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Is The Brit Method A Scam Is The Owner A Skitzo?


    Name: The Brit MethodIs_The_Brit_Method_A_Scam_logo2
    Owners: Jason Taylor or Jake Mason or Jake Pertu (owner has multiple personalities)
    Price: Free, then only $200 dollars to get it running, then as much as they can get from you.
    Overall Rating: SCAM
    Recommended Alternative program to try:


    Is The Brit Method A Scam | The Brit Method Review The Same Program With Many Different Names

    Is_The_Brit_Method_A_Scam_logoSo Is The Brit Method A Scam? Well to make this short and sweet YES. This is going to be a very quick Brit method Review and just highlight some things very quickly as I have already written many reviews on systems just like this.

    The Aussie Method is the same program as the Brit Method with the same actor they use, the only difference is the name (Maybe, I’m being to hard on him and he has two other twin brothers 🙂 ).

    There are many other similar copy cat programs out there such as: 

    Then get linked up with scam brokers such as Binarybook or Glenridge financial.


    What Is The Brit Method, Does It Have Any Value?

    So you are probably out searching around after running into this peculiar binary options trading site that promises the world and your probably thinking what is the brit method exactly.

    Is it real? 

    Is there such programs that really do this type of huge earning for nothing? 

    Has anybody made money from them?

    Well to quickly answer those questions:   No, No and No. 

    This program is just a scam trying it’s hardest to look legit enough to hook a few people not willing to do research first. 


    What Is The Brit Method Exactly?

    The Brit method is technically a binary options software that promises to make you money if you just download for free and use it the way they say.

    They expect you to follow all their steps that walk you straight to the slaughter-house. They will first get you excited with the video claiming all these people have made hundreds of thousands or millions.

    This sales video says all lies and just things that someone in a desperate situation wants to hear. 




    Is The Brit Method A Scam… What I Have Found Out About “Ol Jason-Jake Taylor-Mason-Pertu” And His Little Method That Could.

    I would go further in to detail but I think I have laid out enough info for you to make a discussion already as this is a bona-fide scam and is exactly like The Aussie Method, it’s probably the same owners. So if you want more details about this scam just check out my Aussie Method review.

    This scam has gone on for a while and they don’t try very hard to differentiate their three sites:

    This scam has three other identical sister sites

    • The Brit Method
    • The Cannuck Method
    • The Aussie Method

    The surprising thing is the supposed owner is either a schizophrenic or he is just making up names. I’m no detective but I’m pretty sure this guy is just getting lazy cause many are just not doing their research.

     He uses the same model stock image for all of them. The only crafty thing the owner of these sites did was change the domain names and the actor in the pictures name but kept the same stock photo and website layout.


    He goes by Jason Taylor














    or Jake Mason









    or Jake Pertu
















    This guy is clearly making money from this scam just not sure how much and how long he is able to keep up this game. I have personally seen that the Aussie Method has been able to stay up for almost a couple of years and is still getting away with scamming people out of their deposits and then saying that their accounts are not in compliance.

    If you check out my article from the Aussie method you will clearly see that this is a scam and it’s really not worth me mentioning that the main guys photo in all the sites is a stock photo and all the testimonials are from people on Fiverr trying to make a quick buck and not real people who used and made money with this program.


    This is all there really is to know and if you want proof just check out my many other articles about the same types of scams above.


    The Brit Method Review | Is The Brit Method A Scam

    So Is The Brit Method A Scam, absolutely and positively YES.

    This is about as big of scam as they come.

    • The real owner is unknown
    • The countdown timer they use is fake and does not matter
    • There is not real software but more of a dummy software that looks like it works but really is just part of the crafty plan to steal your deposit.
    • The creators of the Brit Method are just CPA affiliates for the Unregulated brokers and they know good and well that they are promoting a scam that will steal your money, they just get paid a lot so they’re able to live with their guilty conscience better.
    • All testimonials a just fake video testimonial found by paying someone on fiverr

    This does not give you outdated info, or saturated methods or cheap quality goods sold for a high price type of scams. No this is fool you, lie to you and take your money and flat-out steal it type scam. The only thing of value that you will get from this is a hard lesson about Binary Options unregulated brokers and how they can and will steal your money. 

    Stay far away from The Brit Method or you will lose money and lots of time and energy trying to get them to give it back to you. 

    If you wan to try real trading you should look into legitimate regulated brokers and use their demo accounts and trade for free and see how you like it and try to really understand it frist before you let some charlatans try to sell you on the next latest and greatest software as with most or probably all Binary Options software it’s a scam.  If you’re going to trade do some real research on these companies and see if they have been around for more than a year or two preferably decades and approved by the website. 

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