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Le Vel Thrive Is This Just Crap In A Box Marked Guaranteed?

    Le Vel Thrive have you heard of it? Is Le Vel Thrive a scam or really as amazing as they say..?

    Well technically it’s not a scam but also not a good idea for health or to use as an opportunity to really earn money, especially online. 

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    Le Vel Thrive Is Just The Same Ol Vitamins & Minerals In Fancy Packaging

    This a MLM network marketing company founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. Level Thrive or Le vel Is just the same old thing in yet another neat fancy package. 

    Le vel is an 8 week experience with some more good ol un-regulated weight loss supplements. Le vel claims you will feel better after their Le vel products, patches and supplements.

    Le Vel_Thrive_Logo

    Le-Vel Thrive 8 Week Experience  

    The Le-Vel Thrive 8 week experience in my opinion isn’t really that safe, let alone good for you.

    You would be better off getting something like an Amazon Fresh unlimited account.

    Then getting fresh healthy foods set to your door an the time you save from grocery shopping you could prepare them and get 10 times greater health from it.

    Taking it for 8 weeks does not seem like a good idea. It would be like supersize me but instead of Mcdonalds your taking Le vel.

    So the Thrive DFT sticker or Thrive Weight Loss patch is worn on your upper arm. This patch is sold to users as a way to suppress appetite and improve your energy.

    This is added into what is called the Three part Thrive Experience.

    The three parts are:

    • Supplements
    • Protein shake
    • DFT patch.

    The jittery sick feeling is when you know Le vel Thrive is workin

    This artificial unhealthy energy will cost you up to $200 dollars a month.

    What is Thrive DFT Duo?

    So the DFT Duo is a fancy name for their diet patch. This is supposed to suppress hunger and improve fat burning. Many have complaints of it making them dizzy or sick.  I guess the sickness and dizziness is what keeps you from eating.

    This is the patch that uses two patches rather than just one and where it got it’s Duo name.

    What vitamins are in the Thrive patch?

    Thrive Patch ingredients are:

    • ForsLean
    • Green coffee extract
    • Garcinia cambogia
    • CoQ10
    • White willow bark
    • Cosmoperine
    • Satiereal saffron extract
    • Green tea extract
    • Cayenne Pepper

    Dangers Of Le vel Thrive

    Thrive Patch Dangers

    Le vel Thrive claims that the DFT patches use special trans-dermal vitamin technology to transmit nutrients and stimulants into your skin. The stuff they show they add in seems harmless but are they possibly sneaking extra stimulants in that people are not aware of.  

    Thrive Reviews By Doctors

    Dr Shaun Holt, the medical director of HoneyLab, warns there are many reasons to be wary of the Thrive DFT patch. Says that they’re just unsafe in general which is not supported by any clinical trials. “Best case it’s a waste of money, worst case it’s dangerous for you.”

    Is Thrive FDA Approved

    The weight loss supplement industry is just very unregulated and nothing is really approved by the FDA. Many weight-loss products are adding in dangerous stimulants. I will explain more below.

    Le-vel Thrive Side Effects

    There has been 16 health problems associated with Thrive reported to the FDA since 2013.
    There luckily has not been any Thrive supplement deaths that anyone knows about. Then again you would have to report it, then it would need to be linked to using Thrive supplements exclusively. This would be very hard to really prove even if it has happened.

    Thrive Supplement Dangers

    Dr Holt. claims that “There are no studies to confirm the levels that enter the bloodstream” If sufficient levels of the thrive ingredients were absorbed by the body, it could be dangerous. This would be elevating blood pressure and heart rate causing the makings of a heart attack. Then some of the additives
    could cause many to ask the question “is Thrive addictive.” With the ingredients like

    Basically this company Le-Vel Thrive has done nothing new and wants you to sign up for the oldest trick in the book…

    …”The Ol MLM/pyramid”

    This is where they heavily entice members to recruit…

    Buy in sub-par products monthly on auto ship.

    Then have to sell it or start recruiting others to sell it and buy in monthly.” 

    Sign a few people up to buy in monthly products and voila…yours is all free!

