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Javita Coffee Scam

    Name: Javita CoffeeJavita_coffee_scam_logo
    Price: $18- $180 plus membership costs
    Owners: Stan Cherelstien
    Overall Rank: 30 out of 100
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    Javita Weight Loss Coffee Review | Why I Feel Javita Coffee Is A Scam


    Ok so you have probably been searching and stumbled across some “Javita Coffee reviews” but not that many claiming it’s a scam.  

    I was thinking this was a sister company of The Organo Gold Coffee Company but it wasn’t as far as I could see.

    The distributors of this product claim that this is a special energy enhancing coffee that will knock your socks off!

    This will make life easy, wallet fatter and butt tighter…ok not the butt part but sounds good right?

    Well this is really nothing more that bitter instant coffee that adds herbs to supposedly boost your energy in theory.

    The Company Behind  The Javita Coffee Scam


    Javita Coffee is based out of Florida in Boca Raton.

    Stan Cherelstien is the President and CEO who is not new to MLM/pyramid network and direct sales marketing.

    Javita Coffee is actually a sister company or another MLM called Waiora.

    You can see why they’re trying to start over fresh with a new image.

    Waiora apparently had a class action lawsuit filed against them.

    They sold a product called Natural Cellular Defense.

    Supposedly they did not contain close to the amount of active ingredients that it claimed to have.

    They sold this watered down version to sick people for a period of 6 years.

    It only contained 15 mg of the mineral Zeolite when it claimed to contain 240mg.

    Another lab test found that it contained no more than 1% of the mineral.

    So basically they were selling $50 dollar bottles of water.

    This is even worse as they would sell it to people claiming the healing powers to people that were ill and it really wasn’t doing anything.


    The Low Down On The Javita Coffee And Why It Is Just Like All The Other MLM’s A Waste Of Time.

     Javita Coffee is a MLM or direct sales and network marketing company.

    They claim to offer an at home business opportunity to start and build their own business from home.

    Basically just sells coffee with a kick and claim that it helps you. Just like mangosteen, monivie and other energy drink MLM’s before it also claimed.

    There are many followers that are stating that it’s the best coffee cause it helped them.

    This was typically also said by a person that was promoting the product.

    The people that get wrapped up in these types of network marketing traps spend a lot of money on their products before hand.

    So you better believe they’re going to say great things about it, even if it was horrible.

    Now the idea is great and easy to understand.

    Sounds easy enough to sell right?  I mean they added energy to a already popular drink and all you supposedly have to do is tell your friends and family that want more energy and like coffee and Badda Bing, Badda Boom you make sales.

    You have to buy into it and then turn around and sell it to your friends and family, unless you really know how to market a product.

    In that case you would be better off marketing a product of your own or non MLM offer and make it easier on yourself.

    MLM may look easier as they have the product, business image and distribution and all you have to do is sell but these types of programs are very hard to sell people on especially now a days with easy access to google.

    You have to jump through a bunch of hoops to just basically sell coffee. Eventually you would then have to get many others wrapped up in all the fees you had to pay. So they will go around like a zombie promoting this offer like crazy for you.

     Even though coffee is the 2nd most consumed good in America, chances are that most will still not be interested in buying coffee from you over Starbucks or their favorite coffee place just because it has energy enhancement.

    You have to be able to recruit enough people right off the bat and get lots of worker bees in your down-line and get lucky enough to get positioned in the right spot in the pyramid. If you will wind up being the unlucky bottom group of people in this Glorified Ponzi Scheme you will be the one that loses out on their money.

    If you don’t see any successful people in a network marketing opportunity you’re getting in at the right time. 

    If you see all these super duper members already with images of them having crazy success with them holding enlarged checks on stage, chances are your the sucker and are at the bottom of the Ponzi scheme.

    Just remember what happened with all the people who invested with Bernie Madoff.

    Javita_coffee_scam_MLM_pyramidThe beginning investors made a bunch of money so others got excited.

    What they don’t like to tell you with all these MLM type pyramid schemes is that your either at the bottom just making money for your sponsor or you started right at the beginning which only friends of the creators usually have this opportunity.

    You then have to lie to others and tell them to join the bottom of the pyramid Ponzi scheme knowing they will be losing out on their money.

    I have heard the Javita zombies claim that it is 100% scam free just because your selling coffee, they state “how could that be a scam.”

    Many will call these programs a pyramid but there followers will always defend it and fire back saying stuff like “everything is a pyramid such as a job and working for a boss where the CEO makes the most at the top” and so on and so forth.

    Well that little analogy maybe true but why on earth would you want to pay money to get into a job then?

    The big difference between a job and a pyramid scheme is when you work a job, (for example) at “Kraft foods” you do not have to pay upfront to buy cases of macaroni and cheese every month or you lose your paychecks.

    No you work get your check and your out, with MLM you sign up, pay money and then beg others to do the same with a product that was obviously not good enough to just market on it’s own.

    Most of the time people will join these programs and want to quit after they start to realize what they will have to do and become in order to make it Javita_coffee_scam_membersuccessful.

