Have You Been Ripped Off Or Someone Has completely Wasted Your Time? 

Let Me Know About It Here And You Can Be Proactive In Helping To Take Down These Scams. 

If You Have Seen A Scam Don’t Let Them Continue To Get Away WIth It…

Report It:

Just fill out the form below with as much detail as you can, I will then try to go investigate and see what I can find. I can then write about it and warn others and expose their scam. 

Simply enter the company that you know is a scam or if you suspect they’re a scam & why…

Put in as much detail about

  • What they did to scam you
  • How they lured you in
  • What bold claims do they make 
  • How badly do they underdeliver

I will then do my best to investigate all the leads that come in that I can and will try to make an article about it. Check back or leave your email and if it gets posted make a comment on the article and the person that scammed you will not be glad they did. You can do your part in helping create awareness or to get a scam site taken down. 

Don’t suffer in silence, tell the world about the scam and hopefully together we can help stop these scammers. 

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