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Le Vel Thrive Is This Just Crap In A Box Marked Guaranteed?

Le Vel Thrive have you heard of it? Is Le Vel Thrive a scam or really as amazing as they say..? Well technically it’s not a scam but also not a good idea for health or to use as an opportunity to really earn money, especially online. 

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Le Vel Thrive Is Just The Same Ol Vitamins & Minerals In Fancy Packaging

This a MLM network marketing company founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. Level Thrive or Le vel Is just the same old thing in yet another neat fancy package. 

Le vel is an 8 week experience with some more good ol un-regulated weight loss supplements. Le vel claims you will feel better after their Le vel products, patches and supplements.

Le Vel_Thrive_Logo

Le-Vel Thrive 8 Week Experience  

The Le-Vel Thrive 8 week experience in my opinion isn’t really that safe, let alone good for you. Taking it for 8 weeks does not seem like a good idea. It would be like supersize me but instead of Mcdonalds your taking Le vel.

So the Thrive DFT sticker or Thrive Weight Loss patch is worn on your upper arm. This patch is sold to users as a way to suppress appetite and improve your energy.

This is added into what is called the Three part Thrive Experience.

The three parts are:

  • Supplements
  • Protein shake
  • DFT patch.

The jittery sick feeling is when you know Le vel Thrive is workin

This artificial unhealthy energy will cost you up to $200 dollars a month.

What is Thrive DFT Duo?

So the DFT Duo is a fancy name for their diet patch. This is supposed to suppress hunger and improve fat burning. Many have complaints of it making them dizzy or sick.  I guess the sickness and dizziness is what keeps you from eating.

This is the patch that uses two patches rather than just one and where it got it’s Duo name.

What vitamins are in the Thrive patch?

Thrive Patch ingredients are:

  • ForsLean
  • Green coffee extract
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • CoQ10
  • White willow bark
  • Cosmoperine
  • Satiereal saffron extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Cayenne Pepper

Dangers Of Le vel Thrive

Thrive Patch Dangers

Le vel Thrive claims that the DFT patches use special trans-dermal vitamin technology to transmit nutrients and stimulants into your skin. The stuff they show they add in seems harmless but are they possibly sneaking extra stimulants in that people are not aware of.  

Thrive Reviews By Doctors

Dr Shaun Holt, the medical director of HoneyLab, warns there are many reasons to be wary of the Thrive DFT patch. Says that they’re just unsafe in general which is not supported by any clinical trials. “Best case it’s a waste of money, worst case it’s dangerous for you.”

Is Thrive FDA Approved

The weight loss supplement industry is just very unregulated and nothing is really approved by the FDA. Many weight-loss products are adding in dangerous stimulants. I will explain more below.

Le-vel Thrive Side Effects

There has been 16 health problems associated with Thrive reported to the FDA since 2013.
There luckily has not been any Thrive supplement deaths that anyone knows about. Then again you would have to report it, then it would need to be linked to using Thrive supplements exclusively. This would be very hard to really prove even if it has happened.

Thrive Supplement Dangers

Dr Holt. claims that “There are no studies to confirm the levels that enter the bloodstream” If sufficient levels of the thrive ingredients were absorbed by the body, it could be dangerous. This would be elevating blood pressure and heart rate causing the makings of a heart attack. Then some of the additives
could cause many to ask the question “is Thrive addictive.” With the ingredients like

Basically this company Le-Vel Thrive has done nothing new and wants you to sign up for the oldest trick in the book…

…”The Ol MLM/pyramid”

This is where they heavily entice members to recruit…

Buy in sub-par products monthly on auto ship.

Then have to sell it or start recruiting others to sell it and buy in monthly.” 

Sign a few people up to buy in monthly products and voila…yours is all free!

Somebody Has to Buy This Crap Right…?

Le Vel_Thrive_scam_DFT_Patch

The hard part about selling a product like this is that it’s not in demand. 

Many people who are claiming the amazing benefits are only doing so, cause the money that can be made by recruiting.

If you have stock in Microsoft are you going to be promoting Apple?

You will rarely see anyone saying how great this stuff is…

That’s not selling it themselves.

People are pushing it cause they have to or they lose out on the money they spent.

Money on cases of forced auto-shipped products that come in monthly.

They need to sell it or they lose money…

No one is really selling it because of the miraculous healing and weight loss powers it gives you.

Most of the products that the recruiters do buy in, they have to give away for free.

Le-vel reps need to also give people trials and drive around and have sales material with them.

So after a person gets wrapped up in this too deep,

They’re never going to tell you anything bad about the program or product.

You may have stumbled across one of the many negative Le Vel Thrive reviews.

So is Le Vel Thrive a company you want to devote a lot of your time to?

The Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam is a direct marketing company or pyramid/MLM…

Le-vel Thrive just sells vitamins and energy supplements very similar to:

The reason yet another health supplement MLM is working, is the idea that this product is sell-able to friends and family…

…and if someone can get you to believe the hype and pass the buck to you… they’re off the hook…In theory.

Now you will have to buy in your own inventory every month. All they have to do is then tell you that you’re not working hard enough if you don’t succeed.

  Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam

Is Not About Hard Work… It Is Mainly About Luck!

Le Vel_Thrive_1_percent_make_money

Depending on where you got in on the pyramid…Will decide how successful you’re going to be.

Before the market for selling these types of products becomes a competitive red sea. You will lose your money and time that you invested.

This is all while the owners and people high up on the pyramid are looking for another new MLM they can jump into. This is typically using the money, that all the unlucky people made them.

You want to always remember if you join any MLM…You’re basically joining a Ponzi scheme…but…

There’s a difference… MLM’s add in an “average quality plane Jane product” to sell. 

This makes it 100% legal…not smart but legal.

If you have gotten caught up in one of these systems, don’t worry just about every body has.

The main thing is how fast you can stop believing in it and not let it take over.

So like any of these MLM companies that pop up everywhere they’re all the same. They all just sell average products, put them in a fancy box and mark them guaranteed… then brainwash people with cult like sales tactics to motivate others to sell the same crap.

Le Vel_Thrive_guarantee Now these companies are getting away with selling you guaranteed pieces of S#*!…“Hey If you want me to take a crap in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will, I’ve got spare time.”

They make outrageous claims and guarantees but there’s a lot of fine print.

Only the people who quit will figure it all out. If you quit that means people can just say that it didn’t work because you didn’t try hard enough. 

If You’re In A Hole And You Notice It, Stop Digging!

When a company makes you buy inventory every month, how much are you going to badmouth it.

So now you see why everybody is so motivated.

When you’re in too deep You have no other options but to believe the hype

and defend your purchase!

Then try to make these “easy millions.”  it’s as easy as 1…2…3

 Just like all the “Level 8 200k VIP members” enticing you with their cars they won and the earnings testimonials at the conferences.

The problem is, if there is already lots of people showing you how much they make, you’re already a little late to the party. Then you become the sucker. Anybody want some Mary Kay?

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The Value Of Trying Le Vel Thrive Experience 

 Well, you’re supposed to get more energy, feel better and be able to do more.

That’s basically like me saying… “if you just take basic vitamins and minerals you will feel better and have more energy.”

While this is technically true, that doesn’t mean you need to sign up and have generic vitamins auto-shipped to your house.

To make it all worth while, you need to recruit all your friends and family to pay for over priced auto-ship vitamin orders monthly.

Sure this could work for the beginning wave of people who signed up early and promoted like crazy and sold Thrive products like Ron Popeil.  


If the company has enough promoters already…

You’re just another little worker bee building pyramids… for all the top people and the owner.  

Le Vel Thrive Products

Le Vel_Thrive_Products

There is three categories of products that thrive puts out and they’re nothing special.

  • Thrive Lifestyle –  Thrive M for men and Thrive W for women.

Both are supposed to have multivitamins with minerals that help with

  • Thinking
  • Joint support
  • Inflammation
  • Digestive and immune support
  • Lean muscle support.

This is said to help keep lean muscle and trim down on fat.. Well it sure sounds like they’re just telling you what you want to hear.

Don’t really like to focus on their ingredients, which are the most important thing. They will defend it by saying it’s pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical Grade is Proven To Be B.S. 

This reminds me of the MLM that sold natural cellular defense and said it had way more Zeolite that it was tested to have.

These companies are focused on money… Do you think that they make these products with love?

Usually they just use the cheapest ingredients that they can get away with, without anyone noticing.

Then they put it in a fancy package with easy labels like: Weight Loss + appetite control.

They then hope that people are too lazy to look into the fact that these are generic off brand grocery store quality vitamins and minerals.

All just bundled in a package and marketed them as a new ultra premium product.

  • THRIVE- Premium Lifestyle Mix –  This product is said on their site to be ultra micronized, mineral dense probiotic and Enzyme blend with of course weight management and lean muscle support. This is designed to obviously compliment the capsules and the DFT patch.

They claim it has an anti aging and antioxidant blend plus digestive and immune support.  Again they really cover all the bases with their marketing

But how do they back this up? They just want you to take their word for it, I guess. Also they don’t really talk about the quality of the probiotic or enzymes. Also having a Hodge Podge of vitamins and minerals and probiotics all mixed in one, I feel could be the reason some people having trouble with it.

Sure all these taken when you need them separately is fine…but having them all together, taking them all the time seems a little misguided.

  •  Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT 

This is supposedly for weight loss and weight management…. to also gain mental clarity & help with appetite control. This is a slow time release, using it’s Amazing patented Derma-Fusion Technology.

They claim that all you need to do is use…

  1. Thrive Premium DFT
  2. Thrive Premium lifestyle capsules
  3. Thrive premium lifestyle shakes
  4. Thrive 8 week experience

And you will supposedly get ultra premium results… seems really expensive…sounds more complicated than just getting healthy…Right?

They put a lot of different products in there, so you get confused and focus on that system… and not learning healthy lifestyle choices.

They want you to just focus on the pharmaceutical grade vitamins that make you live forever

The Le-vel reps have great rebuttals stating that “their not scientists and neither am I…”

And to those I say..

Do you really have to be a scientist to…

  • Do your own research?
  • See which one makes sense
  • To make an educated decision?

This Just In….Level Reps Say…” Le-vel Works!” But Is There Anybody Else?

If you’re taking in synthetic chemicals you’re the person in the 60’s smoking cause science said it doesn’t harm you.

The chemicals they put on cigarettes causing Tobacco-specific nitrosamines are the main problem with smoking, not even necessarily tobacco.

Level reps are selling cheap synthetic vitamins and minerals masquerading in a fancy package with a pharmaceutical grade label. 

So if you want to gamble with the synthetic vitamins and learn later down the road … then I wont stop you, just wanted to inform you. Level reps will force you!  

Here is the Le Vel Thrive basic ingredient list for Thrive M, Thrive W and Thrive Mix As You Can See Nothing Special To See Here

Le Vel_Thrive_ingredients_list

Le Vel Thrive Ingredients

WARNING!!! Cheap Synthetic Vitamin ingredients and unhealthy stimulants are added to

Le vel Thrive!

These Types Of Ingredients Are common Everywhere What’s The Big Deal?


I just wanted to add that Level Thrive just sells a sub par, average, plain jane, vanilla supplement line with blood thirsty distributors… just to make it so it’s not an illegal pyramid and not cause they’re amazing supplements.

Their Supplements Contain Cheap Synthetic Vitamins and Ingredients Such As: 

  • Synthetic dl alpha Vitamin E
  • Synthetic Acetate Vitamin A
  • Synthetic Ascorbic acid Vitamin C
  • Synthetic Cyanocobalamin B-12 rather than natural Methylcobalamin
  • Artificial sucralose

Le Vel Thrive is Also Has Questionable Stimulants…

Stimulants like:

  • Phenylethylamine
  • Theobromine
  • Synephrine

You could get a good Multivitamin that is:

  1. Much better quality
  2. Much bigger quantity
  3. For a much cheaper price than level supplements.

Not only could you get better supplements for a much cheaper price…

These MLM’s are charging three times the price for below average vitamins and herbs.

The distributors are the main buyers and customers, as companies like these have very low percentage of real consumers. 

Not only that but they add in other harmful ingredients besides just cheap synthetic vitamins. These stimulants can be barely taken by a healthy person, as they make them unhealthy later on. If these ingredients can make a healthy person ill, Then imagine what happens to their target audience of overweight, obese, highly stressed out and chronically ill people.

These poor quality synthetic vitamins that leave unnatural stuff in your body mixed with chemical stimulates will lead to a disaster down the road. This will not make you healthier and will actually make you worse than before taking it.

It will make you feel energized in the beginning but so will PCP, cocaine and meth but later down the road, it will get you.Then by the time you figure it out, Level is out of business and there is no one to blame or sue for you health problems.

If someone offers you a box or bottle of Le-Vel Thrive here is some professional steps to take to get them to go away:

#1 If they offer you a sample tell them you “say nope to dope.”

#2 Slap it on to the ground…Then YELL, “NO means NO” and run.

I definitely feel like I know more than the Le-vel Distributors as they’re left in the dark.

The funny thing is… it’s not just me.

You can see below some Le Vel Thrive Complaints are made by real customers on Amazon. Also you can see real customers expressing their problems with Le vel Thrive in the comment section below as well. You can also see some of the diehard Le-vel Thrive distributors trying to say it’s the best, without any logical reason about why.

There have been a few reporting that the Le Vel Thrive side effects have been pretty bad


Le Vel_Thrive_DFT_side_effects_3

And This…

Le Vel_Thrive_DFT_side_effects



And This…

Le Vel_Thrive_side_effects_DFT_patch_2

 More Le vel Thrive Complaints About They experienced with the Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam…

Le Vel_Thrive_M_ingredients_list

Here are some Le Vel Thrive weight loss patch reviews

Le Vel_Thrive_W_reviews

Le Vel_Thrive_side_effects_DFT_patch

Case Study Of The Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam

So these pills and shakes and patches all break down into basically being overpriced vitamins in a pretty package. They don’t explain anywhere what they contain and why they will work, they just claim that it will get you to lose weight and control your appetite and keep lean muscle.

These scams will continue to work as long as a sucker is born every minuteThe problem people face, is they make themselves believe their own lies.

They have a hard time realizing that the products are maybe one step above regular generic vitamins…But they’re selling it for a premium price.

If it doesn’t sell…

They believe that they must have not worked hard enough or not believed in the product or process.  

Things can always be turned around on you.

Others in the program can make you feel that you’re not doing something right or you just did not work hard enough.

Well if that was true…

Then I say in response that you have the teacher to blame.

That teacher being Le Vel Thrive.

Did you know…

if you focused on real ways to lose weight and gain muscle such as

  • Proper exercise
  • Diet
  • Proper deep sleep

You would achieve greater results than with Thrive.

These synthetic Le vel vitamin products claim to be a miracle in a bottle but are never going to work as they say.

You take it and later realize that you’ve been hoodwinked and it’s closer to snake oil in a bottle.

The problem is that they have already sufficiently brainwashed you on how great the product is.

By the time you buy all of your inventory, I am assuming your brain will try to make up some placebo effects.

The other followers will claim it works just because they want to make their money back.

The Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam Conclusion

I am not going to even cover the compensation plans of the Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam as they really don’t matter.

All of them have their ups and downs and when it’s all said and done, none of these programs are worth getting into.

They will not only slowly con you out of your money, like the interest on a credit card but also steal a lot of your time and force you to do things that you would never do normally, to make those sales.

If your interested in the Le Vel Thrive Scam compensation plan you were probably considering joining and selling. The main thing you want to know is, could you see yourself selling lots of these products and to whom?  

If you have people to sell to maybe a program like this is for you but if you can’t, you will be like the majority of people who fail and lose money with these types of scams.

This Le Vel Thrive AUTO-Ship Is About To Set Sail!

One thing is for sure, you will always be set up with an auto ship order to keep you an active member of this cult.

So unless you start getting followers in a hurry (i.e friends and family) you’re going to at least have to shell out around $100 every month, unless you get 2 new recruits a month to pay for you to break even.

They do not explain a method on how you’re going to do all this or market to the masses.  

All they give you is hype and motivation that is basically a virtual spank on the butt telling you to “go get-em tiger.

Now these health and wellness MLM’s are everywhere you look.

Many of them have no real science or real ingredients that actually help you do what they say they will.  

They just talk about fancy names they trademarked such as

  • “Fat burning fusion 2.0”  
  • DFT Duo

Le vel Thrive Garbage With A Pinch Of Health

The real stuff you want to know about is the ingredients and the purity and process that they go through.

You don’t need another product full of additives and sugar with a just a pinch of something good for you.

A product that clearly states what it is, what it does for your body and what amounts of the active ingredient  it contains.

Also as a little something to take away from this, when you want to return the product you’re in for a treat. When you find out that these products do not do what it claims it will, most will want to return it and cancel their auto ship orders.  

When you try to return your product, it has to be resell-able as well as you will only get 50% of what you paid minus a 10% restocking fee.

So basically when you auto ship stuff from Le Vel Thrive you better sell it or die trying, cause if you try to return it you will lose 60% right off the bat.

You get a better deal with the depreciation of driving a new car off the lot.

Remember if you try complaining, you will get ransacked by other zombie like followers of the Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam not wanting to hear it.

They might say that you’re lying and that you did not try hard enough or must be working for the competition.

Most people will just cut their losses and move on but Le Vel will keep on looking for other followers until they eventually die out all together. 

 MLMs are hard work…

Seriously, If you can make them work for you…just a little…

You would be able to make a full-time income online with that same effort. Get Everything You Need To Become A Full Time Blogger from home ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Also you can promote whatever you want

  • MLM/Network marketing (if you still really wanted to)
  • Affiliate products
  • Your own products
  • Advertising etc

It’s your own business, not some company that just allows you to be self-employed…and pay money just to sell their products.  

Also you don’t have to recruit anybody. You can if you want to…If this sounds like something that would work for you, check out the program that taught me to make my first steady income online. Try OUT THE EXACT SYSTEM I USED for FREE HERE.

Please let me know in the comments below how you feel about the Level Weight Loss supplements?

What was your opinion on the products? 

 Are looking to get away from Scams and MLM’s like Le Vel Thrive?

The problem with trying to make money online is that you end up getting more confused, feeling more frustrated, and not even knowing what you really should be doing.

If you can believe that some programs will work for you, it’s a good start but not enough.

Your average day is still probably spent looking at what others are doing and thinking “How can I do that too?”  Then no matter how much you learn, you just can’t seem to put it all together.

This is because only a few programs out there actually teach you to succeed, the rest are just capitalizing on your ignorance. 

What I love about This Blogging Platform is that I no longer feel confused. I feel like a real marketer, and in fact, I now do this full-time.

I get online knowing exactly what I need to do every day to step closer to my goals. I‘m no longer hoping to find a push button product but rather learning to market better and better online.

If you’re looking to make full-time income and are serious and would like an all in one package that can fill in the gaps and take you from point A To Point B then you’re going to really like This HERE(When you click the link be sure to set up your profile and give this a real chance, it’s free to try.)

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Jaunice says November 7, 2017

You should probably include liver, kidney damage, high blood pressure and diarrhea to the list of negative side effects. These stimulant laced products made the rounds at my University. Pushed by a small fringe group of uneducated drones parroting off misleading and inaccurate health and wellness information. Run, don’t walk from these products. Have you been taking large doses of this stuff for months or years? You’ll be enjoying chronic digestive and other health problems later in life. Only exercise and a balanced diet will achieve weight loss. This is another “easy way out” with the unwitting consumer being preyed upon by an unscrupulous pyramid scheme style company, who makes sure the money moves from your pocket to theirs. Constant up-selling of new products to keep consumers spending. All poorly paid and uneducated promoters doing all the work. Not even an original product. Eventually this will be pulled from the market like all stimulant laden supplements that promise weight loss by raising heart rates and blood pressure. Run. Don’t walk. Run.

    Brandon says November 15, 2017

    This was good I was getting a kick out of the way you put it, I’m with you on that.
    Only time will tell what happens to people taking this stuff.
    Then how do they prove it happened because of taking this… and then the money still stays in the owners bank account.

    Definitely could be scary stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by,

Concerned friend says July 3, 2017

Hi Brandon
Thanks for this. A friend of mine has just got onto the thrive distribution. She was previously distributing for Itworks, however she recently left after learning that the pyramid wasn’t working for her or her team. She has been assured that the Le-vel pyramid works differently and everyone in the team earns a good amount of money. So she has swapped to thriving. I was curious in finding out more about the actual ingredients of thrive and if o natural even considering jumping on this band wagon! Now I have learnt that it contains all these stimulants it confirms my gut scepticism. My friend is a beautiful person, I feel it is only right to pass this info on but as a source of income so she can stay at home with her babes, the news will be devastating.
I was wondering what is your opinion on the Itworks scheme?? How can my friend and others find a ethical and legitimate business to work at from home?

    Brandon says July 11, 2017

    Hello TIA,

    This is a hard one, if someone is sold on network marketing it can be very hard especially if they have gone “all in” and bought stuff.
    Most of the time the only way people will learn is when it stops working and they can see for themselves.
    All of these MLM programs are not necessarily scams but really are just impossible to make good money in.
    The reason is all the products can be found for less and better quality just about everywhere else.
    Every single MLM I have seen has a better company that competes against them and makes the same thing without all the MLM hoops to jump through. “It works,” “Thrive” or any MLM/network marketing opp never really make anything different or special.

    Just compare Garden of life products to any of the Level Thrive products.

    I like to use the cynocobalamin as “an example..”
    cynocobalamin is “synthetic b-12” and Advocare and Le vel thrive both use them rather than the natural “methylcobalamin.”

    They also use ascorbic acid for Vitamin C instead of at lest citric acid or much better “camu camu” or acerola berries for vitamin c.

    If they use these ingredient as well as stimulants plus have a MLM you need to sign up with to get a discount it seems that there is just so many better ways to get your vitamins. Then unless they can hook someone on the recruiting business opportunity most will not buy these products unless they to get sold on getting free products signing up two people etc.

    The same goes with it works as it is basically selling saran wrap for your belly to sweat out water weight and people do this before it came out.

    I would steer away from both of them as they’re the same thing with different products.

    The best idea for your friend is to suggest not focusing on becoming an employee for a company but rather actually build their own business. Selling MLM products are harder in my opinion than selling your own.

    If you offered them a way to set up a free website that can also show them free training they could at least see how if they set up a foundation like that they could create a business about anything rather than focus on selling the same things that others are already selling.

    If you want to show them a good opportunity you can try this for yourself for free and show them later that it’s legit. with a free membership you can set up a website and get free training to understand what you need to do. They can then get free training for marketing and setting up a blog.

    This is a free life membership and when their ready to make money they can go premium and have everything they would need to set up a business, all in one. No face to face cold selling strangers etc. Also unlimited different niche possibilities that you can always find.

    If you would like copy or click this link HERE… I can also help them through anything they may need. They can ask any questions after they sign up for free membership (no credit card required)

    This is the best way for a beginner to realistically learn, research, build, host, market and make money with your blog all in one place.
    Please let me know if you need anything else.

    I hope this helps,

Simon says June 25, 2017

The founder, Jason Camper, has been involved in some sort of fraud in the past, it seems. Just google his name, and the word fraud. Go to google and type in “Jason Camper Fraud” and see what kind of stories of credit card fraud from his past exploits come up.

Tiffany Bee says June 23, 2017

I’m not a promoter of Thrive because I hate the MLM type thing however it truly has changed my life. I’m commenting knowing that the author is going to challenge WHY I think it’s such a great product and request that I post supporting evidence which I find ridiculous. In his post he writes that no one has possitive results, yet here I am stating that I have had possitive results. I have more energy, less junk food cravings, and overall feel healthier. I sleep better than I ever have, and feel upbeat during the day. I’d also like to mention that when I have used the dft on my achey joints, they are healed within a couple of hours without the pain returning. I don’t understand why you feel the need to put down or challenge possitive comments on the product yet support any and ALL crazy allegations about it, “My aunt turned insane and shot her husband”.

I’m not claiming to know all the facts about what is in the product, but I know it’s better than what I was intaking in my body before and have really felt benefits from THRIVE. You say no one will give possitive reviews on this product except promoters, yet here I am. I have nothing to gain from saying how great THRIVE, just negative comments from you and others.

    Brandon says June 25, 2017

    You have alot of experience with all that is going on for not having anything to gain, are you sure no one you knows sells this..? If you just take the supplements and they work great for you how did you end up here?

    Yes I normally like people to say more than “It makes me feel good” as that does not help anyone reading but go ahead and thrive, no one here will stop you… this is for people that don’t want to take ephedra like products just to get that boost.

    Like I also always say if it works for you keep on thriving.

    but not sure why you care one way or the other, if you supposedly don’t sell it or someone you know doesn’t. Cause you seem like pretty concerned consumer….

    So don’t worry you will be able to take those supplements as long as you want… no one will stop you from buying them.

Eddie says June 20, 2017

I sit with anticipation each year to see what kind of MLM scam will pop up. Back in the 80’s it was HerbalLife. I watched some of my close friends throw away a bunch of cash because they got in late in the pyramid. I warned them but they wouldn’t listen. Something is always popping up. Locally where I live, last year was a deal similar to Thrive. Can’t recall the name but another close friend got involved and was making the cash …for about 3 months. Now she won’t even mention the product. The big conventions and meetings get sellers all wound up but they soon find out that things aren’t as they seemed. If you sense MLM or someone tells you how much money you can make, turn and run away as fast as you can!

