn;t work very well to get real results should I just not provide my opinion? also if someone doesn’t believe me and my words couldn’t they say they don;t believe me just like your doing right now? Then if you don’t believe me and have no affiliation to this site what are you doing writing a long comment in their defense? Have you made lots of money with them fromn the $49 training?

        This is an unbiased review as I’m not a BWC affiliate. I write about program I do not believe are worth the money or scams abd then if someone so chooses they can try my recommendation for a differnt perpective to actually make money online and try for FREE plus free basic training.

        If something is a scam don’t you typically ask in your head “ok now what?” I have people that ask that all the time if this is a scam what is a good program then. They have questions and I have answers for them as they are who I’m talking to and not some friend or affiliate of Barefoot writers club.

        So if you don’t like this article I would say Tough Titty, this blogs is obviously not written for you.

        There are programs that just really don’t provide value over the free stuff out there this is one of them. Sure I link to Wealthy Affiliate to have all in one blogging resource tool and hosting.

        The differnce…?

        Barefoot writers club makes you feel like for $49 a year you’re going to be barefoot in the sandy beaches of some tropical island just raking in the cash. With my wealthy affiliate reccomendation you actually can start it for FREE you get 10 lesson for FREE and it has a platform to enable you to build two websites on it for FREE, You can also remain a free member for life. The upgrade is $49 a month and that is the only upsell and they are 100 percent transparent with what you need to do and you can do everything with that price as they give much more than just genral canned overview like Barefoot writers club.

        If you like tricks and smoke in mirrors for alright copywriting info, that would not even come close to the Gary halbert letters for free, then continue with Barefoot Writer Club. What you’re not going to do is tell me how it is, when you have no clue! Most likly you’re a friend or a strangly protective fan of Mindy’s.

        Have Fun with Barefoot Witers Club hope you get what you need from it.

        Thanks For Stopping By,

          JM says January 1, 2017

          As I said, idiot that I am not a subscriber to the newsletter. That is why I said don’t even think of attacking me with that because I have nothing to do with her newsletter. Obviously, you ignored this and just chose to do it anyway to try and justify why I posted.

          I am just tired of buttplugs like you writing your “unbiased” reviews calling things scams and, in your case, calling her fake making fun of her “fake” last name when she, actually, is a real person living in New Mexico. You couldn’t even do a simple google search of her name to prove this (would’ve taken 30 seconds) before posting it on your “unbiased” review.

          You are a merely a SPAMMER posting your “unbiased review” and only really wanting to direct people to your WA affiliate link.

          Brandon says January 6, 2017

          ATTN: Hey This is MINDY MCHORSE or Someone Paid To Comment On Behalf Of Mindy Mchorse… I only post this comment to show you how this person operates and the very poor points they make in defense for Barefoot writers.

          WOW, Are you sure you’re not Mindy Mchorse or friends or paid by her???

          Come on you’re very defensive about a product you have no ties to and second do you think you can come on here a say what you want and then not have me comment back, just cause you said not to attack you???? Oh, I ignored everything you said once you started making your strong opinions.

          How would I know that the Google search is really her name anyway also it doesn’t matter…. what does matter is your defending a very lame copywriting program and I will say it again everybody that is interested in this course just go get

          the Gary Halbert Letters for free

          start there and get suggestions don’t listen to crazy people like this JM as they claim there not on the mailing list and have nothing to do with the product but think they know it all and get so mad they call you names like buttplug HAHAHAHAHA.

          A Spammer, Ma’am do you even know what that means? You’re comming to my blog and you’re saying nothing of value, then doing a horrible job of trying to persuade readers of My blog to understand your worthless points and you say I’m the spammer cause I give a option on what they can do to actually make a business online.

          Let me tell you somthing, I look at courses and give a honest opinion about them and If they’re a scam I offer a Option that no one is forced to take.. I really don’t care what you think but when most of my audience reads this they always ask for what they can do now or what other options are there for them. I put that there for the real readers of this blog not Trolls like you!

          When you try to get me to stop suggesting options to real readers again I say TOUGH TITTY!!!!!

          I know misery enjoys company but seriously go somewhere else where they talk good about Barefoot writers and go agree with them as you will do nothing here and only are making me want to write a more indepth review about how Mindy mchorse either pays people like you or you’re Ol Mindy Mchorse herself as I have never seen an uninvested third party get as mad over this ever!

