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Organo Gold Coffee Scam: Twice As Much As Folgers With Added Side Effects

The Organo Gold Coffee Scam was Founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, with co-founder Shane Morand is becoming very popular with its image of an easy to sell coffee with a kick.



There are people who claim that it’s an amazing product and company.

But why?


Well in short, it’s the huge cult following that either make money when they sell or lose their investment and time when they don’t. This creates lots of faked 5 star reviews.

Well if you have read my other articles like Javita Coffee scam you will realize that all the people who say good things have invested in the product and have to sell it.

Basically every company that is a direct sales or MLM or Network Marketing company is in one way or another a scam. These companies only thrive because of the people who buy in products monthly in hopes of selling and signing up others to do the same. The real sales are made mostly from the recruits and not real customers.

Is Organo Gold Coffee A Scam?

It’s really hard to find the value in the Organo Gold Coffee Company when you think about it.

The problem is many are blinded by people telling you that you will make hundreds of thousands a month. The Organo Gold Coffee Scam is just another network marketing company focusing on recruiting so that they can get more believers, plain and simple.

The Organo gold coffee benefits are nothing special that regular coffee will not produce as well.

They just add the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom to it (Which I will Explain Later ) that can have bad effects on people. The one unique thing about the Organo gold coffee company, could also be a bad thing. If you are interested in learning more on

Related ArticlesWhat Is Organo Gold Coffee And What Is Organo Gold All About?

organo_gold_coffee_company_ganoderma_coffee_Cheap_everywhereCoffee is very popular and is one of the most consumed products in the world. The problem is many place like grocery stores, Starbucks, Tim Horton, Dutch Bros, gas stations,
organo_gold_starbucks_across_the_street car lots etc all have coffee just waiting to give you some.

So the fact that gas is the most consumed product in the world does not mean I should start selling it, talk about getting crushed by the competition.

When you have something that is popular it can make it easy to sell in the right circumstance.

The caveat is when you sell something that you see on every street corner, your product becomes commoditized…” basically meaning your just competing on price with no uniqueness.


What Is the Value And Unique Selling Proposition Of The Organo Gold Coffee Company 

Yes Organo Gold is a little unique because they add the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom to their coffee but that does not mean it tastes good or is a good idea.

So when people see you selling coffee with a mushroom powder added that they could just make on their own that tastes better. Why would they want to buy from you?  

You would then need to lower your price to compete with others but you can’t and you have to actually charge more and have them auto-shipped to your house monthly.

So the product becomes commoditized you can’t offer anything more unique besides help new recruits sell their family.

Then everybody has the same coffee with the same magical mushroom ( I also cover later how you can get this coffee for much cheaper). When saturation happens in your area you can’t sell for a high price.

People start realizing that the only reason they liked it was because they lied to themselves after they bought into the dream.

After someones in too deep they typically defend their purchases.


The Organo Gold Coffee Scam Products

Organo gold sells a line of what they want you to believe is premium coffee that is really nothing more than instant coffee with the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom added to it. If you do try Organo Gold Coffee Scam Products you better make sure that your body responds well to the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom as they put it in everything.

They have mainly coffee such as

  • Black Coffee – Just regular beans with Ganoderma lucidum mushroom
  • King Of Coffee – Supposedly the finest beans with Ganoderma lucidum mushroom
  • Cafe Late – This one is blended with cream and sugar and of course Ganoderma lucidum mushroom ,I’ll bet the cream is not very good. They want to compare the taste to A gourmet cafe but I am sure that getting fresh made coffee compared to this instant coffee is no comparison.
  • Cafe Mocha – Basically the same as the black coffee above just with added cocoa & of course Ganoderma lucidum mushroom
  • Cafe Supreme – This one is regular coffee with added ginseng and yet again Ganoderma lucidum mushroom
  • Hot chocolate – Just regular hot chocolate with what, you guessed it Ganoderma lucidum mushroom
  • Organic Green Tea – No matter what when tea is in a bag and not loose leaf it is garbage from the bottom of the barrels, but they made it special do you want to know what they added. You guessed it Ganoderma lucidum mushroom
  • Red Tea – Which is typically a plant called the Red Rooibos Tea plant, they are claiming this is from red tea leaves which I am not familiar with I have heard of Green White and Black tea but red tea leaves? If it’s red tea it is typically the Rooibos plant which is different from tea. The Rooibos plant is good and the tea is good but surprising they just call it red tea leaves. Of course they added Ganoderma lucidum mushroom and is claimed to help with focus and clarity
  • The Black Ice – So this tea is to make Iced tea and has the magical Ganoderma lucidum mushroom and guarana and honey so after you drink this you will definitely feel jittery.


They also sell individual brew-kups for your Keurig such as…

  • Gourmet Black Gold
  • Royal Brewed
  • Chocolate Almond
  • Toasted Hazelnut
  • Caramel Vanilla

Of course with the added bonus of none other than the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom


Now they also have supplements:

  • Ganoderma lucidum
  • Ganoderma lucidum Mycelium
  • Ganoderma lucidum Spore Powder
  • Grape seed oil which is supposed to compliment all Ganoderma lucidum mushroom products

All the above have vague claims to stimulate immune system and other things like an excellent antioxidant, well what isn’t now a days.

