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Million Hits Secret Review

    Name: Million Hits Secret 
    Price: $47 plus Upsells

    Owners: Kaleb Nations and Peng Joon
    Overall Rank: 40 out of 100
    VERDICTBorderline Legit

    What is Million Hit Secret?

    million_hits_secretMillion Hits Secret is a product by Kaleb Nations and Peng Joon that claims to be a guide about building a successful brand on social media. It then comes with real basic instructions on how to monetize your social traffic.

    Price: it cost $47 dollars right off the bat and has two up sells, one of them is a $67 behind the scenes video of Kaleb Nations showing how he does his marketing and another one that shows how to use Twitter and Youtube to get free traffic. Both these videos do not cover much more than what is already provided in the original $47 dollar training.

    Million Hit Secret Review | Who Is This Program Really For?

    million_hits_secret_kaleb_pengIf you want to get some good info on how to leverage social media to build and online business then Kaleb and this course do good overall job. This million hit secret review is really for people that are already set with everything but just need to get themselves out there. This really is not a course that will teach you everything from A – Z.  It does do a good job of showing you how to find a niche audience and make money trying to promote them. The training really targets how powerful social media can be if you do it correctly. Kaleb and Peng have a big following so they do understand this concept.


    Million Hit Secret Review | Before You Buy Some Thing to Consider

    million_hits_secret_kaleb_looking_legitJust for the record it seems on the exterior that Kaleb Nations is a legit marketer, I think that is why Peng Joon teamed up with him. I feel that Peng Joon had people thinking he was a snake oil salesman but Kaleb Nation did not have as many sales as Peng Joon, so they teamed up to hopefully make money by blending their names together. Peng Joon is known more for selling over hyped products, with faked looking screenshots and a  “I make loads of cash, GURU style.” million_hits_secret_Peng_joon

    Million hits secret is by Kaleb Nation technically but is produced in part by Peng Joon. Kaleb Nations has been know to be a pretty good and legitimate You Tube producer and Twitter expert. It is based on videos showing you how Kaleb follows a simple technique daily that leverages social media to grow your business the right way. “Million hits secret Peng Joon” is not the worst guy out there but his courses are just more filler & flash that usable content and tasks that you can execute immediately.

    That is why million hits secret is only for people just looking to boost social presence but already have social presence set up. as a lot of the content is just to help you if you are already set up with everything and just need a boost with social. Now this is a good thing but the info they teach is for more advanced users and if your more advanced you most likely already know the stuff they are teaching. Going viral, Working from home, making money in your sleep were the same old Fake Guru Style type sales videos and tactics.


    Million Hit Secret Review | Whats In The Course, Is It Worth The Money?

    million_hits_secret_membership_areaWith million hits secrets by Peng Joon and Kaleb Nation they offer you 6 modules within there members area, each module has videos and written training. The written portion is just really transcripts of the video. Overall the training is pretty good and does cover what they said they would, Being social media and getting more hits.

    With that said they are also overpricing a method that is out there that uses weird niches and specific titles and also the fact that you don’t sell on social media but constantly remind people and take up their attention. If you are constantly seen by someone you are on their mind more than if you were on a big billboard one time. The same goes for using twitter, instead of being this person who builds a big billboard and sells, you want to be more like a catchy little sign that does not sell but is everywhere and entices you.

    Million Hit Secret Review | How They Breakdown The Course

    So they offer you 6 courses inside the members area. Each broken down into modules.

    Module #1 – This covers the programs foundation and basics and why you need it to make money online

    Module #2 – Get training on setting up amazon and Click-bank accounts, not very valuable, This is supposed to be lessons on making money as an affiliate.

    Module #3 – Basically just a you tube video called “Secret Traffic Goldmine”

    Module #4  Complete Twitter breakdown, from starting an account to, how to correctly tweet and make titles that people will want to read them and follow you as well as share your tweet. (this is the main reason for buying the course) Module #4 was definitely the best as it shows how to earn money using Twitter. Kaleb goes through and really reveals a lot of great tips to making a successful Twitter campaign. He shows a neat tactic of taking a niche or interest and making a page on it, then following only people who like those same interests.

    • Then you want to post those interests or niche pictures so they all can see them. Then after they see them and get interested and you get their attention you can start linking to products and services related to this niche or interest. This may seem basic but it is very valuable to know how to do this just right.million_hits_secret_modules_


    Module #5 This is the complete You Tube Breakdown, everything from building a video to making and promoting your channel.million_hits_secret_modules

    • Kaleb shows that making a video overly professional or with pretty pictures does not compare to a solid short video that gives people good content. People enjoy simple and fun stuff over long over done videos. The best you tubers are filming everyday life events and become popular because of their content, that attracts visitors and makes them want to share your video. This is easier said than done.

    Module #6 – This goes over 3 lessons that basically summarizes what you have done so far and explains how to leverage your business with these techniques.

    Million Hit Secret Review | What Else Is Included?

    They have five other tools that are not available to you unless you purchase the million hits secret up sell. You do get a template download you can use to build Twitter and You Tube Channel. Then you also get access to additional training from Million Hit secret and the ability to post comments and questions.

