Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Is This The Best SEO Keyword Tool For The Price?


Jaaxy Keyword Tool reviewTo put it simple, the Jaaxy Keyword Tool allows you to search out and find gold keywords much quicker. Many online Entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for the best SEO keyword tool. There is lot to choose from they range anywhere from free to requiring a monthly subscription.

You want to understand how important keywords are, cause they are what drives your “free website traffic.” So if you understand the importance of a good keyword tool, then investing in one may be your best bet to staying ahead of the crowd.

If they all are just finding the same keywords then what is the big deal, aren’t all keyword tools made the same?

The quick answer to that is NO.

What are you looking for in general with a good keyword tool. Beyond all the glitz and glamour you want to look for a keyword tool that has the capabilities you need right now. Your not needing to find a keyword tool that you can grow with that has a steep learning curve. You always can get a more advanced SEO keyword suggestion tool later. When just starting out try to find the one that just fits your needs currently.

Don’t want to read all this and just want to try Jaaxy for free?  Then simply just enter in a keyword below that you would like to try below and get your free searches now!


Why Would I Want To Pay For The Jaaxy Keyword Tool When Google Keyword Tool Is Free?

The google Keyword Planner Tool gives you a tool for free but whats the catch? Well this tool only gives you bits and pieces of what you need to know. Google keyword tool leaves out precise competition, more accurate traffic numbers across all search engines, exact match keyword domain availability.

It also has no real way of signalling you of a good or bad keyword. I soon found that google keyword tool is really just a indicator if people are advertising in that specific keyword. So I then started to look for a better keyword tool.

Even When You Pay You Still Get A Lot Of Useless Metrics

I originally started using many of the keyword tools out there and found them to be giving me a lot of data that was not relevant to me. All of the tools that I tried theoretically worked alright, so I wont name any names. They all seemed to have one thing in common, they added a lot of useless “fluff” to jack up the price tag. So I realized that I needed to find out what the best keyword tool was for the price that did not add filler fluff to charge a high price.

The Problems That I Found With Most Keyword Tools

If you have had any experience with keyword tools in the past, you will find that a lot of data, metrics and numbers are thrown at you. These tools seem to think that your job is to make sense of it all. The main problem with this is not only the wasted time spent learning the process but there is no value in the numbers they give you. In other words most keyword tools provide you with a lot of useless data.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Main Things To Look Out For When Buying Your Own Keyword Tool

  • Tools that don’t pull data from all search engines
  • Any tool that just relies on Alexa as the key factor in showing competition
  • Any tool that requires you to search several times to execute one task
  • All the tools that provide PPC “guess-timates”
  • Anything that you have to INSTALL on your own computer

Above are just a few of the usual indicators that are signs of a low grade search tool. Many of these keyword search tools are making lots of money selling fluff and useless data that is unable to realistically get the meaning full data you are after.

I Would Like To Show And Introduce You To The Jaaxy Keyword Tool


So I have never been a fan of useless data thrown into keyword tools and the inability to find the best keywords for a niche.

When Doing Research On A Niche There Is Only Three Metrics That You Should Care About

  • How much actual competition does a specific word have
  • How much monthly traffic does it get
  • Do the keywords brought up by the tool make any sense in a market

The first two metrics are what Jaaxy Enterprise accurately captures overall search engines. There are none that I have used that are more accurate in this area than Jaaxy Enterprise. The Jaaxy tool allows you to quickly find keywords that have low competing pages but yet get a good steady flow of traffic.

Words  that Jaaxy Enterprise Tool helps you find are SEO ready. They can literally enable you to take over the search for your specific words, by just creating a video or blog page/post about it. This is very simple and easy with the right data.

Learning To Find The Right “Money” Keyword With The Jaaxy Keyword Tool


The main fear many of us have is that we will enter a niche with too much competition. This is a fear based on a lack of keyword know how.

With the right keyword tool such as the Jaaxy Enterprise Tool your new biggest problem will be, not having enough time to capitalize on all the good “No competition” niches out there. You will have too many ideas that you can create full time income from. Not being able to address them all quick enough will be your new problem, which will be a better problem to have.