They have a few personal care items like:

  • Soap enhanced with Ganoderma lucidum mushroom
  • Toothpaste that has Ganoderma lucidum mushroom added

Case Study Of The Organo Gold Coffee Scam


How Ganoderma Lucidum Coffee By Organo Gold Effect The Body And If It Is Really The Miracle They Claim…

Sounds like acai berries or Goji berries. Get a un-familiar herb state it does miracles and away people will go promoting it like it does. I’m amazed that people in MLM’s are either not wanting to lose their money so they lie or they are getting a placebo effect and believe the product is doing it.

Ganoderma Side Effects

The Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Scam claims that the Ganoderma Mushroom is basically a cure-all. Organo Gold does not put labels on the coffee they sell that warns about the side effects of this mushroom. They feel they can tell you about the miracle healing but not cover over the side effects that people get often from drinking their coffee mixed with the Ganoderma Mushroom.

Supposedly the extract is not bad but the powder can cause problems I am assuming the powder is cheaper.




Organo Gold seems to be using the powder form




There was a story from “” that stated that  a man who had gastric bypass surgery began vomiting blood and suffered blood clots. His hemoglobin level dropped very low and doctors found that it was caused by the Organo Gold coffee.

This patient had to be resuscitated with blood and platelet transfusions and get emergency surgery. This sounds like an episode straight out of the hit show House M.D. This mushroom can also cause diarrhea and constipation.

There are a few other Organo Coffee and Ganoderma side effects such as:

  • Itching
  • Aches and pains
  • Breakouts on the face
  • Dizziness
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pains
  • Allergic reactions
  • Upset stomach
  • Bleeding
  • Sexual dysfunction


Here are some Organo Gold complaints by people who have used the product:


Organo Gold Coffee Scam | Conclusion

Any person that buys into the Organo Gold Coffee Scam that is also on blood thinning medication should not take Ganoderma as it prevents clotting and is dangerous for people with hemorrhagic disorders. If you have ulcers it can increase gastric bleeding.

Now I don’t want to say that the Ganoderma mushroom is horrible as if used properly can help the right person.

The problem lies when you don’t really know how much of the Ganoderma mushroom powder is in your Organo Gold Coffee.

If you drink it all the time in everything I am not sure if that is the best idea. Over consumption has been documented in Thailand medical journals to cause liver damage.

How much is too much leading to over consumption? 

I think that for now the Ganoderma mushroom and coffee should probably just be kept separate, for the sake of taste and safety.

You can actually just go to your local asian food store and get a Gandoerma coffee for about $10 and Organo Gold sells that much for $30 dollars.

Also Organo Gold does not even list how much Gandoerma they put in their coffee. 

When people sell through a pyramid like this they can say whatever they want, it has cured uncle franks cancer and billy’s tumor etc.

They will also say this because it is being auto-shipped to their house every month and they need to do something.

So if you are looking for a good opportunity I would steer clear of this scam.

This product will just take your money, “run you ragged” and leave you with nothing to show for it but boxes of expensive coffee and diarrhea.


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Brianna says July 18, 2017

Hello there! My name is Brianna. I am a consultant for Organo Gold, and I’m just hoping to clear up some information for you. Ganoderma Lucidum is a widely studied mushroom because scientists are so fascinated by why it works. Most of the approximately 2,000 studies on it are studies in which they try to isolate what about the mushroom is so amazing, but the simple fact is that when you isolate single proteins in the mushroom, it loses its potency. Feel free to take some time and review this information and do the research for yourself on! Additionally, I just wanted to correct some of the information you published. The King of Coffee uses the spore of the mushroom instead of the flower which is what we use in our regular black coffee. The spore is a more concentrated part, but there’s less of it in each mushroom so there for to compensate the price has to be raised slightly. Organo also has a patented and copy righted method of turning the mushroom into a consumable powered which makes it stronger than some bottle you can pick up on Amazon or the grocery store.

To answer some of your questions in the comments

“How expensive is it, unless you sign up and become a distributor to get a discount and are forced to continue to pay monthly for notorious auto ship program, where you pay every month and are forced to receive average coffee with cheap mushroom powder, just so you can get 20% off and have the hopes of being able to sell others. I would be willing to bet the cheapest mushroom powder is used in Organo Gold to maximize profits.”
-One box of black cost $27 and you get 30 packets. The latte costs $27 and you get 20 packets and Mocha costs $31 and you get 15 packets. A preferred customer get’s 20% off and a distributor gets 50% off. Neither the distributor or the preferred customer has to buy a certain amount to retain their discount. As I said above the mushroom we use is the highest quiality Ganadorma grown. Period.

“How much powder does Organo Gold add in each instant packet?”
-Unfortunately just like if you bought a box of rice crispy bars at the grocery store they wouldn’t give you the recipe, we don’t either.

“How many ounces of coffee does that make?”
-one packet makes between 6-10 oz depending on how mild or strong you like your coffee.