    Million Hit Secret Review | What I Liked About This Course

    I actually tried out this product thinking that I was just not going to like it. Usually JV partnerships like this are mainly to scoop up more money with re-hashed old content in new packaging. I was surprised that they took some time with the members area as it was well designed. The videos were well made as Kaleb is a good speaker and all of them were pretty engaging. It was nice that after each video there was a short summary of what you learned.

    Kaleb does show that he actually wants to teach the viewer and is not just adding filler promo content and just washing his hands.

    He shows some great things that even I agree with such as:

    • You need to give first, receive second.
    • The only person that cares about You in the beginning is You, no one else.
    • Don’t sell Products, Provide solutions to problems

    There were also great insights into selling online such as:

    • Difference between an entity and personal brand
    • How to turn a person’s curiosity into providing a solution for a customer

    million_hits_secret_kalebs_twilight_websiteKaleb was also trying to give real world examples from pages like his website. He covers some of the viral videos that he made and his own personal social media brands that he created.


    Million Hit Secret Review | What I Dis-Liked About This Course

    This is typically what I dislike about a lot of courses out there is that there is always missing pieces to the puzzle. Some of the videos look good but once you dive in you realize that the Amazon and Clickbank videos are only about a minute long, with less than 1000 words of content.


    “Secret Training Videos”

    So with this course you can really see how a lot of marketers operate. They claim there is secret videos when really those videos are just more about You Tube and Twitter.

    Even though the advice that Kevin Nation gives is pretty good and legitimate, he tricks people by calling it a secret goldmine. It is very similar to me telling you that I have a secret source of traffic and millions of opportunities online and it’s name is Google.

    Doesn’t Sound Bad And Is Good Training, Then It’s Completely Legit Right?

    Well, while million hits secret is not a scam it is still lacking some things it promises.  The main thing that I thought was left out that is a biggie is how to really monetize your traffic. They mention a few popular common ways but never go into any secret specialized ways. There’s really no instructions on how to execute the strategies. They also do not explain even how to trouble shoot problems when you don’t make any money.

    Bottom line the training and make money tips and secrets are incomplete and unsatisfactory. It seems that a lot of Kaleb Nations success is attributed just to the fact that he is young, charismatic and is talking about relevant topics in social media. This is no different from just watching the top you tubers and mimicking what they do, it’s easy but can you get the same response?

    Million Hit Secret Review | Monthly Payments

    So this program is right on the border as it is not a scam but is not a real neat opportunity either.  I think that if you have everything set up and ready to go and are just wondering why social media has not taken off yet, the $47 dollars is a little high but reasonable for that situation.

    It is not worth the cost per month to stay on and pay monthly for it, as you get no real value. They have a really bad  customer support that knows very little about making money online and there is no reason to pay monthly for such poor service.

    Twitter Training Was Outdated

    • Lack of urgency when answering questions
    • Support staff do not run their own blogs
    Million Hit Secret Review | Final Review

    million_hits_secret_kaleb_nationsSo while you may classify million hits secret a scam, all in all this program is legitimate. it’s just not worth the money especially the monthly price. Unless you already have all your social media and everything set up, plus also your website and are only wanting to get your social brand and awareness off the ground, then this course is not what your probably wanting.

    Now if you already have all your social media pages set up and have been trying to market to them without very good luck, then this could be the course for you. All in all if you are looking for a peak at what is going on and use the content for just a month and return it, the $47 dollars is worth it. The monthly membership however is just not worth the extra monthly payment.

    For me becoming a social media celeb is more important once you have your fundamentals down. This course is great for secondary “extra knowledge” but to just learn this as a beginner you will not really know what to do with it and be inundated with too much extra info not needed at this stage of your learning. Also it does not provide anything of real value in exchange for the monthly payment, like hosting or access to a community.

    This is a course that is just made to help you out if your in the perfect scenario, which is having everything set up and ready to go but just can’t seem to get your social profiles off the ground. The reason people can’t get them off the ground is because it is hard work every day and no one can save you from that. Even if you outsource you wont then have the quality of content you would if you did it yourself. If you want to set up a real business first and then decide, then you would really like this program here.


    I do however always like to recommend a product just in case your asking yourself, now what?

    Well if you were interested in buying a course like million hit secrets for $47 dollars, I have a suggestion that is actually worth paying that much for. If you want to learn more than just one part of internet marketing.

    So if you want To Know How ..

    • To get the training to build landing pages and websites
    • To grow a social brand
    • To Take care of your hosting, using state of the art virtual cloud hosting & is much faster than the common shared hosting.
    • To get training that is actually teaching you to realistically make money
    • To completely fill the gaps and not just give you “one part” leaving you feeling lost and not knowing what to do next.
    • Live monthly training with not up-sells just content.
    • Live chat support
    • Support from the product creators
    • Free starter membership with two free websites to try before you buy, not buy then go through refund process.
    • Personal extra support from me also
    • Learn the complete package here. This is where I was finally fully trained and was able to start working full time online from the training and support and community. With the community support and all the experts people just like you are going full time everyday with the help of this program.

    Remember, I will be personally helping you to quickly get through the process and start making money as fast as possible, when you take advantage of this through my link HERE. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have my extra help on top of everything else, to show you what I have learned. This will allow your to quickly get you through the training without any hiccups and also help you set up and execute tasks the best way when your stuck.



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