    Somebody Has to Buy This Crap Right…?

    Le Vel_Thrive_scam_DFT_Patch

    The hard part about selling a product like this is that it’s not in demand. 

    Many people who are claiming the amazing benefits are only doing so, cause the money that can be made by recruiting.

    If you have stock in Microsoft are you going to be promoting Apple?

    You will rarely see anyone saying how great this stuff is…

    That’s not selling it themselves.

    People are pushing it cause they have to or they lose out on the money they spent.

    Money on cases of forced auto-shipped products that come in monthly.

    They need to sell it or they lose money…

    No one is really selling it because of the miraculous healing and weight loss powers it gives you.

    Most of the products that the recruiters do buy in, they have to give away for free.

    Le-vel reps need to also give people trials and drive around and have sales material with them.

    So after a person gets wrapped up in this too deep,

    They’re never going to tell you anything bad about the program or product.

    You may have stumbled across one of the many negative Le Vel Thrive reviews.

    So is Le Vel Thrive a company you want to devote a lot of your time to?

    The Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam is a direct marketing company or pyramid/MLM…

    Le-vel Thrive just sells vitamins and energy supplements very similar to:

    The reason yet another health supplement MLM is working, is the idea that this product is sell-able to friends and family…

    …and if someone can get you to believe the hype and pass the buck to you… they’re off the hook…In theory.

    Now you will have to buy in your own inventory every month. All they have to do is then tell you that you’re not working hard enough if you don’t succeed.

      Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam

    Is Not About Hard Work… It Is Mainly About Luck!

    Le Vel_Thrive_1_percent_make_money

    Depending on where you got in on the pyramid…Will decide how successful you’re going to be.

    Before the market for selling these types of products becomes a competitive red sea. You will lose your money and time that you invested.

    This is all while the owners and people high up on the pyramid are looking for another new MLM they can jump into. This is typically using the money, that all the unlucky people made them.

    You want to always remember if you join any MLM…You’re basically joining a Ponzi scheme…but…

    There’s a difference… MLM’s add in an “average quality plane Jane product” to sell. 

    This makes it 100% legal…not smart but legal.

    If you have gotten caught up in one of these systems, don’t worry just about every body has.

    The main thing is how fast you can stop believing in it and not let it take over.

    So like any of these MLM companies that pop up everywhere they’re all the same. They all just sell average products, put them in a fancy box and mark them guaranteed… then brainwash people with cult like sales tactics to motivate others to sell the same crap.

    Le Vel_Thrive_guarantee Now these companies are getting away with selling you guaranteed pieces of S#*!…“Hey If you want me to take a crap in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will, I’ve got spare time.”

    They make outrageous claims and guarantees but there’s a lot of fine print.

    Only the people who quit will figure it all out. If you quit that means people can just say that it didn’t work because you didn’t try hard enough. 

    If You’re In A Hole And You Notice It, Stop Digging!

    When a company makes you buy inventory every month, how much are you going to badmouth it.

    So now you see why everybody is so motivated.

    When you’re in too deep You have no other options but to believe the hype

    and defend your purchase!

    Then try to make these “easy millions.”  it’s as easy as 1…2…3

     Just like all the “Level 8 200k VIP members” enticing you with their cars they won and the earnings testimonials at the conferences.

    The problem is, if there is already lots of people showing you how much they make, you’re already a little late to the party. Then you become the sucker. Anybody want some Mary Kay?

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    The Value Of Trying Le Vel Thrive Experience 

     Well, you’re supposed to get more energy, feel better and be able to do more.

    That’s basically like me saying… “if you just take basic vitamins and minerals you will feel better and have more energy.”

    While this is technically true, that doesn’t mean you need to sign up and have generic vitamins auto-shipped to your house.

    To make it all worth while, you need to recruit all your friends and family to pay for over priced auto-ship vitamin orders monthly.

    Sure this could work for the beginning wave of people who signed up early and promoted like crazy and sold Thrive products like Ron Popeil.  


    If the company has enough promoters already…

    You’re just another little worker bee building pyramids… for all the top people and the owner.  

