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Javita Coffee Scam

Name: Javita CoffeeJavita_coffee_scam_logo
Price: $18- $180 plus membership costs
Owners: Stan Cherelstien
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100
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Javita Weight Loss Coffee Review | Why I Feel Javita Coffee Is A Scam


Ok so you have probably been searching and stumbled across some “Javita Coffee reviews” but not that many claiming it’s a scam.  

I was thinking this was a sister company of The Organo Gold Coffee Company but it wasn’t as far as I could see.

The distributors of this product claim that this is a special energy enhancing coffee that will knock your socks off!

This will make life easy, wallet fatter and butt tighter…ok not the butt part but sounds good right?

Well this is really nothing more that bitter instant coffee that adds herbs to supposedly boost your energy in theory.

The Company Behind  The Javita Coffee Scam


Javita Coffee is based out of Florida in Boca Raton.

Stan Cherelstien is the President and CEO who is not new to MLM/pyramid network and direct sales marketing.

Javita Coffee is actually a sister company or another MLM called Waiora.

You can see why they’re trying to start over fresh with a new image.

Waiora apparently had a class action lawsuit filed against them.

They sold a product called Natural Cellular Defense.

Supposedly they did not contain close to the amount of active ingredients that it claimed to have.

They sold this watered down version to sick people for a period of 6 years.

It only contained 15 mg of the mineral Zeolite when it claimed to contain 240mg.

Another lab test found that it contained no more than 1% of the mineral.

So basically they were selling $50 dollar bottles of water.

This is even worse as they would sell it to people claiming the healing powers to people that were ill and it really wasn’t doing anything.


The Low Down On The Javita Coffee And Why It Is Just Like All The Other MLM’s A Waste Of Time.

 Javita Coffee is a MLM or direct sales and network marketing company.

They claim to offer an at home business opportunity to start and build their own business from home.

Basically just sells coffee with a kick and claim that it helps you. Just like mangosteen, monivie and other energy drink MLM’s before it also claimed.

There are many followers that are stating that it’s the best coffee cause it helped them.

This was typically also said by a person that was promoting the product.

The people that get wrapped up in these types of network marketing traps spend a lot of money on their products before hand.

So you better believe they’re going to say great things about it, even if it was horrible.

Now the idea is great and easy to understand.

Sounds easy enough to sell right?  I mean they added energy to a already popular drink and all you supposedly have to do is tell your friends and family that want more energy and like coffee and Badda Bing, Badda Boom you make sales.

You have to buy into it and then turn around and sell it to your friends and family, unless you really know how to market a product.

In that case you would be better off marketing a product of your own or non MLM offer and make it easier on yourself.

MLM may look easier as they have the product, business image and distribution and all you have to do is sell but these types of programs are very hard to sell people on especially now a days with easy access to google.

You have to jump through a bunch of hoops to just basically sell coffee. Eventually you would then have to get many others wrapped up in all the fees you had to pay. So they will go around like a zombie promoting this offer like crazy for you.

 Even though coffee is the 2nd most consumed good in America, chances are that most will still not be interested in buying coffee from you over Starbucks or their favorite coffee place just because it has energy enhancement.

You have to be able to recruit enough people right off the bat and get lots of worker bees in your down-line and get lucky enough to get positioned in the right spot in the pyramid. If you will wind up being the unlucky bottom group of people in this Glorified Ponzi Scheme you will be the one that loses out on their money.

If you don’t see any successful people in a network marketing opportunity you’re getting in at the right time. 

If you see all these super duper members already with images of them having crazy success with them holding enlarged checks on stage, chances are your the sucker and are at the bottom of the Ponzi scheme.

Just remember what happened with all the people who invested with Bernie Madoff.

Javita_coffee_scam_MLM_pyramidThe beginning investors made a bunch of money so others got excited.

What they don’t like to tell you with all these MLM type pyramid schemes is that your either at the bottom just making money for your sponsor or you started right at the beginning which only friends of the creators usually have this opportunity.

You then have to lie to others and tell them to join the bottom of the pyramid Ponzi scheme knowing they will be losing out on their money.

I have heard the Javita zombies claim that it is 100% scam free just because your selling coffee, they state “how could that be a scam.”

Many will call these programs a pyramid but there followers will always defend it and fire back saying stuff like “everything is a pyramid such as a job and working for a boss where the CEO makes the most at the top” and so on and so forth.

Well that little analogy maybe true but why on earth would you want to pay money to get into a job then?

