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How To Make Money Blogging The No Stress Easy Way

    Make Money Blogging… Can You Realistically Do This?

    Make Money Blogging_Beginners_guide_tips

    Is It Even Possible As A Beginner?

    Do you have to wait years and get scammed over and over just to learn how?

    These kinds of thoughts might have crossed your mind a few times.

    Now I thought, I would write something a little different in response to how to make money blogging.

    The quickest way to earn money online is simple… Follow a proven plan.

    If You’re In A Hurry (Get Started Quickly On A Fast Track To Affiliate Blogging Below):

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    You can do it much faster, with the right guidance. 
    Where do you find this guidance?

    So the point of this section of the article above is to quickly give you what you need to start NOW.

    Then the rest of the guide below is to walk you through blogging and how to set up a online business. If you don’t want to read you can save time as each of the programs above will be enough for you to succeed just learning to use them. 

    The option above will get you making money with years less of trial and error.

    Start making money blogging using just the three suggestions above. It will completely take care of you getting started. 

    If you don’t have a proven system or guide to follow…it will be a long…


    …Bumpy road to success.

    Trust and follow a proven plan and you can make it work so much quicker.

    It will get you from a beginner and guide you the proper way to market online and really make money. 

    Below I have an outline of what needs to be done to make money blogging. You don’t have to even do everything to start making money.  

    Remember: This guide can be exponentially sped up if you also use the link above. (Trust me it’s worth the time you will save

    Ok, well now on to the guide on how to make money blogging. 

    so… When most think about making money blogging:

    They think it will be too easy… and quit too early, when it gets hard.


    Think that it sounds too hard…Then get analysis paralysis and never start. 

    This Doesn’t Sound Like That Big Of A Deal Right..?

    Well you may not know just HOW serious you should take something, you’re wanting to start. It’s hard to know which plan to follow that will actually work. Then what things to work on that are productive and don’t waste your time. 

    Who do you trust? You want something that can create a real business, Not some cockamamie idea to send you on a wild goose chase. 

    Putting so much time and effort into something like a blog… that has a big possibility of failing, is a scary thought! 

    So most will go from one, shiny new sales pitch to another…Finding the latest and greatest loophole to make money with 20 minutes of work.

    Then just constantly spending time looking for the easiest programs to make money.

    Well in truth, the programs that seem boring at first… typically are the ones that make the most money.

    The exciting easy money programs, are the ones that TAKE the most money from you…

    Then leave you more confused, broke and angry. With less time than before.

    So now the reason for this guide is to help you get started on the right foot.

    Stop wasting time chasing money and start a legitimate online business to earn money realistically. 

    Also have a plan that is not a scheme but realistic. “Get rich quick scheme” turns into “realistically earn money faster online plan.” 

    Below is an overall road-map to make money blogging the fastest.

    Make Money Blogging Step By Step [GUIDE]

    Make A Blog Plan And Get Ideas

    You want to map out what you’re looking to do…

    …and what your goal of this blog is.

    Blogging in general, is not that much fun, If you don’t enjoy what you’re talking about.

    So it’s good to figure out what things you’re at least somewhat interested in… That has potential.

    Don’t worry too much about passion.

    You wont just sit down and find your passion real quick. 

    It comes to you later, through you taking action, on sometimes very unrelated things.

    Then cross-examine passions you may have with simple problems within a niche, that need better solutions… Find the closest fit.

    Try to find something to blog about that is related to a passion or at least as close to one as you can find.

    You can just find the problem inside of that passion. 

    So For Example: 

    You ride your bike…. You just like to take selfies in your spandex while going on bicycle tours and posting them on facebook.

     Aint nobody got time for dat… No one will pay you for that… (Well maybe if your a hot woman but not likely if you’re a dude).

    But anyways…

    If you start to think how you can serve a need within a niche you also understand this could start to become lucrative.

    For example: If you happened to be into “specific types of bikes or bike rinding”

    Dig a little deeper:  Long-tail cargo bikes”

    Then add in a Unique angle of Bicycle Touring and Bicycle Touring Equipment.

    You could add yet another angle for retired people.

    So now you could be talking all about retired people Bicycle Touring and Bicycle Touring equipment with a focus on Long-tail cargo bikes.