    Le Vel Thrive Products

    Le Vel_Thrive_Products

    There is three categories of products that thrive puts out and they’re nothing special.

    • Thrive Lifestyle –  Thrive M for men and Thrive W for women.

    Both are supposed to have multivitamins with minerals that help with

    • Thinking
    • Joint support
    • Inflammation
    • Digestive and immune support
    • Lean muscle support.

    This is said to help keep lean muscle and trim down on fat.. Well it sure sounds like they’re just telling you what you want to hear.

    Don’t really like to focus on their ingredients, which are the most important thing. They will defend it by saying it’s pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical Grade is Proven To Be B.S. 

    This reminds me of the MLM that sold natural cellular defense and said it had way more Zeolite that it was tested to have.

    These companies are focused on money… Do you think that they make these products with love?

    Usually they just use the cheapest ingredients that they can get away with, without anyone noticing.

    Then they put it in a fancy package with easy labels like: Weight Loss + appetite control.

    They then hope that people are too lazy to look into the fact that these are generic off brand grocery store quality vitamins and minerals.

    All just bundled in a package and marketed them as a new ultra premium product.

    • THRIVE- Premium Lifestyle Mix –  This product is said on their site to be ultra micronized, mineral dense probiotic and Enzyme blend with of course weight management and lean muscle support. This is designed to obviously compliment the capsules and the DFT patch.

    They claim it has an anti aging and antioxidant blend plus digestive and immune support.  Again they really cover all the bases with their marketing

    But how do they back this up? They just want you to take their word for it, I guess. Also they don’t really talk about the quality of the probiotic or enzymes. Also having a Hodge Podge of vitamins and minerals and probiotics all mixed in one, I feel could be the reason some people having trouble with it.

    Sure all these taken when you need them separately is fine…but having them all together, taking them all the time seems a little misguided.

    •  Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT 

    This is supposedly for weight loss and weight management…. to also gain mental clarity & help with appetite control. This is a slow time release, using it’s Amazing patented Derma-Fusion Technology.

    They claim that all you need to do is use…

    1. Thrive Premium DFT
    2. Thrive Premium lifestyle capsules
    3. Thrive premium lifestyle shakes
    4. Thrive 8 week experience

    And you will supposedly get ultra premium results… seems really expensive…sounds more complicated than just getting healthy…Right?

    They put a lot of different products in there, so you get confused and focus on that system… and not learning healthy lifestyle choices.

    They want you to just focus on the pharmaceutical grade vitamins that make you live forever

    The Le-vel reps have great rebuttals stating that “their not scientists and neither am I…”

    And to those I say..

    Do you really have to be a scientist to…

    • Do your own research?
    • See which one makes sense
    • To make an educated decision?

    This Just In….Level Reps Say…” Le-vel Works!” But Is There Anybody Else?

    If you’re taking in synthetic chemicals you’re the person in the 60’s smoking cause science said it doesn’t harm you.

    The chemicals they put on cigarettes causing Tobacco-specific nitrosamines are the main problem with smoking, not even necessarily tobacco.

    Level reps are selling cheap synthetic vitamins and minerals masquerading in a fancy package with a pharmaceutical grade label. 

    So if you want to gamble with the synthetic vitamins and learn later down the road … then I wont stop you, just wanted to inform you. Level reps will force you!  

    Here is the Le Vel Thrive basic ingredient list for Thrive M, Thrive W and Thrive Mix As You Can See Nothing Special To See Here

    Le Vel_Thrive_ingredients_list

    Le Vel Thrive Ingredients

    WARNING!!! Cheap Synthetic Vitamin ingredients and unhealthy stimulants are added to

    Le vel Thrive!

    These Types Of Ingredients Are common Everywhere What’s The Big Deal?


    I just wanted to add that Level Thrive just sells a sub par, average, plain jane, vanilla supplement line with blood thirsty distributors… just to make it so it’s not an illegal pyramid and not cause they’re amazing supplements.