    You have to become this 24/7 MLM 4 life nut job that is constantly talking about this product in this case (Javita Weight Loss Coffee) that is no better than a comparable coffee you can get in a grocery store or Starbucks.

    Do you remember the claims of how the Acai berries in Monivie or the drink Mangosteen helped people with basically all physical ailments and then come to find out that blueberries are just as good if not better and it was all a clever marketing campaign.

    Javita and it’s followers are trying to do the same thing but with coffee that helps you lose weight or give you a boost of energy. This sounds a lot like Organo Gold.

    Javita Coffee Products


    They carry a few different coffee and tea product such as

    • Fat Burn and Control coffee
    • Energy and Mind enhancing coffee
    • Lean weight loss green tea
    • Focus Fusion Cocoa
    • Herbal Cleanse Tea


    They claim that the the Fat Burn Coffee is basically a weight loss drink and helps speed up your metabolism. The energy coffee is supposed to contain an herbal blend that helps increase focus probably about as good as Focus Factor pills.

    The Lean green tea is supposed to contain Garcinia Cambogia which many use to control their appetite and help with weight loss. These all sound good but realistically anything that speeds up your metabolism or controlling appetite is not the real way to lose weight, just like any program that claims that you need to buy in and sell others what you bought into is not a real business.

    Don’t fall for another MLM they will always claim that it works and that the problem lies with you and your work ethic, which is true if you have a solid program to begin with. No MLM company is solid and for the most part unless it keeps growing and evolving and changing products it will not survive and all the time and effort you put in is wasted unless you go on to another MLM.

    A lot of  people start to see through all the garbage but by the time they do they have invested so much they are stuck and have to market the product as if it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Unless you are the person who got the word about the programs launch early chances are you are going to be one of the unlucky suckers at the bottom.

    Like they said if you can’t see the sucker at the table your the sucker.

     If you do get “lucky” and make it to the top you have to then knowingly screw over all the people that you sell. They will now be the unlucky people at the bottom and unless you keep promoting this scam you will go back to the bottom.

    Then you lose your investment and have a bunch of gross tasting weight loss coffee you have to drink now.  If you don’t believe me listen to what others said when they bought this product on Amazon.


    Javita Coffee Scam | What I Liked About Javita Coffee


    Ok So there is a few things about this company that are better than average.

    1. I feel like coffee is easier to sell as many people like coffee and if they enjoyed the taste and the fat burning I feel you could realistically get a few easy sales
    2. Using such a popular drink will definitely make it easier to sell to other to join your down-line as they will believe that it is easy to sell the #2 most consumed product in the US.
    3. If you set up three people to preferred members on a set monthly auto ship agreement, you get your order for free.
    Javita Coffee Scam | What I Didn’t Like About Javita Coffee


    1. Coffee is popular but places that provide coffee are in an abundance you can’t go anywhere with out someone brewing a pot or selling it in the package or pre-made.
    2. It is expensive for just coffee with some herbs added that claims to help do things that regular old coffee has done for years
    3. You are essentially going to burn out your acquaintances and friends as that is where you truly get a start from and can turn ugly when you bother them to much or they decide not to join.
    4. You have to all of a sudden become a traveling vacuum salesman overnight and hopefully you have a large family or circle of really supportive friends.
    5. Unless you love talking people into things they don’t really want or need daily you will have a hard time really succeeding.


    In Conclusion Is Javita Coffee A Scam Or Legit

     This is a scam and a waste of a lot of time if you ask me. As with any MLM your success if any is usually only for a limited time as many of these companies go under or die out like Vemma and your left with nothing as setting up an empire with this company is like building a million dollar house of cards.

    If they go out of business you quickly learn that you never really owned a business, rather bought into having rights to promote an offer.  Many people in the program will obviously tell you different as if they told you the truth they would not sell anything.

    The main problem with a compensation plan like with all MLMs is that people will say anything to get you to join so all the stuff they say could just be them desperately wanting to succeed.

    It Javita_coffee_scam_pie_in_the_skycan be really hard when they show you luxury houses and lifestyles attained by some of their supposed members but then turns out to be another a pie in the sky.

    Just remember if you see successful people in the business already with fancy house cars and clothes chances are your already too late to the party and you will be just another cog in the wheel for your sponsors down line and their sponsors downline.

     I feel like network marketing is a legitimate form of business but it is not realistic and if your not at the top your at just scraping by or at the bottom.

    Unless that program goes for years and years chances are once you claw your way to the top the company goes under or dies out. Just look at all the people that you know that where involved in MLM chances are they either do not sell, barely break even or have quit it all together for some reason or another.

    It’s rare to find a person besides the people at the meetings and seminars that is wildly successful at MLM besides the people that started it and the first people to join.


    I do always like to recommend a product just in case your asking yourself, now what?

    Well if you were interested in buying into a program like Javita Coffee, I have a suggestion that is actually worth paying for. If you want to learn more than just MLM network marketing.

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