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Is It Works A Scam Getting Wrapped Up In The Wrong Business


It Works! What works…

The it works body wraps.. 

the It Works Greens.. It all Works… Or does it?

Well It works wants you to believe “that Crazy wrap thing” is taking the nation by storm… But is it the right choice for you?

I mean just look at all those happy people in the picture, this must mean it works.  


So you have probably been asking yourself “Is It Works a scam.”  

Well I can definitely tell you that this product line and business opportunity is not going to do what you think.

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If you feel this will be your ticket to riches or healthy weight loss it will most likely be neither. You may want to stop listening to the “It Works” propaganda and really think about what you’re getting yourself wrapped up in…  

It works Body wraps

These “crazy wraps” have all these interesting ingrdients but what do they really do?

Well they have many things for effects such as temporary skin tightening or some for moisturization. Nothing to really burn fat only thing to temporarily lose basically some water weight. This is all for a temporary cosmetic effect that you could so with plastic wrap at home.

Many had the complaint of this just not working or if anything losing a tiny bi of water weight from sweating but not worth the hefty price per use.

It Works Greens  

It works Greens have one main thing in common… They taste really bad!  The second most common complaint is that it does nothing.

When looking into these It Works greens you will notice that there really isn’t a lot of fruit and vegtables your really getting per serving. Also they’re dead fruits and vegetables no one has found if they do anything beneficial at all. This is very similar to what another MLM Juice Plus sells In pill Form. 

Is “It Works” A Scam | Is It Works Just Another Diet Weight Loss Supplement Company With A Facelift?

So in my opinion there is no value to this product but I will let you see how they claim that it will change your life. They make it just sound just so gosh darn fun and easy.

This is a company founded by Mark and Cindy Pentecost in 2001 seen in the picture.

This is a multi-level marketing company that sells wellness products but the main problem is they don’t make you well.

 It Works is a network marketing pyramid/MLM very similar to 

Is_It_Works_A_Scam_ Mark_and_Cindy_Pentecost

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Last year they reportedly have about 90.000 members who are auto shipped or forced to buy in these products. This is making the distributors a cut, but making the owners rich, well rich enough to live “High On The Hog” and flaunt and show off their money to excite others. 

The primary focus of It Works are their It Works body wraps.

They claim that you can expect ultimate results with a 45 minute wrap that supposedly delivers maximum tightening, toning and firming where they applied it.

Is that healthy?  Won’t that make the skin area you apply it to look different from all the other areas?

The biggest problem with this and just about every other MLM, is that they don’t give information on who’s had consistent results. They make wild claims but never back it up with anything besides more hype and car giveaways.

Check out what others are saying and not just me in the links below.  

Can It Works body wraps change the lives of your friends and family?


Is there any real magic in these It works products or wraps… Unfortunately no… This yet again another snake oil or “crazy shrink wrap” promoting MLM?

It Works almost insinuates that their products are magical when at best they do minimal.

They make you feel like to get better results, you would need to talk to a wizard or realistically just get some Saran wrap and gel.

Well right when I hear that something works like magic, I start looking for where they’re taking my focus. I always am curious were they’re using “Sleight of hand” and Smoke & Mirror techniques on me. Most of the time you hear something works like magic, you may need to look closer to really see where they’re pulling the wool over your eyes.

Typically with these types of programs, the positive reviews are mainly from the abundance of recruiters and distributors that over power all the real reviews of actual consumers that are negative. These MLM/Network Marking programs all tend to ride as close to the line as they can, without crossing it.

They’re always just a few steps away from getting shut down.

Typically these owners don’t care

  1. They’re set up to make tons of money quickly
  2. Live the rich rapper lifestyle
  3. Starts to go downhill
  4. they take their money and start another MLM with another new fad or trend and start hyping it up.

Basically the owners are the queen bee and everyone under them is their worker bee.

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 Why ” It Works” Is Just A New Name For The Same Garbage

It’s funny how It Works claims if you got $25 bucks and 45 minutes you could be starting your own business making money but what they forget to tell you is the details.