    Brandon says June 25, 2017

    Boy i’m with you Eddie… but I think less people say what they mean as they have to hear an earful from the nearest MLM’er who’s all high and wacked out on “MLM” lol.
    Once you say anything bad about some MLM you get all these comments out of nowhere claiming they love it for no reason and your scum for saying otherwise. The cult like behavior is enough for people to just want to not say anything and just sneak as far away as they can from the MLM network marketer in heat trying to latch on to you. Not to mention how the company will then also try to silence bloggers with lawsuits, I have had a couple threats.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Brittany says June 16, 2017

It was quite the novel maybe too big (maybe comments have a limit) let me email you it ^_^

    Brandon says June 17, 2017

    Just paste it in here again, I will look for it.


Arnold Santiago says June 16, 2017

Funny that you used Herbalife Pyramid to try to talk trash about other company. I am with you that people need to know the truth about MLM companies which ones are working fair and which ones are not. But when you use the incorrect information to go against a company you are the Problem.

When you use the right Information then talk, credibility is necessary to unmask lies.

Dr. Santiago

    Brandon says June 16, 2017

    Hey Dr. Santiago..

    Why don’t you show us all how big of a deal that medical degree is and tell me where I went wrong??? what incorrect info I’m using exactly…

    Sorry but worthless doctors that have nothing to say I feel are the problem…

    I feel when you use your credibility to push bogus info (I.e. you pushing drug pill manufacturers and only knowing invasive surgeries as the answer) then you doctors can talk… but until then you guys are more lost than the patients that come to you. Stop acting all cool putting Dr. in front of your name and actually share some type of advice that could actually help someone… If not you need to lay off the advice and start actually walkin the walk with the whole DR. thing. Cause as of right now i’m giving people more info than you are and your the one that’s supposed to be doing this. Are you too busy playing golf with the drug reps???

Melissa says June 14, 2017

I was googling “cheaper alternatives to Thrive products”. I am not a distributor of the product but do purchase from a rep I found on Facebook. I have been on the pills and the shakes. I like them because I take the pills before I get out of bed. 15 minutes later I’m ready to for the day. (I have a seriously hard time waking up every morning). Anyhoo. I am looking for gnc or vitamin shoppe brands of something similar. I do feel pretty good when on them but I think I can find something comparable and for less money. If anyone has any recommendations it would be most appreciated!

Brittany says June 14, 2017

Did you get my novel comment? (lol) or are you censoring it? 😛

    Brandon says June 15, 2017

    Hey Brittany,

    Sorry I did not get your other comment I even looked for it in spam. Not sure what happened.

Misty says June 8, 2017

Doesn’t anyone think it’s interesting the author, an entrepreneur, throws every MLM under the bus and promotes his own in the same article? He screams SCAM!! There is no value in a single word stated.

    Brandon says June 14, 2017

    There may be a reason all these MLM’s get thown under the bus… Well because these products tend to suck. By the way I don’t promote an MLM… it allows people to make their own way not sell what their cult-ure tells them to. It’s fine if you want to drink the koolaid but don’t get mad when others don’t… this blog was obviously not made with you in mind, the more you stay and complain the better I rank, so thanks…

    Stay angry,

Mark says May 27, 2017

The founder, Jason Camper, has been involved in some sort of fraud in the past, it seems. Just google his name, and the word fraud. Go to google and type in “Jason Camper Fraud” and see what kind of stories of credit card fraud from his past exploits come up.

Also, I know someone who is close friends with the founder. This person told me that when they looked in the pantry at Jason Camper’s house it was full of GNC products (shakes, protein bars, etc.). He even showed me a picture of this, so I definitely believe it (well assuming that was actually Jason Camper’s house, but I do believe it was). I’ve met this guy Camper a few times and have seen him at the pool – he never has a patch on, or any remnants of having worn the patch.

Bottom line – the founder doesn’t use his own product.

What does that tell you? Then consider his past (see the google search). How much longer will these people be in business?

Leigh Segel says May 16, 2017

LOL. ROTF. Thank you for this article. The Jehovahs Witness comment was priceless.

I don’t take Thrive, but its already causing me major headaches. Other vexing side effects include nausea, vomiting, unexplained feelings of rage, fear and dread. Mostly from people posting Thrive on Facebook, over, and over again. My (former) boss at work is a promoter…. Heavy Sigh. It was difficult being her friend and her employee on account of the heavy bombardment of marketing towards friends and family. They posted at least 2-4 times per day about Thrive.

I’m an 80’s child. I have been bombarded with everything from Avon, to lingerie parties. Lowenberger baskets. Pampered chef. Magazines. Girl Scout cookies. I ain’t no rookie. Ultimately its family guilt and peer pressure driving the sales.

But more importantly, I can see the actual effects Thrive has had her and two female co-workers, aka “thrivers” (you know who you are) as well. Based on my experience, I truly believe that after you have been on this product for a length of time, let’s say over two years, it impairs your judgement and ability to reason. It will also make you snappish, very high strung and generally difficult to be around. It’s the same thing that happened to a few high school friends who got hooked on drugs. Thriving is a disease. Some people don’t get along with caffeine. It can make people who are already sick, or mentally impaired that much more so. People on anti-depressants and depressants, melatonin, for example probably shouldn’t be taking supplements off the internet.

But this is okay because it’s a shake, a stick-on patch with little designs on them, whatever. I went to a strawberry shortcake party – hosted by a le vel rep – and this is safe to use.

Well whoopee fucking doo for you, toots.

There is also a lot to be said about the psychological – placebo effect some people experience from taking a drug that is a sugar pill. I’m sure you could get the same effects taking a energy drink laced with with baby aspirin and multi-vitamins.

    Brandon says May 17, 2017

    Could not have said it better. You’re awesome Leigh… These MLM’ers make it hard to say this, as they will just freak out and just start re-saying their sales pitch.

    Thanks For Stopping by,

Grace Zielinska says April 17, 2017

Dear Brandon,

I wanted to inform you about something you might want to add about Le-vel’s Thrive and it’s product Expand that it sells. My Aunt Julie was given this product by someone who’s supposed to be a friend and immediately she was hooked on their pyramid scheme and started buying the products like crazy, using said products and trying to sell them. Well, as she was taking the product family members started noticing a change in my Aunt’s behavior and personality. She started to do and say things that was just out of her character. Not only that, she was losing weight far too fast and she was having issues of no longer being able to sleep anymore. Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, she called her mother claiming she saw her 5-year-old daughter writing in Hebrew in their church. Her daughter doesn’t know how to write or read and my Aunt’s mother (my Grandmother) was a bit disturbed by what my Aunt was claiming. Later that day my Aunt started to ramble crazily about how she was God and that her daughter was Jesus, she started damning her husband to hell and called her son-in-law Lucifer. She then went on to assault her husband and get very violent. Her brother called the police and when they arrived she assaulted them. Needless to say she was taken to prison. Her eldest daughter told the police how she had been taking Le-vel’s Thrive ad Expand so the police said they would run some tests on the products and my Aunt’s urine to see if the product really had something to do with my Aunt’s violent change. Sure enough, they found PCP in the Thrive products and my Aunt’s urine!

If you could please share this story and warn others about this I would be indebted to you. This alleged company is selling and marketing products that they have purposely put drugs into. They’re drugging people illegally! People need to be warned about this! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope word can start spreading about what’s really in Le-vel’s products and that no one else will go through what my Aunt and her family has just gone through.

Grace Zielinska

    Brandon says April 18, 2017

    Hey Grace,

    I’m sorry to hear this, I hope things have returned to somewhat normal. This is a weird issue, as they will not claim that they put PCP in their products but the product they do put in, is basically a legal version of PCP. This is very concerning. Did the police say that they will be investigating the company? companies like this will try to silience bloggers like me as they know the product is bad but if no one knows it is, they can screw with the cutomers phycologically. This is a bit scary that this is what MLM/network marketing businesses are getting away with. Now that police have found this in your Aunts urine test, hopfully they can test the actual product and see if they should even be able to sell this. I hope things get better for you and I must say Bravo for not jumping on the Level train…. as I have had lots of first hand experince with them and they get really angry and say very strange things and never talk about why the product is good. They really try to intimidate friends and family. I have had many level trive members come on here and just say it’s good and i’m just jealous LOL. Please let me know how everything goes if you can…

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Nora James says April 22, 2017

    This company is extremely dangerous. A big clue to this is there two CEOs. Take a look at there FB or Instagram pictures. You notice anything? Not one picture can be found of either of the two wearing DFTs. You would think you would show off your own company. Red flag #13,456 that you shouldn’t try this company, the CEOs dont

Tim. E says April 11, 2017

I agree that there are way too many of these companies popping up all over the place. Its all I seen on facebook anymore. I do however use the Isagenix products but really don’t promote them to others. The reason I chose this program is because there is actually scientific studies about their products and they are proven to be 100% natural. I don’t know what your thoughts are on their products but I would be interested in hearing about it.

    Brandon says April 12, 2017

    Hey Tim,

    Isegenix is not a bad product but also throws in synthetic cheap vitamins and is overpriced in my opinion and is a MLM platform. If you like them you can easily find better quality supplements by going to a natural health store and getting the better versions of the vitamins and minerals and MCT Oils like coconut oil. Let me know if you’re consfused on anything and I can explain further.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

William says February 8, 2017

Here we go again, the all new never before seen product from Thrive. It’s called Expand, a “smart” drug or Nootropic. This is there new product that will change the world! Thrivers are grinning at the teeth to add this to there daily concoction of worthless Thrive products. They haven’t even released the ingredients, and Thrivers are gasping at the chance to try it. How does this make since, your going to take a product without knowing what’s in it. If you view on of the CEOs speeches about product x he unknowingly admits there are few studies on this product, so why would you ever produce and sell it? He also claims this isn’t a short term use product, you have to use it everyday. If you look up studies on Nootropic supplements/drugs you will find there are no long term studies, and thatit is not recommended for long term use. But I’m sure promoters have looked past this, much less researched it.

Scott says February 5, 2017

Could you please tell me why you bash mlm/pyramid’s as you call it then promote an affiliate marketing system to which you benefit from people signing up under you?
Oh and there is over 3 million customers of Thrive and 800000 promoters which by definition would mean far more people are using the product then selling it.

    Brandon says February 9, 2017

    You know MLM’s would not be that bad if they actually had some kind of a product that actually helped people and not some run of the mill product that is the same as many already out in the market, with just a cute spin on it.

    MLM’s rely on making money from their downline, selling others on an opportunity to sell products that don’t sell very well in the first place… or at least are not anything special… if anything they can be dangerous down the road.

    With my offer instead of buying in products that you can get anywhere, People buy an all in one platform to help them succeed and build a business online.

    A pyramid does not start paying off until you start getting loads of sales and people under you and gtet tons of in home parties and demonstrations. With an MLM you’re making money off of people signing up other people and paying the membership and not mainly from cuts of the (good quality) products they sell.

    So many in pyramids don’t realize if the product they sell is not the main attraction and people are signing up others like crazy the system will naturally collapse one day. Too many salesmen and not enough buyers.

    You made an point that more are taking it than selling it well that’s because all the people selling it are required to buy in certain amounts to stay commision qualified. so many people come and go so it looks like they have more people using it than selling it but not even close to a regular in demand product. Realistically they just make everybody that joins buy it so it looks like more products are being sold.

    The owners and top people will always be focused on making tons of money signing up a ton of people.

    Then the owners and top people will typically jump ship only to leave people like you and others footing the bill and stuck with over priced non valuable products to sell to their friends and family.
    If you want to try somthing that will make money like MLM but is selling a legitamite product people need and want then you can check this out and ask me anything else or just go trhough the completly free training and see for yourself.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Sydnee says October 26, 2016

Hey all! I’m a Thriver and have been for two years. I absolutely love it!! I did not feel this way immediately, but I am so happy I stuck with it! My favorite thing about the Thrive Experience is the added clean energy, mental clarity, and inflammatory support.

    Brandon says December 2, 2016

    Please before just saying positive sales comments about Le vel Thrive can you at least give the reasons as to why you think that it has given you actual mental clarity and not just some high? Is it just while taking it like saying redbull gives you mental clarity. What do you mean by clean energy as They’re using harmful things to give you that boost, what do you think is giving you that clean energy feeling? We need more facts about why you think all these things and if you just put links for people to call you and try and harmful supplement in the long run your comment will be erased.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

    Elaine beattie says January 9, 2017

    😂😂😂. One day you will see sense !

I personally like it. says October 7, 2016

Why make a claim saying you know Thrive is cheap synthetic vitamins? They ARE from natural sources.
If you contact support from the le-vel website they will tell you what each and every ingredient is sourced from and it’s made in the USA. I know as I have done it!
Please go straight to the company before making your own assumptions.
You can also contact them about the MG of caffeine and all the other stimulants it’s supposedly loaded with and they will tell you.

    Brandon says October 11, 2016

    AHH isn’t that kinda like asking the Shoe salesman about what shoe to buy? You’re Probably going to get a biased answer.

    Their vitamins are not that bad but they’re definitely not better than most basic multivitamins.

    Again this is what they put in you can ask them all you want, if you’re not sure as you’re the one buying them not me.

    Then add in:
    -Artificial sucralose
    -dl alpha synthetic E
    -Acetate synthetic A
    -Ascorbic acid synthetic C

    I’m assuming if you asked what vitamin b-12 they put in they would say Cynocobalamin but they could also just lie and not put it on the bottle which they don’t.

    This is not the worst part either but rather to show that they do this and say their vitmins are so superior when really they are just over hyped average stuff. Plus they add in other stimulants I have listed in the article that are just like speed and epedra. They will also tell you it’s natural sources, herion comes from natural sources, that means nothing.
    Also the pharmacetical grade they put on there is completly bogus as well.
    I don’t need them to tell or sell me… If you want to take their word for it be my guest. If you believe they don’t have unhealthy stimulants or use substandard synthetic vitamins, Then I would say keep on thriving. You have to think about politicians just because somone says neat things and they sound good, doesn’t always mean that it’s the truth?

    Thanks For Stopping By,

      Phil says November 14, 2016

      I agree 100% with your review and I’m taking this stuff. People react to Thrive in a lot of different ways from what I’ve seen. I know one guy that lost weight and changed his entire life for the better (at least in the short term). Others, it does nothing. The main problem I’ve seen is a lack of clear instructions on how to take it properly because most of the people selling it are just full of hype without understanding.. you’re not supposed to just take the full dose the first week. The guy I bought some from knew what he was talking about. Taking it the way he said, easing into it, helps me a ton. I don’t use the patch. It seemed to sustain the effects but was kind of a hassle and left residue.

      I have serious health problems but not of the overweight variety. It’s more pain and lack of energy. This stuff makes me feel great and get through a work day much easier. But it’s pretty much taking speed and feel good drugs. So I don’t take it every day. I’m pretty sure there would be withdrawals if I took it daily for months and stopped. 99% of people getting into wouldn’t know that.

      Still feels over-priced like all MLM products and I don’t care for all the synthetic stuff, so I’m looking into getting the ingredients that help me in a safer way. Make my own little speed vitamin concoction. Which is actually how I found your blog.

      Anyway.. I’ve been in internet marketing for 10 years and I like what you’ve done here.. good stuff 🙂

    William says February 8, 2017

    No they won’t. If it’s listed under proprietary blend they don’t have to, and through my 15 open support tickets, they haven’t. There is no transparency with this company. They won’t even give how much White Willow bark is in each product. I asked what type of caffiene is in Pure, guess what, they wouldn’t tell me except for it’s all natural. If it’s listed as caffiene, it’s synthetic. So unless they prove it, it’s not natural. I’m sure your a promoter, which explains why your very uneducated on the products and customer service, there is no consistency among promoters. If you claim transparency amongst the company and products, explain why they changed the name of Synepherine in the pills to Citrus Aurantium? I believe they had enough backlash about the ingredient that they changed the name so the average customer or promoter wouldn’t pick up on it. Considering most promoters don’t research the product they sell, this will get by without notice.

Ashlea Givens says September 6, 2016

Ok I need to say this, I am a promoter for Thrive and to clear something up, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY IN TO SELL! Unlike some companies (I won’t bad mouth any other company either) we don’t buy in, we don’t have quotas to meet, nothing. We share a product we feel that works for us could work for our friends and family it’s that simple. No vitamin is FDA approved! And this is NOT a weight loss thing it’s not a diet, it’s simple vitamins and minerals that our body may lack, it helps fill in the nutritional gap.
Those who have had issues with it may have just not done well with it, them could have done it wrong, or were given misinformation.
There is no reason to bash a company who you know little about. Thrive more customers than promoters!!
Don’t knock something until you truly know if it’s a scam or not. And no i haven’t spent so much in that I’m stuck. I can stop ordering anytime I want and so can everyone else. And everything thrive costs breaks down to $5 a day!

    Brandon says September 8, 2016

    Ok ashlea,

    If Thrive Isnt FDA approved and nither is anything then why are Thirves vitamins so much better besides this whole pharmacetical grad BS all you reps throw out? Really What makes them so good besides the fact that you and your family sell them??? I know they use the cheap synthetic forms of some of many of the vitamins also they’re using harmful additives that are similar to speed and epedra. So it’s not good for you, pharmacetical grade is BS and you have to pay more for it but your going to say I have not reasearched this? Also how do you sell it if you don’t buy it in??? If you don’t buy samples to give away does level just provide that out of the kindness of their own heart?

    Don’t defend a product until you know truly know they are NOT a scam… I would say your stuck if you need to come on here and make a comment as you’re worried people will see the truth. If you’re doing great and everybod is thriving and loving it, what are you doing here?? This means you either were thinking it was a scam or you’re having a harder time selling it than you’re letting everybody know about. Well, keep on thriving if you feel it works, I feel it’s overpriced garbage you can get anywhere. We will see who is right in the near future. Please come back in a year and tell me how you’re doing, I would love to hear how much thrive has changed your life.

    david navaroo says September 21, 2016

    So you’re saying Ashlea that a program where I ingest supplements full of stimulants and aspirin which have had zero clinical trials performed on them will only cost me $150 a month? Or, I can pay even more ($300 + a month) and get the really “good” stuff (AKA, Thrive Black Label) instead of the lower end garbage you sell to the peasants? Wow thats not a scam at all!!!

    My favorite quote from you…”it’s simple vitamins and minerals that our body may lack, it helps fill in the nutritional gap.”…hysterical. Straight from the Thriver’s Marketing collateral. I cant tell you how many times this statement has been regurgitated to me. Its interesting that i can go to Costco and get their high-quality, non-synthetic (which is what thrive uses because its cheaper) daily multi-vitamin, which is a complete mineral and vitamin supplement, for about 20 bucks…for 500 pills..WOW .04 cents a day verses 5 bucks on the cheap crap you sell to the poor people. I also know Costco doesn’t cram dangerous stimulants and pain relievers in there to “make me feel good”…another reason to buy from them.

    Scam through and through….and yes, i truly know its a scam. I worked for an MLM in their corporate headquarters for years. I knew it was a scam, they knew it was a scam, but the gullible people who bought that garbage were knee deep into and their only choice was to believe it did something. 35 million a month when i finally quit…thats how much they were pulling in. Great company to work for though…paid really well.

      Brandon says September 21, 2016

      Hey David,

      Thanks for sharing your story, it was very interesting as I knew the top people in MLM’s had to understand that this was just a smoke and mirror show and sadly the only people that don’t get it are the people who get involved. I thought it was really tempting to start a MLM as you can literally copy another product, make a average knock off version and get some good sales presenters and you can make millions a month. Then all the people that get scammed will defend their purchases, how much more of a beatiful scam can these MLMs be LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by,

    William says December 15, 2016

    Actually you do have to meet a “quota.” You have to find a certain amount of customers and promoters a month to maintain a specific level (12k,40k,etc). If you have a vehicle paid for by Thrive and don’t meet your “quota,” they stop sending you payments. Tell me how this isn’t a quota. You are correct on FDA and there lack of acknowledgement on supplements, but you have failed to realize one thing. There is a USP certification that I nationally accepted, only 5 companies have been given this seal of approval. Thrive has not. It measures true pharmaceutical grade vitamins. If you look on Le-vels website I can count 12 times where they mention weight lose. Unfortunately, rules on MLM companies are lax. They can lay claim to anything, as long as they put that little symbol next to each claim with a “these claims haven’t been approved and don’t mean what we say” kind of thing. Look at the website. There all over it!

    Elaine beattie says January 9, 2017

    How can I earn as much as you ? It must be really worth your while ?

    I used to sell exercise …. but people are lazy so they want a pill even if it’s full of impurities but hey I’ll sell it whilst I can !!

    Valerie says January 12, 2017

    I’m putting my two sense in because I was recently approached by a friend who is still selling Herba Life but decided to try Thrive because her friend started selling it. This friend of mine sent me a FB message saying “I can sign you up. It only breaks down to $5 a day. But when you sign other people up you make money.” Bullshit. So she asks me for my email address. She says I will sign you up. Next thing you know, I get an email from Thrive saying Thanks for joining. I never clicked into the email. A week later she sends me a text message and says “I can get you $25 off your first order so all you need is $125 for your first order. And after you place your first auto ship you can cancel the auto ship.”
    I told her I don’t have that kind of money. So she left me alone. I have watched hers and her friends FB posts about Thrive and how they got a direct deposit. Its a scam. Plain and simple. I have been eating low carb since January 1st, drinking lots of water, eating vegetables and moving more and I have lost weight naturally. You can keep your crap and your scam.

Joss says August 10, 2016

I sit and watch the story of le vel with interest, a friend of mine went to live in the states and I really wanted to visit her on my recent visit but didn’t feel I could as I just so disagree with this stuff, she was linked with two other mlm companies prior to this and equally sung their products and praises, she even had her kids taking the stuff. She’s on a good earner but that’s because she was in on it quick and is at the top of the pyramid so I sit and wait to see what happens when it ceases to maintain that status, another mlm?

    Brandon says August 15, 2016

    Yeah this is tough as many MLM’s are just a product that could not really stand on it own two for some reason or another. Then they’re pawned off to distributors to market sell and sign up and recruit new talent for a product that is usually sub par. I don’t really suggest any MLM’s.

TJ says July 12, 2016

Just like the old saying goes, “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”. People are so easily scammed by this stuff because they feel bad about their looks and want another easy quick fix. The ONLY proven method of weight loss and feeling better is by changing your eating habits and working out. In January 2016 I weighed almost 200 pounds, I changed my eating lifestyle, stopped all junk food, and started working out at the gym 4 to 5 days a week, I took vitamin d and c and I am now at 135 pounds. I am in better shape now than I was in High School. I know several people that went on these supposed quick fix diets, but the results if any are only temporary, once they stopped they went back to their old ways they gained double the weight. People are wasting their money. Now a days alot of gym memberships are 10 dollars a month, way cheaper than 150 a month for these diet fads that don’t even work or only give temporary results. If people really want to change their lifestyle and lose weight and feel better, unfortunately the only way to have results and to keep the results is to do it the old fashioned way, get out there and work for it. Knowing you did it all on your own without the help of diet fads, makes you very proud and your not trying to sell it to friends so you can save money or get the product free. Keep your friends and your money. You want to see results and success, you need to work at it!! Ther is no such thing as a magic pill!!

    Brandon says July 13, 2016

    Hey TJ,

    I just wanted to say I couldn’t agree with you more!:)

    Thank You For Your Insightful Comment,


Owen says July 3, 2016

I’m watching people take this and brag about it for the exact reason mentioned, they are financially sunk in this nonsense. Yes, it shocks the hell out of your body initially with all the caffeine and 1600% daily recommended intake of certain vitamins, but then what? By the time your body adjusts and you lose that rush, you’re left with migraines, fatigue, mood swings and depression because reality sets in and you are now financially committed or embarrassed you have blasted your friends and family with this on Social media platforms. So your sponsor and the company tell you you aren’t trying hard enough or how it’s working for them because they are the ones benefiting from it. I’ve witnessed it hospitalize people and the ER Dr. Say themselves, this stuff is bringing more and more people in with unexplained migraines, heart problems and stomach issues and the only common denominator is Level-Thrive. Kudos to Dr Millstone for writing the FDA to demand an investigation into this increased pattern of hospital visits. But the financial burden, fear of failure and embarrassment of promoting this to everybody you know is what forces people to keep going. Got to love those stories of “I’ve achieved such and such goal by taking advantage of any and everybody I know so I get a monthly car allowance from Level as a top sales rep, but at the same time your mortgage is in foreclosure or they’re borrowing money from anybody who will still lend.” Wake up folks, do these names ring a bell…Phen-Phen, Metabolite, Hydroxybutyric, Mona-Vie or the countless other car decals you see driving around. If not, I’ve got Alaskan glacier ice, prime real estate that’s guaranteed to boom in the next few years in Antarctica, and magic beans for sale!!! But if you don’t work hard enough the ice will melt, Antarctica will stay frozen and you failed to properly plant and tend to your beans so the magic failed …. It’s ALL your fault.

    Lisa Lestrud says August 3, 2016

    You are right, weight loss is a balance of a good diet and exercise.

