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The Aussie Method


    Name: The Aussie Method the_aussie_method_scam_logo
    Price:  $400 dollars to activate the free software plus a making commissions off of your trades
    Owners: Jake Pertu
    Overall Rank: 1 out of 100

    The Aussie Method – Australian For Scam!

    the_aussie_method_Jake_pertuThe Aussie method scam is is a binary options software program by a guy named Jake Pertu. Good ol Jake promises that the sky is the limit with this software and that you will make millions. Now the first month alone your supposed to make thousands of dollars with the this software from down under.

    If you don’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars in your first month with the Aussie Method, Pertu makes a bold claim that he will pay you $10k out of his pocket. Wait a minute how on earth can this be a scam if the owner will pay you 10k if you don’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars. The fact is that must be a lie tied up with tons of fine print and stipulations and there have been many who lost out on this program that will not be getting 10k in return, if you have please let me congratulate you as you are “the chosen one.”


    The Aussie Method Product Overview

    Jake Pertu never explains how he figured out or cracked the code and never tries to explain anything about how he did it. So the lowdown is you get the software for free. He uses the most common line ever that everything is free, well it’s not. You wont even be able to use his system until you open a trading account and deposit $400 minimum.  

    Jake Pertu is a binary options affiliate, he makes money each time he refers a new trader or trade to his broker. This is why he is so charitable letting people use his supposed multi million dollar binary options software. Pertu makes money each time he refers a new his broker of choice.

    There is no guarantee actually on his disclaimer page. You then will lose your deposit and you will never be able to get a hold of him to take him up on his guarantee. the_aussie_method_scam_disclaimer


    How The Aussie Method Scam Will Hook You.

    the_aussie_method_scam_earnings_testamonialWell basically the Aussie method really just straight up tells you what you want to hear. In the beginning you land on the home page and hear a video of a average looking guy making $482,118.00 and this is supposedly in his first month.

    Then it skips right to another guy who claims he was skeptical and then earned $538,617 dollars in just one month. It just keeps going on 700k in just 29 days this is some crazy stuff right?

    Well if your getting excited about making that in a month don’t be cause it is all lies from the fake pen named creator Jake Pertu. Jake Pertu is very likely a pen name and I am assuming he is not Australian.

    In the note to people on his home page this person Jake claims he’s no mathematician and didn’t even graduate from college. He does claim that he found a way to make millions with binary options trading using his magical software blessed by the Australian grand wizards of course.  Since he didn’t have any training hes saying anyone can do it.

    He then goes on to say in the video that he guarantees that you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 30 days or he will give you 10k in cash, talk about a bold claim. He says just by landing on this top secret invitation only page you just made yourself 10k dollars, guaranteed.

    Then says all the people that you just saw all accepted this generous offer from this sweet baby faced Saint Jake Pertu. I mean with a claim like that you would have to at least join for free and see how he is pulling this off. Well he claims he did not have to pay 10k to any of them as they obviously made hundreds of thousands of dollars their first month, of course they did. Not only that but they kept making money hand over fist every month after. So hes not going to give you 10k cause you will just rake in so much cash your arms will be tired. 


    The Aussie Method Scam Trap

    the_aussie_method_scam_fund_your_account_with_minimum_depositSo I just couldn’t wait any longer, I was as excited as a women out of prison, in the front row of a Thunder Down Under show. So I just had to put in my details and see where this crazy train took me.

    After I gave a password I came to another video explaining that I have opened and new trading account and was ready for the next and final step.

    They go over again that you will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a psychological trick on your mind of making you think of such a high number that you don’t blink when they inevitably ask for just “small minimum deposit.” 

    He then goes on to say he wont go back on his word as the software and trading account is free. Then goes to say “but before you can trade you have to have a small amount of money in the account.”

    Well small in comparison to how many hundreds of thousands you will supposedly be making. Then says do what you must, borrow from friends, family the mafia whatever as you will be able to pay them back for sure in a couple of days. 

    So once you borrow this money and pay the brokers minimum deposit they will activate this free software. Then you just have to click your mouse a few times and sit back and watch yourself become a multi millionaire in a few months. My goodness gracious, money will be raining from the sky and will be coming in on auto pilot within minutes. Man this guy really knows how to just tell people what they want to hear. Talk about if it sounds too good to be true, man o man.

    Well then you instantly get taken to a screen where it tells you in order to activate your Aussie method software with unregulated Binary International you have to deposit a minimum of $400 US


    The Aussie Method- The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    PRO #1 I guess that upfront, the software is technically free but you still have to pay $400 deposit and do not get it back so this is really not a pro

    The Bad:

    CON #1 Tells you he will personally refund your money and does not
    CON #2 Lies to you about just about everything
    CON #3 Claims you will make thousands your first month basically guaranteed
    CON #4 Is just a sales technique to force people into using the owners broker he gets commission on and stealing peoples $250 deposit.


    Who is The Aussie Method For?

    The Aussie method is really not suitable for anyone as far as I can see. This is a true scam as there is realistically no chance of you really being able to make money. If you like 1 in a billion odds, then this is for you.

    Definitely steer clear of this or any other Binary Options trading software as there is really not one out there that does what the Aussie Method claims. Also due to the fact that they can keep your deposit of $400 and get away with it cause it’s in the actual rules is mind boggling. This shows that this is one of the lowest form of a scam and trickery.

    The Aussie Method Tools & Training

    You basically get the software and it does not teach anything and only have the motivation from the beginning sales video. Again if you do not deposit $400 dollars that free software does not work.

    The Aussie Method Support

    The support is a joke they are more salesmen than a support team. When you really need support they are not there. 


    The Aussie Method Price

    The pricing is how much you get suckered into trading before you realize it is a scam. The initial price is $400 dollars so I was not going to give this to this scam artist as they will not return that money guaranteed. The 10k dollars or the hundreds of thousands of dollars will not be earned as everything is just a huge lie to tug at your greed and get you to make an irrational decision. 


    My Final Opinion of The Aussie Method Scam

    This is a scam no matter which way you look at it. They get you excited with huge astronomical money claims and free software to really just get you to pay into the minimum balance to activate software. So basically they are just stealing $400 dollars at least from everybody looking to sign up for this software.

    The 10k good luck getting that, I would love to hear a real person say that got 10k as the program can not accurately predict 100% of the time. So if you are going to do something like this make sure you are working with and fully regulated licensed broker as Binary International is not.

    Binary International is not registered in the EU or CySEC and is not regulated. The reason is mainly due to the fact that registering as a broker is a huge task and will subject the brokerage firm to extensive regulation by the SEC.

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    If you have tried The Aussie Method please let everyone know and leave a comment below…what they told you when you wanted your 10k after not making hundreds of thousands in a month.

    Have you fell victim to the Aussie Method scam? you could possibly get your money back by reporting this. The SEC is now starting to crack down on un-registered brokers in private firms and you could possibly have a case. Let others know if you have been apart of this scam.


    Name: The Aussie Method
    Price:  $400 dollars to activate the free software plus a making commissions off of your trades
    Owners: Jake Pertu
    Overall Rank: 1 out of 100


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