    Then that could be your compromise, to make money inside a niche that was just a hobby or passion at first. 

    Just look into hobbies or things that you’re already doing…Even if you can’t see how it will make money at first.

    Then just find something inside that niche or hobby, that others would actually pay for.

    Then find your sub-niche angle, where you can see there’s a real need. This is where you make money. It could be in a niche that is competitive but you feel you can give a unique perspective. 

    ( Hobby where no one cares/no money) = Taking selfies on your bike in spandex shorts in front of the Grand Canyon after doing a bike tour. 

    (Compromise: Find need inside a hobby) = Teaching specialized bike touring advice and easy fixes and possibly bike cargo loading hacks For “Longtail cargo bikes”  also focusing on Bicycle Touring Equipment and Bicycle Touring tips

    Now you can make money with something that you where already doing anyway.

    This allows you to keep taking those selfies in spandex but actually make money helping people with Bicycle Touring Equipment and Bicycle Touring

    I have not been known for my great examples but what I’m trying to say is…Try to find something inside of a general Niche hobby where there’s a need.

    Find the need or problem, it can be within any niche, if you look hard enough.

    Typically if there is anything that is somewhat difficult to:

    • understand
    • learn
    • do
    • fix

    Plus lots of others have this problem your in business!

    If specific things inside that niche make you frustrated or even mad, you may be on to something… You could always then do better and make a change.

    Chances are you could take action and create a successful blog in that niche.

    Even better…

    If this problem is inside of a passion but also actually makes you frustrated and you want to solve it yourself…You found a home run!!!

    Really just start thinking about a quick over-view, of what you’re wanting to accomplish or typically write about.

    This is not set in stone, it’s just to give you an idea.

    Most likely it will change and sometimes dramatically.

    You have to start the journey NOW before those answers seem to present themselves to you LATER. 

    Really start to dig deeper to find your real sub-niche market.

    Find a niche that you can turn around and provide some value to others a step behind where you’re at. Offer services or just teach hacks tips and other useful things that you wished someone had told you.

    Niche Market Ideas & Tips

    Niche Market Ideas To Finding Profitable Sub Niche Within Your Niche

    This can be a very long discussion by itself. So for simplicity I’m going to
    try to put it in a nutshell.

    “start a blog in a market that already has good activity”

    You want to find a niche with good activity already… That’s really all there is to it. 

    Don’t be the one to blaze the trail, teaching useless things their is no demand for just cause the keyword was good like “left-handed puppetry.”

    Just first define the category that you want to start a business in… that also has a need, then add in your angle.

    For example:

    “Weight loss/ Fitness” market (very competitive – red ocean)

    Find your sub niche of people who are undeserved in that niche: (non- competitive – blue ocean)

    (Sub niche examples)

    1. “Dwarf/little person” fitness
    2. “Nerd” fitness
    3. “Over 600lb” fitness 
    4. “Ketosis” Weight Loss & fitness
    5. “Stay At Home Mom” Fitness
    6.  “Entrepreneur” Fitness  Quick Workouts and hacks for busy professionals
    7. Big and Tall Fitness

    You’re basically just adding a group of people or method + your broad niche…

    Broad niche – (i.e. Fitness, lose weight etc.)

    Sub group –  They’re Inside this broad market but no one is “just helping and focusing on them”.

    All you need to do is:

    Start finding where they hang out… (i.e Niche Forums, Facebook Groups, Reddit, You Tube, Instagram, Linked In etc.)

    Learn their language and industry terms.

    Find the primary questions the market is asking in general or what concerns they have.

     Example #1: “Dwarf fitness”

    So lets say you’re a little person and you have a hard time coming up with a niche. (sorry been watching too much “Little People Big World” apparently)

    You would first find out if “little person/Dwarf Fitness” is even a thing…

    You could look into it deeper to start seeing what the main problems are:

    Such as:

    • How to find workout routines that best suit the smaller body size
    • How to hack workout equipment to be used better for a little person
    • Best workouts to help little people with joint pain etc.

    Overall Niche Market Primary Question:  How do you get the best workout as a little person with normal gym equipment.

