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Plexus Slim Reviews


    PRODUCT NAME: Plexus Slim
    Overall Ranking:
    10 out of 100
    Price: $39 to $114 dollars
    Owners: Tarl Robinson
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    The Plexus Slim Review | Why Positive Plexus Slim Reviews Can’t Be Trusted


    plexus_slim_reviews_plexus_logoOk, is plexus Slim a scam? Well I know that you may have seen a lot of “positive” plexus slim reviews, but there have also been a lot of Plexus Slim complaints about all the false claims and all the various Plexus Slim side effects.

    Many are calling Plexus Slim a scam due to there focus mainly on recruiting others, more than focusing on making a quality product.

    I’m going to focus on how this borderline pyramid/MLM scheme is not a good way to make money online and why you would be wise to avoid it. 

    Not only is the Plexus Slim product been said to be unsafe to consume but becoming an ambassador/distributor is also an unsound business decision. The heads of the business seem to be taking each other to court as well. It’s either bad blood between the president and CEO or it’s a trick to get them out of hot water.

    This is a product that is not supported by the FDA and is banned in Australia, Canada and on Amazon (I will explain why later in this article). I would have to say there is already enough red flags for me to make a decision.

    I almost felt that I probably should not make another article to add to the large amount of Plexus Slim reviews already out there. This is unlike most of the other Plexus Slim reviews as it’s not just a positive review by yet another ambassador for the company.

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    Also it has been said that many of the 5 star Plexus Slim reviews are typically 99.9% of the times, Plexus Ambassadors or friends of an ambassador as they don’t sell a miracle like they make you think.


    The Plexus Slim Reviews | What Is The Value Of Joining Or Using Plexus Slim?

    What is the value of Plexus Slim?

    The value of joining in on the Plexus Slim Scam is very low. If you get sold on one of the many Positive Plexus Slim reviews you are getting involved with a product that is just barley sneaking by as a legitimate company.  It seems like the days are numbered for Plexus Slim.

    Typically when you find any of the Plexus Slim Reviews out there you will usually run into fake positive Plexus Slim reviews as the company of this nature will typically pay a lot of money in “reputation management” to push down all the negative reviews and push up fake positive Plexus Slim reviews.

     Really if you look close enough you will see all these glowing reviews are just to cover up all the many Plexus Slim complaints and are written by Plexus Slim Reps.

    This type of company is known to many as “direct, network or MLM marketing” and I like to think of it more as a “Pyramid With A Product.”  These companies typically are building the cheapest, weakest products that they can get away with, without the consumer noticing.

    The main goal of the company is not the breakthrough product that they make you believe… it’s the recruiting of people to get on your down line and pay a monthly auto-ship to make money from a huge pyramid/ponzi scheme.

    The dream and hype keeps people motivated to sell others on the idea to basically sell “hype and dreams” to others. The momentum works the same ways as the Ponzi scheme but they are tricky and add a average “run of the mill” product that they force you to buy.

    If you want to be a Ambassador for the company and make money you must be on a monthly auto ship program.

    The only way you can get value out of a company like this, is if you recruit people with amazing sales skills and tell them the same thing and hope that they can recruit others. The big problem is once it gets to a certain point the only people that are making money are less than 1% at the top.

    The people under the top 1% are working unrealistic amounts of time to get a decent income and others are breaking even and the majority are losing money, “buying in” products that they cannot sell plus having more products being sent monthly on auto-ship. 

    So when it comes to value you will see below why the value just keeps dropping with this company. 

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    Is Plexus Slim A Scam? | Is The Label Of Plexus Slim Being A Scam True?

    plexus_slim_reviews_3_people_who_run_plexusOk, well then who is at the helms of this smoke and mirror show?

    CEO Tarl Robinson 
    President Alfred Pettersen 
    Chief Marketing Officer Alec Clark

    Now this is already an old picture as Alfred Pettersen (the person to the right) the supposed president is taking Tarl Robinson the CEO to court (person in the middle).



    What About The Company?

    The Plexus Reps and owners are quick to sell you on the point that they were in INC. magazine as one of the “fastest growing Blah ,blah,blah, yadda, yadda companies” at one point.

    The things that they don’t point out….

    • INC magazine bases their rankings on growth of revenue,  MLM’s can make a huge amount of sudden revenue from all the distributors having to pay auto-ship prices of $100+ a month.
    • This rank is only among privately held companies, so the revenue isn’t really verified. Most people have not even heard of these companies.
    • Inc was putting only the companies that also decided to actually “submit their revenue verification” as some business really don’t care if you know how much they make, as they are focusing on their products and customers. 

    Rundown Of The Products and their cost:

    • Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ combo (30 day supply) = $114.95/month
    • Plexus Slim (30 day) $84.95 
    • Plexus Accelerator plus (30 day supply) = $39.95
    • Bio Cleanse 180ct = $39.95 (supposed to oxygenate and detox) 
    • X Factor = $39.95 (Basic Multivitamin)


    The Plexus Slim Reviews |  The Amount Of Plexus Slim Complaints And Red Flags May Be A Signal That It’s Not For You


    OK. There are a lot of things that I said I would cover later and now is the time to explain.

    First off the “Plexus Slim Accelerator plus” is said to not be in compliance with the FDA as they are sneaking (DMAA) into their “Plexus Slim Accelerator capsules” and “Plexus Slim Accelerator 3 Day Trial pack.”

    *****DMAA is banned in Australia and Canada and is marked unsafe for human consumption*****

    DMAA has many different names:

    2-Hexanamine, 4-methyl- (9CI)

    Some labels will name it “Pelargonium graveolens extract” and “Geranium extract.”