Renee says June 28, 2016

hey everyone my best friend is taking the THRIVE product and her stomach is bleeding. I am so freaking scared right now. She woke up this morning used the restroom and there was a ton of blood. Who ever is taking this product stop taking it, it causes stomach bleeding since its a blood thinner. I am trying to get her to go to the hospital right now. This scares me because there may be a ton of organ damage thanks to this crap product! Who else is having issues like this?

    Darlene Price says June 28, 2016

    YES RENEE SAME HERE … I’VE BEEN hospitalized and needed a blood transfusion trying to find out if anyone else was having the same problems wanting to see also if there is an open lawsuit against them about this if not I’m going to open one I think

your mom says June 24, 2016

The leader of the cult is Jason Camper who lives at 6542 Gerrard St Frisco, TX 75034

This guy dropped out of college for drug charges and is impotent – so he overcompensates in some obvious ways. What a joke. And his wife, dresses like a trailer park skank, which I guess makes sense considering her upbringing.

Tyler (not a promoter) F. says June 13, 2016

I appreciate your skepticism and critique of this non-transparent company and product. I hate “multi level marketing,” and let’s just call it what it is: Pyramid Scheme. However, your credibility is also brought into question when you are clearly profiting off of this article with all of your “click me” links and recommendations and then pitching some “legitimate” money making scheme at the end. HA! With that in mind, I must say that it is hard to get advice and unbiased critique when money is on the line. And it pretty much always is for all of us.

My take on the product:
It does give you a shit ton of energy; this is likely from the stimulants, but could also be related to some of the vitamins (B’s in particular). The other benefit, whether placebo effect or not, is some direct pain relief, which I would attribute to the white willow bark (and there is research of white willow bark and it’s use orally for pain relief — not necessarily with their “PREMIUM derma fusion technology” — but relevant considering the major epidemic and scam in the US; opioids). Also, there is interesting research on the legitimate effects of placebo. I had a philosophy/ethics professor who was doing research and work on how many prescribed pharmaceutical psych meds show primarily a placebo effect in trials, and whether or not is was ethically “right” to prescribe a med that had negative physical side effects, but the placebo effect gave the desired outcome. I mention this simply as food for thought.

Things I don’t like about the product:
The product is ridiculously over priced (depends on your views of economics), and due to Le-vel’s lack of transparency, it makes me sick to consider the margins and where that profit is going as they are most certainly growing and the buckets of money is traveling up hill. Will I continue to use their products? Probably not because the price is too high, they aren’t transparent, won’t release any research, and are clearly a pyramid scheme. I mean, I get it, why invest in legitimate research, and go through the difficult scientific and regulated process when people are still buying your shit due to clever marketing and a bunch of free workers all hopped up on stimulants who will sell it for you in order to get their next fix. Also, in relation to research, what is the long term effects? I have been monitoring many vitals and statistics; blood samples, sleep analysis, and working in conjunction with my trained medical professionals, so I will give the product a bit longer, but long term use of stimulants is clearly of concern. I do not consider this a weight loss product and I have no need for that. I am a very active mountaineer and distance runner, so i really have no need for that. I could see how it would likely help people make a life style change… as most of our issues are simply from bad habits, and we make changes by replacing those habits with other, i.e. “PREMIUM” “lifestyle” mixes etc.

    Brandon says June 13, 2016

    I can understand how links can be seen as a biased review, just to rank and plug my promotions.

    The reason
    – one it’s because blogs like this are not free to run and I just am not going to reasearch companies and spend hours to build a review just to make zero return so others can read it and know it’s not biased.

    – The second reason is that if you’re doing somthing that doesn’t work or you’re looking if it’s a scam you typically want a better option. Then you still are free to make a decision from there. It’s also free to try out so if somone doesn’t like the product it’s no harm un-like Level.

    Also I may use it to rank but only when the product is actually a scam, so I don’t just go and say somthing is a scam just cause I can get rankings and sell a product, I find that somthing is a scam and offer a solution BIG differnce. It has to really be a scam for me to cry scam. Lastly i’m not even close to the only one saying it so if you look around you can find others and formulate a better opinion. If you really research Level it just isn’t worth it plain and simple, if it works for you I say keep on using it. If you have any direct questions about other things that I’m doing I would be happy to answer them.

    Your take on the product has been the best answer so far for trying to stick up for Level, so you made a good comment to help people think. Just try not to worry about advertisements as much as the content as that would be like me saying I don’t like a caertain t.v. show becuase the ads. The ads don’t determine the validity of the show unless they’re also scams and you really don’t have to do it if your gut tells you it’s a scam.

    I appricaiate your two cents on this product,
    Thanks for stopping by,

Gerald says June 10, 2016

A good friend of mine started getting involved with this Thrive le-vel stuff and he’s trying to reel me in so I indulged him. I tried the sample pack and he connected me with fellow Thrivers via a community chat. one thing was very obvious from the get-go. They operate like a cult. Lots of “ra-ra, hey we’re thrivers and we’re taking over the world, nothing can stop us, I got so much energy waaaaaahhhhh”. “OMG there’s a new discount, WOW this is the best thing since sliced bread.” But in reality, they are probably very nice people drinking the kool-aid, I mean health shake, so I was like “Ok, let me learn more.” THen someone shared with me the video of the Le-vel CEO Mr. Camper-and I’m sorry but he came across as a big douche who only cares about money. Not in these exact words, but he essentially said “we are doing so many promos and have the best quality products out there–and if you can’t get new customers, you need to look in the mirror because something is wrong with you”…WHOA-really dude? You’re gonna talk to your sheep, I mean sales team like that? if the products are so high quality, why don’t they sell themselves huh tough guy? Shame on you for treating good people like crap to sell your crap. Just the guy I want to work for and continue to make rich—NOT!!!!!

As far as the product itself-after 5 days of taking it, I definitely look thinner and leaner-that is a fact. But that’s probably because of the constant diarrhea that I’ve been having since taking it. I also have really bad headaches and my heart rate is through the roof! So I will take a few self indulging selfies with my new thrive physique then pawn this stuff off to the next sucker. I still have a months worth of crap to consume.

Amber says May 16, 2016

Okay. If you really want to know if this product works or if you really want the health benefits of Multi vitamins here’s the only way: 1. Go to your doctor and get a simple blood test. Your doctor will then tell you if you have any deficiencies (more than likely you won’t have any but from time to time you may discover one thing like vitamin d or iron). Your doctor will then prescribe the said vitamin to take for that particular deficiency. More than likely you will only need to take it for a short period of time and you’ll be back to normal again. How it works is, if you have a small vitamin d deficiency your doctor will prescribe a vitamin d tablet. If it’s iron, an iron tablet etc. What your doctor won’t prescribe is a weird cocktail of vitamins. Why? Because they won’t do anything if you’re not deficient. If however you really really like multi vitamins and the like you can go to your toilet and throw one or two down there daily (depending on how much you want to spend). Some people may want to throw a combination of products down their toilet. Ie. If you are overweight, unfit, overworked etc. That is also fine. Again it depends on how much you want to spend. If you are after the thrive experience you may want to flush several expensive forms of multi vitamins down the toilet. But in my experience flushing a generic brand vitamin down the toilet will have the same effect. I think each to their own. If it makes you feel better to flush the more expensive products like thrive down the toilet I say, go for it!!!!! Don’t listen to all these negative people and reviews. Pissing money down the loo has many benefits. For one, less money to have to count and secondly many thrivers report a euphoric, energised feeling from doing so.

    Brandon says May 16, 2016

    Hery Amber,

    This is some good stuff, throwing them down the toilet after years of selling and taking them would definitly produce a euphoric feeling LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by,


      Deanna says May 20, 2016

      Ladies and gentleman Another Thriver saying the same thing, I’m one sided, I didn’t use it right and that I will delete any positive comments about it. Watch how this person will say I wont post comment but they will never comment back, and if they do they will never answer your questions this is the type of people you have to deal with while, doing network Marketing.

      Oh I don’t delete comments about level that are positive, I only delete waste of time comments that just do nothing for anybody but make personal attacks. So below is the comment and oddly enough is one of the better ones that I let though as most Negative comments from Level thrivers just say I’m an A-hole and while it does nothing to hurt my feelings but it also does nothing for the readers of this blog. I understand why they get so mad, because they see that this info could ruin le-vel later down the road and many invested a lot of money and told all their friends that they will be rich from Level.

      Here is good ol Deanna’s comment below:
      I can’t believe how one sided you sound, yet you have never used the products correctly. I’m sure any positive comments will be deleted but it’s worth a try. Drs are now prescribing thrive as a nutritional supplement because they have seen the great benefits of this product. Maybe you need to do a little more research because your info is WAY off.

        Brandon says May 20, 2016

        Deanna it’s time to come back down to reality, I’m at least sharing what they make their vitamins with, you have shared nothing but anecdotal stories… I have stated what stimulants they use, but for some reason these thrivers will never address the actual stuff in my article. How about telling me which parts specifically are not true??

        Wow, now there is doctors that are prescribing Le-vel, well that must mean I’m wrong, huh…Except For the fact that doctors killed a lot more people than my information ever has…Did You know you really can’t just trust doctors anymore?
        Did you know that my step dad was killed by doctors giving him way to much pain medicine and they did nothing for his health? He was 52 and he trusted what they told him.
        Do you know doctors are just practicing on people hence the medical practice name?
        Did you know doctors will prescribe pills that can be unhealthy if they make a good enough kickback? Do you know that pharmaceutical grade means nothing???

        If doctors are right, how do you explain these dangerous drugs when all of them can be cured through different diet and lifestyle change.
        Type 2 diabetes drugs Avandia and Actos.
        Antidepressants Paxil, Prozac, Effexor, Zoloft and Lexapro.
        Mood stabilizer Depakote.
        Birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin.
        Acne medication Accutane.
        Blood thinners Pradaxa and Xarelto
        Osteoporosis treatment Fosamax.
        GranuFlo and NaturaLyte,
        which are used in dialysis.
        Hair loss pill Propecia.

        These drugs come with side effects that range from birth defects and liver damage to suicidal behavior, blood clots, bladder cancer, Crohn’s disease, heart attacks, strokes, uncontrollable bleeding and heart failure. Does this mean we should take them just cause you believe that doctors are good or should people look more at the facts?

        Deanna, Maybe you need to do a little more research because if I’m off, then your so far off you need a search and rescue team to get you back on course.

Dario says May 16, 2016

Great article …. We know someone who is a top sales person that supposedly got an escapade from thrive and is flashing trips on Facebook that thrive put her on and the funny thing is we’ve known her and her husband to be scumbag scam artists our whole life . I was thrilled when I read this , especially when I recently saw her pushing a new product “Thrive for kids” where she posts a video of her kid sucking it down…. I was absolutely disgusted at the extent they will go for a buck….

Great work

    Brandon says May 16, 2016

    Hey Dario,

    Thanks for the kind words. That’s an interesting story, “Thrive for kids,” giving them way to much junk they do not really need unless they’re deficient. Then they really do not need the cheap synthetic vitmains and stimulants. Also giving them speed like stimulants will definitely not help kids in the long run.

    Then mix that with poor diet and those kids are set up for failure, just like the parents stuck in the MLM. It’s some crazy stuff how these MLM’s keep going and hooking people. Well I have to say good job back to you, for figuring this out and not being another victim of Le-vels tricks. I would never let my son take that garbage the best way is investing in a Vitamix and making live raw vegatable/fruit smoothies. I appricaite you leaving the comment and sharing this info with everybody.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Erin says May 13, 2016

Thank You for writing this! I “Thrived” for 15 months and I wish I woke sooner! The product did wonders for me at first but just this past Feb. something changed…not my routine, but something in the product. I now have scars from the DFT’s – which my doctor fears are permanent. But god forbid you say anything like this has happened to your sponsors or the company. You get the typical detox answer, or your not drinking enough water, you’re nuts, or my personal favorite from Le-Vel Compliance”you’re being rude and agressive in your promoting of Thrive” all because I had a horrible reaction. That’s not even the worse reaction I got from it – people will turn on you the second you say anything against it….the truth hurts – their wallet.

    Brandon says May 15, 2016

    Hi Erin,

    Sorry I did not comment back sooner but I have been really busy but just wanted to make sure I say thank you for your sincere comment.

    I just wanted to note that awesome people like you are a big reason I want to keep this blog going, so I really do appreciate the kind words.

    I love how they tell you that you’re being rude and aggressive, when if you read the comments from some serious thrivers you will see most are rude and aggressive LOL. I’m sorry to hear about the potential scaring, if you look into using virgin coconut oil I have heard thats a really good all natural way that can really help scaring.

    I’m glad that you at least could see through the smoke and mirrors as it’s harder and harder to get out the deeper you get with the program. I 100% agree that if you say something against them that it’s time for the claws to come out.

    Well I’m very glad that this article could at least help you make the decision to look into other options. I’m very happy that it could at least stop potentially getting long term side effects later down the road.

    I think in my mind you did it for 15 months you tried and gave it your best and then you realized that this wasn’t for you which is commendable in my book.

    That is a strong leader quality to join and then figure out that someone is pulling the wool over your eyes and know when to get out. As millions of people spend billions of dollars doing this same “MLM game” and have a difficult time escaping once they have a psychological hold on you, is not an easy thing to do. So I guess I just wanted to just say well done.

    Thanks So Much For Stopping By

    Questionable says June 20, 2016

    I have been researching the net about scarring from the patch, too. And you, so far, are the only one I’ve found. I, too, am left with a faint outline on my arm from the patch. It’s not the residue either. I used it on one arm, and it didn’t do that, but switched to the other arm, and it left the outline.
    —->Have you found anything to make it subside? Have you found that it is harmful in anyway? Any thoughts will help!
    Thanks so much!
    PS – I’m not using any more of their products, only after a short time.

      Anonymous says June 21, 2016

      As a former promoter, I will add I had a customer who experienced the scaring from the patches as well. The “upline” support treated her as thou she was doing something wrong.

      After a year of using the product, I too am facing health issues that I have NEVER had before. I won’t get into details, but truly believe these issues are a result of the product building up in my body over time until my body reached a point of rejection. I have recently stopped the product and these issues seem to be clearing after just a week off.

      I don’t want to speak negative of Thrive, but do want to just tell people to listen to your body it will tell you what it needs (and what it doesn’t want).

        Brandon says June 21, 2016

        I really wish you would speak negative about THRIVE, there is already too many distributors singing their praises. If they give you health issues I’m pretty sure that proves Level is full of garbage and they have been blaming the feeling on a symptom of detoxing forever. If you stopped and the issues are clearing up I’m not sure why you would want to protect Thrive, the comapnay that possibly could give you and others probelms down the road.

Stephanie says May 11, 2016



THESE PEOPLE ARE MAD BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE AN ANSWER OR GOOD RESPONSE FOR THE OVERPRICED PRODUCTS THEY SELL, BUT THEY WANT YOU TO SIGN UP AND WILL CALL YOU AN ASSHOLE IF YOU DISAGREE….BUYER BEWARE. Side note…I also do not talk like this to real people asking real questions, this person gave very little respect so I gave them the same back. This is a good example of why you don’t want to work with people really high on MLM.

(Here is the comment below)

Hey Brandon,
Whether Thrive works for people or not, I can state for a fact that you are an asshole. Your responses are mean and degrading to people who don’t agree with your opinion. You are a bully. State what you know are facts in your article but don’t treat people who disagree with your opinion like they are beneath your all mighty wisdom. Most of your article is just your opinion and not based on facts. I will be highly surprised if you allow my comment to post.
Have a nice day.

    Brandon says May 11, 2016

    Hey Stephanie,

    It’s not that I’m an asshole when people disagree, I’m an asshole when I encounter people like you. What on earth is your comment supposed to be thoughtful and caring. You’re nothing but a person trolling comments and is angry with her life. I’m glad your in le-vel, I think you’re a perfect fit. Please never leave Le-vel and when you sink all your money into it you wont have anybody to blame but yourself.

    The thing I don’t want you to do is sit here and tell me things about degrading when people don’t agree with me when you don’t agree with me and your calling me an asshole, Can anyone say hypocrite? You sound very slow and i’m assuming all that thriving has rotted your brain. I’m assuming you got bullied all the time due to the way you talk to people.

    Tell me what facts are not true? Tell me something that we can actually talk about or debate? (besides personal attacks) I’m curious do you really think that calling me an asshole will change me?

    You just come on here and say i’m an asshole, so to that I say your a raunchy troll and I can state that for a fact…This again was not written for you, I knew it was going to make people like you mad.
    I’m helping others get away from people like you.

    You’re very ignorant saying I’m an asshole when you have no real reason other than the article did not say what you want.

    Please if it makes you so mad don’t come back..This blog and content are not written for you, they’re to help people stuck with people like you, that want to get out and find a better option.

    I hope you have a good time trying to sell overpriced Level products and lie to recruit others. Make sure you never stop taking level products and show me “who’s boss.”

Colby says May 9, 2016

Brandon, I have been a customer of Thrive for three months and wanted to point some things out. I consistently gained weight because of binge eating. Thrive got rid of regular cravings, but did not get rid of BED. When I first tried it, it caused a minor headache. However, that went away. Also, the product gives me a lot of energy and I have been able to get out more. One thing I have not seen anybody else say is it helps ADD and also is a sort of diarrhea inducing supplement.

    Brandon says May 10, 2016

    Hey Colby,

    These may feel good now but so does taking ephedra in the short term and it gives you lots of energy and those are similar to the types of stimulants used in Level. I’m not sure about the ADD help and the diarrhea inducing but I have had so many claims made about this I just say, if it works for you, keep on thrivin.

Mike Page says May 6, 2016

#1 – A Le-Vel brand promoter is active and qualified to earn commissions with a total of $100 which can come from personal purchases or a customer order or orders totalling $100. So in theory, a Le-Vel brand promoter could earn commissions and never order a single product.

#2 – Refer 2 and your product is FREE. There is no minimal purchase a customer or brand promoter for Le-Vel will receive the average of the two largest customer orders referred.

#3 – Refer to # 1

#4 – Obviously to earn commissions there has to be product purchases. Le-Vel is a FREE social network no different than Facebook or Goodle. In 35 months my FREE social network with Le-Vel is over 1.5 million people with approximately 20-30% of those who have ordered.

#5 – NO purchase is required for a Le-Vel brand promoter to be commissions qualified. In order to be qualified to earn commissions a $100 has to be spent either by a customer, personal purchases or the FREE product one receives. Fore example, last month I had $273 in FREE product credits so I had two customers order that totaled over $100 so I was active with no product purchase required. However, I love the product so I used my FREE credits to order mine and my wife’s monthly supply and paid $17.95 total for almost $300 in product.

#6 – I make 7 figures + per year. The only way I’ve been able to do that is to be there supporting my team. On April 30 I stood on stage with 13 other people who are Le-Vel millionaires with 4 of them including myself were part of my FREE social network. I’m estimating on the following numbers: There at least 3,000 people within my network that support their families and do Le-Vel full time with a high percentage earning 6 figures or more. Again estimating, at least 10,000 making $500 or more. Nearing 2000 individuals who earn an $800 a month luxury car bonus. 3000 individuals who earn a vacation paid for by Le-Vel every 4 months. Tens of thousands of people earning their product for FREE every single month with only shipping to pay for.

I get you don’t like Le-Vel or direct sales which is fine you have the right to your own opinion. In 2015 the sales from the network marketing industry in the US alone were 40 Billion dollars. In comparison, the NFL did 8 Billion. The direct sales industry is a massive industry that is getting bigger every day because people want time and financial freedom. Where else can you invest a few hundred dollars and potentially live your dreams with hard work and perseverance.

In 2015, Le-Vel won the Bravo Award for the fastest growing company in the direct sales space which means Le-Vel was the fastest growing company on the planet. Why? People love the product and how it makes them feel! Love us or hate us there is nothing stopping us!!!

    Brandon says May 6, 2016


    I’m only leaving your huge advertisement for thrive disguised as a comment so people can come back and argue your points you made. I have to say that is amazing I’m shocked to actually talk to someone who was lucky enough to make this smoke and mirror show work so great job. The problem is, if your at the top you could have been a friend of Jason campers or were strategically planted there and that is very hard to prove.

    Also there are not many of you if you actually earn 7 figures with level there is only a few of you and that is what I have said all along…This is the only way they can keep people working hard for nothing just like gambling or the loterry people understand that it will most likly not be them but they feel like trying when they see others doing it. Your the top person that all the people in this pyramid are supporting. You know that many do not succeed and its a game of luck and timing more than hard work. If your succeeding that much you know that many of downline people are not.

    Refer 2 and your product is FREE

    You have to refer two a month and how much do those two a month have to sell to stay qualified. It’s just like the car all they do is lease it out in your name and if you go below the threshold you basically got a expensive Beamer lease to pay or get rid of.

    Also if your really a 7 figure earner there we cannot validate that nor do we know if you were just planted there to get real members motivated. This has happened in many other MLM’s what really makes yours different. I’m pretty sure you would tell anybody anything they wanted to hear just to get them in.

    Also don’t come on here bragging about 7 figures and then say that you get your products for free of course you do if you sell that much, If I was the owner and you sold that much of my garbage supplements I would have made you Vice president.

    Why don’t you tell us a normal scenario of a person just getting set up how are they supposed to get these products for free?

    When did you start Le-vel??

    I know nothing will stop you guys as everybody that is involved is not only the salesmen but also the customers, as long as your recruiting you could be around like amway that does not mean it’s not a scam.

    We can get into specifics later but I’m so tired of responding to you recruiters and you never commenting back once you realize I can back you into a corner. I do however like your approach at least trying to make a educated debate but your just saying things that could happen but most of the time that is not the case and your situation in general is more of the exception than the rule.

    Also you said

    “Where else can you invest a few hundred dollars and potentially live your dreams with hard work and perseverance.”

    Well that’s easy I have a program that is actually free to join and you can actually try it out and stay a free member as long as you want, Then if you want to invest a few hundred you could be set for a year or two and by then you would have a hundred times better chance of making money much easier with the same hard work and perseverance. If your interested you could obviously make a ton of money if your able to make Level work and you could really make this system work. If anyone out there is interested you can check it out here.

    Also the Bravo award is rigged just like the stevie award and Ill bet you can buy in and get it, winning the bravo award means nothing to anybody outside MLM/network marketing. Fastest growing on the planet I think your getting a little ahead of yourself there.

maria says April 30, 2016

I tried Thrive and love it, but not enough to promote or spend $200 a month on it. I’ve been scouring the internet to try and find similar supplements for cheaper with comparable effects. I only take one of the pills and try to drink the whole shake (rarely happens because they taste like shit) and sometimes wear my patch (it usually gives me irritation on my skin so I avoid it). I haven’t had any luck, and have previously tried multivitamins with no real change in how I felt energy and hunger-wise.

Any recommendations on products that are SAFER but similar?

    Brandon says April 30, 2016

    Hey Maria,

    It can be difficult to find a multi vitamin that can really boost your energy unless they’re adding in stimulants. They’re mainly just to provide your body what it needs to keep everything going smoothly. If you wanted a much healthier, whole food, non synthetic vitamin the best recommendation for a much better whole food multi-V alternative is my kind Organics Multi 40+, 120 Organic multi-V and Minerals supplements HERE that does NOT contain synthetic d2, cynocobalamin synthetic b-12 or Does NOT contain synthetic ascorbic acid C or dl alpha synthetic E or poor versions of magnesium such as magnesium oxide and everything comes from whole food and natural forms of the vitamins and minerals.
    If you wanted a kick like level you can just add in a caffeine pill as level is adding in stimulants similar to ephedra so that is what may be giving you that extra boost.
    The hard part is depending on diet you could be deficient in these vitamins and feel a boost or you could be getting a lot from just proper diet and not really feel much. The best way to really feel good is to one day invest in a Vitamix and make smoothies with raw live fruits and vegetables. That is really the best way but the closest thing to that is the Whole food multi I suggested above without all the synthetic vitamins. Please let me know if you have anymore questions or anything I can help you out with.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Amber says May 16, 2016

    Best thing to do is to go to your local doctor and get a blood test. The test will show you what you are deficient in and your doctor can then prescribe the appropriate supplement.

H. says April 29, 2016

So thrilled I found this website. I have several friends taking this crap and I just bite my tongue. It’s dangerous and full of stimulants. Thank you for putting all of the Thrivers in their place. I truly hope folks don’t end up like a lot of ephedra users, either dead or with jacked up hearts. It’s like a frickin cult. Kudos to you for exposing them, maybe some of them will wake up.

Sara says April 29, 2016

I had a member of a weight loss site contact me randomly and start pushing Thrive on me. I told him that I am super sensitive to caffeine and he assured me that nothing bad would happen and that its such a small amount. Well I tried it and its garbage. I got so sick and I didn’t get a good night sleep for two days. Why would ANYONE put this garbage into their body? Totally typical of how we operate these days.. we want a magic VERY OVERPRICED pill to make everything better. This WAS marketed to me as a weight loss supplement by SEVERAL reps. I have had much better success by eating right and exercising and that doesn’t cost me $200 a month. The energy I had was fake, I have way more energy normally without the huge crash at the end of the day. All you have to do is eat right and exercise, its not that hard and no the energy isn’t going to come right away and the weight isn’t going to come off right away. Years of abuse takes a while to fix and no pill or shake is going to help. I feel sorry for anyone who has gotten involved in this. I have a feeling that this will be banned at some point. Nothing legal should make you feel that ill and from some of the other comments I have read I won’t be surprised if it kills someone. Do yourself and your body a favor.. JUST EAT REAL FOOD.