    Their Supplements Contain Cheap Synthetic Vitamins and Ingredients Such As: 

    • Synthetic dl alpha Vitamin E
    • Synthetic Acetate Vitamin A
    • Synthetic Ascorbic acid Vitamin C
    • Synthetic Cyanocobalamin B-12 rather than natural Methylcobalamin
    • Artificial sucralose

    Le Vel Thrive is Also Has Questionable Stimulants…

    Stimulants like:

    • Phenylethylamine
    • Theobromine
    • Synephrine

    You could get a good Multivitamin that is:

    1. Much better quality
    2. Much bigger quantity
    3. For a much cheaper price than level supplements.

    Not only could you get better supplements for a much cheaper price…

    These MLM’s are charging three times the price for below average vitamins and herbs.

    The distributors are the main buyers and customers, as companies like these have very low percentage of real consumers. 

    Not only that but they add in other harmful ingredients besides just cheap synthetic vitamins. These stimulants can be barely taken by a healthy person, as they make them unhealthy later on. If these ingredients can make a healthy person ill, Then imagine what happens to their target audience of overweight, obese, highly stressed out and chronically ill people.

    These poor quality synthetic vitamins that leave unnatural stuff in your body mixed with chemical stimulates will lead to a disaster down the road. This will not make you healthier and will actually make you worse than before taking it.

    It will make you feel energized in the beginning but so will PCP, cocaine and meth but later down the road, it will get you.Then by the time you figure it out, Level is out of business and there is no one to blame or sue for you health problems.

    If someone offers you a box or bottle of Le-Vel Thrive here is some professional steps to take to get them to go away:

    #1 If they offer you a sample tell them you “say nope to dope.”

    #2 Slap it on to the ground…Then YELL, “NO means NO” and run.

    I definitely feel like I know more than the Le-vel Distributors as they’re left in the dark.

    The funny thing is… it’s not just me.

    You can see below some Le Vel Thrive Complaints are made by real customers on Amazon. Also you can see real customers expressing their problems with Le vel Thrive in the comment section below as well. You can also see some of the diehard Le-vel Thrive distributors trying to say it’s the best, without any logical reason about why.

    There have been a few reporting that the Le Vel Thrive side effects have been pretty bad


    Le Vel_Thrive_DFT_side_effects_3

    And This…

    Le Vel_Thrive_DFT_side_effects



    And This…

    Le Vel_Thrive_side_effects_DFT_patch_2

     More Le vel Thrive Complaints About They experienced with the Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam…

    Le Vel_Thrive_M_ingredients_list

    Here are some Le Vel Thrive weight loss patch reviews

    Le Vel_Thrive_W_reviews

    Le Vel_Thrive_side_effects_DFT_patch

    Case Study Of The Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam

    So these pills and shakes and patches all break down into basically being overpriced vitamins in a pretty package. They don’t explain anywhere what they contain and why they will work, they just claim that it will get you to lose weight and control your appetite and keep lean muscle.

    These scams will continue to work as long as a sucker is born every minuteThe problem people face, is they make themselves believe their own lies.

    They have a hard time realizing that the products are maybe one step above regular generic vitamins…But they’re selling it for a premium price.

    If it doesn’t sell…

    They believe that they must have not worked hard enough or not believed in the product or process.  

    Things can always be turned around on you.

    Others in the program can make you feel that you’re not doing something right or you just did not work hard enough.

    Well if that was true…

    Then I say in response that you have the teacher to blame.

    That teacher being Le Vel Thrive.

    Did you know…

    if you focused on real ways to lose weight and gain muscle such as

    • Proper exercise
    • Diet
    • Proper deep sleep

    You would achieve greater results than with Thrive.

    These synthetic Le vel vitamin products claim to be a miracle in a bottle but are never going to work as they say.

    You take it and later realize that you’ve been hoodwinked and it’s closer to snake oil in a bottle.

    The problem is that they have already sufficiently brainwashed you on how great the product is.

    By the time you buy all of your inventory, I am assuming your brain will try to make up some placebo effects.

    The other followers will claim it works just because they want to make their money back.

    The Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam Conclusion

    I am not going to even cover the compensation plans of the Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam as they really don’t matter.