“Organo Gold Is single serve instant coffee packets, tell me how much does it cost to be able to drink 4 servings of Organo Gold King of Coffee or cafe late a day? If you drank 2 cups of coffee a day how much would Organo Gold Cost For a month supply?”
-If you drink four cups a day I would recommend buying four boxes for a total of 100 packets ($186.) Four small cups a day at Starbucks would cost around $360 for straight coffee.
-Two cups a day would be two boxes and $93 or $180 at Starbucks

It’s expensive to buy in average products monthly, that have no real market, as you will have a hell of a time selling it. So getting paid for what you do is very vaugue do you make full time income from this or are you just another person that thinks making $300 buck a year profit is good.
I did enjoy your Starbucks meme, however again one cup of black coffee costs $0.61. At Starbucks, a small cup costs $3. Organo coffee is also more convenient as you don’t have to wait in line at Starbucks or go out of your way to find coffee– I carry a few packets in my purse and car and can quickly ask for hot water, almost anywhere (that means no more waiting in the morning for that first cup of coffee!)

I would say that i like oregano gold mainly cause I sell it…. and it’s not for everybody! but I did try the top recommendation here and it would work well if you wanted to learn to promote your business online. So they can work together.

Listen to the advice that he gives you at the end of these articles i was surprised as even though I like selling Organo Gold I was able to sell way more learning the things and using the resources in the top recommendation. I don;t agree with everything that the author has said about Organo Gold but I do think that he does provide a very good opportunity and you can do it for free.

Thanks for the information,

    Brandon says August 25, 2017

    Hey Brianna,

    Thanks I’m glad that even-though we are involved in separate businesses your the first to actually still look at the offer that I suggest and gave it a real shot… I mean heck it is free with no credit card, right… If you’re into the product and like it hopefully many others will also.

    If you start to really look at it Organo Gold its just not a good deal, or a good coffee or even a good price.
    You really just need to think if you like to sell expensive instant coffee and you can make it work keep on truckin…

    but if you cannot… I give an option that is completely free to try out with no credit card and requires no buying in products.

    I’m so glad that you took me up on my offer… So many people overlook it as they think if you say some product is bad they think it’s just to promote your suggestions… when really that is not always… or even most of the time, the case.

    When you read about something that is a scam or bad idea… typically you’re then left thinking… NOW WHAT?
    It’s nice if someone is going to say something is not a very good idea or a scam, to then also include a good suggestion… This way you know which person is full of it, after looking into what they said.

    If you would like to make money online without all the hassles of down-lines then My Top Recommendation will help you so keep at it even if your just doing the free membership.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Minhaj says July 2, 2017

Hi Brandon

Been looking for an honest review of this MLM company. Looks like the only good thing about this product is the packaging it comes in.
MLM industry is still not regulated properly, if it was, rubbish products like this would never be released to the public.
Seriously, how can a product with so many so many reports of health related problems still be on the market? Plus the prices are ridiculous. Its no wonder this industry has such a high failure rate.

Shanda says April 12, 2017

I was suckered into going to what my friend called a ‘mixer’, no clue I was in for a spiel on this over priced coffee product. The presenter (who reminded me of Superman-Christopher Reeves, haha) went through this entire story of his life about owning his own company for 30 years, getting injured and unable to work anymore blah blah blah, stumbled upon Organo and now makes millions. He literally made it sounds like he was a multi-millionaire. Well he doesn’t know what a skeptic I am. I don’t believe, nor buy any product that is sold in someones house through a party of people. I consider them all scams, I watch my friend bust her butt working Pampered Chef to barely bring a dime home. Over priced products that you can buy online or any store for 1/3 of the price. I didn’t buy his whole thing about how this mushroom powder that I had never heard of was healing and fixing all these ailments, nor do I believe you can quit your day job and make a 6 figure living selling high priced coffee. I am a frugal shopper and most people I know are frugal as well, why would I buy a box of 12 cups of coffee for $20 when I can get a box of 18 for $9.99? I wanted to see what the reviews on this was online and stumbled upon your site, thank you, good points and good review!

    Brandon says April 18, 2017

    Hey Shanda,

    It’s so good to see people like yourself using your instincts and figuring out that this is just not worth it and is just an overhyped idea put on by pushy sales and peer pressure. I’m glad that they didn’t hook you and waste your time and money. Good work Shanda.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Chris Lutoslawski says November 22, 2016

So interesting! Haha… OK so, I found a few boxes of this coffee along with the whole start-up package with the fancy briefcase and all…in a dumpster out in front of a house that the people had been evicted from! Before you judge me, please know that I also salvaged loads of photography equipment, a nice working Dell laptop and 8 multi-terrabyte hard drives etc! This stuff is full of poisonous metals and by reselling these items I am keeping it all out of the environment. Anyway, I just made a cup of the Organo Cafe Supreme. Good lord, what a load of additives it contains. I hope I will be OK! This might be more important to keep out of the groundwater than the heavy metal contaminants from the computer equipment! Honestly, I will probably put it in my garage sale for $1.00 per box of 20 sachets. Truthfully, I would much rather drink Nescafe. At least you know what you are drinking. Yes, there is powdered reishi mushroom in it, but as others have stated…only the extract really has any known benefits. The powdered chiton (mushroom flesh) is totally inert. It’s actually the same stuff that insect exoskeletons are made from. (I am also a biologist!) Well, it was fun trying this stuff and reading up on it, but I think I will be brewing some real coffee and either selling this stuff dirt cheap or tossing it in the woodstove.