      Example #2 : Ketosis Weight Loss”

    Broad Niche – Weight Loss

    Sub-Niche – Ketosis

    Now you have Ketosis Weight loss Or Weight loss through Ketosis

     Weight loss with ketosis

    • Easy to follow diet to keep your body in a state of ketosis
    • Alternatives to get your body into ketosis without strict diet.
    • Drinking Ketones to get body into state of ketosis without cutting carbs.

    Overall Niche Market Primary Question: “What is the easiest way to keep your body in a state of ketosis to lose weight without really hard diets to follow?”

    These are just examples…

    Once you find out their main questions, that they need solutions for, you can target special routines and diets to cater to these specific needs.

    Just serve the needs of that group and keep them updated with a unique point of view…

    Then Bingo, Bango, Bongo you’re a blogger.

    Actually help point people go in the right direction and you will be more than just a blogger…

    You will be a blogger that actually earns a lot of money. Big difference.

    When going into this whole blogging thing, just remember ideas are nothing… compared to just execution.

    Taking action and not being afraid to fail and the ability to get back up quick. This is really the recipe for success. 

     If You’re In A Hurry ( The Simplest Solution for finding a platform that will grow with your business):

    Define Your Ideal Reader or Avatar

    You now want to define who your target audience would be.

    With Dwarf Fitness you would probably want to target:

    Men and Women dwarves…

    Who are little people or dwarves possibly in 30’s-60s…

    That have gotten out of shape and need specific help from another fit little person


    little person going through this journey that understands them.

    Also someone who used to be out of shape and had a hard time finding help. Then found a new way, that you see other little people not understanding or doing.

    You want Demographics as much as possible like:

    1. Male or female?
    2. Age range
    3. Income
    4. Single or married?

    You really want to know the Psychographics Like:

    1. Fears and frustrations
    2. Their goals and aspirations.
    3. Reasons they may have shame

    You’re not writing just for “John Doe, Joe Shmoe or Blow”

    Your writing for real people who have a family…

    If you’re in the “make money online” market:

    They have kids, they struggle to get enough time with…

    A job that they hate… Day care expenses.

    Possibly have been out of the workforce due to injury or illness at one point…They’re sometimes are a lot older and non tech savvy.

    …They need help setting up business as fast as possible. (Something like that)


    When you find out who your speaking to,

    You will start to get those types of regular readers who trust what you have to say.

    So instead of having readers of a certain pedigree…

    …you will have readers with the same beliefs and goals.

    Doesn’t matter If:

    • Old or Young
    • Rich or Poor
    • Own House or Rent House etc.

    Define Your Brand:

    Think about the direction you want to go.

    What is the overall message you’re looking to get across.

    • Helping people make money from home online?
    • Are you helping people lose weight through diet or fitness?
    • Are you teaching people how to manage their money?
    • Showing others how to prioritize and organize?

    Then you need to decide on the tone and voice and feelings you want the reader to have that lands on your site.

    Find people in the online blogging world that are leaders and that you resonate with.

    Try to see if you can get some influence from their branding message.

    Don’t over think this when starting.

    Sometimes failure is really the only way you can learn quickly.

    So you will want to think of things you stand for. Also your unique spin on how you will help.

    That goes along with the overall mission statement of what your message is.

    • “Helping others learn to save big money on groceries”
    • “Teaching others to stay fit while being a parent”
    • “Teach others to attract women no matter what you look like”
    • “To help others find the man of their dreams to marry”

     Your Domain Name Ideas When Starting A Blog:

    First rule on this… don’t take too long!

    It really does not matter a lot in the long run, you want something that is just not confusing. Getting something started is much more important.

    Just try to have it relate somewhat to what you’re talking about. 

    You don’t want a blog about finance,

    called the…

    …as it would be confusing and most would think it has to do with salsa making or something.

    Oddly enough, if you offered a good service…

    People would be recommending the “funkypepper financial advice” ALL DAY LONG.

    So really it’s up to you, but you want it to make as much sense as possible to people your looking to serve.

    Are you going for…

    • Funny
    • News like
    • In-depth research
    • Review
    • Enthusiast
    • Follow along your journey
    • Serious

    …Type of tone

    Decide what niche you’re wanting to serve? Think about the avatar and then what problems they need solved?

     Then you can craft a good relevant name accordingly.

