So is Vantel Pearls A Scam?

is_vantel_pearls_a_scam_oysterWell technically this is not a scam. Well then is it a good idea to make money?  Well not in my opinion and I will explain why.

Now I don’t argue that pearls are neat and the different colors and how they’re the only gem to be created by a living creature.  

So I don’t doubt for the right people they can be fun to collect and make jewlery out of.

I just want to ask the question how many others are selling this as well?

So this is a jewelry based MLM with a focus on Pearls. If you’re not familiar with the real intent of MLM/network marketing check this out.

The products like always are just good enough to get a few sales but really not enough of a need to make good money selling. Well at least any time soon.

This is just the same deal of throwing parties and selling direct to friends and family or anyone who will listen.

There’s just not enough things that are unique or special about this jewelry.

This makes it look good enough to sell but in reality distributors will face a lot of competition and have a hard time actually making good money.


Vantel Pearls Review Are They Worth It?

So the Value of this company is the pearls they sell. They focus on the pearl necklaces, bracelets, charms and earings etc.

They have a good choice of products with some edgy uncommon pieces to just plain and simple.

They have a nice edge just focusing on mainly pearls instead of just going with average cute jewelry but it could also be downfall.

The problem is you will be limited to buyers that just like pearls. If they only like pearls chances are they’re pearl snobs, so these pearls better be good. Then also I still feel that a lot of people out there enjoy the feeling of shopping and going out and making a thing of it. Rather than meeting someone somewhere or at their house to but the pearl of the month. 

So You Know Enough People To Sell Vantel Pearls To consistently Every Month?

They do use real pearls where you will have to buy them in for more than just fun fake cheap costume jewelry.

More expensive jewelry can be harder to sell when it’s more expensive especially to friends and family.

Then if not selling to friends and family you need to get out and basically compete with other jewelry stores.

So the kit is cool as it comes with an oyster that you can open and get a pearl. The kit also shows how to put the pearl in and there are other additions and little modifications you can order.

So if you’re wanting to get started with Vantel Pearls you would need to buy in their start-up kit that cost $99 dollars plus you need to also put a down of a $100 dollars for your oyster deposit.

If you don’t already have people you sell jewelry to and have some good sales background in jewelry preferably you will really not have an easy time trying to make good money with Vantel Pearls. I’m not saying you can’t read a motivational book and learn some sales and start selling but it’s going to be rough.

Well doing things that are not easy are how you become succesful but it’s rough instead of it being not easy… as rough will leave you beat down and something you believe in that’s not easy will cause you to grow.

Pros of Vantel Pearls

  • Affordable start-up cost
  • They use and focus mainly on pearls

Cons of Vantel Pearls

  • You need to be a face-to-face sales person
  • Products are not cheap
  • You can get the products for cheaper and same quality many other places.

If you are into the business of trying MLM’s and are into pearls why not sell pearls as an affiliate and carry no inventory and work online?

This sounds neat right? Getting a pearl from a real oyster.

Well the trouble is the kit from Vantel Pearls costs around $49 dollars.

You can actually go on Amazon and buy a pearl kits

Harvest your own

Love Wish Pearl kit for around $14 dollars


Another pearl kit for around 11 bucks

So if you went with these you could save $26-$29 dollars and you can buy it anytime without having to get a distributor friend to come over and get you to fill out paper work and other junk to get it.

Is Vantel Pearls A Scam? My Thoughts About Vantel Pearls

So many say these are not scams and say others are bad that bash them… but also realize that they do not invest in them, or do it themselves typically, so remember that.

I’m just trying to give you something to consider as this is not a flat-out scam and I’m sure you can make some money. If you work hard you most definitely will make a couple of sales here and there but you need to think are you looking for fulltime commission or just a little extra money.

If you’re doing it just for a little extra money and you love hustling for it and love to sell then this could be for you.

You just need to ask yourself will you want to sell these pearls for a few years only to finally start making a profit and do tons of cold selling and face to face selling of strangers?

If not, anyone that is telling you they’re good opportunities are just trying to be political or get you to join.

The problem comes in if you were wanting to make real full-time or higher income from it and not just extra money from hustling Vantel Pearls.

These pearls are not only sold anywhere from Amazon to eBay and Etsy but also in jewelry stores local and national brands. So your competition is stiff.

Then you add in selling pearls at a in home party for a night, how many nights can you imagine doing this?

Basically do you have friends and family that will buy pearls every month from you?

Then if not, do you know how to round-up enough strangers to buy pearls from you every month?

The chances are you will get some sales in the beginning but continuing this business with real sales and full time income success will be an uphill battle and is just not really recommended but if you’re that person this could work for you.

What Now? 

I applaud those that can make these types of opportunities work and If you can get this to work, you really could do very well with affiliate marketing with less effort and no inventory.

If you have been wanting to start a business online but was not sure how your going to like this…Learn affiliate marketing and learn what it’s about and how it can be much easier than MLM.