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Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam Or The Real Deal?

    Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? Is This Supposed To Be A University For Aspiring Affiliate Marketers?

    Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? Or Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? These are questions that are asked by people who are on the fence about Wealthy Affiliate. Well I’m assuming you have looked for a Wealthy Affiliate scam review because either you want to join wealthy affiliate or possibly you think to yourself “is The Wealthy Affiliate a scam” and want to really find out for yourself. Well whatever the reason, I will be answering the question “is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam” in this article

    Are All The Positive Wealthy Affiliate University Reviews True?


    You may have seen many positive Wealthy Affiliate University Reviews and possibly thought to yourself that this could be a good program.

    Then you may have seen others say it doesn’t work or gave up and just got angry and didn’t really have a valid complaint. Typically they were people that could not make it work for them but the majority do make it work. This is a huge benifit to joining W.A. as the cards aren’t stacked against you.  

    You have a real chance at success online if you just show up and try with Wealthy Affiliate University.

    Even if you do what they say in most “over hyped courses” you will still need somthing else to make money or it won’t work at all. They never seem to do what they sold you on but they do always accomplish what the owner designed it to do… which is to confuse you!

    Many that see Wealthy Affiliate University for the first time might not see the value at first. Then they will move to another program that cost $9 dollars that promises to teach you to make 22k a day, by your first week. This is a big mistake and what I did for years when I started out.

    You go from program to program learning a new technique, later to find it doesn’t work like they say or worse doesn’t work at all. Then just scams you out of your money.

    Wealthy Affiliate does not hype up their product, it can be hard for some newbies to see the value in this overhyped world. There is one simple reason why over hyped and under delivered programs are still out there… Why??? Cause they still  work.
    These scammers out there then trick people into spending money on something that is nothing more than a fabricated dream, thought up by a scammer.

    The only goal for many programs is mainly to separate you from your money, not teach you really how to make money.

    Have You Been Wondering If Wealthy Affiliate University Is A Scam I can Tell You That It Is Not.

    The only problem now is if you believe me and trust me… I did the same thing when I started and searched around and found lots of positive Wealthy Affiliate reviews and thought that maybe these people are just lying to make themselves money.

    If you have been scammed too many times, you become jaded and scared to pull the trigger. Then you have a hard time taking risks when you need to, in order to become successful online.

    I was supposed to do more with my blog and I have no list built yet or anything besides just ranking some articles and putting in some links. The majority of money is made with just links just on my blog posts

    Anybody who is familiar with blogging will see that this is actually pretty good. 

    If you’re curious how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate you can see some examples here.

    This is a real program that takes time and a little investment but if you follow the course and don’t give up you will make it work. Just simply using the tools they give plus the world-class hosting you will succeed. Then it comes down to a matter of not “if” but “when.”

    If you would like a full story on how Wealthy Affiliate Can help you with my personal story check out my full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

    If you have tried to make money quick save yourself a lot of wasted time and build a proper foundation with Wealthy Affiliate University.

    Not only will you get 2 separate certification training courses but also…

    • Expensive dedicated business hosting with ability to build up to 25 sites on them
    • Keyword tool
    • Purchase domains
    • Commenting platform
    • Easy website builder
    • Website feedback platform
    • 24/7 rapid response tech support
    • Quick website health dashboard with easy log in
    • Live video classes every friday 
    • Private messaging with private blogger community
    • Classroom discussions
    • Access to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson
    • Live chat instantly with other like-minded entrepreneurs in private community
    • World-class affiliate program with reoccurring commissions.

    If you where to get everything separately you would be not only paying a lot more but you would have to manage all these tools separately. Then you would have to personally make sure that they all play nice with each other. This can be a pain later on down the road.

    With Wealthy Affiliate everything is taken care of for you. All you need to do when you join, is simply follow the program and use everything inside Wealthy Affiliate and take action and build your business. Then you will make it work,  it just depends on you and how fast you want it to work.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? If You’re Not Willing To Work You May Think It Is.


    Ok, so anytime I hear people saying Wealthy Affiliate is a scam typically are people who tried the free membership which is really to just allow you try before you buy. Many people see the free program as what Wealthy Affiliate offers as they give you 2 free websites and hosting and the first part of the training.

    To really succeed with Wealthy Affiliate you just need to learn that there really is not any “quick riches courses” that really work. This is not about being quick to the next big scheme or fad but is about building a legitimate long-term business online. This platform will enable you to get the info and resources to make building a successful business online realistic. See for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate is worth it or not.

    If you would like to join Wealthy Affiliate University you can check out this review and click any of the links and try it out for free no credit card required.  Then when you set up your free account, I will get in contact with you immediately after you sign up to give you extra help.

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