Ah, the devil is always in the details.

They’re many people claiming that they spend hundreds of dollars on products and none of them do what they claim. The people who usually claim they work are the people selling them. 

Also they have three products that they tell you to take together. They even promote them to be taken together.  They can cause serious constipation when taking them. There has been a few people claiming that it caused them to not get bowel movements for days.

When You Start Expressing Your Concerns It Works Suddenly Doesn’t Work.

If you complain about the products they will just either tell you to take something else or just stop getting in contact with you all together. This is the experience many people have when getting involved with this company. 

Once you want to cancel you will even be charged to cancel your membership.

There have been many talking about the claims to lose weight with these wraps and they’re completely bogus. They claim that the “Ultimate Body Applicator” promotes attractiveness and not weight loss. They also like to spread rumors that the “It works wraps” will detox the place on the body that it’s wrapped around.

There has been no evidence to really back up their claims that the “It Works Body Wraps” pull out toxins or purify your body in any way. 

The It Works products are not unique enough to give a big enough solution to any problem. I will not get into the It Works compensation part as that is just the garbage they use to get you excited.

I will show you the basic membership package and the overpriced products that they want you to sell if you sign up with My It Works.

Business Builder Kit $99

Business Builder Kit Includes:

  • 1 box of Ultimate Body applicators (4 pack)
  • Half size Fab Wrap (1)
  • Defining Gel Sample (4 pack)
  • Marketing Tools
  • 1 free month of Distributor eSuite
  • Makes you commission qualified for the month you join

eSuite and Replicated Website $ 20.00 per month

eSuite is where you have access to:

  • It Works! Training Academy
  • Place your orders
  • Track your team’s growth
  • Develop your business and yourself with SUCCESS on Demand

There is a $35 annual renewal fee for this as well.

Also do not forget the cancellation fee when you stop your auto-ship. 

If you sign up for the Loyal Customer Agreement Membership and cancel before you fulfill the smallest purchase agreement, you will be charged a $50 membership fee, Neat program huh.

Below are the overpriced products you can try to sell to your friends and family.

Knowing how ineffective they are and selling them to people you know, is a good way to make everybody run away from you when they see you coming.


It Works really promotes those crazy wraps, especially the Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap.

There are many that have a surplus of this product and want to unload it, so you often see this wrap found for wholesale price on Amazon and Ebay.

Many are selling it for what they bought it for just to dump it and hopefully recoup some of their money.

Imagine if you where trying to sell a wrap to a friend for $99 and he goes on Amazon and finds it for $59 or lower.

Not only will you lose the sale but then they will find that this product is garbage they may not want to talk with you.


Many will avoid contact as they know you will try to sell them on it again. 

Whats even more crazy about It Works:

  1. You’re not allowed to stock “It Works” products
  2. you cannot make a e-commerce website that would allow you to sell.
  3. It’s against My It Works company policy to accept Paypal, Credit Cards or other payment solutions for purchase of products… 

This is from It Works Policies and Procedures. 

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They have a compensation plan that is incentivized to get you to buy most of the products yourself to stay commission qualified. 

Also the compensation plan will pay out six levels of compensation for the high-ranking reps.

excessive levels in a down-line is a sign that distributors and recruiters are expected to sell mainly to their down-lines, rather than the general public.

This creates a money transfer scheme that the owners and top guys can exploit and the people at th

e bottom are just funding the dream.

This is the problem with 5 or more levels of compensation and the problem with MLM’s in general.  

They also lie and say to members that they have 82% of all distributors stay with My It Works. The reality is, My It Works distributors have an average drop off rate of 70% the first year. 