    Brandon says April 29, 2016

    Hey Sara,

    I must say bravo for figuring this out as many do not and continue to take this and curse anybody who tells them otherwise. It’s funny cause I’ll bet if you asked them why you got sick the person who gave you samples would claim that it’s your body detoxifying as that is their “go to excuse” for the supplements making people sick. If you ask them about their vitamins being synthetic they will just talk about them being pharmaceutical grade, well pharmaceutical grade actually means nothing (Can read about how Pharmaceutical grade is a rip off here is you want)and I have seen what they put in and you can find way better vitamins and minerals at health food stores or online for much cheaper and less hassle.

    It’s true that things can cause a detox reaction but things like eating raw vegetables or doing natural cleanse but taking all the poor ingredients in Le-vel will just contribute to terrible feeling. It’s funny as they’re basically trying to get you to take it long enough to get addicted to the speed/ephedra like stimulants in it.

    Then they get you to recruit as selling the products retail is almost impossible. After that everybody will typically talk highly about it as they also sell it and get high on their own supply LOL.

    The main reason these people are still in operation is because all their customers are also the salesmen as rarely anybody buys this stuff with out selling and recruiting as well. They also like to sue bloggers for saying their opinion as they’re trying to sue “Lazy man and money” right now for giving a honest review.

    I find it hilarious that a couple of reps promoted it as a weight loss supplement as these reps come on here daily and leave comments that I’m so wrong cause my keyword has weight loss in it, but I always hear them make the claims but then tell others that I’m way off.

    Yeah eating good food and exercising and getting the proper balance of minerals from clean sources is definitely the best route to go. I find it crazy that anybody could think that after taking all those chemicals and synthetic vitamins that they will be better off. These people are basically taking a form of speed and I’m assuming that is why the reps are so intense.

    Thanks for stopping by,

Chris says April 25, 2016

I sometimes wonder if all these MLM health businesses are actually linked together – I mean, are these products really that different from one another?
The pyramid system diagram you have included is excellent – point out to all the newbies what they are getting themselves into – great article!

    Jana Lee says May 6, 2016

    Not everything is for everybody. I can only tell you for me it has helped my mood swings, my energy, my skin, my memory and a few other things. The only complaint I have is the bit of residue left after leaving the DFT on for too long. I know some people who can’t use it but I know far more that are getting wonderful results. And as far as the pyramid, the people on top work harder than anyone I’ve ever seen in a direct sale business. Have a great day!

      Brandon says May 6, 2016

      Jana Lee,

      What has it done for your mood swings, what did you have bipolar disorder and now level cured it? It helped your skin and memory are you just saying that how so? and I’m sure it improved your energy as it has a form of speed/ephedra in it.

      The only complaint you have is the patch leaves a residue are you serious?? You have no problems with the sky high prices and average quality products that you can get anywhere???

      You have no problem with basically everybody including people like you working just to scrape by while only 1% or less actually make real money?

      I’m pretty sure your just a thriver that’s in too deep and says good things, if you were honest which I have not met one in MLM, you will tell us that your not making jack but really your just breaking even or making a tad over. Just like thrivers saying that it’s free if you get 2 people well now come to find out it’s two people a month and they also have to bring in people for it to make your products free. Once you actually become a top member then you realize how the game works and have to be OK screwing over your downline.

      People on the top are the Hardest working people??? How do you know how much they work or what their motives are? What do the top guys and gals do that so hardworking?? They have to coach people so they can keep making money, of course they will be motivated to get their downline making sales because they mostly go to them. Jana if this opportunity is so good why are you here???

Darla Arnett says April 14, 2016

I took the vitamins & the shake 2 mornings. I tried the patch the 1st day without a problem. Withing 2 hrs of putting the patch on the 2nd day I started having chest & (L) arm pain. Really thought it might be the end. Took the patch off immediately. I felt achy, nauseated,& generally not well for the next 36 hours. The site on my arm where the 2nd patch was placed is very painful & warm. Feels like I was punched extremely hard there. I would NOT recommend this product to any one EVER!Something is not right with those patches.

Shelley says April 12, 2016

I have scanned all your comments and noticed that the further down I got no one is sticking up for thrive any more!!! I just tried the patch pills and shake that we received my husbands aunt last week and it made me nauseous so I waited a week and tried it again today and received shooting pain in my arm where the patch was located along with several other symptoms. While looking up to see why this was happening I could find no answers and still can’t!!! But it did lead me too your article which I am glad to have read! Thanks for posting it!!!

Maggie says March 15, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to write this. I found you through a comment someone left on lazyman’s blog about this same product.
My friend’s husband sells this stuff (along with a couple friends on Facebook) and their relentless posting about it made me ask what is in it that gives you energy. I had read somewhere it was a lot of caffeine and B vitamins. I can get B vitamins at Rite Aid super cheap when they have buy one get one free deals. And coffee is a lot less expensive than this stuff. Anyway, the first couple people I asked just told me it was a “propriety blend of premium ingredients”. Finally someone told me it did not contain caffeine at all and they would set me up with an “account” so I would see what was in it. I don’t know how they can say it doesn’t contain caffeine when it clearly says it does, and it contains green coffee, green tea, and black tea.
He also told me that he was able to go off his ADD meds because of it.
It’s illegal for “Thrivers” to say it cures any disease. I don’t remember if it’s the FTC or FDA that has ordered them to stop doing that (over and over again) but they still do.
I don’t understand why anyone would spend that kind of money to get 3 dangerous products that together give you vitamins and minerals that one good multivitamin can provide at 10% or less of the cost.
And for the promoter above who says they don’t claim it is a weight loss product . . . they sure do. All over Facebook. I never see anyone post before and after photos though. Funny. Plus, if anyone drinks that much caffeine and drinks water all day they’ll lose weight too. For a tiny, tiny portion of the cost.
Also, the woman who called you an ass for trying to help people . . . to hell with her. I’m super grateful for people like you and the lazyman blogger who expose this stuff for what it is. I can’t afford to be taken by something like this, but it was tempting before I researched it because I would rather take a vitamin and drink a shake than take medication.
Oh, sorry, back to my “account” so I can see what’s in it . . . shortly after that one of the cult members I’m Facebook friends with shared a post from one of the owners where he was talking about what a money maker it is because look at how many new “customer accounts” they’ve acquired in just the last 30 days, so get on board with this growing company, blah, blah, blah. While I’m not disputing the number of new accounts, I wouldn’t call them customers. Not if they’re counting accounts like mine.
I love my friends and would support their legitimate business if it was that, but this is not.
Of course they’ll give you your product free if you get two people on auto ship. The product is super overpriced, so if you get two people to spend hundreds each on $10 vitamins, they can give you the $10 vitamins at no charge. Easy peasy.
Again, thank you for taking the time to write this. Thank you for helping people by educating them before they sign up to get auto shipments they can’t seem to cancel (pissed off consumer or consumer complains web sites have multiple entries from people complaining about having to cancel their credit cards to get the shipments to stop-and cancelling a card can hurt your credit score, but that’s better than hurting your health or bank account).

    Brandon says March 16, 2016

    Hello Maggie,

    I will have to say that I do not have much to add to your perfect comment and research. I really have to commend you for being able to wade through the hype and B.S. and figure out what’s truly right for you and your body. It’s funny as even though Level is insanely high priced they don’t even put real versions of the vitamins they put synthetic cheap forms of most of them in their supplements… For example: “ascorbic acid” is “synthetic Vit C” and they don’t say the form of B-12 they use by I could almost guarantee that it’s “cynocobalamin” the fake synthetic b-12 rather than “Methylcobalamin” the “real B-12.”

    Cynocobalamin is put in all cheap or generic vitamins I use it as an indicator of cheap garbage products as if they put that in I feel they don’t know squat. They use these cheap synthetic vitamins to enrich cheap cereals and cheap supplements like le-vel and even a lot of the cheap supplements even some in health specific stores. These synthetic vitamins are a lot cheaper to manufacture and the’re starting to find that they can leave behind UN-natural things that your body does not know what to do with. Just like things such as “sucralose” and all other artificial sweeteners as they are finding this linked to cancers and other problems but it takes so long that many can’t pinpoint that it was specifically this chemical and not some other chemical they ingested.

    I’m starting to come to the conclusion that if you’re putting anything in your body besides clean alkaline water and living raw beneficial greens( raw veg and fruit mixed in smoothie form in like a vitamix or something) and proper natural herbs you could be just weighing yourself down with more things to detox… which can happen in this day and age unless your a complete health nut which I’m trying to be but it’s not very easy in a world of fast, highly processed, dead, microwaved foods. To be completely free of all toxins is almost impossible but it seems the more you can avoid the healthier people seems to be and the more toxins and chemicals you (especially without a balance of something that detoxifies) have inside you the higher chances their are for disease and dysfunction.

    Thank you, I appreciate the time you took to write me this thoughtful message. I’m just afraid the thrivers will try to attack you saying that I wrote it LOL. I know you don’t need it but I got your back if they do. It’s basically what I would have said and could not have said it better myself. I hope your future is healthy and free of as many toxins and “Crazy Thrivers” as possible:).

    Thank You For Stopping By,

    Jana Lee says May 6, 2016

    I am a Thriver. I, personally do not want to be the person I was before thrive. Everyone is told NOT to make medical claims. Everyone is also told speeding is against the law. You see where I’m going. I’m curious where you got your information on the quality of the ingredients as we are assured they are pharmaceutical GRADE, MANUFACTURED in an FDA approved facility. I became a promoter because I was not told as I customer I could get it for free. As I posted above, I know friends who had an adverse reaction to this, but I think they did not seek their doctors advise before trying it (another night we are all told to pass along). More often than not people I know love it. But this is kind of like politics… You can find anything you want to back up your views, good or bad. That’s my two cents anyway. Have a great day! 😊

      Brandon says May 6, 2016

      Hey Jana,

      Thanks for coming on here and confusing the situation more… hey while we’re at it lets talk about the meaning of life and if anything is technically really wrong or right. Then lets talk about religious beliefs and what is wrong or right. I know there is alwyas two side to a story just my side is true your is a repeat of the level thrive cult leaders.
      I understand that you’re trying to just regurgitate what you have heard but look up Pharmacetical grade vitamins scam and you can find people talking about that as BS also.

      The vitamins that are synthetic is not made up by me, look up synthetic vitamins and then compare with what level puts in and some are real and some are synthetic but the point is they’re expensive and it’s redicoulous that they would even consider putting cheap garbage in if they’re just so superior of a product. Start with “ascorbic acid.”
      Really they do put in stimulants very similar if not the same as ephedra which is bad for your heart…Not only that but it’s overpriced and cost as much as really good products.. But I do not care if you take them just stay off here with your nonsense and trying to brain wash the intellegent people here, as misery enjoys company…

      keep on making that money for those people at the top and keep being the salemen and customer and business owner and employee all at the same time sounds fun to me. Just compare the price of your vitamins to a the same type vitamins and you will get your answer, maybye one day, if not thrive or die. I don’t have time to really dedicate to you thrivers anymore, you guys are everywhere and that means it must be hard as hell to sell this.

Concerned Person says March 5, 2016

Thank you for this. I would like to add another perspective.

I work in the health food industry. It is pretty common knowledge that many vitamin supplements (tailor-made for the individual’s needs, not one-size fits all) can, and do, work. However, I have yet to hear a natural health provider (worth his/her salt) make a statement that cocktail of vitamin supplements will; “change your life” in a matter of a few days . . .

Real and long-lasting results can only be expected if:

1/ the person also makes some lifestyle changes– i.e. diet, exercise, identifies a specific root cause of their illness, etc.

and, along with . . .

2/ the person consistently takes the vitamin supplements for a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks, before they can expect results (or in some cases, NO change at all). Often it’s trial and error.

My point is, EVEN IF this product was of the highest superiority (which I do not believe it is), there is no way that it could work as quickly as its promoters would like you to believe. It’s not scientifically possible.

Good health isn’t just about what you take into your body, it’s a delicate balance of taking in the good, and avoiding to the best of one’s ability,the bad. I am concerned about those mystery ingredients that come with the substandard vitamins. What are the long-term effects? At this point we really don’t know. The people who have had adverse symptoms almost immediately are the fortunate ones because their bodies are alerting them to danger. Those that listen to an inexperienced sales person to press on, could be doing themselves long-term damage.

There is no magic cure, people. Lifestyle changes, /w specifically designed vitamin regiments, and time, are the only guarantees of long lasting changes to your health. And vitamins alone, can never reverse years of neglect and abuse of your body. No matter what ANYONE tells you. Especially someone who stands to separate you from your hard-earned cash!

kiwi says February 25, 2016

I just want to know where you can get real feedback regarding the product. I am not interested in selling especially if I can’t praise it 100%. Does it/can it cause an increase in blood pressure? I feel like the patch does it and I’m trying to get off BP meds. I have tried the patch twice and by day two my head feels like it is exploding!

    Brandon says February 26, 2016

    Hey Kiwi,

    You really can’t get real feedback on too many products now a days, as you realistically need to find info you resonate with, then go with what your gut (or in this case your head) is telling you. All you need to do is look up the vitamins they put in their supplement Google “synthetic vitamins” and then compare how much those exact vitamins would cost and put them side to side.

    Then you will get your real product feedback. Also if you don’t feel good when taking somthing it’s most likely “all the feedback you should need” to discontinue use and at least try somthing else. Make sure to always get more than one opinion different opinions are always good and then just go with the one that resonates the most with you. If you think about it, putting a bunch of synthetic vitamins that are basic generic and synthetic and then calling them pharmacetical charging more and they also give you a head that feels like its exploding…

    I think the head feeling is probably just a side effect of:

    I would say it’s at least time to check other options.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Cat says February 21, 2016

Brandon, I am so glad I found your site and article about this criminal company. My daughter got hooked up with Thrive last year when a high school friend introduced her to it after attending my mother’s wake. My daughter is thoroughly brainwashed to the point of not speaking to me any more because I have refused to be suckered into the scam. I went to a couple of the “meetings” and listened to the hype and even went to a “seminar” presented by Paul Gravette in San Antonio, met him and she took my picture with him. During his entire speech he never once mentioned the ingredients of any of the products. All he talked about was “helping” people improve their lives and how much income could be made from “helping” people. Several promoters took the stage to tell their “enlightening” stories. My companion and I even took the product, but after experiencing terrible side-effects, including heart palpitations, jitters, nausea, and headaches, we discontinued the use of Thrive and returned to using our organic, plant-based, non-GMO supplements that, of course, cost more than drug store synthetic types. However, we constantly research these products, all of which are backed by lots of scientific trials and research. When we examined the ingredients in the Thrive products, not only were we shocked, we were mortified that people, especially my daughter, her husband and their 17-year old daughter are consuming AND conning their friends into buying and consuming. The amount of stimulants contained in these products mirror some that are not legal (cocaine for one) and should not be consumed by anyone, much less people over the age of 60, as my companion and I are. When I tried to explain this to my daughter, she reacted angrily and cut off communication with me, not blaming Thrive, but saying she “didn’t like my companion and never has.” I think these products have had a distinct adverse affect on her and her ability to think clearly. She constantly places posts on Facebook, but blocked me when I made a comment against the stuff she was posting. She is most likely what could be considered an MLM junkie since she has been involved through the years with Amway, Arbonne, and Juice Plus, to name a few. What’s interesting is that over the past 16 years she has created and operated very successful legitimate businesses (three pre-schools and a piano studio). She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and worked for several years for the Texas Ethics Commission and the Attorney General’s office. While she was going to college, I worked three legitimate jobs to help her get her education and now, because of this awful product, she has called me narcissistic and does not want to have any contact with me. Needless to say, I am heart-broken and all I can do is pray that this company will soon go bust and all these promoters will have to wake up and find some TRULY healthy and useful ways of improving their lives. Keep up your good work at trying to expose this terrible scam.

    Cat says February 21, 2016

    Sorry, I meant Paul Gravette, not David. But the actions remain the same.

    Brandon says February 21, 2016

    Hey Cat,

    I’m sorry to hear about this, I’m now just starting to realize the true impact that MLM’s have on families. I have heard this a few times before where there’s one hardcore MLM’er or Thriver in this case and they refuse to look at the facts. The brainwashing is so strong over at Level It seems like they are using MK ultra on their distributors or something. I mean it seems like Level is turning them into manchurian candidates sort of thing. It’s even more scary that Level and MLM companies like this not only provide a terrible products but when you try to speak out they try to sue bloggers like me and bigger with SLAPP lawsuits to try to intimidate us with huge legal fines in court fighting a battle that will not be won by anybody but rather who has deeper pockets to out spend the other, which is the MLM’s by the way… As they’re companies are basically the same as Bernie Madoff’s ponzi except I think Bernies Plan was better and made the initial investors more money than Level LOL.

    I have heard them say that they’re just such a high pharmaceutical grade quality vitamin and they absorb better. Well I’m sure they are “pharmaceutical grade synthetic garbage” sold for more money that you pay for your organic plantbased non GMO supplements. Then to add even more beyond synthetic vitamins such as


    Is just careless and dangerous IMO and any owner of a company to be that ignorant and unaware….it’s certainly not a person I’m buying from I can tell you that.

    This is basically worse for people in the long run than taking low quality multivitamins and washing it down with am Rockstar or Redbull energy drink every morning and then taking some illegal ephedra on top. People will be fine immediately after taking these supplements but it’s over the long term. This is how many get hooked with cigarettes as they have a mild buzz and they don’t kill you right away so people really do not notice what they’re doing and there is no real warnings.

    I feel for you, as putting a child through college and to see them go into the MLM business that mainly hucksters and charlatan’s are involved with can be a painful thing to watch and do nothing. It seems that if you brought up the fact that Amway Arbonne and Juice plus are not working possibly it could be a sign that MLM’s in general are not a need but rather a fast one distributors pull on their friends and family and when you don’t buy they are not your friend. Then problem with these people is they will not listen to anybody as that is what the seminar instantly tell you. They say the parents and the naysayers that “supposedly could not make it work” will try to steal your dream and just cause they are successful means they think that you will not be successful.

    That little saying that is insinuated all the time makes people stay and decide to go all in cause they think everybody around them is just crazy when really that is the time they’re going crazy.

    You might want to watch the videos in this article here talking about MLM’s and how they’re statiscally just not working and the owners are really the only people making real money.

    If your daughter can just internalize the lesson to be learned she will finally back out of MLM but they need to see that the money they spend and invest in these companies made them only break even or profit a little bit at best with these MLM’s. Especially if you add in the monthly autoships. These people then set up successful money making ventures only to finance the MLM scheme that is supposed to be making them rich when really it’s just a liability and expensive hobby.

    Yeah I know what you mean if she would focus as much effort as she does on MLM’s into anything they would be successful, but they only see the massive amounts of money that could be made possibly but for the most part everybody is paying to play the MLM game and when they play they lose. Then they think that it was them not trying hard enough or they just need a new product when really all MLM products are already out on the market as well and typically in abundance and for less money and better quality. So if you an sell MLM stuff just imagine how much they could sell a product that actually works and helps people.

    Then when you get something that actually works people are so jaded that it’s hard to get them to believe what you have to offer is legitimate LOL. Also if you are possibly looking for a way your daughter could make money and get out of the MLM trap she would really like My #1 Recommendation as it will teach her how to get online doing real affiliate marketing. She could then start her own business online. If she wanted to she could also promote Wealthy Affiliate and make reoccurring commission, ( not because it was a pyramid but because people want to stay.)

    Making reoccurring commission is just like she is wanting from those MLM’s but there’s no physical products to buy, No MLM pyramid structure and the products you buy are products that helps the member learn how to build, find niche and train the person or member not weight them down with tons of autoships of product they will never take unless they give it away. They also host all your websites and even with free membership you get two free websites and hosting with subdomain and free niche training.

    I’m sorry you are dealing with such a tough situation and if I can do anymore to help please let me know.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

RuthM says February 18, 2016

Oh no, not another MLM. They are everywhere. This business model MUST work if these businesses continue to exist? Surely.

I always get confused when it comes to compensation plans. I don’t know why they make them so complicated!

You have provided some really interesting points about this program including the reviews from amazon. This seals the deal for me!. I’m not going there.

Why do you think SO MANY MLMs exist in this sector, the health and wellness sector?

    Brandon says February 19, 2016

    Hey Ruth,

    I think that there is so many in the health and wellness industry as that is the biggest group of buyers to sell to. These MLM’s will say anything to get a sale, so they might as well get in the most competitive markets and just sell crap in a pretty box and and tell people what they want to hear. These do work and they work very well but only for the owners and top friends of the owner.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Adam says February 5, 2016

This is great, I am by no means an expert in the field of nutrition however I rely on people who are which is why I only buy my supplements from people/businesses that have true knowledge in the field. The thing that just sets me off is not so much the money scam but the fact you have people who know nothing about nutrition acting like experts.I could rant for ever about this junk but mainly just wanted to say great article.

    Brandon says February 5, 2016

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks man, it’s nice to hear from the regular people that are not Level Reps lol. Those Level distributors are a fiesty bunch of sassy firecrackers and they will get real “hot and heavy about Level” if you say the truth about it. The good thing is the Level reps never can make any good logical points, it’s mainly all angry ranting.

    I feel that when people like these Level distributors give out advice, it could be giving someone that’s already ill loads of synthetic vitamins and the person could be worse off than before they started. If Level sold better supplements I could totally go for them being overpriced but to make them no differnt and charge a lot more just doesn’t make sense by itself.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Jeremy says February 2, 2016

Hey Brandon. There is some bogus visual material being passed out by Le-vel promoters showing the amount of caffeine in other single products compared to 3 Thrive products combined. I asked a promoter if he got this from his promoters account at Le-vel, but he responded from up-line. Another promoter stated the same thing, but also stated that it could be on the Le-Vel website. It could? I asked her more questions, but she broke down and cried. That’s another Le-Vel story.

Anyway, funny how this material is being passed around to show the amount of caffeine in 3 Thrive products combined, while caffeine is listed under Proprietary blends in the ingredients. Either these promoters who are pushing this material are sadistic a-holes, or they don’t have the intelligence to question the discrepancy. A slide shows the amount of caffeine in Thrive products, but it doesn’t show the amount in it’s ingredients on the products themselves?

They don’t know how much they’re setting themselves up for failure. First off, if by chance someone gets hurt by this product, these promoters will get sued. The plaintiffs will present the fact of this bogus material in court. And if Le-Vel finds out, they will deny issusing this material, and also sue the hell out of them to protect their name. A double whammy! Woo-hoo!

    Brandon says February 2, 2016

    Hey Jeremy,

    Wow, I never really thought about how someone could actually get sued personally, that is a good point. I thought they could only sue the company but that makes sense, as if the claims these distributors make are not supported by The MLM company in question and are made to look like they don’t want distributors making those claims. The MLM companies have to know it will happen and don’t try hard to stop it, so that is the point where the stories probably get out of control LOL.

    I bet they know that just like rumors get started, stories will be told by the distributors trying to frantically sell these products. Then by the time it gets passed around a few people the rumor or story is completely different. The story could start as a distributor saying…. “It’s good for you and the three steps make you feel great” to “my 80 yr old friend in a wheelchair magically got rid of Parkinson and cancer while doing Level 3 step program LOL.

    That will be interesting to see in the future if a consumer sues a distributor and then the company not only cancels their account but also will steal their sales, leads and existing downline but also possibly sue them to make it look like they wanted nothing to do with it. This would be a win-win for the MLM corporation and lose-lose for the distributor. I’m still not sure if level would be able to sue the distributor as well but they would definitely steal their downline as they own it and one mistake and it’s like a bad job that can just terminate you indefinitely.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

    Maggie says March 15, 2016

    Hi Jeremy,
    A promoter actually told me that it did NOT contain caffeine and when I read the ingredients it is clear that it does. I mean, not only does it list caffeine, but green coffee, green tea, and black tea . . . yeah, caffeine.
    I hope someone gets sued.
    An elderly woman in the facebook thread where I was told it did not contain caffeine commented that she couldn’t touch it if it did. I hope she didn’t try it based off the statement that it doesn’t.

Juanita says January 29, 2016

Brandon your amazing… I’ve begun hearing about it from several different people. I have to say this is by far the best researched article I’ve come across Brandon. I can see how annoying all the Level distributor are commenting, my personal favotirte are the ones that act like they have nothing to do with the program and say I am not a promoter of Thrive or even a user then go on to make claims that Brandon’s comments are un true or crap and just get angry in the comments why are they so angry if they do not have any stake in the company HMMMMM. This is a trick that I have seen as most Level distributors will comment saying they are not a distributor when they are and then say that it’s a good product, or even worse they say they are not going to go with it but The writers an asshole, really the people commenting without any real points besides the writer is stupid or doesn’t know what hes talking about and then make terrible points.

I hope everyone does their own research- mine tells me I probably won’t be buying- because of the warnings on this website, I just felt so compelled to comment. Brandon is clearly a man who does his research but that is just in my opinion, what do I know as I have no clue still about synthetic vs regular vitamins. I also had no clue they added in those stimulants.