    Brandon says November 22, 2016

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your insight about the mushroom flesh and is similar to insect exoskeletons. This could definitely cause problems similar to, for example: just drinking juice rather than drinking a smoothie with all the pulp or whole fruit or just eating the egg yolk without the whites as then the natural healthy item becomes much less healthy and can actually become harmful if taken consistantly. I’m thinking that taking lots of powerdered chitron could definitly cause problems that just have not been studied yet. I’m sure Organo Gold hopes to have made enough by the time anybody truly figures it out or even figures out it was the mushroom coffee to begin with.

    Thanks for Your comment and thanks for stopping by,

Thomas says November 2, 2016

This is great solid talk about a scam that they are trying to suck my Colombian wife into, here in Colombia, the world’s best coffee land. I pointed out to her all of the negatives noted herein, but they had really gotten into her head by this time and so I simply told her that not a peso of our money would be going into this MLM pyramid scheme. Some Organo rep keeps calling her. Many members of her extended family actually work for Nestle here and know all about instant coffee. I asked her why in the world would someone pay an outrageous price for an inferior cup of coffee when you can drink a cup of fresh made ‘tinto’ on almost any street corner anyplace in Colombia, not to mention the fabulous coffee available at Juan Valdez, GMA, Starbucks and innumerable boutique coffee shops all over every big city here. I went to a presentation with her one night and saw exactly what I expected to see and hear – a main guy shilling for about 45 minutes with some slides, a dozen ‘successful’ Organo distributors testifying to their love of the product and ease of sales, and a rather shoddy display on a table. When it ended I went and looked at the packaging labels. Holy cow! 23 grams of sugar, partially hydrogenated palm oil, aluminum whatever and so on. And of course, that mushroom powder. I know a pyramid when I see one, even if it calls itself something else. I spent my entire professional career as a District attorney and later as a Circuit Court Judge in criminal Court. Thanks again for this info and I sent it to her along with several other negative reviews.

Leo Hokkanen says October 24, 2016

The idea of adding caffeine to my diet gives me a headache, and increases my pulse and blood pressure. Imagine what the drug in the system would do! People just get into this because it’s an MLM and for making money. Leaders of Organo Gold would just as quickly jump ship when they find a better alternatives such as the Cryprocurrency MLMs! And they did!

    Brandon says October 25, 2016

    Hey Leo,

    I completely agree with you and all MLM’s will claim that the product is the focus, when really no one sells the products and the MLM recruiting is the real focus. It’s funny that you mention leaders jumping to cryptocurrency scams as I just wrote about that after researching Yocoin.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Anonymous says October 24, 2016

Thanks for this information. Today I was invited for OG meeting but I was not convinced at all to join. Am grateful for what has been shared here it’s really helpful.

    Brandon says October 25, 2016


    No problem, please let me know if there is any thing I can help with in the future and will be glad to help.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Sylvia Herren says September 6, 2016

Brandon I tried to click on about Brandon and there was nothing there. I actally know people who have made alot of money that are organo gold distributors. I am a distributor and actually love the company. I also have customers that have benefited from drinking the coffee. People who suffered from migraines and now don’t. People who suffered from skin problems and now don’t. I don’t understand why you would go so far as to try to discredit this great networking company. What is your background? How many network marketing companies have you been involved in? What is your education? I would just like to know more about you and mean no disrespect.
Best Regards

    Brandon says September 8, 2016


    My about me works I clicked on it and it works not sure what you mean? The discrediting is at a much deeper level than you’re at currently. Stay with them for a few years and you will see what I’m talking about. If not I never said you can;t make some money with it, this is just not a realistic business for the majority. if it’s working for you and your making enough money after buying in products then I’m happy for you, but my opinion stays the same. The problem with these programs is many, just like yourself will sing it’s praises saying it works, when really they just sell them. Many know there is much better products out there but if you sell them your not going to say much bad. I know people that have suffered from skin problems, migraines and cancer that have gotten rid of them without the use of Organo Gold coffee… so saying that really doesn’t make a huge point and is all relative.

    Sylvia Herren says September 12, 2016

    I have a customer that actually suffered from migraines 1 to 2 a week for 20 years she spent literally thousands of dollars trying to finda cure it was only after drinking the ganaderma infused red tea that she was able to find relief from every single headache since her first cup. Another diabetic customer had his normally high blood sugar drop 100 points. I’ve done extensive research on the ganaderma lucidum infused in the organo products and I have literally heard 100s of testimonials personally of the positive affects of this product. I have no doubt that there have been those that haven’t made money or have grown tired or disenchanted it happens in any company. As a long time corporate business owner I am aware that not everyone has the same work ethic and not everyone is a self starter which is what it takes to be successful in network marketing. I really hope you will take a second look at this product and company and possibly change your opinion . Its truely not a scam. Its a great company and I can tell you their leadership is second to none. They also give back to those in need in a big way!