          So to the Mindy Mchorse Fan girl JM or Mindy, Whoever I’m talking to why don’t find a better place to try promoting your scheme as it wont work here… maybe make some better points next time.

          Calling me a Buttplug and an idiot LOL, what will I do, how will I ever be able to live. I guess I will just stop doing what I’m doing as you’re so persuasive… must be all that training you got from Barefoot writters club or from Mindy.


MB says February 14, 2016

I am not finished with the course yet. However, with less than a month in the program, I have been able to discover my niche. I have a background in publishing a few articles in education (no pay), but I’ve learned enough so far from the course and resources to spin my writing in another direction. Thursday I sent in a piece in for publication. I also learned how to locate and last night query a company that does lesson planning and pays $1000 to $2000 dollars a project. It remains to be seen whether or not thatwould be a good fit for me. But that’s a lifetime more than I would know how to do on my own. Plus, the journey has been exciting. (That part actually sounds like the advertising, but it’s true.). ; )

    MB says February 14, 2016

    Oops, I guess I should be up trying to write at midnight. I noticed a ton of typos. Sorry about that

    Becky says February 20, 2016

    Does the barefoot writer’s club have a job board as they advertise?

    Anonymous says June 20, 2016

    What company pays for lesson planning?

MB says February 11, 2016

Even thought I’m a happy member of The Barefoot Writer’s Club and purchase their products, I think I’m interested in looking at what you have, also. However, I have to admit, I don’t agree with bashing someone else and refer to them as a “scam” to drive business towards you if that’s what you are doing. I think what you have to offer is good, also. Both you and The Barefoot Writer’s Club seem to go at it with different approaches. As I know from teaching, different approaches work to motivate and inspire different types of people. You might want to keep that in mind and be fine with it.


    Brandon says February 11, 2016

    Hey MB,

    I can see your point but I’m really not trying to bash one course to get you to go to another but rather saying the truth about the course, even if it’s not flattering. The problem I used to see is people that make reviews that are not biased in one way or another and do not really explain their point or stance on the matter, also futher more not recomending what you can do.

    If you do a review and say hey, “go ahead and try it” and “don’t try it” what good is a review? If after reading somthing your left in a state of ambivalence and still have to find more info or are not sure what action to take I feel that doesn’t do anybody any good.

    There’re so many people out there that are making unbiased reviews and thinking that is the fair way to do it. Then after not being biased they also do not post a recommended alternative to try… I feel like What good does that do for most people.

    I find that many real consumers, not members are angry when you say somethings a scam and then do not give them alternatives that could work instead. I have also noticed that people that care about me talking about a program in a negative light are usually the ones that bought the course or are involved in the system.

    The only way to find out if something is better is to take action and try something different hopfully with a recommendation from a site like this to at least set you in the right genral direction and not go down a deep hole of getting scammed.

    So this is why I give you my two cents and then give you an alternative to try, as if I just said somthing was a scam and said nothing after to replace the course, would that really do any good?

    If I went around saying everything is just as good as something else and gave the response of non biased opinion, I always wonder who does that really help? People come here looking for answers not more confusion of me saying.. “hey do it if you want” or “don’t do if you don’t want to” type thing. Then the people reading are just left with my neutral opinion that doesn’t do them any good and leaves them just as confused as when they came here and without anything else to look into.

    People are coming here for a review and they can agree with my views and try the recommended program or they can disagree and not try it.

    I think if you start looking for the right free copywriting info you will start to notice that you can find the stuff being taught with Barefoot Writers Club to be mostly readily avaiable in many copywritng articles and videos.

    Then when you see this info and better shared for free you start to realize that maybe The Barefoot Writers CLub is neat but it only gives you overall theory and clutters your brain with more stuff that you do not need right now and could possibly take you off course.

    I see that you like the course but have you really made any copywriting gigs from it? and are they high paying gigs like Gary halbert or John Carlton get that make you 50k or more a sales page? If not the techniques in Barfoot Writer, allthough are good do not teach you the in the trenches Ideas and tricks that you can only learn from watching the greats. My real objection is if your going to pay for somthing pay for a course from a real Copywriter and not some dude that claims he is or Midy Mchorse who many have not heard of a real copywriter.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


MB says February 11, 2016

Did you try the program?