For The My It Works products:

It Works Body Wraps:

  • Ultimate Body Applicator™ $99.00 $59.00
  • Defining Gel $75.00 $45.00
  • Fab Wrap $7.00 $7.00

It Works Skin:

  • Facial Applicator™ $99.00 $59.00
  • Hydrating Toner & Freshener $55.00 $33.00
  • Cleanser Gel $55.00 $33.00
  • RepairAge™ $49.00 $29.00
  • Stretch Mark & Anti-Aging Cream $65.00 $39.00
  • PreventAge™ $45.00 $25.00
  • Lifting Lip & Eye Cream $49.00 $29.00
  • Hair Skin Nails $55.00 $33.00
  • Exfoliating Peel $60.00 $36.00

It Works Greens

  • Greens™ – Orange Flavor $55.00 $33.00
  • Greens™ – Orange Flavor 90 Day Supply $139.00 $79.00
  • Greens on the Go™ – Orange Flavor $59.00 $35.00
  • Greens™ – Berry Flavor $55.00 $33.00
  • Greens™ – Berry Flavor 90 Day Supply $139.00 $79.00
  • Greens on the Go™ – Berry Flavor $59.00 $35.00
  • Greens Chew $50.00 $30.00

It Works Lifestyle

  • Energy (24 Pack) $100.00 $60.00
  • Energy (12 Pack) $49.00 $29.00
  • Ultimate Profit® – Creamy Vanilla $115.00 $69.00
  • Ultimate Profit® – Rich Chocolate $115.00 $69.00
  • Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors™ $39.00 $23.00
  • Ultimate ThermoFit™ $65.00 $39.00
  • It’s Vital™ Core Nutrition $49.00 $29.00
  • It’s Vital™ Complete Nutrition Pack $115.00 $69.00
  • It’s Vital™ Minerals $39.00 $23.00
  • It’s Vital™ Omega-3 $39.00 $23.00
  • Confianza™ $45.00 $25.00
  • New You™ $89.00 $49.00
  • Relief™ $49.00 $29.00
  • Regular™ $45.00 $27.00
  • It’s Essential® $45.00 $25.00
  • Estro Rhythm™ $139.00 $79.00

It Works Packs

  • Wrap Pack™ $115.00 $69.00
  • Skinny Pack™ $189.00 $112.00
  • Fit Pack™ – Creamy Vanilla $299.00 $179.00
  • Fit Pack™ – Rich Chocolate $299.00 $179.00
  • Ultimate Pack™ – Creamy Vanilla $465.00 $279.00
  • Ultimate Pack™ – Rich Chocolate $465.00 $279.00

It Works Refund Policy Doesn’t Seem To Work Either

So they claim that due to the fact that different people get different results and they can’t guarantee specific results and do not offer a money back guarantee.

If you want your money back you need to return within 30 days of purchase in a re-saleable, un-opened, brand new condition. My It Works will not pay for return shipping and you also have to pay a 10% restocking fee applied to all returns.

The crazy thing is that My it Works does not have a guarantee for the same reason that you actually should have one. So the people who are not satisfied after they’re told to expect miracles and magic should be able to return it and typically will not be able to.

If a product works you don’t get that many returns, if you’re selling crap in a box or a bottle you will get nothing but returns. Businesses that sell crap are very crafty at coming up with tricky ways to keep people’s money.

It Works Conclution

So is It Works a scam?

Well I can say without a doubt I would not recommend it! Sure it’s technically not a scam but its not a good idea either.

This is another MLM Wellness Scam and nothing new or fancy about it. The average person that gets involved with this program loses money and almost all are making less than minimum wage. When you become a representative you’re stuck slangin a product that doesn’t really even work like they say.

People don’t get mad at the company, typically they get mad at the messengers, which are all the recruiters and distributors. Not only that but even if “it did work” like they say, it’s not healthy or anything special or revolutionary.

You’re stuck selling a product and forced to buy in cases every month on auto-ship and sell it with just your personality and good looks.  That does not work well and you get no money back guarantee.

If you do happen to get a refund on the brand new items you pay for shipping and 10% restocking fee. You have to even pay to quit and cancel. There is very little chance that you will actually make any real money selling the products at retail price.

