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Opinion Outpost Legit Or Scam

    Opinion Outpost Review  






    Name: Opinion Outpost
    Price: free
    Owners: Unknown
    Overall Rank:14 out of 100

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    Opinion Outpost Legit Or Scam? Bottom Line This Program Will Work You To The Bone, Not Make You Any Money And Leave You High And Dry !


    opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_finally_taking_surveyOk so how about all those survey taking opportunities out there. Do any of them really work? Well at least in my experience they do not, let me explain. Opinion Outpost is one of the bigger survey sites out there. They are big and have a nice appearance but behind all of this, is Opinion Outpost legit or a scam that will take your information. Then leave you with nothing but peanuts to show for it.  Well in a nutshell Opinion Outpost is legitimate but the devil is in the details when it comes to entering the survey for money world.

    opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_Time_wasting_scamtWell when people say they want your two cents, Opinion Outpost really takes that saying literally. When you start with Opinion Outpost you will start to see your dream of making any real income from surveys dwindle into nothing. 

    opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_email_surveysIn reality you will never make anywhere near enough to compensate for the time wasted and that is the huge caveat. If you think I am lying be my guest and set up a Opinion Outpost account and give it a shot and calculate how much time you spend for the profits earned and I think you will change your mind real quick.

    Opinion Outpost makes it seem like you could make a quick $100-$200 a month just filling out a few surveys. They also have a group of employees of the company or owners going around saying that you can make money, really tying to hype it up. If you have ever tried this program you will realize why no one would ever really stick up for this program unless they had something to gain. 

    opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_more_questions What is really happening is they are getting info from you just setting up your account pre qualification process is just a clever way to get more free info without them having to pay you for it. 

    They temp you with the though of lazy easy quick money and you keep churning out surveys and answering questions.  Opinion Outpost is aware that the surveys have so many restrictions that for every 10 little pre qualification surveys they get out of you, you might get one and get a dollar or two from it.


    That is why they always try to peak your interest by claiming they will enter you in that supposedly amazing 10k drawing they have. I even had to just try to submit a couple more as I would have to qualify for something right? I mean we are all consumers of things no matter who we are. Well I gave it my best, what do you know another not qualified survey and the questions were something along the lines of do you drink water, what things do you buy at a convenience store. How do they determine I am not qualified and why do they send me surveys to take based on what they know to still be denied. 


    Then I tried one last time and they also have other neat excuses they come up with such as you signing up for this offer with the same computer of someone who has already completed this offer. I had never signed up before for this and especially from this IP address.


    opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_unable_to_participateThat is not all, they also have other excuses such as your “not being honest” and kick you out of the survey and also give you trouble cashing out by freezing your account. They will also tell you other restrictions after you have already done the work. Other things that they will tell you is that they have no control over it and that it is the vendors that set the specifications.  Opinion Outpost blames all the problems on vendors wanting a certain type of person and they are just a survey site which is part true and part excuse.  Well to Opinion Outpost I want to publicly say to you that “excuses are like butt holes every ones got um and yours stinks.” 



    Opinion Outpost Legit Or Scam? Not Really A Scam But Is It Worth It, Would Be The Main Question?

    So to answer your questions is Opinion Outpost Legit Or Scam, I can tell you right now in short it is a scam. Now I’m aware it is legally legitimate and supposedly pays you out but the way it is ran it is like a merchant skimming off of the top of your money and then paying you, it is legal but really it’s a scam.   Boy do I have a bone to pick with Opinion Outpost, they say and act like they are not a scam but swindle you out of your time with confusion and dangling carrots.  The sad confusing part about all this, is the program is technically legit.

    opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_setup_profiletYou set up your account you get 5 points like they promise and also you may not qualify for some surveys which I was fine with, until I realized how they qualify you.

    They find out if they want to qualify you based on after you complete a pre-qualification survey rather than upfront before you waste tons of time filling out pre-qualification surveys for free. Some of the questions are just there way of getting free data from you. They want you to believe that you have a chance to get lots of surveys and to win 10k but you need to be this perfect person with a specific job that they are looking for, which they will never obviously tell you what that is. So there is a lot of room for fudging. If you owned this company you could have people literally giving you free info all day and then saying that they don’t qualify.

    This programs qualification process is just like a car dealership commercial. It is like saying that anyone can get their dream car, just sign and drive but only on approved credit O.A.C. Then say but just give me all your info first so we can see if you qualify. Sure if you have the money, credit and down payment you can get any car you want. Just the same as if you have the qualification and criteria that they are looking for you can make a dollar or two. The main problem is the criteria may be so high that most likely will not qualify you while still being able to obtain lots of info from you. They occasionally have a survey that pays more than a dollar to get you excited but it is out of the ordinary and more the exception than the rule. 