I joined a bit ago, and I’m really getting a great deal out of my membership. I just submitted my first writing for publication. I currently work as a reading intervention teacher. I’ve gotten a great deal out of the articles, magazine, and the course I’m taking so far and am happy to pay for that. I think it’s like the old AA adage, “It works if you work it.”

I would rather have most of what I need in one place than go hunting all over the internet for it. For me and others like me, it’s worth the money.


    Brandon says February 11, 2016

    I have been able to see what is in the course and review it. Just so you can see for yourself you wont have to really go looking all over online, you can focus on just a couple of videos and learn everything that Barefoot Writers Club could teach. Analysis of Gary Halbert’s Coat-of-Arms Sales Letter An Analysis of Gary Bencivenga’s Olive Oil Sales Letter

    Now listen to the differnce in material when you listen to Mindy Mchorses videos she is on, she only provides fluff and filler no real content.

    Yes I know those are free videos but so are the others above that teach ten times more.

    Just reverse engineering these two sales pages alone will teach you more
    “in the trenches” secrets that the Barefoot Writers Club will not and Barefoot writers club is like college and theory which is nice, but with making money online you will learn that mainly success comes from “stealing like an artist” and getting proven steps that work from mentors that are doing it and not teachers who understand the theory only.

    I completely get your point and I do appreciate you making an educated comment and actually asking a question rather than just make personal attacks or statements like many do when they like a course and feel like I may be unjust in writing this. I feel that many may have the same thoughts as you, so I wanted to answer this.

    Let me know if you feel the Barefoot Writers Club still has more value than the two videos above.

    There will be a few things missing but you could piece together the missing info you need pretty quickly and not have to struggle finding most of the important info you need to get you up to speed.

    I understand you do not want to go all around the web to get the same info they put in a course and in that case it’s great for people like yourself. The think I’m mainly pointing out is it’s not a hit and run take your money and never call you back scam, but it’s a new type of scam where they are giving lots of information that sounds great and seems logical but serves as nothing more than mental masturbation as they are not telling you what you really need to do to make all the money they say you can make. It’s just the same as me saying basically if you listen to the free information like reading through “the Gary Halbert letters” or reading a couple of Frank Kerns sales pages written by John Carlton or look up some of the great written copy done by David Olgilvy. Or just watch a few videos on You Tube by Chris Haddad or other free copywriters videos and I think you will be rather surprised that many of the lessons are taught for free, you just have to know where to look. So if you don’t know where to look or who to look for the Barefoot Writers Club can be helpful, but it’s still just going to give everybody theory rather than what is working right now on a sales page or what people actually do rather than what they specifically say.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Anita says February 3, 2016

Thank you so much for this article. I have been wanting to get into copywriting and came across this club and found one of their videos in my inbox. I watched it, and did not have the extra funds that day to buy it, but instead decided to research more before putting out the money. I did see the upgrades they offered and wondered about that. I am a trained writer who has suddenly found herself in need of work to supplement my other sparse revenue streams. This time of year is always slow and I have more time now to devote to learning the craft of copywriting, while also working on my blogs and other projects. Your article pointed out things that seemed a little too good to be true, and so I decided that at this time, I will not buy their program, but will instead, look at the list of copywriting greats that you listed at the bottom of the article. I have just started with the letters of Gary Halbert…wow, what a wealth of information. Thank you so much for this informative article!

    Brandon says February 3, 2016

    You’re very welcome, thank you for the kind words Anita, I do appreciate that. I’m so glad that you can find those people early on especially the Gary Halbert Letters that guy can get me to read a huge copy with almost zero pictures and love it, it’s amazing what the right type of wording can do.

    You will learn so much from just watching how they do things, I need to do more of this myself. The people that teach at Barefoot Writers club would only wish they had the skills that Gary Halbert or John Carlton, have in their pinkies.

    John Carlton I think did a lot of Frank Kerns writing (which by the way, you may want to look into Frank Kern or Dan Kennedy as well and watch how they do stuff, as there amazing at pulling you in) and the Free Gary Halbert Letters are going to show you so much if you just dissect and sorta reverse engineer his work.