I fully expect to receive a hate filled replys from Level reps that pretend they’re not…Distributors seem to comment in here all day long it looks like, I see so many level distributors defending the product as there’s never a real consumer, only what seems like angry distributors claiming they’re just regular people with no stake in the company that just happen to want to defend Level thrives honor, possibly they must be the owners or some distributors brothers and sisters or something, saying how MLM’s are great and it might not be for them but again defend level thrives honnor which sounds to me like a rep as I really don’t sell it and I could care less what is said about it…. So anyone that gets their panites in a bunch, they’re distributors, even if they say they are not… I can clearly see that Brandon does his research and everybody that is mad at him is because they have no clue about the product or services and are believing the hype… He’s definitly not a person who will lose a comment battle thats for sure.

Everyone makes sure to also watch out for all the Level Reps who claim they’re just normal people but come to defend Levels name as no one in their right mind would do that unless they’re a distributor.

Thanks Brandon For The Real Warning Of Le-vel Thrive

    Jennifer says February 3, 2016

    WOW.. I know I said I wouldn’t be back but I thought about what I did and I guess I really shouldn’t act the way I do.. I realized that Level is not a good company and I’m admitting that I’m wrong. Le-vel is actually very bad for your health now that I looked into it further and I’m very sorry that I came here and said nothing constructive.

    There’s a difference between negative lies (smear campaign) and negative truths, The negative truths hurt more. I no longer will promote this to my friends and family as I have lost most of them due to this company. I’m done living the Level lie.

    I was just hurt and confused by Le-vel and I don’t make any money so I took it out on you…I still have to pay money to Level every month which I will be cancelling. Really you were just trying to educate people on the dangers of MLM which I see now.

    you made me think negative things about you in the beginning but really I have nothing to say and have realized my actions have come from desperation to sell to make my money back. Now I know for certain that this entire website not a lie and I was just angry.

    I also know you’ll see this and I just wanted to let you know again, that I’m Sorry.


      Brandon says February 4, 2016

      Hey Jennifer,

      Thank You, I appreciate your honesty as it’s nice for others to hear about how you were a raving fan of Level and now you have seen what they’re doing and decided to make a change. That takes courage as sticking with your guns and not admitting when your in the wrong as you have to keep up that lie for however long you sell Le-vel which can really eat you up .

      Thanks For Stopping By,

Anonymous says January 25, 2016

You should probably check your facts and actually learn what a pyramid scheme really is.

Fact: Le-Vel doesnt have mandatory or required monthlyrics autoships. You can chose not to do autoship, pause autoship, or delete an autoship. You don’t even have to order every month if you don’t want to.

Fact: I took the brochures to 3 of my specialist and my pcp to see if it was worth taking and they approved it.

Fact: It’s not for weight loss

Fact: The reason it sells so well is the simplicity, instead of taking 20 different you get 3 simple steps.

Fact: If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but Le-Vel is now #1 in the health and wellness movementment with over 2,500,000 customers in 5 countries and growing, THAT’S customers, not including promoters.

Fact: If it didn’t work as well as it did, people wouldn’t get it month after month. Usually these people, like me have spent hundreds already on crap from GNC that DIDN’T work. This works because it’s easily absorbed.

So obviously you’ve never tried it. Those on here bashing it, didn’t take it correctly the others just agree with you because they think you’re something special when you’re not. You don’t even know what a pyramid scheme is.

Le-Vel gives back to their customers and promoters, gives to the community, donates to causes, not to mention the promoter gets the biggest percentage of their commission earned, not the person above them.

    Brandon says January 26, 2016

    MLM Or Pyramid? Take Away The Product and it’s a Ponzi/pyramid.

    I understand that you call your pyramid scheme an MLM but it’s a pyramid scheme even when you change the name and add in a lackluster run of the mill synthetic cheap vitamin product to make it a legal MLM and not an illegal pyramid. You’re a perfect example for all the readers here what a person that is “HIGH ON MLM” sounds like, so thanks for showing everyone a real life example.

    I’m going to make this quick as I’m afraid to comment back to people high on MLM as they come in all erratic making claims and statements they believe are true but then once they hear logical points being made they either say an answer completely unrelated or they don’t respond at all.

    Lets see if you can answer all the questions that I have for you anonymous. We will have to see if you actually respond back with a real answer and not just more positive le-vel thrive statements that not one can really prove are true. I’m not going to put a lot of time into this, as I know you are too far gone but I thought your comment just had to be answered for an example to all the readers out there.

    Wow those are some great numbers, but just because a company has lots of people does not make it a good idea.
    Example: Herballife, Mary-kay, Amway, Avon etc. You want to tell me those companies are a great opportunity just cause they have lots of people they supposedly sell to???

    How do you know the level numbers are so accurate?
    Do you and the owner hang out and look over the books and talk exactly what percentage are just customers and what percentage are promoters/distributors or are you just repeating what they say at the annual Le-vel convention?

    Let’s say for example that a person such as yourself is probably a distributor… So if let’s say you don’t buy in products on autoship and someone in your downline buys the product,or someone decides to buy a large package that you have never bought, are you going to get the commission if you didn’t buy and are not currently purchasing a certain order on autoship? (don’t dodge the question)

    You left out what happens if you don’t buy products and decide to put things on hold, do you still get paid the same no matter what?

    Even if you get paid the same no matter what then le-vel is not a very smart MLM, or your lying. No matter what I would not buy overpriced synthetic vitamins every month if I didn’t have to and make the same amount of money no matter what. It really just does not make sense to buy in overpriced synthetic vitamins from Level Bottom line and then you add in the MLM. Also the fact that they’re low amounts of the vitamins to boot.

    Why do you claim these are so much better and easy to absorb?? What a general blanket statement you made there, that now you need to explain what you mean by that..What is easily absorbed that is different from anything else out there? (oh boy this will be good)

    If nothing happens if you auto-ship or not, then when your recruiting why would someone really want to buy overpriced synthetic vitamins??? Is it really just because of the three step process, is that what you tell yourself to make you believe in it?

    If you want to play the Fact game we can.

    fact: You need to get another specialist just cause they said it’s good does not mean you need to come on here and say your right.

    fact: Only 0.1 percent of MLM promoters/distributors make decent money and go beyond breaking even and making more than part time income…The Rest of the 99% barely make money, break even or lose money.

    fact: MLM scheme Le-vel is using basic quality vitamins that are thrown into the mix so that it’s not a pyramid not because the owners knew about health and wanted to make a great product.

    These pills have

    Artificial sucralose
    dl alpha synthetic E
    Acetate synthetic A
    Ascorbic acid synthetic C…

    There’s more but it does not claim what source they’re getting the iodine or b-12 from. It’s probably kelp for iodine and is a poor way to get iodine and I would be willing to bet the b-12 they use is cynocobalamin a cheap synthetic b-12. Wow those three steps hopefully are really worth it as looking at the mens vitamins all I need is a good natural multivitamin and I could get the same if not way better for much cheaper again why would I choose Le-vel and don’t say it’s cause it cured your uncles bum leg or some story. You need real logical reasons, also not cause the owner says don’t listen to the naysayers, just tell everybody what real reason does a consumer have to buy cheap synthetic vitamins at a high price???

    fact They also add in sucralose an artificial sweetener and they’re known to be terrible and at that high of a price it better come with the best form of organic sugar or somthing rather than cheap artificial sweetners … I know people use them in garbage products but again why would you want to use these over cheaper more potent and better quality multi-vitamins or supplements?

Steve says January 7, 2016

I have a friend that will not stop tagging me and my GF on Facebook with this Thrive junk. She called 5 times yesterday and texted 3 “do you wanna get more Thrive.” We just ignore. I took it 3 days in a row, the pills, shake and patch. I felt absolutely nothing. I take vitamins and supplements so when I found out what is in it I just laughed. Bunch of stuff you can get anywhere. They change the “formula” I heard it once had L-Tyrosine now it doesn’t. Yes, L-Tyrosine will make you feel awake, even bad anxiety. The ingredients in it might effect someone who is severely deficient in amino acids and vitamins and minerals. But the claims are outrageous, like taking adderall she said. It seems like she (the person we know) is getting desperate. Probably realized their mistake. I promise you a year from now, hardly anyone will be pushing this stuff. I remember Monavie. My Snap-On dealer was selling it. He said it made him feel better since he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He felt awesome. He died about 2 months later. I’m just sick of this craze but I KNOW it will be over relatively soon. Do these people really think they got in on the next big thing? Like getting in on Amazon stock in the 90’s or toilet paper 100 years ago…they won’t sell it in stores because nobody would buy it. The government should do more to warn people about these MLM rip-offs if they can’t legally do anything about them. I said I’d try it, I went in without any pre-conceived notions, and knew after day three it was just hype. People feeling something may be having the placebo affect, others deficient in these supplements, and others just lying. Wait a year….then we shall see..

    Brandon says January 8, 2016

    Hey Steve,

    Le Vel thive Reps can be very convinced that this product changes lives so I’m sorry that your having to deal with this right now as I can understand how hard it can be to let someone down easy. Recruiting is where most of MLM’s like these sales come from as none of these people can really make money selling a average product for 3x the price. Some companies such as herballife have almost 80-90% of their sales are from the distributors buying in products every month.

    That is interesting about the L-tyrosine and how it is like Aderall. They also probably got rid of it as this is a move some of these companies make as a way of getting around FDA approval limit. I had a person comment saying that supposedly when it reaches the FDA approval limit range they change the formulations and it restarts the FDA approval limit process all over.

    Most people will feel nothing and only the ones that get sucked into the hype will then buy the overpriced stuff trying to be nice and then getting sold at these conventions, thinking they can get it cheaper buying in cases. Then they get charged monthly for products that they then realize are very hard to sell and then to recoup the cost and not admit defeat they try to sign up others.

    Then when the cases start piling up in the garage people start feeling the magical healing benefits all of a sudden and start telling everybody that it helped so and so’s cancer.

    You hit the nail on the head with many getting a placebo and some that are just very deficient may feel better after taking them and others are just trying to recoup investment and will say anything. Like you said these supplements are nothing special and to pay triple the price for them just does not make sense.

    Also many MLM’s use the cheapest ingredients they can get their hands on so they can make more profit. MLM’s are focused on profit and not making a quality product that is a need to a market and they charge triple for it thus making the ingredients, vitamins and minerals they use typically very low quality as well.

    Man I feel bad for your Snap On tool rep as he got wrapped up in that gargbage right before he died. I actually had a boss try to sell me on Monivie right before he then when out of business must be the Monivie curse lol. He was saying how it was the next best thing that helps his Grandap’s joints and tastes amazing. I then realized the special miracle Amazon acai berry is not any better than blueberries really.

    Also the funny this was if you wanted to get really good Acai berry juice you could get other products such as Amazon Thunder for much cheaper and much higher ORAC rating and had way more Acai berries. That is similar to another MLM network marketing company that was selling a mineral supplement zeolite but barley put any of the mineral zeolite in the product and where basically selling expensive water and telling people that were really sick that it could heal them.

    The crazy thing is the government should not allow garbage companies like this to thrive but they do not seem like they are going to be doing too much about it any time soon. These MLM’s are like a cancer and have been going strong since the 60’s- 70’s like Amway, Mary kay and Avon.

    The weird thing about some of these MLM’s is they just keep learning better and better group psychology and sales techniques and they seem to continue to get people that are new to this which is hard to find now a days as people would need to sell in other countries that are not familiar with it to really make good money with these. When memberships with these companies drop they just let the old MLM tank and start another next big thing and do it all over. Le-vel Thrive has to be close to it’s end as they have a lot of negative talk going around about them and their products (well with exception to all the distributors feeling the amazing healing power lol.) I’m also interested how long they will last, I will be optimistic and give it a couple of years but i’m assuming that it will be going downhill the whole time. I guess time will tell.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


    Maggie says March 15, 2016

    Regarding Monavie, my boss (a lawyer) got suckered into buying a case of it and brought it to work to try to sell it to us. Later on the owner or inventor or someone in that company admitted that it was literally just juice. I believe that company is gone now. But much like Thrive, the distributors were going around claiming that it cured diseases which is illegal for them to do.
    My friend on Facebook claimed that he hasn’t needed to take his Adderall since he started “Thriving”. Even if it was chemically like Adderall, the average person shouldn’t be on speed.
    And they (the distributors) act as if they’re nutrition experts when most of them have a high school diploma and spend their days at the gym when not working at their jobs, which have nothing to do with nutrition or medicine.

Carlos Ruiz says January 4, 2016

I’m tired of seeing all the fools on Facebook swearing up & down how great this product and all the other annoying products like it are. If you are blasting these ignorant claims on your Facebook page, you are only making yourself look like a fool and annoying everyone because its clearly a scam. The only people interested in this are people desperate for a quick fix instead of doing exactly what this article suggests like changing your diet and exercising more or bored mothers who think they need to sit on their ass all day instead of working. Just because you can pop out a few kids and scam gullible people with these marketing ploys while sitting on your ass all day doesn’t mean it’s a full time job. Most of the women selling this crap are having their husbands pay for it while the wife isn’t even working.

    Brandon says January 4, 2016

    Hey Carlos,

    You are definitly hitting the nail on the head. I do feel sorry for many of the people involved as they get literally brainwashed and sucked into the MLM machine and before they know it they are MLM zombies chasing people saying “go all in and sign up, It worked for my friend and father in law swears by it.”

    The really sad this is these people that get sucked in are in too deep and when they see facts about their program that they do not like they will just get more defensive and add more nonsense comparisions.

    For example:

    They try to say comparisions, like for the argument, if MLM’s are pyramids then anything is a pyramid, if you work a job it’s a pyramid.

    Well if you work a job your in a pyramid yes but really it’s more of a stuture of command but unlike a pyramid everybody gets paid if they do work, where as a pyramid scheme everybody has to pay and only the bosseswould make good money and the managers would break even and all the rest of the employees would just lose money.”

    It’s really good that you can see through it and not get sucked into the hype as many have lost a small fortune with these.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

    Zeitgeist says March 15, 2016

    I finally had to take a guy out of my Facebook feed, due to his constant yammering about this product. I swear, not one of his FB posts has anything to do with anything else in his life. It is all Thrive, all the time.

    Given all the stuff I’m reading here, I’ll bet his main motivation isn’t to make money, though. He’s probably just looking for a few suckers to pay for his fix.

    What a perfect way to piss off everyone you know.

Denise says January 2, 2016

I have been taking Thrive for 3 months, no once has anyone ever said it was a weight loss product to me. I havent had any ill side effects, in fact, I have had only positive ones, including; less body aches, better eating habits, more energy & sleeping much better at night. I switched to Thrive because I was spending over 110.00 a month at GNC for 6 different supplements, not including the motrin & melatonin I was also taking daily. So, I have replaced all of that with 2 pills & a shake. As far as price, well I havent paid for anything but 6.99 for shipping in 2 months.

    Brandon says January 3, 2016

    Hello Denise,

    You only paying $6.99 for shipping is garbage im sorry and I’m sick of hearing it (Your Le-Vel Sales pitch as your not the first to say everything you have said). You have not recieved anything for free, you had to sell two other people to become distributors and buy in products monthly just so you could get your supposed free supplements. What you’re saying is like getting two people to buy in products from GNC every month so you could get your supplements for free. You are really not getting them for free but rather getting two suckers to do your dirty work. If you can get that to work all power to you.

    I can see that you are just here to say your piece and defend Le-vel and leave so I’m not going to put a lot of thought into this reply. The bottom line is that you have to recruit two others just to get in your products for free and that is only if your recruits stay with the program and continue to buy in products every month.

    I keep hearing how great they are and how they are not for weight loss, the main thing is they do nothing special and cost triple the price and you have to either sign up two other people or you yourself in the beginning have to buy products in monthly.

    Only if you can swindle someone into buying it and becoming a distributor will yo then be able to get your money back. Then The main factor in all of this is that your trapped in a MLM, they really just do not work for most people.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

      Crystal says May 4, 2016

      You have to actually sign up 2 people EACH month to get your product free. Not just keep 2 people on the auto-ship.

        Brandon says May 4, 2016

        Hey Crystal,

        Wow, I thought you just had to keep two people paying but that is much harder… If people have to get 2 new signups each and every month to be qualified for free products that is much harder that they claim to get free products LOL.

        Thanks for adding this,

          Anita says May 6, 2016

          No, you only have to have 2 customers purchase each month (not 2 NEW ones every month). Then Le-Vel gives you the average of those two sales in product credit on the first of the following month.

          PS-I love the products. ALL of them. I’m JUST a HAPPY CUSTOMER.

          Brandon says May 7, 2016

          Hey Anita,

          I guess if you can keep two people buying products then I say good for you.

          Thanks for stopping by,

Derek Marshall says December 23, 2015

Well done in exposing such a scam.

Trans dermal patches are great for getting essential vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream. rather than being lost by the digestive system. A good weight loss patch or multi vitamin and mineral patch would not only have different ones for men and women but for different age groups also.

    Brandon says December 23, 2015

    Sure trandermal patches can work as I take topical Magnesium Chloride and spray it on my skin as it absorbs faster, the problem with these patches is they are nothing special and cost a fortune and also you have to be wrapped up in a MLM to buy them.

    The thing with this program is even if they have differnt formulations of multivitamins and minerals why would you want to have to go through a MLM and have to buy them in monthly just so you can take regular average vitamins with a patch?

    I am confused why they are even better than taking pills?

    To me taking a patch out of a packet and sticking to your arm and then taking it off and throwing it away, takes just as long as taking a pill. Now the delivery is better transdermally but then the question is why would you want to use LE-Vel and pay three times as much when you can get vitamis that go into your skin for half the cost and no MLM sign up fees.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


JP says November 30, 2015

I did a 3 day supply of the products and I didn’t really notice a difference after I stopped taking it. However, when it came to time to see how much it cost for the products, I was shocked at how expensive it was. The person who tried to sign me up, said just sign up two more people and you will get yours for free.. Of course out of the free I received I had to give out a months worth to other people. Yeah..I’m not going to pay 400 bucks and give 150 away…No thanks.. Then they said, sale enough and get a car bonus…Yeah, I have a BMW and better yet it doesn’t have to have Level and Thrive all over it.

Basically the two owners are just sitting back and collecting all the money off of what the little people sale and sign people up. Frankly, I am skeptic of any auto ship company anyways.

Plus, they are constantly changing the DFT patches just about every couple of months. That is usually a way of getting around FDA approval. Changing the product slightly right before its reach its approval limit range and starting the process all over.


    Brandon says November 30, 2015

    Hey J.P,

    Wow that is very interesting changing the formula every few months to get around FDA approval. These companies all do the sme thing make a product that is barely legal and force people to buy it in and collect the money let them tank and move on to the next one. All you need is a catchy name and lots of flashy signs and logos and then throw in a copied garbage product with a slick sales message and then anybody can have themselves their very own MLM/pyramid.

    I always find it funny how people keep saying it’s free after getting 2 people and you hit the nail on the head giving out the samples from expensive cases that you personally have to buy in does not sound like a good deal to me either.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Camper says November 26, 2015

This is a total fraud. The founder doesn’t even take his own supplements. He goes to GNC just like the rest of us and takes normal, cheaper stuff that actually works better. Kinda funny how that works.

The founder, Jason Camper has been accused of credit card fraud before, isn’t that the kind of guy you expect to be running a pyramid scheme? Just go google his name and the word “fraud” and see what turns up. It’s pretty funny actually that so many people don’t do basic homework before over paying for placebo pills.

    Brandon says November 28, 2015


    That is crazy that the owner must realize that the supplements are garbage and is funny as I aways said that I can’t see any difference from the Le vel suppplememts and what you could get at any health store. Well aparently the level owner would get those supplements in for basically free, so to say he has GNC supplements is really showing that Level really does give negative side effects or the owner would do nothing but take le vel. It’s good too see not everybody is getting on this train as soon this MLM will be a sinking ship just like many others out there.

    If they force enough people to buy this every month it forces people to lie to themselves and others about how well it works. As always if you are looking for somthing that really does work check out my #1 recomendation to start a real buisness online with your own uunique angle.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Bradley Hicks says November 9, 2015

I don’t believe that Le-Vel is, as you would call it, a scam. If you have the business sense to know how to work it and if you use it while reaping the rewards that come with it, you can make some money. I know people who are satisfied with the product and have made their money back while having some pocket change to spend as well. And by just doing ONLY the 8 week experience, I think it is a great Kickstarter towards a healthier lifestyle. I think it all comes down to understanding how this kind of market works; and just trying to live better in general; to give people a motivation as well.

Neil says October 4, 2015

Hello, Brandon!

I have been looking into weight loss business opportunities for a while, and it’s just like this Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss scam, there are so many scams out there that they are actually slowing me down with my search to find LEGIT programs!

I seriously have no idea how MLM scams of this nature can charge such a huge monthly cost, when people don’t have that kind of money available. All I can say is your must be right hype sells.

This is a great review of the program and the products, and I doubt I will be joining this any time soon, let alone recommending it to family and friends, because it’s a great way to make enemies and lose peoples trust! If you wanted to make friends and help people I would also suggest your #1 recommendation I have heard of this a while back and it is still going strong.

100% pure scam, and thanks for confirming this!


    Brandon says October 6, 2015

    Hey Neil,

    Well I am glad that I could help you make your decision, with weight loss products they are typically just garbage in a bottle or box. They just hype it up do much that they sell crap in a beautiful box.

    Yeah I always guide people to go to My #1 recommendation and set up their free account as most only think that you can try it free, for only a few days when really you can remain a free member as long as you like.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


James says September 22, 2015

Thanks for bringing this scam to everyone’s attention. I love the quote from “Tommy Boy”..classic! Not only is it a pyramid scheme but from the proof you have posted on your site it also looks to be dangerous to try. I’ll be sure to stay away from this company. Do you have a review for a legit company that won’t rip you off?

    Brandon says September 23, 2015

    Hey James,

    I most certainly have a review for a really legitimate opportunity that has been the place where people have turned everything around and finally learned to realistically make money online. If you want to read a full review click here. This course if taken seriously will change your life and the way you work online. If you are skeptical they let you try it for free for as long as you like. So there is no reason to not give it a shot as this open education project that I speak of works and it can also work even for free.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Jeff says September 21, 2015

Thanks for the article about the Le Vel Thrive weight loss scam- I don’t think this is a business I’m interested in trying out – or even their products. It’s great that you’re exposing this type of company to others so that they don’t get wrapped up the hype and think they will make big bucks. Do you have any suggestions for a company like this that is a good opportunity?

Leanne says September 14, 2015

Sorry that I’m not commenting on the post, but I just had to say that picture of Tommy talking about dumping in the box is glorious.

    Brandon says September 15, 2015

    Hey leanne,

    I am glad that someone got a kick out of that lol.

    Thanks for stopping by,

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Marcus says September 8, 2015

Nicely done with the funny speech bubble on that image of the basketball player. I love doing things like that too, just to make fun of something that is so obviously absurd.

Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss sounds a lot like Herbalife to me. They have a product, yes, but really once you get into it, you realise that it’s all about signing up other members. The ones who join early are the really successful ones, and to hell with anyone who joins later, they don’t matter.

Your diagram illustrates this point perfectly. It’s shocking that over 90% of people who join will make no money. Yet the top 0.04% will make an absolute killing. This is so horrendous it actually makes me want to repeatedly bash my face against my computer keyboard until I have managed to randomly type the words “THIS IS A SCAM” with my nose.

It’s such a shame because these do actually look like okay supplements. I mean, they probably do some good. It’s just awful that they have adopted the MLM structure to market the products. I think the reason they don’t just use affiliate marketing is because the owners of MLMs can make much more than if they legitimately let affiliates sell their products.With MLM they are ripping everybody off so it is a lot easier to make big money and let all the people at the bottom and middle of the pyramid lose out. That really cleared up my decision and I am going to check out your affiliate recommendation as it seems like the most solid way to really achieve success.

    Brandon says September 10, 2015

    Hey Marcus,

    Yeah I agree the products almost do not look half bad but they are also nothing special and they cost way more and have to have them auto shipped to your house monthly or you can’t make commission if you sell them. It’s a shame that so many decide that MLM is the way to promote products as they really are just a huge money making scheme for just the top .04 people and the owners.

    If you really want to make it online you have to learn a solid foundation on what you need to do step by step and the best way I know how someone can learn is through My #1 Recommendation as this system will not only give you training but also provide all the hosting and tools and resources that you need to realistically get a full time online business up and running and making real consistent money.

    Also the best part is you can try it for free and see the first few training courses and see how it all works. Check out my review HERE and it will explain everything.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Bob says September 7, 2015


I was approached with this offer and was considering it until I read this review on le vel weight loss scam. I have always thought that MLM’s were weird but never really heard the truth about how MLM’s only really make money for the owners and the first sign ups. Also I just hate the fact that your selling something that many others are selling and for a higher price and they are not better than any normal average weight loss supplement. Thanks for sharing this you saved me a few years of headaches. I am thinking of trying out your #1 recommended program but still on the fence as I feel that all the programs out there seem like they all take your money and leave you hanging… what is different about WA and why is it better?