    Best Regards
    Sylvia Herren

      Brandon says September 13, 2016

      Hello Sylvia,

      I understand that you’re just trying to spread good words for the company but when you use testamonials from mainly people who sell the products the testamonials can be looked at as not very accurate. I understand that the ganaderma lucidum can help but you can get this powder online and add it to your own coffee and or other drinks. This is very overpriced for instant coffee and the taste is not good but that is up to personal taste. The thing I’m trying to mainly say is that if you want these benifits you can just buy better quality ganaderma lucidum and not take cheaper ganaderma lucidum powder like they put into Organo Gold coffee. If your looking for better coffee well you can get that anywhere heaper and better so i’m left with the question why? Why spend more and go through the whole MLM roller coaster just to sell or buy this stuff when you can get it many other places.

      Again if the people in the testamonials you’re talking about took anything else or changed their diet or anything else besides just drinking the coffee, it’s hard to know if it came from the coffee or somthing they did or the belief and placebo cause they want to sell it or just flat out lying. It just doesn’t make sense to buy overpriced instant coffee just to get ganaderma lucidum powder when you could just take that as well as follow a healthy diet and get out in the sun and move and your bloff sugar headaches and many other ailments will go away as well. I guess to each his own and if selling and taking Organo Gold works for you, I would say keep on truckin, it’s just not a good idea in my opinion.

      Thanks For Stopping By,

Aussie Derek says August 4, 2016

Well let me tell you a thing or two about Organo Gold. I hadn’t heard of them until I was approached by an all-too-eager rep who claimed to be part of a group called The Bean Team. They operate near Sydney, but originated from somewhere in the UK. In fact it was at my cousin’s BBQ, and one of his mates was a rep. We all had a few beers, and he spoke about the products. He actually had samples of Coffee. My first concern was when I saw the coffee was actually instant. I love my cuz to death and by the end of the evening I had grave concerns that he was getting involved in a pyramid scheme, so I did my research.

Turns out, The Bean Team and Organo Gold are one and the same. They just dress it up differently. This is quite typical of MLM’s (which are glorified pyramid schemes). I remember there were a group I had heard of back in the 90’s who were also operating out of Sydney. The thing that struck was that they kept changing their name, and there was a very heavy emphasis put on recruitment. I mean you could be a serial killer and work for these guys, because there were no formal background checks conducted. One’s background didn’t matter a hoot. So long as they were getting numbers through the door to flog the items (I think it was cleaning products) it didn’t matter. Those at the bottom were sold the dream of an unbelievable, financially free lifestyle if they could only sell enough products to reach the various rungs in the ladder so to speak. Climbing up the ladder was as a result of reps buying stock, and because there was so much emphasis placed on climbing up Jacob’s ladder and reaching the holy grail (via recruiting and buying product in order to sell on) reps were pumping loads of cash into buying stock that often wasn’t sold. It gets worse. They worked a points system that was based on the stock reps purchased. A certain amount of stock had to be purchased each month in order for the points gained to be held onto and not “flushed” – which is a term very common in MLM. So although many reps weren’t moving stock, they were being fed the dream, and so instead of not buying stock the next month because they still have loads of stock from the previous month, they’d pump more money in in the hope they would finally make the sales. Meanwhile, as their stockpiles grew higher, all the while the guys and gals up the top were making Big Bickies! The reps up the top hardly had to make any sales, because they were making so much money off the points they accrued from the desperate lines of reps beneath them trying to climb the ladder. Really all it was, was a false economy, and about 30% of stock was actually going to the end user. So you can why illegitimate MLM’s change their name so often, but keep the concept? If they don’t word gets around, and they get no new recruits.

Now that’s not to say all MLM’s are bad. I feel a I need to be fair in this review. Lots of MLM’s are selling very impressive stock to customers daily, but from my research, an MLM must be selling over 80% of their stock to the end user for it to be considered a legitimate MLM.

Being in conventional business for years it raised a red flag when I learnt about Organo and The Bean Team. Normally when a company changes it’s name, it is either to re-brand, or as a result of a controversy. Sometimes it’s a bit of both. So this got me researching, and needless to say I found out that The Bean Team are a re-branded version of Organo, but based in the UK, and now in Oz. I needed to be able to present this to my cousin, because I had the company from the 1990’s stuck in the back of my head. I did a lot of googling, and the amount of horror stories related to Organo was overwhelming. In fact there are a few online about The Bean Team, but I guess because The Bean Team haven’t been around as long as Organo (founded in 2008) would explain why there aren’t as many negative comments. More so suspicions I would say than anything. It was only when I posed as an interested sign up that I got the full low down.