    (Easiest way) Name + Industry keyword:

    1. Darnells +
    2. MrsKims +
    3. Billys +
    4. Katies +

    Really these are easy but what if your name and your niche don’t go together
    such as…

    “Brando’s Adult grandpa”

    This is a hard one but you could just call it…

    • “Discrete adult absorbent”
    • “Fresh pair absorbent” (this is really catchy if it has not already been taken)

    So lets say you’re a dad.
    You want to help other fathers quit their jobs and
    start a business online.

    You could call it:

    • dads quit your job and
    • dads cents to pay the (to be funny)
    • wealthy dad wanna (more follow along journey)

    Just examples to give you the idea.

    This can actually take way too much time, this is why my examples are not necessarily amazing.

    To come up with tons of winners I would need to waste way too much time and I’m already a master at that.

    You can get the idea as this is simply to help “paint the picture” of what I’m trying to say.

    If all else fails give a name generator a try:

    • Name mesh
    • Lean domain search

    The name generators above will find you names that are not taken.You can buy your domain just about anywhere. Domain name ideas starting a blog

    Some places look better in the beginning than others… but when you factor in little fees, end up costing a lot more.

    I’m not going to get too much into it but you can see on the chart, Go daddy will give you a low price to lure you in.

    Then just overcharging for add-ons making them much more expensive than they seem in the beginning.

    All total you’re looking at about $100+ dollars for a year of having a domain. Instead of say $13.99 a year for the same thing.

    Places like…

    Wealthy Affiliate Domains has all the bells and whistles with a domain without all the extra costs. You can buy any domain at a discount with just their free membership.

    Places like go daddy can start at $12.99 and by the end you pay $108.96 for the year.

    You can also try 


    Get The Best Web Hosting To Make Money Blogging

    Find The Best Web Hosting For Bloggers

    So when you buy your domain name, it’s time to get a hosting account so you can be found online.

    For many bloggers there “go to host” to recommend is Bluehost. They’re not a bad host but also not the best host either.

    I have found a better option.

    Top 3 Three fastest most reliable Hosting Companies To Run A Real Business Online..(In no particular order)

    Siteground (Best Up time and support)

    The Top shared host to grow your business… with fast speed, reliability and with some of the best up-times. Not too mention they have hands down the best support anywhere.

    A2 Hosting (Fastest Shared Hosting) 

    A2 overall rated the fastest shared hosting. They have good support and also low downtime.

    WA hosting (best overall deal for Everything To Build your online business with Very fast secure cloud hosting, full training, site builder, low hanging fruit keyword tool, plus amazing support ) – 

    Very good very fast, Secure and dedicated. – Also is a complete training platform and community with all the tools and resources needed to run a successful blog all in one place. Excellent for those looking to make money and not do it all by themselves.  This is affordable hosting would cost you hundreds a month if you paid for it elsewhere.

    Bluehost Ehh…This is a pretty good host to mention but can be hit and miss lately with downtime issues. The above three hosts are much better… I was just adding this in for all the people that have some neighbor or uncle that told them their the best. So it’s not a bad host but I don’t really suggest it. 

    All the people jumping onboard seem to be causing lots of downtime and slower loading. Which equates to worse rankings.

    Start Pointing

    Once your domain name is obtained…just point your nameservers. (hosting company will explain this).

    You won’t need to point the nameservers when buying a domain with the host.

    They will automatically connect to each other. You will not have to do anything.

    Having both in one place will save a step. 

    Time to install 

    Now with most hosting companies they will have an auto wordpress type install.

    Also you can manually install them yourself, onto your host using FTP.

    This can be tricky and where lots of beginners fail and have tough tech problems.

    Some easy auto installs of WordPress sometimes are not properly done.

    So they can have problems down the road.

    Another reason I suggest This ALL IN ONE training, hosting, blogging community  as they have extremely fast and very secure one button click WordPress installs. 

    It take less than 5 minutes to set up a website on this all in one platform. Also host and manage multiple sites (up to 25) easily in one dashboard.

    Select A Theme:

    Now that you have WordPress installed on your host it’s time to log into your admin panel and install a theme. You can use the free WordPress themes but they’re really only for small hobby blogs not looking to make any money.

    This is located in:
    > appearance
    > Themes
    > Add New
    > Upload Theme you found
    or Search for themes for free in right top search bar.