    This typically indicates that a product contains DMAA and has been linked to serious health problems such as:

    • Heart attacks
    • Even a few deaths

    Remember just because it comes from geraniums and it’s supposedly natural doesn’t make it safe. Ephedra that was banned for very similar reasons comes from a plant as well.

    Even more interesting is the fact that although DMAA has been marketed as “natural” by supplement manufacturers, the FDA is not aware of any reliable science indicating DMAA exists naturally in plants as written on the FDA website.

    The typical side effect risks associated with DMAA are: 

    • High blood pressure
    • Mental disorders
    • Brain bleeding
    • Stroke
    • Liver Failure and problems have also been reported in a few cases

    Has There Been Any Plexus Slim Liver Damage Cases?

    There have actually been two reported cases of liver failure associated with DMAA in general. Due to the fact that supplements are not regulated as strictly as prescription drugs.

    With that being said there is never any guarantee that they really contain the ingredients or the amounts that are listed on supplements. They may also contain hidden ingredients that are not listed.  

    Here Are Other Plexus Slim Side Effects That Others Have Shared…

    plexus_slim_reviews_negative_testamonial1plexus_slim_reviews_negative_testamonialAdding Insult To Injury

    The plexus slim line of products also uses green tea extract, which has also been linked to several cases of liver injury, including sever liver failure needing transplantation especially when combined with DMAA. 

    Not Compliant With The FTC

    Not only is Plexus Slim’s products causing negative side effects but it’s technically not in compliance with FTC guidelines.

    They show the money they make as represented by their down-lines rather than the product they sell.

    The FTC states that if the majority of your money is made from recruiting people rather than selling a product to the public, it’s not a multilevel marketing plan it’s a pyramid scheme.

    Pyramid schemes are illegal and the majority of the participants lose money while only a few at the top make all the money.

    So long story short if a business makes more money from recruiting than they do selling it’s a sign of a pyramid scam.

    Plexus appears to be a company that is running more of a pyramid scheme rather than a legitimate MLM according to what the FTC guidelines are stating. 

    Many claim that they would be shut down if they are not compliant with the FTC’s guidelines.

    It seems that the FTC really doesn’t have the budget to prosecute all the pyramid schemes out there.

    It can take years for the FTC to even notice and shut a MLM/pyramid scheme down. This gives the owners of these companies years to build these businesses and make as much money as they can.

    When the system dies down years later they move on to another product and let the old company go bankrupt after they have pulled their money from it.

    They just use the pyramid model to promote whatever new product or service and run it for as many years as they can get away with it.  

    The basic flaws of the MLM business model:

    • No Unique Selling Position – Anyone can become a Plexus Distributor, you are competing against everyone who wants in.
    • You Are Not In Control – If the FDA or the FTC shut down Plexus for the violations of selling products with DMAA or any of the other violations that they may have your are left with the burden. They can change prices so you have to sell higher and they can also terminate you if they want. 
    • There is No Control To Pair Supply With Demand –  They are creating unnecessary supply from selling to all the distributors that leads to fewer and fewer sales,  eventually this will lead you to turning to the pyramid side of things recruiting other people in the dream.
    Is Plexus Slim A Scam? | Plexus Slim Scam Conclusion

    Ok, well is Plexus Slim a scam? In my opinion, YES it’s a scam… especially when you consider all the red flags that the product as well as company and business model have.

    Accelerator plus has DMAA in there pills which is known for problems in the long run and is banned in Canada and Australia.

    If they put DMAA and green tea extract together that is known to cause even more problems together, it makes you wonder what else they might have sneaked into their other products.

    Plexus considers themselves an MLM company but it’s also basically a pyramid scheme according to FTC’s guidelines as they make most of their money on recruiting. Once recruited you have to pay $115 a month to become an ambassador, so you can make money off of signing other people up on a $115 dollar a month auto-ship. 

    They really try hard to constantly up-sell you and supersize your order, saying to add Plexus Slim Accelerator plus taken with Plexus Boost… Then Get Plexus 96 and Plexus Bio Cleanse and X factor. These are also just lower grades of the same types of supplements that you can get at home but just in a fancier bottle with better marketing. 

    Also due to the fact that the X-president Alfred Pettersen is now suing the CEO Tarl Robinson may also give you an indicator that maybe they are trying to pull something fishy.

    Hypothetically speaking they may already know that the company is going to go under and Alfred is suing the CEO for as much money as he can and Tarl Robinson will lose and they can meet up later and split the money that was left. 

    No matter what below average product Plexus manufactures that is marketed to be a miracle, just remember that purity and quality are not guaranteed. This reminds me of a story about the company/MLM Javita Coffee.

    This company had another sister company before Javita called Natural Cellular Defense. At the time told lots of people that it heals just about anything and is a miracle in a bottle.

    Well they ended up getting in trouble as the active ingredient Zeolite was less than half the amount they listed on the label when tested. So basically they were giving people really expensive water and making a killing.

    This is similar with all MLM companies as they want to produce the cheapest product they can with the best looking box and sell it at a much higher price than if they were in stores.  

    Items you want in a supplement might not be added but listed as if they did and other bad ingredients might get added in but are either:

     “not listed”


    “added and listed but under deceptive names” like geranium extract.

    By allowing companies like this to add things that are not listed really make taking some of these supplements a real game of Russian Roulette.

    If you are looking into this program really try to make sure you don’t just go off of hype. This is a poor quality energy drink that may get some to lose weight possibly only due to loss of appetite and all of the diarrhea that people have claimed. 

    If you are going to get into business I would always suggest you don’t go for the MLM direct sales model as it’s usually a lot of work with little payoff. If you do go with MLM at least steer clear of a program like Plexus Slim as it’s a scam but hidden behind a veil of false hope. 

    Not Sure What To Do Now? 

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    So If Plexus Slim Products Doesn’t Work To Make Money What Other Options Do You Have?

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