I acquired the terms and conditions of being a rep and passed them to a lawyer mate. I asked her to pinpoint the main rules in terms of how the product could and could not be sold. You wouldn’t believe how different it was compared to what one of The Bean Team reps was trying to sell me. This person was coming up with all sorts of ideas about selling to cafes, restaurants, family, friends, shops, pop-up shops. The one thing this person was right about was that you couldn’t sell the product online via eBay or Amazon etc, but they then sent me a link to link their Facebook page, which was littered with all the health benefits and a ‘Shop Now’ button. They hadn’t actually read the fine print. This, along with all the other examples they gave me were forbidden forms of sales according to the terms and conditions. In fact, the only legal way you can sell the product is by inviting friends and family to meetings that are designed not only to move stock, but to recruit more reps.

On further study of negative reviews online, someone from the United States who was involved for years and made a lot of money had commented he had to get out of the game because he felt morally obliged to. He was all too aware that most of the stock being purchased by the reps was not being sold to the end user. Sound familiar? There were lots of other things that there is no point going into. I’m sure it has been mentioned on this page, but it stank. And who in their right mind would join a company who only allowed you to sell via appointment. It sounded like those Tupperware parties from the 19080’s where everyone was sitting awkwardly, knowing that the only reason they’ve been invited was to buy a product they didn’t really want.

So I had to have a little sit down with my cuz, and I was glad he saw the light of day.

When MLM’s re-brand, and don’t tell you the whole truth about how the business actually works, it’s either that they don’t know themselves, or they don’t want you to know. Either way, it’s a massive warning sign and red flags should be waving all over.

Plus….it’s instant coffee when it boils down to it (no pun). Mate seriously, give this one no time. There are many other legit ways to make a decent living selling real bean coffee. Organo will only cause you heart ache, pain and an empty wallet in the long run, because all they are selling is a pipe dream

Sheb says April 25, 2016

Organo Gold is an example of a major scam.

You summed up everything very well but left one thing out: the Reishi they add to the coffee is indigestible for most people because it is just ground up dried powder !! Reishi is a medicinal mushroom with a good reputation but in order to work it needs to be extracted !
Similar product is sold by Chaga International : a MAJOR MLM setup that sells bottles of ‘energized water’ with dried chaga powder added to it. Chaga is also a medicinal mushroom and quite the hype of the moment. It is completely useless because it is 98% water and 2% indigestible mushroom powder. It seems the CI website is offline but this is the website: Check them out.
Should be exposed as soon as they start again!

    Brandon says April 25, 2016

    Hey Sheb,

    Thanks for the info that is very interesting, I did mention the powder not being good be didn’t know that most people cannot digest it. I will definitly be looking into Chaga international and their energized water.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

john says April 17, 2016

what is your view on Forever living products and their marketing strategies? Ive a plan of becoming a member and a distributor.Your contribution and point of view will be highly appreciated.


    Brandon says April 17, 2016

    Hey John,

    Forever Living will just be the same scheme just different product. The problem with these MLM’s is they have these high priced products but they’re no better than average products you can find already out in the market. These MLM’s will typically work on for the owners and the top spots which are usually put there by the owner and the rest of the people in the program are just there to market the product to others basically for free until you can really get a lot of people underneath you in a downline. I will look into this further and have an article out on it but from what I already can see they will have a basic product that you can get anywhere and then charge triple the price so that it can support the pyramid structure. I will have a much more detailed response coming soon. Just check back in a few days.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

O'dollz Obafemi says April 16, 2016

Dear Brandon, I am so excited that I read this.
After trying twice, my colleague invited me to a conference. But I told her MLM is nothing new. I was so convinced that this was not the right business for me, but had to go see for myself. I’ve been burnt before and I would never forget what I had to go through; my dearest friends in life told me I was a thief, I was a scammer etc in the Clubfreedom years. But, somehow, God made it all go away but I still lost them.

Last month, my colleague in the office spoke kindly to me about Organo Gold & took me to their conference where she quickly served me a cup of the creamy coffee. I actually thought it was convincing but I’m not a coffee fan. Then, I was introduced to the white guy from New York & one other couple from the Carribeans who had decided to even move down to Nigeria all because of Organo Gold.

And here I am today.
I want people, especially Nigerians & Africans, to know that MLM & get-rich-quick schemes are only out to destroy. I feel really sorry for a lot of people who are out there doing this “business” & I wish they leave as soon as they find help.

Organo Gold is a terrible scam & it is slowly going to wreck havoc on people’s health.
Don’t do it. I almost did, but thank God for people like Brandon.

Eddah says April 13, 2016

I live in Africa a country called Kenya and a friend was trying to introduce me to OG but i decided to do some due deligence and thats how i ended up here. From what i read here may i be safe to conclude that OG is just like others like GNLD whose products are really hard to sell especially in poor economies. Please advice.

Regards, Eddah

    Brandon says April 14, 2016

    Hey Eddah,

    These are definitely products that are hard to sell, especially once loads of people start doing it. Anything that is set up with the MLM stucture will be hard to sell because they always have to be overpriced to support the pyramid payment structure. Then mainly just the top people and the owners are making money. When they have tapped out one country they start moving to other countries in this case Kenya. Oddly enough people sometimes jump all over the opportunity when they have never seen it or heard about it in these poorer countries, that is exactly why they choose Kenya.

