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Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What? Well The Positive Wealthy Affiliate Program Reviews Have Certainly Stood The Test Of Time, Is It Really That Good?

    PRODUCT NAMEWealthy_affiliate_Review_Icon
    Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100
    Price: Free to join and access
    Owners: Kyle & Carson
     Wealthy Affiliate




    Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What | Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam Or Is It More Than Just A Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am Program!

    Is_Wealthy_Affiliate_A_Scam_Or_What_home_pageIs Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what? Well, there is just so much to say with this program. I am going to try to shorten this up. It’s not as long as most of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews you may have seen but I still warn you…. that is the wealthy affiliate review for 2016, it still may get a little long.

    If you would like the full length article “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam review” you can read it here. 

    For all of you still on the fence and wondering “is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Not” you can finally get the answers you have been looking for either with this article or my full length Wealthy Affiliate article.

    In this review I am going to focus on some of the reasons some people may believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam. 

    First Off What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

    Wealthy Affiliate is an online community / training / website building / keyword tool / and host all in one package. If you do not know why having all this in one package matters, you will when you start to build a web property on your own.

    Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 05 by two marketers by the name of Kyle and Carson. The community that Kyle and Carson started has become the #1 community


    Task List At The End Of Each Lesson so you can take action.

    for creating and growing a successful full time or part time online business. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is much more that just a website that gives you basic training. Not only do they focus on giving the most current and up to date information but they also have a community environment where others that are building a business just like you. There is places that you can go interact with other like minded individuals and offer each other guidance and support. 

    Even though this program is great for beginners WA provides training for all types of marketers. This course provides a well rounded education where you can fill in the gaps where you may be confused.This program allows you to get a new website set up, going from no traffic in the beginning to making money with an authority site in the end.

    All of this sounds harder than it really is especially once you are taken by the hand.  Wealthy Affiliate walks you through each step with a task list (as seen above) so there is little room for failure and error. This

    is the course if you have been scammed before and really need something to finally work for you. 

    Check Out My Full Wealth Affiliate review here if you need anymore info and click the link at the bottom for a special bonus

    Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What | What Value Does Wealthy Affiliate Bring Into My Life

    So when I first saw Wealthy Affiliate I wasn’t sold, not sure why…Everybody talked so highly of it. I rarely saw a negative review about it.

    It took me almost 10 years to come to making the decision to join If you read my about me page, as I thought I could do it better myself for free.

    Well I was really wrong and I wasted loads of time and effort. I jumped from new thing to new thing and Wealthy Affiliate just stayed strong. I then went back and looked at Wealthy Affiliate again a few years later and thought about trying it for the second time but ended up procrastinating because of the price.

     I then went on to buy more cheap programs. I would try way too many different programs at once thinking I could get refunds if they didn’t work. All these programs did for me was waste lots of my time. I finally came across another article similar to this one your reading now asking “is wealthy affiliate scam” what I read in that article blew me away. When I saw all the features and functions and benefits that I would get just by being a free member With Wealthy Affiliate.

    Watch Out Or You Will Procrastinate For Years Like I Did.

    I finally gave wealthy affiliate a try after years of procrastination. Not only was W.A. not a scam but the best program that I have ever used. I did not think that I would start making the kind of money that I did. I just followed the course and as it turns out I started to make my first consistent income online.

    I have only been with this program 6 months. There are many other Wealthy Affiliate members that make 5k-10k or much more a month. This is also teaching members how to find thier own path and own sub niche. Many members make good sales within their first few months of following the program. The best part about W.A. is it’s not a system like MLM’s and Pyramids where all the members are doing and selling the same thing.

    The community at Wealthy Affiliate chose what they are doing. They show you how to choose your niche and then how to run your business. Basically if you have the will, Wealthy Affiliate will show you the way.

    This is the program that will take you from a beginner to making consistent realistic money online. 

    If your not sure if you would benefit, just take a look at the broad audience range that can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate

    • People who want to turn their hobby or passion into real income
    • People who have never built a website or marketed online and want to start now with a good foundation 
    • Bloggers and website owners looking to ramp up sales and revenue
    • Students or even people who just graduated but having hard time finding a job
    • People looking for a amazing cloud hosting package that is fast and secure and trusted
    • Retired folks looking to add to retirement
    • Individuals who want to sell their products online 
    • Local business
    • Local marketers
    • Internet marketers that need support and help

    One of the best parts about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s not a Direct/network//MLM or pyramid marketing. This will not involve selling your friends or paying monthly auto shipping products to your home. 


    Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What |  The Wealthy Affiliate Program Explanation

    How much does wealthy affiliate cost?

    Starter Membership (free) – Well if you want to try it out and just build two free websites on Wealthy Affiliates platform it is completely free and you can remain a free member for as long as you wish.

    As a stater member you can still access three of the 13 classrooms along with the basic training and tools needed to start taking action. There is one limitation, free memberships are not offered in Nigeria and India due to problems with scams and fraud.