The big difference between a job and a pyramid scheme is when you work a job, (for example) at “Kraft foods” you do not have to pay upfront to buy cases of macaroni and cheese every month or you lose your paychecks.

No you work get your check and your out, with MLM you sign up, pay money and then beg others to do the same with a product that was obviously not good enough to just market on it’s own.

Most of the time people will join these programs and want to quit after they start to realize what they will have to do and become in order to make it Javita_coffee_scam_membersuccessful.

You have to become this 24/7 MLM 4 life nut job that is constantly talking about this product in this case (Javita Weight Loss Coffee) that is no better than a comparable coffee you can get in a grocery store or Starbucks.

Do you remember the claims of how the Acai berries in Monivie or the drink Mangosteen helped people with basically all physical ailments and then come to find out that blueberries are just as good if not better and it was all a clever marketing campaign.

Javita and it’s followers are trying to do the same thing but with coffee that helps you lose weight or give you a boost of energy. This sounds a lot like Organo Gold.

Javita Coffee Products


They carry a few different coffee and tea product such as

  • Fat Burn and Control coffee
  • Energy and Mind enhancing coffee
  • Lean weight loss green tea
  • Focus Fusion Cocoa
  • Herbal Cleanse Tea


They claim that the the Fat Burn Coffee is basically a weight loss drink and helps speed up your metabolism. The energy coffee is supposed to contain an herbal blend that helps increase focus probably about as good as Focus Factor pills.

The Lean green tea is supposed to contain Garcinia Cambogia which many use to control their appetite and help with weight loss. These all sound good but realistically anything that speeds up your metabolism or controlling appetite is not the real way to lose weight, just like any program that claims that you need to buy in and sell others what you bought into is not a real business.

Don’t fall for another MLM they will always claim that it works and that the problem lies with you and your work ethic, which is true if you have a solid program to begin with. No MLM company is solid and for the most part unless it keeps growing and evolving and changing products it will not survive and all the time and effort you put in is wasted unless you go on to another MLM.

A lot of  people start to see through all the garbage but by the time they do they have invested so much they are stuck and have to market the product as if it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Unless you are the person who got the word about the programs launch early chances are you are going to be one of the unlucky suckers at the bottom.

Like they said if you can’t see the sucker at the table your the sucker.

 If you do get “lucky” and make it to the top you have to then knowingly screw over all the people that you sell. They will now be the unlucky people at the bottom and unless you keep promoting this scam you will go back to the bottom.

Then you lose your investment and have a bunch of gross tasting weight loss coffee you have to drink now.  If you don’t believe me listen to what others said when they bought this product on Amazon.


Javita Coffee Scam | What I Liked About Javita Coffee


Ok So there is a few things about this company that are better than average.

  1. I feel like coffee is easier to sell as many people like coffee and if they enjoyed the taste and the fat burning I feel you could realistically get a few easy sales
  2. Using such a popular drink will definitely make it easier to sell to other to join your down-line as they will believe that it is easy to sell the #2 most consumed product in the US.
  3. If you set up three people to preferred members on a set monthly auto ship agreement, you get your order for free.
Javita Coffee Scam | What I Didn’t Like About Javita Coffee


  1. Coffee is popular but places that provide coffee are in an abundance you can’t go anywhere with out someone brewing a pot or selling it in the package or pre-made.
  2. It is expensive for just coffee with some herbs added that claims to help do things that regular old coffee has done for years
  3. You are essentially going to burn out your acquaintances and friends as that is where you truly get a start from and can turn ugly when you bother them to much or they decide not to join.
  4. You have to all of a sudden become a traveling vacuum salesman overnight and hopefully you have a large family or circle of really supportive friends.
  5. Unless you love talking people into things they don’t really want or need daily you will have a hard time really succeeding.


In Conclusion Is Javita Coffee A Scam Or Legit

 This is a scam and a waste of a lot of time if you ask me. As with any MLM your success if any is usually only for a limited time as many of these companies go under or die out like Vemma and your left with nothing as setting up an empire with this company is like building a million dollar house of cards.

If they go out of business you quickly learn that you never really owned a business, rather bought into having rights to promote an offer.  Many people in the program will obviously tell you different as if they told you the truth they would not sell anything.

The main problem with a compensation plan like with all MLMs is that people will say anything to get you to join so all the stuff they say could just be them desperately wanting to succeed.

It Javita_coffee_scam_pie_in_the_skycan be really hard when they show you luxury houses and lifestyles attained by some of their supposed members but then turns out to be another a pie in the sky.