    This can work in the beginning but the people it works for are screwing their friends and family and others in the community that trust them or you sign up with somone else and they screw you over… either way it’s a bad and expensive decision in the long run.

    Statistics show 90% of the people who join MLM/network marketing companies like Organo Gold or GNLD do not make any money and lose money.Out of the 10% left only 1% make above $300-$500 a year not a month, a year! Many reps will make you think they’re doing better than they are so you will sign up under them.

    Just Ask Your friend why you would want to buy coffee that is instant coffee with bad taste for a high price and powdered ganoderma mushroom when you can just make your own coffee of choice and add in Ganoderma Lucidum powder if you want or just take it like a supplement and it would be much much cheper to do that. Plus you don’t ahve to pay to sign up to do that. If your looking for real way to actually make money you should check out my #1 Recommendation

    Thanks Again For Stopping By,


    Aussie Derek says August 4, 2016

    Eddah, you did the right thing my friend.

    With MLM’s they are so cult like. You will lose absolutely everybody who you thought held you dear when you leave. They will make you feel bad and put the blame on you. They will tell you that you’re blind and that you can only see things your way, and not theirs. It’s sociopathy of the highest order, and they are drones with big fat dollar signs in their eyes.

    I’m not getting paid to say this by the way, but have a look at the link Brandon put up about Wealthy Affiliate. I joined recently for free myself. It’s a very fair and genuine way of making money. Plus, you actually OWN your own business. Organo are all about telling you that you own your own business. Absolute nonsense. You run your own business perhaps, but you are totally at the mercy of Organo HQ. Whatever changes they make affects your business. And perhaps to a degree you could say the same about affiliate wealth, but not to the same extend. Amazon could change their commission structures, but there are so many online mega stores out there, and you get to design your own niche that you really are creating something for yourself. You can be creative rather than be a drone.

    You dodged a bullet saying no to Organo

Emanuele says January 31, 2016

Hi Brandon
I come from Italy and i recently my friend becomes a OG distributor.
She becomes a distributor OG and led me to two meetings of OG. She convinced me to try one of the products to go into business with them and it worked but the effects do not last long and the origin of products is unclear.
In their meeting pull you with promises of success and are very good at doing marketing through Napoleon Hill Foundation that creates entrepreneurial minds, but I have values ​​that go against their system.
They do not sell a health product they are trying to sell a system to make money and I hate making money on people’s health.
So after trying one of their product for two months I am not entered.
I did extensive research before and found another company that is much clearer, it declares all the ingredients and the prices before you buy the products, and this farm directly produces the ganoderma and other plants. This company is called DXN.
Prices are low and the president is an engineer, naturopath, ganoterapeuta and its objectives are to help as many people as possible.
This company uses unique extraction techniques and uses the Multi Level Marketing.
What do you think of this company ????

Thanks for the article is very comprehensive.

    Brandon says January 31, 2016

    Hey Emanuele,

    I went oto DXN website and it was offline at the monemt or appeared to be shut down not sure. I would say if you’re looking for ganoderma for health reasons and not looking to try to make money then I think that you should just source it out yourself and not get it from any MLM in my opinion. I can already tell you that you would be much better sourcing your own ganoderma after doing a little research as I think the ganoderma these MLM’s use is the cheapest for and there is a better form than the powdered form but not really sure. If you are looking for a way to start a business you could do research on the ganoderma mushroom and start a businesss talking about the ganoderma and real ganoderma suplements and you can check out my #1 recomendation free no strings attached trial and to learn about how to make a bsuiness online to do that.

    Thanks For Stopping by,

Prince Archibong says January 14, 2016

People can be very silly, Organogold that works perfectly???
How is it a scam???
My mum recovered from arthritis through Organogold products, I still get paid for everything I do Nd you’re saying it’s scam???
Ignorance is a disease!

    Brandon says January 15, 2016

    I’m not sure what your trying to say? OrganoGold works perfectly? What do you mean by, it works perfectly? Are you just saying that because you take it, so therfore it works perfectly? I’m a little confused about your statement.

    I Hope your not one of those MLM’ers that does not listen to or answers questions and just makes more genral statements in rebuttel (rather than answering questions) and comments about how great somthing is but with no real reason Why? WHY, WHY, WHY is organo gold better? Why is it worth paying triple the price of insant coffee and adding your own Ganoderma lucidum to it?

    Organo Gold is a scam just by the fact that it’s a MLM, I wont get into how much I dislike MLM’s in this comment so here is a explaination of What Is The Network Marketing Business HERE. You could be making money but not very much. Well if you’re just one of the lucky ducks that got in early to the “pyramid party” then good for you, but I certainly would not ever pay or get wrapped up in somthing like this now, the phone number is nice but talking about how great it is on the phone that sounds like a kick in the face with a golf shoe. You can mince words and say that you did not say somthing when you did type thing when your on the phone… if you really love organo gold why not comment back and really show the world that ol Prince Archibong is here to really school us about Organo gold.