    I also wanted to add to this a couple more that I think could help as I forgot “Gary Bencivenga” and “Clayton Makepeace” I think once you go through just the free info that all these guys put out and put it all together you will way ahead of most. I hope this can help you get out there and be a top copywriter some day as if you learn from those guys and can implement some of those techniques you will be getting top dollar for your copy.

    Also if your looking for some quick video tips I would also go to You Tube as well and look up some of Chris Haddads little tips and tricks videos, 2 quick videos of Chris Haddad you can watch on copywriting below if you want..Chris Haddad is a good person to listen to because he is young and provides a differnt perspective than the older guys.

    Well I’m glad that I could help and hope that you get the info your looking for.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


JRom says January 11, 2016

These reviews by wealthy affiliate members always seem to do well on Google. .. one day I’ll join the free trial and learn how they do it

    Brandon says January 11, 2016

    Hey Jrom,

    The reason most of the Wealthy Affiliate blogs do well is because they have many differnt ways to help you succeed from amazing cloud hosting to proper keyword tool and many other things that get your site ranked quickly with Google. They teach you the real way to rank without all the confusion.

    Plus if you sign up with somone like me, I can also give you tips and tricks to get ranked even faster from stuff that I have learned from being in the trenches and seeing what does and does not work.

    This sytem will get you to where you want to go if you stick with it. If you are interested at least sign up for the free account and I will get in touch with you to answer any questions and help you reach your goal of full time income online.


JimBob says January 3, 2016

Thanks for posting this Brandon. Huge help to me. I’ll continue my search for that career change I’m searching for.

Nick says December 30, 2015

I want the write job without going thru the requisite rites. If I want to right things I should know I’ll have to do it on my own or form a circle with like-minded righters, cuz I’ll otherwise likely fall into a an astroturf trap, not a grassroots return towards paradise.

Anonymous says December 29, 2015

OK guys. I just to the email from a relative and I watched the video. Hard and soft selling all the way! But I was intrigued,pulled out my credit card, and hit the orange button. But then I was reminded about all the scams my relative has sent in the pas; so I put my card away. I’ve read the threads of responses, but is this a scam or not? Thanks – Bill

    Brandon says December 29, 2015

    Hey Bill,

    This program is just not worth the money but is not nessesarily a scam; where they just steal your money. This program can be considered a scam for a more advanced person who wants more than just theory and one size fits all content they offer for the price. If you are a beginner and have never done any copywriting then I would say it can help but there are still better cheaper sources such as “pshyco profits” or somthing like that.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Jen Smith says December 26, 2015

Let us suppose that I was willing to put in the hard work, time, effort, and energy to become a writer of any kind, where would I begin? I already have a master’s degree in education and I am retiring in two weeks after 30 years as a gifted teacher.

Susan says December 19, 2015

Enough about the spelling folks! Come on I appreciate the review. I almost got scammed.

seelya says December 7, 2015

I am happy to find somebody else on the same mission as I am and of coarse I am bot one to judge by a few missed used words, your time and effort is well appreciated. Keep it up.

John says November 30, 2015

I am no great writer. However, one thing that always annoys me is the improper use of “your” and “you’re.” “Your” is a possessive adjective, “you’re” is a contraction of “you are” – as in “Your advice to avoid BWC is sound, but you’re not doing a very good job of proofreading your own copy prior to posting.” I found three such errors in your evaluation of BWC.

I believe this is particularly poignant considering the topic concerns persuasive, engaging writing intended for profit.

    Brandon says December 1, 2015

    Hey John,

    Point taken, I worked out the kinks and fixed a few things so others can read without annoyance. Thanks I have taken your advice. I’m at least glad that you got the message to avoid BWC and I hope you’re happy with the edit lol….

    Thanks For stopping By,

      Suzanne says December 19, 2015

      I could careless about misspelled words! 🤔 Lol a bunch of writers here will have something to say though..hahaha
      Thank you for your review. I almost bought it with my last few dollars. Glad I did not! keep up the good reviews! I sincere appreciate it!

        Brandon says December 21, 2015

        Hey Suzanne,

        I am glad that this review could at least save you from losing time and money. I love the fact that you can look beyond the typos and see the real answer.