    Brandon says September 8, 2015

    Hello Bob,

    I am happy that this review could help you make a sound decision. The reason WA is unlike most programs is they no only train you but also provide you with keyword tool and website builder and host all in one so you do not need to buy any more overnight riches courses that will just take your money, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you and gives you all tools and resources necessary to start a full time business online. This is not another scheme but more like a university and education plus everything you need to learn how to build a full time income producing website. If you are interested but still on the fence you can always just sign up for the free membership and take it for a test drive and also go through the first training and you will see how the community and this open education project are different.

    Thanks For Stopping By

Ron Blankenship says September 7, 2015

The owners of Le-vel are already looking to bail. They will be out of the business soon and leave the suckers behind to pay the bills and atone for the scam.

    Brandon says September 8, 2015

    Hey Ron,

    That is interesting I have always noticed that when a MLM pyramid is starting to go bad the lead people and owners start to bail and then wait for the system to implode. If your stuck in the program and are not sure what to do check out this open education project that changed the way I do business online.

    Thanks For Stopping By

    Anonymous says November 19, 2015

    yet you are a pying customer still Ron, hmmmmmmmm

      Brandon says November 20, 2015

      He may be a paying customer but probably just came to his senses about how this program really is just using and abusing people to become free salesmen for a sub par average products. People involved in pyramids/MLM’s work for somone else and still don’t get paid a base salary to sell but they also have to pay or buy in products evey month as if they owned their own business.

      How do you know Ron is a paying customer? If so he is probably just stuck trying to get his investment back as many are scared to pull the plug after they get in too deep. Ron is at least noticing that this is not a real program even though he is invested in it, this takes some real guts. Most people just mindlessly promote it mo matter what so they can try to sell and not admit that they may have made a mistake.

      Thanks For Stopping By,

      Tracey Hooker says June 24, 2016

      This comment was obviously left by the idiot, Jason Camper, who can’t spell or type correctly as evidenced in all of his facebook posts about his shit product. His dumb ass wife can’t even say her name without sounding like a trailer hooker. Go figure. “pying” lol

    Ron Blankenship says December 27, 2015

    Such a Typical Scam.

Stacey says September 6, 2015

Hi Brandon,

Just curious, have you actually tried the product, Thrive? I want to know YOUR experience with it. Also, it’s NOT a weight loss program, this makes me question the accuracy of your research.


    Brandon says September 8, 2015

    Hello Stacy,

    Yes I have tried the patch after someone trying to tell me how much energy I will have after trying it, I humored the person along and stuck the DFT patch on and it did not help curb cravings and also made my heart feel weird and I got sick to my stomach, like I took medication without food. After my experience I had to find out if this was common so I googled “le vel thrive weight loss scam” and found many others experiencing the same thing.

    I am assuming that you or someone you know is apart of Le vel thrive.

    Where is my research not accurate?

    When you say that you question the accuracy, what do you question just the weight loss part?
    I actually question your reading as I did not say it’s only a weight loss supplement but really it’s nothing more than a multivitamin and claims to be digestive support as well as antioxidant but there are many supplements that you could buy at any vitamin store that are much better quality and less expensive. This company is targeting weight loss and digestive aids but it’s a weight loss and herbal MLM pyramid company when it’s all said and done.

    I guess if I am so far off please enlighten me and others about why this product is not targeting weight loss? Are you stating that taking le vel thrive is better than taking a multivitamin and pro-biotic? If not then all le vel thrive has is the weight loss claims.

    Why would someone want to pay an auto ship every month just to sell this overpriced generic multivitamin to others. I even see that the lifestyle mix adds in magnesium citrate instead of magnesium chloride which is much better and it is also better to take magnesium transdermal as it absorbs much better but I see no magnesium in the DFT patch. The magnesium that is in le vel thrive is not going to be half as potent and good for you as a transdermal spray of magnesium chloride. That is why just by looking at it again, I would rather get primal defense probiotics and a multivitamin that is food based and vegan and spray magnesium chloride on topically and take a sub-lingual b-12. I would have much better results and absorption with the regimen that I just laid out, then having to buy in le vel thrive every month on autoship and try to talk people in to buying it.

    Thanks For Stopping By

      Jamie says November 7, 2015

      You have no idea what you are talking about. I have been a very happy customer for 5 months. Thrive is not just a patch, it’s a 3 step routine you do first thing in the morning. 2 capsules on an empty stomach as soon as your eyes open. 20 to 30 minutes later drinking the lifestyle mix. THEN…putting the patch on. Seriously if you have never even taken the product, how to you reserve the right to an opinion. Thrive changed every aspect in my life. The mental clarity I have now, is mind blowing. Than is just one of many benefits. It’s very apparent that you do not like any MLM, which is your right. But to spread lies about something that is changing lives is WRONG. My husband who is a 20 year vet with cancer takes Thrive, and he has a better quality of life now because of it. I would love for you to tell him he is a liar. Send my your address I would be happy to send you a sample of the entire product to try for free with NO OBLIGATION to buy. At least then you could give an HONEST opinion.

        Brandon says November 7, 2015

        You have no idea what you are talking about. I have been a very happy customer for 5 months. Thrive is not just a patch, it’s a 3 step routine you do first thing in the morning. 2 capsules on an empty stomach as soon as your eyes open. 20 to 30 minutes later drinking the lifestyle mix. THEN…putting the patch on. Seriously if you have never even taken the product, how to you reserve the right to an opinion. Thrive changed every aspect in my life. The mental clarity I have now, is mind blowing. Than is just one of many benefits. It’s very apparent that you do not like any MLM, which is your right. But to spread lies about something that is changing lives is WRONG. My husband who is a 20 year vet with cancer takes Thrive, and he has a better quality of life now because of it. I would love for you to tell him he is a liar. Send my your address I would be happy to send you a sample of the entire product to try for free with NO OBLIGATION to buy. At least then you could give an HONEST opinion.

        Hey Jamie,

        I am assuming you will not respond to this as you will not be able to answer back with good enough excuses but I did write a long rebuttal mainly for all my readers on this blog so they can learn from your ignorance.

        If you are going to respond which is highly unlikely please respond to the questions and not just make wild claims. Again I responded to this in detail to help the readers of this blog.

        I just barley let this comment by as most of them have been nonsense spam from more Level recruiters/zombies that are telling me I don’t know what I am talking about… but then really cannot formulate a question to ask me for some reason.

        I keep hearing lots of claims and whats really funny is I brought up the point before how people that are recruiters will say anything and are using blanket statements like “Level has helped my husbands cancer?” What did it really help? Be honest or are you going to claim it just made him feel better, well lots of things could have contributed to that especially if he happened to change his diet at the same time.

        Your just claiming that it supposedly helped with your husbands cancer, there is no study from le-vel that it reduces cancer but independent recruiters such as yourself will embellish all the time to sell…. as you will not get in trouble spreading “ol wives tales” like Le-vel would if they did that.

        So they have you independent distributors say all the hype, and sell all the sub par average products and also buy in the products monthly on auto-ship. Are you going to tell me know that you don’t have to buy in products every month?

        It’s also funny how most of you MLM enthusiasts come here and try to attack me but make absolutely no points, what if I told you that I have an energy drink that helps my grandpas cancer, well that means dittly squat to the rest of the people out there as it obviously has not been documented and is a just a wild claim. Is it not Jamie?

        You know I am not going to ask your husband, why would you even bring that up? the point of the fact that “you would love me to tell him he is a liar” does not mean anything… have you heard of being stubborn and stuck in your ways….Does this mean that everybody who does not believe is going to die an early death?… well that is all relative or an opinion, and Jaime you know opinions are like butt holes everyone’s got one and yours apparently stinks.

        I at least let this comment by as you have at least you tried to make a point.

        Well if I don’t know what I am talking about let me ask you a few questions to clarify.

        You have only been with Level Thrive for five months…Talk to me in a year and I would love you to tell me your doing better than making a few hundred dollars a month but you wont, if you do your friends and family will hate you by then. You may be selling it and people may be buying from you out of pity, tell me who are your customers besides your Husband your cousins and the neighbor down the street?

        How much do you pay every month to order in products, plus sales material and gas and time?

        How does the patch help you physically besides it makes you feel better and feel slimmer and feel more focused, has Le Vel thrive done tests on people that take their supplements focus more and lose more weight over people who took the similar pills?

        Also even if they do have tests can they prove that Le vel weight loss supplements and vitamins are any better than a good quality vitamin and mineral supplements you can find in any Whole Foods, Coop or health section in most grocery stores?

        If these are such special vitamins could you please tell me and everyone else reading “what are the special vitamins and minerals you speak of that make Le vel just so amazing????” that it’s worth forcing your friends and family to buy products under you from your down-line?

        Then once you get done telling me the vitamins and supplements that make the patch so great (that I apparently just left out as I supposedly do not know what I am talking about) Tell me one that you cannot get in the store at a better price, quantity and potency?

        Since you like to make bold claims can you tell us what supplement is making your focus so clear?? what ingredients can you not get at health stores? What notable physical difference has Le vel made in your life that you could not have done with any other supplementation regimen?

        Also if it works for you and it’s the best thing since mp3 players why don’t you just heal your husband and not worry what I have to say about it, well I will answer that, It’s because you are in too deep with Le Vel and you have already bought in loads of auto-shipped products and you are having a hard time selling all of it so what other option do you have… oh yeah that’s right Recruiting and telling people like me that I don’t know what i’m talking about when clearly you do not know what your talking about.

        So you are just angry that I am telling people the truth, as you want to get more people on your down-line and it’s tough enough as it is without me telling people the truth and then it becomes next to impossible to sell. Soon you will eventually have to dupe your friends into buying products every month, just like your doing. The problem is they are very hard to sell…Why? cause they are nothing special you can get them anywhere..

        Jamie Do you remember Monavie? They claimed that it cured cancer or insinuating that it helped cancer too, just like your doing now. Did you also know that you could buy a [product Amazon Thunder which was a Acai drink just like it that was cheaper. In fact Amazon Thunder was better as it contained an ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity ) rating of 3800 units Monavie was just 2690, and you could just buy amazon thunder without having to buy in $200 cases of Monovie every month and trying to recruit others to break even.

        Also you act like no one understands MLM’s like you do, I have had probably a lot more experience with them and how the MLM system sets people up for failure… if you like that system all power to you, but it’s not for me and it’s not for most educated consumers either.

        Do you want to know another fun fact??? Acai berries where touted as the next biggest Amazon rainforest “cure all berry” by Monavie…Then people started to realize that blueberries had the same types of healing and antioxidant and fiber as an Acai berry. Then people realized that the claims where just hype and Monaivie just like most MLM’s such as Le Vel are just full of hot air mainly coming from the recruiters saying anything to recruit.

        When you build a MLM business you are really building a house of cards as well as ruining your relationships with your friends ans family.

        I am fine with you having your own opinion but to tell me I have no idea what I am talking about when clearly you do not read what I write, and apparently you do not know what your talking about. Just cause you claim your husband takes it does not mean anything to anybody.

        Also I have taken the product I have had someone trying to sell that patch and it did none of the things you claim and actually made me a little sick. When you are buying in boxes of products every month you tend to get a placebo effect when you take the products, it’s always funny how the only people that really feel these miracle cures are the ones selling it.

        Well I guess you should not listen to the shoe salesman on which shoes to buy.

        Oh and no I will not send you my address “Stranger Danger” just so you can try to sell me and give me garbage samples and call me non stop to get me into your down-line… Also the funny/lame thing about MLM is you are not the only person selling in a district or anything, as I know of two people already off the top of my head in my hometown that could sell it to me right now if I called them. I avoid them as much as I can and try to never get cornered into a conversation with them long enough for them to talk about it. So it’s not like I need to get Le Vel product from you as they are not hard to get.

        Well Jamie The ball Is In Your Court, Are you going to answer back or be too afraid to answer like all the others claiming that I am full of it.

        Well As Always,

        Thanks For Stopping By,


          Jamie says November 10, 2015

          I will just be honest and say I didn’t really read your response. I glanced and nothing there impressed me. I never claimed it cured my husbands cancer, I said it gave him a better quality of life. Considering he has been afflicted with the cancer for a year and a half and has only been Thriving 4 months its safe to say I can confirm this. We have done everything the doctors asked and they told us there was nothing left to do. So he has just been surviving, until Thrive. Now he isn’t throwing up, laying in the shower for days because he is in too much pain. Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t make it so.
          To answer the question of how it all works….I was given a sample by a friend, I ordered on the second day, because I was a skeptic turned believer in a little under 20 minutes after ingestion. I had no idea what the product was really even marketed for; then. What made me say yes, after avoiding it for over a year from other friends approaching me about it; was a girl who I had only seen twice in 3 years. The first time was a week before she started her Thrive Experience. 4.5 years ago she lost her 23 month old son in a drowning. Our sons were 4 months apart and playmates. I witnessed her go through a parents worst nightmare, and if I am being honest it broke her. She had already been dealt a crappy hand as her first child was born with Downs and a terminal heart disease. To lose her only other, completely healthy child was life shattering. So she had spent the past 4 plus years barely surviving. She had asked me that week before if I wanted to try Thrive with her. Ever the skeptic I said no thanks. She called me about 8 days later, asked could she come over. She hadnt been to my house in over 4 years because she hardly ever got out. And what do you know this broken and sick looking girl I had seen a week ago walked up to my door looking photo shopped and on cloud 9. She didn’t even talk for 5 minutes before I begged her for a sample. I wanted what she had, that happiness. That passion. I was still a skeptic until I started the next morning. Anywho I bought my first order 2nd day of sample. I gave some to my hubby and my sister. They both ordered. That first month was the last time I bought any product. I found that quickly I couldn’t quit talking about Thrive, it was changing so many things in my life. I was terrified to become a promoter, I’ve never sold a thing in my life. I set appointments for houses that are for sale, for a nation wide call center. Since it is free to be a promoter, I decided to go ahead and try. If I was going to share my testimony with others, I might as well get paid right? So they have this cool fast cash start up. Offering a VIP1600. You simply sell 1600 dollars worth of product in your first 14 days and they give you 1120 in cash and 200 in free product. SO there came my samples that have thus far only cost me the telling of my story to multiple people. I earned commission right away and get paid every Tuesday for sharing my story. My first month I sold 3500 dollars worth of Thrive. My second month it was 10k. So yeah making more than a couple hundred dollars no doubt. If you think in a World filled with skeptics I have over 50 people Thriving for me out of sympathy, you are way farther out their than I originally assumed.
          My one and only question to you is this, if you are so certain it doesn’t work; then why are you so scared to try the product in it’s entirety. Fortunately even if you don’t respond I already know the answer. You are perfectly happy and comfortable in your misery, you are scared it just might change your life and change is scary for everyone. But you will never be better than who you are right now if you don’t get out of your comfort zone. Seems pretty cowardly you hide behind a computer tell everyone about things you don’t really know anything about. There is more to life than this! I promise you! Reach out to one of those 2 whole people you know in your area. You will be doing yourself and your family a huge favor. If it doesn’t change your life at least you’ll have more reason to live in your weird computer world and tell me how my Thrive sucks. I double doggy dare you to try it!
          I will Thrive for Life, I’ll check back in a year and see who is who and where we are. Until Then Peace Out Girl Scout!

          Brandon says November 12, 2015

          Wow, first off let me say you completely did not get the point, and just started saying more garbage and just ended up furthering my points that I made so thank you for that. Also If you read my comment I said you claimed it helped your husbands cancer not cured. Then I said that comment does not matter to anyone which it still doesn’t and was a true statement.

          So yet again you have a story about a person that went through hardship and now after she singed up and took it for 8 days she was on cloud 9 looking photoshopped? Really, Who cares and further more who is going to be able to validate that point and even further more who does this help??

          The only thing that I believe out of the whole comment that your wrote above is the fact that you have never sold a thing in your life, as it shows the more I hear your stories.

          The funny thing is you are dodging questions and beating around the bush. You still never answered what special thing does Thrive have that is so worth buying in cases and selling your ass off (or as you put it leisurely telling your testimonial and just getting sales magically)…. Do you think that because you told the story that it will happen that same way when others join???? Will they get those same magic sales is that your point?

          Do you promise that their friends will be resurrected from depression and then all they have to do is say a weak story like yours and sell everybody into their downline and make money forever and ever?

          Also no one will ever have a clue how much you do or do not sell or make, nor does it matter, have you heard of lying? I just said that for you, as I know you don’t make much unless you are one of people who signed up in the beginning but then everybody that your trying to get to sign up behind you are the one getting screwed. It does not matter that you sold 10k in products how much did you spend in the month and how much did you really profit after everything is said and done, no one cares what your gross sales are, what are you really taking home is the question and even then you will just lie and fabricate a number that works for you, the real reason I am saying this is for you to understand and internalize what your selling is average plain, vanilla crap and hopefully in a about a year you will start to understand that and not burden your friends and family as I will never buy it so I don’t care I just feel bad for those around you, as I’ll bet your real fun to talk to when you think your right.

          I just asked what makes your beloved product “LEVEL thrive” so much better than buying the same vitamins and minerals that are in thrive for half the price?? Do I pay extra and get forced monthly auto ships so I can hear more amazing stories from promoters like you?

          You keep side stepping autoships, which I think is funny as all you promoters just claim it’s free but that is after you sell people and get them to buy in monthly autoships under you in your downline.

          Also due to the fact that you answered none of my questions we really cannot have a educated debate about this. Again this is mainly to educate the readers and not for you as you are too far gone.

          All you will do is claim more statements that are not true but you will say them like they are and just make yourself look more desperate to sell. You seem really angry about me not taking more of these products if everyone but me understands how great it is (due to the fact that I am living in my “weird computer world” ) why would you get so mad? You probably have millions of people just lining up so what are you wasting time here for?

          Jamie did you forget to take your Thrive today lol… As you seem kinda crabby and not focused, Maybe you should take more as it does not seem to be working.

          The stuff you have said in both your comments have given me a really good laugh and you make no points, so I basically am just publishing your comment cause all you do is make my points for me and dig yourself deeper into a hole of showing that you DON’T have a special product that your selling…

          BOTTOM LINE: It’s just average plane everyday supplements that you force onto your friends and family and neighbors. If you don’t believe that then I have some healthy Monivie and goji berry juice that will really help you, and all your followers, I can send you some samples LOL.

          Also do you know that there were people in Bernie Madoffs ponzi scheme that at one point would have claimed that it was the best investment ever. Your doing the same and your hot garbage that you spew out your mouth is nonsense and helps no one, especially readers of this blog, so you can go promote this trash on your own Le vel promoting site.

          The funny thing is your so worried about trying to burn me that your really missing the point
          #1 point is I care nothing about what a person like you has to say about me
          #2 You are failing to see that you are the one that needs change your life and is comfortably in your misery. If you claim to like the products so much why don’t you focus more on doing that and less on commenting on websites like this as you are very bad at debating a point.

          Also ma’am I am assuming you must be a little slow, as I do not hide behind my computer I actually have my picture and own this blog, you on the other hand are what they call a troll and also a le vel zombie that is actually hiding behind their computer making unhelpful comments that are only to further your own agenda. Do you see how hiding behind a computer works? Does that make sense or are you just going to tell me another story about Le vel and completely not listen to reason or logic?

          I hope you and your downline Thrive for life or more realistic Thirve or Die, and I can’t wait to hear your update in a year, but frankly talking to you is last priority and it makes me very tired reading your gibberish and you are clearly not trying to help anybody but yourself.

          Oh and the Girl Scout comment just makes me chuckle so thanks for that,

          Thanks For Stopping By,

SC says August 29, 2015

I’ve heard a little about Le Vel Thrive weight loss products but didn’t realise it was such a scam! It’s also pretty shocking to read all those negative reviews of the products themselves. People saying the vitamins don’t work is one thing. But people complaining that the products were harmful and made them feel terrible or in pain, is really alarming. I’ll definitely be steering clear of this product range.

    Brandon says September 9, 2015

    Hey SC,

    Yeah it is funny when normally you say bad things about a product and people will say that is just your opinion but this time it is also many other peoples opinion as well lol. Yeah the safe bet is to steer clear of any MLM in general as you do way more work than you make money. If you are interested in a real program that you can make money with and not have to sell average overpriced products you should check out my review on my #1 recommendation here.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Scott says August 25, 2015

Good to find an true review of this after trying to sift through all the promoters propaganda. I have a friend getting knee deep in this. Any hints or thoughts on how to talk to people or approach the subject. He’s a bit stubborn and will probably dismiss me as a hater. There should be a detox facility for these people. Thanks for the article.

    Brandon says August 28, 2015

    Hey Scott,

    I have a couple of people that I know as well and with these types of programs when someone signs up they are sufficiently brainwashed enough where there is no telling them otherwise. The best thing to do is tell them you don’t think it is wise but the only way they will truly learn is to fail a few times and lose lots of time and money and soon they start to realize and internalize that these programs are crap. But until then they will try to sell everybody they come into contact with.

    I think you may be on to something with a MLM/pyramid detox facility lol….As many people, even the ones that get screwed by these programs will still sometimes tell others even after the fact that they can make money with these MLM’s but they just were not committed enough, needed a better scheme or some other excuse. Yeah with MLM friends you just got to let them get burnt once or twice and then they will see the light. Most likely your friend will definitely just call you a hater and keep trying but at least you did what you could lol.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Evie says August 14, 2015

I’m not a fan of the MLM industry. I always feel like the product should be the most important aspect, especially in the MLM industry. I’m amazed that people are taking these vitamins. How can someone sell something that can be dangerous to people? When someone says it felt like they were taking drugs and another said they experience not just fatigue, but severe fatigue, I think I would pass on consuming the vitamins and selling them to people. Thanks for your very informative review.

    Brandon says August 20, 2015

    Hey Evie,

    Yeah most of these MLM companies like the le vel weight loss scam should focus on the product being stellar but still time and time again they just sell crap in a box or bottle and sell it for a high price. They will always work as long as they can recruit and get others to buy in their products every month on auto ship. Yeah from what the reviews have state. This is exactly why I always recommend WA as it is complete training and everything else you need all in one place.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Angel says August 3, 2015

Dear Brandon,

An excellent Blog Post article where another scam is exposed and thanks for raising awareness on this one since I never heard about it before. Weight Loss is a big concern for many people today and I can’t believe people bought into this problem and then faced many issues after having had tried them out. 🙁 I can’t believe this outrage at all when I read through the various customer comment reviews on what their experiences were with trying this product which they strongly believed was going to help them but in the end learned the cold hard truth that this was just a way for the creators to get their hands on hard earned cash from these people.

Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    Brandon says August 4, 2015

    Hey Angel,

    Yeah it is shocking how many bad reviews their are about these programs and still there are people signing up and doing these. It is good that you could see that this is just another way for the creators to get money from you.

    Thanks For Stopping by,


Stephen says July 31, 2015

Hi Brando,

Great post on exposing this scam. I have always wondered about things like this. Glad you wrote about it. I will bookmark your site to refer back to in the future. Your site looks very good and is very easy to navigate by the way! Keep up the good informative blogs.

Happy Blogging

    Brandon says August 4, 2015

    Hey Stephen,

    I appreciate the feedback and glad that you enjoyed the articles and I hope you do come back again.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Kunal says July 20, 2015

Hi Brandon,

A Great Comprehensive review about Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam Program, There are so many companies coming with bogus products and selling on hype of making quick money from them and so many people fall for such things before they understand what it is. Agree with your part where you have said drinking water and excercises for 8 weeks will make you much better and that would not cost a dime,lol. I also believe in same philosphy, Thanks for Sharing your views and letting people know about Le VeI

    Brandon says July 22, 2015

    Hey Kunai,

    Thanks for the feedback. There are tons of companies that are creating bogus products and using hype to sell cause it still works well. Yeah the hard part with a lot of things online is the building process and getting things set up. When MLM’s come around they will make you feel like they have set everything up already and all you need to do is plug and play and use their easy turnkey approach.

    Yeah realistically in the world we live in it seems like the only things to do is just eat healthy and drink lots of water and you will see results. It’s hard but so is anything worth while. If you are looking to build a worthwhile business online without MLM that really works and does not cost anything to try… click here to read a review about my number #1 Recommendation

    I am glad that this could help shine a light in a dark corner of make money online scams.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Lee says July 19, 2015

Hi Brandon

Thanks for the great in depth review of Le Vel thrive. unfortunately, I found it a little too late as a family member has just signed up.

I’m not the biggest fan of MLM’s, at one time I thought they could work, in fact, I was blinded by it and couldn’t see how they could fail.

Then I learned by most people fail. i’ve tried explaining this to my younger brother, but he won’t listen.

I’m going to send him this link so he can see for himself that’s it’s just another MLM to come out of the woodwork and hopefully he might see sense before investing too much money.

Whilst I’m here, what do you recommend? I’m not talking about just a “program” but real training that can help create a real, long term business?


    Brandon says July 22, 2015

    Hey Lee.

    I too was blinded at one point and thought that at least one of them would work, but then you see how the system is flawed and you realize that none of them really work. Sure you can make a little but after you are recruiting and selling friends, family and strangers. Well I hope this article can help your brother not dump money in month after month on auto-ship in the future.

    Well lee I would always recommend trying out W.A university that I do a review on HERE this system is not just a program but rather an all in one website builder, training and community all in one package and also you and your brother can try it for free. This is the absolute best option especially for beginners and intermediate webmasters to start a real long term, full time online business.

