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Master Writing Jobs Scam Or Legitimate Way To 10k A Month Freelance Writing?


    Master Writing Jobs Scam

    master_writing_jobs_scam_logo Master Writing Jobs… Is It A Scam?

    Can an outsourcing platform really get you to become a master writer?

    Ok so, you could be possibly looking for a way to become a better writer.

    You also could have just been exposed to one of the many ads pushing Master Writing Jobs. 

    Then you thought to yourself that making 2-10k only writing for a few hours a day doesn’t sound to bad….

    But what’s the catch?

    What Is Master Writing Jobs Exactly?

    What is Master Writing Jobs?

    Well it’s a place that finds jobs for you as a freelance writer.

    Is Finding Freelance Gigs Hard?

    No this is not hard, it’s actually in high demand to get freelance writing jobs.

    So What Does Master Writing Jobs Really Even Do? 

    All Master Writing Jobs does is act as a hype man for outsourced writing gigs.

    They hype everything up claiming “the 4 hours a day in your pajamas dream,” writing from home.

    This is possible but the problem is this will not show you how to become a great writer,
    it will just mainly find you jobs. 

    Well are jobs as a freelance writer hard to find?

    NO… they’re easy to find and actually found everywhere as most people
    like me hate writing.

    If you go to Upwork, Odesk, Elance, Guru or any other project outsourcing site you can set up an account to
    become a freelance writer.

    How can you learn by yourself?

    You could just watch You Tube tutorial about getting set up with the skills tests they have you take to show basic competency in certain areas you want to freelance in. 

    So really just getting you jobs is not really needed.

    All Master Writing Jobs is going to do is match companies that need writers.

    The problem is, your writing still needs to be good. Typically people don’t need just any writing about anything. It needs to be good and pull in the reader’s attention. 

    If you’re already a good writer you would already know where to go to get writing gigs.

    All they say is…

    If you have a computer and little experience and Basic reading and writing skills you can get started in less than 30 minutes and make between 2k – 10k a month with full or part-time positions.

    So if this teaches you everything to become a master writer what’s the problem, right?


    This is only going to give you the basic “WHAT” you need to do at best,


    the “HOW” will be a very general overview, vague and fuzzy.

    I could tell you “WHAT” you need to become a good writer in a nutshell real quick.

    Just start writing about a specific product or service and break down into…

    • Intro
    • Body
    • Conclusion

    Then just find specifics that you can use to make your story interesting.

    You need to be able to pull your readers through your copy…

    • You need controversial headlines to get attention
    • You need to separate content with bullets
    • You need a call to action at the bottom

    What I just described is basically all you need to start making money.. 

    BUT — the problem is…

    There’s something missing.
    It’s The “HOW”

    1. How does this work to really make you a master writer
    2. How can you do the same
    3. How do you build it all Etc.

    If you’re missing the exact “HOW…”

    Then you’re going to be struggling in the future.

    Learning “HOW” to master writing… That is the hard part that will take a long time.

    The same as the difference in learning WHAT you need to fly a plane to actually learning HOW to Fly a plane.

    Master Writing Jobs Case Study


    They get you to focus on an example job in their video that you would write 500 words about Organic vegetables and they will pay $125 per article!

    This is crazy no one will pay that for an unskilled writer and if they do it would have to be exceptional.

    This is to get you excited and if anyone reading this gets jobs for beginner quality 500 word articles for $125 each, I would love to hear about it.

    There Is No Bonus Products About Actually Writing In A Master Writing Jobs Site.

    All The bonus books they talk about are unrelated and are just general PLR looking books about selling on eBay and Amazon and not discussing writing and copywriting.

    They just focus on money they claim you can make. They say they offer you tools that can allow you to get more jobs done but don’t say what they are.

    They say if you get 10 articles done (which they claim is only 4-5 hours of work per day) at $25 dollars you will make $1,250 a month


    They fail to explain how hard it can be to write 10 quality articles every day

    They also did not say the length.

    Rarely is someone going to want only 500 words, typically they will want something like a 1000-1,500 word article. They will also want it for $25-30 an article if you don’t understand how to write. You will be going back for lots of revisions and may even lose jobs after writing if not to what they expected.

    Writing 1,500 word articles can be a challenge to make them fun and also get the content focused to what the reader is going through.

    This will take a long time to write just one in the beginning let alone 10 in a day ready to go.

    They then just talk about how they use PayPal and how they pay you.

    They never talk about how they will train you and even then you will still have to go through trial and error.master_writing_jobs_scam_testamonials

    They also have fake looking testimonials that seem like all stock photos and just name and how they’re making good money.

    Most outsourcing sites would never even charge money let alone have fake looking testimonials trying to further sell you on basically the $35 dollar entrance fee. 

    Sure they have a 60 day refund but not so sure they honor it. I would love to hear from anyone that has tried to get money back from them and what happened. 

    If you think they can work, they have a trial and you can try it if you don’t believe me.

    This is not a huge scam, it’s just not very practical for people who have no experience and basic english skills. Nobody wants that type of writing.

    You need to pay $35 dollars to just get enrolled and that is supposedly half off. Really that should be free. If its full price you would supposedly have to pay $70 dollars to just basically be enrolled into a freelancer website to take bids on jobs.

    The problem is I feel the

    “easy 500 word article for $125 example”

    will not be in abundance in there

    but if it is…

    Jump on that and write about that everyday as that’s good money for a 500 word article.

    I just feel you wont find too many of those.

    Master Writing Jobs Scam Conclusion

    So they say it’s as simple as signing into master writing jobs and finding a job and there hasn’t been a better time to start writing.

    So the 3 Main things that I don’t like about master Writing Jobs:

    #1 Nothing Of Real Value In The Members Area.

    They give you basic PLR books on how to make money on Twitter, Google And Ebay but never talk about real writing skills and how to properly sell with writing digitally.

    #2 They Don’t Tell You Anything Upfront But Money Hype Claims:

    They hide the fact that you can just become a freelance writer from many credible site for free. They also leave out the work involved if you’re a beginner writer with just basic skills.

    They also don’t mention that the client can deny your job and have you redo work that is not up to standards. These standards can be high and then those basic computer skills will need to become advanced writing skills suddenly to land and keep jobs.

    #3 They Teach You Nothing Further About Writing

    They keep saying beginner and basic computer skills are only needed. They just want anyone to get sold on easy money and get your enrollment fee as they don’t teach you anything more about writing. They tell you it’s fine if you’re a beginner, as if they will be teaching you or somthing. 

    In my opinion: This will not make money and waste lots of time trying to get jobs and getting denied or not finding the jobs that actually pay.

    Once you start I can see it being hard to get in contact with them and not get your money back.

    This is my opinion and you can take it or leave it but if you try it and it doesn’t work please come back and share your findings to help others.

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