        Thanks For stopping By,


          MSUEH says January 9, 2016

          Hey, Brandon,

          I wasn’t even tempted, but I do get a kick out of reading online garbage, and then – the responses! They’re hilarious! Tell me, please, what do glads look like? Um, “save you from loosing [sic] time and money”? Really?

          Of course, Suzanne could careless [sic], (two words, Hon: one a verb, the other an adverb) about misspelled words, since she’s so careless with her own. Spellcheck® is often not at all helpful, eh?

          Also hilarious – actually, expected and disappointing – is your dissing the whole program, then going on to promote your own, better version, “the real answer”. From your own many typos and spelling errors, it’s patently obvious your own upsell will be no better.


          Brandon says January 9, 2016


          Hey ya’ll, I’m assuming you love the word y’all…. You’re missing the point there little darling and seem like y’all fixin to be a little buger, but you seem like that city slicker Mindy Mchorse in disguise as you are just focusing on being a “Word Nazi” which just about everyone hates.

          Do you get the point of the article? Did you understand the main points? Sure you did… But you are just so focused on stuff that really doesn’t matter especially in this situation.

          Ma’am I’m not here to teach you and everybody proper English you know why, know one really cares. I am not writing a best selling novel this just an informative blog post not the New York Times. Many other people including you get the point of the article. I was just putting out a review, and then you can either go for it or stay away from it. Why do you feel it’s so important to come it and waste everybody’s time with word correction B.S.? The article is not about proper use of the English language if it was I would understand you busting my chops about it. The thing that I can say is you wasted a bunch of money majoring in English, so you feel everyone needs to care as much as you. Your probably starting to figure out that no one does care as much as you and if you get the point, then seriously get a life.

          You really are going to say that your not a member of the Barefoot writers club or at least one of the owners or someone the owners paid to comment??? Cause if you’re actually a real person, I would be shocked. No one needs your help or assistance or two cents, why are you here what is your M.O.?

          Grant Cardone has lots of misspellings in his best selling book and he has sold millions, you know why, the information in it.

          You on the other hand obviously have a lot of time to waste commenting on things that you have no business worrying about. So apparently you have nothing better to do than read blog posts that make you angry and correct them on their grammar. What blog do you write for??? Lets see all of your work and then lets scrutinize it, I don’t want to see an article you wrote perfectly for school, No, no, no I want to see your blog and how you write everyday and then pick apart things that do not matter…OH Wait I can’t do that, oh yeah that’s right, I have more important things to do LOL.
          I feel sorry for your children and the one friend that you may have.

          Y’all word Nazi’s are all the same, spent too much time learning something that is worthless as no one cares about your English lesson, when they are trying to just get some facts about a program.

          Well I guess no press is bad press as you are here reading my full article. The funny thing is this is a review not a amazing copywritten sales piece that I edited for a week. What do you do that is so special? Are you an amazing writer that just has nothing to do? Really your mad about “careless” and “care less.”

          This is text on the internet and there will be times when someone writes the wrong thing by accident, if you get what people are trying to say, then I would say all the garbage your saying is worthless.

          It looks like you have way too much time on your hands to read through and just lose your head when you see a misspelling. Wow all that correction of grammar has really gotten you places hasn’t it. It would be safe to say that what you are saying in this situation is worthless.

          Also I looked into barefoot writers club and found it to be a scam, I have read in your other comment why don’t you look into Wealthy affiliate before flapping your jaws as it makes you sound ignorant.

          Well Thanks For Stopping By,


        Lisa says February 6, 2016

        I agree. Brandon, you are supplying the public with useful information intended to save innocent people from being ripped off. Instead, of thank you, most posts are from boneheads trying to pick at your writing. Lay off people. Everyone makes typos. The point is….barefoot writer is a rip off. That is the message!

          Brandon says February 7, 2016

          Hey Lisa,

          The only thing I think needs to be said is… “I don’t think you can get anymore cool thank you.” You made my day.



        Bob C. says July 28, 2017

        The proper saying is “couldn’t care less.” I just thought I’d throw that in there. Lol

      Valentina reyes says February 19, 2016

      Hi,Brandon my name is Valentina Reyes and I’m interested in writing a book or couple of books of my life and in General I was looking into the barefoot and it look to good to be true so in my search I saw this page saying that indeed is a scam but I like to write my books and have then published but I don’t know how to start I like to know if you can please help me thanks.

