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Is Traffic Authority A Scam


    Name: Traffic Authority
    Owner: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalveyis_traffic_authority_a_scam_Logo
    Price: $27 – $2000
    Overall Ranking: 10 Out of 100
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    Is Traffic Authority A Scam | The Traffic Authority Review


    is_traffic_authority_a_scam_Landing_pageTraffic Authority was at one point known as Infinite Leverage System and went by the name by CPC broker.

    Basically just a place to buy traffic and buy clicks. You get commissions when you sell this idea to others as this is a MLM network marketing scheme.

    A lot of Traffic Authority members and representatives end up trying to buy traffic and lose out as you have to market the MLM side of things and recruit to be successful. 

    Recruiting others to join is the only real way to make money. As far as I have seen, members just promote this as they only get commissions if you sign up, under them.

    Now I don’t necessarily hate all MLM’s but I do end up hating most of them as they are just clever way to get others to sell sub par products and then recruit a sales force for the company.

    These representatives that decide to sell for Traffic Authority have to run this like a business but really are nothing but an independent contractor trading time for money and It’s not good money most of the time.


    Is Traffic Authority A Scam | Is Traffic Authority Just Infinite Leverage System With A Face lift?


    How They Suck You In To Get Started?

    So first you must create an account and be added to the Traffic Authority (TA) email list to get started with Traffic Authority.

    Once on the list, (TA) will try to up sell you on a few different products. 

    • Traffic Optimizer Which costs $27 with resell rights for an extra $20
    • They have video training which will then cost an extra $ 97 a month

    The only real way to make money with (TA) is to sponsor and recruit people good ol fashioned pyramid/MLM style. Then you can make a percentage off of anything that your recruits sell in the future, this is what entices so many to try these types of programs.

    Also this lure of money for nothing while recruits do the work is why many sign up in the first place but then realize that it’s just a one way ticket to becoming overworked and underpaid.

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    Is Traffic Authority A Scam | Why Would You Want To Use Traffic Authority?


    So what is the value of being a member of Traffic Authority and what is it all about?

    is_traffic_authority_a_scam_you_tube_videoSo it seems that the main reason for Traffic Authority is to get you to sign up for the Infinite Leverage System and start spending $27 dollars a month or $97 a month with tools.

    Then Between $200 to $4,297 dollars on buying traffic packages.

    This is all in hopes that you can sell some of these packages to your down-line of recruits and then the person that recruited you will earn money.  

    Then once the people you recruited sign people up you can earn money as well.

    Many of the promises and testimonials on the sales page where misleading and full of hype with no real clear-cut definition of what you will be doing.

    You also typically will not get very much high quality traffic as the company most likely just sends bot traffic to your site.

    There is no one out there claiming how it has helped them with their business, it’s just people who are trying to recruit you to MLM that say it’s such a great opportunity. 


    What Is The Infinite Leverage System In A Nutshell

    This is just another sister company MLM program that provides you with the supposed tools and traffic packages that you can buy to refer other people to the website.

    I have heard about Infinite Leverage System a few time before this and after looking it over I see that this program uses so much hype it reminds me of the empower network scam.

    When I see how they market Infinite Leverage System and Traffic Authority I feel that it’s very similar to Empower Network.

    • The Empower Network focused way more on recruiting and offered sub par TRAINING for high prices”
    • Infinite Leverage System and Traffic Authority mainly focus just on recruitment and then just offer “sub par TRAFFIC packages for high prices.” 

    Since this program is still relatively new, you will start seeing glowing traffic authority reviews everywhere with people encouraging you to join their team. I hope that this article can help you make a sound decision and not get sucked into all the hype and start getting a real understanding of what this program is really about.  

    Even if you go to the Traffic Authority page and click on the You Tube Image on the video you will be taken to You Tube to see how many people have watched it or if there is any bad comments, well there probably was at one point, so as you can see the owner of the video disabled the comments for the video.

    Disabling comments on a video typically means that they have had a bunch of unflattering negative reviews and decided to disable the comments. Traffic Authority to me seems very similar to the MLM Traffic monsoon

    Traffic Authority Product Line

    Well I do not feel like it matters what the compensation plan is really,  when the program as a whole is a scam but I will quickly lay out the packages below.

    Traffic Authority sells packages that are supposed to help grow any internet business. It’s up to the customer of (TA) to judge how good the quality and conversions are on the traffic. In my opinion your going to get nothing but garbage traffic as I rarely hear anything about how good the traffic is and just hear why you need to sign up. 