    Thanks for stopping by,


Bishop says July 14, 2015

Great and very informative scam about Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss. I always like articles when a business is exposed. we need to educate the public about all these scams that are stealing people money out there.

I personally believe that there are good programs out there. and we need to identify them as well. It is tough out there and is hard for someone to trust any business ou there, what would you propose to someone who wanted to get started the right way? What direction should they go? and how long should it take for them to expect a profit?


    Brandon says July 15, 2015

    Hey Bishop,

    Yeah I feel like it would be nice to start seeing some good ones pop up more frequently as well but I guess we learn a lot from failures. To answer your questions I would say you need to get a solid foundation on online marketing from point A to point B to get started. It needs to be a solid foundation from one good source and not you having to piece together a giant puzzle from many different sources.

    Also the ability to talk with others who have done similar things as you when just beginning. Also to streamline the technical stuff into a manageable environment where you do not have to have tech skills to operate. If you go the slow and steady route and have guidance from the right source you could have a profitable blog in as little as 5-6 months.

    It just takes self discipline and sacrifice and not everybody is willing to pay that price. If you would like to learn about a educational platform that you can try for free that teaches everything from A to Z CLICKHERE. This course fills the gaps and teaches everything that I said above and more.

    This program I speak of is a educational university and platform that enables anyone to set up a legitimate business in just a few months with everything you need all included. This program has a community of like minded people to talk with to help you through. If you would be interested in something like this and would like to also test it out for free, then you really should look into this course HERE. there is no other course that offers all this and it is free to try and at least set up and get some free training. This is where i would start.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


    James Mitchell says October 23, 2015

    Actually this product really does work. I was very skeptical at first but this review is not accurate. Le-Vel does not make anybody keep product either. After your first order you can refer 2 people and actually get your stuff for free. Its a direct marketing company that puts most of its money into research. Don’t take my word for it as I am kind of an idiot and believe anything most people say, research it for yourself.

      Brandon says October 24, 2015

      Hey James,

      Actually you are just trying to get Bishop to sign up under your down-line, also why would you be so worried about what I say if you are making money and loving the company? Who cares right your making such good money let all of us simpletons just live in our ignorance ROFL.

      I think that it’s because your in too deep with le vel and you have to buy in products every month and after you lie to everybody for years you can’t just tell the truth I think you will just continue to sell the MLM dream as you and I both know you can’t sell that Le-vel crap to save your life, your real goal is recruiting isn’t it James?

      Now you are wanting to infect others with your disease and by getting people to join under you and fail with you (misery enjoys company).

      I guarantee even when you do make money you are just breaking even. If you by the grace of god finally get past breaking even after annoying everybody you know, you are selling the exact same sub par run of the mill products as everybody else…. I know that they are nothing more than a weak blend of common herbs, vitamins and minerals.

      You are scared James as you had to go all in and you have had to lie to yourself everyday, I would love to hear your real story three years later, but I don’t think that will happen.

      You will have to continue to make people join or else your MLM dream will die, just like all the rest that paid money to work in a MLM/pyramid for these below average companies, selling below average products.

      James, Please tell us why Le Vel thrive is so much different from going to Whole Foods or Natural Grocers or any other health store or Coop and getting the same things or much better that are in Le vel thrive???

      Also James you are just trying your hardest to promote this MLM as your afraid that it will go under and die just like Monavie and Vemma!

      So you are wanting to try to get as many people to join your down line or just join the company so it can keep momentum and all your hard work doesn’t get lost and you can then just capitalize on all the people that are on the tail end signing up underneath you. You know those last people get screwed, don’t you James?

      Get out of here with your MLM sales tactics telling people that “all you need to do is just recruit two other people” Yeah I think people are well aware that if they sell and recruit/babysit two people that buy in monthly products then you don’t have to pay, what kind of logic is that?

      You still have to buy in products before you get two recruits/minions under you and unless you sell two people to buy in products, you personally have to buy in products. Then what if those people come to their senses and dare I say, read a blog like mine and quit while they are sign up under you? Then you are left buying in products that everybody and their mamma sells.

      Do you see how that works James…. because they are sub par, average, run of the mill, plane Jane products, This is why Le Vel Thrive has to force their members to buy them as no one else needs or wants them. Well except for pity sales from friends and family. The only money is in recruiting and you know that James.

      You have to pay every month and that is the bottom line James….Yes if you sell and recruit people and they are paying and buying in products every month, then you would not have to buy in product every month. Who did not know that??? You still have to pay to play and you have to continue to pay every month. The truth is James, what you say is not accurate. I think you need to take a good Look at yourself in the mirror and really ask yourself if your telling the truth about this great opportunity.

      Thanks For Stopping By,


        Proudmommy says December 30, 2015

        This article is so false! First of all Le-Vel doesn’t require you to buy products monthly! Second of all it DOES work! You just sound bitter!

          Brandon says January 1, 2016

          Hello Proud Mommy,

          If you want to be apart of the business you have to have products autoshiped or a package that is how they work. Please tell me then is there absolutly no fees then? Please share with us how LeVel does not require you to buy in products monthly? Are you going to tell us that if you sign up two people up and they buy in products monthly it’s free? Why not instead of just saying it’s false, tell me how it’s false and what you have to to do then? So are you saying you do not have to pay monthly to earn money with Level?

      linda says March 8, 2016

      This product is the real deal you asses are just jealous of the product you talk a good talk but you are full of crap! I dont sell it and never intent to! I sleep better, my leg cramps are gone. I HAVE MORE ENERGY AND zest FOR LIfe. And yes I went through the uncomfortable detox for me it was diarrhea, but I stuck it out!
      This product works better thanstore boughten vitamins that’s why I love it! No vitamins going down my toilet Unfortunately this is a quick fix world people dont give it time to work, it is not for everyone because our bodies are different. The energy I get is natural but not recommended to use combined with coffee, even though I do sometimes.

        Brandon says March 9, 2016


        I normally would not let a comment like “Linda’s” through but I decided this would be a great learning lesson, this person does exactly what I say MLM’ers or mainly Thrivers act like. This person still has said zero facts and just says genral statements like they have more energy and zest for life taking synthetic vitamins that are supposedly better but will not say why.

        They will say it’s pharmacetical grade and that it absorbs better but without any reason as to why. This person did not comment on the synthetic vitamins being used nor did they talk about why they are any differnt as they’re worse than taking the real versions of the vitamins and they are much more expensive. Why pay high prices for synthetic vitamins?

        Questios for Linda that Im sure you will not answer:

        What makes Level Better than regular vitamins? Besides your diarrhea?
        Why do they cost so much?
        Is you don’t sell this why do you care really. what you wont be able to find your regular vitmins anywhere else? Pleae tell me what would happen to you if Le-vel goes under? Do you really think they are selling somthing that you could not just get in the store for much, much cheaper?

          Anonymous says March 10, 2016

          Brandon your a total knob. taking knob crap , Im not a buyer or seller but thank fuck Im not like you

          Brandon says March 12, 2016

          ATTN: ALL READERS…THIS IS WHAT SOMEONE THAT IS HIGH ON MLM SOUNDS LIKE, BEWARE OF DEALING WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS; They always go around saying they’re not a buyer or seller but just a pissed off third party that just hates their life as they know they’re stuck and they know they SUCK lol. These people never know any type of valid arguments or facts about the product and only resort to just spitting diarrhea out their mouth and typically don’t even have the courage to put even a fake name.

          Note to Anonymous… I hope you keep taking LE-VEl, please never stop, even though you say your not a buyer or seller I know you’re a distributor, really who are you trying to fool, a regular person with a stable mind and some emotional intellegence certainly would not be doing this…. Did you really think calling me a knob/moron really hurts my feelings, I get a good laugh, you set an example of how stupid some of you distributor look when you try to say basically anything….

          Also I just wanted to let you know, you also boost my rankings, So thank you…. I would have to say that makes you the knob, you cheery ol chap…

          I will laugh about this Knob comment for a while….man o man you got me, I will have to have a good cry tonight, cause I’m just so sad that an anonymous person says “I’m a knob” and “doesn’t want to be like me,” please what can I do to change your mind???? Do you want me to just cancel this blog and start promoting Level, anything I can do to get you to be like me again… and tell everybody that I’m not a Knob. Oh my gosh my golly what will I do??

          This blog was completely written just for you, anonymous person that doesn’t buy or sell this stuff but waste their day commenting…

          Quick suggestion, get some friends and stop commmenting on blogs, especially when you have zero valid points to make… that makes you look like the knob… God that is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard for an insult, “Knob”… did you get bullied in school and dropped on your head?

          I would never want you to stop being like me, is there a way I change your mind, I really want you to be like me, I mean your mother and I would be devestated if you stopped being like me LOL. Oh man this must be a sign of the apocalypse!!

          Well just keep taking that Le-vel and don’t you go changing now ya hear… Wait a minute, are you the person that gets diarrhea from level and now came back as anonymous? Sneaky.

        Noel says March 14, 2016

        I’m sorry but your diarrhea detox is actually your body overdosing on vitamins and minerals that you don’t need and get most of in your diet. Here is the biggest problem with calling it a “detox” period: unless you are eating a 100% clean, unprocessed diet then you are still putting toxins into your body and therefore not detoxing. The reason most people feel like crap the first days of taking this product is because their body isn’t used to the intake of these types of stimulants. Once your body gets used to them then you will find yourself addicted and suddenly you are extremely passionate about pushing the product because you literally can’t live without it.

        I hope people understand that you do not need any product to make you feel great. You just need to clean up your diet and I mean seriously clean it up. Most people have no idea what a clean diet even consists of so if you think you are eating healthy but still feeling like crap please research Paleo diet or whole 30. Note: with these two clean diet solutions you WILL have a real bonafide detox period of 3-5 days.

        Maggie says March 15, 2016

        Speed will give you energy and zest for life, without the diarrhea.
        It probably costs less than these products.
        It is probably just as unhealthy.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis says July 11, 2015

Hello , I absolutely enjoyed this review , thorough , detailed and exposing.Yet another MLM disgrace?…Although there are MLM companies that offer high quality products these are only a tiny portion of the market.But I would never participate in an MLM that sell supplements.Why?…Because supplements are everywhere.What is making this company special?…Is it an innovating supplement that never existed?..Is it a revolutionary product that created after years of experiments and tests?..What certifications are there?

I think that in order to succeed in such companies you have to join on time and stand at least on the middle of the pyramid when you start.And the recruiting part is not an easy task at all , unless you have deadly marketing skills.And this Le vel Thrive is not providing any training on sales and recruiting?..And buying inventory every month is only making the owners rich

I do not believe in weight loss through pills or supplements in general , I only believe in human exercise and practice and drinking much water.

Great article

    Brandon says July 11, 2015

    Hey Tasos,

    I am curious what MLM that your speak of that has good products as I have not found one… They all have average sub par products that could not make it to market or they inflate the prices and make you auto-ship this crap in monthly. In order to succeed you do need to be at least in the middle of the pyramid that either take getting in early or waiting years before you get enough people under you to finally push you up to the middle before the company becomes dead in the water.

    Most of the time your just making the owner and the first few friends and associates money buy buying in inventory every month. I do agree that if you truly want to get healthy rather than just lose some face and belly fat before some hot date, you really need to focus on lifestyle changes and proper diet and exercise and sleep. Everybody selling this garbage knows this but that does not make money.

    They know they can sell crap in a box or bottle and with the proper motivation and get other people to do the same. Then when they decide to do that they lock you in with an auto-ship so you will be more likely to defend the product until you stop purchasing it.Then you lose your chance for commission and if you quit and complain they will state that you did not try hard enough or you didn’t follow the system or your just a competitor. Then not only that but you will be apart of the NFL, what I have heard a MLM guy say with pride which is the No Friends Left club, meaning he talked to everybody that he knew until he had no one left to talk to.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Gary says July 11, 2015


Well you written a lot of great articles and certainly given me something to think about. It’s certainly dis-heartening when looking online for a legitimate business to start and all you see is scams that unfortunately some people will buy into and find out after that it was all to take their money.

Kindest regards

    Brandon says July 11, 2015

    Hey Gary,

    That is the toughest thing I think about Internet Marketing is all the scams you can’t start online and not get scammed at least once. I guess through all the scams we finally find the programs that work. That is why I always suggest looking at my #1 most recommended program as you can start for free and it stays free until you want to upgrade plus you learn everything you need to know.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


    teenieweeny says January 17, 2016

    what is the definition of, “amussing?”

Mark says July 11, 2015

Hi Brando – Great post – Another scam exposed. These scam artist must be really brassed off with Wealthy Affiliate.
I do however have a slight disagreement – not all MML companies are bed. take Amway for example they are awesome. Companies like Avon are up there with Amway. They use a slightly different tack but are basically the same.
However back on track. Any company that says you have to buy so much stock every month is just a scammer to me.
Keep up the good work

    Brandon says July 11, 2015

    Hey Mark,

    Yes many of these companies hate places like Wealthy affiliate as they actually teach you to build a real business online with everything you need to succeed, rather than just saying here’s a basic price inflated product, buy these products every month and get others to do the same.

    Amway is not a good company they have just been able to grow into other markets like India and if they continue to grow they get more people buying there overpriced products on auto-ship. This is how the business stays alive. No one thinks man Walmart prices are so high i wish I could buy from Amway.

    The FTC claims that 75% of Amway distributors quit and also nearly 60% of those left are “inactive” distributors that have to pay money to keep possible commissions in the future coming in. This is according to Amway’s own figures. I have personally seen someone in my family try to sell Avon years back, and all that happened with that is we had lots of Avon products everywhere.

    I could not see any benefit to their products and you have to auto-ship orders just like all the rest. What you have to remember is even a ponzi scheme could also be seen by some as not a scam, if you get in and out at the right time. The same goes for these MLM’s the only difference is, the buy in is cheaper and there is a physical product. If you don’t recruit, you don’t make money and that is the bottom line. If you can show me someone that recently joined Amway that is making even close to full time income in the U.S that you actually know and is not some sponsor I would be shocked.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


      wen says January 17, 2016

      I’m also very concerned for some of my friends who live in another State, with little little disposable income, who now spend what little they have on a product that may be harmful to them given pre-existing health problems. I do believe that this sullies the good people involved in MLM, such level thrive weight loss scam. I also believe that this does meet the true definition of a cult mentality.

        wienr says January 17, 2016

        Should read, cause you aint, there are endless sentences that are with no sentence meaning anfd I fpr one sell this and I am alieve. My sincere apologies!

        Aubrey says April 27, 2016

        This is not a scam. The person that wrote this article obviously doesn’t do the business and has never tried the product. More than half of the statements in this article are incorrect and this review should be taken down. He’s a scam that just wants you to join HIS business.

          Brandon says April 28, 2016

          Seriously say somthing that is wrong with the article, just one thing specifically…you can’t cause you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Anonymous says March 17, 2016

      your look like a moron who never graduated high school, and has no idea what there even talking about. So I think you should just shut up and read about the product before running your mouth on something you know nothing about.

        Brandon says March 17, 2016

        To The scared little person, Anonymous,

        Hey whoever you are I know you hate your life and wish you choose a better business opportunity but saying zero valid point just makes you the Moron. Just to let you know Richard Branson dropped out of high school so not sure the point your trying to make, do you think that if you graduated high school your smart. Well I graduated so there is just another thing your wrong about just about your decision to join Level. I’m pretty sure you will make many more wrong assumptions in your life.

        All you thrivers are the same, try to say I’m a moron and don’t know what I’m talking about and then don’t tell me where you think I’m wrong, so we can have a educated debate. I’m assuming this is just the same person that came back and just wanted me to be intimidated? Not sure but whatever your doing is not working.

        The funny thing is you really think your getting me good when you post you silly little comments but your just helping me rank, so thank you. If I have no idea what I’m talking about why don’t you try to tell me which parts, oh yeah your afraid of the answer.

        Where do I supposedly not know what I’m talking about??? Is it the cheap synthetic vitamins part?? Or the overpriced part??? Or how about the ephedra like garbage they add???, please elighten all of us with your amazing preschool education. Are you mad cause this article ranks higher than anything your doing with any level website? I would have to say you seem like a person that has not made it through basic elementary and you sound like you were home schooled in a trailer or cave in Alabama.

        Well I know you wont reply back cause your too scared but if you do, why don’t you try to formulate a question next time so you can prove a point…again The only reason this comment even makes it past moderation is because I want readers to see the low le-vel of intelligence (lol get it) of the Thrive Cult. Have a good day lying to others trying to get them to buy overpriced garbage, good luck.

          James Miller says April 5, 2016

          Must be a seller

      CM says March 17, 2016

      your just a moron with no education it sounds like to me. The post I have read don’t even sound like they even know what they are doing, and they are falling into your uneducated trap. Get educated and then you can run your mouth.

        Brandon says March 17, 2016

        ATTN Readers: This is What an Annoying Thriver sounds like… This is a prime example of the lame comments they leave, just imagine being in this guy or gals downline and then when it doesn’t work they talk to your like this. This person thinks they are making points with the stuff they’re saying and if you read the comment just tell me if you think that they make any good points or any points for that matter.

        Hey CM,

        You sound a lot like an anonymous commenter I just had to put in their place, now it’s your turn.

        What education do I need to tell people the truth, about synthetic vitamins, artificial sweetners (sucralose), overpriced supplements or synthetic ingredients that are just the same as Ephedra that give you a drug like high and keeps you addicted but is not good for you at all in the long run.

        I can tell just by the way you write you must be a slack jawed yokel that is getting high on his own supply and thriving right now as your making zero factual points. I think that Thrive is eating your brain. If I’m un-educated then please tell me your educational background and then educate myself and all the readers out there on why such a “supposedly educated person” would write such a terrible sentence and make such lame & bogus points, like when you said…

        “The post I have read don’t even sound like they even know what they are doing, and they are falling into your uneducated trap” What the heck is this supposed to mean??

        The post you have read don’t even sound like they know what there doing???? WOW, good terrible point that serves no purpose, I would have to say you must have been on the debate team in highschool, I’m willing to bet you were probably known as the biggest “Master-Debater” in your town, but I’ll bet your Grandma and Mom already knew that you were a good “master-de-bater” from all the time you spend talking to your bippy in the bathroom by yourself on the weekends.

        Man I understand that having zero friends sucks but now all that high school bullying must have turned you into a comment troll to make yourself feel better. I will tell you that I have to really hold back not saying what I really mean with you thrivers but I think I made my point…Just in case your a little slow from taking all that thrive let me spell it out for you… basically I don’t care what you think… If you want to make an omlette you got to break some eggs and you’re one of those eggs, a stinky rotten egg that no one cares about. I also want to remind you that opinions are like buttholes everyones got on and your stinks!

        I write back only because It helps others and it also just boosts my rankings, I really could care less about you and your garbage crap you sell. Make sense??? Or Are all these fancy words to hard for you to read ?

        Also i’m just curious are you wanting people to fall into your un educated trap by saying a stupid comment, I just don’t understand, whats your M.O? WEll the moral of this little rant is that you serve no purpose basically like the product you sell. Now you can go back to your stressed out day full of rejection and very few sales.

        P.S. I want people like you to never quit Le-vel, so just keep on buying into it and never quit and show me whos boss and you will make me happy. Also when they go out of business, I’m curious if you will come back and say your wrong, oh wait no you live in denial, nevermind.

        Be sure to stay away from this blog then as I think my comments will just raise your blood pressure and it will cause an early death, i’m willing to bet that everybody here is fine without you or your radical advice.

      Ryan says April 15, 2016


      I am very curious about Thrive Shake Mix. Have you ever assessed or had a study done ito know how much sucralose is in the product. That is what I want to know so I can decide whether to use it or not.

      I have heard micrograms but that sounds virtually impossible.

        Brandon says April 17, 2016

        Hey Ryan,

        I’m not sure about the exact amount all I know is that they use artificial sweeteners so if your shake is sweet they used enough to be bad for you.

        Thanks For Stopping By,

    devon says December 1, 2015

    I pray these are all fake comments. Those product is so completely misrepresented in this article its actually amussing. Thrive isn’t even a weight loss program 😂

      Brandon says December 1, 2015

      Hey Devon,

      Sorry but your prayers have not been answered, these are real people and they are really pissed, at people like you devon… So the stuff that you have been pedaling to your friends and family is overpriced garbage…Please instead of saying how misrepresented it is, please educate us and share why Le Vel supplements are better than regular supplements? (Can’t wait to hear this humdinger)

      Then please educate us all if they do not claim weight loss and health then what do they claim it does?

      Have you ever told somone it helps you lose weight? Where did I completely misrepresent Le Vel?

      I have heard somone in this very comment section named Jamie says that it helped her husbands cancer… Please Devon let us know what it does if it’s not for health and weight loss, which it does nither very well.

      I can’t wait for your answer as you will try to change the subject and not face facts that your selling sub par vitamins at an outrageaous price and you have forced your frinds and family to do it as well, shame on you.

      I know unless you can answer why Le vel products are so much better and really use actual logic as in better vitamins or minerals or somthing and not just “it’s the best thing ever” type comments, that your probably lying to yourself and your frinds and family.

      Well Devon you can pray in one hand and S#*! in the other and see which one fills up quicker as your praying that these are fake comments and sorry to say they are the real deal and so are those amazon review above…

      Keep Praying For A Level Miracle Devon

        Anonymous says December 2, 2015

        I just started a 3 day trial and so far am not super impressed. I’ve had the nauseous feeling after I put the patch on (after doing the other 2 steps). The first day I did it, I felt the complete opposite of alert and “great”. I felt more like drunk and dazed. And yes I’ve been drinking water like crazy! I think it’s definitely designed to do that. I also thought the same thing about hey, if you drink more water and eat better, you’ll feel better, kind of a given. I wanted to try the 3 day trial obviously before investing anything into it and unfortunately I’m not really sold on it. My friend started promoting it and im happy for her if it works and that’s her thing, that’s great. But I have to be honest it didn’t work for me. As for them saying it’s a weight loss thing, it doesn’t say that on any of the packaging. The only thing it says is weight management and fitness. I have read reviews where people say that’s an added benefit of taking thrive. Once again though, if you drink water and only water, you’re bound to lose some weight. All in all though, if you’re into thrive, great for you. If you’re not, no big deal…then why worry so much about it? People are people, some will fall for things while others don’t. If they want to spend their money on it, so be it, it’s not your money. No need to be an ass about your opinions or beliefs to someone else.

          Brandon says December 2, 2015

          Hello Anonymous,

          Boy o boy so your telling me that it did not work for you and made you feel drunk and dazed and nauseous and your supposed friend was trying to sell you garbabge and at a high price and also force you to buy it monthly on autoship and you just happened to not take the bait but I am the ASS?????

          So you have a pushy sales friend, that you don’t want to hurt their feelings cause they are trying to become a millionires selling crap to friends and family. You then come to me with this crap of I don’t have to be an ass, How about you need to stop being an ass…for starters this article is to save people from making the same terrible mistake as your friend who is desperatly trying to sell to you apparently and can’t.

          If you have a real business you will not need to sell it to friends and family. Second of all you have no clue what your so called friend just about had you wrapped up in. Third of all what the heck are you doing here if your just so nuetral and do not care either way, why were you reading my article..

          Your comment and how you are afraid to say even a fake name as you are afraid your friend from level is going to see you talking bad about her products behind her back and since I have the decency to tell everybody the truth upfront I am the ASS, please explain how that is really the truth.

          I feel that you are just mad cause your so worried about your friend never having her dreams crushed that your ok with others getting scammed as long as your friend does not get her feelings hurt, is that what I am hearing????

          Then you are calling me an ass, Well if I am an ASS then you are a much much bigger one.

          At least I am trying to warn people about a scam, your just selfishly worried about your own agenda and your friends feelings over millions of others getting scammed.

          Next time maybe put your name in here and actually put why “you think I am an ass” and we can actually have a educated converstation. You can’t just go around saying I don’t have to be an ass when I could probably also say your being an ass as well…See without any explaination I can just call you an ass for chiming in to a topic you know nothing about, maybe next time ask a question??

          This blog is for people to get online an make money and not get scammed, it’s not to promote MLMs just cause your friends are selling them, Make sense Anonymous? If you want to make an omelette you got to break some eggs!

          Thanks For Stopping By,

          Andrea H. says December 22, 2015

          Unfortunately not everyone feels the effects within the first few days.Sometimea it can take two weeks!What you are feeling is normal as your body detox sit can make you feel sick but it will get better the longer you use Thrive!Please do not give up!!Give Thrive one month before saying it’s not for you.

          Brandon says December 23, 2015

          Hello Andrea,

          I would like to say that I’m aware of body detoxing making you sick and I do understand that theory. The problem is, why would I need to purchase average supplements and detox patches through an MLM and either pay triple retail price or get recruited in and have to buy in average products that you can get anywhere but get charged monthly on auto ship to buy them in?

          Thrive being a average lack luster product is just the icing on the cake.

          These MLM’s take an average produuct, that you can get anywhere and then tell you that you either need to buy it at really high MSRP prices or sign up and become a distributor and pay monthly fees of a few hundred a month just to start.
          Then when you factor in the MLM part of this and add the fact that this product line is nothing special that you could get for a better price and potency anywhere seperatly. This is just a product thrown in so that they can hide the fact that this is really just a Ponzi scheme.