Paula says October 29, 2015

After sending in my $49, I finally received the actual course (a one time long hype of things I already knew about “selling”, which was the first red flag. I thought that they would guide me in how to get those requests by groups, companies, etc to write for them on some subject. After realizing this was not what I expected, I have sent three emails to member support, the two names in which mail was sent to me. They all just ignore me. So I may not get a refund of which I understood I could get if unhappy with the course. This spells “fraud” to me. They have screwed the wrong person this time though. If necessary, I will take legal action.

    Brandon says October 29, 2015

    Hey Paula,

    I am sorry to hear that, If I was you I would tell the credit card company and see if you can get your money back as they say in a guarantee that they are not honoring….and then if they make you go through all of that and do not make it easy I would suggest you then tell your story by making a simple account on “Ripp Off Report,”(takes about 10 minutes or less to set up) this is only for when someone has in fact ripped you off as this report is permanent and the company will not be able to avoid a ripp off report and will have to rebuttal, as they go right to the top of the search engines…. Just add in the report the title “Barfoot writers scam” “Mindy Mchorse” “AWAI took my money with no refund” etc. and you will be able to get the word out and speak your mind and if the owner wants to they can make it right with you on Ripp off report.

    If this course took your money give um hell Paula, using the “ripp off report” and “pissed consumer” and canceling your credit card transaction for Barfoot Writer and they will be sorry they messed with you lol. If a couple of people do this same thing and share their true story this scam will not be around for much longer.

    I hope you get your money back and get that Ripp off Report Up as you will start to see that company change their tune a little. If you paid with Paypal they wont care and do not do a good job at getting your money back like credit card companies but you can still at least do the Ripp off Report and you will most likely get an answer from the owner trying to work something out.

    If you want to learn some copy writing techniques for free just sign up and register for the free copy writing and headlines course from copyblogger HERE.

    Also As always Paula if you are interested in getting something started and are sick of the scams and would like to find a program that you can learn, grow and build a real full time business online then you will really want to take action and read my review for my #1 recommendation, as it’s free to try and you can remain a free member as long as you like with two free websites and free beginner training course….

    Also If you click here I will be there on the other side ready to help you and will get in touch with you if you sign up through this.

    Well I Hope This Can Help you Out A Little And As Always If You Have Any Other Questions Please Feel Free To Ask Me Anything I Am Here To Help,

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Chris Halprin says October 14, 2015

I’d like to know how get the job of whoever wrote this article. It was so poorly written, I honestly don’t know if I can trust its content.

    Brandon says October 14, 2015

    Hello Chris,

    First off this is what you wrote…

    I’d like to know “how get the job” of whoever wrote this article.

    Great a word Nazi that talked nothing about the program or article but only about misspellings and errors. Then you write you don’t know if you can trust this content, so since you wrote “know how get job?”

    Now I would have to say that is poorly written also, with that being said should I now not trust what your saying?
    I am assuming you work for or are just an affiliate for the Barfoot writers club.
    Just for example…Grant Cardones best selling book has misspellings and errors all over but people got the message and it’s a new York times best seller.

    Second… I am doing reviews of online products not conducting a creative writing course, I am assuming you got the point that it was not worth the money and time spent.

    Third… Do you have any questions about the course or are you just a retired substitute teacher looking to edit my grammar and spelling?

    Fourth… Are you a member of the Barefoot writers club?

    Thanks For Stopping By,

      Anonymous says January 2, 2016

      I thought it was a scam also. They do not give you enough information on what to do after you sign up. What to expect? Are the programs downloaded if you ask them to mail more information? I don’t $49.00 to spend on junk!

      Lisa says February 6, 2016

      Nicely put, Brandon!

        Brandon says February 7, 2016

        Hey Lisa,

        Man, you’re the type of person that is just a huge breath of fresh air that makes this whole blogging worth it!..:) I aways feel like I’m fighting with the programs creators and their cronies…so it’s so nice to hear from the real readers that I’m writing for. Thank you and I really do appriciate the kind words.

        Thanks Lisa You Rock!

        And As Always Thanks For Stopping By,


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