    Here are the Traffic Authority Packages:

    • Basic – $220
    • Bronze – $440
    • Silver – $660
    • Gold – $1097
    • Platinum – $2197
    • Titanium – $4297

    So if you were around long enough to use the Infinite Leverage system before, you would notice that these programs are the same.

    The only difference is they added Two Monthly Memberships:

    • The Traffic Optimizer Tool $27/month
    • Traffic Academy Training $97/month

    These two monthly memberships above is how they can afford to give the Traffic Authority representatives residual incomes from their recruits.

    is_traffic_authority_a_scam_landing_page_introHere are the Payouts For The Traffic Packages

    • Basic Traffic Package = $100
    • Bronze Traffic Package = $200
    • Silver Traffic Package = $300
    • Gold Traffic Package = $500
    • Platinum Traffic Package = $1000
    • Titanium Traffic Package = $2000
    • Traffic Optimizer Tools = $20 per month
    • Traffic Academy Training = $50 per month

    Basic Compensation Rundown

    So for the first 6 sales you get 50% of your recruits sales then after the 6th sale you get 20% of your recruits sales. 

    This is also a program where you can only make as much as you spend.

    So for example, the only way to make a commission on the $2k dollar Titanium Traffic Package is by actually purchasing the $2k dollar Titanium Traffic Package, then you can be qualified to make a Titanium Traffic Package commission.

    So if you don’t upgrade and have 2k to buy the Titanium Package and someone buys this under your link you will give up your commission to your sponsor until you pay $2k yourself and buy the course. 

    Is Traffic Authority A Scam | Why Traffic Authority Is Just A New Name For Infinite Leverage Systems


    Ok so as I have already covered this program has many things that make it a scammy program.

    1. How you have to buy and own the product that you want commissions from.
    2. Then you must also own both Traffic Optimizer Tools and Traffic Academy Training to qualify to get residual income
    3. The first 6 sales there is just a 50% split across all the products
    4. Then after the 6th sale the affiliate makes 80% and the sponsor only make 20% of the sale
    5. Also you have to make 3 sales of each product to earn any commissions at all.
    6. If you wanted to be fully committed and go all in like they want you to you will need to spend around 11 thousand dollars in traffic packages in total and $124 a month for the monthly packages so you can earn commission if someone else buys under you.

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    More Red Flags

    is_traffic_authority_a_scam_training_pageMost of the training’s are to suck your money out of your wallet, rather than training you on things that will help you move forward. 

    You will be asked to spend money for traffic packages anywhere from $220 for basic all the way to $2000 for titanium.

    So even the slim chances that you do make money with this program, you then have to reinvest it into the Infinite Leverage package.

    Then if you make more you have to then buy the higher level traffic packages offered, so you can then capitalize on the commissions for that higher level traffic package.

    This is very unethical as it makes people stuck in this program and then the only way is lying to others to get them to join or losing out on thousands you may have spent for traffic packages and training’s. 

    Lastly you never know if the traffic package clicks are real people and not robot generated, I feel that for the most part they are robot generated.

    Then you are going around selling this to others and lowering your credibility in your customers eyes. 

    Is Traffic Authority A Scam | My Thoughts On Traffic Authority

    So in the Traffic Authority review that I just covered I feel that If someone asked me “is Traffic Authority a scam” I would tell them yes, In my opinion it is. This system probably can work alright for a few people who started in the beginning just like any other MLM.

    This is just not a sound, scale-able or long-term business plan but takes just as much work and time and effort as a normal business. Also there has been very little to no talk about someone using these traffic packages in their own business to make money, they have only been to recruit.  I personally just do not trust the traffic coming from a system set up is such a sleazy way.

    Also this is just another program that will not give you details but just add hype after hype to get you to spend your money and not give you any real training.

    I recommend you to steer clear of this program as this will most likely suck your money dry before you get your return on your investment.  

    Not only is the program iffy but the start-up costs are just astronomical. You would lose so much money if you did everything that they want you to. 

    Plus they used to have the company Infinite Leverage System but what happens to all those people invested in the first company Infinite Leverage Systems. There was probably many that bought traffic packs and then the company disappears out of the blue. This is the same company but slightly different compensation model. 

    To me this program has scam written all over it, but this is a sneaky MLM program that does look like a good opportunity from the naked untrained eye but when you start looking and digging deeper you will find that Traffic Authority is nothing more than a snake oil authority.

    Objections or Comments Anyone?

    If you have tried Traffic Authority and have been scammed please feel free to share your story. Also if you happen to use Traffic Authority and you feel it’s better than what I say then please set me straight in the comments below I would lover to chat about it.

    So If This Does Not Work Then What Does? 

    So If Traffic Authority Doesn’t Work To Make Money What Other Options Do You Have?


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