    BEST Premium WordPress Theme For The Highest Conversions Of Readers Into Customers

    Thrive Themes Absolutely amazing. Way more than just a theme. This will do everything from having wonderful coding and loading very fast to having easy customizing of theme that no other themes have.

    This Theme alone will have your blog converting double just setting it up and using their Thrive Leads plugin. These are special plugins made by Thrive Themes that are included with membership or your can buy separately. 

    Themes are actually a lot bigger deal that what they sound like.

    This theme in particular is the difference between converting a ton more than currently doing vs. barely getting a few conversions here and there.

    You just want one that functions well…

    Not necessarily one that looks really pretty.

    You don’t want this plugin to give you tons of trouble later on.

    Now you just need to activate the theme and make sure it’s working and your all set.

    Best WordPress Plugins

    Up to personal choice.

    You can find tons of people wanting to give you advice about which ones to use.

    For simplicity you just need a few main plugins:

    • Yoast or All In One SEO
    • Akismet spam plugin
    • Table of contents plus (optional)
    • pretty link (optional)

    Site speed and performance

    • W3 Total Cache: helps with site-speed. (optional but recommended)
    • Smush Image Compression and Optimization: Reduces image file sizes help page load time, boosting rankings (optional but recommended)

    Legalese of starting a blog:

    The boring stuff to stick on your site that no one reads but your supposed to put it on your site.

    • Disclosure Policy
    • Privacy Policy

    These are very easy to find.

    Just copy and edit a general affiliate disclosure or privacy policy and use it on your site.


    First, decide on some basic categories at the top.

    If you’re in fitness:

    The categories can be as basic as:

    > Blog
    > Shop
    > About
    > Recipes
    > Fitness
    > Contact

    Or they could be more niched out and specific.

    The best thing is to model after one of your personal favorite blogs in that niche.

    Then improve on things to make it your own.

    Write your first few posts

    You need to then just get out there and try writing some posts. I will let you
    in on a little secret… If you have not written before your articles are going to suck! Like mine lol. 

    Just get something written and keep reading other successful blogs and start to find your voice. Also learn how to write to get attention, keep interests.

    Then write so that it seque or segways to a relevant service or affiliate product link.

    Basic SEO:

    You will want to always have some keyword or keywords in mind when writing. Not focusing on it really or stuffing it in but enough to allow the search engines to properly understand that it is about a certain word.

    Ideally you want your keyword or LSI keyword variation to appear in the:

    • Headlines
    • First paragraph
    • Middle
    • Ending statements of article

    Then it wont hurt if you can also have those words mentioned in comments back to readers as well.

    I can’t really cover SEO very well in this article but If you want to get started You can get 10 free Affiliate Marketing blog lessons HERE

    Make Your Posts Shareable And Digestable

    You want to also try to make your posts shareable and digestable.

    Write about topics others are concerned about and are trending in your market… this will cause it to more likely be viral.

    Also make your content so it is quickly digestible… Then making it get to the point fast (I still need to work on this). People can then quickly get what they need and click on a link to get help. 

    Helpful DIY’s are easy to want to share.

    If you make it a rant about why you hate something


    all about you and your opinion… That will most likely not get shared.

    You need to discuss topics and have headlines that are more shareable Like:

    • “Misophonia: Why Noisy Eating Can be so Anger-Inducing”
    • “U.S. Government Finally Admits Marijuana Really Does Kill Cancer Cells”
    • “Mom’s warning is spreading like wildfire – scented candles are harmful to your baby’s health”

    These types of articles you can see have the ability to go viral… a lot easier than lets say…

    • “10 super gardening tips” 
    • “Is Walmart a scam or legit”
    • “Weight loss tips tips to help you out”

    Email List Building Tips

    Email List Building Tips & Ideas

    So if you’re wanting to make money blogging…

    You’re going to want to also start an email list as soon as possible. (You can still make good affiliate money without one)

    Email service provider:

    There are a few email providers to choose from out there.

    For compatibility ease with other systems and for deliver-ability
    The best one comes out to be good ol Aweber.

    It just has great deliver-ability and is compatible with many plugins and other services.

    Set up Free Offer For Email Signups:

    Then you will want to make an ethical bribe, which is also an opt-in freebie or free offer.