Many reps and recruiters are just using hype and story telling to sell and recruit as this is the only way to get your money back. Steer clear of My It Works as it really does not work.

Well… Now What?

It Works should be avoided as this is the type of program that offers no real guarantee, no real value or substance. It’s just all hype, dreams and plastic wrap with a little smoke and mirrors. 

This program should be avoided sorta like cheap Botox injections in a third world country. 

So If The My It Works Products And Program Do Not Work To Make Money What Other Options Do You Have? 

 Are looking to get away from Scams and MLM’s like It Works?

The problem with trying to make money online is that you end up getting more confused, feeling more frustrated, and not even knowing what you really should be doing.

Believe something will work for you is a good start but not enough. You need a proven plan.

Your average day is still probably spent looking at what others are doing and thinking “How can I do that too?” 

Then no matter how much you learn, you just can’t seem to put it all together. This is because only a few programs out there actually teach you to succeed, the rest are just capitalizing on your ignorance.

You can now learn to get online knowing exactly what you need to do every day to step closer to your goals. You no longer need hope or to find a push button product but rather learn to market anything online. If you want to realistically make money online this is the program that will teach you everything all in one place [free trial and Affiliate marketing training lessons] 

Leave a Comment:

Dollar Thief says July 2, 2017

It works is such a joke. I have a friend peddling this crap on my newsfeed for over a year. My gawd. And the posts get stupider and stupider Like most people . we’re just being polite and not calling her out on it.

Lela says June 29, 2017

Hi there, I need some help please! 🙏🏼would you know how to help me get out of it completely as a distributor!! I called customer service etc and they advised me to cancel my auto shipments on my acc & gave me 2 different set of numbers to cancel them but I cannot locate where I need to put these numbers 😞
I just joined 2 weeks ago & I don’t want to be a Distributor anymore!

    Brandon says June 30, 2017

    I’m not sure as I have not signed up for this program but I would try to contact them one more time and tell them you cannot find the places and need the links. Then if you’re still having troubles just do a credit card charge back or bank change back claiming fraud as they should have it easy to refund and not hold you hostage. Let us know how it goes if you can.

    I hope this helps,

Cleptokitten says June 25, 2017

Thank you for posting this, i almost just got sucked in then when i started reading the terms and conditions i smelled funny business… an annual fee no one mentioned… among other things. Thanks for the guide! but in my opinion and dont take this the wrong way… comic sans is a terrible font LMAO

    Brandon says June 25, 2017

    Thanks, Got Rid of that font lol..

    Dollar Thief says July 2, 2017

    lol… did he really have comic sans font?

Carol L Okeefe says March 13, 2017

if it really works, the owner would not be fat. maybe he does not use his own products.

    Brandon says March 15, 2017

    Hey Carol,

    LOL Yeah he doesn’t use his product alright… Or wait maybe he does and it’s just so ineffective that it does nothing haha… He either doesn’t use it cause it’s bad for health or does use it and it doesn’t work. Either way… “it works,” does not work. Wrapping suran wrap around your belly works just as good and that is just to get rid of some water weight. Who wants to pay alot to get rid of water weight LOL.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Andréa says February 2, 2017

I have a question. So when these people sign up as distributors and say they get 2 loyal customers, if theyou end up cancelling their “subscription” how do these people still make money every month? I’m just really confused about that. How are these diamond earners still racking in all of the money that they claim that they are? I’m sure they don’t have that many people that are still buying products from them every month. Or is it from the distributors under them? I’m just confused and I hope you understand my question lol.. basically how are they still in business?! I don’t know anyone that’s still buying that crap.

    Brandon says February 3, 2017

    Hey Andrea I’m with you on that I’m not really sure how anyone is buying this as alot of their compensation plans just seem like ways to tecnically screw people out of money.

    Thanks For Stopping by,

    Dollar Thief says July 2, 2017

    The simple answer is they are flat out lying. None of these fools are making any money. Every post you see about somebody going double diamond is flat out bullshit.