          Like I always say if you just add an average product to any pyramid scheme and you have yourself your own MLM/network marketing company all of a sudden or basically a legal pyramid scheme.
          Then once you get forced to buy in products on auto-ship people start getting some serious placebo effects all of a sudden as they have a lot of inventory to move or they are the ones footing the bill for it, I wonder if there is a connection, hmmm.

            I do not doubt that in your mind these things work wonders

          I guess many health professionals and I will just have to live in ignorance not taking LeVel products and just taking high quality vitamins and minerals and detoxing cleanses and drinking high alkaline water and getting out in the sun and sweating and exercising.

          If Level does all that for you and your selling lots of it then, good for you I’m happy at least your not one of the many that is getting ripped off.

          I do like your selling angle as it worked a lot better than most of the distributors that come on here and comment. I’m sure if I kept going and got in too deep and had cases of Level stacking up in my garage, I would imagine that those pesky stomach pains would go right away Wink, Wink.

          Thanks For Stopping By,

          Anonymous says February 22, 2016

          I feel asleep half hr after taking it. Wow that’s some great energy! Total scam

          Michaelyn says March 22, 2016

          I hope you know that nausea and sickness is detoxing . You’re getting a 3 day experience . Why do you think they call it the 8-week experience . There’s no ending poin to this post proving anything . Not reliable information . I hope no one is stupid enough to feed into all this . Why don’t y’all just go off of all the emails proving that Thrive helped them “live a premium lifestyle” there’s too many to count for it to be a false product so try again . Call the leg factory because you have no leg to stand on here .

          Brandon says March 22, 2016

          Many people are very aware that nausea and a little sickness is what happens when you detox, the probelem is adding a bunch of synthetic chemicals to your body is not detoxing, yes some of the products have some natural stuff in them but if you think there is no reliable info in this post please give me your best shot and I gurantee you don’t want to get into this battle…Put some facts where I’m wrong and actually try to use your brain or is it seriosly fried from Using Level? I’m very aware of what they’re doing and if you’re taking vegatable smoothies that bind to toxins and flush you out I can understand you will get a detox sickness. The crap your pedaling will just make you feel good possibly in the short term and screw you over in the long term and the more that I hear you comment the more I want you to continue taking them, I’m fine with you taking them, but it seems you are not fine with me expossing them and I have one thing to say to that, Tough titty!

          This is crap that will add toxins not get rid of….

          Artificial sucralose
          dl alpha synthetic E
          Acetate synthetic A
          Ascorbic acid synthetic C

          And also


          You will defintely not be detoxing and the weird feeling of sickness is all the synthethic vitamins and ephedra like chemicals that are making you feel up and also sick. If you think this is the real way to detox then i’m pretty most people will see how ingnorant you really are. You know I actually commended you on your last comment to try to say somthing educated and civil but then I see this comment and I just want to blast you but there is no point as I just don’t need to as I have answered enough.

          And oh yeah really the emails too many to count, are you sure those were not from distributors, Hello anybody in there…Think Michaelyn Myfly!

        Marie says February 21, 2016

        You’re rather obnoxious with your condesending demeanor. Thrive never claims to be a weught loss product. First. Second it doesn’t require any promoter to purchase anything let alone autoships. We don’t even have stock. A customer orders online and it is shipped directly too them. Third have you ever thought we promote because hey it actually works?! Thats why many who use ot oromote. Because they found a product they like and the ability to share it. Why would we recommend something to our family or friend when we know it isnt going to work? You’re insanely wrong in your preconceived notions of this product and company.

          Brandon says February 22, 2016

          Really then please tell me, how do you get commision? Really I have heard sonmeone else claim that also saying BS about how you can pause your account why would you need to pause what are you pausing? What if someone buys somthing you have not bought yourself do you make commision?

          Do you make even close to a fulltime living after expenses? How do people get samples for these products then?

          Don’t worry about me being obnoxious ol Mahma-thrives, worry about the facts, the weight loss argument is dumb that is a keyword, I do not focus on talking about it just specifically being for weightloss but don’t let me ever hear anyone including yourself tell people it helps lose weight then….speaking of weight loss Your points hold no weight. who cares if they never claimed that title did you read the article? Your missing the point.
          The supplements are over priced garbage that is the point, please try to make an educated response back, none of the level reps so far have been able to answer anything.
          2nd you did not talk about the vitamins being synthetic your cool with that, you have nothing to say? 3rd you did not address the harmful drugs similar to Ephedra.

          I just don’t have time for people like you that are high on MLM so I will leave you with the same thing that you told me…. “You’re insanely wrong in your preconceived notions of this product and company.”

          Thanks For Stopping By,

          Anonymous says April 10, 2016

          Do you actually any grey matter between your ears to figure this is not a scam? Just like Dr. Oz and his Green Coffee beans, etc.

        Jonas says September 6, 2016

        I find it sad and at the same time insulting, that these Health and Wellness MLM companies will take a chance on finding just the right amount (as in millions) of under-achieving people to sell on their business model/s. First of all…kudos to them for grasping the concept of making money through the actions and work of the worker bees beneath them; they must’ve sat around at the beginning with the discussion,”how can we make a crapload of $$ by doing the least amount of work as possible. My experience has been that people who work within these companies, frankly, don’t really like to work hard and/or are under-achievers when it comes to education, vocational skill, etc. I’m sure there are exceptions to this but I’d love to see some numbers, which of course would be impossible to ascertain. Again…this is only MY experience and opinion. What I liked about your article most of all, has little to do with your specific findings but rather that you talked a lot about health and wellness and the simple alternatives to a patch or vitamin or other supplement. Health professionals will differ all across the board on the benefits of vitamins and even their validity at all. What is and has ALWAYS been a fact, is that individualized dieting and exercise make you a healthier person. I’ve always had trouble understanding why this is so hard for people to understand; hard to put into action sometimes, surely. But to defer to a product/s at all to help achieve this says to me that people don’t understand that basic concept of diet and exercise. I have been a bit verbose here and apologize. I have family members who are close and are deeply involved in Le-vel and would genuinely hate to see them suffer both financially and far more importantly, physically from promoting and using these products. I wanted to thank you for taking time to get people to think about these companies and try to help them make more beneficial decisions.

          Brandon says September 6, 2016

          Thank You Jonas for adding your two cents and am glad that the health info and alternatives where somthing you like. I was thinking about doing more alterantives to these products. Thanks for the kind words.

          Thanks For Stopping by,

      Traci says January 9, 2016

      I hope so to. This post is blatantly full of Crap,utter bullcrap. He is so off track and has no idea.These complaints are people who never gave it time.I love thrive products and what hey have done for me.I have friends that surpassed the top income earners.Best company i have ever been a part of.I am a promoter but I do not promote.I use the products.This guy wants yin to buy his high priced program.

        Brandon says January 9, 2016

        Man you distributors are exhausting to deal with, It’s funny how saturated you see this product is, I have not seen one person that takes the product without being a recruiter that says all these great things. Also I don’t have the time to argue with un reasonable people like yourself. I will say, that you need to quit saying this is Crap and B.S without having somthing educated to say afterwards… as you have given zero argument as to why my article is bullcrap. Please elighten everyone on why it’s such BS?

          Michaelyn McCollister says March 22, 2016

          If you want to see testimonials from people who AREN’T distributors then just go and follow Ivyonna on Instagram or Facebook or other distributors creating great lives .

          Brandon says March 22, 2016

          Hey Michaelyn,

          While I’m not sure if I see what your seeing on that Facebook page, I do appreciate you trying a differnt approach to at least add some valid points, unlike many of the other Thrivers out there.

          I went on Ivyonna Norths Facebook page and didn’t notice anything that explains why it costs so much, besides the whole pharmaceutical grade which is basically a marketing angle. I still have not gotten an answer as to why they put terrible ingredients but still charge more than supplements that are way better.

          All I saw on that Ivyonna facebook page was hype and flash..If that lady is not promoting thrive as a distributor she has to be crazy, what is the point of her constantly posting pics about Thrive if she just takes it, something is a little fishy there.

          All I saw was just people taking fun pictures saying thriving works but so does taking high quality cheaper vitamins and working out, I’m sure these people supposedly thriving worked out as well and ate right, that is what mainly caused the weight loss, most of the people did not look very different in before and after…The one lady that looked the best actually made a before shot with stomach hanging out in boxers and then lost a tiny bit of weight in stomach and the last pic she was fully clothed and took off her glasses and was wearing makeup, who doesn’t look better after that right?? You could lose that same amount from just eating a little different and cutting sugars…

          The problem

          No one talks about the sky high prices, how they’re the same as basic vitamins with a phamacetical grade seal that means nothing, as they just have “synthetic forms” of vitamins and sugars mixed into their supposed health supplements.

          Example: (all the stuff that Thrive add in to their products have been linked to leaving unnatural things behind in your body, that your body does not know what to do with) they are starting to find that this is what is causing so many people to get cancer as very tiny percentage is genetics.

            Artificial sucralose
            dl alpha synthetic E
            Acetate synthetic A
            Ascorbic acid synthetic C

          Also do a little research on the extra cheap chemicals they put in to keep you wired they’re not good for you and you wont know until later on down the road similar to smoking or drinking.
          Chemicals such as:


          Also just evaluate what is in the supplements and look for those same formulations in health stores and tell me if your not getting ripped off. I pay way less for raw forms of those vitamins and get incredible but healthy energy from a B-12 patch and I do not have to sign up for an MLM to get them.

          If you’re into this there is little I can do to change your mind, the only time you will see it is when you internalize that this stuff is not good for you, adds in cheapest forms of vitamins and forces you to sell it to even get some deal on it or you have to buy it in at astronomical prices. I have definitely lived my MLM days and never will join one ever and it’s not cause I could not get them to work, it was the embarrassing products that are nothing special that they make you as the distributor sell and look silly when people figure out your trying to sell them overpriced average supplements with nothing special besides the special ingredient, HYPE.

          Thanks For Stopping By,

        Nancy says January 27, 2016

        Thrive is composed of a bunch of stimulants, including a few different sources of caffeine, phenylethylamine, theobromine, and synephrine (which that has been banned in Canada and some European countries for its dangerous effects on the heart and its resemblance to ephedra). You’re not thriving, you’re actually just on speed. Which I agree, feels great. Let me guess, you feel much more alert and need less sleep than you used to. Awesome – until you have to fix the hole in your heart. By all means recommend this future-lawsuit-product to your friends and loved ones. My biggest problem with people who take Thrive is that I have yet to meet a single one of them who are at all curious about the ingredients, or in doing any anti-advocate research into the product they are ingesting, and instead rely on bromides like, “it’s all natural”, like that actually means anything in the non-regulated world of supplements. On the other hand, people who take Thrive without having the intellectual curiosity to know the actual definition and scientific processes of detoxing might be an example of natural selection at work.

          Brandon says January 27, 2016

          Hey Nancy,

          I could not agree with you more. I have had lots of Thrive distributors that are “High on MLM” come tell me everything from stories of how it works for their friends cancer to how it absorbs better but never tell me why when I ask them what is better, or what gets absorbed faster. I always ask why you would want to pay triple the price for less than average supplements and they can never even answer that, they will just go back to stating how I do not know what I’m talking about. Not only are they cheap synthetic vitamins used and they’re overpriced but they also use those terrible chemicals that you stated (phenylethylamine, theobromine, and synephrine) that are definitely really bad especially in the long run. Now I can see why people get sick and feel bad there’s tons of synthetic garbage in this, all mixed up haphazardly buy some greedy MLM owner who doesn’t care about health only profits which is scary. Yeah I can’t wait to hear from all the le-vel people soon when this one closes down, as I can’t imagine this one will not tank and go under just like Vemma and Monavie but them some other big MLM company will then just buy it up and re market it like jenussese is trying to do with Monavie. MLM’s show us that telling people what they want to hear works and it shows that hype and huge promises of easy riches still sell. It’s sad but true. Well at least you are much farther a head of the game than many, so good job Nancy.

          Thanks For Stopping By,

        Maggie says March 15, 2016

        Hi Traci,
        Speed is great in the short term . . . people have energy, feel euphoric, etc . . . but long term use requires more and more for the same effect and when you finally come off it you’ll crash. Hard. I’m sure you would all love everyone to try it for a month, even when they have bad side effects. I’m not sure how long it takes to become addicted to speed, but a month probably would do it.
        By the way, why is it most of these comments have typos? Are you all so jacked up that you can’t even type?
        You wrote: “guy wants yin to buy his”. Yin?
        Marie above wrote: “Thats why many who use ot oromote”
        Wienr above wrote: “Should read, cause you aint, there are endless sentences that are with no sentence meaning anfd I fpr one sell this and I am alieve. My sincere apologies!” and I can’t begin to even make sense of that.
        I understand that the “i” and the “o” key are next to each other, but maybe you all need to lay off the speed and proof read.

      Ashley says January 31, 2016

      Right! 😂 Someone just had a bad experience clearly and is now bent out of shape. Clearly.

        Brandon says January 31, 2016


        Can you please provide us with the reason why Level is so great? What makes it better than regular multivitamins? I’m assuming your a distributor can you please educate us all on why Level is so much better? I’m stating to wonder how they’re pulling the wool over so many peoples eyes? Also if your saying they have had a bad expierience, can you tell us why your expierince is so good?

        Did you know they’re more expensive and use synthetic forms which is very cheap? Do you know they’re using things that are compared to Epehedra ?

        If someone has a bad expierience does that mean they are wrong? Would you be willing to come back in a year and say how much you love Level still? Try researching synthetic vitamins and then look what Level is made up of? Just basic plain vitamins noting special…Then look up research on Phenylethylamine as it is similar to speed that is why people are liking Level as they are hooked on drugs. It reacts poorly with people with heart pronblems on anti depressants and raises blood pressure and has been recently liked to parkinsons and you can get natural Phenylethylamine just by getting out and excercising.


          Jason says May 16, 2017

          I can tell you what makes it so great is that they work. I have issues and getting proper nutrition is highly important. No other multivitamin helps me feel so rounded. If not for FDA regulations I could make real statements about what it has done for me. It is also NOT a weight loss program. It is a metabolism balancing system. The ingredients themself are top quality that you CANNOT get from a store shelf. Why? Logistics. Plain and simple. The negative effects from the first week? Detox, my wife had it I did not. She has it for about 3 days. It should not surprise me that people so stupid can openly claim something to be a scam when it anything but.
          The crazy lady someone mentioned? Well Thrive doesn’t cause crazy, that is something else. Bottom line Thrive works but you are too arrogant to try it for the 8 weeks, because you know better, obviously.

          Brandon says May 17, 2017

          Jason keep on thriving it’s too late for you. This is for others that use their minds. You have no idea about your product only a sales pitch to regurgitate. If you like thrive so much just keep on thrivin.

      Anonymous says April 27, 2016

      Exactly!! Thrive isn’t a weight loss product which means this person is clueless. They don’t force you to buy product either. No one can force you to give a credit card number. I have been taking the product for over a year and i can tell you, I’ve been getting the product for free since day one. I only pay $9.99 for shipping and handling. They don’t make you put anything on autoship. Get your facts straight Brandon. This is misrepresenting the company and you will be reported. Have a nice day!

        Brandon says April 28, 2016

        Hey Anonymous,

        Like all the rest of anonymous commenter’s who said nothing of value, you will be too scared to answer these real questions. You’re too busy making your claims to ask any intelligent questions, but I either could spam your comments or let everybody learn from your stupidity, I decided to let people learn from your stupidity.

        Thrive is to supplement for nutritional gaps and keep you thiving all day long, that is what thive claims. I understand they are not focused primarily on weight loss, I don’t focus on it being about weight loss but like I always say don’t let me hear you say it helps lose weight then….Oh That’s right you still will.

        I focus on it having cheap synthetic vitamins and harmful stimulants and how expensive it is.

        What do you think about selling people on a product that is expensive and has synthetic cheap vitamins and also harmful stimulants like:

      • Phenylethylamine
      • Theobromine
      • Synephrine
      • The weight loss word is just a keyword people type in… Apparently got you and your wet blanket like funk to show up and troll comments.

        Yeah we all know they don’t come to your house with a gun to your head and force you to give a credit card…

        If you really think thrive is great Let everybody here know the answers to these questions below: (NOTE most likely this person will come back and realize they can’t answer these questions without looking bad but what you can do is ask these specific questions to anyone trying to sign you up)

        #1 How do you stay commission qualified???

        #2 To get it for free, do you or do you not have to sign people up, 2 referrals if Im not mistaken?

        #3 Out of those two referrals you do get, how much product do they need to buy in monthly for you to stay commission qualified and to also get yours for free???? (On top of that I wouldn’t take this synthetic garbage for free, even if someone paid me I would not use this stuff. I actually recently threw away a bunch of vitamins that I found had the same garbage as Le vel does.)

        #4 Let me get this straight, If you want to “stay commission qualified” and “make money with thrive”

          you’re saying anybody can just go in for free and still make commisons when somone signs up for somthing that they have not already purchased????

        So just so everybody knows you’re saying that without them also buying it or getting 2 referrals your calming you can still make commission on sales??? I don’t think so… (Don’t lie to everybody here like you lie to your downline.)

        #5 Why do you lie to yourself? You know you have to buy stuff to get qualified and then continue buying to stay commission qualified, please tell me and everybody here where I’m wrong on that?

        #6 Also how much money do you make? If its above $500 a year your lucky as you’re in the 1% and if so everybody your trying to sell on the idea, that sign up under people like you, are most likely going to get shafted once it starts going downhill.

        It will just get harder and harder to sell until you’re like another Amway or Herbal life rep and no one wants to see you and starts running the minute they see someone like you, come bee bopping into the room.

        Anonymous You have been the 20th person to say the same thing and every time I ask the hard questions, you all run like scared rabbits and I never hear from you again, so now I’m only writing back for the readers of this blog to learn from your mistakes.

        If you actually write back it would be a miracle.

        I’ll have to say all you thrivers are only here cause the owner tries to sue everybody who says their opinion about them, just like all good dictators like Hitler.

        To all Die Hard Distributors that are little B*!ches, To big for Your Britches, burnin your little bridges…. This blog is not for you… Now quit complaining…

        Oh You’re reporting me? Are you saying that this article is hurting the amazing Thrive movement? If Not why would you care, I always hear how great you guys say your doing, why are you always on my blog complaining then??? I don’t go to your horribly ranked website and talk about how Thrive doesn’t work. Just like people don’t have to sign up for thrive, they also don’t have to read this blog.

        I’m pretty sure you have reported me over and over, and so has all the others Thrivers mad cause i’m telling the truth…. Le-vel will sue when ever they can, as that is how scared they are of bloggers like me and Lazyman and money and Ethan Vanderbuilt telling the truth.. So are you saying “Etan Vanderbuilt” and “Lazyman and money” plus all the hundreds of complaints are also just crazy people?? (ATTN: this is what will happen when you try to say your opinion to a THRIVER… BUYER BEWARE!!!!)

        Just imagine if your a good company and someone talks negatively it just makes the person talking negativly look bad unless it’s true. Well if this is all not true why are you so worried??? If I said Google sucks and doesn’t understand search, wouldn’t people just laugh at me, do you really think Google cares, NOPE, WHY… Cause they know they don’t suck, you and thrive on the other hand know you suck and are afraid.

        If it’s a lie let me look stupid, why would you supposedly report me if I’m so wrong and crazy??? Let people figure it out, or are you deep down afraid at what will happen if people start thinking for themselves??? Trust me, making it hard for me will just make things harder and worse for you and Le Vel…

        They’re will be so many other Level complaints it would make your head spin and the more bloggers they try to silence the more this company will be scrutinized. You’re not helping but rather helping to dig your own grave, sure complain and if your lucky they wil try to sue and worst case I take down the post all that does is piss others off as you’re trying to monopolize and get people to only think your way, you would be a great dictator, the only probelem is, no one would listen to you, you make no sense?

        This article and blog are for people who want to change not for die hard distributors like you anonymous…. Thanks for helping me rank by commenting though…. Also thanks for helping me show others what questions to ask you Thrivers before joining to make you Distributors start stammering and stuttering and switching subjects like a person with a guilty conscience.

        Oh and thanks you have a nice day also.

    Cindy says January 28, 2016

    Thrive has ruined our Family… niece called me after years of silence to ask me to try this “stuff I’m selling, that will change your life” wow was she right……I’ve never had high blood pressure, till Thrive, I was never sick, until Thrive, headaches were terrible, my Thryroid went out of wack, because of Thrive. Every time I tried to stop shipments, my niece would call me telling me i was going through “detox” or lab tests are wrong, she even had one of her advisors call me an intimidate me into continuing. My niece had her brother and sisters and parents join Thrive, she posted pictures of her new BMW SUV from Thrive. While we were all miserable and spending approx $300. per month. She could of cared less that we were not feeling the utopia she guaranteed, and I was experiencing exact opposite of what she “guaranteed”. This is a cult, the promoters are bullies and I can not wait for Le Vel to come crashing down, because sooner rather than later it will. The promoters will be in the most shock. My Niece gave up an amazing high paying job (she will never get back) to sell this crap.

    Anonymous says February 9, 2016

    There is absolutely zero buy in.
    A person can promote thrive without ever buying a single
    Product! Ever!! Therefore your claims are false, we do not have to stock up on product!
    It’s TOTALLY FREE to promote! Not a pyramid scheme!
    There are 4 grades to vitamins…

    1)Pharmaceutical grade
    2)Medical grade
    3)Cosmetic or Nutritional grade
    4)Agricultural or Feed grade

    The highest grade is pharmaceutical grade..thrive is in this category.


    The purity, dissolution and absorption rate all meet the highest regulatory standard verified by an outside third party testing.

    Vitamins sold at HEB, Walgreens, GNC, etc are nutritional grade…these supplements are not tested for purity, dissolution or absorption rate effectiveness. Additionally, these supplements do not always have the same concentrations of active ingredients as listed on the label.

    Le-Vel facilities and manufacturing process are GMP and NSF certified, the manufacturing and quality control is tested weekly, as these certificates are the highest standard you can receive in supplement manufacturing. We source all our ingredients from the highest grade plant and vegetable farm around the United States. Everything is certified non-Gmo, certified gluten free, and we use NO synthetics. BTW, synephrine comes from the bitter orange plant dum butt..,not synthetic. So stop your lying and false claims! You would be extremely hard pressed to find another product line with the efficacy, technology and results that Thrive has documented.

    Our formulator is a world renowned Naturopathic expert, that specifically built formulas and products for almost all of Hollywood for the last 25 years… Now he is exclusively with Le-Vel. The one thing that you can always trust is there’s no one that knows better for what should be, or should not be in a product. His education and experience in pharmacology and naturopathic medicine is unrivaled. As soon as our patents or completed, we will be releasing who he is and more about our patent pending manufacturing processes. We have tons of doctors, dietitians, trainers, and professional athletes taking and promoting thrive. Not to mention, one of the best Naturopathic doctors in the country formulating thrive. These people are very well informed on what should be and shouldn’t be in the body, and have a reputation to’s not by accident that we are attracting these types of people.

      Molly says March 2, 2017

      Eyeroll… you poor thing you drank the MLM koolaid. Where is the no gmo certification? Also these ‘independent testing faculties’ can be paid to say whatever the company wants to push. If thrive is so amazing why use cheap synthetic additives? Why so much caffeine? (That they don’t disclose)
      We have a friend who pushed this crap and while we love thier family I had to block her from my Facebook. My husband and I tried the free sample 3 day trial. I am a relatively fit 33 year old female who occasionally runs 10k and does
      Crossfit (but not a crossfit zombie). I also work full time and have 2 small children so I am always tired. Coffee at work is my go to but I try to limit it to 2-3 cups a day. My husband is 35, works full time and does BJJ so also relatively fit. (Also addicted to coffee 3-5 cups a day) Or friend promised it ‘changed her life’ and her energy level was through the roof while her anxiety was gone. So we tried it. My husband (who drank no coffee that day) only made it to day 2. He was having stomach cramps, nausea and felt like his heart was racing. He couldn’t even go to BJJ because he felt so bad. Our friend used the party line ‘detox’. I stayed on it the whole 3 days (patch, shake and pills). I was feeling funny by the 2nd day but chalked it up to immense amounts of caffeine in the pills/shake/patch. 3rd day I got dizzy and my heart was racing. I was so worried so I went to urgent care where for once in my life my blood pressure was high! ( I am always borderline low bp) Next day I went to my regular DR. And he told me to never take that crap again. 5 days later my bp was normal and I felt ok.
      We told our friend what had happened and instead of being concerned that it was thrive (which she also gives her kids) she told us it was our bodies detoxing. If detoxing makes my blood pressure skyrocket and feel like I am having a heart attack no thanks. We were stunned as she tried to tell us we would feel much better if we did the 8 week program! I told her my Dr. Said it was crap and dangerous but, it fell on deaf ears. “Thrive was premium vitamins” “Thrive is all natural”.
      She is selling this stuff and claims she is making money but, probably getting in over her head. It is just amazing to us as a college educated person she couldn’t see this for what it is a scam. I hope this stuff doesn’t kill anyone and hopefully goes the way of many other shit products before it.

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