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Start A Successful Blog… Why This Statement Is So Confusing?

    start a successful blogStart a successful blog, that’s all you need to do… and you’re making the big bucks…


    Starting a successful blog is super difficult doing it by yourself. So why is creating a successful blog so darn tootin confusing?

    You start seeing that the whole blogging on the beach, in your underwear only 4 hours a week is B.S.

    Why is there so many ways to do it and which one is right?

    How can you actually keep everything working together ALL WITHOUT… 

    going crazy trying to keep everything together… all while making sure it all doesn’t rip at the seems!

    Oh Yeah, also being able to learn new things and have a life?

    the Answer no one wants to hear… Work your ass off and Have a step by step plan or create your own. 

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    Sad part about that is, everyone says their plan works… Which one…

    Then what?

    Well most of the time it takes a little gut instinct and risk.

    I can show you what works for me but will you believe it… Will it work for you?

    I have noticed that many bloggers are seeking the same types of answers.

    Many will find starting a blog so frustrating that they feel like quitting..

    . Multiple times!

    Many feel like quitting before they actually experience running a business with t

    heir blog.

    Not to mention making any money.

    Especially with all the easy claims.

    It’s harder to just get your head wrapped around, all the things that you want to figure out in the beginning.

    Sometimes you then start to think to yourself….

    “Is blogging really what I want to do?”


    “Am I really cut out to become a blogger?”


    So then you start getting off track,

    possibly trying to read marketing books or pdfs on the subject…

    One here, one there from different authors coming at it from all different angles.

    This just adds in more confusion and more things to think about, worry about, and get excited about.

    Most cheap PDF’s out there are just telling you “what to do”


    leave out “how to do it”…

    Then instead of concrete answers and a plan of action that is possible your stuck with something else.

    Your smelling the barbecue, getting the sizzle and tempting you to buy that high priced steak.

    The steak cost 1000+ dollars and it doesn’t take care of the main fundamental problems.

    Time and time again you will see that when you’re confused you probably skipped passed the fundamentals and tried to find how to get rich quick.

    You may think, you’re the problem and that’s why you can’t figure it out…

    Then get mad at yourself and possibly then go watch some inspirational/motivational videos on You Tube.

    Then on to watching some ways to write blog posts and you’re all ready to go!
    Just a little virtual kick in the butt from your favorite motivational videos and inspiring songs…

    You tell yourself, I need to get up there. 

    At first you’re renewed…ready to do this blog thing. 
    Ideas are flowing.  but forget to write them down.

    Then it gets late… You sleep on it. You will remember it later right…
    But then,

    Instead of waking up endowed the writing traits of Earnest Hemingway… and Mark Twain an everything just coming together…


    You tell yourself “come on lets do this!”

    Reminding yourself of the motivational videos you just watched…

    Then you recite some affirmations in the mirror… “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and daggum it… people like me!”

    Then you sit down… 

    Get your coffee… Take a sip, then oh wait… whats on Facebook…no… wait then let me check my email real quick… 

    Then you yell at yourself in your head “ENOUGH! GET TO WORK!”

    You look for a topic to write on, start thinking. 

    Then blank…

    Nothing but a few sentences that really suck. 


    You write an article from the “heart” very sweet… but no one cares… cause it goes nowhere and serves no purpose other than just being cathartic.

    The only problem is you’re the only one that it makes sense to.

    Slowly you start to realize that it’s so all over the place… Yikes!

    You would need a Forensic document examiner to decode the mystery of what point you’re trying to make. Take it from me and my old blog post.

    Then start to realize that even when you figure out something that’s good enough to write about, you’re still screwed, blued and tattooed… 

    That’s if you’re lucky to not just freeze up and procrastinate for hours…days…weeks..months… years..?

    You Now Start Asking Yourself Why Are You Procrastinating?

    Now it’s time to start worrying and researching how to keep your blog/website and technical problems at bay. Also other problems possibly in dealing with cheap shared hosting issues.


    Many are having to focus on so many unrelated things that they never really figure out how to do the things that are important.