    Why would you ever pay a high price for an instant coffee that has no special qualities other than the packaging? On top of that you and all the other distributors are the reason that they even sell coffee… As no consumer will really buy that coffee especially at the full price and all the members buying in cases every month is what fuels the business sales. I’m writing to people that most likely have not already signed up. You’re already completly sold on Organo Gold, so to tell you anything would be like telling areligous person that their specific religion is fake.

    Where in all of America and just about everywhere else can you not get instant, esspresso, whole bean or ground coffee, as you can get it just about anywhere? What makes organo gold so special and why would you again want to pay tripe the price for instant coffee?

    Then you can get an order Ganoderma lucidum here and get a pound of the powder for $38.95 and that is 227 servings or 227 teaspoons and just add it to your instant coffee and you do not have to join an MLM.,

    How much powder does Organo Gold add in each instant packet?
    How many ounces of coffee does that make?

    It’s expensive to buy in average products monthly, that have no real market, as you will have a hell of a time selling it. So getting paid for what you do is very vaugue do you make full time income from this or are you just another person that thinks making $300 buck a year profit is good.

    How expensive is it, unless you sign up and become a ditributor to get a discount and are forced to continue to pay monthly for notorious autoship program, where you pay every month and are forced to recieve average coffee with cheap musroom powder, just so you can get 20% off and have the hopes of being able to sell others. I would be willing to bet the cheapest mushroom powder is used in Organo Gold to maximize profits.

    I could find some reishi mushroom powde real quick like I did here> and it’s most likely of better quality than the one used in Organo Gold and would last almost a year if taken daily.

    If I just made regular coffee in the morning and added my powder, I would get to drink fresh not instant tasting coffee and add Ganoderma lucidum for around $10 dollars a month or less, $120 a Year plus $38 for mushroom powder for a grand total of $158 a Year. this is also if I brewed full posts of coffee which is normally around 8-10 cups (where Organo gold packets amke a cup) depending on the size of coffeee maker… that is around $13 dollars a month. If it was instant coffee like Organo gold that price would be half that. If I only made single servings and not full pots, it would be much less as well.

    Organo Gold Is single serve instant coffee packets, tell me how much does it cost to be able to drink 4 servings of Organo Gold King of Coffee or cafe late a day? If you drank 2 cups of coffee a day how much would Organo Gold Cost For a month supply?

    Also what type of arthritis did your Mom supposedly have Rheumatoid Arthritis or osteoarthritis? If she changed her diet and took other things while drinking this coffee that would more likly be the factor to healing her arthritis rather than just instant coffee with cheap Ganoderma lucidum mushroom powder. Your claiming it completly healed your monther’s arthritis Wow bold statement. You’re right about one thing, ignorance is a disease.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Jen says November 20, 2015

A distributor tried to bring me into the business. I tried a cup of coffee she made during the presentation she made ( mind you I am a coffee drinker up to 3 cups per day sometimes) and the result was couldn’t freaking fall asleep that night ( she told me that I would fall asleep like a baby that night) but instead I Got irritated , tossed n turned til 3 in the morning and my boyfriend fuzzed at me the next morning.

    Brandon says November 20, 2015

    Wow, I have heard this over and over again I believe that the Ganoderma Mushroom they put in is of poor quality or it’s reacting negativly to some people possibly with autoimmune disorders which alot of people have and if not checked before hand could make this a dangerous product for you. This has also made many people stay up like you are saying and never be able to go to sleep, soulds like they must be trying to sneek methampetamies in there as well LOL.

    Well you really start to realize that anyone selling a product like this will usually never tell you the truth as they are trying to sell the product. You always have to give it a shot for yourself and I’m glad that you found out that it’s not for you before you bought in case after case month after month and had to then sign up everyone you know. If you really want a business to earn money and can do it from home and can realistically make a full time living then you will want to check out my #1 recomendation here

    Thanks For Stopping By,

The Best Home Based Business To Start | The Easy One - says September 11, 2015

[…] popular network marketing business opportunities such as ( Avon, Herbalife, Amway, Javita Coffee, Organo Gold, Le vel Thrive, Usana, The Empower Network, DS Domination etc.) that really turned out to be more […]

SC says August 30, 2015

Good work on exposing yet another MLM scam. I hadn’t heard of this one but it’s depressing how many scams are out there preying on vulnerable people. They all peddle different types of products but the outcome is always the same. With this coffee, the fact that they don’t warn you the added mushroom could have toxic effects on some people’s health also sounds extremely irresponsible!

Bishop says July 14, 2015

Organo Gold coffee is definitely a scam. one of my business partner in prepaid legal left and become big in Organo Gold coffee business. I took a look at it, and of the bat I know this was not for me.

You laid it out exactly the way it is. I am not a coffee drinker, but it did taste better than some that I tasted, but the business was not my forte. Great review, and I thank you for sharing it with the public.

If someone is looking for a legitimate business to get started, what would you propose?


    Brandon says July 15, 2015

    Hey Bishop,

    Yeah it’s just the way that all of these MLM pyramid business are structured is the main problem… The product is just there so it is not a Ponzi scheme. If your looking for a legit online biz op that works for the long run I would suggest this Program HERE

    Thanks For Stopping By,


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