    Also when they send you offers later for a survey it should be based on your answers you originally spent what felt like an hour giving them.

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    Here opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_extra_questions


    Here opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_indepth_questions


    Here opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_trick_questiosns




    AND HERE opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_essay_questions

    If they took the info that you give in the beginning and only send you surveys that you are already approved for according to what you said, this would not be such a scam and waste of time.

    I actually felt they asked a lot of personal questions and everything else under the sun. After all that you still have to answer questions and not get qualified, what good is Opinion Outpost really. I think in the begging when your excited they will not qualify you for a bunch of surveys and then throw you a bone to keep you interested.

    Then after maybe like 10 pre-qualification surveys they will give you one that will qualify. That will give you 5 points that equal $1 so now after spending almost an hour truthfully answering their questions and setting up your account, you luckily could by chance get a $1.  

    As you can see you are going to be a survey monkey on a string, filling out questions for peanuts. Then you still have to get paid out and I would never trust this company with higher payout amounts.  If they have this many rules to get a survey they probably have double the rules just to get paid.

    Well if you don’t cheat and answer to the best of your abilities they will pay right? Wrong, they will just come up with more B.S like your computer was used already to sign up. Now this would be fine but you have to wait until after you completely fill out everything and then complete the pre-survey and they will just tell you that you do not qualify. This is after they obtain more information on you than in a Police interrogation.


    Opinion Outpost Legit Or Scam | An general overview of what Opinion Outpost is.


    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

    PRO #1 It’s free
    PRO #2 You get five points to sign up (i’ts only a $1 and you can’t cash out until I think )

    The Bad:

    CON #1 You spend hours to only make tiny little bits
    CON #2 You don’t qualify for a lot of offers leaving you wasting tons of time with pre-qualification surveys.
    CON #3 You have to give them tons of info just to take surveys and try to qualify
    CON #4 All you info needs to be correct or they will say you not being honest and cancel your survey
    CON #5 You also can get kicked out for no reason saying that you used the same computer already to fill this out
    CON #6 There is no owner or at least anyone who will show their face.

    TOP Recommended Alternative places to find highest paid companies to take surveys for money

    Opinion Outpost Legit Or Scam | Who is Opinion Outpost For?


    This is for people who feel like working for $1.5 – $3 a hour is a good thing. 

    Breakdown of how much you would get paid if everything goes as planned.

    So lets just say you wanted to make a whopping $30 dollars. Each survey is worth a $1 and typically would need to 30 surveys to get 30 bucks.

    30 surveys that take 10 minutes each 300 minutes or about 5 hours. Then you have to take into account all the pre-qualification surveys you have to take in order to get one that actually qualifies… So if you did 30 surveys you would have about 5-10 pre qualify surveys before you were qualified for one survey. So with 30 surveys I will go low and say only five pre-qualify surveys before they get magically qualified (I think it is closer to ten) so that would be 5 X 30 150 pre qualification surveys at best 300 at the worst.

    So if each pre-survey took 2-10 minutes to thoroughly read all the questions that would be 300 X 2 minutes would be 600 minutes in pre qualification if your fast, 1500 – 3000  minutes if your slower. So that would equal out to 10 more hours if your quick. 25 – 50 hours if your slower. So when it’s all said and done you will have worked 10-50 hours of work for around $30 dollars and this is if everything goes as planned. 

    So $30 divided into 10 hrs is a whopping $3/hour, divide it into 50 and it’s $1.60 /hr and that is if everything else goes smoothly.

    Opinion Outpost Legit Or Scam | Opinion Outpost Tools & Training

    They have a generic animated video in the beginning that explains how you can get surveys and some you wont qualify for and you always get entered into the quarterly drawing to win 10k. That is about the gist of the training.

    Opinion Outpost Support:



    The owner of the site is definitely not involved in the business but they do have a responsive support staff. I emailed with a question and I did get a response within an hour but it was a very basic canned response that did not explain a lot other than qualification standards are out of their control. Here was there reply.



    Opinion Outpost Price:

    The one good thing about this program is the fact that at least it’s free. There was not any up-sells that I was aware of. You just waste a lot of time with this program and that is why I classify it as a scam. 

    My Final Opinion Is Opinion Outpost Legit Or Scam? 

    opinion_outpost_scam_or_legit_end_of_questionsEven though Opinion Outpost is free, it cost you something more valuable than money which is your time. When you look at this program it is not necessarily a scam. Once you look closer you realize that it has so many stipulations and takes so much time to do that it gets classified as a waste of time and a scam. 

    TOP Recommended Alternative places to find highest paid companies to take surveys for money

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