Using the Jaaxy Enterprise Tool you can create successful keyword research campaigns any time you want. You will be able to target an large amount of keywords within a niche.  Using a tool like Jaaxy you can find things that no other keyword tool even has access to uncover.

I can show you a quick example of a few niches that I know nothing about and then show you how Jaxxy can show you a viable niche to go after in the future. My goal will be to find words that have less than 300 total competing pages in all of the world and they also need to make sense.

My Niche Choice #1  ” fixing credit score ”

keywords found after entering the word “fixing credit score”




















Related_keywords_jaaxy_search_tool_reviewAs you can see I have found quite a few keywords with just one single search. This tool clearly shows if the word is good to use to rank in the search engines.

This gives me enough words to start a blog targeting “fixing credit score.”

It also give you a bunch of other variations that you can use to help you brainstorm more topics.











My Niche Choice #2  ” Paddle Boards “keywords found after entering the word “Paddle Boards” I could use 13 of the words shown below of the broad general topic “Paddle Boards”





















As you can see above I have found quite a few keywords with just one single search. This tool clearly shows if the word is good to use to rank in the search engines. It also shows words that will be a lot harder to rank in RED. As you can see two words would not be good to target due to heavy competition.

This gives me enough words to start the foundation of a blog targeting “Paddle Boards.” 

It also gives you a bunch of other variations that you can use to help you brainstorm more topics and drill down deeper.

So as you can see from the examples above you can have excellent “money keywords.” You can rank with these words that are delivered to you on a sliver platter with color dots indicating the rank-ability with the competition.





Well this shows the power of Jaaxy. In a couple of searches and less than 2 minutes I have enough words if I wanted, to dive right in on 2 NEW separate niches that I know nothing about. This type of research would takes hours if not days and that is assuming you could even capture the type of data that Jaaxy provides. In short this tool gets the job done fast and gets it done right.

I Have Bought Many Domains Because Of This Tool…


Jaaxy review domains-availableI have also been able to buy a lot of domains for resale. This tool not only enables you to find the best SEO keywords but also shows you if you can get them in a .com or .org or .net. There are still to this day some unbelievable domains out there you just need a tool like this to spot them.

With every search you do with Jaaxy Enterprise, you will also see if any Exact Match Domains Or (EMD’s) are available with your corresponding search terms. You will find that it is easy to find a whole bunch of really good domain names at the same time you search for keywords.

Specially targeted .COM, EMD’s that people are selling for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, I can find with every search that I make using Jaaxy.

As you can see from the image above the .COM domains are all available. I could then buy as many as I wanted and/or put a small website up focusing on them. Since Google ranks domains that have the exact keyword in them high still even after the New Panda Update targeting EMD’s. You can now buy up the first ranking in google. At a little over $11 dollars a year you could get have a domain getting 1,000’s of natural free clicks to your website.

How Much Is The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Already?


I have really just shown you the main benefits of this tool but it has many more functions. It has the brainstorming/niche market function, the ability to find where your site is ranked in Google, find affiliate programs, analyze your competitors websites and much more.

Jaaxy has options for all budgets. They have plans for anyone from beginners to the experienced to the power user.

Jaaxy Starter Membership = Free 

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month or pre pay $199 per year

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month (discount this week only), $499 per year

Choose the best plan that suits you here try out the free trial to see how it works.

I use am personally using Jaaxy Enterprise because I am someone who doesn’t like to waste time and if you want the ultimate tool, I would suggest you try that option. If you are still unsure if the enterprise would work for you just try out the tool for free. If you are wanted the most features at the best price Jaaxy pro is the right one for you. Jaaxy pro will save you hours per day and has most of the functions of the enterprise level except for the fact that enterprise is much, much faster.

This keyword tool is also web based, meaning you can access it from anywhere that you have a internet connection and not have to use only the computer you downloaded it on to. So now you can do a search for keywords while your waiting in line and then store them for later when you get home.