Terence says May 12, 2016

Great review here! I am definitely one that is quite against MLM kinds of business, and It Works, sound like one of those businesses that sells overpriced products to users. Not sure why anyone would actually buy such products when there are alternatives you can buy for half the price or more!

Either way, really love the thorough review. I’m shocked at the refund policy where you actually have to pay to return their goods. And that you’re also royally screwed if the product doesn’t work for some reason. Paying and quitting is a big LOL to me.

Chris H says February 9, 2016

Thank you for posting this. I have friends that push this stuff and are far from truthful on what’s required to be in the “business”. I’ve already been involved in another mlm called ACN that was a very bad experience for me and now I’m very gun shy on all mlm’s because of it. It seems they all pull the same crap and none of them are a viable business option.

    Brandon says February 10, 2016

    Hey Chris,

    I have to commend you for figuring out how MLM’s operate and were able to step away, most deny and keep selling and lose money. Many get sucked in the MLM machine and allow peer pressure and hype to get you to stay.

    You’re 100% correct MLM’s are all sub standard products that are insanely overpriced that then make the sales people (Distributors) Figure this out and when they try to sell it and fail they start wanting to recruit.

    There are no MLM’s that have a product that is better than another product already out there similar to them. It’s like Buying monavie for triple the price and realizing that there are better quality Acai berry juices, like Amazon Thunder which are more potent and cheaper than Monivie.

    There is no difference with “It Works” they just scramble to find buyers for the over priced average product they’re selling and when that inevitably fails, people start recruiting and thats when either you get brainwashed to become a die hard MLM type person
    Were smart and cut ties like what you did and actually think about it and realized that it’s really not a good opportunity and the MLM systems in genral is failing you.

    Thanks For Stopping By,

Lynne says December 11, 2015

Oh this looks like a bad one lol. I started giggling when you said “magic wraps.” This is so not something for me, in fact I don’t think this is suitable for anyone. It’s just like you said, The only person this would benefit are the owners Mark and Cindy.

I am not into MLM, it is just a glorified pyramid scheme, nor am I into fake so called miracle products that claim to change your face so much within 45 minutes but does not look that amazing and results are not permanent like with actually working out and eating right..

How can this be real? Oh no, so bad this one.

I feel that your #1 Recomendation is an interesting opportunity that you promote but if you are wanting referals is this a MLM type recruiting site where you have to get people to sign up under you?

I’m interested but afraid of getting scammed and using my credit card to create a so called “free account” and then I forget to cancel and get charged.

This is not a program that you can try for free but “only if” you enter a credit card type thing is it?

I do not mind paying for a service I just hate when they say it’s free and then just pull the money out automatically instead of just canceling automatically.



    Brandon says December 11, 2015

    Hey Lynne,

    Yes, that magic in those It Works wraps is only benifiting Mark and Cindy lol.

    I completly agree about MLM/direct marketing/network marketing are all just glorified pyramid schemes and when asking myself “Is It Works A Scam” I see that it is no different. Also you are completly right that you should be cautious of any miracle and magic creams and products.

    The reason this can be real is they force every person that signs up to order in products, that’s what keeps these scams alive.

    Then each of the people that join wont make money if they are not excited about it and then get others to join, then those others have to buy in autoship products every month and if they are not excited about it they wont sell and be able to break even after buying in products month after month.

    The cycle just continues and the MLM’s are basically selling placebos and religion some will claim it does miracles due to placebo and other will come to their senses and say this is crap, but as long as they have tons of recruiters signed up who is going to talk badly about the product.

    So now to answer your questions (Your questions are in bold)

    I feel that your #1 Recomendation is an interesting opportunity that you promote but if you are wanting referals is this a MLM type recruiting site where you have to get people to sign up under you?

    No this is not anything like a MLM you do not have to get people to sign up under you as you are selling the opportunity and package deal of Wealthy Affiliate and you can go any direction you want after training as you can promote Wealthy Affiliate in your own unique angle or you can promote anything that you like or are interested in and build a sub niche business around it.