    Free Starter Memberships Include:

    • 2 free websites on Site Rubix sub-domain along with free hosting
    • Phase one of the affiliate boot camp training that teaches building authority websites
    • access to over 500 training modules 
    • Access to 3 of the classrooms
    • Live support form the community and owners for first 7 days
    • 30 Free keyword searches a monthIs_Wealthy_Affiliate_A_Scam_Or_What_keyword_tool

    Premium Membership $47 a month or $359 yearly – This premium membership comes with everything you need to build a full time income online all in one package.

    This membership includes:

    • Premium fast secure expensive cloud hosting included
    • Build unlimited websites on your own domain with unlimited hosting 
    • Host unlimited domains
    • Full access to everything offered at Wealthy Affiliate
    • Personal customized support from the owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson
    • Keyword Tool with unlimited searches (as seen above)
    • Rapid Writer article writing and keyword density editor
    • Community live chat and forum
    • Questions platform 
    • Comment generator with support from WA community
    • Live updated video training and case studies and webinars
    • Tutorial training
    • Full Entrepreneur certification training
    • Full affiliate boot camp WA promotion training
    • Interactive discussion participation
    • If you participate in their affiliate program you will get 100% higher affiliate commission boost when your premium that you do get if your just a starter member.

    Also as a action takers bonus, if you click on my link at the bottom of my full length Wealthy Affiliate Review you can take advantage of a couple special bonuses



    Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What | Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Not Case Study


    Wealthy Affiliate Overview:

    What are the benefits of membership with Wealthy Affiliate?

    The Training:

    There are loads of different types of training that is additional available on top of the regular training and certification courses.

    There is a training for:

    • List building
    • SEO
    • PPC marketing
    • Niche article writing
    • Website development
    • Technical help
    • Email marketing

    The Wealthy Affiliate database has over 300 training tutorials that are available to members with new stuff added every month.

    Also one of the best parts about a Wealthy Affiliate membership is the fact that the owners Kyle and Carson are both active and answer community members questions. This is a very active community and uses various methods of communicating such as live chat, questionnaire option, member forum active community dashboard and micro blog commenting and communications similar to profiles on Facebook.

    So if you have questions the community and the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have answers.

    You will find constructive conversations without some of the judgmental behavior that is regularly seen in many public forums. The best part when you go premium is you will be a part of a huge network of like minded marketers and meet many others who will share ideas or help each other. This is a huge bonus as a beginner or as even a skilled marketer as this part is crucial to get the lowdown from others that have been in the trenches and have seen what works now and what does not.

    How long can you be a free member?

    As long as you want.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate have any up-sells?

    No The premium is a fixed price of $47 a month and includes everything you could possibly need to get trained, set up website, research niche keywords and host and market your business online. 

    What if I have nothing to sell?

    You will be just fine as they show you what options there are and you can decide which one is right for you.

    Will this guarantee my success?

    NO, it will not guarantee your success because if you don’t take action it will not work, but if you do follow the training and use the tools and take action you will succeed.

    Is there any contracts?

    No you only pay for the months that you want and cancel anytime.

    The community and the owners are there to help you every step of the way.

    Inspiration is everywhere with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I think it can be hard for people to believe when I put my own earnings as they can be fabricated and photo-shopped. So I decided to add a Wealthy Affiliate Testamonials from around the W.A. community!

    They are people that have been where you want to go and can help guide you. Here are just a few of the success stories. Remember that these are not even the top earners, these are just the normal stories, there are much bigger earners and success stories than this. Most of the time when someone starts making lots of money they tend to get quiet about sharing their income as much.


    Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #1 – Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile




    Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #2 — Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile






    Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #3 — Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile





    Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #4- Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile




    Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What | Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Not Conclusion

    Well is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What? No it is very legitimate and like no other program out there. Really test it for free for yourself and see what you think.

    The owners of this amazing system Kyle and Carson have spent over 10 years perfecting this money making affiliate system and over the years of trial and error they have created the most amazing online business building training ever that is also broken into nice bite size piece with a task list to keep you moving forward. 

    Wealthy Affiliate continues to try to improve their platform so their members can grow and learn with them. Their is no spam from other members or offers of products you need to be successful on top of the membership. The membership is the end all be all and you will not get solicited in the members area by other members or the owners. 

    When it comes down to it there really is no other program like Wealthy Affiliate in the world as it is very unique in the way it offers an all in one solution to making full time income when you are ready.

    So if your still asking “is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what?” It’s far from a scam and not only is it not a scam but also probably one of the most straight forward programs that you will ever encounter. Once you start and actually put in the effort, Wealthy Affiliate will be there to take you from hobby blogger or complete beginner to a seasoned blogger making consistent full time living. Even if you are experienced, if you are not making at least 2-5k a month you can still learn many things from Wealthy Affiliate that will increase revenue dramatically. 

    If you are ready, simply click here and head over to my full length Wealthy Affiliate Review and click the link at the bottom of the review for a special bonus plus gift. 


    PRODUCT NAMEWealthy_affiliate_Review_Icon
    Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100
    Price: Free to join and access
    Owners: Kyle & Carson
     Wealthy Affiliate

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