Just remember if you see successful people in the business already with fancy house cars and clothes chances are your already too late to the party and you will be just another cog in the wheel for your sponsors down line and their sponsors downline.

 I feel like network marketing is a legitimate form of business but it is not realistic and if your not at the top your at just scraping by or at the bottom.

Unless that program goes for years and years chances are once you claw your way to the top the company goes under or dies out. Just look at all the people that you know that where involved in MLM chances are they either do not sell, barely break even or have quit it all together for some reason or another.

It’s rare to find a person besides the people at the meetings and seminars that is wildly successful at MLM besides the people that started it and the first people to join.


I do always like to recommend a product just in case your asking yourself, now what?

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Tara says March 7, 2017

I personally like the coffee. I was in the company at one point making about $700 a month. I honestly got too busy with life and was tired of making coffee my daily conversation. The energy+mind coffee is the one I prefer. I like that it is instant but it does have an herb flavor so it isn’t for everyone for sure. It is expensive too but I like how I feel with it. The gotu kola has been a positive addition for mg health. Personally, I like the product but just can’t afford it. A friend who receives free coffee every month ships me a couple boxes now and then. I have a friend who was one of the first people in the company and I’ve seen his bank deposits, he makes VERY good money. However, like you said you have to be one of the first. The amount of people in my downline who weren’t doing anything was ASTOUNDING. You have to have hundreds of thousands of people in your downline to make a decent living at MLM.
It’s not a bad company. I personally like the product but you’ve already missed the maiden voyage so making wealth will be difficult.

    Brandon says March 7, 2017

    Hey Tara,

    You really make a good point. What you said really paints a picture of how many get involved. Sure you can hustle to the point your depressed talking to everybody about coffee but soon not making enough will burn you out big time. Selling people sounds much much much easier than it really is day to day for the long term. If you don;t have something that is truly serving a need many will not need or want it. Then it’s up to your charisma and sales skills to change their minds.

    Many who start MLM’s like this see someone making ungodly amounts of money for what seems like little work. Then many try to do the same but sadly can’t as it can be very hard after the first big wave of signups. Then after that the company stays in business by going international and looks like it’s growing when really most of the people that are from the place where it originated, have a very hard time selling as everybody has heard of it.

    Then you can sell a person here and there but that is not good enough to live on especially for the amount of time it takes. The bulk of the people who will even do this and actually make sales are already signed up under the big top guys and gals… Then when it becomes old news, the only people that can still slowly pull people in are the original people who started with the company. Then they use these people as testimonials and give them big checks at meetings in front of other recruits. This serves as the same purpose that a slot machine does in a high traffic area when someone wins, then everybody starts draining coins into the machines trying to do the same time. They think it could happen and it’s not just luck. They can work but really, do they provide the life with a balance of money for the time it took? This is the hard part and many get in too deep paying into the company to want to give up and end up losing money.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Evie says September 15, 2016

As a long term coffee offiecienado, I would be horrified by some herbs added to my coffee. And caffeine already gives you an energy boost – it’s just there is a come-down afterwards. What makes me even more concerned is that the additives to this coffee are ‘some herbs’. Well what herbs? Some herbs can be dangerous in certain quantities and some herbs can also be unsafe if you have pre existing medical conditions – and looking at these peoples track record they actually don’t seem to care that this could be a potentially unsafe product.

Even before the MLM concerns on this product I would be really concerned about its safety

Simon says May 17, 2016

Hi Brandon,

I am curious if that coffee really don’t work or people are just lazy. I know that to lose a weight you need clean and healthy diet + gym. It’s enough. Now, you drink this coffee. You are not doing anything because you want that the drink will do all the job or still working out, but it’s not working (which is impossible) 🙂
That coffee is probably just MLM product to run the business to make money, but it can work more as placebo.

George says April 17, 2016

Omg nothing screams scam like this one. Thank you for a very informative review on Javita coffee.

It seems to me like these MLM ventures are still viable because they still attract new people without proper scam education.

Thank you for providing this information. You are bound to save them much wasted time, effort and hard earned cash.

Chris says February 4, 2016

So many scams out there and by the way there’s something called Java coffee I wonder if it’s related to the Jovita or maybe that’s where he got the name of his company to sell $50 water bottles haha. Anyway this is some great information. I’ll definitely have to show some of my friends this page pretty soon.

Nice work!


jackie says December 9, 2015

Very nicely done articles n bashing of Javita. So, is wealthy affiliate a scam too?