    MLM’s revolve around one sub standard product that keeps them from being an illegal pyramid and many people cannot sell the garbage products and really are just giving them away in hopes that they can recruit another to pity sell it to thier friends and family and force them to autoship in products every month and so on and so forth.

    I’m interested but afraid of getting scammed and using my credit card to create a so called “free account” and then I forget to cancel and get charged. This is not a program that you can try for free but “only if” you enter a credit card type thing is it?

    I totally understand what your worried about and that is called forced continuity where they claim you can set up a free account or get a free product but you just need a credit card for shipping and handling or some kit or deposit you have to make in order for the free account to be used.

    With Wealthy affiliate they understand this and when they say free account they mean a free account, they are the only people that I’m aware of that allow you to build two free websites on their platform and remain a free member for as long as you like.

    I do not mind paying for a service I just hate when they say it’s free and then just pull the money out automatically instead of just canceling automatically.

    Well with Wealthy Affiliate it’s just free and if you don’t do anything with it the worst that will happen is it could get deleted from inactivity but you will never be charged. This free membership is really just a try before you buy type thing but it’s good enough that it can also be used to create a real business as well.

    If you are interested I can personally add a little extra help getting you to your goals faster and wer can discuss your plan. Sign Up For Your Free Account HERE and we can discuss everything and I will get in contact with you automatically and you can just reply to the comments and we can discuss it further.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


Diana says December 5, 2015

I am so glad I ran into this site!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to warn people about this scam! There are so many of these out there these days it’s nice that you are able to help people from getting suckered in to this! I also appreciate the in depth review and information that you have provided that really lets people know what “It Works” is all about!

Andrew says December 3, 2015

Hi Brandon,
Is It Works A Scam, I now believe it is after reading this… I have never really thought about MLM’s the way you explained them and I am glad that I ran into your site as I have had a couple friends try to push me to try It works and constantly telling me to try samples and I just had to check before I joined as I almost joined a couple of days ago.

You obviously know your stuff when it comes It works! lol Your content is full of quality information and advice. It’s great to see a site that is actively offering true advice and reviews, you write with so much detail which is what I like when I’m looking for a review. You have really gone in depth thanks.

    Brandon says December 3, 2015

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks I really appreciate the compliment. I really try to make each review with more indepth details that others tend to butter over and really focus on why the program is flawed.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


      Tonya Jones says April 28, 2016

      It’s just your personal view nothing more, nothing you have said is backed by any fact. I can not belive that people are listening to you. It has changed my life. I am a distributor I have seen real results in others and myself.

        Brandon says April 29, 2016


        Did you know that everything that you said is your personal view and nothing more?? Did you know that you just said a bunch of anecdotal stories that are not backed by any facts? Did you know nothing that It Works sells is backed by any facts??? That would also mean that everything that “It Works” Says is also is just your personal view and nothing more?

        I can also say the same to you… “I can’t believe anybody would buy anything from or listen to you and your snake oil wraps”

        It’s funny as yet again another distributor that is trying to sell a product says it’s great, boy sure would like to hear from a real customer, oh wait there is no such thing. Did you know that you and your distributor friends are the main buyers as well?

        Did you know wrapping “Suran wrap” and coconut oil and vitamin e or just plain lotion has shown to make you slim down and lose weight the same way as “the crazy wrap thing” that you sell?? To all readers if you want, ask these distributors what the difference is between the It works wraps and suran wrap? Then go to google and search for “DIY suran wrap body wrap loose an inch overnight”

        Can you tell everyone what changes besides you feel better (placebo) that you have seen in yourself and others?

        How has this “Crazy Wrap thing” changed your life exactly? Please if you’re going to say everything on this blog is just my opinion why don’t you share a different view, if not you’re just wasting your time and made zero valid points.

        So just to save you some time next time, I wanted to let you know that this whole blog is based on my personal opinion but it’s after seeing the facts and hearing from customer complaints.

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