    All of them have their ups and downs and when it’s all said and done, none of these programs are worth getting into.

    They will not only slowly con you out of your money, like the interest on a credit card but also steal a lot of your time and force you to do things that you would never do normally, to make those sales.

    If your interested in the Le Vel Thrive Scam compensation plan you were probably considering joining and selling. The main thing you want to know is, could you see yourself selling lots of these products and to whom?  

    If you have people to sell to maybe a program like this is for you but if you can’t, you will be like the majority of people who fail and lose money with these types of scams.

    This Le Vel Thrive AUTO-Ship Is About To Set Sail!

    One thing is for sure, you will always be set up with an auto ship order to keep you an active member of this cult.

    So unless you start getting followers in a hurry (i.e friends and family) you’re going to at least have to shell out around $100 every month, unless you get 2 new recruits a month to pay for you to break even.

    They do not explain a method on how you’re going to do all this or market to the masses.  

    All they give you is hype and motivation that is basically a virtual spank on the butt telling you to “go get-em tiger.

    Now these health and wellness MLM’s are everywhere you look.

    Many of them have no real science or real ingredients that actually help you do what they say they will.  

    They just talk about fancy names they trademarked such as

    • “Fat burning fusion 2.0”  
    • DFT Duo

    Le vel Thrive Garbage With A Pinch Of Health

    The real stuff you want to know about is the ingredients and the purity and process that they go through.

    You don’t need another product full of additives and sugar with a just a pinch of something good for you.

    A product that clearly states what it is, what it does for your body and what amounts of the active ingredient  it contains.

    Also as a little something to take away from this, when you want to return the product you’re in for a treat. When you find out that these products do not do what it claims it will, most will want to return it and cancel their auto ship orders.  

    When you try to return your product, it has to be resell-able as well as you will only get 50% of what you paid minus a 10% restocking fee.

    So basically when you auto ship stuff from Le Vel Thrive you better sell it or die trying, cause if you try to return it you will lose 60% right off the bat.

    You get a better deal with the depreciation of driving a new car off the lot.

    Remember if you try complaining, you will get ransacked by other zombie like followers of the Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Scam not wanting to hear it.

    They might say that you’re lying and that you did not try hard enough or must be working for the competition.

    Most people will just cut their losses and move on but Le Vel will keep on looking for other followers until they eventually die out all together. 

     MLMs are hard work…

    Seriously, If you can make them work for you…just a little…

    You would be able to make a full-time income online with that same effort. Get Everything You Need To Become A Full Time Blogger from home ALL IN ONE PLACE!

    Also you can promote whatever you want

    • MLM/Network marketing (if you still really wanted to)
    • Affiliate products
    • Your own products
    • Advertising etc

    It’s your own business, not some company that just allows you to be self-employed…and pay money just to sell their products.  

    Also you don’t have to recruit anybody. You can if you want to…If this sounds like something that would work for you, check out the program that taught me to make my first steady income online. Try OUT THE EXACT SYSTEM I USED for FREE HERE.

    Please let me know in the comments below how you feel about the Level Weight Loss supplements?

    What was your opinion on the products? 

     Are looking to get away from Scams and MLM’s like Le Vel Thrive?

    The problem with trying to make money online is that you end up getting more confused, feeling more frustrated, and not even knowing what you really should be doing.

    If you can believe that some programs will work for you, it’s a good start but not enough.

    Your average day is still probably spent looking at what others are doing and thinking “How can I do that too?”  Then no matter how much you learn, you just can’t seem to put it all together.

    This is because only a few programs out there actually teach you to succeed, the rest are just capitalizing on your ignorance. 

    What I love about This Blogging Platform is that I no longer feel confused. I feel like a real marketer, and in fact, I now do this full-time.

    I get online knowing exactly what I need to do every day to step closer to my goals. I‘m no longer hoping to find a push button product but rather learning to market better and better online.

    If you’re looking to make full-time income and are serious and would like an all in one package that can fill in the gaps and take you from point A To Point B then you’re going to really like This HERE(When you click the link be sure to set up your profile and give this a real chance, it’s free to try.)

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