    Brandon says December 9, 2015

    Hello Jackie,

    Thanks for the compliment on bashing Javita coffee scam, No Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam or a MLM/pyramid sheme like Javita Coffee as they do not force people to auto ship products that your forced to sell or giveaway when trying to recruit others to a downline.

    Also with Wealthy affiliate your selling what ever products you want and in your own unique sub niche with a unique angle and focus on learning how to build a busines online with all the tools and recources all in one place, rather than having you only sell one product that not only is physical but you can get it from anybody and not to mention many others do it better, there is absolutely no need for the Javita Coffee Scam or it’s products it’s just sold on hype and teaching others to make money recruiting others as the products alone do not sell enough.

    Also an added plus to Wealthy affiliate over javita coffee is the community of other like minded people to help, as well as the owners that personally answer questions… So no it’s not a scam as also you can try it out for free without a credit card.
    None of the things that Wealthy Affiliate does, Javita doesn’t come close to doing. So yeah it’s about as far away from a scam as they come.

    Are you interested in starting a real business online? Then CLICK HERE and I will personally get in touch with you and help you out.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

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Robert Allan says October 31, 2015

Hello Brandon

Yet another scam with Javita Coffee.

I’ve actually lost count of the scams I’ve come across and now consider myself an expert and can spot one quite easily sometimes without even going to the actual site.

How do these fraudsters get away with it some people might ask and the answer really is very simple.

There are so many people in dead-end jobs, facing redundancy, coming up to retirement without much of a pension to look forward to and I hate to think how many unemployed there are. But they all have one thing in common. They want something better and are very vulnerable to get rich quick schemes.

It’s a sad and even depressing thing to realize but there are people out there who don’t give a damn who you are or what your circumstances are. They want your money and will try every trick in the book to get their hands on yours.

I liked your No.1 recommendation,I think this is the one to sign up to and they don’t want your money to get started which I thought was nice and I do like the fact that you can stay as a free member for as long as you like..I am going to definitely give it a shot.

Have a nice day.

Robert Allan

    Brandon says November 3, 2015

    Hey Robert,

    Yeah, I am starting to lose count as well… I feel like most scams are the same either in the way they market or add hype or how they only talk about “how much money you could make” without really giving you an idea of what your dong.

    and like you said “Many People want something better and are very vulnerable to get rich quick schemes.”

    Yeah it’s sad that most of the programs to learn to make money online are just there to prey on opportunity seekers. I guess we would not be able to appreciate the good as much if we did not have the bad I guess.

    I feel that some of the scams out there really tell you anything that you want to hear and just hope that they can make enough money before someone shuts them down.

    I am glad that you are giving the program a try as It will save you so much time and money and when you sign up for your free account HERE I will automatically message you and will help you get started quickly.

    Then I can reply back and forth with you and help you get set up fast or answer any questions that you may have.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Anh Nguyen says October 13, 2015

Thank you for this throughout review. I really don’t like these MLMs, I mean if a product is good, I don’t think they need to be promoted like that…

And this coffee seems… pretty bad and unhealthy too. I am also into affiliate marketing as in promoting third party products for commission but I like to recommend only products that I like and am comfortable with.

Thanks for this review, I am sure some needs it.


    Brandon says October 13, 2015

    Hey Anh,

    Yeah MLM’s really rub me the wrong way to, I know some can make money but it is just not a good idea for most people. If you are unsure about your position or are not sure who the sucker is at the table, then a lot of the time its you that is the sucker….with an MLM company you want to wither know the person starting it at the top or most likly your going to get suckered into paying monthly and just barely breaking even.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Alec says September 15, 2015

My favorite part of this review was definitely the circular pyramid of “mindless idiots” LOL

I would never drink anything promoted by sketchy groups, let alone try to sell it to my friends and family. Can you imagine how much they would disrespect you after scamming them? It’s just not worth it, even if it pays a little money the work is the same or harder than affiliate marketing but you make way less and work way more. This review has shown, without a doubt, that Javita Coffer is a scam.

Dave Sweney says September 14, 2015

Thanks for the good review of this MLM. Whenever I hear those three letters spoken together like that I cringe. I have had dealings with only one, and it was a disaster.

I only stayed with them a short period, but found myself out $500 USD. I do have some useless products I keep on my desk to remind me that I will never waste my time again on such rubbish.

The best way to really have a business is the tried and proven way. Have something to sell that has value, market it to the people that want or may want to buy it, and make your profits from the sale.