    Which is… to binge watch favorite T.V shows! 

    Just kidding… Get away from your T.V. (It’s The Devils Candy especially when starting a blog).

    No in all seriousness, It’s to start writing with intent and focus!

    Also learning the fundamentals of blog set up and the proper tools to use.

    I was not sure about this when I started.

    I was so confused why something that seems so easy can become so hard. The more you learn the more caveats you find.

    This is when I figured out a place to take care of everything like:

    • hosting
    • training
    • keywords
    • optimization.

    I realized I was stopping myself from writing or publishing because I focused on all the wrong things.

    I thought the new social platform or SEO trick or hack was what I needed..

    These can help a business already going but where does that leave the beginner.

    Even if you feel like your not a beginner if you don’t understand how to make at least 5k a month online with your blog, you’re a beginner. 

    I remember also wanting to write the best post when I started. I felt like I was going to cover every point that needed to be made all in one.

    This worked terrible as people will not read that, hell I really didn’t even fully read through it at times.

    Do you feel like when you’re trying to write blog posts your in the relentless pursuit of perfection?

    Not a good idea.

    Perfectionism will keep you stuck. Especially when writing!

    BUT on the flip-side

    Jumping in too quickly can cause burnout or poor quality without focus.

    Wheres the balance?

    Who can just take care of all of this?

    Many don’t realize that they have not properly learned the fundamentals of blogging…

    Others including myself, never really built a proper foundation when starting at first.

    Using a step by step system, you can essentially skip years of wasted time going in the wrong direction.

    It’s very important also to get something all in one place, where you can trust the process is legit.

    You definitely have to watch out for just getting free material. Connecting loads of tutorials/sales pitches together is not a recipe for success.

    Most of the time people are piecing together a house of cards at their first go at it…

    Their minds are confused so their blogs are confusing. 

    Using their own assumptions and guess work which takes them down the wrong paths. 

    Then this waste lots of time and sadly many do not recover from it and give up.

    This doesn’t have to happen to you!

    When you start blogging it’s like building a house.

    If you start with a crooked foundation, it will look good to the naked rookie eye in the beginning… until you start building things on it.

    Then after a lot of work, you would then notice that it goes completely off axis and become all caddywhompus.

    A Similar principle applies with blogging.

    You will struggle hard to get better at blogging at first… you’re constantly trying to put the pieces together as well as learn…

    You’re goal is to learn how to build your foundation correctly from the start.

    Then ask questions and also get feedback from others in similar situations and learn from your mistakes quickly. 

    When starting, it makes things much easier to get everything taken care of All in one place!

    Also with the ability to keep you current and up to speed with continuing education.

    This helped my start tremendously. A real road map and all resources needed and everything like live videos to connect the dots and actually start a blog that makes money.

    A community of like minded people where somebody can point out mistakes you may have can help you realize it for yourself & then things keep getting better.

    Those are the keys to success with getting started quickly.

    Everyone sees the glory.. but not many know the story.

    Look I understand what this is like…
    I’ve been there myself… wanting to give up so many times especially when life hits you, Hard!

    Here’s a solution: This program has continued to work for me and it could work for you as well.

    This all in one blogging platform takes care of:

    • Key Foundation training you can use to build from
    • Continuing education to teach new things
    • Community with private messages plus many others going through the same process
    • Extremely fast Cloud hosting, with site dashbord and Ez login in 
    • Keyword tool

    This is what helps enable a beginner to compete with others that have been doing this for years. 

    Oh and you have nothing to lose as they let you try it completely free.

    Well I Hope This Can Help Clear Up Some Things…

    P.S. Start now get a real foundation start building on it.

    Start blogging the correct way

    Earn your first commission in a few months, rather than a few years.

    With this step by step system I still use and that is free to try out.

    I would Love To Hear your Story in the comments below…

    Are you a new blogger or have struggled for a few years?

    Have you ever considered blogging as a way to make money?

    What struggles are you facing with starting a successful blog?

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