    This will give some information your niche market could use such as a guide, road map, cheat-sheet or free call etc. Give this free gift in exchange for their email address.

    If the ethical bribe was helpful, they can somewhat trust you. Once they trust you and hear from you a few more times…There’s a higher chance of them looking in to what you’re suggesting. Cause it actually helps them.

    Set Up A Landing page:

    Create this page to put your “opt in” for your “email list” on.

    You can do this using:

    • Thrive Leads
    • Lead Pages
    • Word-press to set pages up manually
    • Optimize press (WordPress add-on)

    You send people to this page that explains what the ethical bribe freebie will help them do. This can also just be a page you make just to collect emails known as a squeeze page.

    Then it has the opt in form below to sign up.

    Setting Up Welcome email (only If setting up auto-responder to build list in the beginning)

    Is the first email you will be sending out. The one that they will see the most, is the welcome email.

    You will want to not only say thank you for signing up…

    …but also add in some links that are relevant to your niche market, to suggest services/products of your own or someone elses.

    Boost Site To Capture Traffic

    Find articles/posts that doing better than the others on social media… Try to promote/boost the post with paid advertisements on that social network… $5-100 dollars at a time. This can help you see small results to keep you motivated to keep going.

    For the ones that are doing good… push them with social media paid ads if they already on fire. 

    This will get you noticed and as well as keep your social profile active. Your strong posts get noticed even more and having a bigger chance of going viral. Keep it moving by paid ad post boosting and it will gain more popularity.  

    Pick Your Main Social Media Platform:

    Try to focus on choosing just one social media platform in the beginning. I would suggest something like either Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter. They’re the most solid social platforms around. 

    Any of them will send enough traffic by themselves to get lots of sales. If you know how to use them. This just takes focusing on one at a time. Take your time and just focus and learn one. You will be a master at it soon focusing on just one at a time and then executing. Do a bunch at once and you will just suck at all of them. Again ask me how I know.

    Writing With Intent To Promote:

    Remember everything that you write needs to be written with an end goal in mind. You want the whole article to be interesting and informative…


    Also craft the wording to push them in a certain direction. So by the end they should be in a place where they will want to take you up on your offer.

    This is an art and needs to be done tastefully.

    Decide On Your Income Streams:

    1. Making your own products
    2. Affiliate marketing
    3. Advertisements

    You want to decide what you want to do to monetize your blog. 

    • Would you want to make your own products and market them?
    • Not make any products and just promote others for a cut? 
    • Just write as much as you can and just put up ads and hope that enough people come to read and click on your ads?

    What Is The Best Way To Make Money Blogging As A Beginner?

    I would definitely have to say when just starting out, the simplest way is to just promote others for a cut… Otherwise known as affiliate marketing. 

    Affiliate marketing is your best bet to enable you to earn money rather quickly… and continue to make consistent money.

    Also it’s not dying out any time soon.

    So then all that’s left is saying your opinion on a topic…

    Then offering genuine relevant affiliate suggestions.

    So if you have wanted to make money blogging…

    Don’t over think this…

    Find the topic that you love to bore the hell out of people with at gatherings or even things that you kinda think is a secret and share it to help others. 

    Just follow these directions and take action.

    Make some mistakes…Then learn from them and you will start making connections faster.

    Learning From Failure But Quickly…

    Don’t think it’s easy overnight money but also don’t freeze up in the beginning and never pull the trigger.

    You really have to follow a proven plan and change your thinking about starting an online business from a should…to a must!

    You will succeed! Just getting a proven system Such As This Proven Plan to Learn Affiliate Marketing, Build, Host And Set everything up or by finding your own path that you resonate with above.

    Create your own little blue ocean of your own and stop competing in the competitive red oceans. Get out there and follow a plan…Remember at first you’re going to suck. Then you will probably mess it up a little…or a lot.

    The only thing you can do is:

    1. Regroup 
    2. Get better 

    Then restart…. that’s really the quickest way to success.  Just “get back to it” quick…

    Start right now… and don’t let anything beat you down. Online you have the ability to get back up and start over fast… it’s mainly just if you’re willing to!

    Because like said in this saying:

    Make Money Blogging Learning From Failure

    I Would Love To Know I Don’t Just Talk To Myself…

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