In my mind MLM itself can never be a good business midel, because most of the profits generated flow to the top of the pile (or pyramid) and the people at the bottom get screwed. Worst of all, they prey on those that can least afford it, sucking their last money to be vaccumed to the top people.

I liked the segway you also made to what appears to be a legitimate business opportunity. I will go check it out myself. Thanks and have a great day!

Organo Gold Coffee Scam | Instant Coffee With Bad Taste - says September 11, 2015

[…] if you have read my other articles about The Javita Coffee scam or any MLM company you will realize that all the people that say good things have invested in the […]

Sean says August 23, 2015

I was very impressed by the site. I thought that the reports that I saw were VERY thorough and that they gave far more than adequate information to make a decision about the MLM in question. I had never heard of Javita, but based on what I learned in the article this made me confident that it wasn’t a biz opp that I should even consider. everything looks great! What your suggesting seems like a good program but I am still scared to pull the trigger. Does the program you suggest here work good for complete beginners?

Jason says July 31, 2015

Thanks for the great review, I have read others reviews on Javita Coffee, but was still very skeptical/ Something did not sit right, glad I made it here.

You really seem to not trust MLMs as a whole, I have never tried an MLM and don’t intend to anytime soon. I am however interested in ways to make money from home.

I know there is online jobs. Are there other options? What would you recommend?

    Brandon says August 4, 2015

    Hey Jason,

    Yeah I really do not trust any MLM’s, just the way they set up the business. Most people that start the MLM companies set all the members up to fail. If you really look into how network marketing companies run and the lack luster products they have you promote you start to realize that all of them are making you take all the risk and do all the work and someone else makes most of the money.

    If your looking for a good program there is a really good option. If your interested in my recommendation and ways to make real full time money from home with all the training and tools and resources needed all in one place/community…then you should definitely check out my #1 most recommended program/course/university. This program will give you everything you need and more to get set up and run a real full time business of your choice realistically online.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Chris says July 30, 2015

I love your description of bitter instant coffee with herbs added – really made me laugh.
The history of the owners behind this product looks like it’s very shady – I”m glad you took the time to research into them and highlight this.
I don’t know what it is about MLM companies – how do they manage to get so many people to sign up with them?

    Brandon says July 30, 2015

    Hey Chris,

    I am glad this article could give you a laugh or two… I was also always curious how these companies stay in business. I really think if they broke down the numbers, these companies literally only grow because they force each and every member to buy in products monthly. Once you get enough people the ones at the top finally make money and motivate the people that make a little and the people that make a little are still ordering in every month on auto-ship and they motivate the ones making nothing to never quit keep buying in monthly and go all in… That’s why I am shocked that people would not want to just set up a real online business like with W.A university.

    Then once your in especially “All In” you are stuck or in too deep and you either need to admit to yourself that this was a scam or believe the hype drink the kool-aid and sell it to your friends and family. Most people would rather lose friends than lose their investment and I firmly believe this is how they grow.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Igor says July 26, 2015


This is a noble work that you are doing. I have never heard of this “business” before, and honestly I am surprised to see this kind of thing regarding the coffee as the main product.

I like the fact that you brought up those real reviews of actual purchases made. They are telling their own stories. I believe your review is accurate. Thanks


    Brandon says July 26, 2015

    Hey Igor,

    Yeah I can’t believe they would make the main product coffee that is sold everywhere. If you wanted to set up a real business you should definitely consider this review here.

    Thanks for stopping by,


Marc Parsons says July 11, 2015

Hey Brandon

Solid and detailed review of Javita Coffee.

It amazes me how people get away with selling ‘nothing’. What I mean is, it’s all hype and manipulation to rip someone off with overpriced beans and herbs. Your review did well in explaining this.

I know people who have done the garcinia cambogia weight loss pills that you noted in the beginning… Not one of them noted any significant change. Yet another over hyped hope for a placebo effect.

I will definitely not be looking into Javita Coffee anymore.

Tell me, the 2 free websites in your recommended system, are they forever, or will I have to eventually pay to keep them?


    Brandon says July 11, 2015

    Hey Marc,

    If you set up the 2 free websites with my #1 most recommended program you get to keep them forever for free. So if your just starting out and not sure what to do, then you can at least set up two free websites that are free for life to test the waters.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Sheena says July 3, 2015

Another nasty Ponzi scheme. Goodness I hate those, sadly I wanted to believe in the acai berry back when it was promoted just because it was so exotic. Great debunking post thanks for the info, will be sure to tell the unlucky person that tries to sell me this nasty coffee to take a hike. I’ll be sticking with my folgers and starbucks.

