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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Or Is This Just Another Program That Wastes More Time?

    Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? | Is Wealthy Affiliate All You Need To Set Up A Business?


    Here Is My Worst Month With Just A Few Reoccuring Sales After Leaving My Blog And Not Adding New Content But Once A Week! This Blog Started Making Money After 5 Months And Then Continue To Earn Even After I Left It For A While To Work On Two Other Projects.

    Asking the question “Is The Wealthy Affiliate worth it” is not uncommon. Many see the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity and think this may be a scam just like many other courses and programs that are only good for separating you from your money.

    When you get a free membership the course can feel overwhelming or if you have some experience may look at the program like you already know about some of this stuff and don’t need to pay for it.

    The reason Wealthy Affiliate is worth it, comes down to convenience and value. More than that it’s a platform that allows you to actually learn, build, promote and manage a blog that actually makes money. Rather than just knowing of a method but not completely sure how to fully implement it.

    Wealthy Affiliate makes sure you have the foundation covered which is important unless you specifically went to school for all of this. When you start a program like this it will get you on the right track, so you can stop getting confused and start just building a business.

    What can happen sometimes is people look at Wealthy Affiliate like it will invent and create your business for you.

    It’s main function is providing you the vehicle and showing you how to realistically build an online business. The thing that I wanted to share is it does work as Wealthy Affiliate allows you to learn and earn.

    In the picture I wanted to show you my worst month after not posting up content. I kind of let the site go for a while when working on other things. I don’t want to show millions or even hundreds of thousands as that will come later but I wanted to show you that this is possible for anyone right noe and with not very much work and time spent. 

    This is not impressive money but when you consider you could scale this anytime you would like.

    I literally have not done what I’m supposed to do and this blog is just on it’s first year and already making consistent money every month plus other affiliate sign ups and programs that I’m involved with but in this article I’m just talking about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Believe it or not besides the blatant links in the middle of the page I don’t really do a whole lot,  to monitize this blog. I’m mainly still building and growing it. 

    You could make way more way faster, I have been sidetracked by other projects or I would be making a lot more. This does take work in the beginning and your attention like growing a plant. So the more attention and time you can give it the more money you can make.

    Remember this will compound and typically blogs will grow exponentially after the first year. There are others making way more that focus on their blogs full time. I just wanted to let you know it is real, it does work and I can help.

    I originally got this for the training and then stayed for the amazing hosting. Now my hosting is free and I can build unlimited websites and it’s all free. I started to get sidetracked with other sites that I need to come back to this one and promote Wealthy Affiliate more.  I got too excited and started doing way too many things at once. 

    This is very hard to build an online business without any type of knowledge or guidance at some point in your life.  There are many things along the journey that can be counter intuitive to what you think and believe.

    So when you’re not a complete pro and want a more convenient way to make money online Wealthy Affiliate is worth it. This sometimes can separate people who continue and people who give up all together.

    Many that try Wealthy Affiliate but then try doing it on their own tend to make many other mistakes later. Many other technical problems happen down the road later on using cheap slow shared hosting to try to save money.

    Also the faster your page loads the faster you seem to rank and stay ranked as well. 

    To get that type of speed with hosting it costs a lot of money. This is another area where Wealthy Affiliate is really good as the hosting would cost more than the membership alone if you where to get it yourself.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? – Is This A Scam Or Real Way To Learn How To Build A Online Business? 


    Well I remember wondering years before if Wealthy Affiliate was worth it and found out that it was way worth it.

    This is the best way to get an all around training on making money online for the price.

    Not only that but you can start with a free starter membership and build two free websites using their siterubix domains. This will give you a glimpse at what they can offer and how they present it and how easily everything works.

    This just gives you a solid education in the fundamentals of making money online with a blog. If you follow these courses you will make money it’s just up to you on how much just like with everything else.

    If you give the free starter membership a chance and see what they have to offer you will start to see that this really is the tried and true methods to making money online without all the B.S. and hype.

    The hardest part  about making money online sometimes is forgetting all the hype and realizing that is just all sales manipulation and start focusing on building a real business.

    When you build a real business you don’t just mess with it when it new and then forget it about it. You have to constantly tend to it daily and take care of it like slowly like growing a plant.

     Building a blog could be looked at more as running a marathon for yourself,  and not a quick sprint for money and recognition. This can be realistically the hardest part.

    Wealthy Affiliate will patiently be there to walk you through the process when you’re ready. So unless you’re ready to do everything yourself, then wealthy affiliate would be worth it.

    Is The Wealthy Affiliate Worth It Or is This A Scam? Will It Actually Get You From Point A To Point B


    The price of Wealthy Affiliate is very small in to comparison to what you get and how they take you through the process. Also how you can join for free and try it out and actually build a business as a free member if you wanted is like no other offer anywhere.

    How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?is_wealthy_affiliate_worth_it_kyle_answering_back

    Wealthy Affiliate is an online community and promotes online business growth for it’s members. It has a wealth of internet marketing information to help anyone from the beginner to intermediate succeed at setting up an online business. This is also good for advanced users as you can network with others and use their very fast hosting.

    This is a different type of program where the owners Kyle and Carson are active in the community and focused on helping others.

    Very few owners of companies allow you to personally ask them questions.

    It’s not out of the ordinary to see Kyle Or Carson helping out and answering questions (like seem in the picture).

    These two owners take time to answer all the questions on their website which is very rare.

    This is a good change of pace as wealthy affiliate just sells itself. Compared to selling things that you typically would not be interested in at all Wealthy Affiliate really makes it wasy to promote.

    If you get locked into another scheme that over promises and underdelivers, you get stuck trying to sell it cause your in too deep and now the only way to make up for all the lost time and money is to promote it yourself.

    It can be nice to see many business discussions going on which you can see on live chat or in comments and private messages.

    The benefits of Joining Wealthy Affiliate

    One of the best things about joining Wealthy Affiliate is the free starter membership that you can join and try out and build a business on if you really wanted.

    The main purpose is just so you can try out their platform but it also gives you the ability to make money with the websites if you follow the beginner training in the free starter course with 10 lessons. Where else can you find a system that does this?

    A quick rundown of what you get just for free:

    • Support questions answered
    • Interactive live chat with other business owners
    • Starter course with 10 lessons
    • 2 free websites with easy log in dashboard with site health
    • Ability to reply to messages from Kyle and Carson

    Below Are Some Links To Other Pages With More In Depth Information About Wealthy Affiliate

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    #2 If you’re looking for some Wealthy Affiliate testimonials check this out here (just scroll to the bottom).

    #3 If you would like to read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review Click Here.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? | My Thoughts On Wealthy Affiliate


    So is The Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

    I would say yes, with all the training not to mention the first free starter training course and the access to the owners and the ability to make 2 websites and see how the platform works and basically try before you buy but also can stay a free member if you want and just slowly build a website with the beginner training you can.

    This is definitely a worthwhile program to try for anyone who is looking to earn money online and actually make money and be their own boss.  This course you have absolutely nothing to lose and to get your free membership set up with two real websites you can make for free. All you need is a name, email and the will to succeed.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the safest bet when starting online and if you want to stop guessing for years, and get on the right path and start learning and earning this is the course for you, don’t waste anymore time trying to find the right course as it will eat up precious time you could be using to build a business.


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