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Take Surveys For Money No More Wasting Time…Top Online Survey Companies That Pay The Best Money

    Take surveys for money…Take Surveys For Money

    “yeah right they pay like s#!T”…

    “I don’t get high payout”

    “I don’t qualify”

    When trying to take surveys for money the list of complaints goes on…

    There is some issues when first starting out with online surveys for money.

    The problem…? 

    Well some survey companies are wanting a specific person from a specific area…

    This is why it helps not just focusing on one platform when doing online surveys for money.

    Also a particular survey company that one person says is great, can leave you trying it and not qualifying for diddly squat…

    Some will claim it can come from fast answering with possible “contradictory answers” This is why it’s very important to actually take these questions seriously. The only people that make pretty good cash from surveys are the ones that typically like answering questions.

    They’re all just trying to weed out people who are just pushing buttons quickly and not thoroughly reading the questions. 


    This is what I feel happened to me with Earning Station, as I felt it was a waste of time but heard others singing it’s praises. 

    The main reason I still don’t like how some like Earning Station will have you go through the whole survey just to figure out that you don’t qualify…

    Somehow I feel that they still use that data they get from the non qualified people,

     I feel that some just are getting info from you and are scams or borderline scams.

    Like These:

    Well I wanted to share the top places that have worked for me when trying to take surveys for money.

    Also these are the ones with the best overall payouts.


    Also for free?

    Well, then lets do this…

    This list is not necessarily in order of good to bad but more a list in order of the way you can sign up… as the top being the easiest and most consistent and widely accepting to most demographics.

    Then the highest, better paying ones that are also legit below.

    Some on the list are companies with the highest paid surveys. 


    Overall this is to show the best most solid and reliable surveys companies to give a try in the beginning.

    If they have not worked for you yet to earn anything. These should get you started.

    Reminder: These surveys you get from the companies below need to be taken seriously, just like all of the survey companies listed here as they’re real.

    These companies are looking for people who will actually read and understand the questions. Then honestly answer without contradictory answers and they have ways of knowing.

    So you could be in the wrong demographic and not get as many surveys… You could also be answering to fast with contradictory answers and this could lead to not getting many surveys.

    So the key is to really understand the questions… and not just be taking these while doing other things and just pushing buttons and answering real fast.

    You will earn the most money with the survey companies below without signing up for 20-70 surveys companies to find out which one works the best. 

    Take Surveys For Money Top Free Survey Companies To Add 600+ A month 

    #1- Swagbucks:

    Ok, so this one was the first on the list if you want to take surveys for money and easily get accepted. Due to the fact that it accepts a wide range of demographics it makes it first on the list as one to start with. 

    If You’re Curious: About Swagbucks…

    No matter who you are, your best bet and highest chance of qualifying for surveys and other get paid to offers is Swagbucks. They offer that first small win which can keep you going. Now you may have heard of this one before or you may have discounted it due to the name.

    This company has consistently paid it members and offers a wide variety of ways to earn. It’s not a lot of money but is completely legit and people have been known to get a $1000 a year from it so it can be worth it. Sign up here and get 5 dollar bonus.

     #2- MyPoints Survey:

    So this company was acquired by the parent company of Swagbucks and has improved a lot!

    This company went from doing pretty good to dropping the ball, but then selling to Swagbucks and  now a great place to make some money filling out surveys and watching shows etc. 

    If You’re Curious: About MyPoints…

    This is a great way to earn as they have fast cashouts that are almost instant and not delayed like places such as American consumer panel. 

    They have a to do list similar to Swagbucks that is easier to get credit from. This is super simple tasks like with Swagbucks to get 5 points. These daily tasks give you more opportunity to get more surveys. All you need to do is daily go in a play it like its a video game and click the coupon, click discover, check out the deal of the day or answer the daily poll. All of these actions just take seconds and double win if you can get your kids to do it like a game. 

    My points has a really nice stable video area now so you can watch videos faster and earn points as well. The’re video app is more stable but it only has one vs the 6 video apps that Swagbucks has. 

    You need a little time getting used to the point conversion as it can be confusing as instead of 100 points equals a dollar like with Swagbucks it’s 160 points equals  dollar. Again this is just to do as much as you can in your spare time as at least it pays out better than just playing candy crush or some phone game. Like many this ‘equals up to the amount that they can use to take a trip or help buy Christmas presents.  you really don’t get a lot of points from searching so really doing this is just helping your daily goal and is probably set in there just to see if your will accomplish doing it. The better you follow directions the more you will make. 

    #3 SurveyClub:

    Survey Club, Formerly known as Mysurvey not to be confused with the above Mypoints survey… This one is another good one that can earn you a good portion of your survey monthly income. 

    Just focus on doing what is given to you and answer to the best of your abilities. This is one you don’t want to speed through and you will get more surveys in the future. You need to really work on taking your time with these types of companies.

    If You’re Curious: About SurveyClub

    They have been around a while and have better surveys waiting for you, if your the right person who answers their questions honestly. 

    #4 Ipos I Say

    Weird to say but great for highest payout if your can get approved and are in the right area.

    Depending on what theses companies are looking for your opinion can turn into better than just some chump change now with Ipos I Say. 

    If You’re Curious: About Ipos I Say

    ✅  Sign Up with this LINK for Ipos I Say 

    People getting much higher payouts for the surveys they take. You can get an extra 100-200+ a month just from this some claim $600+ which is really good for survey companies.

    #5 Vindale Research:

    You can earn a few thousand from this rather than just 20-50 bucks here and there.

    If you take Vindale research seriously, They have $75 dollar surveys which is unheard of at other places offering 3-5 dollar surveys, which is common. Answering these with careful thought could lead to much higher paying surveys, then actually make decent money from just this one alone.

    If You’re Curious: About Vindale Research

    These guys pay straight out in cold hard cash so take this one serious.

    This is why I put this at the bottom to be the last one that you set up after learning how to take surveys correctly and honestly and not speed through them. 

    To Take… Or Not To Take Surveys For Money? Is It A Waste Of Time

    If you just focus on online surveys just for money and rush through them, you wont get them to work well for you at all. The beginning is more like a test, then they send you more surveys depending on how well you pass these tests. If you’re constantly multitasking while doing these surveys as quick as you can, chances are high that you will not get accepted for alot.


    Answering the surveys from companies like the ones listed above will make much more money. They’re picky on who they give the high paying surveys to and you need to first earn it by filling out everything they want, taking polls for less whatever and answer all with thought and sincerity.

    If you answer quickly and just speed through and click buttons these companies above will know… Then they will NOT give you anymore good surveys or any surveys at all.

    Then you will think that they’re scams when really they were testing you to not theoretically scam them.

    When your doing many other things like homework or watching videos while filling out these surveys fast, they seem to find out.

    You need to just sign up for all of the ones listed above as they’re your best bet for the highest payouts.  Then start with #1 and work your way down just getting your accounts set up.

    Then start doing all the surveys they send you one by one taking your time and thinking about your answers and honestly entering them. Do everything that you can and that they give you. Constantly and honestly take all surveys in the beginning.

    Take your time and answer the questions with sincerity so that you can have “consistent answers” and not “contradictory answers.” 

    The more consistent you are the more and more surveys you get. Then the higher payouts you receive. 

    Online Surveys For Money… I want to hear your TWO CENTS About your experience with them?

    1. Do you take surveys for money?
    2. Have Any worked or not worked for you?
    3. Did you answer them honestly and slow or fast and just clicked quick answers to get your money fast?
    4. Did it work for you and you got paid or waste your time?
    5. Which ones of the list above have you tried? if none try some and come back and let us know how it went for you?

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