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Pink Zebra

    Is Becoming A Pink Zebra Consultant Really For You? 

    pink zebra logoPink Zebra?

    Pink Zebra Sprinkles?

    So you may have ran into a Pink Zebra Consultant online or at a trade show, then thought that this might be a good way to make some money.

    This will cover a little about ink Zebra and hopefully help you make a decision… Also help to decide if you want to be a Pink Zebra consultant.

    What is Pink Zebra?

    Pink Zebra is actually a new business for Network marketing standards but was founded in 2011.

    Pink Zebra is a mix of colorful soy wax balls they call sprinkles, a little home decor and jewelry. 

    So before you decide to buy or become a consultant I wanted to go over the pros and cons.

    The company is a network marketing business.

    This is where you can sign on as an independent contractor and not employee to a company.

    Then once you sign on to become a contractor,  you can earn money selling the products and recruiting other contractors/consultants.

    Then when those recruited consultants recruit others… The ones at the top of those recruits, get a cut of the sales of any of their down line recruits. 

    What Does Pink Zebra Sell? 

    pink zebra sprinkles

    Pink Zebra Sprinkles

    Well they promote several different things from home decor, jewelry and personal care products.

    They have scented soy wax beads that they call Sprinkles which are used to create custom candles.

    So the theory here is you can mix beads and create a unique scent.

     Once all the mixing is done, you just add a wick and “you’ve got a candle.” 

    So they have the beads and they also sell:

    • Jewelry
    • Wax simmer pots
    • Air freshener
    • Hangers and clips
    • Bath products

    They have a lot of products and that is not typically a good thing, as there is too many small choices to make to overwhelm prospective buyers.

    Pink Zebra Consultants: pink_zebra_consultant

    This is where they say you can make the best money.

    Consultants sign people up with the company to get them to also sell Pink Zebra products, through network marketing direct sales approach.

    This means bugging the hell out of the people closest to you.

    This is where a consultant will need to host parties, post all over social media and meet people one on one.

    These consultants need no prior experience. They can start as long as they buy a starter kit.

    Either the one that is $99 or the one that is $199.

    Inside these kits are:

    • Small sample products
    • Invoice pads
    • Catalogs

    The $199  kit just comes with some extra marketing materials and a candle and Pink Zebra backpack.

    These consultants are compensated 25-35% commissions depending on the sales they get.

    If consultants want to recruit, they would earn 7% of commission from that recruits future sales.

    Then Pink Zebra consultants earn an extra 2% on their teams sales.

    For a network marketing Opportunity this is not a bad one… if and only if, you’re hellbent on doing an MLM business.

    Well let’s do a quick Pros and Cons for this opportunity:


    The Pros:

    They have decent products:

    The soy candles and decent quality make this product buy-able to the right person.

    How many are out there, that can’t get candles?

    It’s nice that they are eco friendly as well but is this enough to beat out the millions of other choices.

    Higher commissions that most MLM’s:

    They have at least commission percentages higher than most MLM’s but they’re still new. Many are not making even close to full-time or even good part-time.

    It’s similar to well performing MLM’s like Scentsy:

    This is something that could become a fad depending on the market reaction to mixing candle scents.


    The Cons:

    Low actual overall earning potential:

    • They show that even higher up consultants with a couple of down-lines only earn 6k or less a year.
    • This is way below poverty so you would need to also be working a good ol J.O.B as well. Not fun.

    Tons of home parties: 

    • There will be a constant and persistent bugging of friends, family and strangers to get started.
    • When you’re also working a job those parties won’t be as fun as they say they will be.
    • Yes you can sell online but you know how many other candle & bath products companies there are online?
    • It’s hard to find your niche when your niche is selling the same product that lots of other people are selling.
    • Pink Zebra like products are not very hard to come by.
    • Unless you have a big family and just have to have a custom candle this might not sell as good as hoped.
    • If you have lots of other people who share this same passion you should consider recruiting.

     If not, this probably isn’t be the opportunity you were looking for. 

    Too Much Work And Time Spent:pink_zebra_party_convention

    So you will be bustin out at least 2 parties a week to try to make decent money.

    Just lets hope you don’t have kids, dogs or tired husband or wife.

    Then those 2 or more parties a week will really be a pain in the butt after working full-time.

    Some may say hey that sounds easy… but for the rest of the world, those 2 parties will take up more time that you will want to admit.

    There is more work getting ready and rearranging your day.

    Then making your home inviting and making sure everybody stays out etc.

    Then how many strangers will be in your house? Also how hard will it be to lure the buyers to your house?

    Businesses spend billions doing this every year.

    Marketing a product in a sea of other similar products with all the different preferences out there makes it tricky.

    Not to mention many others that bought the starter kit, are doing it also.

    They will tell you that it’s easy and you just can’t be lazy… Many don’t realize the time that they claim it will take was based on a perfect world scenario.

    Go ahead and search for these products online. It can see like many other direct sales/MLM products is that they’re being liquidated online in places like e Bay.

    This is from people quitting and trying to get rid of it.

    Even then they have a hard time trying to sell it at low costs.

    The only demand for it, is the demand that all the other consultants created, as this is not a need.

    Should you Become A Pink Zebra Consultant?

    Well if you feel like you have a perfect life, and live for parties at your house this might be your thing.

    If your fine with some serious side hustling and bugging people this might be your thing.

    All this to only typically make about 6k a YEAR.

    If you feel that you could not see yourself doing it

    really use your gut.

    Don’t replay hype from the presentation, really look at it for what you will be doing… not the dream of collecting a giant check on stage.

    Then if you’re happy with doing those types of things daily you have something that could work.

    I would suggest you stay away from the business side of things


    I have learned if someone wants to do something there is only so much you can do.

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    I Would Love To Hear Your Opinion Leave A Comment below:

    What do  you feel makes Pink Zebra Unique?

    Good Business Idea to you… Yes Or No?

    Do You Feel Pink Zebra Is Unique?

    Do you feel it’s a good business decision and why? 

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