    Brandon says July 3, 2015

    Hey Sheena,
    Yeah you are exactly right, yet another nasty Ponzi scheme that adds a product and calls it an MLM. I totally agree I hate them as well. I am always so confused when I hear people defend them, I believed in the acai berry too back when lol I did not buy monivie but did buy just bottles of amazon thunder acai juice. I am with you I am going to be sticking with my Folgers and Starbucks as well.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Emily says July 2, 2015

well isn’t it a nice scam! I hate MLM companies. I am not a sales person and if I wished to become one, I would have pursued it a long time ago. God, it would be annoying for family and friends to constantly hear about the product. Javita coffee just seems horrible in both taste and business opportunity. But you are right for those who realize it once they are in, backing out, although still possible, can be costly

    Brandon says July 2, 2015

    Hey Emily,

    You are 100% correct, it funny how it’s actually had to get good sales people and a good product but these companies have neither so they recruit people to do it for them, as selling coffee sounds so easy but many don’t realize how deep the rabbit hole goes. Then when you want to back out your in too deep and either have to lose out on money or fake it till you make it.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Fidel says July 2, 2015

This is a thorough review on Javita Coffee. I really like the way you took your time to explain in detail what the company was all about and the scam they are involved in.

It is great to have individuals like you exposing these scam companies and saving innocent people like myself from possible future scams.

    Brandon says July 2, 2015

    Hey Fidel,

    Thanks glad you enjoyed it. I am also happy that this could help you make the right decision.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


rufat says July 2, 2015

I think it’s not surprising Javita Coffee is a scam because most MLM programs that I know are either complete scams or time wasters. It’s very common for MLMs to pick a product and then claim that it’s amazing and is going to solve all your problems. Besides that, all MLMs have a bad reputation and your task is recruit others to be able to make a few bucks. As I can see, people who bought Javita coffee at Amazon were unhappy with the quality which is the best proof that this program is a waste of time.

    Brandon says July 2, 2015

    Hey Rufat,

    I agree with you, I think all MLM are scams and waste way too much time for you just to break even at best. Yeah It is amazing to see how many real verified amazon purchases there where that people did not like something about it from the taste to getting way to jittery to getting sick. I guess I was right and the only people who say they like it are the people selling it.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


SantyG says July 2, 2015

Thank Brandon,
This information saves me a lot of time and money and even more important it prevented me from be scammed. I think everyone should know about Javita Coffee and stay away from them.
I would like to know if there is a real opportunity that I can join and learn affiliate marketing and generate extra income for myself?
Thank you, Santy

    Brandon says July 2, 2015

    Hey SantyG,

    It’s good to know that I was able to get the message across and inform you that you will have enough info to make a wise decision in the future. speaking of wise decisions if your looking for a real affiliate business check this out

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Travis Smithers says July 2, 2015

just checking out your post on Javita Coffee Scam and got some very detailed information about the product and business. It sounds like you or somebody you know well must have gotten involved with mlm for all the details you that you go into.
A lot of these programs definitely seem to make things sound so simple and promise you the moon but in reality are there for the money.

    Brandon says July 2, 2015

    Hey Travis,

    Yeah I guess I got lured in years and years ago when I was out of high school and then I got sick of strangers and even neighbors and even random people at a book store promoting MLM’s to me but hiding the fact that they were MLM’s saying all this garbage about how their product is special which I think there still is not a MLM that has a product that is special at all. Maybe Mary Kay or Avon but still there products are nothing special.

    So basically you have to rely on advanced mind tricks and super traveling salesman skills in order to sell basically crap in a box or bottle.. I have also had lots of friends get scammed by them so I definitely hold a grudge.

    Yeah and I find it also amusing that your selling coffee that taste terrible but it helps you lose weight. The real way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle and eat much better, just like the only way to make real money is to set up a real business that you can scale up into a full time income with out easy come, easy go riches. Just like with my #1 most recommended program that you can also try before you buy…

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Frida says July 2, 2015

its sickening when people decide to make wealth out of lying to others.
Your research and expose will go along way in helping others not to fall into this trap.
The world is not a fair place and when others are genuinely looking for opportunities, others are using people and it doesn’t matter if people hurt.

    Brandon says July 2, 2015

    Yeah that is the name of the MLM game, lie to others or get passed by the people willing to lie. It’s sad really to think of signing up for these types of programs and thinking they will work cause usually those are the people losing their money. If you want a good program where you don’t have to lie or scam others check this review out here you wont be disappointed.

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